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  • Alan Wake PC release date announced

  • Dynamize 02/02/2012

    You shouldn't be allowed to call stuff that belongs in an options menu by default "enhancements". Reply +10
  • Payday: The Heist Review

  • Dynamize 31/10/2011

    Got the PC version, I'd say it's just under the quality of L4D. Like the review says it's a bit rough around the edges here and there, but it's solid fun with a nice little unlock system.
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  • Leisure Suit Larry HD remakes announced

  • Dynamize 11/10/2011

    Yay, Al Lowe!
    Do an HD Freddy Pharkas after these, ta.
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  • First Dead Space 3 details - report

  • Dynamize 26/09/2011

    Hope it's not all on a planet, part of the appeal of Dead Space for me was being in, well, space. All the auditory shenanigans, romping about outside the ship in vacuum and all that. Reply +2
  • Saturday Soapbox: Are Games Racist, Sexist - Or Just Bad?

  • Dynamize 17/09/2011

    Lara has an identifiable personality and background; she is, even in her cartoonish way, a fleshed-out human being. Can you really say the same of Dead Island's "feminist", Purna, the bodyguard in a ripped cocktail dress who's "hired not just for her skills but her looks"?

    Since she shares the stage with three other characters in a multiplayer-focused game it's a somewhat unfair comparison. It is however worth mentioning that Purna points out how much she resents flogging herself on the 'pretty bodyguard' market at character selection; after relating how she suffered institutional sexism and racism while working in the police force. Quite an omission from an article banging the drum of fair representation.

    Men are strong; women are sexy. It's lazy characterisation, rampant stereotyping and a lack of human empathy - on an industry-wide scale - that leaves gaming defenceless and exposed when charges of bigotry are laid against it.

    Well carrying on with the Dead Island example Purna is an attractive, physically capable woman who has found herself in a sexualised position brought about by the injustices of the world and her own actions: she took the law into her own hands and attacked a sex offender with wealth and influence, thus losing her job.
    It's not a thread that's constantly revisited during the game (as far as I'm aware, haven't played as her yet) but it's there, established at the start.

    As for Letitia, I'm the same as slivir up there: I thought of her as a likeable woman suffering under poverty and poor education, thus her affectations in speech, innit.
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  • Aliens: Colonial Marines

  • Dynamize 09/06/2011

    It's over five years, they've stripped out the squad mechanics and gone straight shooter, which presumably meant redesigning the whole thing; sounds like development hell to me. Not a good sign.

    Speaking of squad things, since they're important characters and all, I guess that means they'll have to be invincible, right? Can't have an important character die in a fight since they need to do a scripted thing or crack wise later on. Or will the approach be a sudden "Mission Failed - You let one of your dudes die"? Or the inexorable trope of Aliens games (and most shooters where you have 'allies') - "You go out there and do the thing, we need to stay here to press Ctrl-Alt-Del when you're ready to do the thing. It takes all of us to achieve this."
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  • Capcom backtracks on SFIV: AE DRM

  • Dynamize 02/06/2011

    Sweet, I was resigned to letting this one pass me by because of the silly DRM. Reply +5
  • Dragon Age: Legends now open to all

  • Dynamize 16/03/2011

    Soooo many gimmicks. Reply +1
  • BioWare forum ban locks-out DAII

  • Dynamize 11/03/2011

    Are Eurogamer going to press EA/Bioware for comment on this, or leave it at that?

    I'd like EG to press for comment on EA's policy and how that affects the consumer's access to purchased stuffs as this seems like a rather important precedent that needs to be examined. Will game reviewers' accounts be identified and punished if they give a poor review? Thin end of wedge etc.
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  • Dead Island trailer rouses Hollywood

  • Dynamize 24/02/2011

    Nice that they're getting proper recognition for the well-crafted trailer (well, someone's getting recognition, hopefully the right people).

    Optioning for a film though, seriously? I mean sure, as a Hollywood director/exec you're impressed and maybe a little embarrassed that some computer-Poles managed to elicit a greater emotional response from people with a game trailer featuring absolutely no dialogue, than a load of your films manage, but come on. It's a trailer for a game, a trailer that might not even feature any principal characters going on the fact that they all seem to get bit.

    Again though, kudos to the makers for being good enough at what they do to garner such interest. Techland/Deep Silver should totally take the money and run; reward for their work.
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  • Call of Juarez: The Cartel announced

  • Dynamize 07/02/2011

    Why even bother keeping the name if you're going to remove almost everything associated with it i.e. the wild west setting?

    But back then there existed few decent western shooters. Now, of course, there's Red Dead Redemption
    So, a whopping two now then. Crowded market.
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  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 creeping towards RPG?

  • Dynamize 12/01/2011

    I don't so much care about graphical shine as world 'fidelity' or something. Consoles, generally speaking though there are exceptions = smaller areas with more frequent loading times. I don't want that all up in my roaming grill. Reply +3
  • Shadow the Hedgehog designed for US

  • Dynamize 18/12/2010

    "Americans, they like guns or something, right? We should do guns in our next fantastical fast hedgehog platformer." - the thought processes involved in multi million dollar decisions at the highest echelons of corporate enterprise. Reply +8
  • Next COD to be set in space?

  • Dynamize 09/11/2010

    Kind of already got this in the shape of Shattered Horizon. That's really as far as I can see you being able to stretch "rooted in reality", without just giving up and playing "me too" with Halo, AvP or whatnot. Reply +1
  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

  • Dynamize 26/10/2010

    Tarkin the piss really, isn't it. Reply +8
  • Blizzard: PC gaming "super healthy"

  • Dynamize 26/10/2010


    I just quoted what users had already said here to illustrate how ludicrous the reaction to "PC market is alright" usually is. If that's over the top, take it up with them.

    One line - consisting entirely of "stealth "We fucking hate consoles" press release?"
    If people take that at face value, which is all they can do really, you can hardly cry foul. The point still stands that from the press release you extract "this statement is about the console market, they say 'PC is healthy' but they mean 'we hate developing for consoles'."
    I don't see it as anything apart from "s'alright, this making money on PC lark."

    Battle.Net being a barrier is a fairly sound explanation for their business. They've no doubt invested heavily in creating it and as a constant service will have expenditure on it in perpetuity.
    You'll want to see that you at least break even after that investment before you think about partnering with MS/Sony, working out how to get it all working on their systems and network, as well as paying money for the privilege of selling on their machines.

    Long story short - it's business, not hate, other emotions or some sort of loyalty to the PC. Business and practicality. If the console market shows it can turn a profit after deductions for platform royalties, costs etc then Blizzard will be on it like...well, like vendors on customers. It would be foolish to fund a massive infrastructure across all platforms without even knowing that the actual games and initial network won't flop.

    "I was trying to make the point that Blizzard simply don't make games for consoles, and that is unfortunate for all of us who don't own PC's capable of running the most up to date games."

    Well why didn't you say that in the first place?
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  • Dynamize 26/10/2010

    I love this. An industry VP says "PC gaming's alright actually, healthy market despite all the doomsayers."
    Nothing partisan about that, just that a market is still lucrative and reports of its death are greatly exaggerated; as they have been for ~ the past 10 years.

    Cue "you must secretly hate consoles!", "it's NOT healthy, most of the users are criminal thieves!", "yeah, it's healthy...IF you like casual baby-games that make everyone question your sexuality!"
    Throw in some "PC gamers don't wash and obsess about FPS and GPU and rubbish and make all the cool gamers who drink BEER and talk to GIRLS look bad!" and we'll have the full set. Probably have that by going home time today actually.

    Haters gonna hate, indeed.
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  • Blizzard: Anonymity suspends reality

  • Dynamize 21/10/2010

    Yes, it's entirely surprising and a learning experience for you Blizzard, realising that it ties into the suspension of reality and all sorts of interesting and insightful sociological and psychological things.

    It's not that Legal pointed out that the moment something goes wrong like an assault, harassment or someone losing their job, you'll be knee-deep in litigation; nor is it anything to do with potential breaching of Data Protection Acts.
    It's also nothing to do with one of your staff having private contact details posted on your forums within hours of saying "it's perfectly safe, look, here's my real name".
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  • Fallout: New Vegas patches inbound

  • Dynamize 20/10/2010

    Gamebryo and its problems go back to Oblivion, so it's pretty much down to Bethesda rather than Obsidian, apart from scripting and quests I guess.
    Edit: Or what darkmorgado said.
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  • Gearbox: PC distributors should play nice

  • Dynamize 11/10/2010

    If another guy bought it in a retail store, he can't play with the first two guys," Gearbox head of marketing Steve Gibson told the London Games Festival blog.

    Well that's not true.

    In my experience Games for Windows Live is inelegant and rubbish. Just drop that and keep Steam in my opinion, barring a massive GFW overhaul that makes it not awful.
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  • Alpha Protocol will only live once

  • Dynamize 06/07/2010

    7/10 is "mediocre" now, huh?
    Really enjoyed AP myself.
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  • SEGA explains Alpha Protocol DRM

  • Dynamize 04/05/2010

    Sounds sensible, I can live with that. Reply +11
  • Obsidian: Aliens RPG was "ready to ship"

  • Dynamize 29/04/2010

    Weird 'cause I recall Youtube footage of Alpha build gameplay surfacing a few weeks/months after it got canned, and it didn't look at all turn-based. I guess it could've been a really old build but even so, switching from real-time to turn-based seems a pretty massive change to pull after you've started development.
    Ah, there's the video.
    Anyway, yeah, shame it got canned.
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  • First XCOM screenshot revealed

  • Dynamize 14/04/2010

    X-COM - Extraterrestrial Combat Unit. The clue's in the title, silly developers.
    I'd just about accept a game based around a Kiryu-Kai agent/pilot, but then that'd just be a tale of complete failure to do anything.

    Oh god, why are people incapable of just updating and improving what was done 16 years ago on comparatively stonge-age hardware? They have to give it a "twist" and make it an FPS, realtime or somesuch rubbish. Grrr.
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  • PC version of Alan Wake officially binned

  • Dynamize 12/02/2010

    Oh, that's a bit of a surprise. Bit of a shame but meh, I can live without it. Reply +1
  • Ubisoft defends risky PC DRM plan

  • Dynamize 28/01/2010

    The benefit is that they might still be able to buy Ubisoft PC games in 5 years time.

    Unless DRM opt-out/protest affects sales to such a degree that PC porting or platform-specific games are abandoned anyway.
    "Good news, we beat the disease! We, uh, killed the patient too but them's the breaks."

    Tricky situation. Perhaps we'll see what's what sales-wise when Ubi rolls out the games with this stuff. Personally, I'm very disappointed that I won't be picking up Silent Hunter V if it has this. Principle, stupidity, irrational, whatever your take on it, it's still a lost sale; customers can be tricky beasts to manage.
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  • 2K "scaling back" BioShock 2 DRM

  • Dynamize 26/01/2010

    we are only using standard Games for Windows Live non-SSA guidelines, which, per Microsoft, comes with 15 activations (after that, you can reset them with a call to Microsoft.)

    Wait, what? All Games for Windows Live games can only be uninstalled and reinstalled 15 times? Is that right?
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  • Aliens Vs. Predator - Story trailer

  • Dynamize 22/12/2009

    Yeah, OK I'll give you that, fair point. However I'm grabbing the caveat that by the looks of this trailer there's at least some reason to be excited; and that there's always a shot at redemption after a period of poor-average games.

    We'll just have to wait and see, but I'm happy to sit with a little grin on my face right up until my hopes are cruelly dashed by reviews declaring poo :)
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  • Dynamize 22/12/2009

    First PC AvP was lovely in its day. Rebellion done good with Rogue Trooper and Sniper Elite was good too.

    Rogue Warrior was a project handed to Rebellion after Zombie Studios walked away for whatever reason.
    I've no interest in how well they can do darts games on the Wii, or games for handhelds.
    Shellshock was by all accounts rubbish, but I'm not going to write off the developer of the first AvP games based on that.

    It's a neat trailer with what looks like a good engine showing off two iconic film monsters. It gets me excited and interested.
    If February rolls around and the review sites say "oh my god, despite appearances they messed it all up, it's crap." then I probably won't get it. Until more information comes to light though, wow, it looks pretty neat. Here's hoping it turns out to be good.
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  • Dynamize 22/12/2009

    Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Reply 0
  • Left 4 Dead 2

  • Dynamize 17/11/2009

    Grargh, why'd it have to be a 9? Ł26.99 just seems too much. Must resist, price point too much for an almost solely multiplayer title. RESIST. Must...resist. Conviction...waning. Reply +7
  • BioWare defends story structure

  • Dynamize 09/11/2009

    How many times can the same basic plot points can be used before people get sick of it, or will they ever get sick of it?
    I'm not saying Bioware's use of the same formula is bad in itself, I'm just wondering if there'll ever be consumer pressure due to lower sales or perhaps artistic need/integrity, to try something a bit spicy and off-the-beaten-track.
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  • Shattered Horizon gameplay trailer

  • Dynamize 04/11/2009

    Looks really nice, I like the colour palette. Bit disappointed it's purely a multiplayer shooter though. The concept seems like it would work well as a singleplayer game. Might just buy it. Reply 0
  • The Void

  • Dynamize 02/11/2009

    Nice review, pretty much sums up my experience and feeling for the game.

    It's really refreshing to have that feeling, almost from the start, of "Hang on, it smells like everyone's got an agenda here. I'm not sure I believe any of you guys!"
    The art style's brilliant, wonderful melancholy about it as well as the twisty, turny weirdness.
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  • Free Dragon Age DLC at launch

  • Dynamize 08/10/2009

    DLC armour, quest and NPC on day one? Couldn't they have just, y'know, put it in the game like normal? Reply 0
  • Dragon Age: Origins - Leliana

  • Dynamize 11/09/2009

    With every new publicity video I think, more and more, "This is just sad." Reply +1
  • Alpha Protocol

  • Dynamize 19/08/2009

    If you're referring to the fact that the game was rushed through development to have it out mere 12 months after the original and that Chris' complex and deep story had to be hacked to pieces following the LucasArts/ BioWare execs' directions...

    Which is worryingly similar to Brian Mitsoda's writing for AP being binned and him leaving Obsidian :/
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  • Ubisoft has PC anti-piracy plan

  • Dynamize 06/08/2009


    Yeah, I pretty much agree. I was being ill-advisedly vociferous. I'll just claim I was made that way by the industry's cumbersome DRM crazy though, thus it's a symptom which backs up my argument that they're all nuts and upsetting consumers :)
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  • Dynamize 28/07/2009

    I haven't decided that at all.

    I said the industry has a habit of making strange moves in all areas of its business, which were presumably vetted all the way through the decision-making process and OK'd, despite outwardly being crazy. To your saying (at least that's how I took it, maybe I did miss your point) that industry professionals are ever on the ball and if there was a solution to the problem of piracy, they would've found it, got it up the chain and adopted it already.
    Based on that history I don't think it's unreasonable to think they could miss something, be unwilling to adapt or are bull-headed. All I've said is "Look at all this, that's pretty stupid. Sometimes these guys aren't too smart. Maybe they make stupid mistakes or fail to pick up good ideas in other things too. Like DRM."

    Hassling legitimate customers and higher prices than retail in DRM'd digital distribution just doesn't seem the smartest thing to do, when that hassling seems to have no appreciable effect on the piracy figures. Something's gone wrong somewhere, yet the head has kept banging against the brick wall and the customer suffers.

    Perhaps Ubi's new idea will be smart, considered, easy on the consumer and the cure for all this. Based on experience, I won't hold my breath, and reserve the right to call "stupid" and hurl my poo if it adds up to another restriction/hoop for the purchaser to jump through.
    Happy to eat my words if it turns out lovely though, and will be in the line to go "Ubi are awesome and clever, look how they protected their copyright without being rubbish."
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  • Dynamize 28/07/2009


    No, it isn't a hive mind. That's why all these moronic decisions and ideas cropping up all over the world, from all sorts of devs and publishers, throughout the industry's lifespan is all the more wearying.
    A hive mind would be an understandable excuse. What we actually seem to have is recurrent, independent stupidity :)

    I also agree that all it takes is one good idea. However I'd narrow the odds quite a bit by saying "all it takes is one good idea, and the ear of a person in a managerial/boardroom position; who's prepared to rock the boat and face down shareholders/the board in order to see the idea through."
    Advocates of stupid ideas must be more persuasive or something.

    I'm expecting an elegant solution to piracy at some point, which reduces the copyright infringement whilst leaving the honest consumer unfettered by awkward restrictions or inconvenince. Going on past and present form, I might be waiting some time for my elegant solution to trickle down through the stupid.
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  • Dynamize 28/07/2009

    IF it were that simple, surely the clever people that staff the hundreds of development studios and the tens of publishers out there in the world would have realised that by now.

    You're giving quite a bit of credit to an industry that recently gave us "sexually harass our models for prizeslol!".
    An industry that in the past has given us "fu** discs, carts are still the future!", Kaz Hirai standing on stage with a grin on his face saying "The Playstation 3 will cost $599.", "Here we are in historically accurate feudal Japan, and here's a Giant Enemy Crab."; thousands of copies of ET buried in the desert, Derek Smart, Duke Nukem Forever. An industry that regularly blurts out "tits and swears and nu-metal = mature!".

    Not to say any simple answer is the panacea for all this, but c'mon, music/game/film people have shown they can be morons when it comes to adapting to a changing market. That must go some way to undermine thoughts of "They're in charge so they must be smart, right?".
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  • Tech Comparison: Bionic Commando

  • Dynamize 27/07/2009

    Why claim the game will support DX10 and then not bother? Isn't that grossly misleading?
    That seems truly weird. Trading Standards levels of weird.
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  • Dragon Age: Origins

  • Dynamize 08/07/2009

    "Inventing 5,000 years of lore" seems to amount to "Dragons, dwarves, undead etc. with not-D&D background fluff/explanations."
    Bit hyperbolic and disingenuous.

    BioWare's been biding its time with this one, fitting in almost two separate jaunts across the Mass Effect universe in the space it's taken to get the basic pieces of its dark fantasy working together, but this is a company that's never been short on patience.

    I think in this case "biding their time" amounts to having this project worked on part-time by about three people who spent all those years prior to full production coming up with the same tropes with a different lick of paint.

    Anyway, it might still have some as-yet-unseen saving graces, so there's a chance I'll buy and enjoy being a Jed...Grey Warden.
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  • Aliens vs. Predator

  • Dynamize 30/06/2009

    This delights me. I have very fond (scared) memories of the last two games on PC. Now all they need to do is make Rogue Trooper 2 as well and I'll be quite prepared to drop "Changing the subject for a moment, did you know that Rebellion are awesome?" into casual conversation. Reply 0
  • Rockstar using new Payne voice actor

  • Dynamize 15/06/2009

    It just gets worse and worse :/ Reply 0
  • Balding Max Payne 3 sighted

  • Dynamize 10/06/2009

    Yes, we are judging way too quickly. They've only shifted the setting from Noir York City to bloody Rio and changed Max into John McClane. What could be a lighter touch to the formula than changing the setting and main character? Reply 0
  • Dynamize 10/06/2009

    FFS. Reply 0
  • Introversion: "2008 was disastrous year"

  • Dynamize 29/04/2009

    I never bothered with Darwinia or Defcon, but I thought Uplink was aces. Reply 0
  • Games Workshop's got "forgotten IP"

  • Dynamize 29/04/2009

    Oh man, a Necromunda game with all the extra stuff from Outlanders; Jagged Alliance meets Warhammer 40K! That'd be so sweet.
    Another Space Hulk game wouldn't hurt either. I remember being amazed at the graphics on the Saturn version, heh.
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  • Atari defends Riddick PC DRM

  • Dynamize 16/04/2009

    So to summarise: if you buy Riddick legally on the PC we are going to do our best to make sure you can play it for as long as you want,

    No, you're clearly not. To do that, you'd figure out some form of DRM that didn't make me reliant on contacting you if, for whatever reason, I need more activations or whatever.
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