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  • Images of Junction Point's cancelled Half-Life 2 episode reveal a snowy Ravenholm

  • Eraser 27/03/2017

    @arcam To be honest, the Opposing Force expansion for HL1 revisited the teleporter chamber that Gordon Freeman used in HL1 to teleport to Xen. Back then I thought it was totally awesome to return to the same area from a different POV (I still think it's a pretty good idea when done tastefully) Reply +4
  • Nintendo: Super Mario Run sales "did not meet our expectations"

  • Eraser 24/03/2017

    @helbertpina you can if the iOS devices share the same Apple ID login. You can create individual Nintendo accounts on each device and they will individually keep track of progress and toad race results Reply 0
  • Why Nintendo Switch games are ending up more expensive

  • Eraser 13/03/2017

    @Wayne That's not a fair comparison. With SD cards, the SD card is the product itself in its entirety. It needs to make a profit on its own.

    There's a certain amount of money it costs to produce the SD card and a certain amount of money that's added on top of that due to the supply chain that ends at the retail store. An SD card that costs 1 to make gets sold at 20 because of this.

    With games, however, you can cut away the entire supply chain cost because that's *already there*. You have the same supply chain for disc-based games as well, so this will not add any extra cost to your Switch game. Additionally, the cartridge itself doesn't need to make a profit, the content on that cartridge will bring the profit. So you could basically sell the cartridge for purely the production cost.

    So strictly speaking, that's what we're looking at here: the difference in production costs between a bluray disc and a Nintendo Switch cartridge. I highly doubt that accounts for 10 quid.
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  • Blizzard stuns with big hint Doomfist is not the next Overwatch hero

  • Eraser 20/02/2017

    @Sildur And yet we've received 2 new heroes, 2 new maps, 4 special events (olympics, halloween, winter, chinese new year), arcade mode (with various brawl modes, 1v1, 3v3, mystery heroes, etc), Lucio Ball, Dr Junkenstein's horde mode, Mei's snowball thingy, Capture the rooster and we still have another 2 heroes (or more) and a very customizable custom games mode in the pipeline.

    What do you mean it takes far too long for Blizzard to keep the game updated with new content? We've had tons of new content in the past 10 months.
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  • Eraser 20/02/2017

    Blizzard (I think Jeff Kaplan himself) already said they learned from the backlash against Sombra's ARG so they're going to announce heroes closer to release. Reply 0
  • Nintendo Switch Street Fighter 2 first-person mode looks janky

  • Eraser 16/02/2017

    Street Fighter 2?

    Street Fighter 2!
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  • Nintendo: Switch launch day "not be-all and end-all"

  • Eraser 16/01/2017

    Oh shit, I thought Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 and Arms were all releaseday titles. It's even worse than I imagined :cry: Reply +43
  • Let's compare and contrast the US and European Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild box art

  • Eraser 13/01/2017

    Link's right-handed for good now? Reply +1
  • Blizzard apologises for Mei's divisive winter wardrobe

  • Eraser 19/12/2016

    @Nikanoru tl;dr the people complaining about this are a bunch of entitled crybabies. Reply +1
  • Hearthstone bug is manifesting way too many duplicate cards

  • Eraser 03/12/2016

    @ambershee just going out on a limb here, but maybe they try to evenly distribute cards for the various classes as well, so you don't end up with many Warlock cards but no Paladin cards for example? Then the tri-class cards getting messed up sounds not all that illogical.
    Pure speculation though.

    You seem to assume Blizzard is rigging things in their favour, but even if cards are distributed through some algorithm, then that might be done to balance things more fairly.

    For example, did you know most shuffle functions on mp3 players aren't entirely random? They try to avoid playing the same song twice in a short time span, because to humans, getting the same song twice back-to-back feels very un-random.

    I'll leave this here:
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  • Big Battlefield 2 mod Project Reality adds the Falklands War

  • Eraser 28/11/2016

    The "Battlefield 2" reference in the title had me seriously confused for a moment, but then I realized that, like all logical things, Battlefield 2 came before Battlefield 1. Reply +5
  • Steam users have already declared the winner in the great coaster sim war

  • Eraser 18/11/2016

    Whenever I see RCTW I read it as RTCW and have fond memories of Return to Castle Wolfenstein bubbling up in my mind, which are then shattered by the realization that it says RCTW instead :( Reply +1
  • Where's our Watch Dogs 2 review?

  • Eraser 15/11/2016

    @superfurry "Really don't like the idea of delaying reviews to allow publishers time to 'fix' their games."

    I think it's great how Eurogamer is handling it. They're not giving the game an unfair review due to technical issues, but they are reporting that there are technical issues that is keeping them from reviewing the game. If they hadn't done the latter, it'd be questionable, but right now, I think Eurogamer is doing the exact right thing.
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  • Picture of new Overwatch character Sombra found on Blizzard servers

  • Eraser 01/11/2016

    When Sombra is released, she'll come with a legendary Half-Life 3 themed skin Reply +2
  • The Old Republic's latest trailer is better than many Star Wars movies

  • Eraser 10/10/2016

    Looks absolutely phenomenal.
    The game itself is a bit poo I assume?
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  • Watch: Why I'm not sticking with No Man's Sky

  • Eraser 25/08/2016

    @Spence1115 "They made ridiculous promises like the giant space battles and everything looking so very different. But from an indie dev I don't expect that to actually happen, not at launch at least."

    But that doesn't make it alright. If an indie studio is promising giant space battles, then there'd better be giant space battles. If there aren't any, then that's still misleading, even if they patch it in 6 months after release (unless they've been clear about this from the start, which Hello Games hasn't).

    "To me, No Man's Sky is still in early access state, and should have been priced as such. I don't think people would have cared as much if this was only 20 or something with new features incoming."

    Yes, you're right, if this was 20 quid and labelled as "early access", no one would have a problem with the game because of exactly that. But it is not. It is full price and not early access. That's why people are having a problem with it.

    I don't see why we should be more forgiving of indie studios. If they make promises and don't deliver on them, especially if they don't admit to not making true on their promises, then that is something to be held against the developer. If this would've been developed by an EA, Ubisoft or Activision studio, you'd be tearing them a new one in here.
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  • Eraser 25/08/2016

    @Spence1115 "The problem was this got overhyped like mad. It. Is. An. Indie. Game. Full price or not, its an indie game, and so what we got was exactly what I expected, regardless of the hype and the over promises."

    Why is "indie" being of any relevance here? I've played heaps of indie games that were fantastic experiences and exactly delivered on their promises.

    In other words: a shit game is still a shit game, indie or not.
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  • A new PC mod fixes one of No Man's Sky's most frustrating traits

  • Eraser 23/08/2016

    Is the draw distance really that bad in this game? Reply +21
  • The Walking Dead's third season screens shows off Telltale's improved engine

  • Eraser 23/07/2016

    Maybe I'm just lucky, but I had no problems playing both TWD season and The Wolf Among Us on Xbox 360 or Game of Thrones on PC Reply 0
  • Feast your eyes on the best Overwatch fan art around

  • Eraser 23/07/2016

    I LOVE both junkrat pics Reply 0
  • Watch: Six terrible games from awesome developers

  • Eraser 15/07/2016

    Half-Life 3. That game is just terrible. Reply +3
  • Steam game's 27 DLC is a PDF certificate

  • Eraser 21/06/2016

    I'm sure there's a generation of gamers reading this that has no clue what the horse armor reference is about. Oh how times have changed :) Reply +7
  • Murky world of PC game key reselling exposed by indie developer

  • Eraser 21/06/2016

    I always thought sites like G2A were a little shady, so I've always refrained from buying stuff there. Reply +4
  • No Man's Sky studio settles "secret, stupid" three-year Sky lawsuit

  • Eraser 20/06/2016

    The issue is that in some jurisdictions, failure to defend your name can lead to people being legally allowed to use that name for anything. Its a stupid thing that means companies have to do this, or they risk allowing a much more dodgy use of the word Sky to be permitted.
    That's a bollocks reason. First of all, the use of the term "Sky" here is a clear reference to, well, the sky. I don't think Sky broadcasting would ever lose their trademark over someone releasing a product with the word "sky" in there that is a clear and unambiguous reference to the sky.

    Also, nowhere does it say that you have to pursue a 3 year lasting legal deal to keep the rights to your trademark. Sky broadcasting could've given their explicit approval of the term "sky" without the involvement of armies of lawyers. It would still indicate they're actively trying to control the trademark and limit its use, which is all that's needed to retain the rights to your trademark.

    Also, I wouldn't be surprised if that sort of litigation is aimed primarily at trademark sharks, who register a trademark and then sit on it hoping some big company will come along and beg them for it.
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  • Gay-themed games Hurt Me Plenty, Succulent, and Stick Shift are now on Steam

  • Eraser 17/06/2016

    @bitteroceania I was about to post the same thing.
    I think that if these games were about non-gay sexual interactions and weren't wrapped in some kind of political statement, people would be crying outrage.
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  • There are some pretty wild theories about what's going on in Kojima's Death Stranding

  • Eraser 16/06/2016

    Shame he hasn't got a theory on the meaning behind the baby. When I first saw the scar on his belly, I thought of a kind of weird type of C-section. Reply +5
  • Overwatch PC performance graphics guide

  • Eraser 12/06/2016

    It's amazing how well this game scales down to old hardware. I play this on a 2 year old laptop with some crappy radeon m GPU in there and while I need to dial every setting down (even to 75% render scaling at 1080p), it runs at a near constant 30fps which, while not ideal, makes the game very well playable. The game still looks acceptable to me.

    This laptop struggles with the likes of Heroes of the Storm and even Doom 3 BFG edition didn't run as smooth.
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  • Uncharted 4 and Doom best Overwatch in US retail for May

  • Eraser 10/06/2016

    @Rogueywon Yeah true, there's still Steam of course Reply 0
  • Eraser 10/06/2016

    Exciting to see Doom doing well, but wouldn't it be trumped by Overwatch if we count digital downloads? Reply +2
  • Overwatch: Blizzard answers the big questions

  • Eraser 08/06/2016

    @Apostate The hitboxes apparently are a bit weird, yes, but since every player has to deal with the same (predictable) weirdness, the playingfield is level and there's no way that this, by itself, could ruin the game for you.

    See my previous post (above this one) about matchmaking.

    I haven't experienced ANY toxicity between players yet, and I must admit that this has positively surprised me.

    I don't see any "horrible" balancing issues. Sure, there are some tweaks that can be made (yes, McCree's flashbang is a good example) but saying it's horribly balanced is just making a scene out of it.

    As for network code, like someone stated before, clientside prediction has been around for ages. What Blizzard is doing in regards to extrapolating movement on the server has been done in games for ages already. You are only proving that my other post about network latency is right on the mark. You really should understand that latency is an issue that's going to influence your game one way or another.

    What Blizzard is doing with lerping movement is hiding the fact that there's latency and thus creating a more direct game that feels better. That this creates situations where one player might feel he was behind cover and still got shot then that is a tradeoff that is consciously being made.

    Blizzard chose to do client side prediction to smooth things out so you can play the game without having to worry about aiming ahead of your opponent and such. If you're not OK with those tradeoffs, then I suggest you go back to playing Quake 1 that didn't do client side prediction and see how latency causes people to warp all over the playing field, make your own movement stuttery and have a delay between pushing the trigger and actually firing a rocket.

    I'll promise you, you'll come crawling back to Overwatch a whole lot more humble :)
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  • Eraser 08/06/2016

    @Zomeguy Uh, I doubt that's how it works. It finds a similarly skilled team for your team, thus making sure one team won't completely dominate the other. This keeps the game fun, because in every match, both teams have equal chances of winning and yes, this results roughly in 50/50 win ratios.

    It's not chucking in really bad players with really good players to make sure the good player loses. That's just the biggest load of crock I've ever heard.
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  • Eraser 07/06/2016

    @monkeighy it's amazing how the influence of latency on an fast paced FPS game seems to have been completely lost on the (I assume) current generation of young gamers. Back in the days of Quake and Unreal Tournament, everybody knew what it was like to play with 100+ pings and how to deal with that. Reply +5
  • Eraser 07/06/2016

    @Simatron3000 They can not ever reduce the latency. That's the laws of physics. They can, however, employ tricks to make it seem like there is no or less latency, but this comes at the cost of artifacts, like a player thinking he hit an opponent while he didn't. Reply 0
  • Eraser 07/06/2016

    @Apostate you keep on claiming the game is broken and unbalanced, yet fail to produce any (non-anecdotal) proof. You make a very weak case and thus are considered a salty asshat, especially when compared of millions of other players that are really having fun with the game. Reply +2
  • I came to Dark Souls so late that it's basically like going to Disneyland

  • Eraser 03/06/2016

    A year ago or so, Dark Souls 1 was a free download on Xbox 360 and I tried my hand at it. Gave up after 30 minutes because the game was so rough around the edges, I couldn't get any enjoyment out of it.

    Tried my hand at it (DS1) again this week, after all the enthusiasm surrounding Dark Souls 3. This time I played a couple of hours, but still, it only reaffirmed my opinion of the game. The point is that to me, the game doesn't seem hard because it poses fair challenges to you. Instead I'd rather liken it to playing a level of Call of Duty with your camera controls being extremely slow while holding your controller with your hands wrapped into three layers of oven mitts.

    It's not an experience I found particularly engaging. Failure didn't feel as failure on my end, it felt like being cheated out of success by the game itself. I'm not shy of hard games, I like a good challenge, but I want them to be hard because it's easy to fuck up a specific flow that you're in (think Batman Arkham Asylum's combat mechanism) or because a tiny lapse in concentration means a misjudgement of a situation causing you to fail (think Geometry Wars). Not because an undetectable trap goes off and fucks you up or because your character moves like a tank.

    On top of that, the whole presentation of the game looks really amateurish. The graphics are disappointing (it looks like it lacks any form of texture filtering), the level design looks grandiose but upon closer inspection, there appear to be far too many intentional pits and cliffs to fall in or narrow hallways where you just can't swing your sword properly. Boss fights are challenging, fine, but if failure means I have to play a 15 minute section all over again it gets really, really tedious after the fifth attempt. That's not a feeling of overcoming a challenge, it feels like the worst kind of grind a game could ever come up with.

    I don't know what it supposedly is that people like about Dark Souls, but I found it to be an experience that didn't appeal to me. The sad thing is that my opinion isn't a popular one and DS fans will probably respond with childish stuff like "gid gud". It's not about getting good, it's about not being willing to grind my way through a game that just doesn't seem to offer much else than grind.
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  • Watch: 6 Overwatch tips that will make you a better player, promise

  • Eraser 03/06/2016

    These are some genuinely useful tips. I didn't know about most of these things to be honest. Reply +1
  • Doom's soundtrack contains satanic Easter eggs

  • Eraser 31/05/2016

    I love stuff like this. Hidden messages in music are always good fun.

    I remember once when a new Dream Theater album came out and morse-code was discovered in one of the songs. Everyone was extremely excited to find out what hidden knowledge it said!

    Turned out it said "Eat my ass and balls".
    Yeah was a joke by Mike Portnoy.
    If you like this stuff, look up the relation between the Tool song "Lateralus" and the Fibonacci sequence. Or the entire album of the same name for that matter. People believe that, based on the Fibonacci sequence, the album is supposed to be listened to in a different track order. This rabbit hole goes deep.
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  • Minecraft gets new mini-game mode on PlayStation, Wii U, Xbox

  • Eraser 26/05/2016

    Clearly someone over at MS lost sight of what Minecraft's all about... Reply 0
  • Overwatch Review

  • Eraser 26/05/2016

    I don't care what Overwatch haters say, I haven't had that much fun in a MP shooter since like 2012 (Tribes: Ascend).
    That was the kicker for me as well. When I played the open beta, I realized I simply had fun and wasn't feeling hugely affected by whether I had actually won or lost the match. This game simply is Fun. Yeah, with a capital F.
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  • Giant Overwatch action figures appear around the world

  • Eraser 21/05/2016

    @Deadite you not liking Overwatch is fine. No problems there, but your argumentation is weak as hell. Reply +3
  • Watch: TimeSplitters 2's first level in Homefront: The Revolution

  • Eraser 17/05/2016

    the Damn level
    Freudian typo? ;)
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  • Eraser 17/05/2016

    @2old4disshit With "areas", I think they mean levels. The Oblask Dam and Chicago levels were the first two levels of Timesplitters 2. Reply +2
  • Eraser 17/05/2016

    While it's great to see the original TS2 level in there, I expected a remake of the level. Would've loved to see a modern interpretation of it. Reply +2
  • 15 tips to get you started in Overwatch

  • Eraser 06/05/2016

    @Bertie Started out with a lot of Soldier:76 and Pharah (obviously) but I've picked up on Reaper, Bastion, Widowmaker and Mercy as well.

    I've seen people play Tracer in incredible ways as well, but I just confuse myself when zipping around :)
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  • Eraser 06/05/2016

    Being a hardcore Quake III Arena lover (still play Quake Live from time to time) I was being skeptical towards Overwatch. I had played Heroes of the Storm and found that the MOBA type of game absolutely wasn't for me. The limited experience I had with Team Fortress 2 was only average on the fun-scale for me as well.

    Without actually having played Overwatch, I was arguing that I probably wouldn't like the game very much due to its insistence on offering a wide variety of characters and playstyles while I prefer depth rather than breath. Like Quake 3, make it a level playingfield that's about skill, map control and using the right weapon for the right situation.

    I was hoping to find all this in the Doom multiplayer beta. Unfortunately, I was thoroughly bored with that after two matches. With Overwatch going in public beta, I decided to give it a go and, well, it's caught me by surprise. This game is just simply fun to play. The diversity of the characters means that there's always something new to discover and rather than playing it in a hardcore fight-to-win kind of way like I had always played Quake, I was just having fun trying out the abilities and figuring out what works and what doesn't.

    So yeah, I ended up pre-ordering this game. It hasn't replaced my love for balls-to-the-walls arena shooters like Quake 3 (a dying breed, unfortunately) but it's a refreshing alternative that really is a lot of fun.

    Few things are more epic than stopping your opponent at 99% score, taking control of the objective and winning the match :)
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  • Here's the first trailer for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

  • Eraser 02/05/2016

    Gotta say, it's a well made trailer Reply -12
  • Watch: Video game helicopters are good for precisely two things

  • Eraser 02/05/2016

    Helicopters are also a great way to piss off your teammates by stepping into it, lifting off, and crashing it 30 seconds later while playing Ride of the Valkyries, right, Battlefield Vietnam? Reply +6
  • In Theory: Can next-gen Nvidia tech offer Titan X power for GTX 970 money?

  • Eraser 28/04/2016

    When can we expect the first consumer video cards based on the next-gen chips to arrive? Reply +1
  • Blizzard responds to WOW Nostalrius pirate/private server closure

  • Eraser 26/04/2016

    So the main argument for these private servers was a pre-expansion WoW, rather than "it's free so I'll just go with it"? Sounds rather naive. Reply -5
  • The new Doom is having a tough time with Steam user reviews

  • Eraser 18/04/2016

    @Agarwel_Idiriz I really don't agree. By calling it "Doom" and marketing it as a game that will bring back the fast and frantic classic arena shooter gameplay then you're cultivating expectations.

    When you see the name "Doom" and have a developer saying it really harkens back to the original 1993 game, then you end up with a crowd of 30- and 40-somethings who are dying to try out this new Doom game, hoping to find the same enjoyment that they got out of the originals, especially since id Software continued their legacy with the Quake series.

    Release something that is nothing like the original 1993 game and you get that group of people up in arms. Of course they are. Wouldn't they be if it wasn't id Software developing this, calling it Doom and promoting it like they did? Probably not, mostly because id Software themselves wouldn't have created expectations that couldn't be met.

    A brand is a powerful thing. Simply shrugging it off as saying that it means nothing is really, really shortsighted.
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