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  • Monster Hunter Tri

  • EvilBob_leeds 16/04/2010

    Good review. Going onto my increasingly lengthy "to buy" list. Reply +4
  • Four more key staff desert Infinity Ward

  • EvilBob_leeds 15/04/2010

    Couldn't have happenened to a nicer company!

    I think as gamers we're probably better off for all this too. Rather than Infinity Ward spending the next year knocking out lucrative COD add ons, which we all get to pay out for, we get a nice shiny new IP.
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  • BioShock 2 creators to resurrect XCOM

  • EvilBob_leeds 14/04/2010

    Ooooh sweet! Turn based shooters are too few and far between these days. I just hope they don't dumb down the big research element to it.

    If this becomes a real time squad shooter, they can stick it.

    EDIT Re reads article

    "heart-stopping combat experiences..."

    "Players will explore the world of XCOM from an immersive new perspective"

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  • More Infinity Ward staff take off

  • EvilBob_leeds 13/04/2010

    I think that golden goose is pretty much dead now Bobby old son. You shouldn't have fucked it so hard. Reply +55
  • Silicon Knights bags more gov investment

  • EvilBob_leeds 13/04/2010

    I didn't think too human was that bad, silly control system aside. Denis just built it up waaaaay to much, to the point where it could only be an instant classic or a fail in the eyes of the press. Reply +1
  • PS3 owner gets Other OS refund

  • EvilBob_leeds 09/04/2010

    Fair enough!

    I still have my doubts, but if you're committed enough to seek all those who doubt your word on the internet, then I suppose it's probably worth chancing my arm by sending Amazon an email too. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
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  • EvilBob_leeds 09/04/2010

    Nah, the "it's 20%" estimation comes from the bloke himself;


    It doesn't tie up with the 2 year bit in
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  • EvilBob_leeds 09/04/2010


    The GAF guy reckoned the £80 amounted to 20% of the console cost. Meaning he paid ~£400 for it. However that would put him firmly outside of the 2 year time limit that directive mentions, since the price dropped to £350 around October 2007;

    So we can say either he's amazingly shit at maths, or he bought his PS3 a fair bit more than 2 years ago....
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  • EvilBob_leeds 09/04/2010

    This has got a bullshitty stench all over it. That Amazon just forked over that much cash, bearing in mind that the bill for Europe would run to 100s of millions beggars belief - even if there is a solid legal basis for a claim, you'd expect Amazon to drag its heels, force people to fill in annoying forms to thin the crowd a bit, and wait for a test case to go to court. This smacks of some angry gimp getting together a phoney email either in an attempt to either impress people on NeoGaf, or to convince forumites to send angry emails to Amazon in the vain hope it'll pressure them into doing something.

    Will be good if it's true though! I got mine from Amazon.
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  • Eurogamer Android app goes live!

  • EvilBob_leeds 08/04/2010

    @Dark Stranger - just download the API and get something good to edit Java in. Personally I use Eclipse - it's pretty damn good. Reply +2
  • EvilBob_leeds 08/04/2010

    Good work dude! Works smashing on the Milestone!

    "I wouldn't mind paying a donation for this. "

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  • MW2 Stimulus pack sells 2.5m

  • EvilBob_leeds 08/04/2010

    1200 points =~ £10

    Stimulus pack = 40% recycled material

    Therefore £10,000,000 has been grossed by Activision selling us old rope....
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  • Parliament passes Digital Economy bill

  • EvilBob_leeds 08/04/2010

    I am not a pirate but...

    Fuck this bill

    Fuck the Tories for backing it,

    and most of all Fuck Mandleson. The poxy, miserable, shit eating corrupt cunt.
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  • Controversial PS3 firmware goes live

  • EvilBob_leeds 01/04/2010

    Well done for finally getting how to post links! Shame you never got the hang of the maths though :-( Keep looking at this graph, you'll get it eventually.

    If it makes you feel better I'm pretty sure the first part of a bell curve is known as the hockey stick. However It doesn't look much like a hockey stick! There's also a curve called a parabola. Unfortunately that doesn't look a tool album either.
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  • EvilBob_leeds 01/04/2010

    And I'd say you're less funny than xianxin ;-) Reply -4
  • EvilBob_leeds 01/04/2010

    It's contrived to say over the same time period the PS3 has outsold the 360? Yeah yeah, well contrived. So contrived, in fact, that the "Hardware from Launch" graph is one of the default ones views Vgchartz offer, right next to "Hardware by date". Oh, you where thinking it was a fair comparison to take two consoles with releases of a year (over a year in Europe) apart and compare them without taking that into account? Because by that logic the Gamecube was kicking the shit out of the Xbox 360 for a very long time you know *facepalm*

    "It will almost certainly BECOME a bellcurve in years to come"

    Really? You looked it up what one is? Bravo. So it's the first portion of a bell curve. Well done. Can we strike off the bit where you said "sales of all three machines are on fairly flat lines with big spikes every Christmas"
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  • EvilBob_leeds 01/04/2010

    Good grief. Right OK, we'll use vgchartz then They're not amazingly accurate, but they do correct against NPD, so they'll do for the purposes of this. I'll explain this in nice simple terms. Look at this;

    [link=http://vgchartz.com/hwlaunch.php?cons1=Wii®1=All&cons2=PS3®2=All&cons3=X360®3=All&weeks=250">Linky 1

    You see the gap between the green line and the red line? The one that's growing? There is where you're clearly wrong.

    You see how the gradient of the X360s line and PS3 s line increases not only in fits and bursts but as a general trend? There's the bellcurve.

    Now look at this;
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  • EvilBob_leeds 01/04/2010

    No it hasn't reamined stable at all. The lead sneaked out to 8-9 million and then shrank again, and is now down to 5.5 million. As you'd expect if you laid two bell curves with different origins over each other. Reply 0
  • EvilBob_leeds 01/04/2010

    Absolute cobblers. If that was true it would have caught up by now.

    No it wouldn't. The sales of both consoles have followed a bell curve, not a straight line. And in any case since the release of the Slim the PS3 has been demolishing the 360 in sales. You're just making shit up now.

    Current PSPs (the 3000 and the Go) are currently pirate-proof as far as I know

    PSP3000 is still susceptible ot the battery hack. Which is frankly piss simple.
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  • EvilBob_leeds 01/04/2010


    Errr.. well no as it happens.

    PS3 has consitently sold more than the 360 since it was released.

    The Dreamcast (which just required a disk to play pirated games rather than a chip iirc) was a) discontinued right about when the Gamecube was released and was therefore up against the N64 which sold some 30 million and wasn't really piratable b) and only sold an undeservedly low 10 mil anyway.

    And the PSP is piss easy to jailbreak.

    Caveat I am not a pirate.
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  • EvilBob_leeds 01/04/2010

    ^ Correlation != causation

    With a decrease in the number of pirates(as in yarr scurvy dog, not warez), there has been an increase in global warming over the same period.
    Therefore, global warming is caused by a lack of pirates.
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  • EvilBob_leeds 01/04/2010

    "What will be next to disappear from the PS3? I find it funny to compare the current machines to the big loaded original. About 40% left. "

    Single most retarded comment on here. About 40% left? What are you tallking about? Did pull this number out of the same orofice as your "3dtv is 99% certain to fail" perchance?
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  • New PS3 firmware kills Linux

  • EvilBob_leeds 30/03/2010

    Yeah. You caught me. They weren't just 3 good psp games I named off the top my head. They're all the good PSP games that there have ever been. You're so smart George Roper. You're like Sherlock Holmes only called George Roper. Reply +2
  • EvilBob_leeds 30/03/2010

    @George Roper You've got superior versions of Locoroco, Patapon and half minute hero? Where did you get then from then?

    @Cool britannia No, that would be a shit analogy. OherOS is a seldom used function on some older PS3s, whereas even the crappiest mobile phone has a web browser. Apples business model is not based around the iPhone being a loss leader, with profit being reliant on Software sales.

    Meanwhile, yesterday, in Open source related news, Slashdot covered a story about MS trying to lobby EU politicians into moving away from open standards, for the good of Microsoft, and, ultimately, the detriment of everyone else. Meanwhile, on Eurogamer whiny tits who don't own a PS3 try to spin a non-event into the PR disaster of the century. Ho hum.
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  • EvilBob_leeds 29/03/2010


    That's what you think. Ken's still in charge; he's like a Japanese Blofeld.


    I linked to the statement from Sony Management in my first comment

    No you didn't. You linked to a statement containing a dated quote in it from "Fri, 2009-08-21 at 09:58 -0700". After said quote there is the text

    "Please understand that in my position as PS3-Linux maintainer I can really only provide users with technical support for Linux and the LV1 hcall interface.

    The text above was provided to me by SCE management. If you have any questions regarding it or any other feature of the PS3 please contact the Playstation Customer Support in your country"

    So all you've really proved that in your clamour to run Sony down you didn't actually bother to read your sources properly. This was a dev quoting something then saying "er.. this was what I was told 6 months ago... I'd contact the PR department", not a smoking gun. Not even a lukewarm gun.

    Even if this where not the case your argument is still a load of old crap - on Mr Hotz blog you can see he made some kind of major breakthrough 11 days ago http://geohotps3.blogspot.com/2010/03/cu... - So things have most definately changed since this Sony Linux dev emailed whoever.

    Having worked in development for a big-ish UK software firm (~800 employees) for the last couple of years, the idea of management bellends who don't know one end of a compiler from the other making rash decisions without consulting anyone in the know doesn't sound that surprising. Neither does the idea that one of the Dev's involved in the project didn't know his project was getting canned until the last minute. It's not a conspiracy, it's just the way these things can happen.
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  • EvilBob_leeds 29/03/2010

    "It's kinda up in the air whether hotz's exploits hit Sony offguard, or the decision to eventually pull the plug on OtherOS was already made by the time of PS3 Slim. "

    I see what you did there dude. It's perfectly logical that Sony would pull Linux functionality for no good reason. I mean it's not although they could just stop developing for OtherOS if they wanted to save a bit of money, but not remove the option to use it if you want to. That totally makes sense. In fact I'd imagine the board meeting went much like this;

    Ken : I have another evil plan boys!

    Sony staff : Tell us, oh mighty master!

    Ken : I'm yanking Linux off fat PS3's

    Sony staff : Good one master! But why?

    Kefka : You see I really am evil, and I ran out of puppies to stamp on. My arch nemesis Steve "font of goodness and honesty" Ballmer will be totally foxed. 360 fanboys across the internet will gibber with joy and use it as a bewilderingly daft justification for considering MS a more honest company than Sony! Mu huh, mu huh, muhahahahaha!!!

    Sony staff : Er..... Ken...

    Ken : Silence peons! Call me Kefka from now on! Find me some kittens to punch! Next firmware will make the PS3 fire dog shit out of the vents! And while you're out, your PS3 will ring up phone sex lines in Ulan Bator!
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  • EvilBob_leeds 29/03/2010

    This sucks...

    ...although I am one of the people who stuck on other OS, used it twice and now only remember it when I run out of HDD space.
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  • Why Sony passed on Natal tech

  • EvilBob_leeds 30/03/2010

    Tech firm says of bleeding edge camera "We saw a tech demo, we didn't see the potential in it". Seems fair enough. Reply +2
  • Yakuza 4 tops Japanese charts

  • EvilBob_leeds 26/03/2010

    Hows about a nice Yakuza 4 review then EG ;-) Reply 0
  • EA "still discussing" Bourne game

  • EvilBob_leeds 24/03/2010

    They made the right decision there.

    After all, how would Bourne fare against the Atlantic Accelerator?

    Oh, a new Syndicate would be sweet.
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  • LittleBigPlanet 2 to support PS Move

  • EvilBob_leeds 23/03/2010

    Geez, some of you guys have a lack of imagination. Having a pointer device to use with the level creation stuff in LBP would be bad why?

    Wiimote or Move != just waggle
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  • MS researching Natal 2 already

  • EvilBob_leeds 22/03/2010

    ^^ Indeed.


    Inventive company

    Neither (well
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  • UK charts: God of War III at No. 1

  • EvilBob_leeds 22/03/2010

    Metro would have 1 more sale if the silly buggers hadn't have taken the game off of UK Steam. *grumbles*

    Thoroughly deserved GOW III!
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  • Lord of Ultima enters open beta

  • EvilBob_leeds 22/03/2010

    No worries - it is pretty good though, it's kind of a browser based MMO settlers. Reply +1
  • EvilBob_leeds 22/03/2010

    Nope - strategy not RPG Reply +2
  • Among Friends: How Naughty Dog Built Uncharted 2

  • EvilBob_leeds 21/03/2010

    Awesome article. This site is missing "a buy Leadbetter a pint" paypal option.

    designerheadache + 1

    I remember when Edge was the magazine that had a wonderful non elitist geeky joy with video games. Now they're too big to see the simple fun in GOW, NSMBW, Mario Kart or GeOW. They've devolved into a bizarre parody of themselves. Shame.
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  • 3D gaming is "the future", says Sony dev

  • EvilBob_leeds 17/03/2010

    "My argument was just that it has a small chance of becoming mainstream because it is actually a rip-off and it needs glasses"

    a) And you assign that chance based on what frame of reference? In fact, you gave it a number in an earlier post - a 99% chance of failure. Now either you've got a holographic Dean Stockwell stood behind you punching things into a multicoloured palm top and telling you the odds of things as Ziggy sees them, or you're talking out of your arse.

    b) Steve Ballmer called from the top of an immense pile of diamonds and honey covered lesbian Eva Green clones he bought with the proceeds of selling Windows and Office to point out that producing blatant and shite rip offs won't stop your products from becoming mainstream.
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  • EvilBob_leeds 17/03/2010

    At the end of the day no one here has the foggiest whether its going to take off or not. Not Sony, not MS, not anyone of the million pundits and bloggers out there, and least of all any of us. I'm frankly stunned that Dizzy's immensley retarded "99% chance" comment got +12, it speaks volumes about the bog eyed "We hate Sony crew" who have flocked to this thread.

    I hope 3D will take off - I'm impressed by it and I think it will add something to experience of playing games much like 5.1 and HD do. As an argument for it taking off I will say this - look at DVD and VHS. In order to move to a better picture quality, people where willing to give up one of videos greatest features and one which everyone used - being able to record shows while you're out. DVD recorders and Sky + boxes have taken up the slack to some extent, but they came a long time after most people I know had consigned their Video recorders to the spare room. My point is this - if the technology is impressive enough, people will make sacrifices for it. And putting on a pair of glasses is not much of a hardship.
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  • Cheshire: PSP is a "bollocking useless waste of space"

  • EvilBob_leeds 15/03/2010

    That's a pretty devisive bit of paraphrasing there Purchese. "Codemaster dev inexplicably flummoxed by piss simple handheld interface" is pretty unimportant compared to "Codemasters' direction regarding motion control"

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  • Epic "can do what we want" with Gears

  • EvilBob_leeds 15/03/2010

    Gears 3 will not necessarily be the next gears - they could go down the ODST route, and spruce the current engine up for another release - IMO it would be a bit of a daft move for all concerned if they waited 4 or 5 years for the next game and let the fanbase drift away, rather than striking while the iron's hot.

    Either way, I hope they bring it back to the PC.
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  • M&M Clash of Heroes for PSN, XBLA

  • EvilBob_leeds 11/03/2010


    Gave Kings Bounty a good go, I got about 3/4 (and 2 wives) through. It's really good but I miss the resource / town managment aspect, and having multiple heroes to command.

    Ah well, I'll go back to hoping that New World Computing mange to resurrect themselves then ;-)
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  • EvilBob_leeds 11/03/2010

    Yeah I know, but since 'tatical RPG set in Erathia' is as close as I'm going to get to a new HOMM for now, it'll have to do! Reply 0
  • EvilBob_leeds 11/03/2010

    That's brilliant news! I've been a bit starved of Might and Magic action since HOMMV. Reply 0
  • PlayStation Home update 1.35 live

  • EvilBob_leeds 11/03/2010


    People downrate you because you talk shit mate.

    This is a good idea IMO. Those cards with the spaces on where a bit clunky last time I gave Home a go.
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  • PlayStation Move

  • EvilBob_leeds 11/03/2010

    Awww, I'm late to this party. Have any witty individuals done the "wow Nintendo should sue lolz" line yet? Hows about "looks like a dildo rofl!!1!" ?

    Personally I'm interested in this from the "use the controller like a mouse perspective" - yeah, they'll be loads of lame shovel/party ware, but it could really add something to shooters, RTSs and anything with level creation. And as for Demon souls 2? Oh yes, that would be awesome. But make it optional.
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  • FFXIII PS3 includes FFXIV beta invite

  • EvilBob_leeds 10/03/2010


    It took about 5 hours for mine to drop in to my inbox - I think the servers are just overloaded.


    @headache you don't have to, there's a PC beta sign up with no purchase necessary (afaik) at http://entry.ffxiv.com/eu/index.html

    EDIT 2

    Cheers iaman, fixed.
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  • God of War III: demo vs. review code

  • EvilBob_leeds 10/03/2010

    Saying "redefined the technical limitations" in this context would be synonymous with saying "pushed back the technical boundaries", and seems entirely appropriate.

    BTW this thread has one comment from Lord Von PS3 complaining about bias, one clearly sarcastic comment from SPAM, and in a big win for irony, 3 comments by people wanting to bitch about some largely non existant PS3 hardcore hijacking the conversation. May I be the first to complain about the "anti PS3 bias" bias which is hijacking our threads!
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  • EvilBob_leeds 09/03/2010

    Excellent. That the improved lighting seems to have made Kratos bustier only sweetens the deal...

    While I see what some of you guys are saying regarding the backgrounds, all they've done is swap a very blurred city in the background with a few piddly smoke effects for a very blurred waterfall with some very blurred water effects. Besides, admiring the backgrounds whilst a mile high titan made of lava is smashing the fuck out of a mountain is like going to National Gallery and commenting on the white emulsion they've stuck on the walls rather than the paintings...
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  • Hollywood director praises Heavy Rain

  • EvilBob_leeds 09/03/2010

    LaBute is responsible for a shite remake of the wicker man, but also the very cynical (and pretty damn good) "Your friends and neighbours". Plus he made Nurse Betty, which wasn't incredible but did have a redneck getting scalped.

    Thank you everyone who doesn't have a PS3 for pointing out their oh-so-fascinating disdain for a game they're never going to be able to get!
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  • Yakuza 3

  • EvilBob_leeds 09/03/2010

    Yea verily, great days are these to be gamers, I say unto you! Reply +5