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  • Minecraft's new cross-platform edition launches today, but without Nintendo Switch

  • DrStrangelove 21/09/2017

    Probably the Switch is too slow for Minecraft lol Reply 0
  • Firewatch review-bombed following PewDiePie racism incident

  • DrStrangelove 19/09/2017


    "And PC owners look upon themselves as the mature gamers within the industry. Oh the irony."

    Uhm, yes we indeed are the mature ones. We're the ones who get nude mods after all.
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  • DrStrangelove 19/09/2017

    If you've ever been to the Steam forums, this is unlikely to surprise you Reply +24
  • DF Retro: we play every single Doom console conversion

  • DrStrangelove 18/09/2017


    When I was writing about how Hexen did fix it, I wondered why it wasn't done in Doom in the first place, and suspected as much (performance cost). I'm just no coder and have no idea how large that impact would have been, but considering that at the time of Doom 1 they had to try to squeeze as much performance as possible out of it as possible, it seems to make sense.

    I've never looked at the source code, I'm no programmer, it's just based on observation and logic. I mean, by the logic of some internet myths, there couldn't be any flying enemies in Doom in the first place, and the player couldn't fall in any realistic way.

    edit: speaking of which, falling is another example of engine evolution. Doom's enemies can't fall, it's impossible for them to cross a line that would make them fall (interestingly, their corpses can). Again, in Hexen, enemies can fall. If I recall correctly, they can even die from falling.
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  • DrStrangelove 18/09/2017


    It's come to my attention that source ports allow such trickery, yet I have no experience with it or how it works, since that was long after my map-building days.

    Is it similar to the system in the Build engine? I remember playing DN3D early on and at some point suddenly pausing to think: "wait a minute... did I just go up winding stairs??"

    Turned out the engine works basically similar to Doom's, but allows sectors to be on top of or even inside each other - as long as you couldn't see them at the same time, because they're fully separated in the BSP tree or something. That allowed me to create a magic maze where you had to walk around the (seemingly) same column several times until the exit appeared.

    A different method was the illusion of water, where crossing the surface would technically teleport you to another sector (which could in principle be anywhere on the map). Later versions of the engine (Shadow Warrior/Blood) had even more tricks, such as being able to look through the water surface like through a portal, or using the same effect to give the full illusion of two floors above each other.

    That brings me back, the Build engine was the ultimate playing field for an old Doom mapper. It's amazing how much it squeezed out of what's basically Doom's 2.5D structure. Truly ingenious.
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  • DrStrangelove 18/09/2017


    "Fascinating, thanks. I'd always assumed that you could shoot enemies at higher elevations because the controls didn't use a mouse or a crosshair back then, and it was a neat workaround."

    And you were right. It's a common misconception that Doom doesn't calculate vertical position. Doom had no way of looking up or down, so vertical auto-aim was necessary. But shots can go above or below objects, most obviously in the case of rockets and fireballs, but also in the case of bullets. If the line of fire was obstructed by a floor or ceiling (enemy being much lower/higher in the next room), you couldn't hit them.

    Oddly enough, this wasn't fully realised: objects can't be above or below each other, so you can't go underneath a flying enemy and you can't jump down from a platform if there are enemies crowding in front of it 100 metres below. Even more oddly, if they are melee attackers, they can hit you - but you can't hit them.

    So I get where the idea is coming from, some mechanics are trapped in a 2D state, but shooting is definitely happening in 3 dimensions.

    By the way, later evolutions of the engine addressed these issues, in Hexen players and enemies can be above each other without problems.
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  • DrStrangelove 18/09/2017

    Great video, as ever, thanks!

    What impressed me most is the SNES version. Sure, I wouldn't want to play it that way, but fucking Doom on a fucking SNES. To put things into perspective, go to the 5-6min mark to see what was amazing on the SNES before:

    SNES Doom looks like a next-gen game in comparison, and runs much faster. I probably had a similar first experience with Doom on my mum's 386. But Doom was made for PC and the SNES was basically made for games like Super Mario World and F-Zero.

    I can't really go with the praise for Classic Doom on PS3 though. I would have liked 60fps and widescreen, but that's ok. What's not ok is considerable framerate drops in some areas (especially with transparent textures iirc). It's great that it has a split screen mode but performance drops massively. It's not that it's unplayable, but I just can't think of any excuse for Doom 1 dropping far below 30fps on a PS3 in any situation.

    The definitive way to play Doom today imo is zDoom on PC (or another source port, I just prefer this one), it's a joy to play on the telly with my DS4. No matter how old your PC is it shouldn't have a problem running it at flawless 1080p60. It also fully supports later games based on the evolutions of the engine, like Strife, Heretic, or Hexen.
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  • PES 2018 review

  • DrStrangelove 15/09/2017

    Just clicked on this in the faint hope to find a Fanboy somewhere in the comments :( Reply 0
  • There's an ugly Call of Duty PlayStation 4

  • DrStrangelove 14/09/2017

    It doesn't even look like WW2 camo at all Reply +3
  • Apple reveals iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X

  • DrStrangelove 12/09/2017

    This is a much bigger leap forward in Apple's smartphone design as it completely ditches the series' trademark Home button.
    Doing what cheap crap Android phones have been doing for many years, clearly worth Ł999
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  • PewDiePie apologises for racial slur

  • DrStrangelove 12/09/2017

    If he really means it, he should make a video explaining why it is not ok. Shouldn't be too hard? Reply +2
  • Firewatch dev threatens Pewdiepie video takedown, following YouTube star's use of N-word

  • DrStrangelove 11/09/2017

    "I don't mean that in a bad [way]."
    Fucking idiot.

    some Pewdiepie fans have argued that he "didn't mean it in a racial way," as his target wasn't black
    Fucking idiots.
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  • What's going on with our Destiny 2 review?

  • DrStrangelove 05/09/2017

    Stealth "stealth Destiny article" article? Reply +1
  • Jesus beats up Buddha in the awful-looking Fight of Gods

  • DrStrangelove 05/09/2017


    The Bible makes seemingly conflicting statements, he's sometimes called son of God and sometimes God
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  • DrStrangelove 04/09/2017

    Was Jesus a god? Oh no, I've opened a can of worms here, haven't I?
    It's simple: Jesus Christ is God. God is also the Father, but the Father is not Jesus. Likewise, Holy Spirit = God and God = Jesus, but Holy Spirit =/= Jesus. If you think that doesn't make sense, their experts needed centuries to figure that out, so you better just believe it and stop asking questions!
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  • Microsoft to coach devs on how best to use Xbox One keyboard and mouse support

  • DrStrangelove 04/09/2017


    I think wheel vs. pad in racing games is similar to k+m vs. pad in shooters.

    Like a wheel, a mouse gives you much more precision, but that's not all. A wheel may give you things like clutch and six-speed shifters etc., opening up possibilities that you don't have at all with a pad. A mouse does that too, in a sense: for example, you can turn around or look up/down instantly, which is impossible with a pad. It is a very unfair advantage.
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  • Capcom re-releasing Street Fighter 2 on a SNES cart with one hell of a safety warning

  • DrStrangelove 31/08/2017

    Now, I think I understand what iam8bit is getting at here, which is to say the SNES is an old console and so may blow up at any moment just because it's old. But the language used makes me scared to ever turn a SNES on, let alone to play Street Fighter 2 on one.
    I think excessive warnings like this are usually just legal safeguards for the US market. So if someone's house burns down and they sue Capcom for $50 million (which the jury may agree with despite lack of evidence), they can claim that the owner neglected the safety warnings.
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  • Oh my god Secret of Mana is being 3D remastered for PS4, PC and Vita

  • DrStrangelove 25/08/2017

    Not sure about this. Secret of Mana is one of the finest examples of pixel art, and these 3D graphics aren't exactly exciting in my opinion. It's of course too early to tell, but I have a feeling this is one of those games you'll end up preferring the original version to. Reply +4
  • EA: "I see no reason why we shouldn't come back to Mass Effect"

  • DrStrangelove 24/08/2017


    Apparently it's a huge task to move over to a different engine, and allegedly that was one of the core problems in ME:A's development nightmare. And sticking to the old engine would probably not allow significant changes (and I guess they'd have to pay Epic for using the UE).

    Worse, they may find that ME1's gameplay/AI/interface feels too clunky and outdated, but they wouldn't want to redesign everything either.

    I suspect a proper remaster would just be too much effort.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Skyrim on Switch

  • DrStrangelove 24/08/2017


    "If I'm standing on a train I'm definitely not playing anything that requires two hands. I'd rather not fall over at every stop"

    I don't even play PC with two hands
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  • Why did 3D Sonic struggle?

  • DrStrangelove 24/08/2017

    What I hated most was Sonic's rubbish new look. It's odd that to this day he looked best in the very first game. Can't say the same about Mario. Reply -4
  • Mass Effect: Andromeda won't receive any more single-player updates

  • DrStrangelove 20/08/2017


    "In my opinion, if they'd made an ME:A with the same gameplay and narrative form as ME:2 instead of DA:I, thus making players feel more invested in the teams characters through proper loyalty arc's etc, it might have been better received."

    Narrative yes, but gameplay? I struggle to think of any way ME:A's gameplay isn't better than ME2's.
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  • DrStrangelove 20/08/2017

    Disappointing, but hardly surprising. The trilogy showed that DLC could sometimes bring significant improvements or even outclass the base games. Some well-made story DLC would have been great, because the potential is there. ME:A had a stable gameplay framework, it has established an ok (if not great) setting, its main problems were that A) it was released in an unfinished technical state, most fatally with unfinished animation work (this has been improved to some extent with patches) and B) it wasn't filled with meaningful content. Adding some engaging narrative could have made a huge difference.

    It's sad, because I did have great fun with the game in the right circumstances. The action is better than it ever was, and when it clicks, I'm having a blast. And then it bogs down again when you're tasked with ever more incredibly boring fetch quests and a narrative that fails to raise any interest. These are issues some talented DLC makers could have avoided.

    When Skyrim fails to tell an interesting story, it's ok because it's by very nature a very do-what-thou-wilt open world RPG, and it has an absorbing atmosphere to make up for it. When Mass Effect does it, it's a problem because narrative is its legacy.

    Overall I see a game that went in the right direction, that promised to do a much-needed fresh start, that succeeded in some core aspects, but failed in others. A lot of potential ultimately let down by chaotic development and a premature release. Sometimes it's an excellent game, sometimes it's just boring, but to me the positive outweighs the negative. It's certainly not the worst Mass Effect game, for whatever that's worth. I give it 4/5 stars.
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  • Sonic Mania's most self-deprecating Easter egg

  • DrStrangelove 17/08/2017

    What a fantastic show. Wish I could have been there Reply +1
  • Mass Effect: Andromeda is heavily discounted on Xbox One and PC

  • DrStrangelove 16/08/2017


    I understand the criticism when comparing it to ME1 and 2. I'm a huge ME fan and I'm disappointed by the lack of any interesting story or characters in Andromeda.

    Still it's a massive step up from ME3.
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  • DrStrangelove 16/08/2017


    Even my 8 year old PC with a 2015 graphics card (GTX970) achieves performance the console versions can only dream of. Console gaming remains bad value.
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  • DrStrangelove 16/08/2017


    "In a game whose main attraction is story and character interaction, you can't neglect those areas and still hope for success."

    But ME3 failed miserably in those regards and it was still a success. It even got 10/10 on EG.
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  • DrStrangelove 16/08/2017


    It was EUR 60 originally on Origin (base version)
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  • Best in show: revisiting the cataclysmic strangeness of Tokyo Jungle

  • DrStrangelove 14/08/2017

    You make its eccentricity sound like a bad thing Reply -2
  • Tales From the Borderlands' sales "weren't great"

  • DrStrangelove 09/08/2017


    "Maybe suffered from a lack of a cross-over audience? Anarchic first-person shooter and story-driven point and click are quite different genres after all."

    Well possible. BL2 is one of my all-time favourite games but I totally didn't get Tales.
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  • Mass Effect Andromeda studio BioWare Montreal will be absorbed by EA Motive

  • DrStrangelove 01/08/2017


    "Andromeda was a good game. Didn't deserve all the criticism it received IMO"

    It was a good (sometimes great) but seriously flawed game, no doubt. Not remotely as bad as ME3 though.
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  • DrStrangelove 01/08/2017


    It isn't as good as 1-2 plot-wise
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  • Playing Civilization as Trump

  • DrStrangelove 22/07/2017


    "The author seems to spend an unhealthy amount of her time obsessing about the size of Donald Trump's penis."

    That's a vital part of trying to think like Trump
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  • DrStrangelove 22/07/2017

    So much negativity in the comments, this is the greatest witch hunt in history. Sad. Reply +9
  • BioWare boss Aaryn Flynn quits, just months after Mass Effect Andromeda launch

  • DrStrangelove 18/07/2017


    Walters himself told in an official interview that the writers originally wanted to do longer endings but Hudson decided to keep it short, the result being the pre-extended cut endings.

    As for ME3's issues--some more obvious, some less--the extreme time pressure at development could explain a lot of them. I can't ignore these issues, but it's indeed a miracle how the game turned out considering the circumstances. Only two years for a game of such scope and expectation, that was madness.
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  • 10-hour Mass Effect: Andromeda trial now open to all

  • DrStrangelove 14/07/2017


    Yes, I miss that too. It's a relief in Andromeda that you can always choose the option you actually want without fear of consequences, sadly they removed the baddie options entirely. Pummeling everyone could have spiced up ME:A's lame dialogue a bit.
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  • DrStrangelove 14/07/2017


    In principle the paragade thing was a fun thing, but it had a terrible flaw: to get access to crucial conversation options, you had to always choose the good (or always the bad) option in every dialogue before. Which meant, instead of actually considering the options, you had to always pick the upper (or always the lower) one, no matter if you hated it. Going nice or mean based on situation would be severely punished with lack of options. That had a pretty bad impact on the entire dialogue system.

    That's always been one of the series' greatest criticisms, and many think it was ultimately for the better to scrap the system altogether. Myself included.
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  • DrStrangelove 14/07/2017


    Can I play this without ruining anything in ME3?
    Absolutely. ME3 is ruined only by playing ME3
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  • Watch: Chris plays The Binding of Isaac for the first time

  • DrStrangelove 23/06/2017

    In my Top 5 best games of all time. Spent 1000+ hours with original and Rebirth combined (aside from soundtrack, Rebirth is the better one, so get that) Reply +5
  • PlayStation 3 production finally shut down

  • DrStrangelove 30/05/2017

    Riiiidge Raceeeeeer! :)

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  • Watch: How Strafe failed to capture the 90s

  • DrStrangelove 15/05/2017

    How ironic. In the early 90s, a super rad advertisement blew your mind and then the game turned out to be utter shite. Reply +3
  • Quake 2 on Xbox 360: the first console HD remaster

  • DrStrangelove 14/05/2017

    XB1 backwards compatibility? At 1600x900 I assume? :) Reply -9
  • Mass Effect series "on ice" following Andromeda disappointment

  • DrStrangelove 11/05/2017


    "I mean, when IGN gives your AAA top franchise game less than an 8, you're in trouble."

    I get that, but Giant Bomb even gave it 2/5. The same score they gave Duke Nukem Forever. If that doesn't tell us something about unfair and biased reviews, then I don't know what does.
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  • DrStrangelove 11/05/2017


    "And maybe next time put more series veterans on it, they should have been able to see some of the more obvious flaws, which are basic repetitions of ME1 mistakes."

    Which exactly? A (in comparison) lacklustre story, bugs, animation problems and lots of lame filler fetch quests are undeniable problems in ME:A, but what ME1 mistakes did it make?
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  • DrStrangelove 11/05/2017


    Uhm, not at all. The thrashing it got from people who actually played it (reviews and such) was mostly about falling short of what they expected from a new ME game, most notably the story not living up to it. Without the name, people would have been much more forgiving towards the--by average gaming standards--ok-ish story.
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  • DrStrangelove 11/05/2017


    It's probably unpopular but by no means are you alone with that. There are a lot who felt similar. I also had little expectations for a new Mass Effect game after ME3, and I was positively surprised by ME:A despite its problems. It's better than ME3 in almost every regard.
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  • Russian YouTuber slapped with three-and-a-half year suspended sentence for playing Pokémon Go in a church

  • DrStrangelove 11/05/2017


    Agreed. I find the prospect of a 3-year jail sentence deeply disturbing, but why would you pointlessly provoke it?

    God knows I've got an axe to grind with Christianity, but I'd still find it disrespectful to the others to play mobile games at church. Even without the threat of jail I don't see why the fuck you'd do that.
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  • How to save Mass Effect Andromeda

  • DrStrangelove 10/05/2017


    "The article included so many wrong opinions I don't even"

    Agreed. I'm tempted to comment on many things, but every review, every article on Mass Effect on EG is so full of shit that I just gave up and don't bother anymore.
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  • DrStrangelove 10/05/2017


    I see what you mean, well for me that was too little. After playing ME:A for a while, ME2 feels downright claustrophobic to me now.
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  • DrStrangelove 10/05/2017


    ME:2's strength was that it was a focused affair with just enough freedom to explore in some places but not everywhere, which is important.
    Freedom to explore? Where? Serious question.
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