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  • Grand Theft Auto 5 images reveal in-game locations

  • ElectricDemon 08/11/2012

    Bring back the less-than-serious tone and general ridiculousness of San Andreas (which hit the sweet spot without going too over the top a la the Saints Row games), and I'll be super excited about this.

    If they include the rest of San Andreas like San Fierro and Las Venturas (even if it's DLC), well that'll just be the icing on the cake.
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  • First Grand Theft Auto 5 footage

  • ElectricDemon 02/11/2011

    I hope they make this fun and daft like San Andreas was. GTA IV was excellent, but it was far too serious for it's own good. All the fun diversions you could do like jetpacks etc. are why I still occasionally play SA to this day. Reply +3
  • Register Zelda now for free soundtrack

  • ElectricDemon 17/06/2011

    If they run out of physical copies, why not offer a download version for a limited time for those who missed out? The physical copies will go ridiculously quickly, so it'll suck if those of us waiting on late-arriving copies miss out. Reply +2
  • Perfect Dark

  • ElectricDemon 11/03/2010

    So when the review says that just about everything is unlocked from the off, reckon that applies to the cheats as well? I used to have great fun messing around with them to play with the AI and things. However, I used an AR back in the day to unlock them cos I was too inept to get them the hard way, so if they're not unlocked right away I don't have much hope...... Reply 0
  • God of War III needs no HDD install

  • ElectricDemon 24/02/2010

    So, um, where's this competition mentioned in the article?
    /can find no link
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  • Sonic compilation for DS in March

  • ElectricDemon 02/12/2009


    Had the Mega Collection on Cube for years and years, been wanting a portable version of these games for ages now =)

    I just hope they have the sense to include the option to play through Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles as the one game, Sonic 3 & Knuckles....

    Also, I've still never played Sonic CD, despite everyone going on about how amazing it is, they should include that too and have a definitive collection of old generation 2D Sonics....
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  • Overlord II

  • ElectricDemon 23/06/2009

    I got the original as an unexpected gift for Christmas, and I've absolutely loved what I've played so far (far enough to get all the minion types). It's been on the shelf for a few months now cos I got distracted by other games and uni, but I really must pick it up again sometime, then move onto the sequel.

    One of the few games in recent memory to make me properly laugh (or should that be cackle?) out loud, hilarious game
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  • WOW dual spec requirements relaxed

  • ElectricDemon 18/03/2009

    I'm assuming they've taken that into consideration, and given it a cooldown period or something Reply 0
  • Flood of info as WOW patch 3.1 hits test

  • ElectricDemon 25/02/2009

    1000g? I have about 8g to my name =(

    /is a WoW hobo
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  • Overlord II

  • ElectricDemon 17/01/2009

    I received the original game as an unexpected Christmas present, and was surprised at how bloody fun it is! I've had a few other games to play, so I'm not that far through it (I got the Green Minions last night), but I'm having a lot of fun with it. The Minions are hilarious. I particularly liked the Browns and Reds reaction to the Greens: "Ewwww! Greenz Smeeeeeeell! Poooooooo!" =) Reply 0
  • Sonic Unleashed - Adabat

  • ElectricDemon 28/10/2008

    That looked pretty decent til the Wolf stuff.

    Godamnit, why do Sega insist on putting these gimmicks in the games? I personally enjoyed the first 2 Adventure games, but they've gradually got even more gimmicky, and just, well, shit since then.

    I quite enjoyed the Wii outing, though it still has quite a few flaws.

    Why can't they give us a proper 2D Sonic outing, but with the nice 3D graphics? And no more stupid, forgetable characters either. Stick with Sonic, Knuckles and Tails ie the core 3 from the Megadrive games.....
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  • Saints Row 2

  • ElectricDemon 14/10/2008

    Godamnit, as if there weren't enough games coming out, now I have to buy this?! =P

    Seriously tempted, but I never played the first game, does that matter at all?
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  • New PAL Releases Roundup

  • ElectricDemon 03/10/2008

    Phoenix Wright 3!

    I MUST have this game! I've kept from buying Appollo Justice since I haven't played this yet. Speaking of, is Appollo Justice any good? I just think it'll be sad playing it, since I've gotten rather attached to Phoenix and Maya....

    It's just a pity there's very little replay value in them. They'd be ideal for a sort of "monthly case" type of Download content, that you could store on a rewriteable card or something...
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  • First details emerge of GTA IV PC

  • ElectricDemon 21/08/2008

    While they're adding new features for the PC version, can't they add Custom Soundtracks to the 360 version?

    Baffles me that such an obvious feature wasn't in it to begin with. I know you can play music through Guide, but it's always on, rather than integrated into a radio station like in previous GTAs.......
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  • LittleBigPlanet

  • ElectricDemon 18/07/2008

    Wow, this looks fantastic!

    Since I don't have a PS3 yet though (and probably won't until they put BC back into it - bloody ridiculous, how hard can it be?!), is there no chance at all that they might release it on 360 sometime? Or will this definitely be a PS3 exclusive permanently?
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  • Audiosurf

  • ElectricDemon 20/02/2008

    Well, I haven't looked at the specs, I'm just assuming, given all the nice lights, heh

    I have onboard graphics too. Put it this way, I get framerate prblems with simples stuff like Zoo Tycoon and Age Of Mythology =P
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  • ElectricDemon 20/02/2008

    This is a pretty cool concept. Unfortunately my PC is utter balls.

    Reckon there's any chance of an XBLA version? Surely not that difficult, just use Custom soundtracks on the HD/streamed from the PC?
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  • N+ for Live Arcade tomorrow

  • ElectricDemon 19/02/2008

    I love the flash version, but is it worth buying when I can get it here for free? =/

    With the level editor, does that mean there'll be free user-created levels to try, like the PC version?

    My PC sucks so much that I sometimes get framerate problems with it, so I probably will end up getting this. I hope it has some of the same levels.
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  • Rare ignores GoldenEye XBLA rumblings

  • ElectricDemon 10/01/2008

    I'm trying not to get my hopes up about this, but I'm finding it pretty difficult. On my N64, the first ever game I owned was Banjo-Kazooie, so the chance to play that again without the need to dust off the old N64 would be fantastic, as would Perfect Dark, which I still hold to be one of the best ever FPSs Reply 0
  • Turok

  • ElectricDemon 05/12/2007

    Not interested in this, unless it turns out to be amazing, but I loved Turok 2: Seeds Of Evil on the N64, that was an awesome game. If it ever turned up on the Wii's VC I'd snap it up in an instant.

    Not sure how it'd work with the Classic Controller though. Surely it'd be possible for Nintendo to release controllers for each of the consoles on VC? It'd boost the retro nostalgia even more if you've got a familiar-feeling pad in your hands. You could just ignore the Wii remote dangling off the end!
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  • How Rock Band DLC works

  • ElectricDemon 09/11/2007

    My Iron Lung? Metallica packs?



    That said, I can already play quite a few Metallica songs, rythm-stuff at least, on real guitar. Be nice to see some of the instrumentals like Orion and To Live Is To Die mind, cos I can never be bothered learning the whole 8 or 9 mins, heh!
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  • New songs for Guitar Hero II

  • ElectricDemon 01/10/2007

    Ex's And Oh's is a great tune, and Detonation features some good guitar playing. Don't like Protest The Hero though Reply 0
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2

  • ElectricDemon 17/09/2007

    This is making me seriously want to dig out Sonic Mega Collection on the GC........

    Is it just me or is the music in the 2D Sonics fucking brilliant? The Marble Zone in Sonic 1 being a particular fave

    I actually quite like the cheesy rock of the 3D ones too, but I realise I'm in a minority there

    /hums "It's Doesn't Matter"
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  • Inafune denies Dead Rising 2

  • ElectricDemon 28/07/2007

    It took me a while, but when I finally "got" the save system in the original, it became one of my favourites on the 360. reading this had made me want to play it again actually, I never did complete Overtime Mode. Bastard SWAT..........

    I'd love for the sequel to have a free-for-all mode with toggle-able cheats like invincibility and spawn weapons etc a la Keys To The City From Crackdown. Killing zombies is such good fun, and such great stress relief that it felt like a missed opportunity in the original not to have such a mode
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  • Ubisoft pulls Mind Quiz from sale

  • ElectricDemon 01/07/2007

    I've been watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer recently, and in almost every episode, the word "spaz" or "spastic" gets used (ie usually a character will go "Sorry, I didn't mean to be such a spaz!"). It's quite weird hearing them used openly like that in a TV programme, when you've been taught that these are "not nice words" =) Reply 0
  • Guitar Hero III shows its chops

  • ElectricDemon 23/05/2007

    Be cool if they find some way to integrate it with Guitar Hero 2 on the 360, so I don't have to switch discs to get the full range of songs I want to play. Speaking of actually, where the hell is the promised DLC? Lower the price and I'd buy the rest of the tracks!

    Paint It Black and Knight Of Cydonia, awesome =D
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  • Guitar Hero II song packs

  • ElectricDemon 11/04/2007

    Disgraceful pricing. I went out at the weekend and bought my first 2100 points card in preperation for the GH DLC, but at that price they can just fuck off. Wouldn't exactly cripple them if they lowered the price and made it a track by track basis, surely with it costing bloody Ł70 to begin with, they're making a decent amount of money?

    I might just get the full version of Castlevania: SOTN instead, loving the demo.
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  • Pokémon Diamond/Pearl

  • ElectricDemon 13/12/2006

    So what it's saying is that even with one copy f the game it's possible to get all of the monsters, or nearly all? If so, then that's fucking fantastic!

    Loved the other games to death, but was always a bit miffed you had to trade to get the full set, with the starter Pokémon and legendary's being particularly hard to get hold of.

    I need this game now......
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  • Eurogamer TV Show episode 2

  • ElectricDemon 09/11/2006

    Bah! Resistance looks good, but I wish people (more often than not Americans, to make a sweeping generalisation) would stop thinking that Britain = England. Where's the love for Scotland, Ireland and Wales? A level set in Glasgow would be fantastic :D Reply 0
  • Guitar Hero II full tracklist

  • ElectricDemon 11/10/2006

    Led Zeppelin are notorious for not letting their songs be used. No Metallica either for the same reason (Shame, Master of Puppets or For Whom The Bell Tolls would've been great) Reply 0
  • ElectricDemon 10/10/2006

    Dragonforce? Fucking hell, your fingers would be mangled after that! Having said that, I would love to play Through The Fire And Flames in it! Reply 0
  • ElectricDemon 10/10/2006

    Top listing :D

    Beast And The Harlot FTW! Although I'd have preferred Bat Country - the main solo in that is unbelievably good!

    Also dead pleased to see Search And Destroy in there, I love that song.

    When's this out in the UK then?
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  • New Pokémon DS details

  • ElectricDemon 14/06/2006

    Gah! Two versions again! Why can't they get rid of the stupid idea of needing a friend who owns the game in order to get all the Pokemon?! When I play a game, I want to be able to get everything in it WITHOUT needing someone with another copy! Reply 0
  • Rev will be cheapest - Reggie

  • ElectricDemon 11/11/2005

    Gah! I like the rev news and all, but the hints at the DS redesign is annoying. Whilst I think that the DS design could be done better, add an analogue or whatever, I don't want to have to pay for the same technology in a nicer package. If they offered a kind of "swap your old DS for a new DS" kind of thing, then it'd be fine, but they didn't do that with the GBA/GBA SP, so i don't see them doing that with this :( Reply 0
  • Nintendogs

  • ElectricDemon 23/08/2005

    I REALLY want this game, played it in Edinburgh and had a whale of a time, they're so cute and act exactly like real puppies! The only problem is, I thought that each of the 3 versions had all the dogs in them, it was just the ones you can get at the start that was different, but that interview seems to suggest that this isn't the case :( Can anyone who has an import version verify if it is or not? Reply 0
  • DS downloads on offer

  • ElectricDemon 13/05/2005

    perhaps this other content is some sort of upgrade, similar to firmware, like a colour upgrade for picto chat for example Reply 0
  • Squenix supports Revolution

  • ElectricDemon 13/05/2005

    Wtf? Only playing with people you know in real life? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of online? That'd be really shit, I only know 2 other people who have DSs. I really hope that's not true Reply 0
  • SEGA registers Sonic Rush

  • ElectricDemon 09/05/2005

    Sonic Rush, maybe it's a DS game, remember in the E3 demo, you had to run your finger from side to side to get him to run faster? Perhaps it has something to do with that. Doubt it's the name of the GC game, cos it's rumoured to be something along the lines of a Sonic Mega Collection Part 2 kinda thing ( here's hoping Sonic R and Sonic CD are on it), so i reckon it can only be a PSP or a DS game, because, correct me if I'm wrong, Sega said something about 3 new Sonic games, one exclusively for GC, on Exc. for PSP and one exc. for DS Reply 0
  • No Nintendo Revolution at E3?

  • ElectricDemon 27/04/2005

    Course I did, but even then, there still were hardly any adverts pertaining to games compared with other adverts, that's my point, I saw no more or less Gamecube ads than I did Xbox or PS2 Reply 0
  • ElectricDemon 26/04/2005

    "Hell the only reason they say wait till later is because they know they will get stomped on by xbox and ps just like last time nintendo gamecube sucked so bad it wasnt even advertised half as much as the other 2. It sucked and they know it did. Shit just look at the games it doesnt even come close to all the kick ass games ps and xbox have, even half the amount of games at that matter also"

    OK, fair enough, the GC wasn't advertised very well, but then again, neither were the other 2 consoles. In an average TV watching session, you'll see perhaps one or two adverts at the most relating to videogames, and that's if you're lucky, the rest of the time is taken up with far more common adverts about supermarkets or loans companies
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