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  • Global Conflicts: Palestine

  • DuBBle 25/09/2007

    Oop. There's an error in this review. The patch should now be released and was NEVER claimed to be due release in April. Shoddy research on my behalf was the cause of this silly mistake. Oh, and @dirigiblebill: I'm proud of the Abrahimic esophagus bit :D Reply 0
  • BioShock

  • DuBBle 06/09/2007

    Dr Lobster:
    We (obviously) disagree, but I can understand why many people feel the way you do. Honestly, most video games are "soft and mushy" in the respect that game directors have yet to refine their storytelling techniques to a point where I'd scream, cry, or laugh, in the way I would watching a film. Currently, the best method a game can follow if it wants to tell a tale is to *stop trying to tell a tale* and let the player utilise the game's tools to conjure their own rationale and interpretation.

    To Saladin:
    Hoarding ammo is probably a psychological quirk I possess. I'd want to use the wrench on the weak and limitless splicers so that I could engage in a satisfying and varied battle when it came to 'Daddy time.
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  • Colin McRae: DIRT

  • DuBBle 29/08/2007

    Bloomin' eck, I had no idea that these problems existed. Thanks L0cky :) Reply 0
  • Shadow of the Colossus

  • DuBBle 15/08/2007

    Thanks guys :) It's true, the thesaurus is my friend, it always has a kind word (or affectionate assertion) for prose-conjurers.

    I noticed a silly mistake in my review: at one point I asked you to refer to an above image, it's not there! Sorry about that! The review came from my blog and I've clearly been remiss in quality control before I posted it on Eurogamer.
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