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  • Blizzard explains decision to stub out Tychus' cigar

  • Eraser 23/05/2015

    lol, people get upset over the dumbest things these days. Cigar or not, it's still the same game. Relax a little, people. Reply 0
  • Blizzard's new Overwatch gameplay videos show complete, unedited matches

  • Eraser 22/05/2015

    I'm not sure if it's too much of too much with this game.
    If there's like 25 characters, each with their own specific weaponry and abilities, then I'm afraid there's too much to learn and get a hang of.

    In a game like Quake or Unreal Tournament, or even Gears of War or Call of Duty, you pretty much know what you're up against. Enemy got a shotgun? Don't get close up. Enemy got a rocket launcher? Beware of splash damage.

    With this game, I'll run into a character, have no idea what it's abilities are and how to counter those. I dunno, maybe I'm biased because I've been a long time Quake fan. I like my shooters to be simple, bare bones and streamlined.
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  • Going up? The mindless pleasures of Clicker Heroes

  • Eraser 21/05/2015

    The look of the game reminds me of Swords & Soldiers.
    The style of game reminds me of Cookie Clicker.
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  • Heroes of the Storm enters open beta

  • Eraser 20/05/2015

    HotS is far more fun to play than League of Legends IMO (haven't played DOTA2). It's more accessible and more casual (of major importance being how XP is earned for the team rather than for individuals, so annoying gameplay mechanics like last-hitting are gone). Being based around existing Blizzard IP helps as well.

    As for going public beta, it's practically public already with all the unused invites floating around.
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  • The loneliness of the long-distance speedrunner

  • Eraser 15/05/2015

    @jamesdixon Yeah man, did all those things blindfolded with just my pinky toe when you were still in diapers. You see, that's a fact because you read it on the Internet now. Reply 0
  • Eraser 11/05/2015

    Sorry, but Fallout and Halo look like snoozefests. That's not speedrunning, that's just, you know, playing a game as fast as you can while memorizing and exploiting glitches. Where's the speed? I mean, take a look at THIS and be amazed at what true speedrunning is. That takes real skill. Reply +3
  • The land beyond Achievements

  • Eraser 07/05/2015

    I think this guy has us all beat to it anyway Reply +2
  • Kerbal Space Program review

  • Eraser 07/05/2015

    @TarickStonefire Blasphemy! You have no soul, sinner! Hisssss! Reply 0
  • Eraser 07/05/2015

    To anyone who decides to buy this right now: prepare to dive into a timesink that's worse than World of Warcraft ;) Reply +7
  • Eye-tracking tech shows where pro Street Fighter players look during a match

  • Eraser 02/05/2015

    @JohnnyHD When designing user interfaces it's of tremendous value to know what people are looking at when they are performing certain tasks. It might be that a person's gaze is drawn in the wrong direction when asked to perform a specific task. Reply 0
  • You now have to spend at least $5 to access some Steam features

  • Eraser 20/04/2015

    Does this work backwards in time? I've already bought games in the store so do I still have access to these features? Reply +1
  • Rich Stanton on: Skill and the random element

  • Eraser 20/04/2015

    @redcrayon My problem with Mario Kart isn't the randomness, but the fact that players driving in the rear get overpowered powerups thrown in their lap (read: the blue shield) which can fuck up the race for the person that's in front without giving much of an advantage to the one riding in the back. Reply 0
  • Eraser 18/04/2015

    @pleshy "Hearthstone can be fun, of course, but doesn't hold up in any serious way"

    Why not?
    Getting to the top ranks requires a whole lot more than just luck. It's an element, but not big enough to determine the difference between getting stuck at rank 20 and reaching Legendary.
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  • Eraser 18/04/2015

    Randomness in Hearthstone works because it requires the player to take into account all possible outcomes of your RNG card play. How do you deal with the situation where it doesn't do what you want it to do? That is where skill is involved.

    For some reason people always complain about lucky plays against them, but rarely applaud or even are aware of a genius play as the result of a failed RNG play.

    Also, RNG extremes (very lucky or very unlucky) evoke emotion. For some reason it's incredibly funny to see all the supposedly near impossible plays that are on display in videos like those of Trolden.
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  • Descent is being rebooted as a MOBA on Kickstarter

  • Eraser 13/04/2015

    @WiZZyWiGG it's a shame they went for the pixelated retro look. Reply +1
  • Football Manager Classic out on tablets tonight for 14.99

  • Eraser 09/04/2015

    @arcam 14,95 isn't full price anyway so I don't see the issue here. Reply 0
  • See Cities: Skylines' unofficial SimCopter mod

  • Eraser 07/04/2015

    So it's like a free moving camera with impractical physics? Reply -12
  • Tomb Raider reboot has sold 8.5m copies

  • Eraser 07/04/2015

    Playing this right now because it was free with Games with Gold on Xbox 360 last month. In everything this does, the game doesn't fail to impress. The only complaint I have is that it's linear. The game is so extremely linear that even the puzzles rarely if ever feel ingenious or even slightly complex. There's no exploration and it never feels like you're uncovering new ground.

    It's still an enjoyable romp in the same way that Michael Bay movies can be enjoyable. A very well executed Michael Bay film, that is.
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  • Gen Con responds to Indiana amending its discriminatory "religious freedom" bill

  • Eraser 05/04/2015

    What do they mean "clarifying language"?
    The bill was discriminatory, the legislators knew it was but didn't expect this huge public backlash and now they're backpedaling. That's what this is. It's not "clarifying" anything.
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  • Ride review

  • Eraser 03/04/2015

    Have been looking for a new bike racing game since MotoGP 10/11, which I played a lot. I've now been doubting whether I should get this, or go for the upcoming MotoGP 15 game.

    I really like the idea of being able to ride something like a Triumph Speed Triple but on the other hand, I also like the whole MotoGP circus with big names like Rossi and Marquez and riding well known circuits rather than fantasy tracks.

    I'm leaning towards MotoGP though.
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  • Titan Souls' demo is out now

  • Eraser 03/04/2015

    Incoming Dark/Demon Souls lawsuit! Reply 0
  • "He suddenly became incredibly sullen, angry and frustrated. He was 10"

  • Eraser 02/04/2015

    Thumbs up for this article. Shows the whole thing is much more complicated than it seems at first glance. It's a shame the discussion surrounding videogames and violence always ends up in a rather black/white discussion of extremes. That's just not constructive. Reply +4
  • Nintendo issues takedown notice for Super Mario 64 HD project

  • Eraser 31/03/2015

    @Messofanego yes, Nintendo does. They are in their full legal right to close down this project. Reply 0
  • Headteachers threaten to report parents who let their children play 18-rated games

  • Eraser 30/03/2015

    @RicardoG That is my point exactly. The intensity of the violence in games today and the realism of it compares in no way to the relatively harmless violence we saw in Wolfenstein3D.

    Saying that "I turned alright while playing violent videogames in 1990" doesn't mean that someone playing violent videogames in 2015 will be equally alright in 25 years time.
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  • Eraser 30/03/2015

    @jasonchurch The problem is where are we drawing the line. Letting an 8 year old play an 18+ game certainly is questionable, but can the same be said about a responsible, well behaved 16 year old?

    Also, if a parent is letting their (young) children play games that aren't suitable for them, then it is a good idea to talk about this with the parents. Maybe they have no idea about the content of the game and don't know what these PEGI warnings are (or even that they are there). Educating parents and giving them guidance where necessary isn't a bad thing at all, but threatening with social services like you're some kind of child-beater crosses a few lines IMO.
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  • Eraser 30/03/2015

    @jamyskis1981 I know we're going to get the usual "games didn't do me any harm when I was a kid" but the fact remains that most of you will have had decent upbringings outside of your gaming experiences.

    What's also important to note is that "we" played Wolfenstein3D or Doom in our young gaming days.
    That is a far cry from games like... well uh... Far Cry 4 or GTA 5 or The Evil Within. These games are presented so much more realistically and I believe they have a much bigger impact than the pixly images of fantasy zombies.

    Having said that, it's the parents responsibility and threatening them with social services is bollocks.
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  • Video: The games that play themselves

  • Eraser 30/03/2015

    @Jos Nintendo even implemented this in some of their games. Reply +1
  • Eraser 30/03/2015

    The best self playing game ever: cookie clicker!
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  • Spotify app launches today, exclusive to PlayStation "for the foreseeable"

  • Eraser 30/03/2015

    Dammit, I want this for my XBox 360 Reply 0
  • You've got the touch: How a mobile game gave birth to a human child

  • Eraser 25/03/2015

    OK, I don't get the negativity towards this article. I thoroughly enjoyed reading a bit about original game ideas instead of Call of Destiny fourteen type-XO ultra turbo. Fingle actually sounds like a fun game to me.

    And if there's people negging this comment because they don't agree with my opinion (rather than using it to judge the relevance of the comment), please do actually reply to my comment because I'm genuinely interested in seeing why this article sets so much bad blood.
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  • Chris Donlan on: Children's games

  • Eraser 16/03/2015

    The Toca Boca games are brilliant. My 4 year old daughter is crazy about the hairdresser salon and pet doctor Toca Boca apps. Dexterity based games like Mario are still a little too hard for her to play. Then again, she hasn't spent that much time on Mario anyway. Doesn't really appeal to her for some reason. Reply +1
  • Prey developer Human Head announces survival horror Lost Within

  • Eraser 10/03/2015

    Wait, I played this game before.
    Oh yeah, it was called Outlast.
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  • Battletoads in Xbox One version of Shovel Knight sets tongues wagging

  • Eraser 05/03/2015

    Phil Spencer "Xbox box"?
    Shouldn't that read "Xbox boss"? :)
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  • Video: Why Telltale's new IP might be its best game yet

  • Eraser 26/02/2015

    @TekMerc Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force was pretty darm cool. Reply +4
  • Rob Fearon on: Three screens and the truth

  • Eraser 23/02/2015

    Nice article! Enjoyed reading it.
    I've done some "bedroom" game development myself as well. Never to get rich off of it, just for fun. I created a few simple games using Delphi, XNA, EnchantJS and currently messing around with Unity.
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  • Darksiders 2: Definitive Edition spotted for PlayStation 4

  • Eraser 17/02/2015

    @Mr-Writer it wasn't as far as I know. I don't have it in my Steam library and I looked it up on and it doesn't appear to have been part of the bundle. Reply 0
  • Eraser 16/02/2015

    @Mr-Writer Actually, I'm playing through Darksiders 1 on my PC right now with DS2 queued up on my XBox360 after that. So yeah, it's new for me. Got DS2 through Games with Gold and DS1 through the THQ Humble Bundle. Reply +1
  • Law & Order airs episode dedicated to harassment of women in gaming

  • Eraser 12/02/2015

    @DonDada GamerGate isn't what defines your opinions, right? Without a simple hashtag, your opinions are still valid. So why continue to associate yourself with a hashtag that expresses so much negativity towards most people? Sure, it may arguably have been the work of the gaming media to mangle the view people have of it, but your opinion isn't worth any less if you don't label it with #gamergate. In fact, for most people now it might become worth more because they don't automatically jump into "oh, there's another gamergate zealot" mode. Reply +3
  • Eraser 12/02/2015

    @lancashirered What? Nobody is calling anybody an extremist. Certainly not because you are "a gamer", especially not here on Eurogamer (where, for the sake of simplicity, we can safely assume we all self-identify as gamers).

    You see, your response against Tom made more than just him assume you self-identify as a devout GamerGater. If you are not, why jump on your high horse rather than simply admit that, yeah, there's something wrong with how some people treat women online and, while you're at it, clearly define the difference between the issue of journalism-bias and online harassment of women.
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  • Eraser 12/02/2015

    @lancashirered I find it so funny that you feel offended by anyone pointing out the sour nature of what Gamergate has become.

    You may not share your opinions with people that harass people like Anita Sarkeesian over the Internet but yet you insist on associating yourself with GamerGate even though you *know* what it stands for in the public eye these days.

    In fact, rather than disassociating yourself with what GamerGate members are accused of, you actually acknowledge being guilty of these issues by defending yourself against the allegations. You implicitly confirm that you are a part of the group of people that the media is talking about.

    Why are all those GamerGaters not disassociating themselves from GamerGate instead? Why keep labeling yourself as being GamerGate, knowing what it stands for in the outside world? Why not simply speak your mind without putting a label on it?

    You state that no one is making the distinction between "everyday gamers" and extremists. The problem is that you aren't doing this yourself. You keep feeling attacked when instead you should be well aware that if you aren't the culprit, people aren't talking about you.

    Stop getting so easily offended when people are clearly not talking about you because, you see, if you *are* feeling offended, people might actually start thinking it's you they're talking about.

    tl;dr: rather than keep saying "oooh not all of us are women-hating anti-SJW people! Stop bullying gamergaters, weeeeeh!" you could say "hey listen, I don't consider myself a GamerGaters because labels are just a fad. I do have these and these and these opinions though".
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  • The God who Peter Molyneux forgot

  • Eraser 11/02/2015

    22cans is lucky it wasn't a hardcore fan who spent hours upon hours tapping this cube that got the prize. Bryan invested very little in this, little time and little emotional investment, so he's like OK, whatever. Couldn't see that attitude happening with someone who has been at it for weeks on end. Reply +8
  • Retro FPS Strafe gameplay rekindles memories of Quake

  • Eraser 30/01/2015

    @ZaammK Yeah agreed. Right now I think what made Quake 1 shine was that the artists were able to create something amazing by pushing the available tech in interesting directions.

    What Strafe currently looks like is people having 2015-era tech at their disposal and coming up with arbitrary rules about how their game should emulate a 1996 look.

    So rather than pushing boundaries, they're creating artificial boundaries. If they really wanted a game that looked like 1996, their engine should be comparable to a 1996 graphics engine as well.
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  • Eraser 30/01/2015

    I'll be hated for this but: I don't like the design. Not the retro-style graphics or anything, it's just that the world looks like it was designed by kids who first opened up a level editor and came up with this. Maybe that's their intention, I dunno, but the levels in Quake looked really well designed and polished (especially for its time).

    The technology that was available in 1996 didn't allow (level) designers to create the stuff you'd see in current day games, but that didn't mean their creative vision and artistic skills were any less.
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  • Grim Fandango Remastered review

  • Eraser 27/01/2015

    Calling this version of Grim Fandango a 'remaster' IMO is pushing the definition a bit

    Actually, that's exactly what a "remaster" is. It's taking the original, raw material and putting those bits back together and mixing them so that they feel fresh again.

    It's actually games who redo all the artwork that are stretching the term "remaster". Those are basically recreations of the game starting from scratch.

    I'll admit, it's just a discussion about semantics but for some reason the incorrect use of a term has become the norm, so correct use of the term suddenly is marked as being deceitful.
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  • Video: First-person parkour - does it really work?

  • Eraser 23/01/2015

    @IronSoldier I remember destroying countless of Dreamcast souls on the DC servers while playing on the PC with years of Q3 already under my belt. Reply -2
  • Eraser 23/01/2015

    @rarebit Agreed. For some reason all of Eurogamer's videos seem to be narrated with a sort of "I'm not taking this seriously" sarcastic tone. Not a fan of it either. Reply +13
  • Watch the Dead Rising film's debut trailer

  • Eraser 23/01/2015

    Gil Thorpe? Reply 0
  • Hearthstone: Goblins vs Gnomes review

  • Eraser 14/01/2015

    @Alex_V You show a nice attitude here. Almost makes me forget I'm discussing something on the Internet ;)
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  • Eraser 13/01/2015

    @Alex_V Don't forget that any double cards can be converted into dust, which can in turn be used to craft specific cards you need. Sure, the epic and legendary cards cost quite a bit of dust, but it doesn't take really long to get all the common and most of the rare cards out of packs anyway.

    Then there's Arena mode, in which theoretically *all* cards are available to you. It costs 150 gold to enter an Arena run, but if you win 3 games before losing 3 (which equates to roughly a 1:1 win/loss ratio), then you'll have played break-even in most of the cases. Four wins pretty much nets you a positive. So if you can consistently hit 3 or more wins, Arena will earn you new packs even faster.

    Additionally, in ranked mode, the game matches you up to equally skilled players, so you'll never feel like you can't win games. It's only your own perception that tells you "oh, I'm only rank 19 while I started at 25", but don't forget that you're probably winning at least 50% of your games and while you're doing that, you're earning more gold to buy packs.

    Last but not least, for some reason people approach F2P games like you should be able to compete with the best of the best without spending a dime on it. Let's be fair: if this game wasn't F2P you'd buy it for, say 60. Spend 60 on the game through buying packs of cards and you've earned yourself 50 or so packs (60 if you spend 69). That saves you a month of playtime and with 60 packs, I'm confident you've got most of the commons available to play with.
    It's kind of like not being able to enjoy a friendly game of football with your neighbors because you feel football's curve of investment is too steep (trainging, money, etc) based purely on the fact that you're not able to compete with Messi.
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  • I'm not a robot: Valve adds Captcha security to Steam Trading

  • Eraser 12/01/2015

    What's the problem with entering a captcha. Are people really concerned that the half second it takes to enter a captcha will ruin their lives? Reply +3