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  • Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty out on PC in Feb, Xbox One and PS3 in March

  • Eoin 15/01/2015

    @DreadedWalrus The game, as originally released on PS4, did not have the classic controls.

    The biggest changes were the inability to use the d-pad for movement and the fact that the jump button by itself was a straight upwards jump, so you couldn't jump forwards without using the stick also - this often meant that instead of just jumping, Abe would move slightly forward and then jump, or, too commonly, would move slightly forward and then die horribly.

    Another change is that instead of throwing being a digital act, it was made analogue. In the original game, if you threw something from your position and it didn't produce the correct result, then it was never going to you and could safely stop trying. With New'n'Tasty, it's difficult to tell whether you're doing the wrong thing entirely, or whether you just need to move the stick clockwise a degree or two.

    The statement in Eurogamer's review that the game retained the classic controls was incorrect, although I believe that the reviewer meant that Abe has the same movement options and limitations as he did in the original, which is nearly true. The controls have since been patched, solving most of the issues with them.
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  • Eoin 15/01/2015

    There's no mention of an Xbox 360 or Wii U version.
    The game was never announced for Xbox 360 so it would be a surprise if they had mentioned an Xbox 360 version.

    Wii U and Vita versions are the only ones outstanding after this news.
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  • Japan's console market at lowest point for 24 years

  • Eoin 07/01/2015

    @Pandy Apologies, I've phrased that badly. When I say "next year", I meant the next year (from now) - so when I say there (probably) won't be a new handheld "next year", I mean (and should have said) "in the next year". Reply +1
  • Eoin 07/01/2015

    @TheRaunchySeagull Consoles sales last generation were ~3.8m/year. This generation the average is 1.9m - a 50% decline. Reply +2
  • Eoin 07/01/2015

    The worst thing about these figures is that they were actually boosted a bit by the launch of the PS4. Console hardware sales are up a little over last year's (~2m vs ~1.8m last year).

    The overall decline comes mainly from the handheld market. The 3DS, though very successful in Japan (more so than elsewhere, proportionately), peaked early, plateaued in its second year, declined last year and has declined further this year despite a boost from the release of the New 3DS.

    Next year, with no new consoles and (probably) no new handhelds, the hardware market is likely to contract further.

    Last generation in Japan (2006-2012) there was an average of 11.6m hardware sales per year. This year the total was ~6.4m. The market's only just over half the size that it was, and that's going to present severe difficulty for Japanese publishers.
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  • Latest Assassin's Creed Unity patch boosts performance

  • Eoin 23/12/2014

    Despite being a huge Assassin's Creed fan, I haven't bought this game because of these issues, and it still doesn't seem to have improved enough to finally justify a purchase. I can't see myself buying the next game at launch either.

    Perhaps Digital Foundry can also have a quick look at Tetris Ultimate? I know it seems stupid to be testing a Tetris game, but Ubisoft/Soma have managed to mess up Tetris anyway.
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  • Media-streaming app Plex now available on PS4 and PS3 in Europe

  • Eoin 17/12/2014

    Just to note: Plex works on the PS4 through the PS4 browser, and has since launch. You just need to point the browser at the address of whatever box you have running Plex (for example, for me it's localhost:32400/web/index.html). You do not need a Plex Pass to use Plex through the web browser. Reply +12
  • Ubisoft racer The Crew enters UK chart in sixth

  • Eoin 08/12/2014

    @samtemblett The source for this is the news section on the Chart-Track website. This is usually updated first, before the charts.

    The charts themselves are, however, now updated.
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  • Eoin 08/12/2014

    Kingdom Hearts II.5 is badly timed (too many other huge games recently) and on the wrong console (too many people moving away from PS3 forever).

    The suggestions of a PS4 and Xbox One release next year are probably now a good idea for Square Enix, to retrieve some of the potential sales they've thrown away by releasing only on PS3 at this time of the year.
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  • Ralph Baer, inventor of the first home console, dies aged 92

  • Eoin 08/12/2014

    RIP Reply +10
  • Why are Game of Thrones and Tales from the Borderlands more expensive on PS4 than on Xbox One?

  • Eoin 04/12/2014

    This kind of thing makes it much easier for me to choose which games I'm going to buy. Obvious and baseless price discrimination means no purchase until the price is fixed (and maybe not even then, depending on what's being released around the time it's fixed). Reply -5
  • Sony won't renew FIFA sponsorship contract

  • Eoin 01/12/2014

    @adstomko If the 2022 World Cup is taken away from Qatar, there'll be no political will among the other FIFA members to bring it to Europe instead.

    Remember that the 2018 World Cup is being hosted by Russia. Though there are big questions surrounding that bid as well, it's much sooner and at least it is in a country that can feasibly host it without messing with global schedules for two or three seasons. It's unlikely that the 2018 decision will be reversed.

    Even if it is, remember that the report on the bidding suggested that the England bid wasn't exactly beyond reproach. Though that report was a joke, it won't have caused any FIFA members to become especially sympathetic towards the England bid.

    If 2022 is taken away from Qatar, I expect it to be given to one of the nations that failed in their 2022 bid - most likely the US (South Korea and Japan also had strong bids, but both jointly hosted a World Cup more recently than the US).

    In the less likely event that 2018 is taken away from Russia, then I'd expect that to also be given to a failed bidder - in that case, Spain/Portugal and Netherlands/Belgium both got more votes than the English bid, so both would be more likely to be selected as new hosts than England.
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  • Eoin 01/12/2014

    Let's hope that the other sponsors follow suit.

    FIFA are incompetent to the point where that's blatantly obvious, and corrupt to the point where they are indirectly condoning slave labour (arguably directly, since it's not like there's a reasonable argument that they don't know it's happening).

    If would deal a very useful blow to FIFA if other sponsors follow the lead set by Emirates and Sony. The best result would be if the FIFA board were forced out en masse, but even just getting Blatter out would be great.
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  • Big Ultra Street Fighter 4 patch due December

  • Eoin 26/11/2014

    Tiger Uppercut just got a whole lot more literal:

    As did Spinning Bird Kick:

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  • Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions has pre-order DLC and platform-exclusive levels

  • Eoin 20/11/2014

    Well that puts a real dent in my enthusiasm for this game. Reply +10
  • Eternal Darkness dev Denis Dyack back with ambitious new studio

  • Eoin 31/10/2014

    At least he isn't trying yet another Kickstarter campaign after the failure of the first two. Maybe he realised that Eternal Darkness fans have plenty of practice recognising delusions brought about by a lack of sanity. Reply +40
  • Dinosaurs fight humans in Primal Carnage: Extinction

  • Eoin 28/10/2014

    Set for launch in Q1 2015, the multiplayer title will allow you to play as both people and dinosaurs.
    There needs to be some kind of properly good incentive for people to play as boring humans then, instead of exciting stompy dinosaurs. If they get this wrong then the multiplayer part of the game is mostly going to consist of people staring at a lobby that says:

    Dinosaur team: 16/16 players joined
    Human team: 2/16 players joined

    Waiting for more Humans to join...
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  • Nintendo 3DS sold 113k in Japan last week

  • Eoin 22/10/2014

    @vert1go This isn't the same level of sales as last year though.

    In this week of last year, there were ~200k total hardware sales, compared to 141k this week - almost a 30% drop.

    At this point in 2013, almost exactly 6m units of hardware had been sold. This year the equivalent figure is ~4.6m - a 23% drop.

    Last year was the worst year for Japanese hardware sales for over a decade. This year, despite the PS4 launch, it's even lower.

    While I suppose some people are indeed over-reacting (or "freaking out", if you prefer), I find that a more understandable reaction than looking at this Japanese market - smaller than half of what it was at its peak after having declined for five out of the past six years - and thinking that everything is totally fine and normal.
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  • More Assassin's Creed Chronicles spin-offs planned

  • Eoin 21/10/2014

    My bet is that this is how the AC games are going to do settings like Japan and Egypt - settings that are commonly requested but which the creative heads behind the series have said doesn't really suit the existing games.

    It's also a good way to test out ideas for new protagonists, enemies and gameplay mechanics without having to bet on them working in the main series.
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  • "Majority" of DriveClub owners can now connect online

  • Eoin 20/10/2014

    One thing that I think Sony need to do is make the Plus Edition available to anyone who was a Plus subscriber over the lifetime of the PS4 so far.

    Though this doesn't apply to me (or to anyone else who is still a Plus subscriber), there are former Plus subscribers who would have been entitled to DriveClub Plus Edition if the game had launched at the promised time (i.e. at the PS4's launch). I think it's only fair that they should get the Plus Edition.
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  • Google announces $99 Nexus Player Android console

  • Eoin 16/10/2014

    @Flying_Hellfish This supports up to 802.11ac, so that'll cover 802.11n as well. Reply 0
  • Eoin 16/10/2014

    @Flying_Hellfish This is wireless only.

    The press image of this hooked up to a TV shows the Plex icon: http://www.google.com/nexus/new/images/player/player-entertainment-1024.jpg - it's not totally official confirmation, but I think this is a good indication that Plex is supported.
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  • Eoin 16/10/2014

    @dadrester This is sort-of-competing with the Chromecast. It has Chromecast functionality, so anyone who buys this has no need to buy a Chromecast (at least, not for the TV that they have this hooked up to).

    However, I think there's a big enough difference between the two products that they won't directly compete. The Chromecast is much cheaper and really only for streaming media. This does all the streaming stuff, but will also run local apps and games, for a much higher price.
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  • Eoin 16/10/2014

    You can also buy a separate Nexus Player GamePad, priced $39, which looks like a cross between an Xbox One pad and the DualShock 4.
    It's a rebadged Onlive controller.

    The Nexus Player controller:

    The Onlive controller:

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  • Shadow of Mordor patch adds versatile Photo Mode

  • Eoin 16/10/2014

    @FuzzyDuck No matter how you get them off the console, they're still JPEGs. That the resolution doesn't change doesn't mean that they're uncompressed. I've checked this myself on an image I pulled directly from the console and the telltale JPEG artefacts are very much present.

    Just to be clear, the resulting images are perfectly fine for almost any use. I'm not saying that the compression is terrible or anything, merely that it exists.
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  • Eoin 16/10/2014

    I played around with this a bit yesterday and it's nice - has some good features, but is still simple enough that a non-photographer like me can understand everything.

    It's silly that it's missing the option to save the image though. It's missing on PS4 as well - obviously it's not such a strange omission on PS4 where there's a built-in screenshot function, but since that compresses images, a game-native image exporter would be preferable.
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  • Saints Row: The Cooler was a motion-controlled brawler spin-off

  • Eoin 14/10/2014

    Based on the level of quality of the motion-based fighting games that somehow made it all the way to release, it was probably a good idea to put this game out of its misery early. Reply +25
  • Lindsay Lohan steps up Rockstar legal battle over GTA5 character

  • Eoin 10/10/2014

    The GTAV character is quite clearly modelled (at least partially) on Shelby Welinder:

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  • Kingdom Hearts 3 switches to Unreal Engine 4

  • Eoin 07/10/2014

    This is good. Square Enix were wasting their time and resources on engine development. There was never any indication that this was one of their strengths, and there weren't any signs that they could feasibly branch out into licensing their engine to developers and make it a profitable side-business.

    Assuming that they really have killed off the Luminous Engine, that will allow them to shift their development resources back towards game development rather than playing a futile game of catch-up with Epic.
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  • The New 3DS XL unlocks the potential of Nintendo's handheld

  • Eoin 19/09/2014

    @gamingdave It is true that buying at launch got me a 3DS sooner, but the reality is that not only is this machine better in almost every key respect, but every improvement is something that could fairly easily have been part of the original 3DS (the improved screen is perhaps the exception).

    The better ergonomics, the bigger screens, the second "stick", the improved Start/Select/Home buttons, the additional shoulder buttons - all of them were completely possible in 2011. It's difficult not to see the New 3DS as being the machine that the 3DS should have been from the start.
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  • Eoin 19/09/2014

    As nice as this machine looks, the biggest effect on me is that it makes me feel silly for buying an original 3DS, which this revision simply annihilates, in terms of controls, screen quality, comfort, and price.

    Stuff like this is why I'm never going to buy a Nintendo handheld at launch, ever again.
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  • Here's the first wave of Nintendo Amiibo figurines, due by Christmas

  • Eoin 29/08/2014

    For those wondering about prices: they were announced as US$13 for the USA. In accordance with the usual traditions, that'll almost certainly be €13 in Europe. That's UKŁ10.33, so UK people can probably expect prices of UKŁ10 or UKŁ11. Reply +2
  • FIFA 15 on PS3 and Xbox 360 doesn't have Pro Clubs mode

  • Eoin 22/08/2014

    "We tried porting the code that we already had from last year, but it didn't work this year because of...."

    *checks excuse calendar*

    "...solar flares?"
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  • Pretty sports sim The Golf Club launches for PC, Xbox One

  • Eoin 19/08/2014

    That is quite a hefty price for a golf game that doesn't appear to have been available for any major sites to review. I am moderately interested in the procedural course generation but nowhere near enough to be spending that kind of money without the slightest idea of how good the game is. Reply +1
  • Sony's Gamescom 2014 briefing

  • Eoin 12/08/2014

    Ubisoft: "You can play with a friend for two hours".

    Sony: "Or FOREVER"
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  • Sierra is back - and so are Geometry Wars and King's Quest

  • Eoin 12/08/2014

    More Geometry Wars is truly good news. Reply +16
  • Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker delayed until Jan 2015 in Europe

  • Eoin 30/07/2014

    @Crovax20 The Wii U shipped 310k consoles in the first quarter of this year, so 510k is an improvement.

    A better comparison may be this time last year, where the shipments were 160k, so 510k is a big improvement over that.

    510k is still quite low for an entire quarter, especially with MK8 to boost sales, but there is at least some sort of progress over 2013's dismal figures.
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  • PlayStation 4 gets 3D Blu-Ray support next week

  • Eoin 29/07/2014

    Excellent, now people can stop screaming for notifications to be on the left. It was getting a bit difficult to browse through any website even slightly related to the PS4, what with all of those comments saying "Where are my left-sided notifications, Sony?".

    Perhaps now that they've sorted that major issue out they can fix the PS4's other glaring problems, such as the PlayStation Store icon being a pixel too far to the left, or the trophy level progress bar being very slightly too bright.
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  • UK changing approach to illegal torrents

  • Eoin 22/07/2014

    That seems like a somewhat sane approach. Amazing that it only took them about a decade and a half. Reply +141
  • Video: Why Superman will never have a good game

  • Eoin 03/07/2014

    I've thought for a long time that the best way to make games about massively, ridiculously overpowered beings like Superman or Godzilla is to reverse the game and have them as the enemy and force the player to defeat them in some way.

    In Superman's case, maybe you could have a bird's-eye view of Metropolis and a team of villains (like an Injustice League) with their own unique capabilities, with the aim being to do some level of damage or steal something or whatever, without Superman managing to prevent that. For example, you might need to pull off a bank robbery so you'd set up some distractions or attacks elsewhere to lure Superman away and keep him busy until you've completed the job.

    However that might work out, the alternatives (water down Superman or make up ridiculous enemies or outsource the threat to another character) have all been tried and have all failed.
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  • Microsoft court order has removed Chess 2: The Sequel's servers

  • Eoin 02/07/2014

    I can understand that domains being used maliciously and illegally should be removed from the person or company that is using them that way.

    However, what gives Microsoft the right to just seize them? Why aren't they seized by a government (not that that's much better)? If Microsoft can seize domains that are being used illegally, can I do the same thing? Just issue a court order and say "a bad person has that domain. I want. Give"? If I can't, why can Microsoft?
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  • Will EA learn from the terrible Dungeon Keeper mobile game?

  • Eoin 25/06/2014

    First thing I wondered when I read that EA would learn from Dungeon Keeper was: is it still available?

    It is. I won't link to it because I don't want anyone playing it, but it's still there, still earning money for EA.

    So no, they're not learning because it's not fucking gone forever.
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  • Civilization Revolution 2 announced

  • Eoin 23/06/2014

    It's down as "coming soon" for Android devices.
    So it'll be about two months after the iOS version with no news until one day it suddenly appears unannounced on the Play Store.
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  • Bandai Namco to shut down F2P Ridge Racer Driftopia servers

  • Eoin 19/06/2014

    As an early beta player... I can at least assure people that they aren't missing anything. The game wasn't fun even when microtransaction purchases cost nothing. Reply +8
  • Microsoft's E3 press conference

  • Eoin 09/06/2014

    This is boring. Who actually wants this? Reply 0
  • Wii vaporware horror game Sadness is resurrected for Wii U

  • Eoin 21/05/2014

    So with the rights to the IP not having been forthcoming...it's a different game, for a different system, with different gameplay and controls, a different name, and (out of necessity) different characters and plot and setting.

    At this point, the developer may as well be labelling it as a spiritual successor to Final Fantasy or Call of Duty.
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  • The numbers game

  • Eoin 05/04/2014

    Since the article contrasts games reviews with movie reviews in particular, it is worth mentioning one key difference between games reviews and movie reviews that the article doesn't bring up: movie reviews tend to use the entire scale. It's not uncommon for a big movie to get 2/5 stars or even 1/5 stars from many popular reviewers.

    Run through the list of the highest-scoring movies on IMDb or Metacritic and despite the age of the medium, after 250 movies or so you'll be well into the 8/10 range. For games? Still in the 90s. The first sub-90 score for a game appears on page 5 of the Metacritic all-time chart. By page 50 of each chart, the games are still scoring 74 - the movies are scoring 56/55.

    This is ultimately the root of the Metacritic problem. Amazon knows that they can happily put the scores there because games get stupidly high scores. It's also why so many people whine when a game gets 8/10 instead of 9/10 - because games publications have conditioned their readerships into thinking that 8/10 is average. It's why Metacritic is used by so many - when big games are all bunched into the top 20% of the review scale, people start looking for fractional differences across review scores.

    Things have improved a little in the past year or so, and Eurogamer are better than most about using the entire scale (though still slanted too much towards the higher end). For as long as these inflated scores exist, however, Metacritic will hold influence over the games industry.

    Crucially, we need to rid ourselves of the notion that the primary purpose of a games review is to act as a buyer's guide.
    A review is a "buyer's guide", and that is indeed the primary purpose. For many, it is the only reason that they read games reviews. What I think (and hope) you mean here is that a review shouldn't be treated as the definitive word on whether a game is good or bad, only as an indication.
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  • Blek review

  • Eoin 24/03/2014

    @Crea I'm aware that there's reasons why developers prefer to release on iOS first. However, that there are reasons does not necessarily mean that releasing initially on iOS is a good idea.

    Your point about revenues is true, but I have to wonder how much of that is due to iOS-first or iOS-only releases. Perhaps if more games shifted to simultaneous releases, the revenue would be more evenly split.

    Even with Android versions often being a secondary consideration, revenues are evening up anyway. This is the second half of 2013:

    The Play Store is trending towards equality with the Apple App Store. Add in the Amazon App Store and the gap is even narrower - and it'll have closed further since the last report.

    My impressions are also that fragmentation of OS versions and devices on Android is starting to matter a lot less. Google are pushing more and more of Android into Google Play Services, which gets pushed out without relying on OEMs or carriersto update the actual OS. Low end phones are increasingly capable. There are still issues, but things certainly seem to have improved over the past 18 months or so.

    In the end though, I don't think most of this discussion matters to players. I think most of them see a game and think "that's cool", try to find it, can't, and give up - or worse (for the developer), they locate a similar competing game and get that instead. This might even rebound - someone with iOS gets Game A, their friends with Android can't have it, so they grab Game B instead, causing the iOS player to move to Game B as well.

    Whatever technical considerations are behind this, the ultimate reality is that by not releasing simultaneously, the very first thing a developer is saying to a player is "No, you can't have this" - and the small window of precious attention that the developer had managed to procure is then immediately lost again.
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  • Eoin 24/03/2014

    Sometimes I wonder if developers realise how many sales they're missing out on by not releasing on iOS and Android simultaneously. This game, for example, is a game I am interested in now, but I can't buy it now because it's just not available. By the time it's available, I will inevitably have forgotten about it. Unless it becomes really huge on iOS, causing everyone to talk about it (thus reminding me it exists), I'll probably end up not buying it.

    It's odd. There are so many mobile games competing with each other that publicity for a game is something that a developer shouldn't be throwing away so casually.
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  • All Gran Turismo 5 DLC will be removed from sale

  • Eoin 24/02/2014

    Although I don't particularly care about GT5 DLC specifically, since I haven't bought any, there is a really bad precedent here.

    It's unfortunate that things have to be removed from sale, but it happens. However, historically, anything removed from sale was still available to redownload for people who had bought it.

    Games like Outrun Online Arcade, for example - although it's not for sale any more, I can still redownload it if I ever need to.

    If the things that are disappearing are free, then that's not too bad - it's irritating, but nobody loses anything they paid for. However: the Special Paint Pack and Racing Gear Pack cost money. The people who bought them (and both have thousands of ratings, which probably means many tens of thousands of sales just in Europe) would almost certainly have been under the impression that they would be able to redownload those packs on any PS3 for an indefinitely long time.

    The right to download those packs in future being taken away is at best a sign of complete disregard for the purchases that players have made, and that's not a good thing for a platform holder to be demonstrating.
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