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  • In Theory: Can Microsoft produce a new, cut-price Xbox One?

  • Edwannawonga 04/02/2014

    Unlike ex-Man U fans, we can forgive ex-Microsoft fanboys from switching sides. It's ok. Reply 0
  • Blizzard issues security warning after World of Warcraft suffers increase in unauthorised account logins

  • Edwannawonga 28/06/2013

    Ever since they changed it all over to Battle.net I've had problems with hacking. Though it may just be coincidence. Reply 0
  • Hale to the Commander

  • Edwannawonga 26/06/2013

    Love this article! Hale was great as Naomi in MGS but brilliant as the halfling lass Mazzy Fentan in Baldur's Gate II. Reply +2
  • PlayStation 3 update 4.45 bricking some consoles

  • Edwannawonga 21/06/2013

    @Sapporodan haha, I never knew that was added as part of an update. I was actually questioning my sanity as to how it got there. Reply 0
  • Mass Effect

  • Edwannawonga 19/11/2007


    Game is a good action romp, worth playing, good story behind it. Performance gets a bit dodgy in places.

    8/10 is a poor game score. Kristan, your opinions are inferior to mine. I hold a monopoly on opinions and what everyone thinks should constitute a good game.

    Good on Eurogamer for not bowing down to the hype machine.

    edit: just re-read your post ^^ one word = playable
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  • Eternal Sonata

  • Edwannawonga 02/10/2007

    Chopin Liszt lol

    Damn, wish I was clever enough to think that one up!
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  • Fresh Rock Band list ahoy

  • Edwannawonga 06/09/2007

    "Rush track = instapurchase. Some top top tunes on there."

    I'll get it only if they have the whole of 2112 on it. Otherwise it's GHIII for me ^^
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  • First They details emerge

  • Edwannawonga 06/09/2007

    Just checked out some new developer vids on Gametrailers. Looking forward to this game and quite impressive amount of work done in 4 months, unless any of you guys are in the business and can tell me otherwise :)

    Customisable gun looks well sweet.
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  • Games not linked to Virginia Tech shootings

  • Edwannawonga 31/08/2007

    "Maybe he'd have downloaded plans for a bomb off the internet and blown up 60 people! Ban the Internet!"

    lol, there's always that.
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  • Edwannawonga 31/08/2007

    I think what some people are trying to say is the fact that guns are easily accessible in the US compared to the UK i.e. Law abiding people can't buy firearms nonchalantly in the UK.
    Fair enough he was a crackpot and would have killed regardless, but do you think he would have killed 30 people or so easily using knives? I'm sure they would be people prepared to put up a fight vs a knife than a gun.
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  • What's New? (24th August 2007)

  • Edwannawonga 24/08/2007

    Yes! Back to cool "What's New" articles!

    Had my Core 360 since around launch time and it hasn't failed me permanently.

    It has had the ring of death and one red segment error but both times I just switched on and off and it has been working fine ever since fingers crossed!
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  • GC: Euro Rock Band in 2008

  • Edwannawonga 22/08/2007

    Bonus for Guitar Hero III! Reply 0
  • BioShock PC demo live

  • Edwannawonga 21/08/2007

    Demo runs perfectly fine on my CoreDuo 6600 & 8800 GTS maxed out settings at 1280x1024.

    @ Demophon - Not only faced with the logical step of injecting random syringes into your wrist, you come to the inevitable conclusion that you must jump off a balcony too.
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  • What's New? (3rd August 2007)

  • Edwannawonga 03/08/2007

    Aww, I was so looking forward to reading some spaced out rambling too.

    There's always next week I suppose :)
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  • Iranian students' anti-US game

  • Edwannawonga 19/07/2007

    "Huh Iran is all over man. It's all about the pesky Russians up to their old tricks again.

    Raid Over mOscOw II FTW \o/"

    Yeah, the Ruskies are the bad guys now.
    Instead of rescuing nuclear scientists, there should be a game about deporting russian diplomats. First country to deport all opposing diplomats win!
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  • Edwannawonga 19/07/2007

    "Also a game that promotes "the idea of defence, sacrifice and martyrdom" does sound extreme but consider the western version of the same virtues. Defending democracy, sacrificing yourself for comerades, getting the job done at any costs"

    "Thats actually a really good point when presented in those terms."

    Yes, a very good point but there is a slight difference between martyrdom and sacrificing yourself for your comrades: paradise with virgins and philanthropy.
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  • Edwannawonga 19/07/2007

    I don't know about that Whymeeeeeee.

    I mean I loved the Total Carnage sub-game in Burnout. Only instead of racking up cash, you'd be racking up virgins in the afterlife (good-looking ones mind, otherwise it'd be a cop out).
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  • Edwannawonga 19/07/2007

    Your argument is a bit skewed GregorV:

    "We tried to promote the idea of defence, sacrifice and martyrdom in this game," as said by publisher/developer/don't care.

    Name a shoot 'em up you know which PROMOTES killing muslims/middle easterners, and I'm not talking about subliminal tosh, I'm talking about where a developer says it straight.
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  • Edwannawonga 19/07/2007

    Excellent! The first game I've come across where when you die, you win! Reply 0
  • Resi 5 details emerge

  • Edwannawonga 18/07/2007

    Um, don't know if it's just me or the ambiguity of the article but when it said "big surprise addition here that Takeuchi believes is an obvious step in the series' evolution. You'll kick yourselves."
    I thought it was answered in the following paragraph about light affecting vision.

    Please tell me if I read it wrong, or is there another surprise?
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  • BioWare talks Sonic RPG

  • Edwannawonga 18/07/2007

    It'd be cool if it was like Baldurs Gate II with Sonic;

    Sonic is actually a child of Bhaal and he has to shape his destiny, choose to either play it good or evil. He can also shapeshift into an avatar of Bhaal - a blood-thirsty beast with seemingly-unstoppable brute force.

    Along the way you party up with Tails, Knuckles, and random hedgehogs. A little love triangle will form along the way (not mentioning any details) depending on your choice of dialogue.

    As for plot, Sonic was raised by an old man who gets killed by Robotnik, he vows revenge and gets it. The end.

    Oh yes, he also becomes a God.
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  • Retailers price Xbox 360 Elite

  • Edwannawonga 18/07/2007

    "Also, a machine that already suffers from overheating, and they make it BLACK? Good thinking."

    Sorry Hughes, don't mean to be a snobby know-it-all but black actually radiates heat a lot more efficiently.

    Back to topic; not enough changes to hardware to warrant a purchase I'm afraid. Like what Lambtron was saying about in-built Wifi and increased reliability, it'd be worth it only it's just a pipe dream.
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  • Assassin's Creed

  • Edwannawonga 17/07/2007

    Looks like a brilliant game imo. Who really REALLY cares that much about the story line?

    *penny drops*

    Ahh! So that's why Lost Planet didn't get glowing reviews. I always thought it was because it's a shallow albeit fun shooter.
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