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  • Win a 400 Sony Entertainment Network voucher

  • Durandle 22/02/2014

    It has to be the last Mass Effect 3 DLC. So much DLC is "more of the same" or "some fancy new skins" and whatnot. With this DLC though it felt like the team sat down and went "Hey, you know what would be fun? You know what would be a great send off for this trilogy?" And thus we get some of the best Mass Effect content to date :) Reply 0
  • Gabe Newell addresses concern over Valve Anti-Cheat system

  • Durandle 18/02/2014


    I suspect the anti-cheat software wouldn't be very effective if the people making it came out up front and said "This is how our new very clever anti-cheat software works, just in case you were wondering how to get around it..."
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  • Dungeon Keeper review

  • Durandle 05/02/2014

    @CaptainTrips You can. KeeperFX can make the original play at any resolution and fixes up some of the textures and artwork to match. Reply +3
  • Durandle 05/02/2014

    As with many remakes, this one resulted in me picking up the original instead. Dungeon Keeper Gold from GOG, mixing it with KeeperFX for some nice hi-res graphics (or at least "nicer than standard res"). Its been many many years, but its still an excellent game. Reply +23
  • The Steam Controller ditches its touchscreen

  • Durandle 16/01/2014

    The statement about Greenlight implies that they will replace it with something different/better rather than simply removing it from Steam with nothing in its place. Reply +9
  • Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon has cybersharks and mutant cassowarys

  • Durandle 11/04/2013

    "Was it ridiculous? Yes, awesome! Was it fun? Yes, brilliant! That's the goal of games, to have as much fun as possible."

    If only more of the gaming industry thought this way.
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  • Games without demos sell better on Xbox 360

  • Durandle 12/02/2013

    They seemed to have missed quite a big factor. People see a trailer and go "That looks great!" and then they play the demo and go "This sucks b*lls" and don't buy the game. What the suggestion seems to be is, don't allow the demo, then you get to sell the game regardless of its quality or if the person will enjoy it, make your money and tough luck if its not all it was advertised to be. Good marketing wins, consumer loses. Reply +2
  • Aliens: Colonial Marines review

  • Durandle 12/02/2013

    wow that was somewhat unexpected! I suppose I really should learn to ignore the media/hype on the lead-up to release and reviews! Reply 0
  • Strike Suit Zero review

  • Durandle 24/01/2013

    @AOFanboi You are right of course, taste can never be accounted for. Its more when I come from playing it for a few hours, having a blast, thinking how worthwhile it was investing in a Kickstarter and decide "Hey I wonder what Eurogamer thought of it", it comes as a bit of shock to find someone so aggressively tearing into it, in what to me seems in a really unjustified way. So yeah, I feel want to defend it. No harm in that is there? Reply +2
  • Durandle 24/01/2013

    @Widge Observe - "I played Skyrim but suffered frame-rate lag at times. I found I died a lot and never really made sense of the combat - which was so frustrating as it caused me to reload and have to travel a long way to get back to where I was. I could never get spells to hit enemies very well, so clearly something is broken with the magic system. Man I found that game annoying (insert some childish remark here) - 3/10" - there we go, a review based on how I saw it. Reply +2
  • Durandle 24/01/2013

    @AOFanboi You seem to be missing the point. A load of people who have played the game have said the issues the reviewer had don't exist. No crashing, no frame lag issues and no 20 times on the same mission. This isn't about giving it 10/10 or hurting feelings, its about what feels like a really unprofessional review... rightly or wrongly, a lot of people base their "interest" on just a Eurogamer review, so yeah, its not good! Reply +3
  • Durandle 23/01/2013

    @Stoatboy Its funny how accusing people of lying purely on the basis "You don't know them" gets you negged. Seems like the +/- system is working as intended. If I read a review and its not controversial I don't really feel the need to go commenting about it. On the other hand, if I read something that seems really wrong - and not just "In my opinion" - then yeah, I'll want to comment, willing to bet a lot of others feel the same way. Reply +5
  • Durandle 23/01/2013

    @Stoatboy Oh no! People I don't recognised *on the internet*! Clearly a conspiracy! Reply +5
  • Durandle 23/01/2013

    @Vally Yeah this is kinda my wondering... the review reads like someone who just got angry because they weren't actually any good at it... that doesn't make it a bad game though! True crashing is bad - but I didn't suffer any crashing so... Reply +2
  • Durandle 23/01/2013

    Having just played two hours of SSZ, this review confuses me. I suffered not one crash, the frame-rate is silky smooth on max settings and I'm running a GTX280 with a Core2Duo - so not exactly new stuff! Missiles work fine if you use them correctly, I rather like the fact that they are *not* a guaranteed hit/kill cos that would make them feel cheap - like an "I WIN" button. I had little trouble shooting stuff down (I am using a 360 controller here, keyboards are not space game friendly!)

    So yeah, I enjoyed it totally so far. The voice acting is a bit stale, the plot a bit meh, but then again, it cost me 12 so its not like I'm expecting some kind of massive budget blockbuster film-game!

    Not to point fingers but... well actually yes, to point fingers, I would wonder if the reviewing machine had issues and if the reviewer himself wrote a rage review unfairly because he wasn't actually very good at the game and was feeling frustrated... I'm not saying that to be rude, but I really haven't found my self restarting missions loads or suffered any of the mentioned issues *at all*.

    My opinion?

    7/10 - Good fun, if a bit stale in the acting and plot, nice graphics if a bit simple at times. AI a little on the easy side.
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  • Is this Xi3 computer called Piston Valve's Steam Box?

  • Durandle 08/01/2013

    It could be argues that the money you save by buying all your games through Steam, often at massive discount prices, would save you enough money over a year or two to make the hardware investment worthwhile.

    However, I'm so used to running a 300 graphics card in my machine that the idea of investing 3 times as much for what will likely be 1/3 of the graphics performance doesn't sound so appealing.
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  • Nano Assault Neo review

  • Durandle 26/11/2012

    I don't get it - that read like a 6 or 7, even stating its not a bad game at all. Yet because there are other games in same genre that are better, its marked down? Colour me confused I guess, it appears you marked it down because of comparison to other titles that aren't available on the platform the review is for. Am I missing something?

    (And I'm not attacking opinion here before anyone says I am, I'm just saying the score doesn't match the review very well 'In My Opinion')
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  • Metro: Last Light developer calls the Wii U CPU "horrible, slow"

  • Durandle 21/11/2012

    I never really get this "slow CPU" thing. My gaming PC is a 2.7Ghz dual core, a little on the old side. However there isn't a game released I can't run on max settings. Yes I have a gtx570 but they're not talking about gpu... Maybe I'm missing something? Reply -9
  • How Powerful is the Wii U Really?

  • Durandle 30/08/2012

    Although I do find my self being a bit of a graphics wore at times (having spent 300+ on just my graphics card), I stand by the argument that good design/art will beat raw power any day. Some of the very best environments and level design and art came out of the Metroid games on the GC and Wii, even at 480p they were good to look at. The same goes for a number of other last-gen games on all platforms. I do like sharp graphics, highres textures and effects, but they alone don't make a good game - it can look amazing but if the game is basically "Press X 3,000,000 times" then the priorities are way off! Reply +4
  • The Dota 2 Experience, Part One

  • Durandle 10/07/2012

    My (limited) experience of DotA 2 is that its hard, very hard. Then add to that the amazingly rude and unhelpful community within the game (with a few exceptions granted, and oddly outside of the game people can be very helpful). Its like... using voice chat on a EggsBox 360 playing Halo *shudder*. The sheer hatred people have for others of lower skill or experience is astounding. It makes me sad though, because behind all that is a very good game. Reply +8
  • Nintendo's E3 2012 Conference

  • Durandle 05/06/2012

    Things people don't care about at E3: Dance Games, Singing Games and Health Games. People may *like* those games, I'm sure they're popular with some, but its not why people come to E3. People want to see things that really show off the hardware, which we've seen very little of! Reply 0
  • Durandle 05/06/2012

    Yeah... where are the "big" 1st party titles for launch? Reply 0
  • Sony's E3 2012 Conference

  • Durandle 05/06/2012

    Well that was boring. Lots of blood and violence to cover up a complete lack of imagination. I'm not sure I want yet more graphic ways of killing people/things. At least all-stars looked like fun (I know I know, I used the "F" word). Reply 0
  • EA's Origin reclaims Crysis 2 from Steam

  • Durandle 15/06/2011

    Sooo... playing EA games will "require" origin to be installed in order to work I guess. I know Steam does it, but I like Steam and I like Valve. I don't trust or like EA one bit and don't want their crappy software running in the background. Reply +2
  • Origin: exclusive ME3, BF3 game content

  • Durandle 03/06/2011

    Yay, another gaming/social network! Just what we need! People argue that competition is good, which I agree with, however I also feel that I only want one source for my online games buying - and that is Steam. To make some games "exclusive" to force people to install it alongside their Steam is pain in the bum - I don't want a multitude of web-store-social-messenger-networking apps running! Reply +1
  • Debut Modern Warfare 3 trailer

  • Durandle 24/05/2011

    So we can expect epic cinematic but completely static physics for the game's world, as per all CoD games. I believe CoD is where the phrase "Made of barrels" came from (the ability to hide behind mundane objects since they are basically indestructible and unmovable). I guess we'll have to wa-BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Reply +1
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution

  • Durandle 28/04/2011

    1) Exactly how easy is the "tell me a story mode" - not that I'll use it but I know some people who'd love the sci-fi story but can't play quick-reaction shooting games at all.

    2) Does the AI react intelligently to actions taken on other enemies? ie a lot of games allow you to sleep/kill enemies, a patrol will wonder over, mumble something about keeping a look out, then returning to their patrol route... this drives me crazy, since its utterly unrealistic.

    3) Does lighting and foliage help with stealth, or can enemies uncannily see through bushes and into shadows.

    4) Are there conveniently places explosive crates/barrels everywhere?
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  • Mirror's Edge

  • Durandle 06/01/2011

    Spot on review. For me the most frustrating thing about Mirrors Edge was actually hearing people slate it in very silly ways... "There's not enough fighting" "The variety of weapons is too small" etc... thus proving they honestly don't get that not all games have to be about killing people with guns. This was one of the games I've played of very few that don't revolve around killing people. Reply 0
  • Ridge Racer 3DS

  • Durandle 06/01/2011

    Looks a bit cheap to me... then again, its Ridge Racer, of course its cheap looking, they churn them out at a crazy speed, simply to get the game on every platform known to man, not to make an actual good game! Reply +1
  • First look at Tron: Evolution multiplayer

  • Durandle 12/10/2010

    I kinda hoped things would play out more like they did in the original film - where they kind of blasted apart after being hit, in to big sharp edged chunks. In a computer world, stuff "blowing up" in an explosive way doesn't make any sense at all. Reply 0
  • Steam for Mac announced, detailed

  • Durandle 09/03/2010

    Will be interesting to see if other publishers follow with Mac versions of existing/new games. What would be more interesting still is if for games that aren't re-made for Mac could just be given the Cider Wrapper treatment - I've played a few games like that and its pretty effective. Reply 0
  • Sony patents degradable demos

  • Durandle 05/03/2010

    Microsoft has been doing this for years, look at Windows for example, surely they can call prior-art over this? Reply +3
  • Valve overhauls Steam user interface

  • Durandle 24/02/2010

    Dropping of IE for WebKit - about sodding time! The was one of the most annoying parts of Steam. Reply +5
  • New Nintendo hardware in development

  • Durandle 31/07/2008

    I think when he says "hard to meet expectations" he means that the Wii was a massive change from the norm, but whater is next, will more than likely just build on that - so no crazy new interfaces, just better chips and the like - I'd expect HD, better Gfx hardware and storage, but nothing massively different. Reply 0
  • Castlevania Judgment

  • Durandle 18/07/2008

    Good as long as there are no damn waggle-the-remote-to-attack style controls! Reply 0
  • Assassin's Creed: Director's Cut Edition

  • Durandle 11/04/2008

    I take the point of lack of longterm gameplay, but lets face it, pushing unsuspecting guards of high places never gets old. Its flawed but fun, in small chunks. Reply 0
  • Worms: A Space Oddity

  • Durandle 29/03/2008

    This is a shame, I always liked the older Worms games. This could have worked out better... this concept of aiming at a wider demographics meaning dumming it down seems a bit insane. Having a lot of weapons or more variety or any of the things people have complained about being missing would not make the game 'hardcore' and thus less appealing to casual gamers - thats crazy thinking. Casual gamers like variety and silly weapons as much as anyone. And the logic behind 'Wii gamers being younger' is a bit of a reverse issue. If you make a bunch of games aimed at a younger audience then oddly, yes, you get younger players. I think pretty much everyone I know has a Wii or wants one, and none of them are younger than 20. Reply 0
  • Macs to get Spore, Call of Duty 4

  • Durandle 16/01/2008

    This doesn't always mean OpenGL ports will be made. TransGaming for example specialise in software/drivers/wrappers that allow DirectX and Windows code to compile/run under other platforms with minimal changes to the code base. Reply 0
  • Endless Ocean

  • Durandle 22/11/2007

    I'd put it down as as a 7 or 8 my self... I'm quite glad of the change in pace, to play between times your blowing stuff up or shooting people. It looks quite nice, it plays well with the Wii controls, the story is interesting and fun and most of all, its different. I'm not quite sure where that 6 came from... Reply 0
  • Samurai Warriors Wii in Feb

  • Durandle 16/11/2007

    I will point out then that the 'slashing' is just a way to signal 'slash across the screen' or 'slash down the screen', the more accurate hits done my aiming at the enemy and pressing A or Trigger. Basically its a point and shoot... only with swords. The way you move has no effect on the game. Reply 0
  • Original C&C now free

  • Durandle 03/09/2007

    shame its not the Mac version too, graphically it looks way nicer than the CnC95 version, plus the networking still works, which is more than I can say about the CnC95 version under XP - as far as I know, network play is totally borked and I've not found anyone who says it can be fixed. Reply 0
  • Marathon - Durandal

  • Durandle 07/08/2007

    crazyhorse174: Amusingly, it was first shown at a Mac expo event on OSX. Funny how things can change directing at a drop of hat... or drop of a big fat bundle of cash. Reply 0
  • Durandle 07/08/2007

    jack_klugman: yeah, cos if I used Durandal, it'd be taken pretty much anywhere I go ;) Been using it since waaaaay back... sad I know. Reply 0
  • Durandle 07/08/2007

    Just looking at my username you can tell which camp I'm in. However its a pretty fair review, although maybe a little harsher than expected. To say that Doom/II is better or more fun is totally subjective to what playing style you happen to like. I actually found the endless killing of brown pixels really quite dull and unimaginative, and found the Marathon progressing sci-fi plot mixed with blowing stuff up a lot more fun - not to mention a lot less brown.

    heh I suspect though my rose-tinted glasses are amplified by the various amazing total conversions that were made for the game. Oh and the fun with the map editor when you realise that the engine supports 5D space.
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  • Marathon and Spyglass on Weds

  • Durandle 01/08/2007

    Dizzy: Depending on the strength of your rose tinted glasses, I would say its rather good still. Its a shame though it wont have support for the 3rd party add-ons, as some of them were bigger and maybe even better than the originals, Marathon:Rubicon for example is still a prime example of a free game that exceeds most paid ones of the time. Reply 0
  • E3: Bungie shooter to hit XBLA

  • Durandle 11/07/2007

    (no poking fun at my username, k)

    Glad to see this coming out, I gave the opensource project a spin a while back and it was still as fun as it was in '95.

    As for ground breaking, I'd have to agree. I mean, lets face it, it had voice communication built into the network play, which it's self had some pretty entertaining games modes - like 'Kill the man with the ball'. Plus you could play the whole game co-op, I think with 8 people (I can't remember there being a limit other than the max a network-game would support at the time).

    Its a shame though that the Live version is unlikely to support the user content that was produced - the game was very very easy to modify with some great tools, so a ton of total-convertions - most of which were of commercial grade - and multiplayer stuff. I guess we'll see :)
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  • Penumbra: Overture

  • Durandle 30/03/2007

    Its a shame it came to this... the tech demo I played a while back was rather good I thought. Sounds like its lost a lot in the making. Reply 0
  • Penumbra demo released

  • Durandle 12/03/2007

    You got it to load? Better than me then, as mine just crashed after showing a black screen. Reply 0
  • Kororinpa

  • Durandle 23/02/2007

    A little bit much in money terms I agree, but got this today and really enjoying it! Reply 0
  • Sony confirms 23rd March, 425 PlayStation 3

  • Durandle 25/01/2007

    Anyone here see that news that a UK company has produced a way to use existing DVD tech and in some cases existing DVD drives to store 40 odd GB? Cos if that takes off you can bet you ass that Sony aint gonna be happy.

    Anyone want to buy the emporers new tech?
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