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  • EA gamescom 2017 live show report

  • DreadedWalrus 21/08/2017

    That trailer was a bit Baby Driver. Reply 0
  • Puzzle Bobble Journey just hit mobile devices and tablets

  • DreadedWalrus 21/08/2017

    Fair play to them for not going down the F2P route after the megasuccess of Candy Crush and the like. Reply +7
  • KitKat accused of copying Atari's Breakout

  • DreadedWalrus 18/08/2017

    @ShiftyGeezer Apparently (at least according to the lawsuit) they were using the phrase on social media too, "inviting users to 'breakout'" (to quote from the lawsuit - I haven't looked for the tweet/s in question). Even if they change the video title after the fact, perhaps it could still be seen as evidence that it was a wilful use of Atari's trademark? Reply 0
  • DreadedWalrus 18/08/2017

    @monsieur_Paulo What about the word "Breakout"? As mentioned above, the advert was titled "KitKat: Breakout".

    They might not have an argument of copyright infringement (though IANAL), but I wouldn't be surprised if the trademark side of things went a bit further.
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  • Surprise! inXile just released The Bard's Tale: Remastered and Resnarkled

  • DreadedWalrus 18/08/2017

    @Wayne That is a bit confusingly-worded! Hopefully this helps: The original Bard's Tale videogames came out in the 80s. That would be "the original series" mentioned in the quote above.

    In the mid-2000s, inXile made a videogame using the "Bard's Tale" IP. As mentioned by the quote, it has nothing in common with the original series other than the name, but was reasonably well-received (Metacritic ratings in the low 70s) and went on to gain a little bit of a cult following. This is a remastered version of that game, hence the slightly confusing wording above.

    Edit: distantlurker got there first, but there you are.
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  • Sonic Mania review

  • DreadedWalrus 14/08/2017

    Someone get on the phone to Gary Cutlack. UK:Resistance needs to make a comeback. Reply +10
  • Best in show: revisiting the cataclysmic strangeness of Tokyo Jungle

  • DreadedWalrus 13/08/2017

    @fushimi Or a sequel.

    Tokyo Jungle 2: Tokyo Jungler
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  • Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen hits PS4 and Xbox One in October

  • DreadedWalrus 11/08/2017

    @Alex_Star Yeah, the frame rate should be fixed. The PC port ran perfectly on even decent computers, so the PS4 and XBO should have no difficulty with it.

    The cropping was also gone on the PC version (I kind of grew fond of it over my years playing the 360 version though, I must admit...), and from the looks of things, that appears to be the case with this, too.
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  • DreadedWalrus 10/08/2017

    One of my absolute favourite 360 games. What a gem it is. It's one of those games where I kind of envy people who haven't played it, because they'll get to experience it for the first time, something I'll never get to do again. :D Reply +18
  • Modern N64 controller a Kickstarter success

  • DreadedWalrus 10/08/2017

    @Nikanoru I'll confess me and my younger brother used to play with the default controls! Admittedly we never had Turok, so we never really "saw the light" when it comes to console FPS control schemes until quite a bit later! Dunno how I coped with move and turn being on the same stick when I would play PC FPS titles where move and strafe were together on the keys. Strafing in Goldeneye was practically an afterthought with those default controls! Reply +1
  • DreadedWalrus 10/08/2017

    @Nikanoru They had analogue walking by default. It was analogue looking (without holding down the aim button) that the two-controller method allowed. With the default control methods you moved with the analogue stick, and looked with the C-buttons. And then you aimed by holding down R and using the stick, during which time you couldn't move.

    But yeah, in general I only used the two-controllers style as a novelty - you didn't need to look up and down much in those games.
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  • DreadedWalrus 10/08/2017

    @TimmishMcgraw The N64 doesn't support dual analogue sticks.

    Unless you mean using two controllers at the same time, as was supported by Goldeneye and Perfect Dark.
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  • Tales From the Borderlands' sales "weren't great"

  • DreadedWalrus 09/08/2017

    @danieldeitermann I would be curios how The Wolf Among Us did in sales in comparison since that is also not a widely popular IP.

    According to SteamSpy (which obviously only tracks Steam sales), The Wolf Among Us has around 1.05m Steam owners, whereas Tales from the Borderlands is listed at around 758k.

    Interestingly, TFTB is actually one of their most successful series on Steam, behind only Walking Dead Season 1 and 2, Poker Night at the Inventory (if that counts) and TWAU. Games with a lower number of Steam owners include Back to the Future (554k), Minecraft: Story Mode Season 1 (276k) and Jurassic Park (255k). Their lowest-selling "main" series on Steam as of right now is Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2, with just 16k owners. Considering that only just came out in July though (and thus has not been included in a Steam sale yet), the next would be April's Guardians of the Galaxy series, with a mere 41k owners.

    The fact that Tales from the Borderlands is one of their one of their all-time best selling series on Steam on PC and yet underperformed for their liking suggests that it greatly underperformed on consoles, while the other titles perhaps sell a lot better on console than they do on Steam to make up for the shortfall.

    I must also say that it's a sad state of affairs when a multiplatform game can sell three quarters of a million copies on one platform alone and still be considered a relative failure.
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  • Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney settles on Nintendo 3DS this November

  • DreadedWalrus 09/08/2017

    I can't believe it. I literally just bought this on eBay on Monday, wanting to go through the series again on 3DS and seeing that it was the only one I couldn't get on the eShop. Just my luck! Reply +1
  • Capcom accidentally reveals its entire Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite esports business plan on YouTube

  • DreadedWalrus 09/08/2017

    That first screenshot includes the typo "exculsivity" and now I can't stop thinking about Consolevania. Reply +2
  • MineCon ditches real world expo in favour of a livestream

  • DreadedWalrus 08/08/2017

    @Nikanoru In 2015 they had 10,000 people attend, and apparently last year they had an estimated 12,000 people (they put 12,000 tickets up for sale and all of them sold out within minutes, at least).

    So somehow the event just kept getting more popular, from the looks of things.
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  • Rainbow Six Siege gets 2.3m players a day, Ubisoft says

  • DreadedWalrus 08/08/2017

    @arcam I think I'm going to start a game studio called Long Tail Games. Except the gimmick will be that we offer absolutely zero post-launch support, even leaving major bugs unfixed as we immediately set to work on next year's iteration. Reply 0
  • Women's basketball league makes its debut in NBA Live 18

  • DreadedWalrus 03/08/2017

    @paulf Yeah, it won't mean much if they've got the WNBA and the game is still nowhere close to NBA 2K levels. Still, EA's last NBA Live game came out two years ago, so maybe with two years to work on it they've got a chance of coming close this time? Reply +1
  • Controversial sex game House Party back on Steam with censor bars

  • DreadedWalrus 01/08/2017

    @super-eve I know it's a videogame, not actual events. And I know that people have sexual fantasies that are illegal if acted out in reality (incest, rape, necrophilia, e.t.c.). I also know that shooting people, generally speaking, is murder. My comment disputed none of these things.

    And nowhere did I say that this game should not exist.

    All I said is that the game depicted (obviously fictional, with it being a video game. I can't believe I have to point out that I realise this) acts of sexual assault, rather than acts "bordering" on sexual assault.

    If someone said GTA allowed the player to virtually commit acts that "bordered on murder", and someone pointed out that actually, it allows the player to virtually commit acts of murder, not just "bordering on" murder, all that person is doing is pointing out the content of the game.
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  • DreadedWalrus 01/08/2017

    @tecgoblin gamification of finding partners is ok, but showing nipples is not?

    This is not about nudity. From the article (emphasis mine):

    In a blog post, Eek! Games said Valve took issue with the game because of its visual depiction of sex acts, not the nudity or context. Now the sex has been censored, the game's back on Steam.

    "The issue was specifically with the portrayal of sex acts," the developer wrote.
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  • DreadedWalrus 01/08/2017

    bordering on sexual assault

    Bordering? I imagine if I walked up to a random stranger and ejaculated in their face without permission (which the player is able to do from the opening minutes of this game), that would be quite a bit past "bordering" on sexual assault!

    Edit: Seeing this comment get downvoted confuses the hell out of me. Something strange has happened with gaming if we're now in a situation where someone says "ejaculating on strangers without permission is sexual assault" and gamers disagree. Do the people downvoting this know that the mods can see who they are?
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  • Tacoma review

  • DreadedWalrus 01/08/2017

    @spamdangled Part of me thinks that maybe it's that websites like EG are catering to a general audience, and as such try and keep their reviews themselves as general overviews. Sometimes they'll publish extra opinion pieces around the launch window (such as the much-maligned Destiny articles), but in general going into that kind of depth is not something they tend to handle in their main reviews. I guess that's why all the "how well does this game run?"-type stuff is spun off into the excellent Digital Foundry articles.

    Edge on the other hand by design occupy more of a niche, aimed at people who want a more "considered" approach to reviews (I often think that Edge will outlast all other games mags, as people now read websites for "the latest reviews", which has never really been Edge's offering).

    I sadly had to cancel my subscription of Edge a year or two ago as I realised that continuing it had became more of a habit than something with an actual function in my life. I used to read each and every word of every issue once upon a time, but as I started to have less disposable time and a bit more disposable cash (for games themselves!) the issues went from being read cover to cover, to reading a few columns and key reviews, to removing the plastic cover and putting it straight on the shelf, to finally just putting it straight on the shelf without even opening it. :-/ It ended up being like a text version of a Steam backlog - full of stuff you know is of interest to you, but that you'll likely never get round to.

    Still, those years of reading Edge were essential in forming my gaming tastes, I feel. To give just one example, I don't think I would have ever given EDF a go if not for that early import review of Chikyuu Boueigun 2 on the PS2, and it went on to become one of my favourite series out there, and the eventual source of hundreds of hours of co-op fun with EDF 2025 and 4.1.
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  • DreadedWalrus 01/08/2017

    @goldbug It's unfair to assume that they didn't enjoy The Beginner's Guide because there were no guns in it, considering that they say they enjoyed Gone Home. There's any number of reasons they might not have enjoyed it without having to resort to bad-faith attacks on them.

    I'll mention at this point that like you, I adored The Beginner's Guide (I enjoyed it far more than Gone Home, which I thought was merely "good", so in a way I'm the opposite of BabyBabyBabyOh!).
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  • DreadedWalrus 01/08/2017

    @jw27 In the case of Gone Home, I feel like the second review (by Edwin Evans-Thilrwell, who wrote the Tacoma review above too, I just noticed!) is worthwhile as it covers different aspects to Oli's original (ironically, considering the editorial suspicions, Oli Welsh became deputy editor and then editor of EG in the time between the two reviews. He okayed a review that differed from his own opinion! I'm impressed).

    I'm reminded of how RPS often publishes second reviews of games that were previously reviewed in early access, with the second review usually covering quite different ground to the original review.

    Also, there was a time when EG would do a Sunday "retrospective" review of a game after the fact. Often, the reviews were of "retro games", or at least games that were from a previous generation (which led some people to think that was the purpose of the column, and subsequently complain when reviews were of more recent games), but sometimes they'd do a retrospective of a more recent game. For example, the gap between the original review of Catherine and the retrospective was actually less than the gap between the two Gone Home reviews! Still, it proved its worth much like the second Gone Home review did - by approaching the game from a different angle, with a different purpose.

    I miss the Sunday retrospective articles. :)

    Actually, right before I post this I see that, by way of sheer chance, your first ever comment on EG was on that second Gone Home review, saying how you saw it as unnecessary even then! So I guess I won't be able to talk you round on this. :D
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  • DreadedWalrus 01/08/2017

    @jw27 Wait, why is it "editorially suspect" if one reviewer has a different opinion than another?

    Edit: And this is a minor point, but the console review was posted more than two years later. January 2016 vs August 2013.
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  • DreadedWalrus 01/08/2017

    @jw27 If a person plays Gone Home and writes a review saying they enjoyed it, are they lying? If so, are they lying to themselves, or to us? Is it not possible they simply have different tastes to you?

    If it's the latter, shouldn't they be allowed to be as honest about their enjoyment of the game as you are about your lack of enjoyment of it?

    Why assume that people who praise Gone Home are doing so not out of genuine enjoyment of the game, but rather in service of some wider (well-meaning) agenda?
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  • Titanfall 2 lands on EA and Origin Access

  • DreadedWalrus 31/07/2017

    @Mar27w Interesting that you didn't enjoy the single-player. I bought and completed this only a few days ago, and was initially annoyed at myself for having "wasted" money, but to be honest I found the single-player so great (the best in a linear FPS since HL2 and COD4, in my opinion, though there's a few in my Steam library that I'm yet to play) that I'm actually glad I paid more than £4, because while I'll never play the multiplayer (competitive online doesn't interest me, with very rare exceptions), I feel like I got my money's worth just for the campaign alone.

    I guess what I'd say to mr_pink is even if, like me, you have no interest in multiplayer, when it only costs £4 to complete the whole story - a fair few times if you want - it's not like you'll have spent that much if it turns out you didn't enjoy it!
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  • Sine Mora EX sets August release date on PS4, Xbox One and PC

  • DreadedWalrus 29/07/2017

    @kraenk12 You're probably thinking of something else (Siberia, maybe?). The original Sine Mora was a shmup. Reply +1
  • Dragon Quest 11 is coming to the west next year

  • DreadedWalrus 28/07/2017

    I know there's almost zero chance after all these years, but how about getting that 3DS Rocket Slime game over here? I adored the previous game on the DS, and it's not like the 3DS is an obsolete platform. Reply +1
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is having a tough time on Steam

  • DreadedWalrus 28/07/2017

    The Legacy Edition of Infinite Warfare, which includes COD4 Remastered, is currently on sale on Steam for £37.19. Meanwhile, the new standalone COD4 Remastered is £34.99 by itself.

    In other words, by buying this separately from the Legacy Edition it was originally exclusive to, you're making a magnificent saving of £2.20, and missing out on what was supposed to be the "main" game of the two.
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  • Hit comedy sex game to be modified after Valve pulled it off Steam

  • DreadedWalrus 27/07/2017

    @Cyber6 To be fair, Minecraft at least shows that if your game is good enough, not being on Steam doesn't matter.

    In fact, I kind of wonder what percentage of Minecraft's PC players even know what Steam is.
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  • Epic's Fortnite on UE4 plays better on Xbox One

  • DreadedWalrus 26/07/2017

    @Stranded87 Yeah, the tagline definitely makes the headline more clear. I just wish that the information was somehow included in the headline itself (because it's definitely notable that the best console version is on the Xbox One, rather than on PS4 as is usually the case!), because as it is it can be read as a little misleading. That's all I was trying to say, really.

    It's a shame that my initial comment was misread as some kind of PC fanboy comment. I do play games on PC, but I play games on consoles as well. I'm actually going through Yakuza 5 as we speak, in fact!
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  • DreadedWalrus 26/07/2017

    @Piers_Morgan What? I'm a multiplatform gamer. I have no problem with the outcome of the investigation, I just think the headline should say "plays better on Xbox One than PS4" or something. Because the article makes it clear that the PS4 version is the worst, then the Xbox One version, then the PC version, but the headline makes it sound like the Xbox One version is better than them all. Reply -6
  • DreadedWalrus 26/07/2017

    The headline should perhaps be changed. Saying that it "plays better on Xbox One" implies that the Xbox One version is the best version, which is contradicted by "To play Fortnite at its very best, PC is the place to be". Reply -40
  • Modders are adding co-op to Zelda: Breath of the Wild

  • DreadedWalrus 24/07/2017

    @neilka Q: What is the best PS1 exclusive?
    A: Trick question. There are no PS1 exclusives. Every single one of them got "fan-made PC ports" once PS1 emulation happened, apparently!
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  • Behold the Kickmen: the football game from a developer who doesn't like football

  • DreadedWalrus 24/07/2017

    @udat They originally planned on doing an episodic follow-up, the first episode of which was later announced to be titled Revenge of the Balloon-Headed Mexican back in 2009.

    Then at the beginning of 2011 the game was cancelled.

    Later that year they announced they were "probably" making a third game, and posted information about it on their forum.... and then it was cancelled again the next year. And then there's been nothing since then, really. Dan Marshall's been making other stuff with Size Five games, and if I'm not mistaken, the only game made by Ben Ward since Time Gentleman, Please is The Often-Ending Story, a comedic Twine game.

    So yeah, it's a shame, but probably no more point and click games.
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  • DreadedWalrus 24/07/2017

    It makes me sad that there'll probably never be a third point and click game. Time Gentlemen, Please and Ben There, Dan That are genuinely two of the all-time greats in the genre in my opinion. Reply +9
  • Pokémon Go legendary birds release confirmed, first set to appear this weekend

  • DreadedWalrus 20/07/2017

    @Daryoon There's always someone who'll find a way to complain about free content being added to a free game that came out a year ago. Reply +2
  • How developers really deal with bugs

  • DreadedWalrus 19/07/2017

    @MrTomFTW HL2 bug report: Pressing alt-fire with specific gun equipped brings objects towards player, pressing primary fire repels them again. Pls fix. Reply +9
  • Splatoon is getting an anime adaptation

  • DreadedWalrus 17/07/2017

    @SiroccoJetProp The last Nintendo exclusive to get a review (Ever Oasis, 3DS) didn't get a recommendation, and the last game to get an Essential was multi-platform (Nex Machina, PS4/PC). Reply +6
  • The murder-scene-tampering Serial Cleaner out today

  • DreadedWalrus 15/07/2017

    @FuzzyDucky It is a bit of a strange name, isn't it? Sounds like the name of a company that you'd expect to see making social games on Facebook or something. Turns out they've made some "proper" games before this one, and even the mobile versions of their games appear to be microtransaction/ad-free, which is admirable.

    That said, from the looks of things their previous games have gone practically unnoticed. Their first game released on Steam, for example, "Red Game Without A Great Name" (Yeah, I know) actually has the same number of Metacritic-listed critic reviews as user-reviews across all languages on Steam. Six reviews, to be precise. So no-one bought it, in other words.

    Come to think of it, "CD Projekt RED", the developers of The Witcher are Polish also, aren't they? What is it with Polish developers and weird names?

    Edit: They also made an iOS/PSP/Wii game called Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder whose own official description includes the following text:

    Paper Wars Cannon Fodder is a tower defense video game developed by several Polish and Hungarian outsourced programmers of iFun4all team, in the cheapest way you can imagine.
    The description is written tongue-in-cheek, but still...
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  • Arms update adds plenty while removing the most controversial stage from ranked play

  • DreadedWalrus 12/07/2017

    @flooff Indeed. A fighting game with as few as 11 playable characters is inherently terrible.

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  • I'm not sure what David Cage is trying to say with Detroit

  • DreadedWalrus 21/06/2017

    @LowlyKnight How can you possibly compare Star Wars prequels to the brilliant Westworld and think that earns your opinions on anything credibility?

    The author is comparing Westworld with the Star Wars prequels

    Hi, can you copy and paste the bit of the article where Wes compares Westworld to the Star Wars prequels?
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  • DreadedWalrus 21/06/2017

    @LittleBigDave Well OF COURSE it's about civil rights. The civil rights of robots. That's the main plot!

    See my comment above. He's contradicted himself on this.

    “People will see it as, ‘Oh this is about androids and the revolution,’ and honestly I don't think this is the story I wrote,” Cage says. “I think it's really a game about us. Humans. It's about what it means to be human. It's about identity. It's about civil rights.”

    Edit: from the same article, regarding your statement that it's not meant to draw parallels to the real world:

    Following the November 2015 attacks, the application of violence in the game — as a revolutionary tool — felt especially loaded. Cage felt unsure how to respectfully address the topics of Detroit’s story and its characters. “Can we tell this story in this world? Because the world we live in is so sad,” Cage says. “You need to be very careful with what you're talking about.”

    Ultimately, Cage felt an obligation to use the game to convey a message. “We're working on a game that is connected with our world, and maybe that's a strength,” he says. “We should use it as a strength and not be scared of it. And I think it's important to work on a game and not be afraid of saying something about our world and just accepting it and embracing it.”
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  • DreadedWalrus 21/06/2017

    @wyp100 Indeed. For those who haven't seen the contradictory quotes:


    “The story I’m telling is really about androids,” he told me in an interview after the demo. “They’re discovering emotions and wanting to be free. If people want to see parallels with this or that, that’s fine with me. But my story’s about androids who want to be free.”

    “People will see it as, ‘Oh this is about androids and the revolution,’ and honestly I don't think this is the story I wrote,” Cage says. “I think it's really a game about us. Humans. It's about what it means to be human. It's about identity. It's about civil rights.”
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  • Sega's back catalogue is headed to mobile with Sega Forever

  • DreadedWalrus 21/06/2017

    I must admit, I grinned when Segata Sanshiro took the top spot on the leaderboards. Reply +1
  • Let it Die is getting a free Tron-like expansion later this month

  • DreadedWalrus 17/06/2017

    so you may find yourself purchasing some Death Medals (i.e. continues)

    That would be Death Metals.
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  • Project Scorpio reportedly set to cost $499

  • DreadedWalrus 11/06/2017

    £501. Just to troll us. Reply +45
  • Emily is Away Too review

  • DreadedWalrus 09/06/2017

    @Majorjaws69 I can hardly blame you. The original went unmentioned on EG until this sequel was announced, and even this review makes no mention of the first game (which is free for those who want to try it) as far as I can tell. Reply +7
  • DreadedWalrus 09/06/2017

    @riceNpea To be fair, the original game came out in 2015. Just feels like it was more recent.

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