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  • FIFA 14 Next-Gen review

  • F1Junkie 25/11/2013

    How has this got an 8? Maybe if reviewers actually played the game they would realise that it has a multitude of problems that, in attempt to make the game realistic, have made the game horribly unbalanced. The next-gen might have better looking pitches and 3D crowds, which by the way are a gimmick to make the next-gen look good, but gameplay wise there is not much difference. Same problems, prettier graphics. Plus it has had to shed some of its game modes for next-gen. Please stop with the scores. They're confusing and often don't give an accurate picture of what's been said in the review. Reply -2
  • Activision dodges Xbox One resolution concern

  • F1Junkie 08/11/2013

    @electrolite Fair enough, and as I said if I were to buy one, which I'm not yet, I would get PS4. However, it just strikes me a bit when there's a massive uproar about resolution. I agree that the Xbox One hasn't proved anything yet, though. Reply 0
  • F1Junkie 07/11/2013

    Despite the obvious problems with the Xbox One, and as much as I agree that the PS4 looks the better platform going into launch, I cannot understand the huge uproar over this 'resolutiongate'. Does having 720p rather than 1080p really ruin your enjoyment of a game? Many games look great in 720p and, despite being a bit more impressed when I first play the game, I can't find any more reasons why I would want the extra pixels. Gaming is not all about graphics; if it were then everyone would have a PC. The reason I own a console is because my definition of gaming is sitting back on my sofa and enjoying a good game after a stressful day, that's just an example. The next-gen should be about where gaming goes next and about how we play games. Sure, the graphics and visuals should improve with each generation, but the graphics and going to great on both consoles. It just baffles me when 'gamers' get into a frenzy and buy one console because it is more powerful. I thought gaming was about having fun, not jumping onto the internet to shout about your preferred console because it has more horsepower. I thought we were better than that. Reply +3
  • DICE releases Battlefield 4 beta bug list

  • F1Junkie 02/10/2013

    Keep freezing on the spawn screen on 360. Also, splintered glass will just appear in mid-air. Experienced a complete failure of textures last night: I was playing on what looked like a map full of sand. Graphics are very choppy, but that's to be expected on current-gen. But apart from that, it's great fun! Reply 0
  • Beyond live TV - what the Xbox One user interface means for gamers

  • F1Junkie 01/09/2013

    I want to give Kinect a chance. Cutting out the multiple devices and having your system personalised to do what you want it to do does seem like the future, but Microsoft need to improve the software that can be used for such technology for it to really catch on.
    Because this isn't the case yet, I'm not interested in Kinect this year.
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  • Live: EA Gamescom Conference

  • F1Junkie 20/08/2013

    So, DICE will be giving an MP demo to "test" three weeks before it launches, FIFA will be the same with better crowds, and Need for Seed is getting worse. Wow. Reply 0
  • F1Junkie 20/08/2013

    EA rubber-stamping their business model onto a great game. WTF are they announcing DLC before launch for? Reply 0
  • F1Junkie 20/08/2013

    Early October is not a beta. It's a multiplayer demo. Reply 0
  • F1Junkie 20/08/2013

    success... accessible? Typical EA there. Reply 0
  • F1Junkie 20/08/2013

    Not the twat that is David Rutter... :( Reply 0
  • F1Junkie 20/08/2013

    This is so boring. Last good racer v cop NFS was Hot Pursuit, just give me Shift 3 for some real racing. Reply 0
  • F1Junkie 20/08/2013

    Nope, it's just Most Wanted again... Reply 0
  • F1Junkie 20/08/2013

    will need for speed be more than racers vs cops this time? Reply 0
  • Activision adds in-game purchases called Micro Items to Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

  • F1Junkie 13/03/2013

    To be fair, this isn't as bad as EA, these are very small customization packs which don't give the player any advantage whatsoever, compared to Real Racing 3, which literally forces you to buy in-game items. Nevertheless, it still sticks in the throat of us gamers, knowing they are feeding on the mindless sheep that will buy these things. Reply +1
  • Amid growing anger at micro-transactions, CliffyB calls on gamers to vote with their wallets

  • F1Junkie 01/03/2013

    We understand, as a consumer, that all companies are out to make money. That is their purpose. But when their methods of obtaining our hard-earned cash appear greedy and low, we have a right to protest.

    If a game is good enough, and popular enough, surely enough money is made from the purchase of the game itself to make a tidy profit? EA release many games each year, most of which are extremely popular, making tonnes of money through the purchase of the game alone.

    When big companies like EA put micro-transactions into games we know for a fact that they're turning their games into money factories, as they simply don't need to do it to keep on making massive profit each year. They know that many kids have their parents' credit card details on their Xbox/PS3 and, as the Kitchen family's story proves, these kids don't understand what they're doing when they purchase something in game, something they think is free. They're feeding off the innocent.

    Just release the game, if it's good enough, if you've done a good job, you'll make millions on it. By all means, bring out a couple of pieces of DLC, we love that. But micro-transactions are just low and desperate, forcing people to buy something to gain an advantage in-game, which forces other people to buy it, it's just a money wheel going round and round. Bring back our games industry.
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  • Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag release date, next-gen launch leaked

  • F1Junkie 01/03/2013

    Nice to see it coming to next-gen consoles. Couldn't we have a surprise full reveal for a game at some point, leaks just aren't as exciting. Reply +18
  • Every PS4 game will be available for download

  • F1Junkie 26/02/2013

    "PS4 will be similar to PS Vita in that every game will be available as a digital download, and some will also be available as a disc." So this means some games will require an internet connection to purchase. Obviously, I do have internet, but I thought Sony said the PS4 would not require a connection to play games. Reply 0
  • Spec Analysis: PlayStation 4

  • F1Junkie 21/02/2013

    As an Xbox 360 owner, I have to say I really am impressed with the hardware Sony have shown us, it seems they have upped their game enormously. Still a long way to go, though, to convert me. The games, for one, haven't been overly impressive so far, but I am sure they will be by the end of this year. The estimated launch price of Ł300 seems a bit hopeful now we have learned that they are shoving 8GB of expensive GDDR5 in there!

    And, of course, the new Xbox is still to be revealed, which I am pretty sure won't fall too far below the PS4 hardware, if not match it. One of the biggest things for me is the online service, as Xbox LIVE is superior to PSN at the moment in my opinion.

    Still a long way to go, but I am impressed so far.
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