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  • Hyrule Warriors review

  • FabricatedLunatic 17/09/2014


    Metro GameCentral loathe Musou games, though. At least they're consistent. I get very chin-rubby when people who don't like Musou games express an interest in this one.
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  • Sony insists Vita is here to stay

  • FabricatedLunatic 12/09/2014

    As long as I keep getting my mildly perverted niche Japanese games, I'm good. Reply +3
  • Deadly Premonition headlines Rising Star sale

  • FabricatedLunatic 03/09/2014


    Deadly Premonition is for everyone.

    ...so says Mr Stewart, isn't that right Zac, etc.
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  • Mario Kart 8 getting Zelda and Animal Crossing DLC

  • FabricatedLunatic 27/08/2014

    I expected DLC at some point but 16 new tracks was beyond my wildest dreams. I'm assuming they'll be split between NEW new and retro tracks. If that's the case... Baby Park plz Nintendo? Reply +3
  • Sega announces Yakuza 0 for PS4 and PS3

  • FabricatedLunatic 26/08/2014

    I started to learn Japanese last year so that I can play the Yakuza games that'll never be localized. Well, that and for all those deliciously smutty PC games. But mostly Yakuza. Probably.

    There's definitely profit to be had in releasing Yakuza games in the West, but as far as Sega is concerned there isn't enough profit. As others have said, there are equally niche Japanese games with equally abundant text that do make their way over - from smaller companies who don't expect the same kind of return that Sega apparently do.

    Yakuza's lack of popularity in the West has always baffled me. Okay, it's not a shooter or a racer or fucking FIFA, but it IS basically Streets of Rage x Shenmue, and everyone loves the shit out of those games.
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  • Snake moves with the times, Lara doesn't

  • FabricatedLunatic 16/08/2014

    And still the "but Sony did the same thing xx years ago" line is trotted out. Instead of condemning the practice of Microsoft moneyhatting a game that was going to be multiplatform, then using finely honed corporate doublespeak in an attempt to fool potential buyers into thinking it was an indefinite exclusive, BUT SONY DUN IT FIRST! SONY! SONY SONY SONY! It's pathetic. And these people have the audacity to accuse those unhappy with this bullshit of being blinkered fanboys! Good lord.

    As for EG ARE TEH BIASED lot, for fuck's sake. How old are you? DON'T PICK ON POOR MICROSOFT! LEAVE THE LITTLE GUY ALONE! MS have gotten shit from everywhere over the last 12-18 because they've deserved it, and they deserve more of it over their latest cuntery.
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  • Rise of the Tomb Raider exclusive to Xbox One

  • FabricatedLunatic 13/08/2014


    Sony and From Software have a relationship that goes back further than Dark Souls. Bloodborne, like Demon's Souls, is being co-developed by Sony's Japan Studio. Not quite the same thing as throwing money at a developer to secure exclusivity of a title that was always intended to be multi-platform.

    If anyone's quietly pleased about all this, it must be Naughty Dog. They now have no competition from a similar game on PS4 late next year, meaning the massacre of Xbox One-exclusive Tomb Raider 2 will be even bloodier than it otherwise would've been.
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  • FabricatedLunatic 12/08/2014

    I don't know what all the cretins who keep bringing up what Sony did 15 years ago think the relevance of that is. It's incredibly childish behaviour from people who who are happy to take the moral high ground when they perceive that Eurogamer and its readers and the entire internet are against their poor beleaguered Microsoft. THEY STARTED IT!!11

    What Sony did then was shit, and what MS is doing now is shit. It was bad for gamers then and it's bad for gamers now.
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  • FabricatedLunatic 12/08/2014

    I am now more determined than ever to not buy an Xbox One. Great job, Microsoft!

    And fuck you, Square-Enix, you greedy short-sighted tosspots.
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  • How Road Redemption is reviving a lost genre

  • FabricatedLunatic 16/05/2014

    Those wide open roads carving a path through lonely rural America are looking great. The point-to-point races were always something I loved about Road Rash because it felt as if I was going on a journey rather than just racing.

    DrStrangelove: I'm pretty sure an earlier video showed guns but I didn't spot them in the new one. Yay? No guns please.
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  • Buy Mario Kart 8 and get a free Wii U game

  • FabricatedLunatic 30/04/2014

    Tesco are doing the MK8 bundle for 220, plus they're running a 20 off a 150 spend promotion. That's 200 for the console and two games. It'd be rude not to. Reply +5
  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate HD headed for Steam

  • FabricatedLunatic 28/03/2014

    I played the PS3 version of MoF last year and quite liked it. The game plays like a 2D version of Lords of Shadow (which is what it is) rather than the older games, so perhaps one's enjoyment hinges on what their expectations are. Reply +1
  • UK chart: inFamous: Second Son dethrones Titanfall

  • FabricatedLunatic 25/03/2014

    I don't understand why anyone would spend 350 on a console on which there are no games they want to play, then complain about it having no games they want to play. WHY. Reply 0
  • inFamous: Second Son review

  • FabricatedLunatic 20/03/2014

    Sounds about right based on my experiences with the first two games (finished inFamous, quit halfway through the sequel). Solid but bland.

    The wait for a compelling reason to buy one of these shiny new lumps of plastic continues.
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  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 review

  • FabricatedLunatic 25/02/2014

    The producer's comments about there being something new "literally every five minutes" gave me the fear about this one. There are contrasting opinions about how bad the stealth is, but why include it at all? It strikes me as a totally unnecessary dilution of the core gameplay.

    I'll play this at a later date because I liked the first one well enough, but with so many middling reviews, especially those from trusted sources (Edge and Metro GameCentral's 4/10), I feel plonking down 35 is too much of a risk.
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  • Ys: Memories of Celceta review

  • FabricatedLunatic 20/02/2014

    @Paulie_P Fully real-time.

    This game is great.
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  • 3DS RPG Rune Factory 4's European release cancelled

  • FabricatedLunatic 20/01/2014

    I foresaw this happening and recently imported a US 3DS XL with RF4. It's incredibly annoying that I had to resort to that and selling my UK console because Nintendo saw fit to implement region lock. I really thought we were past this bullshit but, well, Nintendo does what Nintendo does.

    I can only hope the game gets an eshop release somewhere down the line. It's not much consolation, but Video Games Plus has Rune Factory 3 on sale for $20 atm. Anyone who hasn't played it definitely should.
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  • Bravely Default censors its clothing upon its western release

  • FabricatedLunatic 04/01/2014


    I agree but at the same time the lack of Daily Mail-esque outrage over the likes of Agarest, Ar Tonelico, and even the Atelier games suggest that nobody really gives a toss.
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  • FabricatedLunatic 04/01/2014


    Yeah, those hotpants are much sexier.
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  • Developers' Most Anticipated Games of 2014

  • FabricatedLunatic 02/01/2014

    Good call on Drakengard 3. Other games I'm looking forward, most of which aren't mentioned in those industry responses: Rune Factory 4, Danganronpa, The Evil Within (new Mikami survival horror), and Lords of Shadow 2. And more of The Wolf Among Us, The Walking Dead, and Broken Sword 5.

    Next-gen (current-gen?) has utterly failed to excite me thus far, but I will have to buy a PS4 for The Witcher 3. No way around it.
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  • Eurogamer Readers' Top 50 Games of 2013

  • FabricatedLunatic 31/12/2013

    It didn't take long for someone to throw their toys out of the pram because their favourite game of the year wasn't everyone else's.

    I think it's a great list. TLoU is absolutely a deserving winner because I've never felt such investment in the fate of videogame characters as I did for Joel and Ellie. And their development is wonderfully subtle; everything you needed to know about who they are and who they were was revealed not through long cutscenes and flashbacks but through organic conversation and their actions. Also, the visual and sound design are stellar, and I couldn't have been happier with that ending.

    It's great to see Fire Emblem and P4G up there, and so high. It's been a fantastic year for handhelds and those two are the highlights. If I'd played Tearaway before voting (it's the perfect Christmas game that makes you feel like a wide-eyed kid again) that would've had a vote as well, but alas. At least enough of the readership stepped up.
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  • 3DS game Rune Factory 4 out in Europe spring 2014

  • FabricatedLunatic 01/10/2013

    "Only" 6 or so months after the US release, then, and that's assuming there are no delays (which are almost inevitable considering Zen Utd are involved). Thanks again for the region locking, Nintendo!

    On the plus side, I have plenty of time for a second or even third playthrough of Rune Factory 3, easily one of my favourite games ever.
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  • Bravely Default heads to Europe this year

  • FabricatedLunatic 28/09/2013

    A pity there are random encounters at all, but the option to reduce their frequency is a most welcome addition.

    This game has gorgeous environments and an epic orchestral score. If the story and combat are up to scratch, we could have a classic on our hands. Can't wait to find out.
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  • The Last of Us isn't the solution to sexism in games, but it's a start

  • FabricatedLunatic 05/07/2013


    It's not a game, I know, but the excellent anime series Moribito deals with exactly that: a journey in which strong female warrior protects a young boy, initially because she's tasked with the responsibility, but later because she wants to.
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  • 3DS game Harvest Moon: A New Beginning confirmed for Europe

  • FabricatedLunatic 05/06/2013

    This looks good but I haven't been able to properly enjoy a Harvest Moon game since Rune Factory came along. Planting turnips just ain't the same without a bit of monster twatting on the side. Reply +5
  • Ace Attorney 5 will be an eShop-only offering

  • FabricatedLunatic 14/05/2013


    That sounds like reasonable conclusion to draw from Svensson's comment about the pricepoint shedding light on the release strategy.
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  • FabricatedLunatic 14/05/2013

    The shape of things to come? I'm not so bothered in this case because one of the main reasons I buy physical games - to be able to sell them on - won't apply here. I've not sold a single Ace Attorney game, and don't intend to start with this one. I would still prefer a physical copy, though, because I like THINGS, and therefore I am disappointed with this decision.

    The comment about the pricing makes me cautiously optimistic that Capcom won't fleece the fans with a 40 price point. Any more than I can buy games for at retail (around 30) and I'm not interested.
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  • Register three of eight Nintendo 3DS games to get another free

  • FabricatedLunatic 22/04/2013


    Fire Emblem is fantastic, one of the best tactical RPGs ever made. Get that.
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  • FabricatedLunatic 22/04/2013

    That's remarkably generous of them. I already have Luigi's Mansion and Fire Emblem, and will be getting DKC Returns next month. I wasn't really sure about Animal Crossing but I don't mind taking a chance on it for nowt.

    Nintendo have already given a free copy of Mario 3D Land, and Sony keep bombarding me with games because I chuck them a measly few quid every month. What IS going on!?
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  • Soul Sacrifice demo due next week

  • FabricatedLunatic 16/04/2013


    That had me confused as well but I think the article was originally published last week. It's just been updated to reflect the save transfer news.

    Better clear some space off my (4gb ;_; ) memory card for tomorrow.
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  • Fire Emblem: Awakening review

  • FabricatedLunatic 15/04/2013

    I always loved the "pair" system in previous Fire Emblem games, and its expansion in Awakening is one of the aspects I'm most looking forward to. Had this pre-ordered for a couple of months, ever since the reports of stock shortages in the US, and this review makes has made me even more excited that it's almost here. Reply +4
  • Road Rash-inspired Road Redemption cruises to Kickstarter

  • FabricatedLunatic 13/04/2013

    Gangs and guns. Yup, looks like they've missed the point. Might be a good game but it doesn't sound much like the Road Rash I love.

    Apparently Dan Geisler is going ahead with his own Kickstarter next month (wait 14 years for a new Road Rash and two come along at once) and since he and other members of his dev team actually worked on the original Megadrive trilogy, I'm far more optimistic about seeing what he comes up with.
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  • Fire Emblem: Awakening demo, Harvest Moon on eShop this week

  • FabricatedLunatic 25/03/2013

    I'm looking forward to playing the Fire Emblem demo on Thursday more than I am Luigi's Mansion 2, though this says more about my Fire Emblem fanboyism than how I feel about Mario's much cooler brother.

    And where ARE the SNES games on the 3DS e-store? In the main I'm not interested in paying nigh-on a fiver for Gameboy games.
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  • Finally, Persona 4 Arena European release date confirmed, pre-order details announced

  • FabricatedLunatic 18/03/2013

    I was expecting a free life-sized Rise doll by way of apology for the outrageous delay in getting the game out here. A soundtrack and some digital tat don't quite cut it.

    I still want to play P4A, for the story if nothing else, so I will be buying the game at some point. But not until it's below 20 - since we've waited this long already, what's another couple of weeks?

    Slow claps all around for everyone involved in this debacle.
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  • Persona 4 Arena out in Europe in May, hopefully

  • FabricatedLunatic 13/03/2013

    I remember when the European publisher claimed to be working towards a release on 31st August last year. What a joke. Reply +2
  • Wii U-exclusive Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge to go multiplatform

  • FabricatedLunatic 06/02/2013

    Never played the first release due to the whole "it's shit" thing. Getting the new one for Kasumi, Ayane, and Momiji.

    Oh, and the fixed gameplay. Yeah.
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  • Hitman HD Trilogy review

  • FabricatedLunatic 01/02/2013

    I got the collection on Wednesday and tried Silent Assassin. The slow walking speed, which you have to maintain while in sight of guards, is just too much for me to endure. I'm just not hardcore enough to deal with that or the glacial sneak mode speed.

    I'm hoping to fare better with Contracts, in which the AI doesn't seem to go batshit if I run or stand still for more than five seconds, but I'm not expecting it to top Blood Money. And yeah, what is with that tiny on-screen text.
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  • Crysis 3 open beta available on EU PlayStation Store today

  • FabricatedLunatic 30/01/2013

    @menage @andijames

    Ah, that makes more sense. But I did at one point see a bundle of 12 swimsuits for 10 on the PS Store, which is bad enough, so I did wonder..
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  • FabricatedLunatic 30/01/2013

    37 for DoA5 swimsuit costumes? That's a typo, yeah? Please tell me it's a typo. Reply +3
  • Nintendo using inferior 50Hz mode for European Wii U Virtual Console

  • FabricatedLunatic 25/01/2013

    Not all PS1 games on the Playstation store are 50hz. I know that the NTSC-U/C version of Resident Evil 2 (and possibly RE3 as well) is on there, listed under the "imports" category, so it can be done. Reply +1
  • Eurogamer Readers' Top 50 Games of 2012

  • FabricatedLunatic 31/12/2012

    What a pleasant surprise to see Dishono(u)red take the top spot. I played through the campaign over three post-Christmas days, in an act of seasonal goodwill killing absolutely nobody, and loved almost every minute of it. Now that the drudgery of January approaches, I can see myself going through again, this time being far less charitable towards those who stand in my way.

    Also great that Binary Domain snuck into the top 50, though it deserved to be placed higher and probably would have been had more people played it.
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  • Tales of Graces F Review

  • FabricatedLunatic 05/09/2012


    The game doesn't have random encounters; all enemies are visibly roaming and in most cases it'd be possible to avoid contact with them (though you probably wouldn't want to since fighting is fast and fun).

    As for grinding, that certainly hasn't been a problem with previous "Tales of" games, and I don't see it being a problem with Graces F. So long as you don't avoid too many battles you'd be fine. Moreover, there are four difficulty levels, any of which can be selected at any time, so even if you were to find yourself undercooked for a boss battle you may be able to breeze past on easy if you so wish.
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  • FabricatedLunatic 04/09/2012


    That's a good point. It feels like it's been a good while (perhaps since Vesperia) since I had a home console fix of good old fashioned epic globe-trotting RPG adventures. There certainly doesn't seem to be as many as there was in the PS2 era.

    I'm only an hour-and-a-half into the game and it's comfortably familiar territory. The "Tales of" games aren't perfect--they do tend to be mawkish and sometimes indulge in excessive technobabble--but they're solid RPGs with great combat and tons to do. If you like the genre then you're guaranteed to find plenty to like about Tales of Graces F.
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  • Persona 4 Arena delayed in Europe

  • FabricatedLunatic 22/08/2012

    Huh, who didn't see this coming after the region locking debacle? Not to mention the publisher's record with getting other Arc System Works games out in Europe in something approaching a timely fashion.

    Thanks but no thanks, Atlus/Zen/PQube/whomever is behind this.
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  • Yakuza 5 will have playable Taiko Drum Master

  • FabricatedLunatic 09/08/2012

    I've always thought it was a bit of a missed opportunity that Yakuza's Club Sega arcades didn't have the old Sega coin-ops that Shenmue did (Outrun, Hang-On, Afterburner, etc.) but Taiko Drum Master is definitely a welcome addition. Reply +5
  • Rally racer WRC3 release date confirmed

  • FabricatedLunatic 20/07/2012

    I really want this to be good because I'm craving a proper rally game that lives up to Evolution's PS2 efforts. I'll wait for the impressions of a brave few... Reply 0
  • Yakuza 1 and 2 HD Edition confirmed for PS3

  • FabricatedLunatic 18/07/2012

    I'd be surprised if this doesn't turn up on PSN in the US and Europe. Both games have already been localised so it's not like Sega have to expend much effort. Disc release is less likely. Reply +1
  • Dating site for gamers launches Shag a Gamer in UK

  • FabricatedLunatic 16/07/2012

    Thurlow said since Date a Gamer launched, its membership had swelled to 260,000 members
    Approximately 259,990 of whom are male. And not particularly likely to get what they signed up for.
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  • Atlus launches impassioned defence of Persona 4: Arena PS3 region lock

  • FabricatedLunatic 07/07/2012


    As I understand it, all versions will be region-locked. This is almost certainly the old Japanese fear of reverse importation rearing its ugly head; Atlus doesn't want its Japanese consumers importing the cheaper US or European version of a game based on a very popular franchise. The aggravating factor from their point of view is that the US and European versions include Japanese text and are to be released within weeks of the Japanese launch.

    A win for Atlus Japan, a loss for the consumer.
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  • Persona 4: Arena PS3 and Xbox 360 region locked

  • FabricatedLunatic 06/07/2012

    I find it hard to believe that a tiny publisher like PQube alone could've got Persona 4: Arena region locked. There must be something else at play here.

    Hopefully PQube can meet that 31st August date. I remember various Blazblue titles and Arcana Heart 3 all suffering delays.
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