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  • Microsoft re-selling Kinect Sports 2 mini-games at £2 a pop

  • FalseAlibi 14/11/2012

    it's good idea, but I think it's deceptively pricey *if* my understanding's correct. Each sport in the original Kinect sports had a fair few mini games (probably three to five?) and I imagine it's the same for season 2. So to pay for them individually would be £6 to £10+ per sport, not including the main game mode of each sport.

    ..Still as long as you get to pick and choose, I suppose it's nothing to get riled about
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  • Noby Noby Boy hauled off App Store next week

  • FalseAlibi 05/10/2012

    @mr_bez I think it's more that there won't be anyone around to fix it if a future iOS update breaks the game, but until that possibility happens then all's good. Reply +3
  • App of the Day: Scotland Yard: The Hunt for Mr X

  • FalseAlibi 12/07/2012

    The board game this is based on is easilly one of my all time favourites, so if this ever hits Android devices I'll definately give it a go. Reply +4
  • 49% of gamers don't buy DLC - report

  • FalseAlibi 20/10/2011

    So 51% of people buy DLC each year!?

    Sounds like a lot to me, but I guess publishers are taking the glass half empty view.
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  • Project Draco

  • FalseAlibi 23/09/2011

    I loved the Panzer Dragoon games, but never invested enough time in them as the aiming with the lock-on reticule always felt clumsy with the control pad (particularly as I use interted Y-axis for pointing a view, but like regular for moving a cursor which caused a few issues when you need to do both).

    Child of Eden and The Gunstringer have therefore seemed more natural to me than Rez or Panzer Dragoon ever did, so I'm v. excited about this!
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  • The Gunstringer

  • FalseAlibi 19/09/2011

    wow - didn't expect that from the review.

    I think the aiming and shooting is the most natural kinect actions I've yet encountered and the hand flick to shoot much more intuitive than the similar lock-on-and-fire controls in Child of Eden.

    Perhaps it's where I can stand in my living room and the dimensions of the tv / distance, but the cursor felt great - much better than using a controller in similar games like, Panzer Dragoon, Child of Eden, Rez or even selecting menu items in most other Kinect games.

    Jumping's a bit too hit and miss mind..
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  • Split/Second dev Black Rock to close

  • FalseAlibi 01/07/2011

    Sad to see them close - they made good games and seemed fine people. :( Reply 0
  • Bizarre Creations to close this week

  • FalseAlibi 15/02/2011

    gutted for all at BC and for the loss to gamers :( Reply 0
  • Are apps coming to Xbox 360?

  • FalseAlibi 23/11/2010

    I thought the 360 already used Silverlight since the old "blades" dashboard and that's what any third party promotions in the ad boxes were built in. Reply +2
  • Kinect Gears game in the works – report

  • FalseAlibi 16/11/2010

    I think Gears'd be a good fit for Kinect - as indeed would any arcadey cover based shooter!

    Have mostly standard joypad controls but with peeking round corners, ducking and adjusting your position within cover - based on head, shoulder and torso positioning - all from the comfort of the sofa.

    Throw in some simple minigame segments if relevent and come up with something equivelent to operating mounted guns / troikas (where your movements and control is altered from regular play, but the transition is fluid and practical) which exploits Kinect and there's a lot of potential.

    Off the top of my head - after peeking round corners and ducking, I think positioning a riot shield or the like to deflect incoming projectiles - perhaps when without weapons and having to protect a door hack etc - in a semi on-rails section would be in keeping with past Gears set pieces.
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  • Atari revives Star Raiders

  • FalseAlibi 14/10/2010

    One of my all time favourite games, but as I've been remaking it and tweaking it in my head now for many years, it'll obviously not quite match my expectaions.

    Fingers crossed anyway
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  • MS working to restore Xbox 1 DLC

  • FalseAlibi 11/02/2010

    I guess I'm gonna have to re-download any xbox 1 stuff onto the 360 on the off chance I play any of those games again then. Assuming I can still use the downloaded stuff offline after the cut-off date that is. Reply 0
  • Love

  • FalseAlibi 20/01/2010

    What is love? And Haddaway play? - I bow down before the pun writing Gods of EG captioning! Reply -7
  • MS announces new Lips game

  • FalseAlibi 13/01/2010

    @StooMonster - a new track every other day isn't bad. Especially as there's probably about the same to come in Feb, plus the 40 track expansion. Reply 0
  • FalseAlibi 13/01/2010

    At least this game is being supported into its lifetime and hopefully tweaked and patched as need be.

    The lack of support for the Big Button (Scene-it) pads and the vision camera for Eyetoy style games as opposed to just chat pretty much killed them.

    And as the only game on the platform in a popular genre it's bound to be popular as long as MS don't completely b0rk things up. (fixing the menu transition times needs doing soon mind!)
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