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  • The year in Nazis

  • DutchDemons 27/12/2017

    Quite a tactful thumbnail not at all aimed at luring viewers in. Nice Eurogamer. Reply -11
  • UK Gambling Commission weighs in on how it can - and can't - regulate in-game loot boxes

  • DutchDemons 24/11/2017

    @pelican_ It's not JUST about children. I hope you realise that. It's about abusing certain people's inherent tendencies to take risks and who have no satisfatcory cortical defense against these addicting practices.

    There is a reason game developers/publishers hire psychologists for these things. They make lootboxes seem like you're finding a great treasure: an exciting animation, lights and sounds, all to make it look appealing and make you go 'let's do it again'.

    I'm glad this is a big issue though. Even though I think it's a little weird we're just talking about EA. Activision seems to be off the hook, yet again.
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  • Star Wars Battlefront 2 loot boxes investigated by Belgian Gaming Commission

  • DutchDemons 16/11/2017

    Fingers crossed Belgium has the (chocolate) balls to classify these practices as gambling. If the EU follows, that would be great! Reply +134
  • Call of Duty: WW2's loot box microtransaction currency goes live next week

  • DutchDemons 07/11/2017

    Am I being very cynical when my first thought after reading this article is 'game releases on the 7th, most sites have their reviews done and a week later they drop the loot box update'? Reply +6
  • Electrifying Prey 2 teaser footage

  • DutchDemons 03/06/2011

    great video, but...why call this Prey 2...doesn't seem to have anything to do with the first game. Reply +8
  • Microsoft outlines future of Xbox

  • DutchDemons 01/06/2011

    Agree with Woodnotes by the way.

    I have well over 100 games for the 360, my back catalog drives me insane. I barely have time to catch up with all the great games that have come out lately. I'm still addicted to games like L4D2, BF:BC, and so on, then there is the never ending stream of great bargains.

    I really don't get people who complain about the presumed lack of games on the 360. Do you really need to have a first party game every month or so?
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  • DutchDemons 01/06/2011


    My xbox is only a year old. And it's not quiet at all. It has this annoying zingy tune to it when not even playing a disc, let alone when a disc is playing.

    But even if the modern 360 is whisper quiet(good thing!) then my other points of critique are still valid. I mean...no HD files, no fast forwarding music while streaming?
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  • DutchDemons 01/06/2011

    "And people are expecting more – more options, more games, more videos, more entertainment. "Put simply, Xbox = entertainment and is core to our entertainment strategy."

    And yet i can't fast forward my music, can't watch HD files without major hassle,can't watch any videos without the horrible fan noise distracting me.

    I'd say the future holds a lot of work yet to be done for our MS friends!
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  • Sony: PSN hack to cost us Ł105 million

  • DutchDemons 23/05/2011

    @Spooke. That's quite a retarded comment. How does this massive loss serve them right in any way? I'm not even touching on the whole theft of credit card information part. Just the part where Sony as a company was targeted by a group (surely?) of idiots who branded themselves as saviors of the 'victims of corporate greed-fueled monster Sony'.

    You can disagree with their corporate mission (making money) or their marketing tactics, their promises (that they couldn't always fulfill), or whatever. But to applaud this situation as 'good for them'...is just retarded.
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  • Take-Two casting-call outs GTA character

  • DutchDemons 29/03/2011


    I think you are out of line here mate. First of all, no clue whatever the hell Brass Eye is. I suppose it has something to do with this matter, otherwise i am fully oblivious to your point.

    Maybe my sentences are too long or too complex. But i was and am voicing my opinion on the presumed (by me!) direction the 'humor' is taking. Humor specified to GTA. Jesus christ, i thought that was obvious I think it's a little childish to reel in touchy subjects just for the sake of controversy. I can't see why a game bsed on jacking cars and causing mayhem, should reference to anything to do with pedophilia. Sure they exist, sure they are despicable. Are they needed in GTA. I think not.

    Again; I am merely looking into a possible future, should THIS news article be true.

    Can't really see why anyone would hate me for voicing concerns. Unless they are overly anxious GTA fans that are convinced they have to defend everything Rockstar does.

    Even if, in the end, it turns out that Rockstar wasn't doing that. At all..

    Makes you think about some of the people who are so fiercely reacting to just 1 opinion.
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  • DutchDemons 29/03/2011

    well, good to see the parrots all agree opinions are not to be displayed on a public forum. Thank god and eurogamer for negging the hell out of an opinion. I don't see why my opinion can be deemed so appaling that 13 people have to neg it.

    Clearly these are not main characters. I'm just saying it's a little childish to go down that route (character wise, background or not). Yes I have played all of the gta's (except London, pardon me). I'm well acquainted with the type of humor normally displayed in a GTA game. I'm just touching on the possibility I may have matured enough not to think that Rockstar is 'smart' in their humor. I used to think that they were, but they seem to be stuck in the same place.

    Maybe i should have seen that coming, as i though gta 4 was dull and hollow. Yes, I went there. Opinion police be alarmed!
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  • DutchDemons 29/03/2011

    I really liked GTA back in the Vice city days. I liked Rockstars comical criticism to (American) society.

    But judging (prematurely surely) from this typecasting, it seems they are heading in the juvenile and silly direction. I mean, a 15 yo kid who wants to get drunk and get laid? Really? I thought GTA was supposed to cater the mature audience and not so much kids. A (possible) pedophile? Really...what the f*ck?

    Well, As I said above, can't really judge now, but this doesn't bode well.
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  • Mass Effect 2 Arrival DLC date confirmed

  • DutchDemons 19/03/2011

    roll on Gold Edition! Reply +3
  • No mod tools for Battlefield 3 at launch

  • DutchDemons 08/02/2011

    dolphin diving?

    jesus, i obviously spent way too little time gaming. Never even heard of that. Is that the same as the famed 'bunny hopping'? Or am I just way off here?

    OT: I loved the old BF, and loved the BC iterations. Though getting used to the online spectacle takes some time to be honest. Once you do, it is awesome!
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  • Why did Gears of War miss the VGAs?

  • DutchDemons 16/12/2010

    fair question

    great answer

    excellent news article
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  • New maps coming to Bad Company 2

  • DutchDemons 08/11/2010


    To explain further; cynical isn't the word that fits the point you're trying to make. I understand that you think it is 'quite a coincidence' that this map pack comes out hours before a rival game is released, you might even say it is an 'obvious move' to lure some gamers away from that purchase.

    However, cynical implies you are distrusting and/or hold a low opinion of this particular move. That can't be the case,surely? Unless you have zero understanding of how the contemporary world operates. Even if this can be constructed as a direct attack from the EA side towards their rivals (which is doubtful, given the timing and the fact that 6(!!) mappacks have preceded this 'cynical' move), then still cynical wouldn't apply, as their (EA) motives are clear as day; they want to make money and keep it out of rival pockets.

    Sorry for the forumites who aren't interested in this, but it had to be said.
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  • DutchDemons 08/11/2010

    do some of you even know what cynical means? It's like some Americans with the use of the word ironic...read up or don't use the word.

    OT: it's kind of late to release a new map pack, i recently returned to BC2, still like it, but i no longer feel the desire to keep on playing it. Loved the game though!
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  • New Xbox dashboard updates unveiled

  • DutchDemons 09/10/2010

    Still no HD video support i see (mkv and such?). Unbelievable really.

    Improved voice chat is nice though. avatar stuff doesn't concern me. And they always change the UI, so we'll see whether this counts as an improvement.
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  • Kane & Lynch 2 here a week early

  • DutchDemons 13/07/2010

    I quite liked the first one. Had low expectations. Nice enough story and fun levels. Only real problem that was 'grade lowering' were the controls. Absolutely hideous.

    MP was surprisingly fun, but here too the controls impacted the fun factor. that, and lousy matchmaking.
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  • EA sued over Sports Active trademark

  • DutchDemons 07/06/2010

    ah yes, consumer confusement as an argument. Thank god we have the court to prevent the consumers from being confused! Reply 0
  • Tom goes on a Red Dead rampage

  • DutchDemons 20/05/2010

    looks fun. definately gonna buy the game this summer.however, slightly disappointed that (as in GTA) you die very quickly once the police attacks you. I know...that's what you get for wiping out a small town, but still...it wasn't always like that you know. Reply 0
  • Gears of War 3 for April 2011

  • DutchDemons 09/04/2010

    another year....wow. i was already a little 'meh' about the 3rd installment (because of the crappy MP matchmaking), but i doubt i can muster enough enthusiasm about this game in the year 2011. Reply -24
  • Quantum Theory here in late March

  • DutchDemons 18/01/2010

    there must be a word that goes beyond 'borrowing heavily from' and still doesn't mean 'ripping off'... Reply +2
  • Zombies are the new Nazis, says Strain

  • DutchDemons 24/11/2009

    Is it totally psychopathic to say i don't feel any guilt when killing 'any' type of videogame character? Reply 0
  • US Air Force to buy 2200 PS3 units

  • DutchDemons 24/11/2009

    couldn't they just phone Sony and ask for custom made CELL processors at a decent price?

    That's just as effective, PR wise, and a lot less retarded than the story as it is.
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  • More COD, GH, Spidey, Shrek for 2010

  • DutchDemons 06/11/2009

    This suggests the Call of Duty series may have left World War II behind forever.

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  • Ubi: We could do 35 Assassin's Creeds

  • DutchDemons 14/10/2009


    yes, but they do imply that this is a unique opportunity for them to do this, while this clearly isn't the case. I'm still a little ticked off at the sci-fi turn AC took. Absolutely unnecessary imho.
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  • DutchDemons 14/10/2009

    hold on...

    "That's because - thanks to the way Assassin's Creed is structured, exploring the genetic memories of one of the assassins' descendants - the actual game bit could theoretically take place anywhere. "

    You don't need a crappy genetic memory theme in order to have a game protagonist be an assassin in time period X and then a sequel with another protagonist being another assassin in time period Y. I know that's what you want us to believe Ubi, but you're wrong. Very wrong.
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  • Gamers don't want a new Xbox, says exec

  • DutchDemons 15/09/2009

    good choice i reckon, well about the 'no new xbox' bit anyway..still not sure about Natal.

    Then again, I wasn't sure about the wii...maybe this will sell loads as well.
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  • Konami signs Ninety-Nine Nights 2?

  • DutchDemons 02/09/2009

    glad to hear a sequel is coming. I quite enjoyed the original. I can imagine why ppl disliked it, repetitive and pretty annoying at points (no save points mid-mission never helps). But i liked it.

    and yes, i also liked Dynasty Warriors:-)
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  • COD: World at War maps this week

  • DutchDemons 04/08/2009

    i'd like a pack with all 3 as well. obiously for a price less than 3*800 MSP. and preferably on a disc bought in retail. Reply 0
  • EA signs Emelianenko for MMA game

  • DutchDemons 30/07/2009

    Well, with Fedor on board...i might actually consider this game now.

    The man is a beast!
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  • EA says sorry over booth babes compo

  • DutchDemons 27/07/2009

    kinda stupid promotion, tho the girls response immediately made me think of this:


    watch from 3:50
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  • Double XP weekend for Gears of War 2

  • DutchDemons 02/07/2009

    wasn't the 10th wave comprised of all the bi enemies and those bloodhound+grenadier combo's?

    those made the 10th wave hard, ticker squads seem way too easy...unless they are on top of the regular (big) enemies.

    anyway, gonna play some GoW this weekend then, hopefully this 4th update will bring about the much needed (since launch) change, though i won't hold my breath. still a nice game tho.
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  • Only hard drive size holding 360 back

  • DutchDemons 23/06/2009

    I'm surprised to see so many gamers not even bothered by this development.

    I for one am a happy bargain hunter; i carefully explore all known and trusted websites within and outside of the EU and then choose the cheapest game from there. This way i have managed to buy almost 60 games for the 360 often 30-40 euro's cheaper than 'RRP'. In some cases i could buy new and sealed games for a mere 13 euro's while RRP was still standing firm at 49,99 or something.

    With digital distribution i can't see that happen anytime soon (judging by the prices at XBLA right now). also..though i never do it, selling your games second hand is also out of the question. Now i know a lot of gamers here like to sell their old games and get some cash back for new purchases. ...not possible this way (at least, that would be my guess).
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  • Mortal Kombat 9 in works, is "sick"

  • DutchDemons 22/06/2009

    well, i for one hope Boon sticks to his word and actually delivers a sick MK with the blood & gore that made MK great in the 90's. nobody played MK because it was such a great fighter game.

    bring it!
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  • Christians decry fake Dante protest

  • DutchDemons 15/06/2009

    Christianity is so 2000! Reply 0
  • NPD estimates XBLA/PSN downloads

  • DutchDemons 12/06/2009

    last thing i bought from XBLA was......hell i dunno. maybe worms and i regretted that immediately.

    still 18% is impressive seeing there are millions of gold users.
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  • Gamers will upgrade to PS3 later - House

  • DutchDemons 09/06/2009

    ah...another addition to the 'Great Sony Theories' book Reply 0
  • Final Fantasy XIII: How Will It Work on 360?

  • DutchDemons 21/05/2009

    wow..at first i was like 'hmmmf, might be interesting to read'

    then after the first few lines of mumbo jumbo i realised i don't give a fuck about tech issues....and i never liked FF either....O_0
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  • Rockstar toying with karma for GTA?

  • DutchDemons 05/05/2009

    could be ok if it's bad versus really bad.

    good and GTA are incompatible, as ppl already mentioned. But then again, i don't think many people would go down the 'slightly less bad' path...i mean...we all kill pedestrians non stop, smash ppl in the face over noting, slaughter hookers after their services, stab cops in their faces, etc..

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  • Next Fallout 3 DLC called Point Look?

  • DutchDemons 01/05/2009


    exactly my point. whining (which it is by now) about exclusive DLC is really not necessary at this point.


    somehow you managed to obscure for yourself the fact that these DLC releases were 360-exclusive all along. you chose to ignore that and bought the game on the PS3, good for you, but then it's rather silly to scream bloody murder at MS for conducting a business.

    and you insinuate that Sony isn't doing the same with your 'That's bullshit. I'd call shenanigans if it was the other way round as well, if Sony ever managed to organize itself well enough to get the upper hand in a game deal.

    excuse me? are you new to the gaming scene (awaits claims of 35+ years of gaming) or is this another case of ignoring certain facts? Sony does the same thing, they somehow fail to dominate this game during this generation.

    but again, i don't see the problem anywa, seeing F3 isn't that great a game:-)
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  • DutchDemons 01/05/2009

    yea, or buy a 360. srry but complaining about 1 company trying to outbid (and succeeding) another on DLC is just....silly. put up or shut up.

    oh and a fourth batch of DLC? no thanks. i still have to play the main game and so far i'm not that impressed by it (sure; pretty, brutal, but fun? not imho).
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  • New consoles "in the next few years" - Ubi

  • DutchDemons 01/05/2009

    I understand devs and such are already looking at the next cycle, but i do hope the launch of new consoles won't be for antoher 3 years.
    I'm happy as is with my 360 (tho it's the crappiest piece of hardware i've ever had in my life). i'll be happy enough to play games on this console for the coming years.
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  • Moore: PES is in FIFA's "rear view mirror"

  • DutchDemons 30/04/2009

    again with the whole 'metacritic= the truth'...how has this slipped into peoples minds?

    Fifa 09 does rule tho. won't be buying fifa 10 however, what with 09 being that awesome and all :-)
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  • E74 is not "RROD replacement" - MS

  • DutchDemons 20/04/2009

    well, it obviously is not 'a very small percentage' but still it's nice that they don't ignore their hardware failures. i hope they have learned a very valuable lesson about launching a new product (test before release, please). Reply 0
  • Retrospective: Mafia

  • DutchDemons 19/04/2009


    well, i already said it was a 're-review'..you know..the whole point of your 'retrospective look'.

    On page 1 i can hardly find any reference to the brilliance. on the second page you only mention briefly the morality of tommy's 'profession'. Nowhere to be found however, is any real mention of the awesome atmosphere and only on occasion do you refer to the great story (-telling).

    So it remains a very odd read. If you consider this to be a top 10 game of all time, you sure are able to disguise that in your writing.
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  • DutchDemons 19/04/2009

    very odd re-review if you ask me. Mind you, my primary reason to dismiss any EG review as 'i'll wait and see for my self' stems from their first Mafia review (4/10, lol), so i was kinda hoping for an 'apologetic' review of some sort.

    This review only briefly touches upon the genius that is Mafia. the first 2 pages are all about nitpicking on small things (sure, the cops were annoying, we know), while the last page mainly describes how awesome it is to smash through a phone box. I mean...wtf? Only in the last paragraph and in the last picture do you refer to the main reason why some of us consider mafia to be one of the best games ever (the story, the atmosphere, the relationships).

    This kind of reviewing makes me happy that i am perfectly able to make up my own mind; i am able to enjoy a game and really immerse myself into a gaming world, ignoring all of the small (admittedly annoying if you pay enough attention) issues. I still consider Mafia to be one hell of a game and it firmly stands in my top 10 games of my lifetime!
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  • Nintendo not worried by PS3's Japan surge

  • DutchDemons 07/04/2009

    i wouldn't worry too much either with 45M sold compared to 21M PS3...lol..a one month lead of 100K is nothing special. Even if they keep this lead up for 2 years(!!) then the gap would still be 20M+. nuff said? i think so Reply 0
  • Over 2.5 billion Achievements unlocked

  • DutchDemons 06/04/2009

    They never anticipated this reaction? Surely most people unlock acheivements just throught the normal process of playing the game.

    clearly you are not aware of the achievement-fan sites that organize boost parties, exchange cheats, save game glitches etc.:-)

    No...a lot of 'gamers' don't simply play the games and unlock stuff on the way. there are ppl who cheat/boost glitch to get it...and hell, some ppl never even play the game and yet get 1000/1000. Also, on Live you would be surprised to see the amount of ppl totally fucking up a game just to get an achievement (i.e. not helping teammates, but running for super weapon X, hoarding weapons, camping, spawnkilling, or (in fifa) keeping the ball between 2 defenders for the remainder of the game, etc etc.).

    I'm still a fan of achievements, but after 3,5 years on live on the 360...i''ve come to a point where i 'just don't care that much anymore'.

    also...300K gamerscore? no way that is 1 person playing. (unless no life, etc etc) Reply 0