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  • What the hell is Gamechurch?

  • Duchessprozac 10/10/2014

    Interesting article but when it comes down to it, Gamechurch is yet another indoctrination to "The Faith" akin to Juggalos and Christian Metal. Sure the leaders of these groups believe what they're selling and genuinely believe that they're saving people's souls, but in this day and age I don't think there are many people left who want their soul to be saved who don't already belong to one group or another. Reply +7
  • Ultra Street Fighter 4 review

  • Duchessprozac 03/06/2014

    @sega Her gender is something that Capcom have tried to emphasise and there are subtle references in certain win/lose quotes, although I'm at a loss to remember any off hand.

    Apparently there were some more obvious quotes in early development but were changed/removed due to complaints – I can see where the complainers were coming from, tbh: http://streetfighterxtekken.wikia.com/wiki/Poison#History_and_gender_controversy )

    I agree she could be handled better but when you're a character in a fighting game, there's not a great deal of room to develop that aspect of her without either ignoring it completely or it coming across as offensive.

    Of course, the community in general (although it applies to wholes swathes of society, really) don't really help matters by seeing transwomen as sexual novelties instead of people.

    To see the only character in games that seems to be fighting against some of the usual stereotypes (albeit quite accidentally, I'm sure) be lumped in as yet another in a line of jokes, novelties and fetish objects is disheartening.
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  • Duchessprozac 03/06/2014

    @Ryze That's sort of the issue: like a lot of transwomen, Poison is seen as female by the majority – unaware that she's different.

    Cross-dressers identify as male, live as men generally and tend to feminise only for sexual reasons. To someone who desperately wants to be accepted as a woman (or man) this term is damaging as it implies that they do so only because it gets them off –- trust me on this one, that's far from the case

    To use this term simply because she's a sexually attractive woman with the wrong genitalia is wrong, especially when her history is so well known, although considering gaming's history with "traps" it's an easy mistake to make. As a Eurogamer reader for some years and aware of their usual tact, however I was surprised this one slipped through the net.
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  • Duchessprozac 03/06/2014

    @sega I honestly think most references to her transsexuality have been underplayed in the games, with only passing references to her being a very convincing transwoman (Not played this iteration yet, however so I could be wrong) as opposed to say Bridget from Guilty Gear who is a purposeful and obvious trap (and also is a cross-dresser)

    At the end of the day convincing transwomen exist (I myself am one) and it's nice to have a character clearly defined as one in game that isn't simply being fetishised (like Bridget) but also isn't simply lip service by the creator ("Dumbledore is gay" kind of thing) as we're so often seen as sex-objects or ugly freaks and not simply as people, so I applaud Capcom for their job so far.
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  • Duchessprozac 03/06/2014

    So you've looked at one of gaming only true transgender characters and casually called her a cross-dresser?

    Do you have any idea how offensive that is to someone who identifies as female? (I know she's fictional but I'm not and if you'd called me a cross-dresser you'd be swallowing your teeth.) It's a denial of their identity, to be told that no matter how feminine they are they're still just a guy in drag.

    Surely, in this day, where trans issues are more prevalent than ever, the writer and editors would show a little more care when bandying around such contentious descriptors.
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  • Watch episode one of live action Street Fighter series

  • Duchessprozac 27/05/2014

    @SubPixel Just like the thousands of martial arts movies featuring wirework,CGI and Van Damme shit all over real martial artists?

    It's a bit of fun, you humourless twonk.
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  • Remember Desert Strike? Meet Killstorm

  • Duchessprozac 28/03/2014

    I've always considered the Battlefield: Bad Company games to be inspired by the Strike games: Highly polished OTT military action games that didn't take themselves too seriously. It's a shame EA have left both franchises to fester since as I find the more serious military shooters to be too po-faced for their own good.

    Let's hope that this game manages to pull off that old school feel.
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  • Rovio announces Angry Birds Stella

  • Duchessprozac 13/02/2014

    "There will be plenty of fun and adventure, but the bunch of passionate pals will also have to deal with some serious issues in order to protect their friendship and the environment they live in. Luckily, Stella and her friends are good at finding creative solutions!"
    So they'll be flinging themselves into a variety of Jenga buildings in an attempt to topple them?
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  • Epic sells Gears of War to Microsoft

  • Duchessprozac 27/01/2014

    Percentage of a shit I give about new Gears of War? Zero.

    I enjoyed the first two, albeit in a knowing way I'm not convinced the writers and marketers were aware of.

    And now with MS in control we're just going to see further grimdark adventures of Brute Testicles and his band of Miserable, Angry Men with even less winking at the player telling us it's only a bit of fun.
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  • Killer Instinct gets Fulgore in March 2014

  • Duchessprozac 22/11/2013

  • Killer Instinct review

  • Duchessprozac 21/11/2013

    Colour me pleasantly surprised; I was expecting yet another Microsoft shitfest, but I'm glad to see it's turned out quite well.

    It's still not enough to convince me to pay out for a glorified set-top box, but at least those who have bought an Xbox One will have something half decent to play on it.
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  • ShopTo apologises to PS4 pre-order customers after taking money without warning

  • Duchessprozac 18/11/2013

    So much butt hurt here from people incapable of managing their finances well.

    Whilst eleven days is a little earlier than expected, it's not as though they're trying to scam anyone. It's a big launch and they are no doubt beginning to fulfil orders so all the ungrateful bastards moaning about this can get their machines in time for launch.

    It seems pretty logical to me that if you are expecting a delivery and haven't been given an exact date the payment will be leaving then you should have the money there ready. It's not exactly fucking rocket science.

    Shopto were early but not unreasonably, so yes, I will join in with those who are saying that if you're so close to the line each month that you can't afford to honour a pre-order payment within a reasonable range, then maybe you shouldn't be pre-ordering stuff like PS4s in the first place.
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  • Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z release date announced

  • Duchessprozac 01/11/2013

    I saw the art style and thought, "Hey, this looks pretty cool." Then the "hero" opened his mouth and I honest-to-god nearly cringed myself out of existence.

    Really now, not only is the dialogue extremely offensive, it's just plain bad.

    Shame really, as the game could well be fun if the PC wasn't such an uncharismatic douche nozzle.
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  • Surreal ASCII-based RPG sequel Candy Box 2 is out now

  • Duchessprozac 25/10/2013

    I am so glad I finished working on my book before this came out as I've been playing it pretty much non-stop since it came out. It is strangely addictive finding out what crazy thing unlocks next. Reply +1
  • Games with Gold: Rainbow Six Vegas now available

  • Duchessprozac 16/09/2013

    I'll give it to MS, I don't know any other company that would so readily give away ancient relics each month like they're doing. Reply +84
  • Pay what you want for Dead Space 3

  • Duchessprozac 15/08/2013

    FUCK EA AND THEIR FUCKI –- wait, what? Reply +129
  • Police Quest spiritual successor cancels Kickstarter, starts crazy new crowdfunding campaign

  • Duchessprozac 07/08/2013

    So they're baulking about the rewards costing too much of their initial funding request?

    It doesn't seem to me they put much thought into the project if they didn't take such an important cost into consideration when pitching the idea. Coupled with their new "high risk, no reward" scheme, you wouldn't catch me (and I hope most people) willing to throw money at this project.
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  • Warhammer Quest review

  • Duchessprozac 19/07/2013

    @KingFunkIII They are randomly generated from a list of tiles. Even replaying the same dungeon after failing it generates a new set of tiles so you'll not be playing the same map twice. Reply +2
  • Duchessprozac 19/07/2013

    This is a strange one; I loved the game, having put a couple of dozen hours into it before wandering off to pastures new, but I agree with nearly every point made in the review (I bought all of the IAP right at the start to get the 'full' game, its obvious its a Ł12 game that's been chopped up to make it competitive amidst the shovelware on the app store.)

    The game does turn into a game of whack-a-mole, with the nearly every tile filled with the same slim selection of enemies. There isn't really a great deal of tactical play involved and without the dice rolls your basically just hacking away at hordes of Orcs, spiders or Skaven until the room is clear.

    The thing is, though, is that despite all of its faults the game is still compelling enough to pump many hours into but I'd say it would be hard to say the game deserved more than a 6/10.

    Now I'll just wait for FFG to make a Descent app.
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  • SpellForce dev EA Phenomic shuts down

  • Duchessprozac 12/07/2013

    @Deionarra Bioware exist in name only these days, much like Maxis or Rare at Microsoft. The name is only kept around because it still carries a degree of goodwill from before the EA buyout. That goodwill won't last forever, however and after ME3, TOR and DA 2, it's already wavering. Reply +16
  • Duchessprozac 12/07/2013

    "As part of EA's realignment in recent weeks, we have announced internally a small adjustment to some development staff to better focus our teams against priority growth areas,"
    The cold, soulless words of a corporate entity: Lots of pointless words solely there to obfuscate the horrid truth.
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  • Team17 announces Worms 3 for iOS

  • Duchessprozac 12/07/2013

    @VideoGameAddict25 I'll take a stab at this on being the 3rd iOS edition, the previous ones being simply Worms and Worms 2. Reply +2
  • Deep Silver to publish crowdfunded Wasteland 2

  • Duchessprozac 12/07/2013

    @DBLue I'm sure that is what is going on here is little to get up in arms about; I do trust InXile to not sell out the fans that helped put two franchises back onto the market.

    I do however, believe that these kinds of deals are a slippery slope where those with money are unwilling to put faith in a game's development but are more than willing to reap profits from the finished product. It's parasitic behaviour that corporations across the entertainment industry are drawn to as it maximises their profits without putting their own money at risk.

    The idea that all Kickstarter is is a pre-order service doesn't help either; there's no guarantee a product at all once my money has left my account as opposed to a pre-order where if I change my mind I am able to reclaim any money I have put forwards. Kickstarter is, plain and simple an altruistic investment service, which, I'm afraid, is beginning to be abused by money-grabbing bastards in the corporate world.

    *takes tinfoil hat off.*
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  • Duchessprozac 12/07/2013

    @Zaiz I'm sorry, but no, I did not make a pre-order: I offered my money to a group of people under the assumption that they would otherwise be unable to produce and distribute a product viable in the modern gaming market. As charity, I forewent any profit in return for shinies (in this case a copy of the product on release.)

    When said product is offered distribution via mainstream channel then in my eye the product is seen as having further value (Deep Silver aren't doing this through altruism.)

    If Deep Silver see value in distributing the product then they saw the product as profit-bearing. Why should they reap the rewards of others' investments without recompensing those people who actually made the project viable in the first place?

    Deep Silver are putting 0% into the development of the game and yet will reap a significant percentage of the profit, whilst those of us who financed the entire development get a copy of the game and few tid-bits.

    It's not exactly fare, is it?
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  • Duchessprozac 12/07/2013

    So they are using the community to fund the production of the game but still using mainstream (and Deep Silver are fast becoming mainstream) channels to distribute and market the game post release.

    And as a backer I get how much of the profits back from investing in this product?
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  • Viscera Cleanup Detail imagines what happens after your typical horror shooter

  • Duchessprozac 11/07/2013

    When I first saw it I imagined it being the janitor who cleans up the maps between deathmatches, which could well be brilliant: you have a certain amount of time to clean the gibs up between matches otherwise you face being gibbed yourself. Without any other game mechanics it might well be a bit dull. Reply +3
  • PS4 exclusive The Order: 1886 is a linear third-person action adventure with shooting mechanics

  • Duchessprozac 25/06/2013

    The first thing that came to mind when seeing the reveal was Nightmare Creatures, which I remember getting slated quite badly at the time, but found immensely fun with a great atmosphere. (It's a shame the series was abandoned soon after.)

    I'm hoping that this is going to be good, but hearing words like 'linear' and 'filmic' being tossed about don't give me much hope it'll be a classic.

    Seriously, why do the big studios insist on feeding us filmic[sic] experiences at the expense of gameplay? If they cut back a bit on the cinematic toss then they might actually be able to make the games on a more frugal budget like in the 'old days'.
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  • Live: Ubisoft E3 2013 Conference

  • Duchessprozac 11/06/2013

    The division looks like it could well be the modern Midwinter-like game I've been wanting for the last few years. Rather impressive looking. Reply 0
  • Deus Ex: The Fall is six hours long, the first of a series and will contain in-app purchases

  • Duchessprozac 07/06/2013

    Personally, I would have welcomed a tablet Deus Ex if it didn't try to mimc its bigger brothers but still felt like Deus Ex.

    An isometric or top-down action rpg would have worked quite well.

    But no, they are shoehorning a fps onto iOS which reminds me of the days of Street Fighter 2 on the Spectrum or Resident Evil on the GBC, they can be done, but the experience is vastly subpar due to technical limitations.
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  • Deus Ex: The Fall is an iPhone and iPad game out soon

  • Duchessprozac 05/06/2013

    @Goldenspork I'm normally polite and reasonable to people on the internet but in your case, I can make an exception.

    Just fuck off with this "Master Race" bullshit, I mainly play PC games these days and I've been playing them for over a decade. I love mouse and keyboard but I'm not such a fucking moron as to disparage anyone who favours a different control device to me.

    A games controller works perfectly well for most game types bar strategy games (Oddly, the type of game touch screen and mouse excel at.) I don't give a flying fuck if you hate aim assist and that your l33t skillz with a mouse net you more kills, For single player games or console games, there is nothing wrong with a controller.

    A touch screen, however is impractical for FPS/TPS; It forces your hands into impractical and uncomfortable positions, precious screen real estate is taken up by various buttons and your hands are constantly in the way.

    There may well be a lot of these types of game coming out for the touch devices, but that doesn't mean they should. This isn't about one control method being better than another, its about pushing games that shouldn't ever be used with that device being forced onto it.

    But then I guess, you'd be demeaning those who drive electric cars saying that walking in cement boots is stupid because your petrol car is the best way to get around.
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  • Duchessprozac 05/06/2013

    @Goldenspork They work perfectly well. Not as well as KB&M, but at least they're tactile and you don't have to have your hands over the screen to do simple things. Also triggers beat the shit out of mouse clicks and screen taps for firing weapons. Reply +8
  • Duchessprozac 05/06/2013

    Wow. Second biggest letdown of 2013 so far. Why anyone thought putting FPSs on a touchscreen was in any way a good idea is beyond me. The Fall could be the best game ever made (I doubt it) but there's no way I'm putting myself through the pain of hand cramps to play it. Reply +28
  • 40 minutes of Fast & Furious: Showdown you'll never get back

  • Duchessprozac 20/05/2013

    I can't believe I'm actually saying this, as it is usually said by idiots, but dear god, it looks little better than a PS1 game!

    I actually went looking at PS1 racing game graphics and there isn't a whole deal of difference. A few extra polygons, slightly smoother frame rate and some basic anti-aliasing, but yeah, even driver 3 on the PS2 looks better than this and that's nearly a decade old, running on the least capable machine of the last generation of consoles.
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  • Football Manager-style Blood Bowl game announced

  • Duchessprozac 05/03/2013

    FInally, I can delve into my love of stats and screens without having to break my nerd credentials by playing a - yuck - football management sim. Reply +10
  • Destiny: Bungie unveils its shared-world shooter

  • Duchessprozac 17/02/2013

    Well there goes what little interest I had in the game.

    It seems with this and Diablo 3 we find games are being designed around awful DRM to lock players in and to monitor and monetize them every step of the way.

    Coincidence Activision are involved with both of these 'pioneering' titles?
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  • Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes review

  • Duchessprozac 29/01/2013


    Great iPad games that I've come into contact with so far:

    A Bard's Tale
    Galaxy on Fire HD
    Aliens Vs Humans (It's old school X-Com)

    Its also home to some amazing board game adaptions such as Elder Sign: Omens and Scotland Yard.

    The trouble with games on ios is that the cheap and shitty games far, far outweigh the top-tier stuff and makes it hard to discover the great indie games.
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  • Microsoft delighted with Xbox NUads, vows increased investment

  • Duchessprozac 09/01/2013

    EDIT: I'm actually kind of depressed at how often this video has become a response to gaming news over the past couple of years.
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  • I saw it with my own eyes: Woodcutter Simulator 2013

  • Duchessprozac 18/12/2012

    I didn't axe for this... Reply +4
  • Sega is suing Level-5 over its touchscreen controls in Inazuma Eleven

  • Duchessprozac 11/12/2012

    @lolercopter If that's true, it's still dickish (I know they may have a legal leg to stand on, but that doesn't always make something right.) I mean, what would have happened if someone had patented "moving and controlling a 3-dimensional environment by use of a dual analogue control device." just before Halo arrived on the scene?

    It would have made 1st and 3rd person games pretty much impossible to make with a controller in mind.

    Innovation is often bought about by mimicking and improving on someone else's ideas. Patents these days make sure that once an idea has been imagined it's next to impossible to improve on it.
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  • Duchessprozac 11/12/2012

    Can we stop with the patent trolling now, please?

    Creativity is rapidly being destroyed by greedy people and their greedy lawyers.
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  • New Black Isle intends to make triple-A RPGs based on Interplay's IP

  • Duchessprozac 23/08/2012

    About the only trademark they still own that could possibly be used on an RPG is the Dark Alliance (sans Baldurs Gate) name.

    Amazingly, I give even less of a shit about the news now than I did yesterday.
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  • Borderlands 2: Gearbox reveals the Mechromancer's "girlfriend mode"

  • Duchessprozac 13/08/2012

    @Gusdor It isn't about women sucking at games, it's the fact that they are automatically assumed to need assistance.

    I mean guys had to start somewhere didn't they? You weren't given a gender specific mode to cut your teeth with, were you, so why should it be different for women?
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  • Duchessprozac 13/08/2012

    @Dangerous_Dan Yes, I'm trying to demonise all men so women can usurp power and rule over you all and make you all do girly things, like a unicorn powered Hitler.

    I'm also working with the Freemasons and the Council of Elder Zionists to make sure women can take control of the world by the year 2037, whereby we'll force sterilisation on all men and live the rest of our days in a lesbian paradise.
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  • Duchessprozac 13/08/2012

    @GAmbrose Even if that were true, do you not think it could be seen as a little condescending to them?

    "Look, dear, they've even put a game mode in just for you. It's a cute girl and its super easy."

    It's just like selling everything for girls in pink or with princesses ffs. It's condescending and fucking offensive to some of us.

    Even the fucking name of "Best Friends Forever" implies that it's just for girls as it's a common term used among the girly-girly type of girls they think gamers have as girlfriends!
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  • Duchessprozac 13/08/2012

    @GAmbrose So all girlfriends around the world are as disinterested and crap at games as his girlfriend?

    I don't think so. That might have been the case a decade ago, but these days there are a hell of a lot of female gamers who play games as well as men. By implying such a thing, it just shows that this guy has no clue as to the true audience of his company's product, and simply assuming it still consists of a bunch of boys belies the general patriarchy that exists in the upper echelons of the industry still.

    The simple fact, that there have been so many articles and controversies over sexism in gaming recently shows that a shift is happening and sexism, whether intended or not, is not acceptable in the industry any longer.

    There is still a long way to go, however, and we have to make a stink over things like the 'Girlfriend Mode' so we can shake the dinosaurs and manchildren out of their old ways of thinking until the industry is something that can truly be enjoyed by all.
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  • Duchessprozac 13/08/2012

    @Velocityraptor TBH, I thought about it if only to Godwin the damn thing, but I couldn't think of a decent argument for bringing in Nazis so I went with the next best thing. Reply +2
  • Duchessprozac 13/08/2012

    @GAmbrose Do you really think they would have raised money for Africa if they'd said there WAS rain and things DID grow, when in large parts their was no rain and things didn't grow?

    Context is key.

    Besides, no one has said anything about banning anything. Most of us are merely showing our disdain for another derogatory comment from someone in the industry, not calling out for his blood.
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  • Duchessprozac 13/08/2012

    "Our new game has a character who uses an UZI and holds it to the side and gets his health back by eating fried chicken. For want of a better term, it's like a N****r mode."

    Yeah, making generalisations about a class of people is fucking offensive. Only the most racist people would not find offence at the above sentence, so why is it okay to call all girlfriends non-gamers who are useless at games?

    The simple fact is, more women are playing games than ever and a great many of us are as capable, if not better than the men who thinks their hobby belongs to them. Having someone stereotype us as being unable to play anything but the simplest of games is patronising, if not sexist.
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  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 theme composed by Trent Reznor

  • Duchessprozac 10/07/2012

    Well Mr Reznor has just blown all of the cred I'd given him for uploading the unreleased Closure DVD to TPB.

    I guess Activision's money is just too much to resist. That, or Bobby Kotick is really a Sith Lord.
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  • Resident Evil 6 demo launches for Xbox 360 Dragon's Dogma owners

  • Duchessprozac 03/07/2012

    @stealthlol why are you bringing up Diablo 3? Reply +3