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  • Diablo 3's Necromancer DLC out next week

  • Dr.Haggard 20/06/2017

    @curtlikesmeat I urge you to either give it another chance, play a bit longer and dig a bit deeper, or at least take my word for it that you couldn't be more wrong. Reply -1
  • Original Xbox games coming to Xbox One via backwards compatibility

  • Dr.Haggard 12/06/2017

    @Cold_Waste I won't hold my breath, but that would make me very happy. Thanks for reminding me how much I loved those games, I'm off to listen to the soundtrack now :) Reply 0
  • Microsoft E3 2017 live report

  • Dr.Haggard 11/06/2017

    Good grief that looks shit. Reply +1
  • Strafe review

  • Dr.Haggard 09/05/2017

    @pelican_ Given this is a review of a single player game I think it's safe to assume he wasn't talking about multiplayer map design and weapon balancing, it was just a slightly exaggerated way of making a point: in a deliberately retro single player FPS, if weapons don't have punch and thus the gameplay loop isn't fun and satisfying, then none of those other things will matter. Reply +1
  • BioShock's fascinating but inescapable failure

  • Dr.Haggard 16/09/2016

    BioShock's ocean is both an all-pervading threat, insidious and mesmerising in a way the interplanetary void of System Shock could never be.
    It's a very subjective thing and I disagree. As much I love Bioshock's setting (whilst being hugely disappointed with the game itself, given what it could have been), deep space is a far more lonely and chilling setting in my opinion.

    I never once felt as nervous, as isolated and utterly alone in Bioshock as I did gazing out of a window at the stars listening to the faint, constant hum of the Von Braun's engines.
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  • The opening logo movie for Kojima's new studio is typically overblown

  • Dr.Haggard 25/07/2016

    First time I've ever seen a studio's new video ident being reported as news. Good grief.

    Is the gaming press secretly collaborating in an experiment to see if there's a limit to Kojima's ego?
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  • I was there when The Witcher 3 launched

  • Dr.Haggard 20/08/2015

    @Bertie "Her face is blurred out because it was placeholder famous face there. Can you guess who it was?"

    Looks like Eva Green to me.

    Great article btw. The open world of 3 puts me off a little (plus I preferred the first game to the second) but I can't believe I still haven't played it yet. Blame Bloodborne.
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  • Batman: Arkham Knight is another step away from the intimacy of Arkham Asylum

  • Dr.Haggard 28/05/2015

    Everything I've seen of this so far, from the moment I first watched them demo it at EGX whatever year that was, has left me completely cold. Asylum was brilliant, City not so much, and it's only getting worse. Oh well. Reply -4
  • Video: Introducing The Eurogamer Show, weekly on Fridays

  • Dr.Haggard 27/03/2015

    Why did I feel like I was watching CBBC? Reply +4
  • Evolve review

  • Dr.Haggard 16/02/2015

    @g4r37h "So what about games that carry no recommendation? This will cover a pretty broad spectrum of quality, but typically they'll be games with some qualities to recommend them but about which we have important reservations. This is where you'd find, for example, a sports game that provides no meaningful advance on last year's model, or an indie game with beautiful artwork but irritating design, or a well-made action-adventure with a dull storyline and samey gameplay. In these cases, the summary line should let you know whether you're interested to read more."

    From the article you didn't read.
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  • Watch 10 minutes of 1080p Final Fantasy 15 footage

  • Dr.Haggard 14/11/2014

    Jesus, that music is just horrible. Reply +4
  • FlatOut dev's Next Car Game now Wreckfest

  • Dr.Haggard 06/10/2014

    The most important meal of the day. Reply +30
  • EGX 2015 headed to Birmingham NEC next September

  • Dr.Haggard 01/10/2014

    Having driven from Birmingham to every expo since 2009 (Leeds was still the best, not joking) I assume this move is a show of gratitude to me personally and a very generous acknowledgement of my dedication. Aw shucks.

    Seriously though, I know this isn't great news for those of you in London who aren't prepared to travel, that must suck, but I have no doubt the midlands is equally full of lazy buggers who'll only bother if it's on their doorstep. I guess it's their turn now.
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  • After 14 years John Romero is working on another shooter

  • Dr.Haggard 11/08/2014

    I met John on saturday, in Wolverhampton of all places. He's a genuinely lovely guy, still full of enthusiasm for games and easy to talk to, I'd have chatted with him all day if I could. Reply +12
  • LA Cops Early Access review

  • Dr.Haggard 08/08/2014

    Maybe it's just me but I'm struggling to see anything in the art that looks particularly 70s. Besides the car in the top pic. If they're going for the whole 70s TV cop show theme they're not really nailing it. Reply +1
  • Why Unreal deserves to be remembered alongside Half-Life

  • Dr.Haggard 22/06/2014

    @mr2ange No it had Glide support out of the box, it was a Direct3D renderer that came in a patch a few months later. Reply +5
  • Dr.Haggard 22/06/2014

    Great little article, but no mention of the amazing soundtrack? Boo.

    I still replay Unreal every now and again, and despite looking dated now (of course in May '98, with my 3DFX card, it was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen) it remains one of the most atmospheric FPS experiences of all time.
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  • The Banner Saga review

  • Dr.Haggard 14/01/2014

    Surprised not to see any mention of Austin Wintory's excellent score in the review. Looking forward to playing this tonight, glad to hear it's as good as I hoped. Reply +15
  • Starbreeze's latest looks like it could be this year's Journey

  • Dr.Haggard 12/03/2013

    @smoothpete I found it dull unfortunately. It was obviously well crafted but didn't do anything at all for me, just a taste thing. Reply 0
  • Dr.Haggard 12/03/2013

    Everyone seems to forget about Enclave when talking about Starbreeze these days, which I loved to bits (Enclave 2 sadly joined Into The Shadows and Sorcery in their growing archive of hugely promising cancelled projects - I really wish they'd resurrect one of those).

    Riddick was also brilliant, but The Darkness and Syndicate were very disappointing, it's really good to see them doing something all their own - and not FPS - again.
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  • Project Shield: Nvidia's Android-based portable that streams PC games

  • Dr.Haggard 07/01/2013

    Lots of people are doing this already with tablets like the Nexus 7/10 and this app (as long as you have an nVidia GPU). If you use a wireless 360 pad you don't even have to worry about input lag. Reply +6
  • Defiance: the console MMO that might just work

  • Dr.Haggard 13/12/2012

    @Gambit1977 Here's some extra words to help you understand, "as well as [the aforementioned] PS3". Reply +9
  • OnLive lays off most of its staff, files for alternative to bankruptcy

  • Dr.Haggard 18/08/2012

    Is it me or is 'S*** just got real!' an incredibly childish and insensitive tag line for an update on an article about people losing their jobs? Reply +22
  • Retrospective: Daikatana

  • Dr.Haggard 18/03/2012

    @Nazo Precisely. Ion, and specifically Romero, failed spectacularly because he couldn't edit himself. He couldn't keep his own ideas in check and work within limits, so high on Quake's success and with all the scrapped concepts for that game fresh in his mind, he just went for it. And Eidos kept giving him money and the games press kept calling him a rock star.

    There was no one to temper him and tell him this stuff just wouldn't work very well, or that it was too difficult, or that his story and characters were juvenile and tacky etc.

    What he never seemed to get was that if Quake had wound up the way he'd originally envisioned it would have been rubbish.

    Edit: Don't get me wrong he's a nice chap, and I'm sure he knows better than all of us where he went wrong.
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  • Dr.Haggard 18/03/2012

    I enjoyed that. In a funny way I'm still quite proud to have that big red Daikatana box sitting on my shelf amongst its contemporaries. It's a terrible game but it belongs there, and I always had an inexplicable soft spot for it too.

    Plus I think it's probably one of the last, if not the last game I bought in a big box, so it's historic for that reason too.

    It was still a huge disappointment at the time despite all the warning signs. I actually really quite liked that MPlayer deathmatch demo they released for a competition a while before the games release, the weapons were fun, so I still had some hope for it. How wrong I was. I remember the ancient Greece and Norway levels being my favourite parts, but overall it was just dreadful.
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  • Dragon Age II

  • Dr.Haggard 09/02/2011

    It might seem a silly question but what's the GUI like Christian? Is it the horribly basic utilitarian design they've show in screenshots so far, or was that just a cruel ruse and there's a lovely Origins-esque interface full of crumbling parchment and blood spatters decorating this one too? I'm such a sucker for all that, the PC GUI in Origins was lovely.

    Oh and whoever said they should cut down on the codex stuff, no! It was brilliant.
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  • EG Expo: The Witcher 2 session

  • Dr.Haggard 11/11/2010

    I went on the Friday so didn't get to see this, thanks for putting it up.

    What a disappointing reaction when he asked if anyone had played the first game! Shame on you lot.
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  • Retrospective: King's Bounty

  • Dr.Haggard 09/08/2010


    Enjoyed the article, I've only recently started playing Legends and it's brilliant.
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  • Enslaved's Tameem Antoniades

  • Dr.Haggard 05/08/2010

    Not a comfortable read. He came across as a genuinely interesting and likeable guy, but some of the questions were just inappropriate and the tone of the whole thing was quite aggressive.

    Heavenly Sword might've been a bit crap but that's hardly a good reason to go all Paxman on him.
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  • Dark Void

  • Dr.Haggard 17/11/2009

    Nice to see a positive preview, it didn't seem to go down too well at the expo but I kept coming back to it. It wasn't a great demo, but there's something about the game I find really appealing. Reply 0
  • Halo 3: ODST tops UK charts

  • Dr.Haggard 28/09/2009

    Best description of ODST I've heard so far was that it's "Halo with a System Shock atmosphere".

    The flashbacks are classic Halo and the New Mombasa hub with its thick atmosphere, log-hunting, and slightly-sinister-yet-chirpy AI are where Halo meets System Shock/Bioshock. Great atmosphere and the most consistently good Halo game since... well ever really.
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  • SCEI's Fumito Ueda

  • Dr.Haggard 25/09/2009

    Wish Ellie had asked if a re-release of ICO and SOtC was in the pipeline ala GoW Collection. Call him back Ellie!

    Joystiq asked him. Sounds promising.
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  • Next Blizzard MMO is new IP

  • Dr.Haggard 13/05/2009

    "They had HL2 and all the Episodes apparently "in the works" and somewhat playable in 2003-2004"

    The Borealis was originally meant to be the opening level of HL2, that's why it was there in 2003, not because they had the episodes planned out. That idea was scrapped and it was intended for the ship to make an appearance later in the game, but that too was scrapped and it became part of the story for the episodes.
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  • Dr.Haggard 13/05/2009

    @zoidberg - HL2 was released in 2004, only a year later than originally planned, not 2005. Where did you get the idea that the gameplay shown at E3 in 2003 represented "70% of the game"? They were just scripted set pieces, they weren't fragments of larger, completed levels and as it turned out they weren't even using fully functioning AI iirc. The game wasn't even close to being done at that point.

    You might find this interesting. Have you read Raising the Bar?
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  • Eidos Montreal confirms Thief 4

  • Dr.Haggard 11/05/2009

    @Freek - unfortunately it wasn't. Reply 0
  • Demon's Souls

  • Dr.Haggard 24/04/2009

    Slight correction to dominic's post above, for co-op you use the Blue Eye Stone and you can only place it when you're in soul form. If you're in body form you see those glyphs on the ground and you can invite them into your game to aid you (maximum of two at a time).

    As a blue phantom in another player's world you earn souls (edit: and tendency), but bosses you beat together and events you trigger only affect the host player's game - when you return to your game it's just as you left it.

    In other words you can only advertise yourself as a soul available to aid other players, you can't place a 'help wanted' glyph, so you can only progress your game via co-op if you're alive and you find another player's blue glyph.
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  • Dr.Haggard 23/04/2009

    @Xuio - It's the closest thing to a Severance-alike you'll find. Reply 0
  • Dr.Haggard 23/04/2009

    If i'm right its linear (to an extent) levels with hard side missons

    Nope, there's a hub from which you access the five areas, each having 3 or 4 sections, and you can visit any area at any time. Progress through the areas is linear, each section ending with a boss demon which then opens up the next section and a portal back to the hub. If you're having trouble with a particular section or boss you can go and make some progress in another area instead, then come back when you've levelled a bit or got better gear.

    Levelling up is done at the hub by spending souls. Repairs, upgrades and purchasing (for which the currency is also souls) is done either at the hub or at vendors/blacksmiths you meet out in the world.

    Is the combat any good (thinking NGS or DMC)?

    Nothing like either of the above. This is far more realistic, weighty combat, there's no jumping in the air and bouncing off walls. Think Severance.
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  • Dr.Haggard 23/04/2009

    Good read and a well deserved score, it's a superb game. It's kept me hooked for nearly 90 hours now over two months, and I still have no desire to play anything else yet. Reply 0
  • Rage for Xbox 360 to come on two discs

  • Dr.Haggard 17/09/2008

    So pretty much said they find it easier to write for the Xbox because its simple, and they don't have the time or intelligence to fulfil the PS3 potential.

    Lou, could I borrow that massive facepalm?
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  • Dr.Haggard 17/09/2008

    EDIT: aaaah, removal of the fuckwit comment. Wise choice. Swearing is for children, you twat. haha.

    I removed it because it wasn't aimed at you, but since it was you I was replying to I thought it might have looked that way. Nevertheless the phrase 'lazy programming' really gets up my nose :)
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  • Dr.Haggard 17/09/2008

    Still sounds like lazy programming. All this "we've had to compress the textures so much to fit it onto two DVD's" bollocks doesn't sound right to me. Like I said, if it fits on a single PC DVD, why won't it fit on one 360 DVD?

    The moment someone calls John Carmack a 'lazy programmer' you just know it's time to stop reading these comments threads.

    With regard to the comment about it fitting on a PC dvd, the data is compressed into cab files which the installer unpacks, it will be a lot bigger once you've installed it. On the 360 it has to be streamed directly from the dvd as you play, and obviously the more compression the slower it'll be accessing that data.
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  • Acti mute on Guitar Hero IV track list

  • Dr.Haggard 24/07/2008

    Man In The Box, Schism, Hallowed be Thy Name, Angel of Death, Tornado of Souls, Comfortably Numb, Master of fucking Puppets... awful? Fuck no.

    I wasn't going to bother with GH3 but if this is true I'm looking forward to it.
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  • Bungie making new Halo title

  • Dr.Haggard 16/07/2008

    I don't understand.. What is the problem? Are Bungie pissed because they weren't allowed to announce anything this E3? Or are they pissed because Microsoft revealed another Halo (gee, big surprise there!) before their countdown was finished?

    I'd imagine they're pretty upset about both. They were building up to revealing their new game today and then Microsoft told them they couldn't announce it yet, but then Don Mattrick blurted out in an interview that it's a new Halo game. Nice work.

    It's a bit disappointing really, Bungie need to do something else. Hopefully they're working on more than one new game.
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  • Dr.Haggard 16/07/2008

    @seasidebaz: I think you misunderstood, er... everything.

    @Lavalant: Bungie didn't take down the web site you numpty. Oh, and you liked Brute Force?
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  • Assassin's Creed: A forumite in Montreal!

  • Dr.Haggard 25/10/2007

    Great stuff Hairy, very nicely written and covers some important points in more depth than one would normally expect from a preview.

    This has been hovering near the top of my most wanted from the first announcement trailer, but the more I read about it the better it sounds. What really does it for me is the freedom to explore, to play at your own pace and immerse yourself in the world. Their preoccupation with making a believable world with believable inhabitants is very reassuring, despite your own concerns about certain aspects of NPC behaviour.

    Btw you said you were really impressed by the horse (to say it controls better than Agro from SotC is a bold statement! ;). Is it realistic - ie you control the reins not the horse - or is it more like steering a car?
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  • Avary talks Wolfenstein film

  • Dr.Haggard 12/09/2007

    Better pic

    Sarah Jessica Parker?
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  • id Tech 5

  • Dr.Haggard 09/08/2007

    I'm surprised at some people's attitude to this. The 'mega-texture' thing really is a huge leap forward. I'm not suggesting id's game will be any good or even weighing in on the debate about how important graphics are, but in the grand scheme of things this particular development is huge.

    Other developers will of course follow suit and start working on their own solutions and in a couple of years tiled textures will be a thing of the past. I think that's a pretty big deal.
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  • New Red Faction on the way

  • Dr.Haggard 02/08/2007

    Conan this year eh? I'm actually quite looking forward to it, I just hope they get it right. Might be one to put off buying until the new year though, when things are a bit quieter.

    The new footage from Comic Con actually looks really good apart from those really awful looking health icons that pop out of defeated enemies.
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