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  • Crystal Dynamics: Controversial Tomb Raider scene is "close physical intimidation," not rape

  • Duchessprozac 29/06/2012

    @Wyrm I'm perfectly fine with seeing rape done in games, however I'm not fine with seeing a game seemingly based around a male fantasy involving a young woman being beaten and tortured, with the attempted rape being but one of the attacker's tools, simply so the men playing feel the need to protect her.

    I mean this whole premise is used in a lot of squicky lolicon and rape fan-fic and should not make its way into the mainstream in any fashion.
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  • Duchessprozac 29/06/2012

    Oh that's okay then. it only LOOKS LIKE an attempted rape. Next time I'm arrested for sexual assault, I'll just tell the police I was just trying to closely intimidate them, I'm sure they'll understand. Reply +46
  • The Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb DLC release date

  • Duchessprozac 07/05/2012

    Oh god, no!

    I don't want to go back down in the basement. I thought I was finally done with it, but this? This... Mother, I'm coming back for you.
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  • Watch the Prototype 2 live advert video

  • Duchessprozac 26/04/2012


    That managed to defy physics and both suck and blow at the same time. Absolutely cringeworthy. I really liked the first game but between this and the TV spot using a deeply emotional song to glorify their pulp gorefest, I'm already put off buying this one.
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  • New DmC Devil May Cry teaser brands Dante 'sexual deviant'

  • Duchessprozac 10/04/2012

    Dear god, what have they done?

    They might as well rename it Douchebag May Cry whilst they're at it.
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  • The Pirate Bay faces imminent UK ban

  • Duchessprozac 21/02/2012

    @BigDannyH And downloading a movie or song isn't the same as stealing a car... Reply +7
  • Duchessprozac 21/02/2012

    @barkertron Or that a great many people use torrents to find music, movies, games that are nearly impossible to find any other way.

    Or TV shows that for some reason are not available to purchase (Looking at you Game of Thrones.)

    But of course, we're all freeloading scumbags who want everything for free.
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  • Duchessprozac 21/02/2012

    @INSOMANiAC So it's okay to steal something so long as no one cares?

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  • Syndicate Review

  • Duchessprozac 21/02/2012

    Well it scored better than I was expecting, not like a give a damn, it's a violent, well polished cyberpunk shooter, something there aren't too many of these days, of course I'm getting it.

    Honestly, people not buying it because it falls slightly below the 'quality standard' really need to reconsider their opinions of what quality is. (Now having not played the game I could come back next week crying how awful the game is, but I doubt that.)

    Just think of the game as the equivalent of a Hollywood blockbuster, big and dumb, with lots of flash, and even though you know it's not exactly art, it's still enjoyable.
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  • Humble Bundle Mojam raises nearly $500k for charity

  • Duchessprozac 20/02/2012

    I watched the live stream for most of the weekend, and I really do applaud the three teams who worked their asses off for charity, but to be frank I don't think it's possible to make a a game of worth in 60 hours. (I've still not played Oxeye's game yet, though and it did look promising.)

    The Mojang and Wolfire games seemed more like tech demos than games, but I feel with more time both could become fun little games in their own right.

    Mojang have released the Source Code for their game as well, so who know, it may get turned into something with more meat to it yet.
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  • UKIE lobbies to make crowd funding legal in the UK

  • Duchessprozac 10/02/2012

    @Murton It's quite simple, really. You donate money in good faith to the developer and hope that they release a product at the end of it.

    If they don't you've learnt a lesson and will be more careful before giving money away next time.

    Why must everything be over-fucking-complicated when money is involved?
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  • Will Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD have the original soundtrack?

  • Duchessprozac 14/12/2011

    "Second, music licensing is a one-time deal. The songs from the original games were only licensed for those specific games on those specific platforms at that specific time. Any other versions created later would need new licensing deals. This is also why not all songs from earlier Guitar Hero games are importable into later games: They only signed permission for it to be used in that one game. Any change means it's a different deal."
    I didn't realise music licensing could only be done once and never again.

    I mean what other excuse could they have for not even trying to get the music back?

    Oh right, its Activision, they're lazy fucks who'd rather save money over giving their customers something they actually want.


    If that's the attitude they're having with this game, I'm not expecting it to be too good. This should be a fantastic homage to what was once a classic series, but instead it sounds like it's more likely to be a cheap cash-in on the early games' popularity.
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  • Nintendo: Zelda series keeping motion controls

  • Duchessprozac 12/12/2011

    @higgins78 Oh, I'm aware playing video games is not always that mature, and I'm happy to be immature -- Heck, I even dance around having mock lightsaber duels with friends -- but I am never under the illusion that I look anything but foolish.

    I am one of those people that is just disillusioned with Nintendo and all the others that leapt onto the motion control bandwagon. I had high hopes for it all, but after so many bad games or badly implemented controls, I just wish it would just die.

    Nintendo continuous push of these controls means they are never going to go away and I will never get to comfortably relax and play another Zelda game again.
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  • Duchessprozac 12/12/2011

    @higgins78 Or perhaps some of us prefer to not have to wave a wand around and pretend it's a sword because we look like fucking 8 year olds play fighting.

    Really now, I'm sure Skyward Sword is a great game, I've not had chance to play it yet as I no longer own a Wii, but I doubt I'm the only person out there who might feel a little self aware waving their arms around like a lunatic in front of the television when the same finesse of controls could be achieved as effectively with a controller, who is disappointed with NIntendo ignoring those of us who would rather play with a traditional controller.

    I'm fine with them having the motion controller, it does work for some games, but having it forced as THE ONLY option is enough to turn me off.
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  • Duchessprozac 12/12/2011

    @higgins78 Trust me, you may feel like a badass slicing and dicing with the wiimote, but you look like a tit.

    This also goes for nearly all motion controlled games that involve waving controllers/body parts around.
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  • Duchessprozac 12/12/2011

    @TonyHarrison Flick up, down, left, right, the four diagonals and click stick/tap screen to lunge?

    Honestly now, it may not be as immersive to some as waving a remote control around like a tit in front of your tv, but saying it's not possible is rubbish.
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  • Retrospective: Deus Ex: Invisible War

  • Duchessprozac 28/08/2011

    I played the game to death upon release and really tried to love it, but by the end I realised there was little in there I truly loved.

    The unified ammo was a terrible design decision that made using heavy weapons a dangerous choice as you would not have ammo for even the most basic weapons when you were done.

    I hated the story; before release they were hyping how much choice the player had in which side they joined but it was all pointless as it turned out the competing factions were really two sides of the same coin. It really was just an illusion rather than real choice and it soured the game like lemon in milk.

    The whole thing was dumbed down for console. I hate it when developers do this, there's no need for it. Streamline, fine, but don't aim for a fictional lowest denominator that seems to only exist in developer's minds.

    Level design. On the same console that had an amazing port of Morrowind there really was little excuse for the piddly little levels with loading screen every few metres.

    There were things I did like, though. NG Resonance was a brilliant idea and I enjoyed speaking to her every time. The Omar were also great and it was still fun to sneak and shoot my way through, but really whilst it was still fun to play the problems destroyed the entire experience for me and now with HR, IW can be forgotten as a bad experiment.
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  • New Wii loses backwards compatibility

  • Duchessprozac 17/08/2011

    I guess about now is the best time to replace my wee'd upon Wii?

    I mean, it's either that or track down a Gamecube. Which would be cheaper?
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  • Carrier Command: Gaea Mission trailer

  • Duchessprozac 09/06/2011

    Cool! All I need now are a new Midwinter and Elite and I'll be as happy as a pig in shit. Reply +3
  • Ninja Gaiden 3 has multiplayer, more gore

  • Duchessprozac 05/04/2011

    I love me some good old ultraviolence in my games, but this nutters comments are disturbing. The only time I'd be interested in delving into what it felt like to gut someone is if I was playing a creepy serial killer in a serious horror game, not a bad-ass ninja who cuts through enemies like the coalition cuts through the countries budget in a mindless hack 'n' slash game.

    It's shit like this that makes the unwashed masses think gamers are a bunch of psychopaths.
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  • The 60 Xperia Play games

  • Duchessprozac 01/04/2011

    From the looks of it, most of those games are games that are up on the Android marketplace and not exclusive to this device. That leaves 5 (5!) games for the device, and they're all well over a decade old.

    I don't know about everyone else, but I'm sold of the thing.
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  • Amazon accused of 3DS delivery failure

  • Duchessprozac 25/03/2011

    Having to wait 3 weeks to get my Cataclysm pre-order before xmas, even though I'm an Amazon Prime customer, noticing my pre-order for the new Amon Amarth album had a delivery estimate 3 days after release due to it being sent via Indigo Starfish and now this, I think it's safe to say I will never pre-order anything from Amazon ever again.

    Would it really kill them to send things out a day earlier to make sure it gets there in good time?
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  • MS justifies Games on Demand prices

  • Duchessprozac 17/03/2011

    I can order the game from Amazon (don't have to leave the house for that.) for nearly 50% cheaper than they're selling it for and would be able to play it faster than I could if I'd bought it from GoD (nice acronym!) due to next day delivery.

    So Microsoft, what's so fucking convenient about it now?
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  • Grand Theft Auto V leak a "typo"

  • Duchessprozac 28/02/2011


    I notice you make no mention of fun, nor gameplay in your list of things GTA has over Saints Row. Those two things are ultimately more important than the things you listed and were things that SR2 had in spades over GTA IV.
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  • Why I Hate... Red Dead Redemption

  • Duchessprozac 18/02/2011

    "I want someone to write this article : "Why I hate Grand Theft Auto"

    or even more courageous : "Why I hate Halo"

    The very first article in this series was "Why I Hate Halo."
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  • DC Universe activation prevents trade-in

  • Duchessprozac 14/02/2011

    To those saying WoW locks you in to the discs. It doesn't.

    You can use the discs but have to pay for a license to use them. From what it seems here, You don't even have the option of buying a license for the game, leaving the new owner with an expensive beer mat.
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  • Nintendo defends 3DS region lock

  • Duchessprozac 19/01/2011

    What a total load of horseshit.

    Does this guy even believe the shit that's pouring forth from his mouth? I doubt it, as his excuses are about as believe as Saddam Hussein and Adolf Hitler coming back to life, and joining up with Osama Bin Laden and Barack Obama for a drunken orgy at the Playboy mansion.
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  • PS3 gets Music Unlimited sub service

  • Duchessprozac 22/12/2010

    I think it has its uses, not for everyone of course, downloading music for free, illegally, is probably what most people in this thread probably prefer.

    Or we can use Spotify which does much the same thing but with a basic package that costs nothing due to being ad supported.
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  • Super-fast broadband planned for UK

  • Duchessprozac 06/12/2010

    I can't wait as I'm still on 1Mb/s up and 256kb/s down. I don't ever bother trying to stream HD content as it takes forever to buffer it enough for uninterrupted playback. Mind, earlier in the year I was down to 1kb/s for a month.

    I'd be happy with what most people are getting now, though.That's probably for the best, mind, as with our Government that's probably all I'll end up with when city folk are whizzing around at the speed of light.
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  • Why did Wet dev A2M change its name?

  • Duchessprozac 10/11/2010

    I suppose A2M is a matter of taste.

    Yeah, but if one likes A2M then they have pretty shitty taste.
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  • Cliffy B: Heavy Rain perfect for girls

  • Duchessprozac 04/11/2010

    Misleading headline - he was suggesting that it would appeal to women who don't already play games more than lots of other hardcore titles. And he's probably right.

    Actually he's saying it's because all women love true crime shit.

    Generalizations about women like that are what makes what he said totally sexist.
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  • Duchessprozac 04/11/2010

    "I hate to sound [insert whateverism here} but..."

    The sentence spoken by all close-minded idiots.
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  • Interplay: Fallout Online launch in 2012

  • Duchessprozac 22/10/2010

    Having played the diabolical BoS game on the xbox (not Tactics) I can safely say I don't want the kind of humour Interplay will probably inject into the game. Reply +2
  • The new Xbox 360 controller

  • Duchessprozac 01/09/2010

    It looks very pretty, yes, but without the colours it'll make things difficult, for sure.

    I know my way around the controller, but in quite a few games when they give directions I could find it very difficult to tell which button they expect me to press were it not for the colours. Also for quick time events, as others have mentioned, it's easier to equate the colour to the button rather than ABXY in shades of black and grey.

    I'm not sure about the D-pad, either. although I'm hopeful MS know what they're doing with that.
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  • PETA puts hit out on Mafia Wars

  • Duchessprozac 23/04/2010

    Fuck PETA.

    I'm all for the the ethical treatment of animals but PETA are a bunch of fucking nutjobs who go too far and this is one such time. Remember when they created a Cooking Mama Parody to highlight the abuse of chickens or some crazy shit?

    They also kill more animals than they save, and how can I support an organization that does that?

    so yeah...fuck PETA.
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  • Jamie Foxx to star in Kane & Lynch film

  • Duchessprozac 19/03/2010

    What the hell is with Hollywood taking a game license and mutilating it to the point they as well not have bothered with the games license in the first place?

    They've done it with Doom and Resident Evil and a whole slew of others and now they've done it with this. I don't give a toss about K&L but it still pisses me off that Hollywood rapes franchises instead of actually working with what they've just payed money for.

    In this case, I thnk Kane & Lynch could have made a better movie than it did a game if they'd stayed close to the source material but as usual, they've pissed it all away.
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  • GTA IV episodes delayed on PC/PS3

  • Duchessprozac 19/03/2010

    I'm just glad I got these for the 360 if they're going to be censoring shit.

    And honestly,it was announced ages before the game came out there would be 2 360 exclusive DLCs. If you still went ahead and bought the game for the ps3 you have no right in moaning that you've had to wait, as it was you're own decision to skip the extra content.
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  • Xbox Live welcomes gay gamertags

  • Duchessprozac 08/03/2010

    As a lesbian gamer I'm happy to hear this.

    As for announcing our sexuality in public, why shouldn't we be allowed to?

    I wouldn't go so far as to put my sexual orientation in my gamertag but I would in my profile. after all it's large part of who I am, and being able to see when I'm playing with other LGBT people gives a certain degree of solidarity with others like me.

    As for Razorus. You obviously have a problem with homosexuality if just seeing such words causes offense. It's not like tags like IEATPUSSY or other such vulgar terms are allowed. I hope your kids don't grow up to be bigoted cunts like you.
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  • Sony patents degradable demos

  • Duchessprozac 05/03/2010

    It sounds like another step to annihilate the second hand market. If all games are sold as demos with the game unlocked with a license key locked to a single console it makes the disc useless to anyone but the owner of the license. Reply 0
  • More Borderlands DLC planned

  • Duchessprozac 03/03/2010

    That's good news. If there's one game that suits constant new stuff, it's Borderlands. Hopefully it'll turn out like Dr Ned and (so I've heard, I've not got round to playing it yet.) General Knoxx.

    But on the other hand. I hope they're working on Borderlands 2.
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  • Activision shuts down The Silver Lining

  • Duchessprozac 01/03/2010

    I swear Activision are aiming for a place in the Guinness world records for most evil company. I wouldn't be surpised if their next accessory based game is Fred West Hero and comes supplied with a baby killing machine.

    When a company make EA look good then you know they're evil.
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  • Yakuza 3 has been edited for West

  • Duchessprozac 24/02/2010

    Didn't they have the hostess clubs in the first Yakuza? Reply +12
  • Warner buys Batman dev Rocksteady

  • Duchessprozac 23/02/2010

    I'm mixed on this. On the one hand, WB can give Rocksteady a security that they wouldn't get as an indie but it's the wording of their statement that worries me. It sounds too much like something Activision would spout.

    Here's hoping it's just corporate PR crap and they're not going to farm out Rocksteady on an ever decreasing circle of shitty DC based games.
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  • Borderlands Knoxx DLC delayed

  • Duchessprozac 23/02/2010

    Damn, this is out today?

    Curse you Gearbox, I wasn't expecting it to be out this soon.
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