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  • FTL: Faster Than Light review

  • Drone 21/09/2012

    Been playing this for a couple of days. Brilliant game. Reply +37
  • Minecraft XBLA, Trials Evolution, Fable Heroes release dates

  • Drone 22/03/2012

    Minecraft on 360. A whole new platform for me to show how uncreative I am. Reply +17
  • Kinect infringes patents, company claims

  • Drone 22/07/2011

    This is the kind of crap that apple are pulling on HTC Reply +21
  • 15bn apps downloaded from App Store

  • Drone 07/07/2011

    @Rev. Stuart Campbell

    You need to get some sleep ;-)
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  • More iPhone 5 rumours emerge

  • Drone 05/07/2011


    So, a playstation can also be a blu-ray player and an xbox can be a dvd player. But a phone (that you admit to playing games on) cannot be a games device on the side?

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  • Drone 05/07/2011

    "Some iphone nerd rage in here, LOVE it!"

    Not really, you're just being blind to the possibility that people who dont own a dedicated games console might play the occasional game a device they carry with them that is capable of it. Its been like this since snake on the old nokias.
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  • Deep Silver announces X Rebirth

  • Drone 20/04/2011

    I only picked up X3 Terran Conflict on steam yesterday and I have to second what Eraysor said. I havent got a clue whats going on at the moment, I was prepared for a steep learning curve but its bloody vertical! Reply -1
  • Brink release date brought forward

  • Drone 11/04/2011

    Could the fact it was coming out the same day as L.A. Noire have anything to do with it? Really looking forward to this though so I'm happy! Reply +21
  • iPad 2 specs: A to Z

  • Drone 03/03/2011


    "Indeed, as I said, that place is in the hands of people with more money than sense."

    On that note i think its time for me to duck out of this argument. But how many people, do you think, that read this site and have managed to acquire the three major consoles of this generation and possibly a pc since the xbox came out in 2005? I would bet its a sizeable amount.
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  • Drone 03/03/2011


    I havent explained how iPads are superior because i never made that claim. In fact, i actually stated in my previous post that laptops are superior in many cases!

    iPads are a tool, different jobs require different tools. To expand on my previous example, my company has trialed flip screen laptops laptops with a screen that twists 180 degrees and folds back down to become a tablet pc. These ran into some problems that im not too familiar with but battery life was one as they needed to be kept in stand by, they were used to show customers data, video clips etc. So its possible that an iPad will be superior for this very specific example as the battery last longer and its instant on / off.

    As for my point about people who have tried mine seem to like it, i can only comment on my own experience. Ive had many a friend bash the iPad (especially around the time i got mine which was just after release) male and female, young and old and every single one of them can see the use iin an iPad.

    As for gaming, again, im not saying the iPad is a replacement for anything but as someone with the three consoles and a pc i still find myself picking up the ipad to play games on. Its has its place.
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  • Drone 03/03/2011


    Do you own / have you tried an iPad for more than a few minutes? I only ask because ive heard your arguments from lots of people who have never actually used one for any length of time. Virtually everyone i have come into contact with who has can see at least some benefits in them. Laptops / pc's are superior in many ways but its a bit short sighted to say iPads have no place. Also, have a go of speedball 2 on one as an excellent example of how touch controls can work.

    As an example of where this particular market is going, the company i work for (multinational, blue chip, multi billion dollar) is taking laptops off all the field staff and replacing them with iPads. It might turn out to be a very bad idea but tablets are here to stay
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  • Mobile Games Roundup

  • Drone 14/02/2011

    Battleheart is awesome. It keeps reminding me of boss fights in World of Warcraft.

    (Im shit at World of Warcraft)
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  • "World's fastest gaming notebook" is...

  • Drone 05/01/2011

    Bollocks. I only bought the GX6600R last month. Bit of overkill really as its only used for playing WoW at the moment Reply 0
  • GT5 Collector’s Edition unboxed

  • Drone 23/11/2010

    According to amazon theres no toy car thing or keyring in the UK version.
    Box Contents:

    - Special GT5 packaging with specialised outer box finish
    - Collector's Edition inlay sleeve art
    - 200+ page drivers/strategy guide
    - 5 x Collector's Edition artcards/postcards
    - 5 x Collector's Edition 'ChromeLine' car pack
    - Exclusive Polyphony designed dynamic theme

    Edit: Curse you cut and paste!
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  • Nintendogs blamed for attack on child

  • Drone 29/09/2010


    No, but it would help if you read the mail article. The line Raitasar mentioned is

    "Ms Melville was unavailable for comment, but it is understood that she told police that Megan may have kicked Saracen and that is why he attacked her."

    Edit: Curse my slow internet skills
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  • Gal Gun reveal trailer

  • Drone 15/09/2010

    Even the female presenter looks confused and slightly alarmed by this Reply +3
  • Blizzard "listening to feedback" on Real ID

  • Drone 08/07/2010

    If the guy's facebook privacy was more locked down this wouldn't be so much of a problem. It looks like the info wowriot got on him was from there. Reply -6
  • Direct feed: Wired's iPad edition

  • Drone 02/06/2010

    Had a play with this on a friends Ipad last night. Very cool etc but the price of it would put me off Reply 0
  • Japan not keen on No More Heroes

  • Drone 23/04/2010

    Good point, I've not played or seen it but I've heard lots of good things about it

    I never said there were no sequels in Western development.

    I see your point. I suppose im compairing the Japanese gaming industry of 10-15 years ago (or more maybe) to today. There was a time when Japanese games seemed to the most original and exciting out there. I am probably in the minority but i just dont look forward to another mario game or a run of the mill DS title.

    I seem to remember some Japanese developers saying pretty much the same recently

    I have a feeling I'm going to get flamed into oblivion for this!
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  • Drone 23/04/2010


    I think you're missing the point. No one would argue the merit of Japanese games and consoles but they dont seem to be very progressive in their creativity with new IP's. All the games you mentioned (with the exeption of Bayonetta, which is basically son of DMC) are sequels.
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  • Red Dead Redemption - Life in the West

  • Drone 18/03/2010


    Stop calling me Shirley
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  • Bad Company 2 viral teases MW2

  • Drone 17/03/2010

    "This is almost as embarassing [sic] as Halo comment sections"

    Just to clarify, you are saying that just because some people here are disagreeing with you, even though they have multiple hours of play time (over 18 hrs myself and only had connection problems once) then they are fanboys?
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  • EEDAR: Are X360 Achievements too hard?

  • Drone 15/03/2010

    88% of all statistics are made up on the spot Reply +27
  • Modern Warfare 2 hits 25m unique players

  • Drone 09/03/2010


    If your only chatting to one person just do a private chat through live with them.

    Oh and BC2 online > MW2 online
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  • Fable-branded condoms on the way?

  • Drone 26/02/2010

    I want a Fable III branded dog Reply +11
  • Bad Company 2 maps unlockable at launch

  • Drone 26/02/2010

    Don't see what all the fuss is about. And I really don't see why this would actually stop someone buying it new. If someone really want the game then the chances are they will get it new at launch or pick it up when its discounted post launch.

    However, I've never actually bought a second hand game so i guess I'm in no position to comment!
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  • Apple defends App Store titillation purge

  • Drone 23/02/2010

    Wobble iBoobs. That just sounds awesome Reply +8
  • Rolando 3 won't appear until it's free

  • Drone 19/02/2010

    Keep on rocking in the free world Neil Reply +4
  • Army man explains MOH operatives

  • Drone 04/12/2009

    "Jordan Tate:
    So who are you? Are you, you, like, some special forces guy or something?

    Casey Ryback:
    Nah. I'm just a cook. "

    You Sir, win the internets. All of them.
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  • The Edge of Reason?

  • Drone 03/08/2009

    "Awooga "

    Now that really is out of order
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  • Drone 03/08/2009

    He is on the IGDA board of directors but for how long? - http://kotaku.com/5317360/effort-begun-t... Reply +3
  • Drone 03/08/2009

    "This article is ill-timed, ill-conceived and seriously lacking in journalistic integrity"

    How so?
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  • Rape games outlawed in Japan

  • Drone 02/06/2009


    "It's not a government decision either, apparently, but rather a self-policing move endorsed by over 100 representatives from various erotic game companies."

    Its not law.
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  • Drone 02/06/2009

    They have games about RAPE?!?! WTF?! Reply 0
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 demo up

  • Drone 21/05/2009

    No worries mate Reply 0
  • Drone 21/05/2009


    chill out
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  • Hirai: We're the "official" industry leader

  • Drone 20/01/2009

    I'm king of the world. This is not meant in terms of numbers, or who's got the most subjects, or who's got the biggest country, but I'd like to think that I continue official leadership of the world Reply +1
  • WOW to add 1m more subs - analyst

  • Drone 15/10/2008

    Personally I see both games subs going up. It isn't like the market is at 100% saturation where every subscriber WAR or any other mmo for that matter can only get players from wow. Reply 0
  • WAR claims 750,000 people

  • Drone 12/10/2008

    "Rubbish, I've hardly been near the WAR articles or threads since the review, but this positive spin needs a dose of reality."

    That's odd, I've just looked at your comment activity and you seem to have posted on every WAR story I could find. Being negative, oh I mean adding reality, in all of them.
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  • Drone 11/10/2008

    Prediction time!

    Gaol will post negative comments about every WAR news article until December.......and beyond.

    Change the record pal!
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  • Pirates of the Burning Sea: free trials

  • Drone 01/10/2008

    Yargh! Reply 0
  • Analyst: WAR will get 250-350k subs

  • Drone 24/09/2008


    I was thinking the same thing myself thats why i gave up arguing half way through =)

    @ iokthemonkey

    I think your probably right. I tend to be the defensively minded person though. I play DoK so I'm melee and healing, it cant do the damage of the melee dps classes but it can stand up to a lot because of its heal-while-you-damage-approach.

    From what ive seen so far there seems to be more healing on the order side. Im sure the order players on my server would say the same of destruction though!
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  • Drone 24/09/2008

    "The public quest system is fundamentally broken. basically what happens is that the first two phases are easy when the final boss turns up there are no healers! so no one pulls him. Would you attempt an WOW dungeon without a healer?"

    Youve not had a healer a couple of times which makes the entire mechanic (one that is being called ground breaking by others) is broken. By that rationale all dungeons are broken in all mmo's becuause they also need healers.

    "RVR is again an excellent idea but only if two sides are balanced the reason chos is winning is simply because of numbers. At the moment they have no way of balancing this. SO again fundamentally broken!"

    Do more research before making ill informed comments like this. Mythic have already said they will tinker with population caps and apply buffs to either side if the other gets too powerful.

    "Class balance is an issue play a black ork if you don't belive me."

    I have, are you saying they are over or underpowered?

    "There are some horrific bugs shuch as randomly falling through the floor and dieing. No CTD yet for me though"

    Not seen these, ive seen some minor glitches but thats it. Dont assume your experiences are the same as everyone elses.
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  • Warhammer Online's Paul Barnett

  • Drone 17/09/2008

    Ive actually slowed down my leveling in WAR to enjoy the content. That's the opposite of my time in WoW where you needed to rush to the end to experience the decent stuff.

    I hit the "teens" levels in WAR yesterday but there weren't enough people around at those levels on my server to do the PQ's and scenarios. The content is too good to just rush past so I'm actually tempering my thirst for more WAR to enjoy it as intended.

    When the people that are in their 20's now eventually re-roll another character they will have a different experience from playing in zones that have active PQ's going on. This is the first MMO I have played where being the fastest to max out your level means you've missed out on a big part of the "spirit" of the game.
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  • Jacobs on WAR beta: "GOA messed up"

  • Drone 09/09/2008

    I entered my CE code at about 17.00 UK time yesterday, had a reply at 00.07 to say I'd entered it incorrectly. Brilliant.

    Followed the advice of players on warhammeralliance this morning and spammed the code entry site 5-6 times and had my activation during the 7th attempt.
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  • WAR open beta struggles in Europe

  • Drone 08/09/2008


    Sadly that's not the case for all CE people. I have a couple of friends who pre-ordered the CE from HMV. basically they paid £10 for the box with the codes in which they took away the same day. They then had the option of picking up the CE box on launch day for the remaining balance. Therefore they have paid for the beta but not the CE (yet).

    Im sure all people with an open beta code will get in at some point this week. But i think its fair to say this whole situation was avoidable (Mythic managed to avoid it after all) and quite frustrating. I'm willing to bet though that if the launch goes well, and if the game is actually worth the wait, all this will be forgotten.
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  • Drone 08/09/2008


    People have paid to play beta. Some of the CE versions (which guaranteed access) cost £10 (non refundable) for the beta codes. As for customer service, one of the commiunity reps went on record stating that as far as GOA were concerned 7th Sept was the launch date and full customer service was available from that date.

    Yes its a beta for the GAME. Its not a beta for GOA's account centre. I have no problem testing the non game stuff but don't make me pay for the pleasure!
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  • Drone 08/09/2008

    This really is shocking. Especially when the community was telling them that this exact situation was going to happen. But arrogant GOA ignored the pleas of all the fans while Mythic buried its head in the sand and gave perk after perk to the US players. The EU community reps only started to post about the situation at 10.30 last night (IIRC).

    I've never seen such a massive PR blunder like the one that started yesterday at 8.30 and is still going on now!

    Edit: Spelling
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  • EVE is better than WOW, says Dyack

  • Drone 27/08/2008

    I'm with Denis, I pull myself off now and again as well. Reply 0