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  • The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ will be a Switch launch title in North America

  • EffEmmGee 19/01/2017

    $40!? Hahaha, just no. Reply +8
  • Halo Wars 2 benefits from the experience of Creative Assembly

  • EffEmmGee 19/01/2017

    @yukushi Did you even know what you were buying at the time? What were you expecting, a Halo themed infinite runner perhaps? Reply +2
  • Face-Off: Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition

  • EffEmmGee 29/06/2015

    "The developers even went so far as to offer a Japanese language track in this version of the game - a first for the series."

    Can someone tell me where this is? I'd read it elsewhere and thought it was a mistake.
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  • Vodafone typo messes up Vita WipEout top-up offer advertisement

  • EffEmmGee 17/02/2012

    I was there too and it was I who took that photo lol.

    It's still vague as to if the top-up offer still stands no matter where you buy the Vita from.
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  • Silent Hill HD Collection has original Silent Hill 2 voices

  • EffEmmGee 23/11/2011

    Thats odd as Guy NEVER wanted any extra money for this project, he fought long and hard to get this point across to Konami.

    Also I believe (from what Guy said on Facebook) that it was Guy who found and rallied the original SH2 voice actors together (Monica, Dave etc) to fight for their use in this Collection!

    He is also actively looking for Heather for SH3 (from what I gather she is tne only one that can't be found)
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  • Xbox 360 S to Xbox 360 S transfer cable

  • EffEmmGee 27/09/2011

    Too little too late.
    I started tweeting all the main people about this cable over a month ago, only AceyBongos replied telling me that this cable existed. Tweeting Xbox Customer Services was useless as they apparently 'dont comment on rumours and speculation' despite me linking them to what Acey had told me.

    A few times Acey said there would be one on time for the Gears3 console release...obviously not. I spent over 7 hours straight transfering 250GB worth of data (thats right I'd pretty much maxed my old HDD) on a borrowed 1TB USB HDD (shame you can only use 16GB at a time). Not to mention the additional 2 freaking days to licence transfer on top of that! Didn't get to start GoW3 till Thursday!

    I no longer have my old slim as I traded it towards F1 2011 (x2), and other stuffs.
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  • Study measures scariest Xbox 360 game

  • EffEmmGee 12/09/2011

    A mate of ours was round the other night playing Dead Space 2 for the first time (he's completed the first) and got so scared that a few times he had to stop to catch his breath, until finally he had to get up and put the light on!
    He did the same thing playing the FEAR2 demo!
    He's very vocal too moaning with fear lol!
    (FYI he's in his mid 20's)

    I think i'm imune to scary games now, I love them though. The only thing that makes me whince in games or films or real life are fingernail injuries.
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  • Saints Row 3 special edition detailed

  • EffEmmGee 19/08/2011

    Last time I checked Australia wasn't in Europe.
    Don't get me wrong, its nice to know about these special editions in other countries but it's also infuriating. The last exclusive EB in Australia had was one we REALLY wanted but nowhere else other than Australia got it (Yakuza 4 Bento Box edition).
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  • Xbox 360 Wireless Wheel costs Ł45

  • EffEmmGee 14/06/2011

    @ #27 gamingdave"no idea why there arent 2 triggers on each side though. Not much use for any racer with manual gears."I was thinking the same thing, I've just finished Forza 3 and really enjoyed using Manual w/ Clutch (on a pad not the racing wheel, which although I have I'm unable to use due to limited space...I game sat on a beanbag lol). I realise other racing games use Manual where you just press a face button but to me it just isnt the same. Reply 0
  • Sony turning PlayStation Network online

  • EffEmmGee 15/05/2011

    @Kirankara...just copied this from their site (different page from the update page), hope this helps!

    "PC Update - Visit eu.playstation.com for the very latest version of the update data. Follow the on-screen instructions to download to your PC.

    To transfer the update data to your PlayStation 3, save the file to a PS3 compatible storage device such as Memory Stick, Memory Stick Duo, USB drive or PSP.

    Before starting, use your PC to create a folder named 'PS3' on the storage media or USB device. Within the folder, create a folder named 'UPDATE' (This folder name is case sensitive and must appear in all capital letters). Once the UPDATE folder has been created, download the PS3 system software update to this location.

    Once the update data has been saved, disconnect the storage device and connect it to your PS3 via the slots under the slot cover or the USB connectors depending on the device you're using.

    Once connected, navigate to Settings on the PS3 Home Menu, select [System Update] and then [Update via Storage Media]. Select the connected device and your PS3 will install the update data stored there."
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  • 2K confirms Mafia II special editions

  • EffEmmGee 30/03/2011

    Umm... Thats why he's asking about "The Betrayal of Jimmy" much?
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  • Kinect off to "rough start" in Japan

  • EffEmmGee 24/11/2010

    Pretty sure I read somewhere (can't remember) that Sony's Move sales aren't exactly correct, as they count all individual peripheral sales (Ie Move uses 2x remotes + Camera = 3 sales).

    So wouldn't that mean that's roughly 3 Move sales for every 1 Kinect? (especially as Kinect doesn't require you to pay more money for peripherals for a second or third or fourth player?)

    So how acurate is this really?
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  • Kinect "incredibly liberating for women"

  • EffEmmGee 10/11/2010

    Bollocks! I hate all this Girl Power crap! We're all human (well mostly judging by the quality of some of the comments on EuroGamer lol) so it shouldnt matter what sex we are, men and women both have (by default) 4 limbs do we not? So whats the difference? Reply +5
  • Kinect stock coming in "every week"

  • EffEmmGee 10/11/2010

    Don't you mean Oxford "Street" store in London? Because funnily enough I was at the midnight launch of Kinect at our Game store in Oxford and didn't see any sign of Leona Lewis in Game or the surrounding Westgate Shopping Centre lol! Reply -1
  • First Halo: Reach map pack revealed

  • EffEmmGee 14/10/2010

    "Meanwhile, Bungie announced the start of its official Forgetacular Contest, which begins now."

    Dear Eurogamer,

    I was very interested in the above quoted section of your article but you failed to mention something very important about the Rules for said contest:

    "Each Entrant must be an individual who is a legal resident of the United States and at least 17 years of age"

    Am I right in assuming that the majority of Eurogamer readers are actually from Europe? Which if I am correct is not in the United States?

    By all means report on these things but make it very clear that it doesn't apply to us readers in Europe and the UK?
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  • Average age of gamers is 32, says study

  • EffEmmGee 28/05/2010

    @FogHeart: "You unspeakable cad, sir!"

    Thats Miss, thank you! (and happily engaged to a gamer equal to myself)

    @Doctor_What: I apologise, I didn't attend the 'Tards Reviewing School lol.

    I've not written for a while tbh, I think MW2 was my last one.
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  • EffEmmGee 28/05/2010

    Im both below AND above average here. Im 27 and play around 90 hours a week (depending on the sleeping pattern/mental stability/caffiene intake).

    Sounds excessve but given Im medically signed of work (severe back pain/mental issues) its just a hobby thats escalated!
    And when I used to work I would get up early to get about 30-60 mins gaming in, and be gaming till about 1am when I got home.

    I also sometimes review games for my website and write articles for other sites, Ive had work printed too!

    *waits for immature comments regarding my lifestyle*
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  • GAME sorry for tatty 'new' stock

  • EffEmmGee 15/04/2010

    I too won't buy a game unless it is still officially factory sealed.
    It's not just the quality of the disk that bothers me, but the outer case/cover too.

    If anyone received a book with a tatty/greasy/fingerprinted cover, even though the pages were fine, I doubt they would be happy. I like my games cases to have that silky soft feeling of new-ness.

    As for games being stored in a draw in their manuals, if people are so fine with this method of storage then why don't they do this at home? Saves shelf space right?
    No, peope don't do this because they want their games safe and undamaged!
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  • Final Fantasy XIII dated for US/Europe

  • EffEmmGee 13/11/2009

    I will happily admit if I'm wrong here but from what I remember Coca-Cola was never IN the actual game, it was a collaboration between Square and Coca-Cola to do some commercials in Japan. I completed this game at least 4 times and don't remember seeing any product placement.

    "Starting on March 6, 2000, Final Fantasy IX characters were used in a line of computer-generated Coca-Cola commercials. Figurines of several characters were also used as prizes in Coca-Cola's marketing campaign."

    TGS: Final Fantasy IX
    Characters Do Coke

    If you know otherwise please feel free to prove me wrong.
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  • European Xbox 360 sales hit 10 million

  • EffEmmGee 13/11/2009

    Well last time I checked I'm a female gamer lol!
    Personally I don't know that many other female gamers but from personal experience we don't tend to speak up on Live. Chances are if you're playing online with someone who conveniently doesn't have a mic or doesn't speak they're female. There's more girls than you think!
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  • Overlord II demo on Xbox Live

  • EffEmmGee 05/06/2009

    @Triggerhappytel: Actually all reviews for Red Faction Guerrilla are embargoed until 9am 5th June. It doesn't matter what score you give it too. I know because I got my review copy directly from THQ and that's exactly what the covering letter states.

    "...Please find a copy of Red Faction Guerrilla review code enclosed
    Please note that the embargo for all online reviews is 9am GMT Friday 5th June..."

    Says nothing about score restrictions.
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  • Red Faction demo available now

  • EffEmmGee 14/04/2009


    There is absolutely no tearing in the 360 demo, bar the opening FMV.
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  • Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard

  • EffEmmGee 11/03/2009

    Oh come on EG! Wheres your sense of humor? This game is easilly a 7/10. This review reads like someone who detests games wrote it.

    Also I found it easy to suss out the games its poking fun at (and its TYPES of games rather than specific titles).
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  • Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

  • EffEmmGee 03/12/2008

    @Triggerhappytel "I've just created an account with ShopTo last week who I've heard good things about"

    Ummm...yeah...about ShopTo...
    1) We had ordered Ridge Racer from them for the Xbox 360 and when we got it, it looked like it must have been left on a radiator or something, the clear plastic on the box (not the factory wrap, the actual box) was all warped and wrinkled.

    2) We ordered a Basketball game and they sent us the wrong one, the one they sent wasn't even listed on their website. When I rang them they were confused as to why we were complaining as "it was a basketball game", plus it was one we already had.

    3) When fixing the above basketball game they credited our ShopTo account with the refund when they got the game back from us (because they couldn't refund our card for some reason), we spent most of this refund on another game only to find a few days later that they had wiped the remaining funds from our account with no explanation!

    4) There's no guarantee that you will get a UK copy of the game if it is region free (in some cases this doesn't matter but UK DLC wont work and you can't trade or sell said game to a shop). If they have both UK and EU versions of a game and you specify that you want a UK version you have to be willing to wait a few extra days.

    The only good feature they have was that they send you a text message when they've posted your order and that you can order up to about 5.30pm for next day recorded delivery. That's not enough for us to order from them again.
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  • Fable 2 Pub Games

  • EffEmmGee 14/08/2008

    "and is also available as a pre-order incentive for people who pick the game up at specific retailers, including branches of GAME in the UK."

    Actually no, that site you linked to actually says:

    "There appears to be some confusion over the participating retailers list we posted on our site. We are very sorry for this as we posted it in good faith. We are trying to resolve this confusion as soon as possible. We hope to publish an update shortly. Thank you for your patience."

    So currently only people in the US have this offer, people everywhere else have to either buy this for 800MP or wait to see what happens. I've read instances where other people have contacted their local Game stores only for them to not have a clue about this. Last I heard is that Game is still in talks with Microsoft over this matter, nothings been decided as of yet.
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  • Eidos reveals new Lara Croft model

  • EffEmmGee 11/08/2008

    Personally I don't think she suits the role when it comes to age and looks. Karima was the best model so for to me. She had the looks and personality and looked the right age for Lara. Reply 0
  • Game journos are lazy, says exec

  • EffEmmGee 31/07/2008

    In a way I kinda agree with this article, I myself am a games reviewer for my website and always make it a rule to complete or at least be ruddy close to completing a game before writing a review. It irks me to read a review for a game I've played a lot of only to find that the reviewer has hardly played any of the game, otherwise they'd know this or that etc...

    The only downside to this is that it takes time for reviews to go up on my site but at least I'm happy with what I write.
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  • 1942: Joint Strike

  • EffEmmGee 25/07/2008

    I played this in Co-op last night on the Xbox 360 with no slowdown then later on I completed it on my own and still no evidence of slowdown.
    All it takes is 1 negative comment from 1 person and everyone else takes this as truth and out comes the fanboyisms!
    Why cant people find out for themselves and make their own judgment? There is a demo for this you know!
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  • Mass Effect DLC free on PC at launch

  • EffEmmGee 19/04/2008

    The loading problems, texture pop-ups and lengthy elevator rides of the Xbox 360 version should be erased here, too.

    I doubt that somehow, given the amount of plot in spoken word format during the elevator rides.

    I'm sure I read somewhere that they're just as long, so as to keep the whole plot intact.
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  • Condemned 2 demo coming to Live

  • EffEmmGee 17/03/2008

    Well it isn't, and hasn't been since websites reported it being there since last Friday! Reply 0
  • Overlord stampedes onto PS3

  • EffEmmGee 26/02/2008

    I know this was posted last year, but whats this about then?

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  • EffEmmGee 26/02/2008

    It doesn't say anywhere on the box that it was an Xbox 360 exclusive so its not really an exclusive thats lost is it? Reply 0
  • Take Two willing to negotiate with EA

  • EffEmmGee 25/02/2008

    @Mentalist(air): I think you'll find that it was Microsoft Game Studios who published Mass Effect, EA are publishing the next installments. Reply 0
  • Red Rings claim display 360 at GDC

  • EffEmmGee 19/02/2008

    @Darren: The way you go on about it you'd think you're the only person in the world with hearing problems. Benjamin has had Tinnitus since forever and how often has he gone on about it? He just doesn't let it bother him!
    Myself? my hearing was fubar'd in music/recording college during a nasty prank where every 5ft tall amp was cranked up to the max without me knowing, blew my eardrums to buggery (I'm now sensitive to higher pitches but need to crank up the bass on everything I can...static noises and in some cases dog whistles give me headaches)

    Ok now we've said it, I now feel safe in the knowledge that I never need to mention it again.
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  • Toshiba officially scraps HD-DVD

  • EffEmmGee 19/02/2008

    @Darren "...and has a far nicer BD remote..."

    Are you serious?!?! Its god damn ugly!

    PS3 Remote: [link=http://tinyurl.com/2lra8n
    Xbox 360 Remote:
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  • Burnout Paradise - Comparison Gallery

  • EffEmmGee 07/02/2008

    I am of the female variety and love Paradise, moreso than the previous Burnouts if I'm being honest, I hardly play it though as my fiance is always playing it (hoping to get my own copy this week).

    Anyways, I'm confused, where the flip did they get those 360 screen from? I've never seen it looking so bad, I can honestly say that I don't experience those "jaggies" and even go as far as saying there isn't any...then I look at those screenshots and wonder what EG are playing on O_O!

    Before anyone asks if I'm playing in Standard Def then no, I've played this on a 32" HDTV 1080i but I mainly use a 19" flat/widescreen PC monitor (because the TV belongs to t'other arf) and even though the resolution isn't fully supported by the 360 it still looks perfect (yes we need 16:10/1440x900 support please!)
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  • MS chops US HD-DVD drive price

  • EffEmmGee 07/02/2008

    The BD thing was because Darren is the only person I've noticed saying that, plus looking at stores online, the first 3 I looked at list them as Blu-ray or Blu-ray Movies.

    Seriously though I don't get the Noise argument, I have an early-ish Premium and it would be classed as noisy, but I have never noticed it to be perfectly honest. Most of the time I use headphones anyway (because both myself and BBIAJ have our own Xbox 360's and both play in the same room) but when I'm not using headphones I use the really small built in speakers on my PC monitor that aren't loud at all and I still don't notice the sound of my 360.

    As for the HD-DVD player, as BBIAJ said, its silent, I'd even say that you can't hear the disk spinning in it. Also have you noticed the difference in noise levels when playing a game to sitting on the dash? The 360 is very quiet when sitting on the dash and thats the noise levels to expect when watching a HD-DVD.
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  • EffEmmGee 06/02/2008

    I just hope Universal and Paramount realise that it's in the public's interest to either defect (ideally)

    Publics interest? oh right I get it, you're stuck in this delusional little bubble where you believe that everyone can afford a Blu-Ray player or a PS3, you basically want all the major companies to go Blu-Ray exclusive to f*ck over those people for which Blu-Ray isn't an option.
    Also why would the exclusivity be ideal? if they chose to back both you wouldn't personally lose out would you?

    go format neutral (less ideal)

    I don't understand why this would be less Ideal, this would benefit everyone!

    because it seems everyone else has pretty much accepted that HD-DVD is dead or soon will be.

    have they now? and I suppose you know this "everyone else"? Fair enough things look like Blu-Ray is the favourite to win but who really wins? The customer? Hell no!

    Ironically the reasons I didn't buy the HD-DVD add-on for the 360 was
    (a) it would be attached to a noisy, unreliable console without HDMI
    (b) it required another "brick" (just what every Xbox 360 wants, I'm sure!)
    (c) it just looks plain ugly... I mean black Elite owners can't even buy a black add-on.

    (a) Noisy? Sure 360's make noises but nothing that you would hear if you have any kind of volume on your speakers, plus I thought you were deaf anyway? God knows you go on about it often enough making your complaints about audio in a game slightly more invalid.
    (b) Brick? you mean a power brick? ummm...no just a cable from the drive to the wall socket with a box smaller than the one on the PS2 power cable. If you meant brick as in the drive itself, well its a darn site more eye pleasing that the PS3! plus you can put it anywhere, use it on your PC too if you so wish (providing you meet the requirements, most PC's now do)
    (c) *see (b)* Plus there was a Black one available but only for people who worked on it, most of those I believe were sold on eBay at some point.

    The only reason I buy BDs is because I bought a PS3 and it came with a convenient player built in, if the Xbox 360 had come with a built in HD-DVD drive then I would probably have been backing HD-DVD not BD but, hey, you can probably blame Microsoft for that one.

    BD? come again? sounds like an STD, I'm assuming you mean Blue Disk...which ISN'T what its called, its Blu-Ray, even BRD's would make more sense if you really needed to abbreviate it.
    Everyone knows why the Xbox 360 didn't include anything more than a super fast DVD drive, its to make it available to more people as it's in a price range people are more likely to afford. Rather than on overpriced console that only the super rich can afford. The 360 can be customised to fit what people want, if people don't want anything more than a DVD drive, they don't have to upgrade, if people don't want to have a wireless internet connection, they can stick to wired...etc etc etc...
    The PS3 gives you everything in one package, not everyone wants that, and not everyone can afford that.

    Also what with getting rid of the backwards compatibility? Sony saying that noone wants this anymore obviously haven't asked anyone outside of their own little brains...although saying that from what I've read about the interweb about the dodgy emulations I'd rather keep hold of my PS2.

    This all sounds like I'm being all fan-boyish (or fan-girlish in my case) but I'm not. Its not the console itself I hate, its the whole principle of the situation, I probably would get a PS3 at some point, but not now at this price range, also theres not enough exclusive games for it to warrant a purchase. Sure there are exclusives but not ones I want. Ratchet & Clank, Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid, 3 games aren't going to make me want to buy a console.

    *is expecting Darren to tell me that "This post had nothing whatsoever to with you in the first place" like last time on another discussion board*
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  • Devil May Cry 4

  • EffEmmGee 05/02/2008

    @Darren: "Does anyone else think that Nero looks impossibly pretty... or is it just me? LOL"

    No thats just you being a gay!
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  • Lost - Fragdolls Interview

  • EffEmmGee 30/01/2008

    Quote Saii:
    "The Fragdolls are just promotional tools - not games journalists."

    I must be imagining the fact that Kitt is a games journalist for 360 Gamer magazine then?
    "Kirsten left the BBC in 2002 and pursued a career in Video Games Journalism. Her first job was as the resident columnist for Official Playstation 2 Magazine. She’s gone on to write reviews, features, and columns for most of the games mags in the UK including Official Xbox magazine, Gamesmaster, PS3 Magazine and NGamer as well as many popular websites. She’s currently the Editor of the Community section of 360 Gamer Magazine and reviews for pocketgamer.co.uk."

    As for Jam:
    "...Frag Dolls came along in 2005...she began writing freelance features for GamesTM, nRevolution and X360 Magazine."

    "After being offered a job in games testing and attending a fantastic launch party Sarin set out to make gaming became a way of life and not just a hobby.
    Sarin joined the UK Fragdolls in 2005. Her ability to excel in a variety of games on a range of formats, whilst keeping up a flowing conversation, ensured her position with Ubisoft. Since then Sarin has cut out her role by working industry events, interviewing developers, competing on Xbox live..."

    I know this will all fall on deaf ears but as least I know I am trying to defend their reputation.
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  • EffEmmGee 30/01/2008

    Have some of you guys got nothing better to do than make negative digs at her? I suppose you can do better? I don't think so otherwise Ubisoft would have recruited you instead!
    The Frag Dolls arnt just a group of girls picked at random, they can actually play games.
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  • Gag order prevents MS talking Live

  • EffEmmGee 15/01/2008

    I still don't get why Silver Members are getting compensated. For what exactly? What did they miss out on?
    Playing games online? Oh no sorry Silver members can't do that.
    Video Chat? Oh no sorry Silver members can't do that either.
    Sending Picture Messages? Again Silver members can't do that.

    Its not like this prevented any Silver members from playing Offline games that Silver members are restricted to is it?
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  • Xbox Originals Burnout 3 on Monday

  • EffEmmGee 10/01/2008

    @sabreman: My question would be, will this work with the 360 VGA cable?

    I own a 360 Website and we own over 120 games on the BC list. On my site we have hand tested all of these games and reported on any issues etc. Including VGA compatibility (as I personally use a 19" widescreen PC monitor for my 360)

    Back to your question, so far all the Burnouts (physical disks) work on VGA, so I can't see why this wouldn't work.

    Although the Disk versions of Halo and Psychonauts DO NOT work on VGA yet they are available as an Xbox Original on the Marketplace. I did try contacting Microsoft to enquire about them adding to the description that they may not work using a VGA cable and got nowhere with the American woman on the other end. She was convinced that I was ringing because I didn't know how to make my 360 Backwards Compatible!!!
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  • PSP Media Manager for free

  • EffEmmGee 18/12/2007

    Anyone having issues installing this?

    Even after a fresh reboot it constantly tells me that I am currently installing another program and must wait for that to finish before retrying.

    The problem is that I am not installing anything other than this Media Manager.
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  • GripShift

  • EffEmmGee 17/12/2007

    Cant we just agree to disagree?
    Benjamin is happy with his reasonably priced 32" HDTV which displays 99.99% of 360 games with immaculate detail and clarity without those hideous tearing and ott jaggies etc.
    And Darren you're happy with your incredibly expensive Sony Bravia HDTV which displays 50% of 360 games with immaculate detail and clarity without those hideous tearing and ott jaggies etc. The other 50% I am assuming look unplayable?

    Am I right?

    I'm sorry but I can't see how a TV which displays games poorly can be better?

    Oh and yes we did our research and came to the decision that there was no point paying through the nose for something which produces an image quality damn near identical to something that is more affordable. We also tested an incredible amount of TV's in-store with our own equipment.

    And actually in a way your right and wrong Darren. HDTV's DO influence the end quality. Its not responsible for everything but HDTV's re-process the image before displaying it hence some TV's showing flaws and others don't. Also expensive HDTV's use more or less the same technology as cheaper models, we saw this on many HDTV's after examining them closely. Comet's own cheap Pro-Line brand was using the same tech as other better known names such as Goodmans and LG, the only difference being the price for the 'name'. Its like saying your Levi's are better than my non-branded jeans, they're both made of Denim!

    Anyhow back on topic. Gripshift is an amazing game, I unfortunately haven't had the pleasure of playing it first hand on the 360, only watching Benjamin play it. But I was a fan of it on the PSP...still play it now actually.
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  • Frontlines demo on Live

  • EffEmmGee 13/12/2007

    Wow! I've not played such an awesome FPS in a long time. Theres something about this game that got it just right imo.

    Also theres no issues for me either and can honestly say that I WAS looking out for them after reading this thread. Not one bit of tearing, NO texture pop-in (or build-in), virtually no jaggies and LOD is incredible!

    Oh and whats wrong with the static art cutscenes? I liked them, suits the mood.

    I'm sorry but I cant help but laugh at all these people who spend thousands on a 1080p thinking that its noticeably superior to a 1080i when in all honesty there either is no difference or where there is differences they are bad ones for people with 1080p's
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  • Two Worlds

  • EffEmmGee 13/09/2007

    Eurogamer must have reviewed a different game to what im playing right now on my 360. Im hooked on it, the framerate is slightly below par but apart from that its a very enjoyable game. I will be putting up a review on my website soon. Reply 0
  • GRAW2 PC patched

  • EffEmmGee 18/07/2007

    Project Sylheed didn't need patching Darren!

    Nor did Monster Madness, yet...
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  • Ubisoft dates key titles

  • EffEmmGee 20/06/2007

    @Darren. Funny thing is I cant remember experiencing any tearing in any of the games you mention (Except R6 Vegas, but even then that was once at the beginning...ive failed to replicate it since)

    I dont currently have a HDTV but im happy with what Ive got (which is very crisp btw).
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  • EffEmmGee 19/06/2007

    Darren, you do realise that there are still a further FIVE months to go for them to sort out the dreadful V-Sync tearing issues seen in the WORK IN PROGRESS trailer, to which you seem to be allergic? Reply 0