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  • UFC 2010 Undisputed dated for May

  • FHUTA 12/01/2010

    despite really liking the first one, I'm not that fussed about the license unless the fighter really have their own styles so I too will be waiting to see what the EA one's like - not that I generally buy annual updates to sporting games anyway. Reply +3
  • Microsoft reveals Game Room for Live

  • FHUTA 07/01/2010

    I don't really see the point in this as it's further splitting up the various game download options on the 360 - Arcade, Games on Demand (+ xbox 1 games), Indie and now this which seems just a more cumbersome way of navigating the stuff that was originally on XBLA.

    That said the amount of XBLA titles I now have on the system including trials etc isn't super intuitive to browse - if I could populate an arcade with 5 or 6 titles I already own that I can just wander over to and play (from the top level of the dash, not some tucked away niche like the indie games channel) then that'd suit me a treat.
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  • Tracklist revealed for We Sing

  • FHUTA 12/11/2009

    How can Trouble by the mighty Shampoo ever be considered a lowlight!? Reply +2
  • Dead Rising 2 Multiplayer

  • FHUTA 02/10/2009

    @BillyBrush - bare in mind that the pre-release stills for the first game looked quite meh apart from the crowd number aspect, but once alive and movin where very impressive. Also most of the original footage and trailers for DR1 concentrated on the sillyness and novelty weapons and outfits too. Reply +1
  • FHUTA 02/10/2009

    interesting if plot-wise people think the zombie outbreak is contained and that zombies are just used as menial / comedy types (a la Fido or Shaun of the Dead at its end) for game-show fodder and the like (as in these mini games), but then it all goes inevitably pear-shaped.

    It'd fit with the Vegas setting and why the protagonist seems a mouthy motorcross guy and not a journo or random survivor.
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  • First Fable II: Game Episode is live

  • FHUTA 30/09/2009

    nice idea - though I really don't know how something that can be played in a non-linear fashion'll work when cut up, but I'd guess that big story cues will be absent meaning the paths and areas that they open up and the ascosiated better gear will require the next cucnk of game to play.

    it's just a shame the childhood section of the game is the weakest part and features the most hand-holding. But it's not as if the game could just give you a portion in the middle..
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  • Lionhead reveal teased for gamescom

  • FHUTA 14/08/2009

    well, not that it gives any more clues, but the banner that unfolds at the sides of the followers / subjects pages seem to be a royal banner with a crown a fleur-de-li and a castle in the manner of a heraldic design. The Subjects banner is named "royal" and is the simble banner, but the Followers banner - named "rebel" - seems to be the same banner (the crown is still visible on the heraldic icons), but dyed over in red and black with a red phoenix painted / printed over the originac symbols.

    So I'm guessing a classic Molyneux duality of choice and consequences, but more about how a nation ends up in a potential feudal vs. peasant revolt style as opposed to the lead character being good or bad.

    Edit - full banner obviously seen by taking a sneaky look behind the scenes of the flash files. There's also a few frames of a bug and a small animation of some smoke that doesn't seem to be used in the files.
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  • Overlord II DLC on Xbox 360 today

  • FHUTA 29/07/2009

    @link'sdad - it is actually priced at less than a tenth of the RRP though, not a quarter. The fact you can get the game for less just goes to show how much the hyperthetical 50p extra added on would be eroded when the sales and price-drops kicked in.

    Still it's free at the mo' so hopefully all's well - the DLC for the first game is about the only expansion I've bought and seemed a good deal to me so I can't really berate them for the current price.
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  • Jackson's Halo project "on hold" - MS

  • FHUTA 29/07/2009

    Although it seemed Jackson's comment "That Halo project is no longer happening." is a pretty definite statement that the project is cancelled, it is still ambiguous.

    It could mean it's no longer being worked on / happening "right now" - and is to be resumed when bandwidth (seriously though - WTF with that terminology here!?) allows. But I doubt it. Most likely it's stopped, MS would like to resume it later and the business arangement in place is still officially open to that happening, but even if scrapped Jackson has no reason to go through the hoops of burning potential bridges.
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  • New Halo anime films on the way

  • FHUTA 23/07/2009

    sounds like it's going the way of the anime tie-ins that films have been going lately with Batman: Gotham Night, The Animatrix, The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury and the like.

    Should be interesting if it's anything like the first two - they both had a couple of gems, some decent workaday shorts and only the odd duff / too esoteric one as well.
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  • Microsoft patents drop-in split-screen

  • FHUTA 21/07/2009

    FFS - it's a seven year old patent about a specific feature / USP of a game that's already been out.

    Appart from as a catalyst to discuss the sad state of US patent laws there's nothing to discuss and pointing out how it's copying a bunch of games that aren't the same and came out afterwoods is redundant!
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  • FHUTA 21/07/2009

    yeah - Brute Force wasn't canned (unless there was a secret 360 version in the works) and this feature was already in that game years ago - I think.

    Ah - looking through the link this is just the 2002 patent from when Digital Anvil made Brute Force in the first place. As much as I do have a fondness for the game, if this patent idea in one solitary game has been the cause of other games not being able to use such a handy feature for the last 9 years then that's a crying shame!
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  • Perry: Target Asia, make games simpler

  • FHUTA 14/07/2009

    granted there was a price hike at the beginning of this generation that the main publishers had been unable to add before, but it's largely superficial as it's easier than ever to find bargains, buy smaller games on XBLA or PSN, and access free browser based games.

    compared to my penny-pinching youth when I'd not buy expensive games I still spend less on an average game than at any time since the megadrive. (admittedly old Atari 400 / XL games and Speccy stuff was uber cheap before that) - and considering there's been constant inflation and a worldwide economic boom in that time period he's talking a fair bit of FUD
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  • Only hard drive size holding 360 back

  • FHUTA 23/06/2009

    the ipod argument's a bit of a fudge though as most highstreet places that sell electronics don't sell much in the way of music. Reply 0
  • Moving targets

  • FHUTA 15/06/2009

    Shame the SEGA Menacer (and possibly the SNES Superscope) wasn't mentioned. It's realtime crosshair (as opposed to the old skool click-screenflash-hit/miss) meant you could control a paddle or torch and move it around the screen with flick of the wrist with preserved momentum etc.

    Obviously they died a death with no software support, but they predated the wiimote pointer and it's possible usage well in advance.
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  • Uwe Boll paid dev to appear in Postal 3

  • FHUTA 09/06/2009

    @Midnight Raven - I am actually serious, but it's mainly due to thinking the Lord of the Rings films are dire than thinking In the Name of the King is good. Although I like the old-fashioned Krull-esque no frills hokum of ITNOTK and the slightly insane casting.

    Nothing can redeem House of the Dead though - truly awful
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  • FHUTA 09/06/2009

    as rubbish as his films are, Boll is very clever at financing and producing movies which seems to be what he loves doing so fair play to him.

    that and he deliberatly acts an idiot to get press inches to market his films and In the Name of the King was actually much more enjoyable than the Lord of the Rings rubbish.
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  • The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena

  • FHUTA 20/04/2009

    well colour me conflicted! - Loved butcher bay (mainly the stealth, adventuring, clever regenerating health and it's greatest element - it's pacing and swapping between gamestyles before they outlive their welcome) and The Darkness was probably my game of the year last year, but this just seems.... ..lacking.

    will probably still buy, but for a game I was looking forward to more than most and was probably going to buy day one - it's turned into an afterthought I may get when a tad cheaper. How did that happen!?
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  • Netflix pulls in 1 million Live users

  • FHUTA 05/02/2009

    "Partner with Lovefilm or Amazon!"

    I agree it'd be good, but I don't think these - or anyone else currently has a streaming video subscription service in Europe, or at least the UK.

    As soon as there's a local NetFlix equivalant though I want it supported pronto!!
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  • Wiseman wants to film Gears trilogy

  • FHUTA 26/01/2009

    I assumed that Gears was in Die Hard as a sponshorship deal - especially as when Brucey first rescues the kid playing the game in is done as a Gears style shoot-out. Lock to cover - pop out aimed shots - dive to new cover point - blind fire - grenade - roadie run - repeat etc..

    The only thing missing was chainsaws and active reload!

    Also - LOTR seems an odd comparison, but hey - may as well compare to something well known even if it is rubbish
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  • Gridrunner+++ shapes up for April

  • FHUTA 20/01/2009

    as long as it's as insanely good as Space Giraffe, but with some logical up front presentation and tutorial then hopefully it'll do well Reply 0
  • 2D Boy's Ron Carmel and Kyle Gabler

  • FHUTA 16/01/2009

    I'm not a PC gamer, and I don't have a wii, but I have much love for the Goo and all in and around it's world.
    It's always good to see whimsy and creativity producing something fun.

    As an aside I just started playing around on the BigVine prototype and growing my tree is exactly like trying to maintain and style dreadlocks - how odd.
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  • Nintendo patents in-game hint system

  • FHUTA 12/01/2009

    if it's done well like the Fable II breadcrumbs / lack of permanent death penalty then it seems all good, though unless it really is revolutionary then it seems a silly patent idea Reply 0
  • Puzzle Arcade for XBLA tomorrow

  • FHUTA 23/12/2008

    you should at least be able to bring in pictures streamed from your PC as well as just vision cam pics! Reply 0
  • First 360 Avatar clothes dished out

  • FHUTA 04/12/2008

    @Domovoi - actually it'd be good if they actually did have some hip outfits as opposed to the middle of the road GAP / American Apparel nondescript stuff that's there. Reply 0
  • Novastrike dev unveils XBLA game

  • FHUTA 03/12/2008

    reminds me of the old carmen sandiago games - could be good and'll be a nice change of pace for xbla, but I'm not 100% convinced Reply 0
  • Avatars XBLA game unveiled

  • FHUTA 07/11/2008

    they really should give out a freebie XBLA game with avatars to get the ball rolling - though it didn't work for Totem Ball and using the vision cam as an eyetoy on a regular basis Reply 0
  • THQ sues Activision over BAJA box art

  • FHUTA 28/10/2008

    and quite how you can accidentally put a "|" instead of a "1" in a link just goes to show how people can get the wrong thing if it's not visually differentiated enough.

    perhaps the b0rked link is a deliberate metaphor for the dangers of misreading something...?
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  • FHUTA 28/10/2008

    "Surely people will look at the name of the game before buying even if the box art is somewhat similar. "

    though if you don't expect there to be multiple BAJA games out - then going to pick up the one you played round a mate's, read a review on, but didn't note the full title or you're trying to remember the title of the game that little tommy or whoever wanted then being presented with what appears to be the similar enough title with a nigh on identical cover (and bare in mind you often have slightly dif covers for the same game with platinum, SE etc versions).

    I can see how if the thing is close enough to yours you don't want to lose sales to confusion or find your marketing budget is also plugging your rivals.
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  • EA "will kill a game a year", says bossman

  • FHUTA 16/10/2008

    well technically I believe it's Mu Mu land after Mummu from The Illuminatus! Trilogy, but anyway... Reply 0
  • FHUTA 16/10/2008

    surely if he's not driving an ice-cream van while being justified and ancient then surely there's no heading for "moomoo" land Reply 0
  • Xbox Live Arcade Roundup

  • FHUTA 18/09/2008

    Dominos FTW!

    It may be fairly luck based, but has a similar tactical depth to UNO, although the screenshots don't look appealing enough to persuade me to stop using my lovely bone, brass and ebony pieces along with a nice pint of stout.
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  • Bungie president "certainly didn't agree" with decision to postpone Halo E3 reveal

  • FHUTA 24/07/2008

    no-one really thought there was laughter and Mattrick obviously looks a bit of a tool when saying it, but as a we're all friends it's a misunderstanding comment it's fair.

    For Bungie to not let it lie and respond in a deliberately public manner is a little out of order and smacks of some serious dispute under the surface - or just two execs who need to have the last word in some self destructive ip damaging willy waving contest.
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  • Portal: Still Alive content explained

  • FHUTA 23/07/2008

    I can't believe that people are grumbling that what I think was the stand out game of the year as part of the orange box will now be available on it's own as a downlowdable bargain - with some bonus non-story puzzle levels thrown in...

    I doubt I'll buy it as I have the orange box, but if I didn't then as an XBLA title it's made of win.

    It's (a bit) like complaining about having to buy Castlevania SotN, Puzzle Quest or Rez HD when you could already own it - which you don't
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  • UNO Rush

  • FHUTA 15/07/2008

    the thing that bugged me about UNO was no offline multiplayer due to the whole seeing other people's cards ruining the game thing - good to see that as you appear to see everyone's card's in rush you should actually have a decent offline game Reply 0
  • Multicoloured pads for Xbox 360

  • FHUTA 15/07/2008

    shame the price for the red one is $15 more than the current blue and pink ones so the play and charge isn't being thrown in as an extra Reply 0
  • Ubisoft doing "new version" of Driver

  • FHUTA 18/06/2008

    For some reason I've always had a soft spot for the Driver games and am much quicker to buy them than GTA - looking forward to a new one and hopefully it'll not be another case of needing to overlook flaws to appreciate Reply 0