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  • Alan Wake ending to be kept secret

  • Drakron 02/11/2009

    "Now if the ending of Silent HIll 2 was revealed and hinted heavily ..."

    Well considering they are several endings ... I think you mean when we learned about Mary (that is a bit before the ending) that in hindsight should been obvious but still come somewhat of a shock.
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  • SWTOR's Jedi Knight class confirmed

  • Drakron 02/11/2009

    "BioWare not repeating Galaxies' mistake."
    "BioWare repeating Galaxies' mistake."
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  • Japan split between Nintendo and Sony

  • Drakron 22/10/2009

    "Drakron, you do realise that of the 3 consoles and 2 handhelds currently on the market that 4/5 are produced in Japan?"

    So what?

    Nokia is based on Finland, are you going to say Finland is a key mobile phone market?

    Also you have Nintendo own admission on the Wii launch that North America was their most important market, Japan as a market have long been in decline as releasing it there first is only because the companies are based there.

    "If that does not qualify it a a key market, which is worth observing to see how trends occur, I do not know what does."

    Because its not?

    Japan have its own tastes, many games never make it out of Japan despite being successful in there (Idolm@ster for example) and in no way its representative of gaming "tastes", you want a example?

    GTA III; 6.55 million in NA, 358,917 in Japan, 600,000 in UK
    Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King; 3.6 million in Japan, 410,000 in Europe, 430,000 in NA

    So according the logic Japan shows trends it would say GTA was a failure and Dragon Quest is the type of games people want and yet the reality is DQ does not really sells outside Japan and GTA despite having a average performance in Japan does sell in NA and Europe.

    After all do you think Nintendo or Sony are or were the powerhouses they are BECAUSE of the Japanese sales?
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  • Drakron 20/10/2009

    "Because a market is still a market"

    Yet we do not talk about African sales ...

    Japan was a very important market but it been on decline since the PS2, right now its not really important on the greater scheme of things as North America is the biggest market followed by Europe.

    People usual mention Japan because of the wrong notion that is the key market but its not, with the shift towards home consoles a lot of western developers and publishers that were traditionally in the PC market entered the console market and reduced the strength of Japanese developers.

    Also on the article ... the PS3 Slim top the hardware chart and then it come down, this is a sales spike and things will return to normal.
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  • Gay Tony has sexy bits, says BBFC

  • Drakron 21/10/2009

    Mass Effect did not caused a storm because the ones that tried were Fox News and the only thing that it did was a lot of Internet Lulz as their claims (that were ridiculous) were debunked and their "experts" ended admitting they never even watched the game.

    GTA:SA did create a issue but the content was in the disk and then in the HDD even if "disabled" that was what the ruling decided as they are responsible with is shipped with the game.

    Of course that is ESRB and their review system is completely ridiculous (serious go check it out) as Oblivion proven it as it was re-rated not because of any nude skin sneaked into the game (there is one, soft off but that was required for a certain outfit to show up properly) but because of the mutilated corpses that were all around in the game.
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  • New PAL Releases Roundup

  • Drakron 15/10/2009

    Magna Carta 2 is already shipped and in transit. Reply 0
  • Valkyria Chronicles II

  • Drakron 14/10/2009

    "Can't they release this for the PS3 instead?"

    No because they want to make money with it this time.
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  • L4D2/Mass Effect 2 PS3 listings an "error"

  • Drakron 13/10/2009

    "I am trying to find out what "arrogance" has to do with creating a console architecture which is difficult to develop for. that's all."

    Bragging about it and saying it was intentional?
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  • Big breasts aren't erotic, says Kamiya

  • Drakron 13/10/2009

    "Big breasts aren't erotic, says Kamiya"

    I guess he prefers DFC then ...
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  • Sony, MS don't understand console MMOs

  • Drakron 09/10/2009

    Voice chat works but its limited on how it should be used, since I played WoW I think that I can say that Lag Forge with voice chat would be "audio hell".

    I do not think MMO works in consoles, after all they have been attempts of doing and none really worked.
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  • U2 keen to appear in own Rock Band game

  • Drakron 08/10/2009

    "If posters here don't like U2, why would they be in this forum?"

    Article comment section actually and its Eurogamer, not Euromusic and even less U2fansite.

    Its understandable that people that visit this site for gaming news will comment on this because liking U2 is not a requirement to play videogames.

    Also I could say I can understand The Beatles, heck I could understand the Queen and the Rolling Stones but U2? No.
    This looks like ego to me as if U2 thinks they are as good as The Beatles and they are NOT.
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  • Free Dragon Age DLC at launch

  • Drakron 08/10/2009

    "Publishers need to consider the pre-owned market when negotiating with the likes of Gamestop etc. If the retailers wont play ball - considering some of these companys rely on preowned for over 50% of thier profits these days - then publishers need to organise and collectively tell them to play ball or fuck themselves and go the 'Steam' route."

    Do you want for me to point out the flaws in your argument?

    Gamestop buys 10,000 copies but Gamestop does not SELL 10,000 copies and cannot return then so they start to reduce price attempting to sell then until it hits bargin bin.

    Also I buy a car, I sell the car and should the car manufacturer see the money because they build it? if that is too strong as a example then we have music CDs and movies DVD/Blu-Ray ...

    The rip-off on used games is another subject but should the developers see money EVERY TIME the game is resold is not something that should EVER be considered.
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  • Sony is riskier than Nintendo, says boss

  • Drakron 07/10/2009

    "So how were the DS and Wii smaller risks than the PSP and PS3?"

    Well the DS was a risk but it was not meant as a GameBoy replacement but it success made it the GameBoy replacement.

    The Wii was a smaller risk since it only existed because of the DS, they seen what happened with the DS/PSP and Wii as it seems Sony learned NOTHING from the PSP.

    The PSP and the PS3 were smaller risks since they were nothing but safe extensions of conventional design.
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  • Wii price cut for the US and Japan

  • Drakron 24/09/2009

    Welcome to rip-off Europe. Reply +1
  • Dreamcast PSN releases possible?

  • Drakron 23/09/2009

    Software emulation, just like the XBox 360 does. Reply -2
  • Greenberg: Price cut boost won't last long

  • Drakron 23/09/2009

    Japan is irrelevant as a market but I am going to play along.

    FF XII sold 1,764,000 copies in Japan on the first week (but less that FF X did on its first week) and sold over 2,150,000 on its first five weeks.

    However things are now quite different, the PS3 have 3.4 million consoles sold in Japan ... so it would require HALF of the current PS3 Japanese owners to buy it in order to reach PS2 sale numbers.

    And another thing, FF is big in the west but not so in Japan ... Dragon Quest VIII sold over 3 million in the first week in Japan (Its the fastest selling Japanese PS 2 title ever) as its a FAR more important title that Final Fantasy is and DQ X is a Wii title.

    And that leads me to saying one thing.

    The Nintendo Wii is still nº1 WORLDWIDE and WITHOUT having ANY price cut.
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  • Porn company wants to get on PS3

  • Drakron 11/09/2009

    This is just VOD ... Vivid Entertainment is pretty damn big.

    Not going to end up in europe so this is pointless.
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  • NPD: PS3 and 360 on equal footing

  • Drakron 11/09/2009

    To make things simple, if the PS3 was the 2nd most sold home console in Europe we would have heard the trumpets from Sony.

    The fact they did not is telling, in fact in Europe Sony after the PS3 outsold the Xbox 360 for a few months on a row announced that just for Microsoft announce about 3 months later that that the Xbox 360 had outsold the PS3 and then nothing.
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  • Square Enix confirms FFXIII date

  • Drakron 10/09/2009

    People, this is the japanese price.

    A quick look at Amazon.jp shows Star Ocean IV price being 8,925 yen, games ARE more expensive in Japan (even eroge goes to those prices).
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  • PS3 Slim breaks records in Japan

  • Drakron 07/09/2009

    Sales spikes are not uncommon, its easy to have this type of sales in a week but try having then for months.

    After all, looking at Media Create figures the top hardware was the DSi at 59,881 so does anything thinks that the PS3 is capable of outselling it nearly at a 3/1 ratio?
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  • Japan chart: PS3 sales plummet

  • Drakron 06/09/2009

    I think Idol@master counts as a "dating sims" and to say the truth is not as if erogames do not get ported into consoles minus the ero all the time, the last one I can recall was the GOD AWFUL "Tears to Tiara" that ended up on the PS3 (after they sucked out what I think was the only redeeming feature of the game and no, I am NOT talking about the ero).

    Also a reminder ... the Wii is still first place WORLDWIDE!
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  • Take-Two boss gets cross about GTAV

  • Drakron 02/09/2009

    L.A. Noir was announced as a PS3 exclusive back in 2006, keep in mind Take-Two is only publishing it under the Rockstar Games label as Team Bondi is not owned by Take-Two.

    Also L.A. Noir development is "wholly funded " by SCEA so I doubt there will be any other version that of the PS3, of course that was back in 2004.

    Honestly if after 5 years they only have a rendered trailer for show ... well, I guess that have nothing and been living off the SCEA.
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  • Xbox 360 Elite price cut to £199

  • Drakron 27/08/2009

    "MS wants to DOMINATE a market once it entered.
    MS doesn't give a fuck about games. MS wants to win the "living room" with the Xbox 360 as entertainment center."

    And funny enough its the PS3 that gone down that path.

    MS is a software house, they do not sell much of hardware and certainly do not have a line of TV sets, Blu-Ray players and they do not have such a stake on the entertainment media owning music labels, movie studios and even TV networks as Sony does.

    Sony is the one that wants the Media Hub and the living room since they are the ones gaining from that, also Sony is far worst that MS as they will snub non-Sony proprietary formats for a long as they can.
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  • Final Fantasy XIII

  • Drakron 26/08/2009

    "The last truly turn-based FF was 10."

    Try their ONLY turned based FF, all FF with the exception of X were real time based.
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  • Fable II dog saved due to hate mail

  • Drakron 24/08/2009

    Welcome to the future of gaming, were choices have no consequence. Reply 0
  • EA calls German ratings "censorship"

  • Drakron 24/08/2009

    "Im afraid we're going to have to tolerate these sorts of things until games are recognised as an entertainment medium rather than just toys for kids. "

    That is what the BBFC did and yet what happened?
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  • Drakron 24/08/2009

    I take government regulation over self-regulation. Reply -2
  • FFXIII out simultaneously on PS3/360

  • Drakron 20/08/2009

    No idea were you getting that idea but the majority of sales come from outside of Japan.

    Lets take FF X ... 6.23 million in US and PAL region, 2.24 million in Japan.

    The only reason they are not going to bother with the Xbox 360 in Japan is the small install base that makes it hard to justify the cost.
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  • Drakron 20/08/2009

    Well there will be timing since Square-Enix is not going to do a advertisement campaign for FFXIII PS3 version for 8 weeks later having to do it for the Xbox 360 version.

    Unless there is a significant gap its better to just release at the same time.
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  • Drakron 20/08/2009

    "So the rumours were true? "

    No because the whole thing is still IN JAPANESE and needs to be translated, they can port the engine to the Xbox 360 at the same time the scripts are being translated and new VA being recorded.
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  • David Cage rants about quick-time events

  • Drakron 20/08/2009

    "No! We don't make Dragon's Lair! This is not Dragon's Lair - do you think I'm crazy? I'm not stupid"
    "When there is an action sequence, yes we integrate this QTE sequences."

    So you are either crazy, stupid or think we are stupid ... QTE is Dragon's Lair but the thing is Dragon's Lair was a Arcade game and so designed for us to lose coins playing it.

    "We've done it really in a new way, we really started from a blank page again to try to take the best out of this type of interface and find the thrill and excitement and make you feel at the heart of the action."

    Now were did I heard THAT before?
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  • Maijin: The Fallen Realm announced

  • Drakron 19/08/2009

    "Namco Bandai"

    Forget about any PAL release then.
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  • SCEE PS3 sales more than 10 million

  • Drakron 19/08/2009

    There are no figures for Europe, if the PS3 had outsold the Xbox 360 in terms of marketshare they would have come out and said it like when for a few months the PS3 outsold the Xbox 360 until Microsoft come out and stated they outsold the PS3 and that was the last thing we heard of.

    They all like to make this type of statements as you only see some landmark figures without looking at the global picture, I doubt the PS3 have a larger market share that the XBox 360 and share is likely similar to NA.
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  • Command & Conquer 4

  • Drakron 12/08/2009

    Question: Since when online connection is not a form of DRM? Reply +6
  • WOW was almost "a much darker game"

  • Drakron 11/08/2009

    "It's like changing Darth Vader from a big scary death knight in the future into a small child. Oh, never mind, sorry, they did that already."

    I am now happy that I was once a WoW player.
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  • Alpha Protocol

  • Drakron 06/08/2009

    RPGs these days are most just FPS or OTSS with some window dressing.

    What I read about this looks it comes from a bad spy novel, cliche ridden ... there is nothing innovative or even improved over Mass Effect, adding a timer to the conversation option was done before in case anyone forgot.
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  • EA confirms C&C4 only for PC

  • Drakron 09/07/2009

    Forced to be Online all the time?

    No thank you.
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  • DRM removed, UGC in Witcher patch

  • Drakron 09/07/2009

    The DRM was removed in the Enhanced Edition, at least on the Enhanced Edition "patch". Reply 0
  • Nintendo games dominating in 2009

  • Drakron 07/07/2009

    Then I will remind you El-Dev why we have a console war.

    People buy a console to play games but consoles were and still are quite a investment, what happens when the console you brought "looses" the war?

    Most consoles are strict gaming devices, only a few had multimedia capabilities that can justify their cost at the time of their release.

    The issue is you can end up with a £200 paperweight, that is why many people "fight" the console war since there are historical reasons to do so, Sega is a reminder of what happens to the loosing side ... even Nintendo is with the N64 and GameCube.

    Yes ... its the games but are you going to buy a £299 console for a couple of games when you can buy a £199 console for 20 games?

    That is the reason why people argue, they picked a side and they fight for their side ... they want their console to win in order to play all the good games.

    That is the point for the player side.
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  • Drakron 06/07/2009

    Funny thing is about a year ago (May 08) Sony stated that the PS3 was outselling the Xbox 360 in Europe, a few months later we had Microsoft stating that the Xbox 360 was outselling the PS3.

    Sony never again stated that the PS3 was outselling the Xbox 360 or refuted Microsoft claim.

    So were does that leave us?

    If I use VGChartz I see the Xbox 360 outselling the PS3 in Europe on June 09, getting numbers in Europe is harder that in Japan or North America.

    So what is the truth then? I would find it unlikely that Sony would not once again announce they were outselling the XBox 360 if they were over several months in a row, they might be outselling it on a month or another but not over a longer period of time.

    Besides, I see the "Nintendo Wi"i on the left upper corner ... considering the long road Nintendo have traveled and the bias towards the PlayStation brand in Europe ... it shows something, it shows that Europe is many things but its not "Sonyland" and after all the crap Sony have given us (delayed release, BC removed from launch models, PSN being far inferior that the rest of the world) they certainly deserve to lie on the bed they made.
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  • Fallout 3 half-price on Steam!

  • Drakron 03/07/2009

    Ah, another of Steams rip-off

    Steam is a rip-off because they almost never reduce the price as retain eventually will start to do it until they throw it on the bargin bin.

    I brought Fallout 3 back in January for 20€, even more absurd is the fact Fallout 3 is headed for GotY edition that will contain all of the FIVE DLC packs so what is the point of buying it now? none.

    So not only Stream is a rip-off but in this particular deal we better off waiting for the GotY edition.
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  • PS3 Slim contracts signed - report

  • Drakron 02/07/2009

    Oh and "MeBrains" ... despite all their claims they remain in 3rd place, right now the winner of this generation is the Nintendo Wii and Sony only have very narrow window in order to bypass the Xbox 360 that would be some type of victory for then at this stage considering they come from the undisputed leader of the last generation to the last place in this generation (since there are only 3 consoles).

    At this stage there is no longer a "alternative" to the XBox 360 that already sold over 30 million consoles (the Xbox sold 24 millions) as people that own a Xbox are unlikely to just "ditch it" in favor of the PS3, even less the Wii that sold over 50 million consoles.

    As it stands they can sell the PS3 for people that already own either a Xbox 360 and/or a Wii since at this stage they are not going to get any market penetration.

    If you want to argue, I warn you what you are going to say is likely similar arguments I heard about the Xbox last generation ... as it stands, its over. They can sell consoles and raise their sale numbers but the market share percentages are unlikely to change.
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  • Drakron 02/07/2009

    As do (officially) the U.N. and all countries - except a handful.

    Also themselves considering the name is Republic of China and they claim exactly the same territory as of The People Republic of China + Mongolia.

    They only started to sing the "we are not China" when they realized the The People Republic of China was not going away any time soon ... and I could type many amusing facts about Taiwan that people either do not know or convenient forget ...

    But back on topic, I doubt they can "slim" the PS3 considering the need for ventilation, noise reduction and other factors.
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  • SEGA "blown away" by Natal, PS3 wand

  • Drakron 02/07/2009

    No because the Wii became a fad and they are trying to tap into.

    That is why both Sony and MS are going into this, the issue comes from the Wii selling HARDWARE but not so much software with the bunk of software sales being 1st party games (Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games is the 10th highest selling game at 3.4 million).
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  • Console Crysis 2 a "breakthrough"

  • Drakron 11/06/2009

    "Gameplay ... Bungie"

    The same people that put a TIMED RACE as the end sequence of the game?

    I do not think so Tim ...
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  • New PAL Releases Roundup - 05/06/09

  • Drakron 05/06/2009

    Star Ocean is ... different.

    Its a Tri-ace game that just happens to be published by Square Enix,not a Square Enix game and so its a lot different that the usual "Final Fantasy" system.

    And that will turn a lot of people off, not me since I knew what I was going to get.
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  • E3: Final Fantasy XIII 360 in spring

  • Drakron 02/06/2009

    "Spring" .... you realize that means about 11 months from now? Reply 0
  • Quantic's David Cage talks Fahrenheit

  • Drakron 22/05/2009

    Fahrenheit was pretty horrible because of the controls and reading this does not seem they are aware of why trying to re-invent the wheel is simply pointless and damaged their game.

    Inovation for inovation sake is just wrong and it seems they are going once again down that road.
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  • Fallout 3: Broken Steel

  • Drakron 07/05/2009

    Yes, the new perks are pretty damn awful ... the "Almost Perfect" is more of "Almost a Cheat" (if it did not come so late and so making it completely useless), not to mention of the Karma ones (what were they thinking???)

    And I do not like the Incinerator because its really ends up bogging down the frame rate with all the flame effects due to its rate of fire.
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  • Tales of Vesperia

  • Drakron 06/05/2009

    I am going to give a pass on this.

    I watched it on YouTube and not only have a meaningless Simon-says button press sequence but I found the whole story rubbish, I am going to go with SO4 since even if they story is also not not to write about, at least there is humor and I did not spot any Simon-says button press sequence.

    Also I am not a fan of Namco that continued to give us the middle finger in Europe and also the PS3 version does not really sit well with me.
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