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  • Keeping the game alive

  • ED209 03/10/2013


    October 2005, after more than four years of ever-increasing size and popularity, a schism formed in the Update Team. "Some of the members began to have differences in terms of assigning attributes and values to the players in the database, the air was thick with argument and counter-argument, hue and cry. Brouhaha" Henderson says. "Some said, It’s essential to focus on stringent accuracy!" "Others wished to emulate the original database style used by developers Sports Interactive". The result… deadlock. The tension was palpable. Hackles were raised in a manner not too dissimilar to the protective stinging surface of the common garden nettle which, due to the unseasonably mild weather, remained particularly virulent throughout autumn that year.

    At that point, a rogue Lib-Dem proposed a compromise. “What if we split in two, with the disruptors known as the SIM team - and the other team called ODB." "And a bloody, or at least irritable, clash could be averted!"

    "Gentlemen, do we have a deal?" (SOUND OF CHEERING) Norwich awoke that morning to peace. But it’s incredible to think so few people know how close Championship Manager came to a blanket imposition of statistics incongruent with the historic data structure employed by the former football focused formal fellows. That's a tongue twister. You should try that at home children. Although for some of you younger ones it would probably just end up as a series of stuttering f's. And never let it be said, that I sir Alan of Partridge-shire have encouraged swearing amongst Norfolk's burgeoning junior football community. Although most of your fathers probably already turn the air blue with 'f' words at your youth games. Not just 'f' words, mind you. 'S' words....'W' words...


    ...'C' words. They'd they'd they'd probably shout 'Z' words if such a thing exists! ahhh.
    There's an idea for a phone-in! We're looking for a swear words for every letter in the alphabet. Nothing too racey mind, for this tis a family show for da wittle wons. Keep it relatively clean. Looking for things like ass or bum or c c co cock cock like chicken for a coward, not what you're thinking cheeky. Or dung or or or egg? .....or FANNY!

    /North Norfolk Digital Jingle
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  • Rockstar hopes new GTA Online patch out today

  • ED209 01/10/2013

    On the Xbox you should be able to hold the on/off button for a hard shutdown. Might be less drastic than pulling the plug. That's what I did anyway. Got stuck after the character creation, but before world loads. Reply +2
  • Steam will allow families to share games across multiple accounts

  • ED209 11/09/2013

    Oh man, this is good an all, and was exactly what I was after, so the wee one's don't ruin my saves when I'm at work, and I have a million games for pennies, and rarely experience access issues, and have no reason to complain, but why oh why is it that I still have to wipe my own arse? Hmm Steam? Come on it's 2014. Sort it out THQ. Reply 0
  • Devs saddened by "empty and dishonest" Ouya response to Free the Games Fund controversy

  • ED209 11/09/2013

    News at 11: Sophie Houlden - Due to withdraw from Ouya marketplace.
    Expected annual loss to turnover: 1,650 british pounds
    Fucks given: 0
    Publicity gained: priceless

    Perhaps we should investigate Eurogamer's stake in Ms Houlden's business.
    Hmmmm? Hmm? Hmmmm! Hm.
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  • Samsung Galaxy S4 review

  • ED209 12/05/2013

    @A_FAN Well to be fair I'd pmsl if I sat next to someone with that setup.

    Jesus. Give a hoot, Read a book.
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  • Ex-Inside Xbox members launch new project Thank You For Playing

  • ED209 13/04/2013

    - It's near perfect on a playbook (except for the games which can't be played without a keyboard, obviously).
    - I liked the kickstarter infographic, and will probably appreciate others.
    - The small articles have been interesting so far.
    - The bio's with each video are really useful for knowing why I should care about what this person has to say.
    - The unlocking aspect helps me make it through videos (using the unlocks as temporary interludes... god youtube has destroyed my focus).
    - I've liked the videos i've seen so far with the exception of the chatty one in the pub (It felt contrived to me. Appreciate it probably wasn't but have that instant reaction anyway.).
    - It's ridiculous that Microsoft would have let you go when you produced the only dashboard video content that was of interest to me. Particularly when I am no different to a million of my European comrades. Disenfranchised from regular TV since the end of Gamesmaster. We are easily pleased, yet few will attempt to do so. Our few caveats are that we dislike American video formats, hate PR interviews with game developers in noisy E3s, and think that people that start videos with "What is going on" and end them with "See you in the next video" should be reconstituted as cat food. Thank you for avoiding this so far.
    - I enjoy the fake mouths thing.
    - When is SentUAMessage coming back?
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  • Draw Something to be turned into Channel 4 game show

  • ED209 13/04/2013

    Fuck you all, Bob Mills was excellent* and I miss him dearly.

    *At least in everything I seen him in. Youtube: "In Bed with Me Dinner".
    BTW some of his jokes are meant to be shit. I think.
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  • Strike Vector is an impressive looking aerial combat game made by four people

  • ED209 12/04/2013

    What the fuck is this "More from the web" section. Are you actively incorporating spam on the site or have some cunning advertisers copied your formatting/font combo perfectly? Reply +11
  • Indie dev makes game about his s***** day job, gets fired

  • ED209 03/02/2013

    @kangarootoo I was 5-8, playing when I got taken away in a spaceship with the voice of Pee-Wee Herman. Best days of my life.

    Anyway I think it's a bit of a stretch to psychoanalyse someone based on a few comments on a game forum. Which can be summarized thusly :
    - Video commentator is a whiny douche (generally agreed)
    - Game author made his own life difficult by having little empathy and tolerance for confused callers (based on personal experience of similar situations).
    - There are worse, more distressing jobs in the world (inexplicably someone compared working in a call centre with Chinese Water Torture, and they were being serious).

    So I think my main lesson is fix your situation yourself. Don't wallow in self pity and look for sympathy from others if your problems aren't as pronounced as the sand eating children of Africa.
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  • ED209 01/02/2013

    @kevinzhang "Would you be right along there, calling them ungrateful cunts because there are less fortunate children in Africa who has to eat sand to survive?"

    Yes, Yes I would. Only I'd say it in Chinese: "bwoo hwoo. Thild Wolrd Plobrems. Get back to wok." etc.

    You seem to be taking this awfully personally. Calm down, dear.

    Were your ancestors imprisoned in an call center in More Than 1066 years ago. Oh yes?

    Or some drink-ING Direct-ory enquiries workers ran over them in a Direct-line in a Multi-car, Multi-Car? (not even trying now)

    /won't someone think of the sand eating african children.
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  • ED209 31/01/2013

    @TarickStonefire hmm or it could be that you have confirmation bias. Plenty of permanent call centre employees would indicate that it is a tolerable existence.

    In any case the whole game screams 'First World Problems'.

    What I find particularly ironic is that the game phonecall is entirely plausible. The call handler turns a somewhat confused caller into a complaint by not 'leading' the call, giving one word responses and being a total douche (even the 'correct' responses have a hint of irritated tone).
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  • ED209 31/01/2013

    @GiantStickMan Here's a hint, treat them like humans, and not some amorphous blob of 'the general public' (which you are a member btw).

    Generally work (and life) will go much easier that way.
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  • ED209 31/01/2013

    @drhickman1983 wow you really nailed me. Except I did work in call centres for years. And as mentioned above outbound is a hell of a lot worse than the inbound the dev had to 'suffer' through.
    But in any case when you clock out of a call center your finished for the day/weekend. Not many places where you take the work home with you (security usually stop that).
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  • ED209 30/01/2013

    Fuck me, that prick on the second video is more annoying than any customer. What a fucking whiny pussy. Could have rattled through that call in two minutes, even with the obvious misunderstandings (which should be anticipated and avoided).

    And if that is the level of 'stress & trauma' that the developer had to face on a daily basis, then boo fucking hoo. Sure call centre work can be hugely tedious and unsatisfying. But wait until he gets a job in the real face-to-face world, with difficult situations, no CRM script and no mute/end call button.

    "Waa waa, why do these morons not understand abbreviations that I see everyday but have no relevance to them in their daily lives". GTFO.

    Oh and "Asshole UK" (do you see) - you worked 2.5 hours extra today (in a seated position). Poor fucker, must be like being on a slave ship. I'm surprised you could keep going through the tears.

    Oh and many workers that don't get a Christmas bonus might think that Ł29 is quite a generous gift. They might even call you an ungrateful cunt (not me, I'm not that crass).

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  • Digital Foundry seeking freelance contributors

  • ED209 28/01/2013

    While I'm no expert on the technical photons and bitlets side of things, I could give enlightening overviews of the usability aspects of our modern day raison d' etre, using fancy words I've just googled, observe:

    When I first heard of the concept of dual screens on Wii U I was apprehensive, nay excited, nay perplexed. But this indolence soon subsided. 'Behold' I quenched. This shall solve all modern man's usability raisin d'ritos.

    Unfortunately my misgivings we're soon dumbfounded apro-pro an unfounded rewinding of You Tube by 20 seconds everytime i place the voluptuous controller on my erectile disjunction.

    Also where the Fuck are the buttons/icons/hud. Two fucking screens and I've still got no idea which nubbin will cycle the aromatic nudilicious scene instead of sharing it with my horrified brethren mother.
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  • Cart Life: "The only thing that changed was me"

  • ED209 27/01/2013

    l.o.l. He's such a lazy bum in that 'Let's Play'. Where's your Ukrainian work ethic?! (No wonder he's a game journo).

    BTW minor niggle. Please don't start/end video's with the overused, tedious YouTube speak: "Hey Guys", "See you later", "See you next time".

    1. We are not guys. We are landed gentry on this side of the pond.

    2. You will not "see" me later/next time. I have opaque sellotape over my webcam to prevent such a possibility.
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  • Designer who rebranded Microsoft in his spare time hired to work in Xbox division

  • ED209 22/01/2013

    @MattEvansC3 Actually what you are saying is what they are already doing. There is large overlaps between the various hardware sections (see Smart Glass as a link between Xbox/Phone/Zune/Music/Video as an example).

    Also the 'convergence' of the various OS's, which is fairly obvious by now I would have thought (Windows 8, Phone, Xbox).

    Actually think their current branding is pretty good compared to the past. Certainly good enough, considering it's only a logo (see Olympic Simpson's incest-me-do, as demonstration that even the most ill-conceived logo, ultimately has little relevance).

    From my armchair I dictate that they should keep the current branding and focus on sorting out the usability of products. The split personality of Windows 8 being the biggest challenge on the horizon... (i expect the next xbox will sell itself).
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  • ED209 22/01/2013

    I feel like I've woken to a new dawn...where everyone has gone insane.

    Either that or my browser isn't loading that page properly. Because I see virtually nothing on it? People are impressed he achieved it in 3 days? What?

    However I admit i'm not in the marketing industry, success in my work relies on progress not "vision". So I just have to assume that on the planet of marketing a few images and a plain font = mind blown.

    But even if the overall "strategy" is above the comprehension of my tiny mind, how can anyone be impressed with that logo. It's design 101.
    You start with a /
    Graduate to a //

    Micro // soft.

    (Woah man, it's like he can see into my soul).
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  • HMV: What now?

  • ED209 19/01/2013

    Am I the only one the thinks 9 to 5/6 is a fucking stupid time to be open on a Monday to Friday.

    The only people not in their own workplaces/shops at the time are the elderly or ladies of leisure. Neither of which is the target market for Limp Bizkit memorabilia*.

    Ok so it's clear it's been a while since I've been in a HMV, but that's because it's always fucking shutting by the time I run down from the office with my fist-fulls of cash to throw in their filthy faces.

    I know if I was a good little consumer I would book a holiday from work so I could commute into town on my day off, and then pay ridiculous prices for awkward excessively-packaged DVD box-sets and lug them up the road with me. But I'm weak.

    Instead I just have it piped directly into my eyeballs at a time convenient to me at minimal cost! Thanks "Direct-Eye-Ball-Vision-Cheap-O-Rama" (Netflix/Lovefilm/Beeg).

    *(Actually the elderly lady in our reception has taken to wearing particularly offensive "Slipknot" t-shirts on dress-down Fridays... and that's not a joke!).
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  • Saturday Soapbox: The (first) DLC generation

  • ED209 19/01/2013

    @ExcellentBenji "You can put online passes on the 'abhor' list, too.

    Hopefully the companies will only provide the former in the next generation. Hopefully."

    They mostly come from EA. Mostly.

    I try to steer clear of EA games these days as the online pass is a particular price-gouging pain if you have kids. The bloody spongers (I don't care if it was wee timmy's only Christmas present, it's MY Ultimate team).

    The only reasonable solution is a co-ordinated large-scale boycott, so lets start now:


    By the way, I don't know what in @ExcellentBenji's post could possibly illicit a down-vote from any normal consumer. But I'm not particularly annoyed, I'll just have to write it off as the actions of a little johnny cock-face, cunt-head, ball-licking, mega-wank, DLC-shareholder.
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  • Games of 2012: FTL: Faster Than Light

  • ED209 27/12/2012

    @Shinetop People are commenting here about it definitely being their GOTY, it costs about 4-5 quid, and you're still quibilling about it? Just fucking buy it already. Then thank me later. Reply +7
  • Games of 2012: Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition

  • ED209 23/12/2012

    @Spong I don't mean to be rude, and please don't take this personally but you have got to be the thickest person I've ever seen on the Internet. And I've seen a lot of Internet. Reply +1
  • Lost Humanity 18: A Table of Doritos

  • ED209 24/10/2012

    So..wait, is Hotline Miami really a 10/10 game?... or have I just had my eyes pried open to THE LIES in my place of worship? Reply +2
  • Successfully funded Kickstarter game Haunts halts development

  • ED209 21/10/2012

    @ctankep One on't cross beams gone owt askew on treadle? Reply +1
  • An audience with Syndicate

  • ED209 11/10/2012

    @Carbon_Altered Milky Milky Reply +1
  • The re-making of XCOM

  • ED209 06/10/2012

    I'm not overly fussed about what's been left out. Random maps etc have been picked up by the indie alternative Xenonauts (PC/Mac/Linux only I think though). This means we'll have 2 different approaches from the same source material. One big budget 're-imagining' and one true to source HD 'remake+'.

    If you can and you like this sort of thing getting both is the perfect solution (PC version released on the same day I think). Note: I do not work for Xenonauts (I don't even have a proper PC, just Linux). I was surprised it's not been mentioned in the article or comments though.

    By the way, why is there never any love shown for Xcom apocalypse? I thought that game was great (although I never managed to properly play the first 2, but I don't see how it could be disregarded)
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  • Notch shows off first footage of 0x10^C

  • ED209 04/10/2012

    Sounds like a playable version of Google Sketch Up.

    I give it 1000/ten
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  • "There is something we haven't told everybody about when you play the cube..."

  • ED209 02/10/2012

    What a fucking pile of shit.
    1. You just shove blocks about to make them disappear (no layers of complexity)
    2. you can't work/play with friends (no coop mode)
    3. nobody can see your progress (no sharing)
    4. when you leave and come back you have to start from the beginning (no persistence)
    5. you can't choose your own approach via a choice of in game items (no shop)
    6. It requires a constant influx of real world cold hard cash (no free mode)
    7. The only vague reward is an abstract concept accompanied with fleeting fame (high scores)
    8. It's essentially the brain child of one man with no experience in the industry (no proven record of success)
    9.Your input will never be measured, no data will be retained and no research will be forthcoming (ultimately an utterly futile waste of time)

    ...oh wait that's Tetris Arcade and despite all of the drawbacks above it was fucking awesome.

    As far as I am aware these drawbacks don't apply to this 'thing', so to suggest it is not of interest in a gaming site is to shove one's head up one's arse going "waah waah, why do people keep talking about things I irrationally dislike on my games site. Make them stop, daddy"
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  • ED209 02/10/2012

    @jabberwoky OK to prove your worth build a game half as good as Dungeon Keeper and I'll cum around and poke your box. Reply 0
  • ED209 02/10/2012

    Oh and forgetting the Cube app for a minute. 22 Cans is the closest we'll get to a rebirth of Bullfrog. If they take a shit I want to know about it Reply +4
  • ED209 02/10/2012

    Message to all those saying 'who cares':
    This is one of the most interesting game/app ideas in years, by someone who made the best games in the world ever (largely before your time, dear). It is quite appropriate for Eurogamer to be covering it in what was a very enjoyable read (especially after watching the presentation).

    You might be better served by fucking off to the Resident Evil 6 thread. There's a soulless FPS there that might interest you.
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  • Reverb regrets PR stunt that threatened to leave homeless kittens euthanised

  • ED209 02/10/2012

    Can we use this thread to identify the Daily Mail readers and escort them off the site please, thanks. Reply +1
  • Molyneux: Curiosity prize is not money or Half-Life 3

  • ED209 01/10/2012

    @darkmorgado Well actually I meant wasting time discussing accessibility with regard to making Fable Kinect work for the wheelchair 'ones' (roll to the back of the complaint queue, they need to fix it for the other 99% first).

    /reveals cold black heart

    Although Peter did seem to have genuine concern there, so it did show he was a good guy which was nice in any case and should awaken much needed compassion in others.

    /actually a secret hippy

    However the comments regarding increasing accessibility of games by including simpler controls and incentives to entice more casual gamers, girlfriends, mums & Germans were ok by me.

    /potentially a chauvinistic, scattergun racist?

    Anyway, I now consider my decrees fully clarified. Carry on.
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  • ED209 30/09/2012

    Most of the comments here regarding the final thing being some monetary prize show an unsurprising lack of imagination and inventiveness. This is why you will never be Peter Molyneux (Unfortunately I am also a unimaginative pleb, so I can only imagine it is something to do with some sort of input/involvement with 22 Cans projects).

    This 'game' which sounds on paper ridiculously boring actually has been concocted and packaged in a very appealing and addictive way. Has several features common with the best of his other games (buying stuff, creating stuff, destroying stuff...the amount of time I spent just digging tunnels in Dungeon Keeper!). Every other game in the world should include these things and then they won't be shit. Obvious addictive game mechanic is obvious (was actually going to say the same thing in a different thread about Prison Architect, before I watched this video and seen that this game perfectly encapsulates these features without psychologically unnecessary bells and whistles).

    The presentation was one of the best I've seen for the games industry, certainly better than any ordinary PR guff. Although it was obvious that the Q&A could have been handled a bit more smoothly by EG (don't even know what some of the questions were) and they probably could have pre-vetted some of them for interest/relevance. RANT: you may have a concern about accessibility in all games, but 99% of the people in every other row (other than the front) don't give a toss, and that's not the best use of this creative visionary's time (harsh but true rant over, sitting in my ivory tower with 5 functioning limbs).

    Probably my biggest memory of all will be the criminal waste of an opportunity by the tosspots trialling the app. 'WTF'...oh ha fucking ha. Could have least did an '8/10'. Or a crude approximation of Peter with titties, or Turner the Worm being sick. A brave thing to let them loose on it live though, great that he's making the most of his freedom from Management/PR shackles.

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  • Resident Evil 2 retrospective

  • ED209 30/09/2012

    @sega "Personally I've always preferred the Resident Evil games with a more isolated setting (mansion, island, village etc) because I like the idea that your goal is to escape. You're stuck in a mansion and you just have to get out - the end could simply be a door away as far as you know and any could lead to your escape. You'd think the city setting would take away from this somewhat but they do a remarkable job of retaining it"
    I totally agree with this. I vividly* remember the scene where you are at the top of a high building/mountain in a cable-car/funicular station, looking out over a desolated forest/tundra, thinking "have I made it out at last? Finally managed to escape the city..."

    *ok not that vividly, but it has been about 15 years.

    What I would say that I despised about the original games was the ridiculous hoops you had to jump through to access extra content. Like the example someone gave of playing non-stop for hours without saving or healing. Some of us would like to experience all the game has to offer without battling through feats designed by absolute cunts that are only achievable by about 3 brain-dead l33t gamer cunts (you'd have to be brain dead to subject yourself to that sort of tortuous replaying). The cunts. Don't confuse requiring skill with resistance to monotony. I've already paid for the game, let me use what's there instead of it going to waste. I WANT TO PLAY AS TOFU OR PÂTÉ OR WHATEVER IT/HE/SHE WAS ;_;
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  • Prison Architect makes Introversion $100,000 in 72 hours

  • ED209 30/09/2012

    Wasn't sure about this until I watched the video."HYPHEN ARCHITECT!" made me laugh.

    Now added to the one to watch pile with Xenonauts (full release soon I think).

    I really, really love this niche game revival. Finally getting me excited/interested in games again, after sleepwalking though games since...GTA Vice City, probably. I realise that's a random game to pick, but possibly the last one I really, really got hooked on, oh except for Minecraft... and Open TTD (which is truly addictive if you set it up properly)... and MW2 (I'm human, and the perk/weapon unlocking mechanic is like a strategy game really).

    Oh and got FTL the other day too, really addictive and fun.

    As an aside, the graphics for Prison Architect while charming and distinctive, make you realise how truly awesome the isometric (but fully rotatable) graphics/characters for Theme Hospital actually were. Wonder what that artist is doing now?
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  • Humble Indie Bundle 6 adds four new games, $135 value

  • ED209 26/09/2012

    Not played wizorb. But got the other 3 in another bundle and played them for about 3minutes each. Although YMMV . I would give more detail but posting on EG with Android is Lee pulling yeah (like pulling teeth) duck new (V Y club m s) ((fuc me)) Reply +1
  • Blowing on NES cartridges was actually bad for them

  • ED209 26/09/2012

    Except this news is irrelevant to everyone here as not one single one of us had NES back in the day. Stop trying to be a cool American with your false memories. I bet you don't even know how to suck a Chuckie Egg. Get back in your seat you horrible child before I give you mumps.
    We demand more stories about Kempston ports and dodgy cassette players now!
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  • Oculus Rift impressions: It's amazing until it makes you want to hurl

  • ED209 06/09/2012

    @bemani247 Exactly! And while the terminally ill are hooked up to this exploring brave new worlds we can use their body heat to power our robotic overlords, and their excretions to feed our lawns. Reply +5
  • Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition breaks 1 million sales

  • ED209 16/05/2012

    @Brownstudy ok I'll add you when I'm next on. Although I don't actually have a theme park yet. Just a random collection of buildings.
    As I said it took me 3 hours to make an empty bath. So don't expect Disney World.
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  • ED209 15/05/2012

    Although that's probably a bit ambitious seeing as I mucked about with a bucket for about 3 hours trying to understand how water works. In hindsight the middle of a desert isn't the best place to build a bath. Reply +2
  • ED209 15/05/2012

    A Boat Ride! Excellent idea. Just what I need to furnish my Theme Park OF DEATH. You mussssssst be thisssssss tall to DIE. Reply +3
  • Digital Foundry vs. Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition

  • ED209 13/05/2012

    BTW Split-screen play is not possible without an HD TV. There is an in-game comment that only 4-player split screen is possible with HD, but the fact is no split-screen (i.e. 2/3 players) is possible on an SD TV.

    That's a bit of a bollocks omission to arise after the fact, especially as that was the main reason I bought it. However I still managed to play for pretty much 3 days solid in single player, so I personally can't complain too much.

    By the way I find the world size perfectly adequate, and after endlessly roaming the wastes in the PC version, it's quite good to know that there is a defined area to explore. Then when you've milked that area, load another world. Seed "404" is supposed to have a big goody filled cave under the gravel capped spawn point, but I've not dared venture down yet.

    There is a lot of great stuff missing, but as long as it comes later it feels good to go without, gives you time for preparation, and you will appreciate the additions that much more (like unlocking them for the first time again).

    Oh and finally the control system is perfect. It's the only way to play. No more spending AGES making sticks/tools and tidying chests. Bish bash bosh, ready for the fun bits. (To think I was worried that the crafting would lose it's magic. In fact you realise that there is no fun in aligning items, especially if you know the recipie already.

    TL;DR: itz gud, but 2-UP sqr tv.
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  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Collection 1 Review

  • ED209 27/03/2012

    ... EG haters, 9/10 haters, so that we can quickly see interesting comments
    . And android haters ( for submitting incomplete uneditable posts)
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  • ED209 27/03/2012

    Can we please start splitting these comments threads into separate sections for COD haters, Activision haters, DL haters Reply -2
  • BBC iPlayer on Xbox goes live today

  • ED209 20/03/2012

    @StooMonster I'm already there but the missus likes her Sky TV & remote (a wireless numberpad makes a perfectly acceptable remote substitute dagnammit! Just remember to change channels it's: *+numlock+ 5+0, it's EASY!... also I will fix volume when I'm home. If it gets too loud just tilt your head until your ears are out of the speaker focal point you unreasonable witch!)
    So I'm stuck with the licence.
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  • ED209 20/03/2012

    @seeafish so what you're saying is that we should all continue to pay because you like it.
    Arrogant much?!
    The fact is if it provided value for money to everyone that used it, there wouldn't be a tax it would be self sustainable. But instead the "common poor" subsidise the Proms watching few.
    I'd rather keep my cash for Fashion Tiffany Bangles if it's all the same thanks very much.
    Oh and btw you should take a look at some American drama for quality tv. BBC sometimes get them too but they put them on at 1 am because they have to allow prime slots for quality gems like The One Show & Watchdog.
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  • ED209 20/03/2012

    @Spong You don't know man, You weren't there! I guess you're right, I should just accept that I don't deserve more than Sunday Night -uphill and down the dale with 'The best of 3 cunts in a car / boat / bath " in HD.
    Oh and it's nice to be told the TV licence provides a me great value, even if we don't watch a single BBC thing but the missus likes Dancing on Ice.
    It's the greatest injustice man has ever known.
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  • ED209 20/03/2012

    I don't want to put a downer on people's celebrations but I want to jam screwdrivers into the spinal column of anyone that says anything vaguely supportive of the BBC. This is is the organisation that gave us a choice of Songs of praise or Antiques roadshow on a Sunday. No I couldn't go out partying instead, I was 8 years old you fuckers.
    I suppose they made up for it with Top Gear, but I have a nagging feeling that is just a pathetic attempt at lads entertainment fronted by 3 middle aged cunts.
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  • Next Xbox won't have a disc drive - report

  • ED209 09/03/2012

    Parody: - Fuck this electricity shit, give me back my candlelight.
    - MS better let me sell on their products so i can damage their profits.
    - MS better let me use my old games again so that i don't have to buy them again from them and i can buy less new games and so i can damage their profits.
    - MS better let me keep buying lumps of plastic to gather dust and so i can damage their profits.
    - MS better make it so i don't require internet access to play games and so i can continue to live in this cave and can damage their profits.


    fuck me, some people are oblivious to:
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