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  • 10 minutes of Syndicate gameplay

  • Embar 13/10/2011

    Wow, that's that HUD all about? No occlusion on that weapon info tag (which looks like nonsense words to make it seem "high tech"), and what's that horrible blue circle at the bottom in the middle of the screen? What a mess. Dead Space had a great augmented HUD but this is too cluttered.Gameplay looks very bog standard, straight forward shooting with some forced routes to give the illusion of stealth. A heavily scripted persuadotron sequence and some basic corridor shooting. I still have no idea what type of game they're trying to sell me. Reply +2
  • X-Men Destiny trailer shows powers

  • Embar 18/08/2011

    Looks like a hastily released mod for Prototype. Reply +3
  • Free Warhammer Online PVP game shown

  • Embar 16/08/2011

    Well that's one way to capitalize on the fumbled launch of a multi-million dollar investment. Also, adding a cel-shading post-pro effect doesn't disguise the fact that it's all Warhammer Online assets. Thank goodness it's free... Reply +1
  • Star Wars: Old Republic gameplay

  • Embar 08/08/2011

    "I will be the force...that stands in the back spamming lesser heal on the tank." Reply +9
  • Batman pre-order skins will release as DLC

  • Embar 05/08/2011

    In Wolverine: Origins you could unlock all the Wolverine costumes he's used throughout the years.

    I used the Jim Lee blue and yellow Wolverine costume to replay the fight against the sentinel, recreating one of my favourite 90's Xmen cartoon episodes.
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  • The Batman: Arkham City pre-order skins

  • Embar 02/08/2011

    Gonna get me some Dark Knight Returns Batman. Awesome! Reply +2
  • Trenched

  • Embar 29/06/2011

    Double Fine are really powering through with some quality products. So pleased to see their strategy paying off, I hope they are being rewarded financially as well! Reply +8
  • Epic reveals new UE3 foliage system

  • Embar 28/06/2011

    Hmm, guess they picked a bad screenshot? Foliage system doesn't look very "epic". Will wait to see video. Reply 0
  • Eve Online in Crisis

  • Embar 27/06/2011

    Even the vocal minority will be paying for micro transactions when they are released. We've already seen the same outcome in loads of online titles where the vocal minority end up being hypocrites and paying for this crap.

    If you want to send a message, it won't be done in writing, it will be done through unsubscribing. A feat that I doubt any will accomplish.
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  • LA Noire dev responds to controversy

  • Embar 27/06/2011

    "The expectation is slightly weird here, that you can do this stuff without killing yourself,"

    Actually you can, with less brute force and a little more actual talent.
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  • Sony dismisses mobile threat to Vita

  • Embar 24/06/2011


    Macho Man "I AM THE CREAM"
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  • Kinect hacker at GameCityNights

  • Embar 24/06/2011

    Whatever happened to "modding"? Reply +10
  • Blizzard talks Titan development

  • Embar 22/06/2011

    The Matrix Online will kill WoW... Reply +4
  • Microsoft demos interactive Kinect ads

  • Embar 22/06/2011

    By the way, if anyone here is in marketing or advertising...kill yourself. Thank you. Just planting seeds, planting seeds is all I'm doing. No joke here, really. Seriously, kill yourself, you have no rationalisation for what you do, you are Satan's little helpers. Kill yourself, kill yourself, kill yourself now. Now, back to the show. Seriously, I know the marketing people: 'There's gonna be a joke comin' up.' There's no f*ckin' joke. Suck a tail pipe, hang yourself...borrow a pistol from an NRA buddy, do something...rid the world of your evil f*ckin' presence.- Bill Hicks Reply +4
  • Dungeon Siege III

  • Embar 17/06/2011

    "Fannying around". Brilliant. Reply -2
  • Sucker Punch invites you to inFamous 2 event

  • Embar 03/06/2011

    Splash Damage eeeeeeeh? Reply +1
  • Stunning Tomb Raider cinematic trailer

  • Embar 03/06/2011

    What's with the Yuppie accent? She sounds like a boring townie toff, prolongued s' and all... Reply -5
  • Mass Effect 3 Kinect support rumoured

  • Embar 02/06/2011

    That box art is terrible. Red Faction : Mass Effect? When will video game box art get the love it deserves? Reply +8
  • APB Reloaded open beta delayed

  • Embar 19/05/2011

    This is why we have beta!

    Good handling here by GamersFirst, very transparent. Looking forward to the game!
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  • THQ insists it now rivals EA, Activision

  • Embar 17/05/2011

    "Crushed", according to VG Chartz Crysis 2 has outsold Homefront 2:1 on consoles alone! Reply +4
  • David Jones joins APB: Reloaded team

  • Embar 12/05/2011

    Actually those of you who read the dozens of articles published about the RTW disaster will understand that Dave Jones never got to contribute creatively to APB as much as he wanted, as his time was consumed with micro managing production.

    Dave Jones is a brilliant designer, he's proved that with Lemmings, GTA and Crackdown. Being allowed to get on board in a purely creative role is fantastic news for APB:Reloaded and I'm glad he's still passionate about it.
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  • Jagex begins 8Realms closed beta

  • Embar 06/05/2011

    My ears bleed... Reply 0
  • Orcs Must Die trailer lives up to name

  • Embar 06/05/2011

    Although I assumed it was the case, it took me a while to confirm it was an XBLA/PSN game.Looks sweeeeeeeeeet! Reply 0
  • Mass Effect 3 tweaked for "larger market"

  • Embar 05/05/2011

    It confuses me what EA consider to be "good PR" these days... Reply +19
  • Portal 2 Metacritic user score pounded

  • Embar 19/04/2011

    Outspoken neckbeards bite the hand that feeds their entitled, sweaty, fat, pathetic faces. Reply +15
  • NGP engine running in real-time footage

  • Embar 14/04/2011

    *Looks at Infinity Blade**Looks at NGP real time demo**Buys an iPhone* Reply -10
  • Capcom unveils Dragon's Dogma

  • Embar 12/04/2011

    Please don't start the SOTC comparisons. It has absolutely nothing to do with SOTC from what we can see apart from the fact you can climb on bosses.

    That's like comparing the Halo Scarab battle to SOTC.
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  • EGTV Asks: What happened after Bizarre Creations?

  • Embar 11/04/2011

    "I'm an 'ideas' guy!"Lucid Games look like they've got their stuff together though, best of luck to all of them. Reply +4
  • Ken Levine: sex in games is "silly"

  • Embar 07/04/2011

    It's a puppet because it looks like a puppet. The context of the sex scenes is not in question here, people are getting the wrong end of the stick.

    I believe his issue was purely from a visual perspective. Game character models are too rigid, not realistic enough and too poorly animated to pull off scenes of a sexual nature.

    CGI scenes on the other hand would be a different argument as that is outside of the game, so to speak.
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  • Embar 07/04/2011

    Couldn't agree more. Until we're beyond the uncanny valley anything beyond humorous mini games is going to look ridiculous.

    I'm looking at you Dragon Age.
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  • Dungeon Hunter Alliance launch trailer

  • Embar 06/04/2011

    Sometimes I think they make these adverts terrible on purpose, just to get the memes and viral posts going.

    This has rotten marketing stench all over it, no matter what direction you smell it from.
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  • One Direction become Pokemon face

  • Embar 06/04/2011


    Everything is going to plan.

    First you create boybands out of the recesses of failed reality show contestants. Clean their teeth and polish their faces, spike their hair and drill them like an army sergeant to ensure their behaviour is of optimal boy-band quality.

    Then I want them to advertise. I don't give a flying rat fart what they advertise as long as it's clean, white, shiny plastic fun. Get them on those posters, cereal boxes, television adverts, movie screens and dog food tins, crisp packets, clothing lines. I want them everywhere.

    Then, when the world is enthralled with their mere presence...we replace them with robots. No one will really know the difference between these plasticy teens and a construct of cogs and wires, that's why boy bands are the perfect option.

    The robots continue to perform in arenas and on television. The one day, a gig. The O2 arena. Thousands of tweens line up to see their manufactured superstars. Little do they know they have been manufactured in the literal sense, and equipped with laser guns.

    It's a slaughter. The whole world realises the cost of fame.

    Firey laser death and the hands of 5 robots dancing to auto-tuned pop music.
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  • Portals, gravity shifts dropped for Prey 2

  • Embar 01/04/2011

    To be fair, the original Prey didn't exactly set the world on fire. Instead of taking a risk and being innovative they're going with a cautious approach. It was probably the only way the studio could get the game signed since they're not really renound and don't have a high caliber track record.

    Sure from a gamers perspective this is more diluting of the FPS pool, but from a publishers perspective, whose goal is to make money, you just need to look at Homefront sales (400k in US on day 1) to see how lucrative the punters are making the bog standard FPS genre.
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  • Rift

  • Embar 14/03/2011

    "A game so polished it's almost as good as WoW"

    I played 10 minutes of the beta and already knew what was in store for the next 5 years.
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  • Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer

  • Embar 14/03/2011

    Their capture frame rate is horrific. Reply 0
  • New APB dev on Realtime's mistakes

  • Embar 10/03/2011

    I'm glad Eurogamer at least admit that games "journalist" review scores are a joke.

    10 - Amazing, 9 - Great, 8 - Dissapointing but good, 7 - Sucks, 6 - Horrid, 5 - Dreadful, 4 - Disasterous, 3 - Shambolic, 2 - Abomination, 1 - So Bad It Set The Industry Back 5 Years
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  • We Dare will not launch in the UK

  • Embar 09/03/2011

    "Public reaction". If you're in the UK and sending letters in to places like the Daily Mail, Telegraph, Lorraine Kelly or The One Show about "sexy" games why don't you spend your time doing something more useful, like gardening or knitting.

    While most of you guys will see this as a "so what" story, this game getting shelved is important. It shows that the UK is still not mature enough to accept a game that flirts with a bit of sexuality, no matter how silly it might seem (or how fun it might be as a game).

    We live in a really conservative society when it comes to sex, and while this might seem like stupid to most of you to me it means that the UK still sees games as toys for kids.
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  • Rebellion starts social games division

  • Embar 07/03/2011

    Imagine if the internet existed in 1982 and communities were able to share their thoughts on the Atari 2600. I wonder if it would share the same lambasting that Facebook/iphone gameing platforms get to experience from today's gamer community?

    "Oh my god, everyone is making games for the Atari 2600 now, this can only be a bad thing for our industry, I will never accept it as a viable form of entertainment".

    "Now everyone is making games for Game Boy! It doesn't even have any colour, just green and black pixels. This is going to kill gaming!"
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  • Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

  • Embar 07/03/2011

    @swisstony, I had the exact same reaction to Rift. First quest was kill 3 enemies of type X and 3 of type Y, turned me off instantly.

    As someone who has done that quest more times than I can count in numerous games, and as a WoW veteran I can say I feel I've played that kind of game quite enough. It needs a different hook to get me interested.
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  • Romero turns attention to casual gamers

  • Embar 04/03/2011

    Hey check it out, now that the story is off the front page EG have changed the headline from "Romero done with hardcore gamers" to something that's not a misquote. Reply +2
  • Embar 03/03/2011

    I missed the part where Romero forced you to buy Daikatana? The guy took a risk and hes a bloody game designer so I'm not going to start reviewing his legacy based on the credentials of his marketing abilities.

    In the days of constant sequals are we now crapping on guys who take a risk but fail? Would you rather Romero or even Dave Jones were banished fromt he earth for at least trying? It's not his fault he didn't meet your overblown expectations is it?

    This culture of entitlement needs to go from gaming, our visionaries need the oppertunity to fail in order to grow and not a single one of you are "owed" a damn thing.

    In 100 years Romero will be remembered as a pioneer of the most successful genre gaming had in its infancy, you owe him more than petty slurs and questioning his relevance.
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  • Embar 03/03/2011

    No need to become a bunch of jerks about it, no where did he say "F U gamers, I'm off to make money" he simply said he's shifting his priorities.

    Jeez people on this site are so ready to crap all over the artists that created our culture any time they try anything different. Try reading past Eurogamers "attention grabbing" headline next time.
    Reply -3
  • Dragon Age II campaign shorter than DA's

  • Embar 02/03/2011

    I never enjoy seeing the road ahead, it only forces you to hurry through the current zone/quest to get to the next one. Sure you need a goal, but your goals should be properly paced. When I was in Orzammar and I saw all the quests and, being a Bioware fan, knew the formula (intro -> 5 "zones" of content -> finale ) I knew I had at least 10 hours to go in that zone. I prefer a better paced experience without padding but with the oppertunity to eek it out a bit longer if I choose.

    When a developer comes out and says "200 hours of gameplay!" it's only ever daunting and I'm reminded of how much little free time I actually have and all the other games I want to play.
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  • First Dragon Age: Redemption footage

  • Embar 17/02/2011

    This aint yer daddy's cosplayin'. Reply +2
  • Crysis 2 leak: Crytek still loves the PC

  • Embar 15/02/2011

    You're talking about DRM vs piracy, not leaks vs piracy.

    In either case the pirates do not get "a better experience". In some cases it takes more faffing about to get the game to actually run than it would have taken to put up with DRM.

    Furthermore, pirated copies are excluded from communities, DLC, seamless patching AND in the case of Crysis 2 a fully completed build. Top this with exposure to viruses and possible legal action and you have a very sub-par experience.
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  • New UK publisher Outplay Entertainment

  • Embar 10/02/2011

    Great to see the industry in Scotland thriving and a Scottish government that takes the industry seriously, recognising it for the economy it can bring. We can only hope that if Westminster continues to refuse tax relief that Holyrood might impliment some form of relief at least in Scotland.

    @Murton, there will always be a minimum number of industry opportunities in Dundee as long as Abertay continues producing the countries best new talent. Like tax relief, Abertay is a resource that developers are keen to take advantage of, which means that despite no tax relief it's still worth setting up in Dundee.

    Unfortunately, however, not every city in the UK can rely on this kind of support from a local Uni or the support of Scottish Enterprise. This is why there remains many strong arguments for UK tax relief.
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  • Fox pundit: gaming fuels sex crime

  • Embar 08/02/2011

    I disregarded Fox "News" as a sensationalist media troll long ago. I no longer take issue with anything they say because, when you stop listening to them, it no longer matters.

    What I do take issue with is the games industry reporting on what they say. It's a dialogue between Fox and sites like Eurogamer that needs to be severed.

    Fox makes reports on games for sensationalism and games journalists report on Fox for their sensational stupidity. It's a circle of crap that does nothing but devalue the most engaging medium on the planet today.
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  • Warcraft, StarCraft theme park real?

  • Embar 08/02/2011

    Are the translations only "sketchy" because you refuse to do any journalism? Reply +6
  • Dragon Age 2 has blowjob scene

  • Embar 07/02/2011

    This being "news" shows how far games have to go before they garner the same respect as TV and film. Thanks Eurogamer, cashing in on the power of the "sexy headline" at the expense of degrading the medium. Reply +4
  • Battlefield 3 teaser trailer leaks

  • Embar 04/02/2011

    Blue and orange and grit and gunsSoldiers wearing headscarfs tooI can modern warfaremodern warfaremodern warfare too! Reply -18