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  • de Blob

  • FFS 27/09/2008

    Looks like a good game (obviously), but yet another clueless decision of wiggle-to-do-something (especially jump) and insistence on a bad auto camera means I'll give this a miss.

    It's like SMG all over again.
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  • Wario Land: The Shake Dimension

  • FFS 05/09/2008

    So this game is exactly as I predicted a few months back?

    Fun but easy, short and unnecessary motion gimmicks? Oh, and 7/10. Predicable Nintendo.

    Coin-Op: And Yoshi's Island 2 was a fucking travesty compared to the original. It's what you get when you licence out magical titles to another party. I miss Nintendo of old.
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  • Stargate Worlds - Trailer

  • FFS 28/08/2008

    It looks AMAZING.

    First MMO I'll be playing ever.
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  • Nintendo dismisses rumours of new DS

  • FFS 28/08/2008

    -Some kind of frontend llke the Wii channels, with VC, internet, photos and music. Possibly movie playback.
    -built in rumble and tilt/motion sensing similar to Wario Ware Twisted

    -Tilt sensing (a la iPhone)
    -Better OS with built in web browser and support for mp3s, photos downloads
    -Introduce DS channels like the wii

    Why do people keep saying shit like this? Do that and the DS will turn into a steaming pile of casual ONLY shite like the Wii, except instead of waggle we'll have jiggle 'cos of tilt. Nonononono.

    And who needs a thinner DS? Is it not fucking small enough already? Do you all have pixie hands? The Lite may look better but the phat is more comfortable anyway. It's like the world is obsessed with small ATM. IT'S PLENTY SMALL ANYWAY.

    "DS2 - so small it comes with a microscope so you can enjoy all your games on an even smaller console than before - only 3 atoms wide!"

    I'm not really fussed about graphics. I'd quite happily still have games coming on the N64 TBH. As long as it can do 3D, I'm happy.
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  • FFS 28/08/2008

    Full backwards compatibility, internal storage with a VC for all games gone before on GB(C)/GBA and link up for multi on said old games too, and for GC. So basically a GBA out port for GB(A)s and GC; but replicating it over wifi for DS2 to DS2 would be win too.

    And analogue control. SM64 DS would have been worth getting over the original if it actually had REAL analogue control.

    27-Aug-08 11:49:02

    I think two touch screens will be an overkill... I mean how many people can usefully use two styli (or should that be styluses) at the same time? The only implementation I can think of would have to be thumb-based...

    /is not great at imaging things like that...

    Yeah, I think it would be more like, being able to touch either screen - not both simultaneously.


    I don't think it'll happen though. It's selling like hotcakes. Nintendo would have to be moronic to do that.
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  • Nintendo: core games in development

  • FFS 27/08/2008

    Triggerhappytel, the 128 engine was used for Pikmin... Reply 0
  • FFS 27/08/2008

    To those saying that Zelda needs to not be the same old romp, consider these two hoaxes:

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  • FFS 27/08/2008

    If this is true and they don't have waggle then I'll be a happy man.

    Perhaps it was the kick-off at E3? It'd be nice to think they listen to fans.
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  • No FFXIII 360 for Japan: it's official

  • FFS 27/08/2008

    What a truly odd decision.

    Japan being RPG Land and the Xbox 1 struggling over there (dunno how 360 is doing), this seems bizarre.
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  • WiiWare Roundup

  • FFS 26/08/2008

    Anyone know how long this will last? Reply 0
  • Samba de Amigo Wii to offer DLC

  • FFS 25/08/2008

    If they make more stuff AFTER - akin to the Splinter Cell levels for Xbox (which were free), then it's justified even if you are paying.

    Selling you a game for full whack and then getting you to unlock the content by paying for it takes the piss. Still, last laugh will be on them if that's the case,a s Homebrew will just unlock it anyway.
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  • FFS 22/08/2008

    Count me out.

    But... will this be actual DLC or will it be a little thing that unlocks stuff that's already on the disc?
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  • Super Mario RPG heads VC update

  • FFS 25/08/2008

    I've got some better advice... Homebrew WAD installer. Once the festival's over, still no problem. :) Reply 0
  • FFS 22/08/2008

    Oh, and it is good to see The Lost Levels back too!

    It would be far better to see Super Mario All-Stars.
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  • Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

  • FFS 19/08/2008

    I'd much rather have a fresh platform collect-a-thon than this. If anything BT showed in how many ways a platform game can be improved upon its predecessor. I have been toying weith getting a360. This game was going to swing it. The lack of platform action looks like I probably won't now. Bring back the Rare of old.

    It's a bit like saying that Halo 4/the next Perfect Dark/take your pick wouldn't be a FPS because there are too many!
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  • Banjo demo, Stop 'N' Swop detailed

  • FFS 19/08/2008

    Multi-player FTL, unless it's just variations on the single-player mini games like BT. I don't are much for half the content to be playing multiplayer games. Mind you, designing vehicles doesn't appeal much either unless it's to get past a specific environment or something; like say, get a certain wheel to travel across water in it. I'm after a game of exploration and puzzles like the first two, not an open ended createy-thing.

    This game will be the deciding factor on whether I decide to plump for an Xbox 360 or not. Braid and the 2 originals coming to XBLA are helping swing the deal. Don't fuck this up with multi-player focus, Rare!
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  • De Blob creator doing WiiWare game

  • FFS 18/08/2008

    Finally maybe another decent Wiiware game!

    Lost Winds is about the only good thing we've had so far, and I wasn't taken massively with it. WW is capable of great new, 16/32 bit style-games. Here's hoping!
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  • Cult Classics: PlayStation 2

  • FFS 18/08/2008

    Capcom behind so many great games.

    And yet so poorly advertised...
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  • Viva Pinata DS sprouting in September

  • FFS 17/08/2008

    Is it open ended or are their achievable goals? Reply 0
  • Gemma Atkinson RA3 theme on Live

  • FFS 15/08/2008

    Ah, NOW the plot unfolds.

    Clearly it wasn't for her acting talent.

    /is a bitch
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  • Parents more frightened of GTA than porn

  • FFS 14/08/2008

    I think that you should be more scared of porn than violence.

    How do boobies and fannies hurt kids?
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  • iPhone Gaming

  • FFS 13/08/2008

    Developers are still finding their feet on the new platform - mostly by experimenting with casual games.

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  • The Casuals Are Coming!

  • FFS 12/08/2008

    There's so much wrong with that article that I don't know where to begin...

    I'll say thins though: Space Invaders did not have tacked-on waggle.
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  • Braid for PS3 is a possibility - Blow

  • FFS 12/08/2008

    As for other formats, Blow ruled out the possibility of a WiiWare release. "WiiWare is not going to happen for this game because the model is just not right - like, Braid is too big of a game to be downloadable on WiiWare and stored on someone's Wii," he said.

    But Nintendo says that Nintendo doesn't need a HDD!
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  • Miyamoto hushed up about hobbies?

  • FFS 11/08/2008

    Nail in the coffin for my Wii.

    /starts shopping for 360
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  • FFS 11/08/2008

    any glimpse inside his head could be worth billions", citing examples of Brain Training, Wii Fit and Wii Music

    Oh dear.
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  • Criticism of Sonic "warranted" - SEGA

  • FFS 07/08/2008

    I don't have a problem with Sonic or all of the other characters as long as they have relevant abilities.

    The problems are as follows:

    -'Attitude' - make him more like the 2D days. Just a blue guy that runs around. He doesn't need personality to be appealing. In fact his personality puts me (and everybody over 11 years old) off.
    -Biggest one of all is level design and attention paid to games. They keep coming up with new gimmicks but can't drop things that need to be dropped (see above and below). Dodgy collision detection, camera physics and even controller responsiveness. What's really depressing is that games like Sonic Adventure that were almost great aren't, because they fell short in certain key areas.
    -Personal gripe: getting hit = lose all rings. Makes games too easy plus it defeats the point of collecting rings. Loads of games have to collect 100 of something but don't lose them l when they get hit. Get an energy meter or something.


    EDIT: basically what the 1st poster said. Music as well. And you don't need dialogue. Take the premise of the 2D games, turn it into 3D and get rid of ring hits. Mario managed to drop power-up loss for the 3D games. Oh yes I am comparing you to Mario, because it's a success.

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  • Halo PC to scrap disc checks on Friday

  • FFS 07/08/2008

    What does this mean?

    That you can play a copied version?
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  • Gemma Atkinson to act in Red Alert 3

  • FFS 06/08/2008

    I don't watch trash like Hollyoaks but I Googled her and was quite pleased with the visual results.

    I have saved various picture and put them in my 'special' folder on my PC.
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  • No more "crappy" games, promises EA

  • FFS 05/08/2008

    My Sims. Bit shit wasn't it? Reply 0
  • GTA IV pulled from sale in Thailand

  • FFS 05/08/2008

    Did they ban Child's Play 3 after Jamie Bulger was murdered?

    "No" you say? Why's that then? Ah, because video games are evil - I see.
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  • Carmack speaks out on hardware issues

  • FFS 04/08/2008

    As a long-time Nintendo owner, every console has died to early thanks to competition even if it's been winning (same goes for Sega and Xbox but I'm on about Nintendo here). It's all about the software, not the hardware.

    However, I think that this will be the longest running gaming generation: 360 & PS3 have tied in services and given the hardware behind their consoles, it's in their best interests to milk this hardware by adding new online services and content for as long as possible. I also doubt that either have been pushed to their limit yet.

    As far as the Wii goes, it only needs new peripherals to keep going due to the new market. A new console risks alienating their mass casual userbase: just looks at the move from PS2 to PS3. I think it's going to outlast all of its predecessors, which is ironic. Because I want it to die as quickly as possible and for them to release a system that does not have waggle, just a normal controller with pointing ability.
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  • "Steve Jobs doesn't care about games"

  • FFS 04/08/2008

    With Mac owners now able to use Boot Camp to install Windows XP

    But why would you want to?
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  • Clover removed from Okami Wii credits

  • FFS 02/08/2008

    The legal hang up is that they can't be arsed to edit the Clover logo out. Make excuses about getting it right, then fuck up the controls and not only drop the credits but also the epilogue.

    Oh, and the game is 3.9 GB on a 4.35 GB disc. Congratulations for doing a bare minimum conversion job on the Wii's best game. Framerate also sucks balls, and the cut-scenes are extracted straight from the PS2 version which = colour washes out.

    Fuck you, Ready at Dawn.
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  • New Nintendo hardware in development

  • FFS 31/07/2008

    31-Jul-08 15:22:05


    Proper Online.

    More internal storage.

    More 3rd party support.

    As well as all of that, I'd like to see a return to more traditional control. The pointer function on the remote is great. But something like the 360 controller with the Wii's pointing and rotating abilities would do me fine. I don't want to hold the remote like a bat anyway.
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  • Okami needs to sell or no sequel

  • FFS 31/07/2008

    I was thinking of selling my Wii and getting a 360 this morning. Never thought it'd come to this.

    Pick up a PS2 and get Okami for that instead - better version anyway, what with the beautiful credits and epilogue.
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  • FFS 30/07/2008

    Yes, if there's one thing that Nintendo can do right these days, it's advertising. Reply 0
  • FFS 29/07/2008

    Jesus wept.

    How's about you





    If it's good enough for all of the drivel-ware that I see on the TV as well as Nintendo's titles like Wii Fit, Mario, Mario Kart, Smash Bros which sell to core gamers themselves anyway but to casuals because of the ads, think what you'll get done. The same goes for Zack & Wiki - another one of the Wii's very few top non-1st party titles and where the hell are the adverts?

    Clover created a brilliant game, it's had a 2nd birth on a system perfect for it (although sadly not exactly a 100% port by Ready at Dawn) - but nevertheless still brilliant), and why isn't it selling in the bucket-loads? BECAUSE NO-ONE KNOWS THAT IT EXISTS, YOU ABSOLUTE MORONS.

    Give me Okami 2, and make sure that you advertise it.
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  • Devs don't need producers - Naughty Dog

  • FFS 31/07/2008

    Adhocracy? Reply 0
  • Game quality has "skyrocketed" - Braben

  • FFS 30/07/2008

    The golden age was the 90s.

    Anyway, ironic that his is showing up in the Wii news section!
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  • Online distribution made LostWinds work

  • FFS 30/07/2008

    Yeah, if only Okami had gone down the downloadable route. Maybe it wouldn't be dying.

    Hey what if the Wii had a HD! Surely Nintendo are working on one?


    Anyway, I didn't get on great with LW. Completed it but felt no great compulsion to get all of the dolls. It did feel very 2 dimensional if you'll pardon the pun. I also hated the first bit that told you to go to something Falls but didn't say what direction you had to go in! Anyway... yeah, great use of remote but just didn't captivate me like I hoped it would (and most other games do).
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  • EA doing 40 games for Wii and DS

  • FFS 30/07/2008

    Oh no, I'm sure that the Wii will live for many years and become quite plump - it'll certainly not die with casuals buying left and right.

    83% for NMH, yes. An OK game. The Cube had at least 30 killer titles. I'll read up on Captain Rainbow - just done. Wow, this game loks like it could be pure win. When will we see it here though? Same goes for Fatal Frame.

    Mushroom Men could be great; it could be shit. Wait until it's released. Wario Land Shake: says it all really. It'll be turd. Repetitive movements that you'll get fed up of in no time. 2D, fine. But it doesn't have to stay true to the WL series with graphics like that. NSMB looks far better. Either way, it's going to be an irritating gimmick-athon (I hope I'm wrong, but I doubt I will be).

    Little Kings Story? Meh.

    Well, I feel a bit better now I know about CR & FF. Now if only Nintendo would get to work on some proper games. Luigi's Mansion 2 would be a good start. It's what the wiimote was made for!
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  • FFS 30/07/2008

    Argh, 1.75 years!

    Super Paper Mario was an awful game. Polished but BORING, apart from World 3.

    Mario Strikers... hmm, yeah it's not exactly Brawl but more original than another MK I guess. Excite Truck is a middling game.

    Boom Blox & Guitar Hero are casual games so I don't count them

    PES & Trauma Centre - very good point.

    STILL, the Cube has loads of great titles and that was the point I was countering through counting - Cube has far more than I can see the Wii acquiring in its life. Full disc-based games on the Wii to look forward to are the 3 that you mentioned. 3 games on the horizon. Nothing else.

    And wait until the reviews come out, eh? Look at NMH. Not as good as it looked.
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  • FFS 30/07/2008

    30-Jul-08 13:27:38

    The Wii has more good titles at this stage than the GameCube did there just happens to be a lot more tat as well. So far we have got a Smash Bros, Metroid, Zelda, Mario Kart and Mario game all inside around 18 months. Can you say the same about the GameCube?

    I'll make a list of cracking GC games in a bit. Why are the good games out already on the Wii? Because when it was being made, it wasn't aimed at casuals.

    Once they snapped it up, they changed tack.

    Zelda IS a GC game.
    MKWii is OK and predictable for every console - just as every MK will be 'OK'. (MKDD)
    Mario Galaxy is good but feels like a watered down SM64. (SMS)
    Metroid Prime 3 is superb if a little too FPS-ey thanks to the remote (or possibly wider casual appeal), and no super missiles (again probably due to the remote). (MP1 & MP2)
    Brawl, yes. (SSBM)

    Okami is out on it, and failing. And Zack & Wiki which again was failing and was being produced well before the Wii launched.

    So that's 6 actual Wii games after 2.75 years. Their GC equivalents of Nintendo titles are there, and then take the dozens of titles that GC has over them. I don't need a list!

    But we won't see proper gamers' games like these again any time soon now that the Wii's audience is clearly defined. It's time for Wii Sports Resort and Wii Fit.
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  • FFS 30/07/2008

    Might be good.

    Nothing wrong with predicting the industry by past and present standards though.
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  • FFS 30/07/2008

    Yes, BB is a good game.

    EA produce a number of good, mediocre and shit games. More mediocre or shit than good.

    Sequels are never a bad thing if done properly. Metroid Prime 3 for example. My point was that as good as some of Nintendo's sequels are, it's representative of the attitude that they seem to have of the Wii in general. Some of the sequels are just a bit more than their predecessors - Mario Kart. Good game? Yes. Worth buying? Yes. Could have been bigger & better, or perhaps had a new IP instead of it? Yes.

    Don't Nintendo have to give their blessing on every game released on the system? Doesn't that make them responsible? These games are also being made because of the audience that Nintendo themselves have attracted with their machine.

    My biggest gripe with Nintendo is Wii Fit or rather the effort put into it in place of games, along with.. well, just look at E3. This rubs off on developers. They're bigger than they've ever been... couldn't they have a dedicated casual and core gamer dept? Get Shigsy back where he's meant to be. I blame his wife's love of the Wii. >:(
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  • FFS 30/07/2008

    This might be something to do with the success of Wii title Boom Blox


    And gmmonkey, I'm with you on this - always been a Nintendo fan but the Wii is worse than the PS1 was for drivel. Difference is it also had many innovative, hardcore games.

    We have Okami (port) which is selling dismally, and a handful of top Nintendo titles which are all sequels. And only 1 game which uses the remote superbly - MP3.

    I always wanted Nintendo to get the recognition they deserve. Now they're getting it when they don't deserve it.
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