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  • Pokémon lawyers pursue party-planning Pokéfan for $4k payout

  • Eoin 05/10/2015

    @walale12 That would be true if this were a trademark infringement case. It's not - it's a copyright infringement case. Copyright and trademark law are not interchangeable. Reply +4
  • Laura is a brand new character for Street Fighter 5

  • Eoin 02/10/2015

    Could Laura replace Blanka in the Street Fighter 5 roster?
    It seems kind of unlikely. Ono's favourite character is Blanka. His Twitter avatar is one hint towards that, but he also occasionally cosplays as Blanka:

    and carries a tiny Blanka toy with him pretty much everywhere he goes:

    plus he's depicted as Blanka in SFxT:

    I think it's quite possible that Laura will be one of the first batch of characters and that Blanka won't be, but I think Blanka's eventual appearance in the game is just about guaranteed.
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  • Square Enix cans convoluted Deus Ex: Mankind Divided pre-order program

  • Eoin 01/10/2015

    Good. It's bad enough that some games need huge data tables to explain what you're getting (and not getting) depending on when you buy the game (and the retailer it was bought from and the phase of the moon).

    The Deus Ex system added enough extra complexity that for the people who pre-ordered it must have been an ongoing hassle just to keep track of what they were going to get. Pre-order systems are bad enough already - this would have made them worse and it's good to see it collapse.
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  • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 has a day-one update larger than game itself

  • Eoin 29/09/2015

    So, last-minute changes to major aspects of the game, a day-one patch bigger than the download, review copies not being sent out until after release and a developer that has made poorly-received Tony Hawk games no fewer than three times.

    This game is flying just about every possible red flag.
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  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 won't have a campaign on Xbox 360, PS3

  • Eoin 25/09/2015

    @Cold_Waste I guess they technically weren't wrong when they said that the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions would include campaign gameplay. They just neglected to say which campaign.

    The gesture of the Black Ops download does seem like it's going to be redundant for most people though. I can't imagine that Black Ops 3 on PS3 and Xbox 360 is going to attract huge numbers of people who didn't buy Black Ops.
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  • Mobile RPG Star Wars: Uprising out now

  • Eoin 10/09/2015


    Android (Play Store)
    Apple App Store
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  • Batman: Arkham Knight mod lets you play as Alfred

  • Eoin 31/07/2015

    Makes sense.

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  • Ultra Street Fighter 4 on PS4 continues to improve

  • Eoin 07/07/2015

    @Cold_Waste I would say yes. The patches have now fixed virtually all of the complaints with this version. Reply +10
  • That Fallout 4 Xbox One plus free Fallout 3 deal needs a pre-order

  • Eoin 02/07/2015

    Right now, it looks like to secure the deal you need to pre-order the download version of the game through the Xbox Store, where Fallout 4 on Xbox One costs a hefty £59.99.
    Fallout 4 on Amazon is a little under UK£43, so it sounds like instead of getting Fallout 3 for free, you're getting Fallout 3 for ~£17. You'd probably be able to buy Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas for that price and still have a bit of change left over.
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  • Nintendo asked Burnout dev to make Wii U F-Zero

  • Eoin 23/06/2015

    @vert1go What you posted about EA wanting to run Nintendo's network is bullshit. It's based on a set of lies posted on Reddit by a zero-credibility user, contradicts several known facts, and the lie, as told, requires both EA and Nintendo to be stupid beyond belief (EA to think that Nintendo would hand over the keys for their entire network, Nintendo for actually considering it as the Reddit lie says that they did).

    What you have posted is someone else's fan fiction, their attempt to explain the lack of EA support for the Wii U despite it being obvious that they (along with all other major publishers) were being ultra-cautious about committing resources to the Wii U after third party sales on the Wii failed to meet their expectations.
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  • Fallout Shelter making more money than Candy Crush Saga on the App Store

  • Eoin 18/06/2015

    This makes me wonder how much money they're leaving on the table by not releasing simultaneously on Android. Hundreds of thousands of dollars a day seems a certainty. Reply +7
  • PlayStation Store reveals Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection

  • Eoin 04/06/2015

    This could end up needing to be a multi-disc game. On PS3, the first two Uncharted games are around 20GB each and Uncharted 3 is close to 50GB. There probably aren't a whole lot of shared assets, so unless they cut out things like the multiplayer modes, it might be a bit difficult to fit the whole lot into 50GB. Reply +7
  • FIFA 16 features female national teams for first time

  • Eoin 28/05/2015

    @L_A_G Licensing international teams for football games is a bit of a mess. Some teams require separate licensing agreements. 22 of the international teams in FIFA 15 are described by EA as having "Authentic player names. Generic team crests and kits" - the names of the players presumably come from the same licensing deals that allow EA to use player likenesses for the club teams, and country names are unprotected so can be freely used, but kits and crests can be licensed by the national associations rather than by FIFA.

    As a minor note, teams aren't individually motion-captured. Including Japan wouldn't mean any more motion capture work than not including them. To bring that back to the subject of the article, the motion capture for the female players was all done by one player (Abby Wambach).
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  • Eoin 28/05/2015

    @JackBauer2007 That's a totally backwards argument. Leaving out women teams just because sexism exists is not particularly different from leaving out black players because racism exists.

    The way to deal with sexism is not to do exactly what sexists want. Let the idiots show that they are idiots. Let them whine and moan and fume in impotent rage at the fact that there are women in FIFA now. Let them see that their pointless fury has no effect. They deserve nothing else.
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  • Capcom pulls PS4 Ultra Street Fighter 4 from its own tournament

  • Eoin 28/05/2015

    This is an embarrassment in general for Capcom and Sony (and Other Ocean). It's not quite as bad as when Ubisoft managed to totally fuck up Tetris last year, but the PS4 version of USFIV should have been unquestionably the definitive version of the game, and instead it looks like being the worst at any kind of remotely competitive level. Reply +5
  • From Torchlight to the stars: a morning with Rebel Galaxy

  • Eoin 18/05/2015

    The impression I got from the preview videos of this was that it was something along the lines of the naval parts of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, except in space. I'm probably buying it the moment it comes out on that basis. Reply +10
  • Digital Foundry on the Assassin's Creed Syndicate reveal

  • Eoin 14/05/2015

    Plus stealth mode involved crouching down and taking off your hat. I mean, what's up with that?
    My guess is that all of the walls in the game are built to exactly the height that will hide you when you're crouched and hatless (while a hatted character would be visible).

    It probably also helps evade the police:

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  • Eoin 14/05/2015

    If NPCs have been dialled back for the sake of framerate, then that is a trade-off that I am very willing to make. Reply +19
  • Alien: Isolation sales reach 2.1m, FM15 810K

  • Eoin 11/05/2015

    Just as a contrast:

    Number of "packaged" games Sega intends to release in Japan in the next year: 14
    Number of mobile games Sega intends to release in Japan in the next year: 47
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  • Batman: Arkham Knight's Batgirl is Barbara Gordon

  • Eoin 07/05/2015


    I know Rocksteady didn't make Arkham Origins, but do they even consider that as canon or are they ignoring it completely?
    They've been referring to Arkham Knight as "The Epic Conclusion to the Arkham Trilogy". That suggests that they probably view Arkham Origins as the equivalent of fan-fiction.
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  • Zynga to reduce its work force by 18 per cent, again

  • Eoin 07/05/2015

    If that sounds familiar, it's because Zynga made the exact same announcement nearly two years ago.
    So even their layoff announcements are rehashes?
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  • Mortal Kombat X PC patch pulled after it deleted saves

  • Eoin 06/05/2015

    Is the PC version of MKX intended to be some kind of weird new artistic form of comedy? Maybe the next patch could randomly remove characters, or turn the gravity down to zero. Reply +10
  • Batman: Arkham Knight season pass lets you play as Batgirl

  • Eoin 05/05/2015

    @jamyskis1981 The Arkham storyline does indeed include that, but the article says Warner are describing this as "a prequel story expansion", so my guess would be that the playable Batgirl part is set pre-wheelchair. Reply +11
  • Face-Off: Mortal Kombat X

  • Eoin 18/04/2015

    a clear graphical leap over the previous instalments on the 360 and PS3, and last year's PS4 and Xbox One release of Injustice.
    There wasn't any Xbox One release of Injustice.
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  • Flower, FlOw and Journey headed to PS4 on disc

  • Eoin 17/04/2015

    Sony has yet to confirm whether Journey will also be a cross-buy release.
    They confirmed it here
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  • Don Mattrick leaves Zynga

  • Eoin 08/04/2015

    This hard work for our mobile players has resulted in bookings growing from 27% mobile when Don joined to 60% by the end of last year.
    Translation: "I am obliged to say something nice about this guy but there's nothing good to say, so I am choosing to pretend that the collapse in our Facebook/browser revenues is really growth in our mobile revenues".
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  • It's over: PlayStation Home has closed

  • Eoin 01/04/2015

    Silly note: from launch right up until closure, PlayStation Home was described as being a beta.

    others were angry that they had spent real money in Home on things now lost forever
    I have to wonder what they thought would happen. Did they imagine that PlayStation Home would exist forever?
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  • PSN Europe Service Status indicator coming soon

  • Eoin 27/03/2015

    "Status indicator? No, we don't have that, what is it? Oh, SCEA have one? Yes, yes, of course we're planning one. We've been planning one since at least the beginning of this sentence. We'll have it up and running as soon as we can convince them to email us the code, and hopefully we'll remember to find/replace the US server names with the EU ones. Leave us alone, it's Friday". Reply +15
  • Google Play adopts PEGI ratings

  • Eoin 17/03/2015

    The international free age-rating service is long overdue and is a big win for smaller developers.

    A lot of the time, smaller indies are released in North America first because the developer can't afford to immediately pay the fees to have a game rated by PEGI (and the USK in Germany), so they release in North America first (where getting an ESRB rating is free) and use some of the money to get the game rated in Europe.

    A more central, free rating system should mean that we get fewer delays and more simultaneous releases.
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  • Mortal Kombat X for PS3 and Xbox 360 delayed

  • Eoin 13/03/2015

    This is probably going to start becoming more common, as publishers push the last-generation versions of their games onto other (smaller) teams, with lower priority. The PS3 and Xbox 360 won't be forgotten for a while, but they'll certainly be sidelined. Reply +2
  • Editor's blog: We've revised our editorial policy

  • Eoin 09/03/2015

    @Bedders Might be a bit tricky to answer that one - I'm in Ireland, but currently on a proxy that will make me appear to be in the UK, France, Germany or the USA. Currently it'll appear to anyone checking via IP that I'm in Germany.

    Not sure whether this will help, but here's which flavour of Amazon each of the links leads me to:

    Bayonetta 2: US
    DKC: US
    Wind Waker HD: US
    MK8: US
    MH3: UK
    Nintendo Land: US
    Pikmin 3: US
    Rayman Legends: UK
    3D World: US
    Smash: US
    Wii Sports: US
    ZombiU: UK
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  • Eoin 09/03/2015

    Some of the Amazon links in the Wii U article yesterday pointed to Amazon.com (rather than one of the European variants of Amazon). That's not just unusual, but also produces weird results. For example, the Smash Bros link goes to a seller charging US$140 for the game. There's surely a better way? Reply +41
  • Future Assassin's Creed games will have "more robust modern day" than Unity

  • Eoin 27/02/2015

    Can we have a more robust frame rate as well? Reply +6
  • PS4 exclusive The Order: 1886 number one in UK chart

  • Eoin 23/02/2015

    @bigfriendlygamer The different versions of Minecraft have different publishers so Chart-Track count them separately. Reply +1
  • Super Stardust Ultra release date set for next week

  • Eoin 06/02/2015

    @IronSoldier While I agree with you that "more" doesn't always mean "better"....have you played Super Stardust Delta on the Vita?

    It's an excellent sequel to Super Stardust HD, and although it does add modes, it is very careful to stick to things that work, to the point of streamlining the weapon choice. The way that Delta was handled gives me plenty of confidence that Ultra will be an improvement also.
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  • Eoin 06/02/2015

    Will be getting this on day one.

    It'll sit nicely alongside Geometry Wars 3 and Nano Assault Neo X. The PS4 really has this genre well covered.
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  • Faster, Windows 10-compatible Raspberry Pi 2 released

  • Eoin 03/02/2015

    good luck doing any of that with 1GB of RAM
    Perhaps you shouldn't be so fast posting on a topic that you don't have a clue about?

    There's quite a few Windows 8 tablets running on 1GB of RAM. One of them (the Linx 8) was even reviewed on Digital Foundry recently. You can find videos online of it playing Skyrim and Grid 2. From personal experience with it I can assure you that it handles web surfing and HD video without any issues.
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  • SOE has been sold off, can now develop multi-platform games

  • Eoin 02/02/2015

    This makes sense.

    SOE's position within Sony wasn't ever really well thought out. Even though they began to get a little bit more integrated recently, they were always a primarily PC-focused studio - not really a good fit for a console manufacturer.

    Hopefully this is to everyone's benefit - Sony get the money, the studio gets more creative freedom, PS4 and PC owners still get the same games, and people with other platforms get a few more games to maybe look forward to. Everyone wins?
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  • Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty out on PC in Feb, Xbox One and PS3 in March

  • Eoin 15/01/2015

    @DreadedWalrus The game, as originally released on PS4, did not have the classic controls.

    The biggest changes were the inability to use the d-pad for movement and the fact that the jump button by itself was a straight upwards jump, so you couldn't jump forwards without using the stick also - this often meant that instead of just jumping, Abe would move slightly forward and then jump, or, too commonly, would move slightly forward and then die horribly.

    Another change is that instead of throwing being a digital act, it was made analogue. In the original game, if you threw something from your position and it didn't produce the correct result, then it was never going to you and could safely stop trying. With New'n'Tasty, it's difficult to tell whether you're doing the wrong thing entirely, or whether you just need to move the stick clockwise a degree or two.

    The statement in Eurogamer's review that the game retained the classic controls was incorrect, although I believe that the reviewer meant that Abe has the same movement options and limitations as he did in the original, which is nearly true. The controls have since been patched, solving most of the issues with them.
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  • Eoin 15/01/2015

    There's no mention of an Xbox 360 or Wii U version.
    The game was never announced for Xbox 360 so it would be a surprise if they had mentioned an Xbox 360 version.

    Wii U and Vita versions are the only ones outstanding after this news.
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  • Japan's console market at lowest point for 24 years

  • Eoin 07/01/2015

    @Pandy Apologies, I've phrased that badly. When I say "next year", I meant the next year (from now) - so when I say there (probably) won't be a new handheld "next year", I mean (and should have said) "in the next year". Reply +1
  • Eoin 07/01/2015

    @TheRaunchySeagull Consoles sales last generation were ~3.8m/year. This generation the average is 1.9m - a 50% decline. Reply +2
  • Eoin 07/01/2015

    The worst thing about these figures is that they were actually boosted a bit by the launch of the PS4. Console hardware sales are up a little over last year's (~2m vs ~1.8m last year).

    The overall decline comes mainly from the handheld market. The 3DS, though very successful in Japan (more so than elsewhere, proportionately), peaked early, plateaued in its second year, declined last year and has declined further this year despite a boost from the release of the New 3DS.

    Next year, with no new consoles and (probably) no new handhelds, the hardware market is likely to contract further.

    Last generation in Japan (2006-2012) there was an average of 11.6m hardware sales per year. This year the total was ~6.4m. The market's only just over half the size that it was, and that's going to present severe difficulty for Japanese publishers.
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  • Latest Assassin's Creed Unity patch boosts performance

  • Eoin 23/12/2014

    Despite being a huge Assassin's Creed fan, I haven't bought this game because of these issues, and it still doesn't seem to have improved enough to finally justify a purchase. I can't see myself buying the next game at launch either.

    Perhaps Digital Foundry can also have a quick look at Tetris Ultimate? I know it seems stupid to be testing a Tetris game, but Ubisoft/Soma have managed to mess up Tetris anyway.
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  • Media-streaming app Plex now available on PS4 and PS3 in Europe

  • Eoin 17/12/2014

    Just to note: Plex works on the PS4 through the PS4 browser, and has since launch. You just need to point the browser at the address of whatever box you have running Plex (for example, for me it's localhost:32400/web/index.html). You do not need a Plex Pass to use Plex through the web browser. Reply +12
  • Ubisoft racer The Crew enters UK chart in sixth

  • Eoin 08/12/2014

    @samtemblett The source for this is the news section on the Chart-Track website. This is usually updated first, before the charts.

    The charts themselves are, however, now updated.
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  • Eoin 08/12/2014

    Kingdom Hearts II.5 is badly timed (too many other huge games recently) and on the wrong console (too many people moving away from PS3 forever).

    The suggestions of a PS4 and Xbox One release next year are probably now a good idea for Square Enix, to retrieve some of the potential sales they've thrown away by releasing only on PS3 at this time of the year.
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  • Ralph Baer, inventor of the first home console, dies aged 92

  • Eoin 08/12/2014

    RIP Reply +10
  • Why are Game of Thrones and Tales from the Borderlands more expensive on PS4 than on Xbox One?

  • Eoin 04/12/2014

    This kind of thing makes it much easier for me to choose which games I'm going to buy. Obvious and baseless price discrimination means no purchase until the price is fixed (and maybe not even then, depending on what's being released around the time it's fixed). Reply -5
  • Sony won't renew FIFA sponsorship contract

  • Eoin 01/12/2014

    @adstomko If the 2022 World Cup is taken away from Qatar, there'll be no political will among the other FIFA members to bring it to Europe instead.

    Remember that the 2018 World Cup is being hosted by Russia. Though there are big questions surrounding that bid as well, it's much sooner and at least it is in a country that can feasibly host it without messing with global schedules for two or three seasons. It's unlikely that the 2018 decision will be reversed.

    Even if it is, remember that the report on the bidding suggested that the England bid wasn't exactly beyond reproach. Though that report was a joke, it won't have caused any FIFA members to become especially sympathetic towards the England bid.

    If 2022 is taken away from Qatar, I expect it to be given to one of the nations that failed in their 2022 bid - most likely the US (South Korea and Japan also had strong bids, but both jointly hosted a World Cup more recently than the US).

    In the less likely event that 2018 is taken away from Russia, then I'd expect that to also be given to a failed bidder - in that case, Spain/Portugal and Netherlands/Belgium both got more votes than the English bid, so both would be more likely to be selected as new hosts than England.
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