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  • Final Fantasy 4: The After Years is coming to Steam next month

  • Fallen_Angel 25/04/2015

    @Klarden I'd definitely cough up for a version of VI with decent HD sprites (not the horrendous iOS version ones), high quality audio and the retranslated GBA script. Reply 0
  • Telltale's Game of Thrones plagued by save bug on Xbox One

  • Fallen_Angel 06/02/2015

    Same things been happening all the way back since BttF and I've heard of it happening on every title on the engine on PC (Luckily I've avoided except for one instance in TWD S1 when I managed to get a cloud save to kick in and resuscitate it). Hopefully the fact its getting picked up again will actually get TT to take a look and do something about it. Reply +5
  • Omni treadmill: The future of VR goes in every direction

  • Fallen_Angel 06/09/2013

    @Retroid limited application? Any game that utilises a first person perspective will benefit from this. I have no idea how something like Kinect and this setup can even be considered on the same level. Granted, this may look and seem a bit cobbled together and unweildy, but its the first real step towards a decent VR experience people have been chasing since the 80s. The fact is fairly low cost and could in theory be set up in a home helps it too. Reply -2
  • Ubisoft in talks with Valve to get Assassin's Creed 3 and Far Cry 3 on Steam in the UK

  • Fallen_Angel 23/11/2012

    “In the meantime, UK customers wishing to purchase either of these games can do so by visiting the Uplay store, our retail partners or other digital distributors. Assassin's Creed 3 and Far Cry 3 are available on Steam in other regions outside the UK.”
    Yeah, really do not do this. I bought AC3 and the AC Complete Collection from Gamersgate and Uplay has given me nothing but headaches.

    First issue is wanting to play the Lost Archives DLC before 3 - turns out you need a seperate installer to activate it, even though I'd downloaded Revelations Gold, and the Multiplayer bonuses where already available. This seperate installer didn't exist on Gamersgate or Uplay, so it then involved me trawling through download forums looking for a copy of the exe to activate it on my legally bought copy.

    Then with 3 (bought the Digital Deluxe), turns out not only is downloading the game an arse since, unlike steam you can't punch in the serial code and download it direct from Uplay, you first have to download a seperate installer from wherever you bought it, install it THEN register the serial to Uplay so it can be downloaded if you ever needed to again, if you want to get your DLC in game, you need to enter the serial a second time inside the game menu to activate it. So what did I just activate in Uplay? Also, no where does the game or Uplay tell you you need to do this to get your DLC, I figured it out from forum posts. God dammit Ubi this shouldn't be the goddamn Krypton Factor to play my game.

    I still have no clue what is now activated on my account beyond the 16 notifications that flashed up when I input the serial a second time and where my Season Pass content is coming from, if I'll need a seperate downloader again from Gamersgate (I did for the Benedict Arnold dlc), or if Uplay will install it or what.

    The whole utter mess has made me realise just how user friendly Steam actually is.
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  • THQ cancels Insane, gives rights back to Guillermo Del Toro

  • Fallen_Angel 07/08/2012

    @Skeggers Jericho may have been utter tosh, but Undying was an amazing Clive Barker game. Reply +1
  • Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

  • Fallen_Angel 19/07/2012

    @Kremlik Its annoying that the rumoured KH HD Collection from before E3 never came to anything. Was said to include KH1&2, Re:Chain, 258/2, BBS and ReCoded all done up to run on PS3. Wishful thinking maybe but theres always TGS... Reply +3
  • Fallen_Angel 19/07/2012

    Just got the email to say its on its way, which would be great, but I'm still needing to finish BBS, which is supposedly rather essential to following the story in this one. Glad it isn't duff though. Reply +4
  • UK chart: Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes top for fourth week

  • Fallen_Angel 16/07/2012

    @Stefarooh Its currently £13, but keep an eye on the daily deals. But even at that its an amazing price for a great game that only came out a few weeks ago. Reply 0
  • Mirror's Edge writer Rhianna Pratchett announced as Tomb Raider lead writer

  • Fallen_Angel 12/07/2012

    @dirtysteve PC Zone back around the time Charlie Brooker was writing for them and Will Porter had just started iirc. Used to love that mag. Reply +1
  • Watch Dogs promotion gives out real users' e-mail addresses

  • Fallen_Angel 29/06/2012

    @Ashman2901 Yep, same here. Thank god for googlemails mute. Reply 0
  • The Secret World final beta weekend open to all

  • Fallen_Angel 20/06/2012

    As with everyone, I've been in the past two betas and loved the setting, world and lore, which was enough to get me to try out the first few months at least. But after cobbling together controller support, I've found the combat is far more enjoyable, as its far more active and situational to where your standing than WoW and the like. Funcom really need to look into putting in proper controller support (Something similar to DC Universe Online would work) as trying to control camera, movement and number key attacks on a keyboard is a bit mental. Reply 0
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic dev "looking at free-to-play"

  • Fallen_Angel 15/06/2012

    Unless people are happy with what they have, they are constantly demanding updates, new modes and situations
    You mean people want you to actually do something considering they're giving you nearly a tenner a month? Shocking.

    TBH, as most have said, I'm very unlikely to sign up to sub games any more. The only one I'm going for is Secret World, as even though its a bit rough around the edges, the gameplay feels different to the WoW clones, and the world itself is brilliant. Beyond that its GW2 all the way.
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  • Diablo 3: Blizzard nerfs monk in first hotfix

  • Fallen_Angel 23/05/2012

    @TelexStar Not sure if its been achieved but I've seen talk that it's a cakewalk with Demon Hunter using the Smoke Screen skill constantly, as it causes you to become invulnerable while its active, and its possible to spec yourself so you earn more discipline than it costs. I foresee that one getting nerfed in the very near future.

    Edit: Just checking the forums, and it looks like SS HAS been nerfed as well.
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  • HMV: "absolutely criminal" not to take advantage of GAME closures

  • Fallen_Angel 10/05/2012

    Yes. Their £37 preowned copy of MGS Collection is a 'credible game offer'. Reply +2
  • The Pirate Bay blocked in the UK following court ruling

  • Fallen_Angel 30/04/2012

    "Its operators line their pockets by commercially exploiting music and other creative works without paying a penny to the people who created them."

    So the music industry doesn't want them copying their methods then?
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  • Ubisoft: WW2, Japan and Egypt would make dismal Assassin's Creed locations

  • Fallen_Angel 05/04/2012

    @darkmorgado me and a Friend bounced the idea of Victorian England about, but came up with Jack the Ripper actually being an assassin, all the women he killed were Templar and they span everything to make him out to be a serial killer in a whole "those in power control the history books" type thing. We also came up with Sir Conan Arthur Doyle actually pretty much being Sherlock Holmes and acting as the Da Vinci of the game. Reply +4
  • GAME names former Gamestation MD Martyn Gibbs as new CEO

  • Fallen_Angel 02/04/2012

    @JadedSoul With the Captain of the Costa Concordia? Reply +3
  • Will GAME's Woes Kill Off AA Titles?

  • Fallen_Angel 31/03/2012

    Steam is a great avenue to focus on AA games. Alot of the daily deals stay away from AAA titles, and focus either on the smaller or indie ones. Its half the reason I'm currently plowing through Divinity 2, even though I don't think I'd seen one bit of marketing before I picked it up in a sale. Reply +2
  • Publisher Paradox: GAME was a bully, this is "karma"

  • Fallen_Angel 07/03/2012

    @MiY4MOTO Totally agree. I worked there slightly later, 2003-2006/7 but I left right before the Gamestation takeover, and I see that as the main tipping point. When I trained, and indeed trained up Christmas temps, it was still about "Make sure you keep the customer, not the sale", but just before Christmas 05 (I think) they introduced individual staff sales figures and that whole philosophy went out the window. After leaving and talking to ex-coworkers, I basically found out that management had completely changed the culture and it was far more cutthroat. Reply +3
  • Retrospective: Baldur's Gate 1 and 2

  • Fallen_Angel 04/03/2012

    @PenguinJim Just bought it off Gamersgate last night, glad I got in there before it ended. Gonna be the first time playing the lot too (Barring the IWD demo I got off a cover cd years ago and loved). Reply +1
  • Xperia Play with OnLive: The Real Next-Gen Handheld?

  • Fallen_Angel 29/02/2012

    Gotta agree with what others are saying, compared to currently systems its sub par, but I hope they succeed so that the idea and tech can be built on, as the concept is definitely an interesting one. Reply 0
  • GAME not stocking Mass Effect 3 or EA games past SSX

  • Fallen_Angel 29/02/2012

    Blimey. Amazon have either realised there was a pricing error (if that was the case) or they've already sold out of N7's.

    EDIT: And now Zavvi are saying they've run out of 360 N7's.
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  • Fallen_Angel 29/02/2012

    @sheldipez Just found the listings. Weirdly PC version is £5 more than the consoles. Hopefully its just a pricing glitch and will be sorted. Going to give it an hour or so, if nothing happens I'll jump on the Zavvi one with the £4 off £40 voucher. Reply 0
  • PlayStation Vita: where's the cheapest price?

  • Fallen_Angel 20/02/2012

    @Sonic_D While its a bit annoying remote play doesn't work sans hacking, From what I've seen the top corners of the touch pad on the back act as R2/L2 and the bottom as R3/L3. Reply +3
  • Best Android Gaming Smartphones

  • Fallen_Angel 18/01/2012

    @secombe Mines the same and looking at places like XDA and Phandroid, its pretty much the opinion that there should be a noticable amount of heat due to the thinness of the device and the fact that the back is a pretty thin piece of plastic compared to the chunk of metal on iPhones. Its usually generated next to the camera as thats where the CPU is. I don't know about painfully hot, but mine does definitely get on the hotter side of warm, but hopefully once we get ICS it may cool down as that will offload some of the processing to the GPU which iirc isn't done on Gingerbread. Battery wise I'd say even with games, its comparable with an iPhone from what I've been told by friends who game on theirs. Reply +1
  • Websites protest against SOPA

  • Fallen_Angel 17/01/2012

    Eurocensor wrote:Never mind the US. We've already got SOPA-style laws here that allow copyright holders to get access to sites blocked using the same technology that is used to block child porn sites. Newzbin2 is one example of a site that was blocked: -http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2011/oct/26/bt-block-newzbin2-filesharing-siteI actually tried Newzbin on BT yesterday. Http didn't work, but you can simply use https. Bit of a farce really. Reply +1
  • First £20 Raspberry Pi PCs arriving January

  • Fallen_Angel 11/01/2012

    Saw these a few weeks ago, and since finding out one of the XBMC devs has been working with it I'm now REALLY wanting to stick one to the back of my TV. Reply 0
  • 12 million "outdated" consoles lurk in UK homes - Asda

  • Fallen_Angel 06/01/2012

    While the prices for working consoles is shit, they do pay for broken consoles. Just under 20 quid for a faulty 360 arcade isn't too bad, considering I've got a RROD'd one sitting around that I've been saying I'll fix up and ebay but have never and likely will never get round to. Reply +1
  • NES games coming to 3DS eShop

  • Fallen_Angel 22/12/2011

    @Porko_Rossi Famicom was the Japanese name for the NES, not the SNES. Reply +3
  • Rocksteady releases Batman: Arkham City Batman Inc. Batsuit skin for free

  • Fallen_Angel 20/12/2011

    @TheTingler Isn't it coming back when they restart the series with Batman: Leviathan or is that going to use the New 52 setting? Also, its a huge shame Incorporated got cut short, I really was enjoying the concept. Reply 0
  • Amazon Black Friday deals open to UK shoppers

  • Fallen_Angel 21/11/2011

    @Toaster05 Done and agreed. Just looked at the US site by accident and saw they were doing a 2tb external HDD for $70. Thats roughly £45, you can't even get a 1tb for that price nowadays. On the other hand we have dog food and iffy sports drink things. So who's the real winner? Reply +5
  • Final Fantasy 13-2 Preview

  • Fallen_Angel 18/11/2011

    @theholyghost 9 times out of 10 in an FF game, you'll usually make everyone just do a basic attack since there was no point wasting mana on plebs. The only fights that ever commanded real strategy were bosses.

    Regardless of the fact that pretty much the rest of 13 was tosh, what they did with the battle system was great. Rather than spending 30 seconds hitting A multiple times for them to do the exact same thing you did last turn, this was a case of streamlining done right and the AI move selection I've got to say was REALLY well created. The bosses especially in 13 still took real strategy, but that shifted from individual moves to managing paradigms. And if you really wanted to micromanage (Which was occasionally necessary), the option was still there.
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  • The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim UK price roundup

  • Fallen_Angel 10/11/2011

    @MikeP I think they're talking more about the "Trade in so and so recent release and get it for a fiver" type deals. Reply +6
  • Infinity Ward: it's "better for the industry" if MW3 and BF3 succeed

  • Fallen_Angel 08/11/2011

    @AaronTurner And before that, WW2. Reply 0
  • Battlefield 3 UK shop pre-order deals

  • Fallen_Angel 05/08/2011

    xuiton, thanks for noting that, nearly went with Shopto thinking it was cheapest. Also found I've got £2.50 on my reward card, so even cheaper! Reply 0
  • Darksiders 2

  • Fallen_Angel 19/07/2011

    @kalinichenko Completely agree. Both of their original games were completely overlooked, but utterly brilliant titles. Reply 0
  • 3DS June firmware update detailed

  • Fallen_Angel 02/06/2011


    Oh god. That means about 3 quid per GB game. Thats perfect pricing for "Bah its only 3 quid, might as well grab another", then next thing I know I've spent 20 quid.
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  • GAME selling PC Portal 2 right now

  • Fallen_Angel 20/04/2011

    The reason the UK has to wait till Friday will most likely due to sales figures I'd imagine being calculated every Thursday, so releasing them on a Friday gives them a full week to benefit. GAME and retailers don't really have much say in the matter, publishers set the release date, and I know from experience that stores don't receive deliveries weeks in advance. We used to get new (even massive titles like GTAs and CoDs) on a Wednesday. Reply 0
  • TESV: Skyrim level cap explained

  • Fallen_Angel 20/04/2011

    Yeah, none of the Elderscrolls games are particularly linked, there might be the odd bit of offhand dialogue where they refer back (I'm sure I remember the Nerevarine being mentioned in Oblivion) but its more a nod to those who have played the older ones and in no way affects the story.

    What I want to know is incredibly pedantic, but I want to know how fast travel works. I loved Morrowinds method of Silt Striders and keeping it within the mythology, Oblivions "Click town to instaport" annoyed me a little as it pulled you out the game world.
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  • Beyond Good & Evil HD

  • Fallen_Angel 03/03/2011


    Don't forget the PC version is 4:3 ONLY. That and the audio sync basically put me off playing it until this HD version was released, and I'm glad I did.
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  • GAME: Half trade in to fund new games

  • Fallen_Angel 25/01/2011

    @darkos87 Are you joking? HMV are the worst prices on the highstreet. Regularly I'll go in and find new releases at £45 and they're still selling games going for £20 in GAME (So £10-£15 online) for £30 (Enslaved being the most recent example I can think of). Reply 0
  • Why I Hate… Achievements

  • Fallen_Angel 10/01/2011

    Getting achievements for me is an extention of my completionist tendancies with games. I always have to do everything in a game or I feel I might miss something, so in games from before the 360, I'd always have to do everything, even if there is no reason for me to do it.

    Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2 are great examples. I was at the point at the end of the games that I could have quite easily finished them, but I had to go back and 100% everything in the game (Fucking Jiminy's Journal), including reaching level 100 and beating Sephiroth, even though they didn't add anything beyond a very short cutscene that I could have seen on youtube. 'Chieves now just provide me with a log of me doing these things. Although I agree, the "use 1000 items/heal 1000 points" etc (Unless its Bad Company online as it encourages you to try other classes) annoy the hell out of me. Star Ocean was one of the worst for that.
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  • HMV to exit 60 stores this year

  • Fallen_Angel 05/01/2011

    HMV are an example of why having no competition is an incredibly bad thing. Back when you had Zavvi and the smaller stores selling dvds/CDs you could usually find at least a few decent bargins in store. Now, since they're the only ones selling blurays/cds/dvds on the high street they can price them however the hell they want and the vast majority of the will buy them. The only competition they have in that regard is supermarkets and they're rarely in town centres. Why they think they can get away with their ludicrous game prices is beyond me since you can usually get them cheaper at Game/Gamestation/Grainger, and they're not considered cheap.

    Hopefully this will either give someone the oppertunity to jump in and start up a competition or give HMV a kick up the ass to realise they're pricing themselves out the market.
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  • Hackers leave PS3 security in tatters

  • Fallen_Angel 04/01/2011

    @ulov3 Coverting mkv to M2TS isn't transcoding, its switching the container to one the PS3 recognises. The same trick works on 360 through the Media Centre Extender, takes all of 5 mins. Reply +1
  • Rockstar dev recalls "deception", "abuse"

  • Fallen_Angel 20/12/2010

    @peterfll Constructive Dismisal is pretty much a joke over here anyway. When my partner was run out of her job (She wasn't the first, basically the place was incredibly abusive to their female staff), I looked into it, and through my own research and being told by a number of legal representatives and Citizens Advice that there are so many exemptions and loopholes that it wasn't even worth chasing it up.

    @sven_vath Try to read moar. He didn't get paid ANYTHING extra for the overtime. He isn't complaining about overtime rates, he's complaining that he worked 20-30 odd extra hours a week and wasn't earning anymore than a normal 40 hour week. Thats not on regardless of what others would do for his job.
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  • Kingdom Hearts Re:coded

  • Fallen_Angel 01/12/2010


    You can technically get away with just playing the PS2 games, as the rest could just be considered side stories (Although BBS on the PSP might be a bit more central, but barely played it). Also, if you can get a multiregion disc for the PS2, you can also get Re:Chain of Memories, the 3D remake of the GBA title, as it was released in America.
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  • EU 360s get Zune update in autumn

  • Fallen_Angel 21/09/2010

    The Zune HD is likely to be the last hardware MP3 specific player MS release, they'll be focusing more on WP7 and incorporating music into that. Mind I got a Zune 30 years ago and its still going strong, so its a shame there will be nothing out over here that I can upgrade to.
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  • Green Day: Rock Band

  • Fallen_Angel 08/06/2010

    The demo really put me off since it seemed far too chordy. On the other hand, I'd reject any band themed RB game at the moment apart from RATM after seeing them at the weekend. Harmonix, get on it now! Reply 0
  • MS never meant XBL Points to "mislead"

  • Fallen_Angel 20/01/2010

    @GamesConnoisseur For me its the other way round (Although more Steam than PSN). I see something listed at £3-6 I'll stick it in as an impulse buy, but if its 800MSP I then realise that I'll need to pay for 1000 and thats 8 quid and quickly edging out of impulse territory for me. Reply +4
  • Pre-order BioShock 2 PC, get original free

  • Fallen_Angel 20/01/2010

    @Calundann Have they announced they're using Securom again? After the shitstorm that hit with the first game, I'd be very suprised if they locked it down as much as the first was. GFWL isn't too bad in and of itself and usually theres a way to play without being logged in if you're THAT against it (Can't see why you would mind). Reply 0