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  • iPhone 5 review

  • EvilSpaceMonkey 23/09/2012

    @thesonglessbird How? Just because JS runs faster? I don't see how websites would run like crap on older devices unless you are a really sh*tty coder who can't write optimal JS and AJAX... you don't work for Facebook by any chance do you? Reply +5
  • EvilSpaceMonkey 23/09/2012

    I miss the days when twats didn't flash around such expensive crappy plastic!
    @Pulsar_t Oh, you mean the Samsung phones then? :)
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  • Spec Analysis: iPhone 5

  • EvilSpaceMonkey 15/09/2012

    @MARKIV Looks like it's not even that but a custom core....

    "The A6 is the first Apple SoC to use its own ARMv7 based processor design. The CPU core(s) aren't based on a vanilla A9 or A15 design from ARM IP, but instead are something of Apple's own creation... I should probably give Apple's CPU team more credit in the future... I believe an A15/Krait class CPU core is a likely target. Slightly wider front end, more execution resources, more flexible OoO execution engine, deeper buffers, bigger windows, etc... Support for VFPv4 guarantees a bigger core size than the Cortex A9, it only makes sense that Apple would push the envelope everywhere else as well... This is a huge deal for Apple. It puts the company in another league when it comes to vertical integration. The risks are higher (ARM's own designs are tested and proven across tons of different devices/platforms) but the payoff is potentially much greater. "

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  • EvilSpaceMonkey 15/09/2012

    @Spong Erm, most unlocked phones with no contracts attached are £500. You pay for "cheap" phones via contracts. The Samsung Galaxy S3 16GB is £480 unlocked... If a phone is £20 it is because you're locked into paying £30 for the next 18-24 months...

    Do the maths... it equals out. You can either do an upfront payment for the full cost of the phone and go onto a cheaper SIM only 30-day "change operator at leisure" policy (or even PAYG), or you can get the phone free or cheap but be locked into an operator for the next 2 years on a substantially higher tariff. Anyone that thinks the phone is overpriced really hasn't studied the market.

    The only way you can get a really cheap unlocked phone is if it is just a basic phone. Any smartphone will cost the earth...
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  • PSN outage woe enters seventh day

  • EvilSpaceMonkey 26/04/2011

    From what I've heard it's due to some custom firmware hack that enabled consoles set to QA mode being able to download DRM'd DLC from the PSN for free (including renewing licenses).Odd because I thought Hotz and Anonymous were fighting for OtherOS... However all we hear from CFW is piracy, piracy, piracy... Reply +5
  • Microsoft does Star Wars Kinect deal

  • EvilSpaceMonkey 14/06/2010

    It's being developed by Terminal Reality as well - so not holding any hope for it.... Reply 0
  • Play selling DJ Hero for £35

  • EvilSpaceMonkey 26/05/2010

    OK, now it's confusing... 360 and Wii are now 34.99, and PS3 up to 89.99... what's going on here? Reply +1
  • Best of the iPad

  • EvilSpaceMonkey 20/05/2010

    @kosigan Just to let you know, Apple haven't used the "rainbow-coloured fruit" logo for 12 years... nice to know you're keeping in touch with the world. Reply +9
  • LBP going all Pirates of the Caribbean

  • EvilSpaceMonkey 11/12/2009

    Beano: I thought Pirates was a Disney/Bruckheimer franchise. Nothing to do with Sony as far as I'm aware. Anyway didn't they preview a whole bunch of LBP/Disney crossovers at a conference a while back including PotC? Reply 0
  • WOW still aiming for annual expansions

  • EvilSpaceMonkey 14/10/2008

    "Also a lot of the features of the expansion that people say should be free....well they are; barbershops, achievements, improved UI (greater view distance, increased poly counts on new models, improved spell effects) expanded talents etc. These are all available to people who don't buy the expansion."

    This is true. These all roll out to all WoW players this very Wednesday in patch 3.0.2 "Echoes of Doom" which has been sitting as a 1.57GB patch in most WoW players folders for a couple of weeks as a background download. This will bring all the things mentioned above to all players regardless of whether they buy WotLK or not. The expansion pack introduces Death Knights and the Northrend area for level 70 to 80, but you can play standard WoW with all the tweaks without it... not sure why you would though.
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  • Sony denies stealthy TGS conference

  • EvilSpaceMonkey 09/10/2008

    @NickNukem the troll

    To be honest, the only people who are "f-ing pathetic" (your words, not mine) are the fan boys on either side, yourself included obviously due to your clear anti-Sony/pro-MS stand.

    As for me, well prior to this credit crunch, I managed to appropriate a 360, PS3 and a Wii so I don't subscribe to this fan boy nonsense. This is because I've always held the point of view that each platform has its advantages and disadvantages and that they are all good gaming platforms; Halo/Gears on 360, LittleBigPlanet/MGS for PS3, Sports/SMG for Wii and so on are all good examples of entertaining diversions. Why deny yourself a good game just because it is on a rival platform?

    As a result, I find anyone who does this continuous "waaaah waaah my system is better than yours" terribly childish and I would rather take all of their consoles away and replace them with something more appropriate to their mental age. An etch-a-sketch for NickNukem for example.

    Tekken 6 going to 360 isn't really a surprise. Namco have been moving to multiplatform for a long while, as have Capcom, Squenix and so on. When you consider the general cost of development of some products this does make financial sense. The dedicated gamer side of me still likes the ideas of platform exclusive content as there is more wiggle-room for attempting to squeeze the best out of a particular system architecture instead of a lowest common denominator but that's not always financially sensible, particularly for third party developers. To be honest my only concern is that any ports from either system should be of a high standard, which so far has not always been the case (EA, ahem). Hopefully as development teams explore the various architectures further this porting gap will reduce which should silence the few remaining complainers out there.

    There's room in this market for everyone. We should stop shouting at each other as it's unbecoming. Some people around here seem to be obsessed with a virtual dick-waving contest.
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  • Monkey Ball iPhone patch imminent

  • EvilSpaceMonkey 14/08/2008

    It would be nice if things had been playtested a bit more before initial release as surely someone in SEGA should have noticed that the sensitivity was way too high? It's impossible on the more complex levels.

    However, moaning about patches like Meho has is just plain stupid. Is it really that much better to go back to the old days where if you had horrid bugs that made something unplayable you had to make do with them... Surely software updates are a good thing? They fix bugs in the code (as no code can ever be 100% problem free no matter how much you test it) and can even extend the game with new functionality... just look at Burnout Paradise. Anyway, Meho has to realise that the iPhone is a UNIX-based phone and will get patches to the core OS regardless. Is that a bad thing too, because I much prefer that than the former "stuck with broken firmware" hell of my previous phone, even if the iPhone still needs some work on it.

    Anyone who really wants to go back to "single release, no patches" is to be honest a tad insane.
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  • Sony grooming Sackboy to be face of PS3

  • EvilSpaceMonkey 13/08/2008


    Of course 'emblematic' is a word. It's an adjective of 'emblem'. I recommend buying a dictionary...
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  • Brighton goes bonkers for GTA IV

  • EvilSpaceMonkey 29/04/2008

    But what about rumble support? "Oh." His friends laughed.

    So, hang on... my DualShock 3 doesn't work with GTAIV, or is Eurogamer just doing a cheap shot? :D Anyway the game rocks on either console. Nuff said.
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  • Blu-ray was worth it - Sony

  • EvilSpaceMonkey 01/08/2007

    "SeesThroughAll: No. No MPEG-4 either. They'll run in real-time. MGS has always been like that."
    "So, there's going to be about 30 minutes of FMV on a single disc then? If MPEG-2 can only get them two hours of HD and they aren't even going to use THAT compression, and they need to fit the game on there as well............ Unless they're going to use really rubbish, low-res FMV sequences to show off on the 'True HD' tvs everyone bought, just for that extra jarring discord between in-game and cutscenes."

    No bioreit. You've missed the point. SeesThroughAll was pointing out - correctly - that the MGS games don't use FMV. All parts of MGS are rendered in real-time using the game engine, so the disc space taken up is smaller being a package of scripting, models, textures and audio instead of huge chunks of prerendered video. If you've seen the recent MGS4 demo or played MGS, MGS2 or MGS3 you'd know that by now. Final Fantasy, well that's another matter entirely - FMV central, something that Squenix should really be stopping by now.

    (and yes I know there was a *minute* amount of FMV in the MGS games showing nukes going off in the 60s and stuff, but that was tiny in comparison to the amount of realtime cutscenes)

    Anyway, they're not using the space-hungry MPEG-2 for encoding on video these days anyway. Most BD discs now use either H.264/AVC or VC-1 which are both variants of the MPEG-4 base, and give much better compression with minimal artefacting.
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  • GI.biz Editorial: Gold Rush

  • EvilSpaceMonkey 08/06/2007

    "If saving up gold is a tedious part of gameplay which is merely there to prolong the game experience and prevent you from reaching end-game content too quickly (which it is)..."

    I thought in WoW the main limit on reaching end-game content was caused by experience and reputation, not how much money you have, though obviously money always helps...

    For example, to get into the Black Temple requires you to be level 70 and have completed a huge grind on faction reputations and quest chains. Now gold may come in to play in terms of equipment repairs here and there but it's not the speed bump preventing you from reaching that content. No amount of gold enables you to buy the faction reputations and attunements required to see the end-game. In those cases, people aren't buying gold, they're buying power levelling services. It's just as bad, but there is a distinction. The only real barrier in that case is obtaining mounts for characters, but the epic ones require reputation grinds in addition to money anyway, so again the limiting factor comes down to XP/Rep.

    Gold buyers use their money on levelling up other skills where they can't be bothered to collect the materials themselves and that's where the economies of the auction house can be destroyed. As it is though, if you play the game normally with grinding and questing you'll find that the materials you need for levelling up your skills are in plentiful supply as you go through the game. I'm levelling up my tailoring character at the moment and almost every mob I'm killing is dropping the cloth that I need for the moment, so I can't see the problems.

    What's the hurry anyway? I only play once or twice a week for an hour or so and I'm levelling pretty quickly due to the "resting" ability when you log off in an inn which doubles the rate of advancement. Normally only takes about 90 minutes to move up a level at the very most.
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  • Genji team's new PS3 game

  • EvilSpaceMonkey 18/05/2007

    As everybody else has already said, this all depends on whether they've learnt from their mistakes on Genji: Days of the Blade; lovely graphics but non-existent camera control making fights dreadful and a total lack of any sign-posting - remember the body in the courtyard with the key on it? I would never have known about that without resorting to Googling a walkthrough after going around and around in circles for an hour and getting nowhere. Horrible horrible game. Also why don't the downloadable costume packs work properly - can you only have one on the system at a time? Am I doing something wrong?

    Anyway, concept of the new game sounds interesting, as long as they have a new development team...
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  • Sony quiet on PS3 update

  • EvilSpaceMonkey 14/05/2007

    to @old_man:

    Popping sounds? You're not talking about the click as you move around the XMB are you? If so, turn keytone to off in sound settings. Otherwise I haven't the foggiest idea what you are talking about.

    As for Casino Royale DVD looking as good as the BluRay version, well I think you need your eyes testing. Sure the colour saturation is a bit iffy (it's all a bit Katie Boyle / Dale Winton orange on a calibrated set) but the resolution is far greater. I think your 1080i setup is wrong.
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  • MGS: Portable Ops pulled

  • EvilSpaceMonkey 09/05/2007

    Well my copy arrived from Play.com yesterday without any problems... Reply 0