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  • PlayStation Store opens on Amazon.co.uk

  • DrDamn 12/12/2013


    This move is part of a general allowance for other retailers to sell digital PSN content - not just Amazon. Sony have said a consideration in digital pricing is retail (bricks and mortar) - essentially saying they have to keep them sweet. This move could be a decent counter to that. I.e. cutting all retail into the digital market, and it then gives Sony more flexibility in the digital space and consumers more choice too.
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  • DrDamn 12/12/2013

    @George-Roper were you staggered so much by the point that the Amazon US store had already offered discounts that you forgot you read it?

    Amazon UK are labelling this as a Beta currently. Give it some time.
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  • From the ashes of WipEout dev Studio Liverpool rises Firesprite

  • DrDamn 06/12/2013

    Interesting point. Yoshida (@yosp) retweeted the EG Twitter feed tweet to this article. That's how I came here. Reply +5
  • Sony explains PS4 digital game pricing

  • DrDamn 28/11/2013

    On the price points thing I think PSV has done this really well, I want to see price points from F2P all the way up through 5-10-15-20-25-30-35-40-> not just budget and AAA. Reply 0
  • DrDamn 28/11/2013

    Not so true here unfortunately. Some nice occasional deals on the eShop like the Wonderful 101 one but usually games release at full RRP (£50). We only get 8% for premium membership here too because ... well no one has ever explained that one to me.
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  • DrDamn 28/11/2013

    I understand needing retail somewhat, but they aren't in a position to dictate any more. They need a good hard kick in the nutts to clarify exactly who is who's bitch now.

    If you plan on bringing priced down to match retail I'll just hold on to my cash until you make good on that.
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  • Can an Oculus Rift game treat crossed/lazy eye?

  • DrDamn 26/11/2013

    There was also a similar story on using tetris

    BBC News Story

    The idea there was one eye saw the falling block and the other the slot to put it in.

    I have a son with a lazy eye and he's nearly done with patches - which have helped a lot - and he's been very good with patches too. A game to help would be nicer for him and there are also indications this can help in adults who weren't helped early enough with patches.
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  • ShopTo apologises to PS4 pre-order customers after taking money without warning

  • DrDamn 18/11/2013

    Oh and how about actually giving people some points for their purchase as an apology? I got points for my WiiU with them last year, but for PS4 this year - nada. Reply +5
  • DrDamn 18/11/2013

    I had a couple of emails today asking me to check my order by two days ago and just now got the we've charged you now email. :/

    On a general note for a purchase of £350+ over the internet you should be trying to use a credit card rather than debit card for your own protection purposes if you have it as an option.
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  • Editor's blog: Battlefield 4 Face-off Preview Q&A

  • DrDamn 29/10/2013

    Lets see if I got this right as it's a bit confusing.

    Essentially the PS4s and X1s were set up by DICE/EA with limited RGB ranges - which suited the capture equipment they provided - hence everyone else's captures were fine.

    DF made adjustments in the options of both machines to extend to full and captured the full range with their equipment. It later transpires that the X1 full range doesn't work on these units hence the resulting black crush.

    What is the explanation is for the washed out PS4 versions? Maybe they just look washed out in comparison to the crushed X1 captures?

    Also it's been noted elsewhere that the PS4 version has an option to turn off the AA - did DF tinker with that at all?
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  • Can Knack be PlayStation 4's Crash Bandicoot?

  • DrDamn 19/09/2013

    Would like to see this as a mid priced game. I'd be much more likely to buy it. Somewhere around £20-£30 rather than a £50 going up against the likes of KZ:SF. Have they actually priced it (online priced say standard RRP but those could be guesses). Sony have been quite good at pricing Vita games across the spectrum of price points and I want to see that continue with PS4. Reply +3
  • Demon's Souls, ICO & SOTC, and Kingdoms of Amalur free on PlayStation Plus in June

  • DrDamn 21/05/2013

    @DreadedWalrus Sorry for late reply. Yes the PS3 OS has built in back-up/restore functionality and can be used for this. You may be stunned at just how long it takes to back up a 60Gb drive, but stick with it. It's the easiest way. Reply 0
  • DrDamn 15/05/2013

    @DreadedWalrus Why don't you upgrade? It's not that tricky, especially if you have a 60Gb+ USB drive to back-up onto first. Just about any 2.5" drive will do so it's cheap to go up to 500GB. Reply +5
  • Diablo 3 on consoles: hell or high water?

  • DrDamn 26/03/2013

    I don't think there is a problem with the perspective of the article as such, but the attitude that "it's not what I expected/wanted and therefore that's bad" is poor. That's what you expect from a random opinion, but not a professional preview of a game.

    It's not what you expected? Then what is it? Investigate, do some research. To go on and make claims about it being "downright sloppy" and it not being what you wanted being a problem based on 20 minutes play with no apparent pre/post research? I'd say *that* was "downright sloppy".

    The game may well be poor on consoles, but I have no idea because the writer has judged the game on pre-conceptions and not what it actually is, and how it compares to the PC version.
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  • Tomb Raider Caves & Cliffs DLC coming first to Xbox 360

  • DrDamn 06/03/2013

    Ignoring the exclusivity periods, holding back of content arguments and other things. That is far, far too early to start fragmenting your MP base. Reply +5
  • Chasing Aurora review

  • DrDamn 07/12/2012

    They definitely needed to make demos mandatory for the smaller eShop titles.
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  • DrDamn 07/12/2012

    "Everyone resents the person who's clutching it. The system divides us, where its precursor united us."

    Most people grow out of that by the time they are about 6 or 7 years old. It's called taking turns.
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  • Wii U hardware back-compat penalises PAL gamers

  • DrDamn 05/12/2012

    This is a fairly confusingly written article. For example :-

    Important AV options are omitted from the Wii menu, with the PAL console unable to upscale to HD resolutions or run in progressive scan over component – an issue that doesn’t seem to impact NTSC hardware.
    Isn’t very clear. Does it mean PAL consoles are :-

    a) Unable to upscale to HD resolutions
    b) Unable to run in progressive scan over component


    a) Unable to upscale to HD resolutions over component
    b) Unable to run in progressive scan over component

    Also ...

    As expected, there's no magical native HD resolution rendering in HDMI mode, but the upscaling from 480p and conversion of 576i games is handled fairly well.
    What upscaling? You said in the article higher up there was none - though maybe there was on NTSC units but you've not been able to test it.
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  • Discovering the Wii U's third space

  • DrDamn 04/12/2012

    Much as I love my WiiU now the first date was horrific. I started 10:30pm on the 29th of November. 3 and a half hours later I had managed 15 minutes of play and went to bed. DHCP problems followed by patch server and patching. Reply +6
  • Microsoft making Xbox Surface - report

  • DrDamn 06/11/2012

    Support for up to four wireless controllers. You know the ones, with buttons on and that. Reply +7
  • Sony's TGS 2012 press conference

  • DrDamn 18/09/2012

    What's the picture on the RSS feed then? :) Reply 0
  • Toki Tori 2 flutters onto Wii U in native 1080p

  • DrDamn 10/08/2012

    @ATARI If a dev really wants to support 3D then they can do it in a standard 1080p frame - or even 720p or 1080i.

    There are some benefits to true support - like OS overlays (XMB/XBox Guide) being usable when in 3D mode, but nothing to stop devs just doing side-by-side 3D.
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  • DrDamn 10/08/2012

    @Supermeatboy3D There are more Vita's out there than Wii-U's ;). As a title it's a better fit for a handheld. Would like to see it come to Vita too. Reply +2
  • DrDamn 10/08/2012

    @Collo Excellent - thanks for the response. Good to hear you aren't chucking a load of iOS titles out at retail prices like a certain publisher did on Vita. Reply -2
  • DrDamn 10/08/2012

    @Collo What sort of release will it have on WiiU - Wii-ware type download or boxed retail? So is this a full-priced release? Reply 0
  • Rainbow Moon Review

  • DrDamn 06/07/2012


    Turn Based Combat is not a throwback or nostalgia trip. It's a design decision. There are plenty of action rpgs out there if you want that sort of thing.

    Also agree with @dome1954 Vita version please.

    Whilst the stylings and gameplay might be JRPG wasn't this made by a German dev team?
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  • Twisted Metal unplayable online outside the US

  • DrDamn 23/04/2012

    If they are responsible for testing and approving then they are to blame too. This is exactly the sort of thing the sort of thing the SCEE approval process should be catching. The root cause is possibly the code, but SCEE are not blameless here.
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  • Unit 13 Review

  • DrDamn 06/03/2012

    @wizlon I think it's going to be £35 RRP and £30 download like other Sony titles at that price point. Reply 0
  • DrDamn 06/03/2012

    Loved the demo for this. Really impressed with the immediacy of the controls - especially for a Zipper title where I generally love the games but wrestle with the controls a little. Great unobtrusive and intuitive use of the touch screen too.

    Nicely designed and realised for a handheld too.
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  • DrDamn 06/03/2012

    @Sildur Multiplayer has many guises, and what's available on Vita so far matches what best works on a handheld console. If it's something designed to be played on when it's convenient for the player then the MP has to reflect that. So I'd say given the device then asynchronous gaming, challenges, leaderboards - they are the *proper* MP. More traditional MP will be the exception here rather than the rule. Reply +3
  • Sony details "one price" Vita/PS3 cross-play content

  • DrDamn 16/02/2012

    You may have got it like me as a free download following the PSN hack last year. It wasn't on the UK offers but was on my Hong Kong account :D.
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  • Everybody's Golf Vita Review

  • DrDamn 16/02/2012

    Reviewer not mentioning it hints that it doesn't matter.
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  • DrDamn 16/02/2012

    Yes most of the Vita specific additions are fairly frivolous, but no mention of using the rear touch pad to judge distances, the only really useful touch addition. Or the looking around gyroscope implementation with AR funkiness? Not so useful, but worth a mention. Reply +4
  • Is the PlayStation Vita worth £230?

  • DrDamn 20/01/2012

    VAT is 20% of the price before it's added on not after. So VAT @ 20% on an item costing £230 at retail is not £46 it's £38.33. Reply +8
  • Digital Foundry vs. PlayStation Vita

  • DrDamn 15/01/2012

    @Article and Everbody's Golf
    "The game is based on the PS3 version's characters and courses"

    I thought it was 6 new courses and all 12 characters are new too. PS3 version content will be available as DLC.
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  • Sony 3D visor images

  • DrDamn 23/09/2011

    Surely the masturbation will be trickier to hide? Reply +2
  • iOS Machinarium is iPad 2 exclusive

  • DrDamn 23/08/2011

    So they can do things like RageHD and the Unreal Engine stuff, but a 2D point and click adventure thing is too performance and memory demanding ... Reply +23
  • Dungeons of Dredmor

  • DrDamn 11/08/2011

    Diablo and it's ilk did come from the roots of roguelikes but there are some key differences. One major one can be illustrated by simply standing still and not pressing anything when you encounter a monster in Diablo. I.e. you die. A key feature of roguelikes is the turn based nature. It brings up a lot more tactical considerations. So it's not exactly like an action rpg because it fundamentally isn't an action game, it's a turn based game.

    Also don't be confused in thinking this is a shining example of the genre. It's a nice enough game to have fun with for £3.50 but doesn't have the depth, balance and enormity of some of the better example out there like Angband, Moira etc.
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  • DrDamn 09/08/2011

    The *angbands are my favourite too. I have played Vanilla, Zangband and Kangband quite a bit. Horribly inaccessible but fantastic when they grip you. You have a special feeling about this level ... :) Reply 0
  • DrDamn 09/08/2011

    I quite enjoyed this. Pleasant little romp with some decent depth to it in the skill combinations. Couple of things I didn't like. Graphical viewpoint where characters are double height and extend onto other grid sections wasn't a good idea - it adds little and causes too much confusion. The other point I didn't like were the big doors. One of the key aspects of a Roguelike for me is the tactical nature of battles and how/where you fight them. Big ass doors detracted from this.

    A lot of modern roguelikes lack depth and variety, and Dungeons of Dredmor certainly didn't fall into that trap. There is a lot there to do and play with. Ultimately I enjoyed it but it ended up making me want to dig out an Angband variant.
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  • Resistance 3 Aussie multiplayer vid

  • DrDamn 09/08/2011

    @onezeonxIsn't that one of the series strong points? Inventive and OTT weaponry? The vid does seem to give a slanted view on it because it's cut together to show all big powerful weapons and no deaths. This sort of thing needs serious balance to work well.How are the bigger weapons accessed? Weapons drops? As killstreak rewards? Reply +3
  • US/Japan-only PSone games for PSN

  • DrDamn 01/08/2011

    I think you missed the point here. This is for PSOne titles which were never, ever released in Europe - even when the machine was available and going strong. Toshinden and Crash don't fit that - in fact Crash Bandicoot was released recently on PSN wasn't it?

    Final Fantasy Tactics stick out as one for me - though you can now play on PSP, iPad etc anyway.
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  • 320GB Star Wars Xbox 360 costs £350

  • DrDamn 25/07/2011

    The RRP of the standard 250Gb console with Kinect is £300. So this price considering the extra disc space, upgraded controller, Star Wars game and styling isn't a huge surprise is it? It will have less discounting mind (though ShopTo have it for £335). Reply +3
  • Gears of War 3 Xbox bundle Game exclusive

  • DrDamn 07/07/2011

    The art work is for the Special edition and it makes a more realistic change to the lowest price (usually PC version) used for some ads.
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  • DrDamn 07/07/2011

    Obviously, but some people are counting it as two extra controllers when working out if this is good value for them, it isn't. See post directly after yours for example.

    If you shop around you can get a 250Gb 360S for £160 (shopto) and a new wireless pad with the adjustable d-pad *and* a play and charge kit for £30 (shopto/amazon). Gears 3 £40. So you are effectively paying an extra £40 for the HD space, functionality on one controller and Gears 3 extras/design.
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  • DrDamn 07/07/2011

    When comparing to the price of a regular 360S you only need to take into account one extra controller. This bundle doesn't come with 3 controllers, just one more than a regular 360S. It's a decent choice if you like the design over the standard but it's not really a value thing as you can get the same functionality (bar the HDD increase) for less.

    Like the look of the controllers but would prefer the main box to be fairly plain to blend in.
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  • Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception: Beta Impressions

  • DrDamn 04/07/2011

    I've enjoyed playing the Beta. Uncharted was one of those series I thought didn't need MP but it was interesting in U2 and in this it could become very good indeed. One point I think they have missed from MW - and which a lot of other similar titles miss - is balance across levelling. Levelling should give you more options, not necessary make you more powerful. In MW the M16A was one of the best guns in the game and it was available to all - this was a very important design decision. In MW2 the default classes gave you access to perks and sights you still had to unlock if you wanted to use them in a custom loadout.

    A lower level player should feel like they have a chance to compete - not constantly be beaten by people who have better perks/boosters. Balancing this is something ND have to work on.

    I did love the verticality and inventiveness of the maps though. They are using height a lot better than the majority of maps in U2. The plane section at the start of one of the maps is also very clever.
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  • Sony in fresh PSN hack lawsuit

  • DrDamn 24/06/2011

    They'd still be monitoring all accounts regardless of cancellation, in fact monitoring a cancelled account would be more beneficial.
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  • DrDamn 24/06/2011

    Impartial possibly? Doesn't stop it being wrong though. The lawsuit is not to do with PSN, it's related to SoE.
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  • DrDamn 24/06/2011

    Strangely enough odd coincidence does not imply absolute certainty. Given the credit card companies are monitoring *all* the potentially compromised credit cards and have not seen increased activity to warrant a complete blanket cancellation then that implies there isn't evidence to suggest CC info was taken. No absolute certainty of course, that would be silly to suggest.
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