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  • Alicia Vikander will play Lara Croft in next Tomb Raider film

  • DreadedWalrus 29/04/2016

    @Hellotherenow She's probably not a great actress though. As mentioned in the article, Vikander has won an Academy Award and is a rising star. Reply +25
  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided's six-minute trailer explains it all

  • DreadedWalrus 28/04/2016

    I can't wait to show off my nine inch Jensen to everyone I know. Reply +4
  • Oxenfree dated for PS4 with new endings, New Game Plus mode

  • DreadedWalrus 27/04/2016

    @Dazwash In what way are PC/Xbone owners of the game at a disadvantage in this instance? Reply +7
  • Fable Legends wasn't the Fable you were after, but it was far from a disaster

  • DreadedWalrus 24/04/2016

    Sterling, the self-obsessed hero who lets rip into his hand then relishes the ensuing aroma

    Even though I like him, I'm picturing this as being about Jim Sterling and I can't stop laughing as a result.
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  • How to bypass Dark Souls 3's game-breaking PC bug

  • DreadedWalrus 12/04/2016

    Praise the (lack of) Sun! Reply +12
  • Automata Empires: An RTS based on Conway's Game of Life

  • DreadedWalrus 12/04/2016

    This sounds fascinating! I'm not too familiar with Life, beyond the basics of glider guns, but I'm definitely going to check this out when I get the chance. Reply +2
  • Watch: Chris faces the horror of tank controls in Silent Hill 2

  • DreadedWalrus 08/04/2016

    @Rogueywon Yeah, I think it calls it something like "2D" and "3D" controls. That said, I always preferred playing with the default "tank"-style controls, because it made it a bit too easy to dodge the enemies otherwise.

    Something similar has happened with the new Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster, where they've introduced a "push the direction you wish to move" control system, thus making it arguably too easy to dodge the lunges of the zombies.
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  • What went wrong with Quantum Break on PC?

  • DreadedWalrus 08/04/2016

    No quit button: This was the first warning flag that something wasn't quite right. On the face of it, the lack of a dedicated quit button seems like a minor issue. You can, after all, reach over and use your mouse to click out of the game or simply press Alt-F4 - but we feel it highlights core issues with the approach to PC gaming here.
    Wow. I genuinely can't remember the last time I played a port so poorly thought-out that they forgot to implement a "quit" option.
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  • Deus Ex meets Die Hard in Consortium: The Tower, currently doing the business on Fig

  • DreadedWalrus 08/04/2016

    @Ffordesoon And it's currently 60% off on Steam! only £2.79 in the UK!

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  • 18 minutes of new Total War: Warhammer gameplay

  • DreadedWalrus 07/04/2016

    @wyp100 P.S. Could you use your power to ensure that whoever writes the review includes "which still isn't called Total Warhammer" at some point? Thanks. Reply +6
  • DreadedWalrus 07/04/2016

    I bet Innes gets given the Chaos Warriors regardless of pre-ordering as a reward for his groundbreaking accomplishment. Reply +2
  • How bad exactly is Atari's Rollercoaster Tycoon World?

  • DreadedWalrus 06/04/2016

    I was playing Rollercoaster Tycoon World on a GTX Titan, and after about three hours the game was crawling along like a walrus with a heart condition.

    Yet more anti-walrus propaganda from the "journalists" at Eurogamer.
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  • Quantum Break makes pirates wear an eye-patch

  • DreadedWalrus 06/04/2016

    I wonder if they'll patch the game so you can play it logged-out without triggering anti-piracy DRM? Reply +14
  • Blizzard pulls Overwatch hero after latest patch turns him invisible

  • DreadedWalrus 06/04/2016

    @the_dudefather Nah, they've just changed the victory pose. The new one's pictured below.

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  • Miitomo: Nintendo's attempt to clean up social media

  • DreadedWalrus 04/04/2016

    @TeaFiend A friend of mine was asked what their favourite food was, and their answer was "Chinese bbq ice cream tacos". In the comments I asked what they are because they sounded amazing and/or disgusting, only to be told that they forgot to use commas. :( Reply +9
  • DreadedWalrus 04/04/2016

    @Fourfoldroot Yeah. I haven't posted on my Twitter in years, and only really have a Facebook account because my friends find it easier to stay on touch there rather than via Skype. I maybe make one actual post a month.

    But this is quite fun, because it's deliberately limited compared to other "social media platforms". You can't share or retweet your friends' answers or comments, and you can't even heart (the equivalent of liking) the comments. There's no real prominently-displayed "popularity count" along the lines of a friend or follower count, and (as mentioned in the article) you can't post links to anything. So as I mentioned before it lacks the strong political leanings the other platforms can tend to have, you aren't flooded with links to Upworthy and the like, and there's no reward for posting anything that's divisive/populist, rather than something that's simply "interesting" enough for your friends to want to read.

    The primary way of interacting with the app is by reading your friends' (randomly-chosen) answers to questions, and answering (randomly-chosen) questions yourself. Because it's so lightweight of an experience you can quickly start up the app in an ad break, be asked a question or be given a friend's answer to a question, then go back to watching a show.

    It's all very innocent and stress-free, and it offers something I don't really get from any other "social media platform".

    As mentioned, it's free, and there's no real pressure towards the microtransactions (I've not spent anything yet, nor have any of my friends), so maybe give it a go if you haven't already!
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  • DreadedWalrus 04/04/2016

    I've surprised myself by quite enjoying it so far. In the way you answer questions about yourself and others, and the way you can see the answers of your friends, it's kind of like a more innocent, friends-only OK Cupid. And because it lacks the "post whatever you want about whatever you want" aspect of Facebook, Twitter e.t.c., it stops it from being filled with politics and all sorts of sharebait nonsense. Instead, because the questions are pre-designed, you can find out all sorts of things from fun trivia about your friends to little insecurities. And because you're asked by the app itself rather than at the prompting of a friend, you tend to get quite honest answers.

    Examples of the kind of interactions which make this app quite special:

    One of my friends was asked which celebrity she thought I fancied. She said Zooey Deschanel, who isn't really my type, but it is interesting to see what she thinks my type is.

    My friend Giuseppe was asked if he's ever felt like he's been about to die. He talked about how he once fell asleep at the wheel after going to the pub, and he woke up just as he was about to hit a tree. He swerved last minute and survived, but the experience is what led him to go teetotal. I knew he was teetotal, but until I saw this I never knew the reason why.

    Whenever you change a costume, you get given an opportunity to take a photo, and sometimes a friend might be shown that photo, so you get people commenting on your fashion choices. I wore a stack of pancakes (because Nintendo), and got people making terrible jokes about how I look tasty, or how they want to eat me up.

    Oh, and everyone's favourite kind of bread seems to be garlic bread.

    It all depends on what kind of friends you have, of course. One of my friends was asked "What's something funny that's happened to you recently?", and their response was "Nothing... Been up since 1am and I think my son just puked and pooed at the same time". Luckily, as mentioned in the article, you're able to comment, and that includes picture comments (the app includes the ability to select and pose a number of Miis against a variety of backgrounds), so I made this and posted it in response.
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  • My Nintendo loyalty program live in Europe, rewards revealed

  • DreadedWalrus 31/03/2016

    20 per cent discount on Yoshi's Woolly World - 600 Platinum Points
    20 per cent discount on The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds - 300 Platinum Points

    North America:
    15 per cent discount on Yoshi's Woolly World - 750 Platinum Points
    15 per cent discount on Zelda: A Link Between Worlds - 600 Platinum Points
    Holy shit Europe are getting a better deal from Nintendo for once!
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  • Super Mario World player transforms game into Flappy Bird

  • DreadedWalrus 29/03/2016

    What a great video. I especially like the bit a few minutes in where he modifies the coin display to display his x co-ordinate, rather than the number of coins he has, to make entering the rest of the code easier. Reply +1
  • Play Dark Souls 3's English version now on Xbox One

  • DreadedWalrus 23/03/2016

    @John_Dee When I Saw This One Guy's Comment On A Dark Souls 3 Article, I Never Knew My Life Would Change Forever. Reply +36
  • The Binding of Isaac dev announces The Legend of Bum-bo

  • DreadedWalrus 22/03/2016

    @Malek86 That's a shame. I was quite looking forward to it! Reply 0
  • Stardew Valley update lets your spouse leave the house

  • DreadedWalrus 22/03/2016

    Destiny farm

    Reply +13
  • Yakuza 0 headed to Europe early next year

  • DreadedWalrus 22/03/2016

    Yesssssssssssssssss. That is all. Reply +5
  • BBC Sport tweets about a disgruntled pro FIFA player, followers hate it

  • DreadedWalrus 22/03/2016

    another ridiculous talking point from eurogamer! Reply +7
  • Apple announces four-inch iPhone SE, due next week

  • DreadedWalrus 21/03/2016

    @BigOrkWaaagh I'm waiting to see what the read/write speed is on the CD drive before I put any money down. Reply +4
  • Day of the Tentacle Remastered review

  • DreadedWalrus 21/03/2016

    @Der_tolle_Emil You can switch back and forth between the original and new graphics as you wish, so you can have the better audio with the original graphics without having to wait for people to alter the older game! :) Reply +4
  • DreadedWalrus 21/03/2016

    @Glück Hah, I posted that same image in my comment! What a perfect example it is. :)

    (Dunno why EG's reply feature has a problem with the umlaut in your name)

    Edit: "What are you looking at me for?"

    They should have added "you look like a deformed wooden puppet" as a new dialogue option.
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  • DreadedWalrus 21/03/2016

    Oh my. A Richard Cobbett review in which I disagree with (part of) his opinion! I never thought this day would come.

    With regards to the graphics in this version, I too hated what they did in the Monkey Island remasters (especially the first one, as mentioned in the review), but where we differ is that practically everything about the graphics in this version that Richard lists as a negative is a positive to me!

    Ever since the first screenshots came out, the main thing I thought was "this is how the Monkey Island remasters should have been done". Effectively keeping the exact same art, just redoing it at a higher resolution.

    If they attempt to do more what they did, and get it wrong, then you end up with the Monkey Island: Special Edition character art, which as the review mentioned was ghastly. I'd much rather have this, and the commentary, and the better audio, than have them attempt to "improve" on a classic art style.
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  • See the cancelled Superman game from the studio behind Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

  • DreadedWalrus 21/03/2016

    @Matchstick This game would have followed the terrible last-gen Superman Returns game by EA, rather than Superman 64. Arguably still would have had the same problem (because Superman Returns was itself a rubbish game), but I guess the bigger problem was the cancellation of what would have originally been the film tie-in. Reply 0
  • Ark: Survival Evolved now has a F2P spin-off

  • DreadedWalrus 15/03/2016

    @Uncle_Leo I don't think it's unheard of for a development team to be developing more than one game at once. Reply +2
  • Far Cry Primal's latest patch lets you disable the HUD

  • DreadedWalrus 15/03/2016

    I remember when I started my PC playthrough of Far Cry 3 (I'd previously completed it on 360 before buying it again on PC to play with mods) I played without HUD and with a few other changes (such as getting rid of "combat music"), and it completely transformed the experience for me. All of a sudden the constant annoying popups were gone, and things like the lack of aggressive combat music meant you had to be constantly aware when exploring the wilderness, because you never knew if a tiger was sneaking up on you.

    I haven't got Primal yet, but something like this very much appeals to me.
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  • Chinese mining company buys Runescape dev for $300m - report

  • DreadedWalrus 15/03/2016

    @Crea I'm curious to know what question Jagex and Runescape is the answer to.

    Apparently, the question might be "What was the first free to play MMORPG to pass 200 millon registered users, and what is the name of their developer?"
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  • The Vampires count in Total War: Warhammer

  • DreadedWalrus 15/03/2016

    Total War: Warhammer, which still isn't called Total Warhammer.

    I really like that EG aren't going to drop this, because you're right, it definitely should be the name.

    Hopefully it will be changed in a day-one patch, and come with a printable reversible cover with the correct title.
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  • Oddworld: Soulstorm announced, due late 2017

  • DreadedWalrus 14/03/2016

    Yeah, that definitely sounds like a remake of Abe's Exodus. Would be nice to one day have a properly new Oddworld game, but in the meantime this will do!

    That said...

    Helpfully there's no trailer, screenshots or artwork so far - although the new design for Abe will slowly be revealed as more people follow the game's official Twitter and Facebook pages.
    I hate it when developers/publishers do this, effectively holding information for ransom.
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  • Hotel Dusk director announces 3DS detective adventure

  • DreadedWalrus 11/03/2016

    Please come West! His other games have been great. Reply +15
  • Frozen Synapse 2 debuts gameplay in new trailer

  • DreadedWalrus 11/03/2016

    This sequel to Mode 7's 2011 acclaimed turn-based tactics game is set in a procedurally-generated city where players can infiltrate any building they desire. Inspired by X-COM: Apocalypse, Frozen Synapse 2 will kick off with the player investigating "a series of incursions by a powerful force." Along the way, they'll encounter various factions vying for dominance, and each will have its own unique approach to incursions.

    "Everything in the game is 'on the map', from money and supplies to VIP's, hostages and even the player's own in-game avatar," Mode 7 explained. "If a faction is transporting their ill-gotten gains back from a raid, the player can set up an ambush and try to snaffle the bounty themselves. If the player's base is raided and they are killed, the game will end."
    This sounds like it could be astonishingly good. I loved the original Frozen Synapse, but it had a bit too much of a focus on competitive multiplayer - which I rarely enjoy - for my liking. Something like this could end up a true classic if it's done right.
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  • Flame Over: Why aren't there more games about fire?

  • DreadedWalrus 11/03/2016

    @Daryoon According to dev on the Steam forum, The Firemen was actually one of the main influences on the game, along with Spelunky and Rogue Legacy. :)

    Anyway, I was given a free copy of Flame Over on Steam by Ghostlight (as was everyone who owned Way of the Samurai 4 at the time) and never played it. This write-up has made me quite curious though... might have to give it a try!
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  • Amazon Japan now ships games internationally

  • DreadedWalrus 09/03/2016

    I imported so many GBA and DS games that only came out in the US or Japan. And then they region-locked the 3DS, and I don't have the money to buy a second 3DS just for import stuff. I was so annoyed that I'd never get to play the newest game in the Rhythm Tengoku series, until it was announced for Western release in the last Nintendo Direct! Genuinely that was one of the biggest announcements of the year for me. I love that series. Reply +6
  • Mountain developer's Everything lets you play as anything

  • DreadedWalrus 08/03/2016

    I really enjoyed Mountain on PC, and so I kind of want to go into this knowing nothing about it.

    Also, why on earth does David OReilly's name not have an apostrophe in it? I know it's the spelling he uses, but it makes no sense.

    Edit: I found this interview where he answers that:

    Why is there no apostrophe in your name?
    Why are there apostrophes anywhere? Theyr’e dumb af
    Well that's that sorted then. Also, that interview says that he is the man responsible for these shirts, which I didn't know until now.

    Also, I like that the title of the Playstation blog post is "Everything is coming to PS4". The first comment is "Sure doesn’t feel like it v_v". :D
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  • My Nintendo rewards scheme to offer games, leak suggests

  • DreadedWalrus 07/03/2016

    Developed by Japanese Picross studio Jupiter, My Nintendo Picross: Twilight Princess appears to offer at least three puzzles

    That bit made me laugh. The Picross, Mega Picross and Micross in that screenshot refer to different "modes" in Jupiter's Picross games. I can practically guarantee that there won't be just three puzzles given that three puzzles could be completed in as little as a minute depending on the size of them.

    Far more likely is that there are 300+ puzzles. The two most recent games, Picross e6 and Pokémon Picross both have over 300 puzzles.
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  • What have walruses and video games got in common?

  • DreadedWalrus 05/03/2016

    More articles about walruses please. Reply +5
  • Metal Gear Solid fan remake cancelled

  • DreadedWalrus 05/03/2016

    This is what happens when you use the phrase "next-gen" to refer to the current gaming generation.

    Wait, Big Boss... is that you?

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  • Promising shooter Enter the Gungeon is out soon

  • DreadedWalrus 03/03/2016

    @fatbob1080 Presumably, the people who don't think £12 is too much for a game they want to play.

    If you don't want to pay £12, that's fine, but I don't understand why every indie game article has to have someone in the comments talking about how they, personally, aren't interested in buying it at launch price.
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  • Face-Off: Heavy Rain on PS4

  • DreadedWalrus 01/03/2016

    Ethan warped from the refrigerator over to the kitchen table and started vibrating wildly as the frozen pizza clipped through his left leg.

    I think I've got the opening sentence for my new novel.
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  • Watch: The problem with video game asylums

  • DreadedWalrus 29/02/2016

    @Rodimus-Prime It's so sad that the game ends with a tease for a third game which never happened. Reply +1
  • DreadedWalrus 29/02/2016

    I quite liked the example given of The Darkness 2. It's been a while since I played it, but I seem to remember the characters in the institution being quite sympathetic. They're cartoony, as mentioned in the video, but they're not really there to be laughed at ("The mentally ill say the funniest things!"), and certainly not feared. They're rounded characters, each with distinct personalities. Asylums e.t.c. are so often "scary" places in games, but the institution in that game is a pleasant, calming place.

    Like I say, it's been many years since I played the game, so maybe I'm mistaken, but that's the way I remember it at least.

    As an aside, Das_Plok brings up The Beginner's Guide, a game which has a story unlike any I've ever seen addressed in a video game before. I'd like to hear Johnny's opinion on the game, if it hasn't been given already.
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  • Town of Light review

  • DreadedWalrus 29/02/2016

    @smallblueslime It seems that the less of a traditional game something is, the higher the scores.

    That's just not true. Their last ten Essential reviews are, starting with the most recent:

    Xcom 2
    Nuclear Throne
    Xenoblade Chronicles X
    Bloodborne: The Old Hunters
    The Beginner's Guide
    Metal Gear Solid 5
    Rare Replay
    Heroes of the Storm
    The Witcher 3

    The only game there which has more of a narrative focus than a gameplay focus is The Beginner's Guide.

    It's fine to dislike games that others like, or vice versa, but to suggest that they like games like this because they're "less of a traditional game", rather than because they're good games full stop is just incorrect.
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  • Valve fires Dota2 commentator, Gabe Newell calls him "an ass"

  • DreadedWalrus 27/02/2016

    @SHPanda People say the same thing about other sports. "Why watch football when you can play it yourself?"

    I don't watch any eSports myself, but even I can think of a reason: To watch a higher standard of play than you yourself are capable of. Doesn't matter whether it's a MOBA, Starcraft or Street Fighter. I would never, ever be as good as some of the best players.
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  • DreadedWalrus 27/02/2016

    @EnormesCojones Are you paid or just brainwashed to talk about HL3?

    You rumbled him. He's paid to talk about HL3. In fact, every time you see a humorous comment or forum post tenuously linking whatever has happened with a tacit confirmation of Half Life 3, it's all part of a viral marketing campaign. Every single one of them gets payment from Valve. It's why it's taking so long for the game to come out - all their budget is going into paying comments section users and forum posters.

    By the way, your comment is three sentences long. Half Life 3 confirmed.
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  • DreadedWalrus 27/02/2016

    @MrTomFTW It's on Steam at the moment, 100% off! Reply +46