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  • Firaxis announces Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth

  • DudBug 12/04/2014

    Very excited about this. In fact, if Firaxis were also to remake two other Sid Meier gems, Gettysburg and SimGolf, then I don't think that I would need any other games for about a decade. Reply 0
  • Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem retrospective

  • DudBug 09/03/2014

    @benjaminenglish Yes. Reply 0
  • DudBug 09/03/2014

    There is a single moment in this game that is scarier than in any other I have ever played and it is all the more scary because the designers were smart to enough to do this trick only once. And yet, despite only occurring only once, the effect of it haunts you for much of the rest of the game. Reply +18
  • Resident Evil 4 retrospective

  • DudBug 02/02/2014

    It's hard to pinpoint the differences between the original Halo and the sequels, but it is always the original that I want to replay and that I remember most fondly. I had a similar experience with Resident Evil 5. To my untrained eyes, it looked very similar to its predecessor but I gave up halfway through. Resident Evil 4, though, is a game that I have finished at least 3 times and I still want to have another go. Very rarely, some games seem to transcend their constituent parts and to reach some kind of realm of magical brilliance. This is one such game. Reply +11
  • Inside Monopoly's secret war against the Third Reich

  • DudBug 12/01/2014

    Not a video game in sight and, in my opinion, possibly the best ever article on Eurogamer. Thank you. Reply +15
  • Eurogamer's 2013 alternative awards

  • DudBug 29/12/2013

    Eurogamer's most overused picture of the year
    Can Eurogamer make a New Year's resolution not to show that Don Mattrick picture again? As for writing something positive about the Xbox One, perhaps we'll have to wait until 2015 for Eurogamer to do that ...
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  • Games with Gold is coming to Xbox One

  • DudBug 14/11/2013

    This is good news, and Games with Gold has been nothing but good news given that it is free. It has, no doubt, come into existence as a result of PS+ and it is why the almost-here next generation needs both Sony and Microsoft to thrive as we all benefit when there is genuine competition between competing console manufacturers. Reply +3
  • Microsoft confirms Xbox One apps for launch

  • DudBug 08/11/2013

    No iPlayer is a shame - will it work via Internet Explorer? Reply +1
  • PlayStation 4 controllers also available in red and blue

  • DudBug 21/08/2013

    Nice perhaps, but the price of new controllers for both the XB1 and PS4 is incredibly high. Reply +85
  • Xbox One will function without Kinect plugged in

  • DudBug 13/08/2013

    "And that's officially the last of the major differences from the 360 gone. Now all we're left with is a 360 with more horsepower, and a Blu-Ray drive. The vibrating triggers are the only standout innovation left."

    Or, to put it another way, now we are left with a machine very similar to the PS4.
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  • Who believes what?

  • DudBug 29/06/2013

    I certainly think you are right about courting the big third-party developers for Sequel No.X, although I don't think there is anything necessarily wrong with that. Obviously if that was their sole focus then it would be a problem, but, as far as I could tell from their E3 presentation, the Xbox One's portfolio is more diverse than that.

    Their relationship with the indie community certainly does seem to have gone sour. Jonathan Blow's Braid is my favourite game of this generation and he has got nothing nice to say about Microsoft at the moment. Having said that, whilst XBLA has seen many outstanding titles throughout this generation, it is hard to be anywhere near as positive about XBLIG. I have bought very few memorable purchases through it and certainly nothing that competes with my favourite XBLA games. I remember Edge bemoaning the fact that Microsoft didn't police it more so that the quality titles were given more prominence. I haven't seen any satisfactory solution when anybody can self-publish and this is a problem that Sony will have if it allows a similar scene on the PS4 - there will surely be gems, but how do you effectively police a self-publishing free-for-all? I suspect very few games were sold through XBLIG and Microsoft perhaps decided that the revenue it generated was not enough to justify the increased expenditure needed to bring about a more satisfactory solution - a bit of a chicken-and-egg scenario perhaps.
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  • DudBug 29/06/2013

    I agree. Microsoft have done a lot wrong recently but it is hard not to wonder whether Eurogamer / Tom Bramwell are boxing themselves into a corner. The relentless negativity will make it very difficult for them to say anything positive without looking like they are contradicting their earlier proclamations.
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  • DudBug 29/06/2013

    "Microsoft are about stifling creativity by telling everyone what the games will be and what features will be important."

    I know Microsoft-bashing is a persistent theme at the moment, but this really seems extreme to me. I am not quite sure what the first half of what you are saying is referring to and, although even here I am not sure, the second part I guess is a reference to Kinect and possibly the Cloud. Obviously I might have interpreted you wrongly (in which case, sorry), but I am unaware that Microsoft has forced any features on to developers - I am not sure many 3rd party developers would put up with this anyway.
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  • DudBug 29/06/2013

    I agree that Microsoft's first party line-up is not particularly soulful, but my comments were more about the possibilities offered by new console hardware rather than about any games. I was thinking about Microsoft as a hardware-provider rather than a software developer. Apart from Gaikai, I can see little in the PS4 that is bold or attempting to do anything other than maintain the status quo, but with better / faster graphics and tweaked online aspects. It is most definitely evolution rather than revolution. Would I like to play games on it? Absolutely (the price really helps too). Is it enough to sustain the thriving and vibrant console gaming scene that we all love going into the future? I certainly hope so, because Microsoft and Nintendo are struggling to compete at the moment, but I am not confident that it will be able to do so because it is offering very little that is new.
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  • DudBug 29/06/2013

    I have loved this current generation but I don't think that things can continue indefinitely as they are. It is an industry increasingly characterised by a few mega-hit blockbusters and a depressing number of studio closures. Microsoft, I am sure, have contributed to this culture as much as anyone and, if I am honest, I have no idea whether the Xbox One will help or make things worse. But, as the console industry faces an increasingly uncertain economic future, any attempt to innovate is worthy of attention.
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  • DudBug 29/06/2013

    This article paints a slightly depressing vision of the future from an important gaming website. The PS4 is essentially lauded for being an improved Xbox 360 and for not innovating. I don't like the price of the Xbox One, the PR has been atrocious and, given the mauling it continues to receive, anyone would have to worry about its long-term prospects, but I do think it deserves more credit for trying to move things forwards. Reply -15
  • Test Drive Unlimited retrospective

  • DudBug 28/04/2013

    Thanks for this article which brought back many happy memories. Only this and Forza Horizon have really captured the pleasure of driving-to-explore. Horizon is definitely smaller but prettier, has more varied locations and a better driving model. There was, of course, also Burnout Paradise which I also enjoyed, but there the encouragement was to drive insanely through the glorified playground that was Paradise City. TDU and Horizon offer a very different, more refined experience, one in which you would want to sometimes stop and just admire the view. Reply +3
  • PlayTV crashing PS3s

  • DudBug 23/04/2013

    I used and liked PlayTV a lot over the last few years but a few weeks ago my PS3 got the YLOD whilst using PlayTV. This was the first time I remember it crashing and sadly it took my PS3 with it. Reply 0
  • Next Xbox won't be backwards-compatible, report says

  • DudBug 09/04/2013

    Another depressing rumour about the next Xbox and I really hope that it is not true. Yes, I will keep my current 360 for as long as it lasts, but I personally liked the idea of having my XBLA and GoD library transferred to the new console.

    More worrying, though, is the combination of two of the current rumours: (1) always online and (2) no backwards compatibility. What does this mean for purchases made with the new Xbox? Presumably, if Microsoft have no intention of honouring backwards compatibility in the future, then this means that purchases made with the new Xbox will only be playable for as long as Microsoft's servers allow you to access your console. Every purchase will become a rental.
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  • Next Xbox reveal due 21st May, costs $500 or $300 with a subscription, reports suggest

  • DudBug 08/04/2013

    "Once the new Xbox fails Microsoft will leave the console business and we'll have a new video game renaissance! HOORAY!"

    I cannot believe that you mean this seriously. If you are being sarcastic, then it is very subtle. If the rumours are true, then the current Internet reaction suggests a potential disaster for Microsoft and this, if you care about the video game industry, is not in anybody's interests. Healthy competition is good for the industry and for the consumer and to lose a main player like Microsoft is not a happy thought. What pressure will Sony then be under to innovate, to keep their prices competitive etc.?
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  • Games of 2012: Forza Horizon

  • DudBug 27/12/2012

    I completely agree. Horizon reminded me as much of Red Dead Redemption as of any racing game because it made exploration such a pleasure.
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  • Games of 2012: Spelunky

  • DudBug 23/12/2012

    Outstanding article on one of the games of the year. Comparison with the the tiger book - genius! Reply 0
  • Valkyria Chronicles retrospective

  • DudBug 16/12/2012

    I bought a PS3 primarily for Little Big Planet and was left feeling a little disappointed until I got this. Beautiful visuals, enjoyable battles and bags of charm. Still my favourite PS3 game. Reply -1
  • Battlefield 3: How Fan-Run Servers Are Ruining DICE's Game

  • DudBug 04/07/2012

    My experience has been exactly the same. I put nearly 250 hours in until the rent-a-server fiasco. The recently released DLC has brought me back for a few days but the irritations with the rent-a-server have quickly resurfaced. I would be so happy if we could just go back to how it was before - is that too much to ask?
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  • Battlefield 3: the state of play

  • DudBug 28/04/2012

    I love BF3 (playing on 360) and have put many hours in over the last six months but I am struggling post-patch to get into a decent game. The Rent-Your-Own-Servers always seem to be massively unbalanced or set up with irritating rules and the official EA servers seem to be impossible to find. Before the recent patch I could be up and running in a game quite quickly but now it's a long trawl through the server browser trying to find a decent game. It's slowly killing my desire to play it. Reply 0
  • Retrospective: Wasteland

  • DudBug 25/03/2012

    @sega I played the original on C64 and PC. It might also be available on other formats as well. Reply +1
  • Mass Effect 3: PS3 frame-rate issues persist in final game

  • DudBug 08/03/2012

    This certainly makes NowGamer's scores more puzzling. They provided different scores for the X360 (9.0) versions. Reply +1
  • Happy Action Theater Review

  • DudBug 13/02/2012

    My kids adore this and it is the best use of Kinect by a mile. Kinectimals, Kinect Sports etc. never excited them in the way this has. It reminds me most of WarioWare - the fun being enhanced by the brevity of each 'event'. Reply +11
  • 2010 World Cup - Brammers v Marto!

  • DudBug 03/05/2010

    Simao's goal was great!

    I got a surprising amount of enjoyment from watching that match. I think that the EG staff should host their own World Cup, simultaneous with the real thing, and post the videos online ...
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  • Editor's blog: Not The Top 50

  • DudBug 23/12/2009

    A sensible solution but dull. I would rather have the list back, for all the trouble that it causes. The revelation of the next ten each day was a great mechanism as well for generating excitement. Reply +1
  • Halo 3: ODST

  • DudBug 20/09/2009

    [Comment on Firefight mode] "there is both a sense of futility in the knowledge that death is only a matter of time and odds"

    Hasn't EG missed the point of Firefight/Horde? It is integral to the experience that death is inevitable, the fun comes from trying to delay it happening for as long as possible and from trying to maximise a score or reach as high a level as possible in the process.

    " and fatigue in the realisation that many levels play out just as they did in the campaign, except a bit more so"

    This is a more worrying comment. Recyling maps from the campaign seems a little lazy, but, on the basis of Halo:CE especially, Bungie can get away with recycling maps better than most because it is the dynamic AI which keeps the game fresh. A different set of enemies on the same map can lead to a completely different experience.

    I had hoped for something to match the brilliance of Horde from GoW2. Other reviews of ODST have been more positive about the Firefight mode. It will be interesting to see whether it takes off.
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  • Ashes Cricket 2009

  • DudBug 27/08/2009

    Spot-on review (I've played the X360 version, by the way). I have to agree completely with the comment about the batting being far superior in Stick Cricket. I think this is for two reasons: (1) as you said, having a visual indicator for where the ball will bounce completely ruins the concept of decision-making in batting, and (2) the camera view. Stick Cricket poistions the camera behind the batsman and this makes it much easier to judge line and length - it also makes fast bowlers seem fast. Reply 0
  • Editor's blog: Grand Slam Tennis to be re-reviewed

  • DudBug 19/06/2009

    My Wimbledon final victory over Bjorn Borg (7-5) counts as one of my all-time favourite gaming experiences in 25 years of gaming. Once you get the hang of the controls the game can be incredibly tense and saitsfying. Reply 0
  • Valve readies unlockable TF2 weapons

  • DudBug 24/01/2008

    It can take a few minutes to get into a game on TF2 on Xbox Live (certainly nothing like the quality of Halo 3's service), but I do get usually get into a decent game within that time period - and that's bearing in mind that I always play in matches of between 12-16 people. I have barely played anything on my 360 recently and, given a choice, I play it instead of Super Mario Galaxy, which I also love and haven't yet finished. Reply 0
  • Super Mario Galaxy

  • DudBug 05/11/2007

    I will get this but I am a little nervous. My recent experience of SM64 (via VC) is of fun punctuated by too much fiddling with the camera. It may be that SM64 camera control is as good as it gets for a 3D platformer, although my lack of familiarity with the genre means that I have few meaningful comparisons. My ideal 3D platformer would let you get on and spend more time platforming and exploring. Perhaps this isn't possible, but I would be interested to find out if anyone thinks there is a 3D platformer with better camera control than SM64. Reply 0
  • Summer Games II

  • DudBug 28/10/2007

    The greatest achievement of the Epyx Games' series has been missed by so many subsequent collection-of-sports games. That is, Epyx did not make each event depend on frantic joystick waggling but on timing and skill. I hope the new Mario and Sonic @ Olympics game adopts the same approach. Reply 0
  • Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe

  • DudBug 18/10/2007

    I don't think the kick-off quirk is a bug (if that's not a contradiction in terms ...). I am sure that I remember the same thing happening on the old PC version of the game and I think it is (was) a design decision - kick-offs would be too easy if you could hold the stick in the relevant direction before the ball is released. If you pause slightly once the ball has been released and then push in the right direction then you should be able to get the ball sometimes (it's a matter of timing). The game punishes you by freezing you if you push too early. Amazingly I found myself doing this instinctively, despite not having played the PC version for at least 12 years. Reply 0
  • Eurogamer's Top 50 Games of 2006: 10 - 1

  • DudBug 29/12/2006

    FabricatedLunatic: "Or they want to avoid invoking the inevitable fanboy wrath by placing it lower."

    So either they put it higher than they think it deserves and let their true feelings be known by slating it in their comments (the Wack-a-Mole remark was just silly and insulting), or they put it lower than, deep down, they think it deserves and slate it to justify their controversial placing.

    The negative comments combined with the place in the Top 10 suggest that EG are, to say the least, insecure about their decision.
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  • DudBug 29/12/2006

    Out of all the games in the Top 10, it is GoW that gets by far the most negative comments from EG. One might be forgiven for thinking that, deep down, they know it's better and that they are trying to justify their controversial decision. Why else would a no.7 game get so few positive comments ...? Reply 0
  • Gears of War

  • DudBug 15/12/2006

    It's a game that has to be played on the higher difficulty settings. I think Eurogamer mentioned this in their review and they are absolutely right. The whole game is built around making you feel scared during combat so the 'Casual' setting misses the point. Reply 0