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  • Star Wars: Commander is your next Star Wars game

  • Eighthours 21/08/2014

    For the first time EVER in Star Wars history...

    'Unlock try, you can! 500 crystals, mmmm!'
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  • Is there more to Quantum Break than run-of-the-mill third-person shooting?

  • Eighthours 20/08/2014

    You really can't have all these planned live-action bits with such a bland lead character. :( It's going to ruin the thing as a story-based experience. Reply 0
  • "The transformation was painful. We paid the price"

  • Eighthours 08/08/2014

    I have to say that his attitude towards the staff who had the temerity to complain about not getting paid is one of the most disgusting things I've ever read on Eurogamer. Shameful. Reply +162
  • You've got male

  • Eighthours 19/07/2014

    In a comic book landscape still dominated by white male characters, these were all much needed adjustments.
    Well, no. What would have been much better would have been to create new superheroes who were more diverse, not to retcon existing characters which will piss off a portion of your audience while not really taking anything forward. There's nothing wrong with having a bunch of white male superheroes, as long as there are more (new) characters available that will inspire minority readership groups. Story should trump all - if a character is a black woman for diversity's sake rather than it making the execution of the story better, you're doing it wrong.
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  • Entwined review

  • Eighthours 13/06/2014

    Some people seem to hate it when a reviewer dares to have their own opinion. Do you want the videogame press to be an homogenous mass with no individuality? Why even have separate websites if everyone is just going to say exactly the same things? Chris played the game, didn't like it as much as some other people and scored it accordingly. What's the issue? Reply +32
  • Sony announces LittleBigPlanet 3 for PlayStation 4

  • Eighthours 10/06/2014

    The platforming looks as floaty, shit and game-ruining as ever. LBP could be such a great series if they tightened that aspect up, but it'll never reach its potential when someone so fundamental to the gameplay experience is bollocks. I appreciate how they're hamstrung by deciding to support old levels, but surely this issue is going to sully the game yet again. Baffling, baffling design choice. Reply -5
  • Why Madden 15 is allowed to portray an athlete's tattoos

  • Eighthours 06/06/2014

    This already happens in other media. For example, Breaking Bad had to 'clear' any art shown on screen by making deals with the creators - this goes as far as having to get the legal right to show a piece of graffiti on a wall. In the train robbery episode of Season 5, all the graffiti on the box cars they had to hire for the train sequence was painted over in order to avoid the almost impossible task of clearing all the material.

    The legal departments of films and TV shows have a fuckton of work to do in order to clear any potentially litigious material by gaining the requisite permissions before the air date, and in most cases before production even begins.
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  • Codemasters announces Grid Autosport, cockpit cam returns

  • Eighthours 22/04/2014

    Ouch. With no next gen versions this probably isn't going to do very well, given how the userbase is already transitioning faster than expected. And Codies will then blame everything other than the short-sighted decision to only release on last gen machines. It may be the end of GRID. :( Reply -2
  • Hearthstone soft-launches on iPad - out in the UK soon

  • Eighthours 03/04/2014

    Goodbye life. It was nice knowing you. :( Reply +1
  • Wii Sports Club updated with Sports Resort levels

  • Eighthours 14/03/2014

    Nine new holes. Not courses. Holes! Reply +10
  • Face-Off: Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare

  • Eighthours 10/03/2014

    Freudian sentence of the year 2014: "The only other difference worth nothing is that the Xbox One game features faked particle lighting via the use of what looks like a glow card (a bloom effect added to a light source, but not an actual dynamic light as such) applied to projectiles." Reply +43
  • How roll7 made a game that was nearly impossible to beat

  • Eighthours 20/02/2014

    The lack of friend leaderboards in OlliOlli must count among the most blatant game design omissions in all of gaming in the past decade. No hyperbole. I'm really surprised the reviews weren't much harsher because of it. The potential of this game will always be limited until leaderboards are patched in, and it's beyond weird that no one involved in development or testing caught it. However, when they are in, the game will be AMAZING. Reply 0
  • Beyonce's onto something, you know

  • Eighthours 14/12/2013

    Yeah, someone has to do this soon. The drip-drip-drip of updates towards release becomes pretty boring when a game has been announced years before.. Nintendo are the best at keeping their powder dry: we only heard about Super Mario 3D World in May. I'd love Half-Life 3 to suddenly be available on Steam, PSN and Xbox Games On Demand without any build-up. That would be an EVENT. Reply +2
  • Fixing Forza 5: How Turn 10 wants to win fans back

  • Eighthours 12/12/2013

    It's all very believable (if you are inclined to believe the answers about how Turn 10 never intended the grind to encourage people to microtransact - I don't for a second) until you remember that they took out the facility to drive any car in Free Play mode. Why, if what Dan is saying is true? Reply +6
  • Zavvi threatens customers with legal action after accidentally sending free Vitas

  • Eighthours 10/12/2013

    Legally they may not have the right to do anything, but morally the customers involved should send the goods back since they are of such a greater value than what was originally ordered.

    Zavvi aren't 'scumbags' for wanting the Vitas back - imagine if this was you sending something like this out in error, of course you'd want it returned! The only thing they're doing wrong is threatening the legals so early.
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  • What happens when free-to-play games aren't free?

  • Eighthours 23/11/2013

    Great article. I'm shocked by the cynicism of free-to-play mechanics being bolted on to games that already cost £49.99. Hopefully, this and the almost equally repellant season pass will go the way of the online pass. Consumers need to vote with their wallets and lobby the publishers to stop this.

    Also, how MS and Sony expect digital to gain any traction at all in the UK, with the current prices for software also available at retail, is hilarious.
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  • All the Xbox One launch games and their install sizes

  • Eighthours 21/11/2013

    Retail is going NOWHERE with these ridiculous digital prices. Reply +6
  • PSN EU resets many user passwords as a "precautionary measure"

  • Eighthours 21/11/2013

    'Only a small number of users.' Given that every single Vita owner seems to have been affected (including me), is this Sony admitting to terrible sales of this wonderful handheld? ;) Reply +3
  • Microsoft confirms Xbox One apps for launch

  • Eighthours 08/11/2013

    Not having Netflix at launch (the PS4 does) is a strange one. The lack of iPlayer can be blamed on the BBC, that isn't Microsoft's fault. Reply -11
  • Games of the Generation: Fallout 3

  • Eighthours 24/10/2013

    I didn't gel with this anywhere near as well as I thought I would. I found the writing pretty ponderous and the interior maps incredibly confusing. Regarding combat, the VATS system looked cool and was certainly fun until the times you missed with a shotgun at absolute point-blank range, but the non-VATS shooting was pretty awful, IMO.

    Having said all this I loved the sense of exploration and the atmosphere, and I can see why many of you adored it much more than I did.
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  • “You want to find Kurtz every time”: Sam Houser speaks out on GTA 5

  • Eighthours 08/09/2013

    @mannyYearsAgo What a reactionary pile of shit your post is. EG linking us to an interesting interview, how dare they! Reply +5
  • Spelunky PC review

  • Eighthours 09/08/2013

    Unfortunately, this looks like one of those traps where if I say that I think the damsel paragraph is pretty reactionary and ridiculous, I'll automatically be lumped in with sexist Neanderthals. Bugger. Reply +1
  • Microsoft details Xbox One's matchmaking system Smart Match

  • Eighthours 31/07/2013

    What the hell is "a simple toast"? Reply +5
  • You can plug an Xbox 360 into the Xbox One, says Major Nelson

  • Eighthours 17/06/2013

    Backwards compatibility 'solved', then, if you can use the Xbox One's UI and don't have to switch inputs. A bulky solution, but one nonetheless! Reply -19
  • Xbox One's used game policies to lay with publishers

  • Eighthours 07/06/2013

    The "family members" thing seems to be the obvious workaround here, since it says that they can play your library on ANY XBox One. A lot of people will be running second accounts, methinks - simply set up an account that you link to a friend's and you can share his library of games.

    This is all a clusterfuck, of course, but that's the way to operate as we always have in terms of lending out games.
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  • Fuse review

  • Eighthours 31/05/2013

    Hopefully this was just Insomniac's B-team knocking something out to tide the company over, while the A-team are working hard on a PS4 title. Reply -1
  • Fighting Fantasy author's RPG Sorcery! re-imagined for and released on iOS for £2.99

  • Eighthours 02/05/2013

    Loved the books as a nipper. But wasn't this app released aaaaaaaages ago, like years ago, with the second "book" never coming out? Did it disappear from the App Store and then get rereleased today? Reply +2
  • Parents refused refund by Apple after son spends £1700 on free iPad game

  • Eighthours 28/02/2013

    This story is such bullshit. The account password is required for in-app purchases, so blatantly the dad gave his kid the password to download the free app rather than keying it in himself. Reply 0
  • Real Racing 3 review

  • Eighthours 28/02/2013

    This is unquestionably the most disappointed I have ever been while reading a review of a mobile game. And that's not a complaint about Eurogamer at all, it's because the Real Racing series had the potential to really show off exactly what a racing game on iPad/iPhone with a AAA budget could achieve.

    Real Racing 2 was pretty damn good. Real Racing 3 sounds like a great game which has been utterly crippled by a level of greed hitherto unseen in big publisher-funded iOS titles. This practice needs to be stopped and stopped immediately, or it will end up strangling the iOS videogames market.

    There's clearly a balance to be had between grinding, IAPs and how best to raise revenue while keeping gamers happy. This is so clearly on the wrong side of that line, and it's pretty unbelievable how EA thought it would be a good idea.
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  • Face-Off: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 on Wii U

  • Eighthours 24/11/2012

    I've seen a few people pointing out that early PS3 ports were dodgy too. Yes, but that hardware was released 6 years ago. Hardware in 2012 should be able to beat an ageing machine like the 360 without breaking sweat. DF themselves have pointed out how Nintendo could have done this for the price point of the Wii U by comparing it to available PC parts. This CPU bottleneck does sound like an easily identifiable design flaw, analogous to the one that has affected PS3 ports from day one.

    The difference is, it's 6 years later and this kind of performance differential should simply not be happening with Wii U. I'm very disappointed, and I hope that there's enough in the console elsewhere for devs to find their way around the CPU issue by somehow assigning work to other parts of the console, as they have with the PS3's video RAM bottleneck.
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  • Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed review

  • Eighthours 16/11/2012

    I'm buying the game later today. The inclusion of split-screen online pushes it well over the line for me. Reply +1
  • The rise of Sackboy, the mascot PlayStation has been searching for

  • Eighthours 09/11/2012

    Sackboy's cool, but I wish he could occasionally have a different expression in the marketing pictures. It's ALWAYS that Zippy-esque grin. Becoming a bit of a cliché. Reply -11
  • Editor's Blog: New Editorial Policies

  • Eighthours 09/11/2012

    Great stuff, Tom. I'm really pleased. Reply +3
  • Editor's Blog: Lost Humanity 18 Aftermath

  • Eighthours 30/10/2012

    Look what NeoGAF dug up:

    (Barrington Harvey are one of the big boys in videogames PR in the UK.)

    And here's the tweet that started Lauren's downfall:
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  • Eighthours 30/10/2012

    @Marrrfooo Lauren was far from naive - she tweeted after the article was published that she was finally using the media law element of her journalism degree. Reply +15
  • Eighthours 30/10/2012

    Rab stated a hypothetical perception involving Lauren and her love of Tomb Raider. Unbeknownst to him, he'd come across a massive coincidence: that this could actually be a real-life scenario given her history with Square Enix. I believe Lauren panicked at this and unleashed the legals (and I don't think she did that very nicely). She probably thought Rab knew about this relationship, but the thing is, no one did. Now we all do, though, thanks to internet detectives, and out of context it looks dodgy as all hell. Her actions led to the biggest backfire for a games journalist in a long while.

    Rab unwittingly got a bit close to the bone, and his paragraphs, his column here and Eurogamer as a whole all paid the price.

    I hope that videogames journalism takes a long look at itself after this incident, but I'm not entirely convinced, given the massive circle jerking "la la la, I'm not listening" attempted wall of silence from so many in the past few days. Talk about closed ranks. All power to those who've had the courage to speak out.
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  • Lost Humanity 18: A Table of Doritos

  • Eighthours 25/10/2012

    Presumably, then, the Dave Cook stuff has also been removed as a precaution. It's a sad state of affairs when you can't quote people's public utterances and comment on them, and I'm sorry to see Rab leave. I can see why he has, though. Reply +21
  • Microsoft unveils new logo for the first time in 25 years

  • Eighthours 23/08/2012

    Obvious jokes aside, I think it's a better logo. The old one looks really old-fashioned these days. Reply +19
  • App of the Day: Scotland Yard: The Hunt for Mr X

  • Eighthours 12/07/2012

    I loved the board game! If this is a good conversion, then I'm all over it!

    EDIT: Hmmm. No asynchronous MP, apparently. That's a bit of a howler over what should be a total no-brainer.
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  • Dark Preview: Vampires Done Right

  • Eighthours 26/06/2012

    Eric Bane is the best cliched character name ever! Awesome! Reply 0
  • Nintendo hits back at Wii U power concern

  • Eighthours 14/06/2012

    Nintendo will only get multiplatform ports of Xbox 360 / PS3 games. So of course power is important - we're going to see exactly the same situation as happened with the Wii in terms of third party titles, pretty soon after Microsoft and Sony launch their new hardware.

    I reckon the number of ports will fall off a cliff come 2014, and Wii U will be left with bespoke inferior platform-specific versions of franchises (think Call of Duty on Wii), and ports of B-team versions that will be released on the legacy 360/PS3 hardware for the family/casual market (think of how FIFA carried on being released annually on PS2 after the current gen systems came out).
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  • Changes to The Last of Us' Ellie and announcement of Ellen Page in Beyond are "complete coincidence"

  • Eighthours 08/06/2012

    Sorry, Naughty Dog, I simply don't believe you. Clearly the likeness was changed because there were 2 Sony-published releases with near identical-looking female leads, and it was David Cage who'd actually hired Ellen Page. Reply +1
  • Sony on PS4: "We've never been first. We've never been cheapest. It's about being the best"

  • Eighthours 06/06/2012

    @mandeep100 Oh, I totally forgot about the Dreamcast! o_O Reply +14
  • Eighthours 06/06/2012

    Er... weren't they first with PS2? (Answer: yes) Reply -79
  • Jade's Empire

  • Eighthours 11/05/2012

    A good interview and some awesome goals from Jade. I don't think much of her specific examples about how to implement these in games, but the very fact that she's thinking this stuff has to be a good thing. FPS's and so-called "mature" (actually targeted at 14 year old boys) games are definitely obeying the law of diminishing returns at the moment. I'm totally in favour of a more grown-up take on the industry, where we can have expensive games that are targeted at more than just the Michael Bay crowd. Reply +2
  • Free Radical vs. the Monsters

  • Eighthours 04/05/2012

    Great article. I do think that Free Radical maybe underestimated the amount of hardcore gamer rage caused by the Haze debacle, particularly the ego-tastic promotional strategy of Rob Yescombe. Reply +26
  • Microsoft's E3 briefing to be broadcast on Xbox Live

  • Eighthours 03/05/2012

    FINALLY! Reply +4
  • App of the Day: Disc Drivin'

  • Eighthours 03/05/2012

    I'm one of Chris Schilling's group of 4 hardcore racers of justice, and Disc Drivin' is, on balance, probably my fave iOS app. I haven't got bored of the game yet, and I've been playing it for well over a year now. Stats show that I've now played over 250 races (and that's not counting the ones I've finished last in, which must be at least another 50!).

    Find a regular group of players and this app really shines. It's such a simple concept and in many ways it's rather bare-bones in delivery, but it does the simple stuff right, which so few devs manage to accomplish. The gameplay fundamentals are all there but you make your own stories. And boy, do they come thick and fast. A tense race in this is as nail-biting as anything out there. The pressure on a seemingly easy shot can totally throw you off your action. You'll find yourself taking mammoth eye-of-the-needle risks which somehow pay off. Someone will manage a crazy shortcut using the jump power-up and never be able to replicate it. The game keeps giving. All of us keep getting better at it. And the banter on the chat function is ace.

    Tl ; dr: give it a go.
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  • FIFA 12 UEFA Euro 2012 launch trailer

  • Eighthours 24/04/2012

    @steagz It's 2012. How do you not have a console with internet access? How did you post this comment, for example? An internet connection, perchance? Reply 0
  • Sega design chief joins Kinect Sports dev Rare

  • Eighthours 17/04/2012

    Some recent decisions that have been made in the videogame world are pretty baffling to me.

    Why are companies hiring people and devs to work in senior positions or on major franchises, who don't have a track record of making really good games? First Capcom hired Spark Unlimited to make Lost Planet 3, now this. Je ne comprends pas. I presume it's something to do with the R&D prototypes that were mentioned, but his record of finished projects is nothing to be proud of, imo!
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