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  • More powerful Xbox One planned for 2017 - report

  • DrRobotnik 25/05/2016

    Probably too little too late, if the Neo had already had a six to twelve month head start by then.

    I love the xbox, but they've really lost their way this gen. I can't help feel that this is a late and desperate reaction to the Neo news.
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  • After 10 years of waiting, Half-Life 2: Episode 3 seems further away than ever

  • DrRobotnik 23/05/2016

    It makes no sense on a financial level for Valve to make single player, one time experiences. Their online games (DOTA2, CSGO) make upwards of $220m a year EACH, with TF2 making over $150m. That's almost $600m a year on games that are all more than several years old. You know how many people were working on TF2 in 2014 during their Dev Days event? 12. TWELVE. Gabe explained that 12 people were running a game making over $150m a year. Value.

    As if that wasn't enough, Steam revenue (not profit) is upwards of $3b (BILLION!) over the last year.

    They have SO. MUCH. MONEY.

    Here's another thing to note. When was the last time a released Valve game was conceived by an in house team? Portal, DOTA2 and Left for Dead were conceived by people or teams subsequently bought by Valve, who then co-developed the games (granted Portal was very different when it was Nerbacular Drop).

    My point being, it's almost 10 years since they created a new game based on one of their franchises (HL2 ep:2) and even longer since they created a new IP. I think we simply have to accept that they aren't interested anymore.
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  • Battlefield 1 now the top-rated trailer on YouTube

  • DrRobotnik 17/05/2016

    @mega-gazz While I appreciate your comment, it shows no real understanding of how games are made.

    CoD has a formula, in that it has a game engine and a general theme, but the game itself is almost entirely developed by a creative team that have control over its content - particularly Senior Producers. They are literally the ones managing the development of the game. There isn't a 'suit' that sits in an office and says 'yes' 'no' to every idea that comes through the door.

    More broadly, they would pitch a vision for the game and contest any contentious additions, and build reviews would have feedback from senior staff, but the game is made by creative people with their own ideas and methods of execution.

    They aren't just desk monkeys that get paid to do a job. That's how terrible games are made. Really terrible ones.

    It's sad because they will be trying to create things that we will enjoy, and all people can do is shit on it six months before it's actually out.
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  • DrRobotnik 12/05/2016

    What's really sad is that hundreds of genuine hard working game devs and other related teams have put their all into making IW, and they have nothing to do with the design direction, they just want to make a great game. Reply +1
  • Shadow of the Beast review

  • DrRobotnik 17/05/2016

    @porkface The problem with not having badges is that 'those without badges' could mean a 3 or 4 out of 10 game, or a 6 or 7 out of 10 game.

    Not having a distinction between those levels of products is immensely unhelpful.
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  • Dark Souls board game raises $71k Kickstarter goal in three minutes

  • DrRobotnik 17/05/2016

    Yeah, GBP please EG. Reply +1
  • Star Wars: Battlefront sequel due next year

  • DrRobotnik 11/05/2016

    @-TheDarkSide- They're doing one for Titanfall, so hopefully they've learnt that some of us aren't interested in MP, but would love to play in that world. Reply +2
  • Watch: The first hour of Homefront: The Revolution

  • DrRobotnik 10/05/2016

    Christ, another FPS without local co-op.

    Day by day developers are ensuring that any gaming that happens in my house won't be with my wife or friends.
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  • Make sure to download Uncharted 4's 5GB patch

  • DrRobotnik 10/05/2016

    @dogmanstaruk If people stop moaning about it, it's as good as validating the practice. Reply +6
  • DrRobotnik 10/05/2016

    @-fargo- That's tough - then pay for, and ship two discs in the box that the user can install from. Putting the time and effort onto the consumer to save money and claim the game doesn't need two discs is not a suitable alternative. Reply +4
  • DrRobotnik 10/05/2016

    A day one patch to fix more bugs they found between going Gold and selling the game in stores is one thing, but to ship a disc with a huge chunk of the game missing is just unacceptable. Moreover, the box advertises the content of the game, which clearly isn't included on the disc. Surely there's an advertising issue there somewhere?

    This kind of practice basically makes playing console games without internet access all but impossible. Isn't that why everyone went batshit at MS over the One?
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  • Offworld Trading Company review

  • DrRobotnik 09/05/2016

    Read this as Oddworld Trading Company. Got excited, then disappointed :( Reply +1
  • Uncharted 4: A Thief's End review

  • DrRobotnik 05/05/2016

    @Oli It's nothing to do with the set up. Let's just say it's something you mention in the very first (and then heavily in the second to last) paragraph, in relation to the main character and the potential of further UC games.

    You basically spell it out, and then hammer it home for good measure.
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  • DrRobotnik 05/05/2016

    I can't understand why Oli needs to constantly refer to the same hint about the ending and its repercussions. Those of us who read got it the first time, and all you're doing each subsequent time is hammering home major spoilers.

    Come on guys, you know better than this.
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  • Call of Duty fan campaign mass-downvotes Infinite Warfare's reveal trailer

  • DrRobotnik 05/05/2016

    @bad09 I LOVED this. So many people I knew pretended to care, then bought it anyway.

    We are a fickle bunch.
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  • You can play the whole of Uncharted 4 with cel-shading

  • DrRobotnik 05/05/2016

    Copyright claim on the video? Nonsense, surely? Reply +2
  • DrRobotnik 05/05/2016

    Totally bonkers and unnecessary, but brilliant. Reply +1
  • How the latest vinyl resurgence is coming from classic games

  • DrRobotnik 15/09/2015

    They missed a trick going with SoR and not SoR2. The sequel had a far, far better soundtrack. One of the best of all time IMHO. Reply +1
  • DrRobotnik 15/09/2015

    @Sildur You've made my day. Best game soundtrack of all time. Reply 0
  • "We're not evil villains building an empire"

  • DrRobotnik 14/04/2014

    "many hardcore gamers enjoy the fact that their mothers or their girlfriend or people around them are starting to play this game"

    Because women just play mobile games, and only men can be core gamers. ' sigh '

    Welcome to the twenty first century.
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  • Chris Roberts shows off Star Citizen dogfighting

  • DrRobotnik 12/04/2014

    The issue with Roberts is not that he has been funded to the tune of $40m+, but the way in which it is being done.

    'Here, give us another $2m and we will design another awesome ship... That you then have to buy from us for $200.'

    It will never live up to people's lofty expectations, but I at least hope it feels like a game worth the money most people have spent on it.
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  • Microsoft testing cheaper digital pricing for Xbox One games

  • DrRobotnik 17/02/2014

    @George-Roper chill out Quincy. They're lowering the digital price to less than retail and pre owned. I dint see, shit game or not, that can be scoffed at.

    Also, while we're at it, Ryse is actually a ton of fun. Reviews were way of imo
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  • Games of 2013: Candy Crush Saga

  • DrRobotnik 26/12/2013

    Serious mobile auto correct falls. MOMs = MMOs Reply 0
  • DrRobotnik 26/12/2013

    @redcrayon aside from bit actually saying the things you put in inferred commas, I don't see why people are more empathetic towards people who pay this ahead of any other game that has recurring payments.MOMs, for example.

    And you completely missed my point. You don't have to spend ant money in this game, because two seconds on a search engine or youtube will show to how to get lives and levels for free, legitimately. Does nobody realise that?
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  • DrRobotnik 25/12/2013

    @DrRobotnik typical eurogamer comment feedback. Plenty of negs, not one rebuttal. Reply -2
  • DrRobotnik 25/12/2013

    Obviously I meant play, not party. No edit button on mobile. Reply 0
  • DrRobotnik 25/12/2013

    Is there really nobody who has realised how easy it is to dupe lives in this game?

    When you run out, simply change the date on your phone to tomorrow, and viola - all tor lives back, then with the app still open simply change the date back to ' automatically detect time and date' and they will still be there.

    Add to this the fact that logging into Facebook gives you a ton of free power ups, and even the mobile version has a wheel that offers a free paid for power up every day.

    Oh, and once you pay long enough you realise that the game becomes easier if you haven't played it for a day or two, presumably because it's trying not to lose you through frustration if you actually come back to it after getting stuck.

    I'm on level 243 (and 47 in the new night time levels) and have been playing this for over a year. I'm a 30 year old make core gamer who predominantly plays action, rpgs shooters and strategy games. Pc and console.

    I've got dozens of hours of excellent entertainment from this game and never - NEVER spent a single penny. There is literally no need to. The fact anyone does is mind blowing.

    Oh, I almost forgot. When you get to the end of a section and it asks you to pay to unlock the next set of episodes, turn your Wi-Fi of and reboot the game. Now you can incl it by paying three levels called ' quests'.

    Seriously, this game makes it so easy to party and never pay. Try it.
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  • Now there's another space MMO: Entropy

  • DrRobotnik 10/12/2013

    @onlynapkin EG have got that wrong. The Steam page says none of the packages will be reset. Reply 0
  • Star Citizen raises an incredible $30m

  • DrRobotnik 26/11/2013

    @snyderkurva Wow. You really thought about that comment huh. Reply +1
  • DrRobotnik 25/11/2013

    @Matchstick Wow. This could be the greatest thing ever released, or the biggest con.

    I'm really not sure yet.
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  • DrRobotnik 25/11/2013

    @Matchstick So I spend $250 on a ship. It gets destroyed... I lose my $250? Reply +1
  • DrRobotnik 25/11/2013

    @Matchstick So they're overcharging people pre-launch because it's actually pretty easy to earn these things in-game? Reply -2
  • DrRobotnik 25/11/2013

    @ATARI Appreciated :)

    I'll still probably play it.
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  • DrRobotnik 25/11/2013

    @Matchstick And how easy do you think that will be, given how expensive things are to buy? I can see a grindfest waiting for those thinking they will breeze through it.

    Do ships still have insurance? Damn, I forgot about insurance.
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  • DrRobotnik 25/11/2013

    Buy the game

    ...realise you can't play the hanger without a ship

    Buy a ship

    Buy a digital manual

    ...realise the ship you bought wasn't compatible with the hanger

    Buy another ship

    ...realise your hanger looks crap

    Buy a hanger upgrade

    Buy some currency

    ...realise you've no idea what the currency is worth

    Buy a 12-month subscription

    ...realise you've spent $240 on a subscription of mostly free digital content like newsletters and access to exclusive merch... that you also have to pay for.

    Buy something called 'shut up and take my money'

    ...realise that the dev is now trolling you and actually just taking your money.

    Look at bank account


    ......ah, shit.

    ...realise that the 'second coming of triple-A PC gaming' is the worst micro-payment offender outside of mobile games.

    ...feel a little dead inside.

    Buy a console (mandatory joke reference, in case of over-zealous PC gamers)
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  • Sony's Shuhei Yoshida ponders mixed PS4 review scores

  • DrRobotnik 14/11/2013

    @null You mean like Rayman, Mario, Braid, Thomas Was Alone, Super Meat Boy... any number of other great platformers this gen?

    No, Knack is simply a game that looked bad from the start, and delivered on that premise wholeheartedly.
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  • Xbox One exclusive Ryse: Son of Rome Season Pass announced

  • DrRobotnik 01/11/2013

    Aside from DLC being completely optional (I can assure you nobody will be 'bending me over' Nickhay, it's also got nothing to do with the development of the core game.


    You'd think you all hate videogames. 'Oh no! More content for this game I love to play!'

    If it's an issue, vote with your wallets. If you can't resist, then more fool you.
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  • Let's talk about Destiny

  • DrRobotnik 01/11/2013

    Will somebody PLEASE just ask Bungie if they will be supporting local co-op?

    And not for some 'hoard mode' multiplayer thing, but for the actual campaign.

    Bungie are on of the last bastions of couch co-op. Don't let me down!!!
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  • Shocking MW2 footage leaked

  • DrRobotnik 28/10/2009

    "DrRobotnik - The very fact that you just used the word 'smacktard' proves that Earl is in fact right - you must be a twelve year old, or have the brain and mindset of one."

    Flattery will get you everywhere.
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  • DrRobotnik 28/10/2009

    Ona slightly tangental point:

    "At the beginning of the game, there are two ‘checkpoints’ where the player is advised that some people may find an upcoming segment disturbing."

    Any ideas on what the second one might be?

    EDIT - erm.. sorry, did I offend someone by asking a question? I'm genuinely curious as to what it might be? What's the problem?
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  • DrRobotnik 28/10/2009

    "Your whole attitude is really confrontational and I have absolutely no idea why you have taken it upon yourself to act like this. "

    Granted. I shouldn't use the internet - I get far too frustrated.

    My last post was, admittedly, frustrated - but it's a culmination of 150-posts' worth of frustration, the majority of which has been complete bile.

    I don't think the majority of people on this forum are capable of a serious, challenging discussion, and ignoring those that aren't is never as easy as it seems.
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  • DrRobotnik 28/10/2009

    "Probably something about your inability to even use real worlds, then. "

    Yep. Fair point.
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  • DrRobotnik 28/10/2009

    Harmonica, 'smacktard' isn't a word, let alone a swearword - and in any case, I was responding to someone who felt the need to say "S**t you three are f***ing morons."

    Now, you were saying?
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  • DrRobotnik 28/10/2009

    "There is no need for a piece of gameplay where you take part in the massacre of innocents to be included in any game today, tomorrow or further in the future."

    So let's ban the following please...

    Mission Impossible
    World Is Not Enough
    Blood 2: the Chosen
    Duke Nukem 3d
    Baldur's Gate 1 & 2
    Neverwinter Nights
    Syphon Filter 1-3
    Fable 1 & 2
    Blood Omen 1&2

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  • DrRobotnik 28/10/2009

    "I tried answering you seriously up the thread, but it is quite clear you are a 13 year old, or have the comprehension of one."

    Good for you, EarlBasset. Good for you.
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  • DrRobotnik 28/10/2009

    Unit9, calm the fuck down, smacktard.

    All I was saying is that the argument over WHY they have included it, the REASONS behind it and the CONTEXT of the scene is now concluded thanks to IW's statement.

    You can carry on arguing over whether it's right or wrong until the end of time if you like. I have better things to do.
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  • DrRobotnik 28/10/2009

    Argument over people.

    "Activision has just confirmed to VG247 that a leaked Modern Warfare 2 video of civilians being gunned down in an airport is of real, skippable content from the shooter."

    See vg247
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  • DrRobotnik 28/10/2009

    Unit9 - pot, kettle, black.

    Having an opinion isn't trolling. Get a dictionary.
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  • DrRobotnik 28/10/2009

    "The thing I do not get is that gamers say they want adult based decisions. A game like Heavy Rain is getting a lot of attention because of its serious adult themes. Gamers have asked for more moral and meaningful choices. Gamers have stated time an again that they can distinguish between the unrealistic reality of game and real like. Now when you are faced with a decision that probably is a moral choice you make weather to go along with the carnage or not you get queasy (which is probably what the game aims to do). No one has a clue as to what happen before the scene, do you get choices to make but you have made up your mind that the game is bad for giving the choice. "

    The single most intelligent thing said in this entire thread.

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  • DrRobotnik 28/10/2009

    Okay then. Let's list all the critically acclaimed 'adult themed' movies that DON'T include something controversial.

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