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  • Xbox One reputation system will punish griefers, reward good gamers

  • Doomspoon 03/07/2013

    Will be interesting to see how this gets abused. I'm signed off long term with PTSD and anxiety disorders, as such I'm not great with social interaction, I'm not obnoxious to others.

    I used to play a lot of MW2 and Black Ops, often getting a hell of a lot more kills than deaths yet I stayed in party chat or if not didn't have the headset plugged in. Then I played a lot of BF3 and it was a similar story.

    I have 31% avoided me, of those:

    6% Language (Really? In party chat or not having my mic plugged in?)
    12% Aggressive (You know, for shooting the other guys more than they shoot me)
    62% Unsporting (You know, for shooting the other guys more than they shoot me)
    12% Quit Early (From Halo 3 when Pipex kept disconnecting me, understandable if not entirely my fault)

    Not many people bother to leave positive feedback outside of friendslists unless someone is exceptionally deserving it seems, I know I don't bother but certainly I give bad feedback to people that glitch/exploit or are obnoxious.

    How are Microsoft going to filter out the bad feedback down to sore losers? How is positive feedback going to be accrued without much input from other players?
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  • Kiefer Sutherland is the new voice of Snake in Metal Gear Solid 5

  • Doomspoon 06/06/2013

    Metal Gear Solid is a bit crap really isn't it? Do people genuinely care about this stuff? Don't get me wrong, in its day the original MGS was a breath of fresh air. The actual writing, voice acting and character definition was self absorbed cheesy nonsense but the gameplay was interesting.

    I felt ashamed to play MGS 1 & 2 within sight and earshot of anyone else, playing the game made me feel somewhat unclean. So many years have passed since playing them but my skin still crawls when I think of the dire narrative and twee character names.
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  • Battlefield: Bad Company series not in "active development"

  • Doomspoon 03/06/2013



    I'm not getting defensive. You're choosing to read it that way because I disagree.

    If you call something 'battlefield-lite' then that would indicate that it's inferior to the other, so you can probably forgive me for assuming that's what you meant."

    You're choosing to read that a "lite" suffix is an indication of something being inferior. Maybe that's the issue here? To me "lite" means a streamlined version, not necessarily better or worse. Super Mario Land on the Gameboy was Super Mario Bros Lite in my mind, what with having to allow for the hardware limitations and all. I preferred Super Mario Land to SMB as it happens.

    Personally speaking I was no fan of Battlefield Vietnam or BF 2 on PC and I got Bad Company 2 on PC and 360 because of the hype. I wasn't taken with the multiplayer which I played more on the 360, too much cheating and too many lone wolf dead weight players. I found BF3 far more accessible and played more of it, personal preferences and all. The single player was poor on both games.

    The Bad Company brand was obviously a "consolified" version of Battlefield which is no bad thing. There were some great maps in BC2 and Rush was a good idea. My preference lies with Battlefield 3 though.
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  • Doomspoon 03/06/2013

    @Brownie-uk7 "Give me big guns, jar-head buddies who's name I instantly forget and dialog written by me @age 10 and three quarters."

    As for memorable names, er, "Body, Doyle, Tiger, The Jewellery Man. The whole lot of them." No wait, that's the A Team isn't it?

    You did read that they're not actively developing Bad Company anymore right?

    Story telling in Battlefield single player campaigns is terrible, Bad Company or not.
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  • Hello Games working on a next-gen game that isn't Joe Danger 3

  • Doomspoon 24/05/2013

    Nice to see them coming to Steam, they're good fun. I'll probably end up buying them again. Reply +8
  • Pinball FX2 is coming to Steam next week

  • Doomspoon 04/05/2013

    I love this so much on 360 but find it causes me hand cramps and tendon problems after not too prolonged play. If this has the same keyboard controls as Pinball Dreams/Fantasies on Amiga I'm sold on it. Using the shift or control keys rather than pad triggers would definitely be more comfortable. Reply 0
  • Portal meets Cthulhu in sci-fi puzzler Magrunner: Dark Pulse

  • Doomspoon 04/05/2013

    @ghostgate2001 Excellent! Reply 0
  • Doomspoon 03/05/2013

    The cake is not dead which can eternal lie. Reply +6
  • World of Tanks dev Wargaming sponsors new RAF education centre

  • Doomspoon 03/05/2013

    @Eldritch yeah, much better to glorify murder and other crimes in the likes of GTA 5 right? You being "so sold on it" and all.

    Donations to museums can only be a good thing.
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  • Aliens: Colonial Marines class action lawsuit targets Sega and Gearbox

  • Doomspoon 02/05/2013

    @schnide My initial thoughts were the same. Litigation culture is a sad state of affairs. I then thought that they could have been more honest in their representation of the game as per the Bioshock Infinite comparisons. In truth does anyone expect the finished product to be *exactly* as early video footage suggests? Halo evolved a lot since inception, would people react in the same manner now? (I had the misfortune of encountering an Apple zealot with an axe to grind over "Microsoft fucking over Mac users" with Halo, his blanket refusal to mention the franchise by name and his denial of the existence of Halo Wars and his somewhat confusing failure to comprehend that the concept of it on Mac was an RTS. This was a man in his 50s ffs!).

    I'd be pleased if more pre-release footage was more accurate in representing the final product due to this even if it means there's less footage around in the long run. I'd also like to see an end to review embargo silliness, if you're prepared to bank on such a volume of pre-orders then deliver a game that warrants the blind investment or fuck off with the idea and stick to your embargoes.

    I didn't pre-order this and I'm grateful, I've been let down by recent pre-orders but not to the degree I would if I'd done so with this. I'd already decided, excluding Kickstarter (that's a different case, a real kick in the nuts to back something and then have it launch for less than early doors deals with day one discounts on Steam. I'm now reluctant to commit highly to Kickstarter even though there's stuff I really want to see released) I won't ever pre-order a game again.
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  • Batman voice actor won't return for Arkham Origins

  • Doomspoon 29/04/2013

    Shame on Conroy and Hamill not being in it.

    I'd be pleased if they could confirm that arsehole Nolan North with his bloody awful voice for the Penguin won't be back.
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  • Games Workshop's fantasy board game Talisman Prologue launches for iOS, Android this week

  • Doomspoon 22/04/2013

    I've played it a couple of times on PC. Looking forward to the full version as although I have the full boardgame I rarely have the opportunity to play it with friends.

    I'd also like to see a version of Runebound on PC and Android.
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  • Lego City Undercover review

  • Doomspoon 14/03/2013

    @JE Only one I can think of and they licensed it out to other publishers at the time. I think there was a massive love in at the time what with the Game & Watch version and all. The NES hadn't really taken off at that point either.

    Pretty sure I had a version of Mario Bros, not Super Mario Bros on the Amiga but this was most likely a coverdisk unlicensed clone issued with Amiga FOrmat or Amiga Power around '92.
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  • Several indie devs rally together against publisher Lace Mamba

  • Doomspoon 13/02/2013

    @Silvergun-Blue Keep an eye on pay what you like indie deals such as Humble Bundle or IndieGameStand, you could pay what you feel is a fair price for any of their games on PC that are featured in such offers. In this case you often get to decide how you want the money split between devs, organisers and sometimes charities. Even if you don't intend to play PC versions it'd still be a way to throw a few quid their way in thanks for Machinarium.

    edit: Typos
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  • Strike Suit Zero review

  • Doomspoon 29/01/2013

    @rickastillion That's the point though. I'm arsing around with it and pointing out that even then the mission in question really wasn't that difficult. Reply +1
  • Doomspoon 26/01/2013

    @FogHeart I made a video of me playing the third level tonight at around midnight. I'm making mistakes like not using countermeasures to missiles, not using missiles enough and crashing into things. I even ignore the objective at one point and chase a lone fighter resulting soon after in a a mission failure. I take a lot of damage at points but even with this messing about it was three attempts to complete the mission. If the video is a bit lengthy for you to watch all of the way through skip to about 15 mins in and see the on screen instructions.

    This might not be an 8, 9 or 10 by all means but a 3 really does seem harsh.
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  • Doomspoon 25/01/2013

    @FogHeart I understand where you're coming from and those are valid points you've made however...

    I attempted the third mission lastnight. It was about 11pm, I was knackered, I'd been out at kung fu all evening and then had to wait ages for delayed trains. As it was I wasn't at my sharpest. I scraped through the first half of the mission although it was a close call, I had the tiniest amount of health left that would have meant one hit when my shields were stripped would have killed me. I did manage to complete a bonus objective that would award me an upgrade on completion.

    On the second half I failed once. There were big messages on screen advising me how to use the strike suit mode, you even have to press the correct button to continue past the big message in the middle of your screen. So after these instructions and pre-warned that this could be a tough mission I was ready for repeated failures. When it came to the torpedoes, I used the Strike Suit's cluster missiles and hit loads at once, the method is no different to Lylat Wars,Panzer Dragoon Orta, Rez or even the flying section in Darksiders, hold the button down and tag multiple targets then release. I didn't even aim properly, I held down RB and sort of circled the stick quickly before releasing. It does seem that something went a bit wrong for Rich Stanton between the on screen instructions and his actual playing of the game.
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  • Doomspoon 24/01/2013

    @FogHeart So again I ask how come Dark Souls is perceived as one of the best games ever yet there'll similarly be people that will quit early into it because it is so taxing? Dying repeatedly, often unfairly is part of the "fun" in Dark Souls. I just find this such an extreme contrast to the stance taken regarding this game.

    I appreciate there's a wealth of depth under the surface of Dark Souls that won't be present in a space shooter but that stands to reason it being the nature of each genre. As it stands I think Dark Souls is incredibly overrated, some of the design decisions whilst adding to the challenge are outdated now. I wanted to love the game, there's a lot to like but I don't feel it deserves *such* praise as it gets. Horses for courses really.

    I'm not trying to compare the two games directly, that'd be stupid. I'm just trying to fathom why on the one hand such high levels of challenge are a thing that should be embraced by all, something to sort the men from the boys yet in a less admired genre it is deemed as a negative.

    I admit that the spacing of checkpoints in Strike Suit Zero causes frustration and I'd definitely prefer the game to be a tad more forgiving. I'm not trying to defend SSZ and Born Ready for the sake of it, I just feel that a 3/10 is a tad unfair.
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  • Doomspoon 23/01/2013

    I've only played the first two missions and they've been quite frustrating. not to the point where I don't want to play again. I mostly enjoyed the experience in a pleasure/pain, challenge/reward balance kind of way. I'd prefer if maybe there weren't as many torpedoes being fired in the second mission, or if the ship you're defending was a bit more durable but I'm sure I'll get used to it. I'm yet to try the mech mode though so I appreciate I haven't played as much content as the reviewer.

    I quit Dark Souls because I kept dying stupid amounts and got fed up with crap checkpointing meaning I had to play through the same 5-10 minutes before inevitably dying in two hits on the same sub-boss. "Learn combat timing" blah-blah-blah, I was scuppered because of the two machines I played on, one was hooked up to a TV that has a slight lag in response and on my own machine my joypads have slight analogue creep meaning I can't run at full speed. These issues aside, the game is ridiculously difficult yet seemingly every games magazine and review site treats it as one of the best games ever, referring to how it hails back to the good old days before games held our hands too much and everything became too easy.

    How come this is a positive for an RPG and a negative for a space shooter?
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  • Behold the amazing unlicensed Chinese World of Warcraft amusement park

  • Doomspoon 16/01/2013

    @dygbio I've not played WoW in a couple of years, but some of the architecture is instantly recognisable as being based on the buildings in WoW. Reply 0
  • Riot permanently bans League of Legends pro for "persistent toxic behaviour"

  • Doomspoon 06/12/2012

    Typo in article. You appear to have repeatedly misspelled "IWillNeverMate" as "IWillDominate".

    Easy mistake to make I guess.

    Regarding the article, surely "pro player" and "good sportsmanship" are mutually exclusive terms?

    Granted, I don't follow any sort of esports crap but seemingly anyone that is deemed any good is at best socially inept and at average a total cunt? I don't normally condone resorting to physical violence as a solution but everytime I encounter a "pro" wannabe prick in any online game I desperately want to meet them to give them a good kicking. From their twee, arrogant usernames to their general obnoxious comments they're in desperate need of a healthy beating.

    Is it chicken and egg though? Social exclusion was forced on to gamers because it was an outlet for "weirdos" that didn't fit in elsewhere, it wasn't a badge of honour but a stigma. The cocksure meathead attitude was solely reserved for the "cool" kids and the typical American stereotype "jock". As a social reject as a kid I still grasped that acting like a prick would earn me a slap. Seems these arseholes could do with some of the same. Just once I want to meet the sort of cretin that gets abusive via whichever online game of choice and punch the little fuck out, then make him a poster child for how acting like a cock online should have repercussions. A nice poster of IWillNeverMate drinking and pissing through a straw with the caption "I thought they could never touch me" would do.
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  • THQ president gives $1000 to the Humble THQ Bundle. Total payments near $2m

  • Doomspoon 01/12/2012


    I went for it in the end after watching some videos of it and reading a little bit more about it. I was pleasantly surprised by it but only played the first mission so far as I have a massive backlog of games.

    Red Faction seems so-so at present but fair enough. I bought it for Metro 2033 really. Sadly I had to arse around a hell of a lot to get Metro working, manually installing components from within Steam folders, copying dlls to system32 after an endless cycle of verifying integrity and downloading missing content etc, all stuff I shouldn't have had to do to get it working.

    I'm hoping CoH 2 still makes it early next year.
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  • Doomspoon 30/11/2012

    Got to admit, I've not been as generous with this one as others. Seeing as I only wanted Metro 2033, own all the CoH titles on offer, Darksiders on 360 and PC and have absolutely no interest in any way whatsoever at all in any Saints Row game I didn't pay enough to unlock Saints Row: The Third.

    Unless someone can convince me otherwise that I do actually want it? Given I generally don't like GTA style games (they start out fun, but things like crap aircraft controls, annoying AI traffic and a crap checkpoint system knacker things) am not big on gang culture shite in games and have a shedload of other stuff in my Steam library and on 360 I've barely touched. I picked up Sleeping Dogs for cheap on ebay and that's the only GTA like that's been of any interest to me since San Andreas.
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  • Stealth Bastard Deluxe Steam release date announced

  • Doomspoon 21/11/2012

    As mentioned in the article, the free version can be downloaded from here. I rather like it so I'm looking forward to the full Steam release. Reply +5
  • The cult of TotalBiscuit

  • Doomspoon 14/11/2012

    @TroubleMaker411 Well, as a counter to this, I was despite reviews contemplating getting MoH if I saw it cheap as I liked the last one despite its failings.

    Watching his video saved me the money and the effort.

    It could be argued he's putting his money where his mouth is and showing what in his opinion is wrong with a game rather than just writing it off without playing it. I guess knowing he has a lot of subscribers and perhaps a large amount of them may base purchasing decisions on his opinions he felt in some way obliged to do a piece on it.

    I mean you could just as easily argue that if you don't like his videos where he complains about x genre or y game then fine, stop watching them. No?
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  • Doomspoon 14/11/2012

    @a8a I'd disagree to some extent, he's liked a fair bit in otherwise mediocre or shoddy games. Two that spring to mind are Warhammer 40K Space Marine and Post Apocalyptic Mayhem.

    The former wasn't a bad game but it wasn't brilliant either. TB didn't review it as such as just express exactly what he loved about it, being a big Warhammer 40k nerd as he seemingly is he seemed to be in his element.

    Post Apocalyptic Mayhem on the other hand is a completely pointless exercise but he was still ready to praise elements of it that he thought were good. I don't agree with what he was saying but this flies in the face of your opinion that he may "hate on more or less everything and whine about everything made after 1998".

    I think it is fair game for him to lay into the big titles more as they're in a position to be doing more with their games, see his MOH video in the above article.

    I think his criticisms of Halo are unfair but, y'know, each to their own.
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  • Doomspoon 14/11/2012

    @miiiguel To me his "WTF is" videos are much like watching a friend load up a game for the first time and give it a go. He occasionally rants a bit or goes off on a tangent but usually he's well spoken and makes valid points.

    I'm not big on the YouTube "celebrity" culture and rarely watch anything all of the way through, his videos are the exception to the rule for me. I urge you to at least watch a bit of one of his "WTF is" videos and even that "Modern Military Shooters in a Nutshell" video linked in the above article, again his opinions and points in this are valid.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to champion him because I'm part of some cult loyalty, I personally feel his videos are entertaining and informative, no more, no less.
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  • Doomspoon 14/11/2012

    As others have commented, his WTF is... videos are often a first port of call for me when considering an indie game purchase. I like his videos, and have no problems with how he is in them. I like that he's often crap at the games he plays and responds to people's criticism or advice in the live streams. For recent Xbox Live Rewards "watch 10 hours of TV or video" via the dashboard I've usually left his channel streaming as I play on the PC so I can listen to it.

    Certainly compared to the "I'm so fucking cool!" FPS/RTS/e-sports type stuff that's often linked in the forums this is far more pleasant viewing. He comes across as the sort of bloke I'd happily play online with rather than the alternatives I mentioned which feature exactly the kind of people I want to avoid online.
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  • Frontier releases first images of Elite: Dangerous

  • Doomspoon 09/11/2012

    @TheDifficult3rdAlbum Reply 0
  • Returning to the stars: Strike Suit Zero and the new space phenomenon

  • Doomspoon 08/11/2012

    @captain_knowledge Maybe Eurogamer should do a weekly Kickstarter project round up article.

    Don't get me wrong, I love that there's the variety there is thanks to indie devs on the PC. I'm mostly playing indies on PC via Steam and Desura as opposed to the big box titles on my 360.

    It does give me that fuzzy nostalgic feeling of the glory days of the C64 1.99 games and the Amiga public domain games.
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  • Doomspoon 08/11/2012

    @captain_knowledge Actually, I didn't answer with anything as a "great" game.

    You originally said "there's plenty of other great Kickstarter projects getting NO coverage at all"

    I merely pointed out that in my opinion I don't feel those two you mentioned are great.

    I didn't specify what I define as great, but for the record I am excited about SSZ and the other two mentioned as the market hasn't been flooded with the genre recently and it'd be nice to play something on PC which isn't a console port or a very low production value indie game.

    As it happens I buy a lot of the Indie Royale, Humble Indie Bundle and Indie Gala deals and I'm seeing a lot of samey stuff. I wasn't wowed by the two projects you mentioned as I was by SSZ.

    It's all subjective though isn't it? Horses for courses, each to their own and all.
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  • Doomspoon 08/11/2012

    @captain_knowledge They look like a couple of also-rans rather than "great" Kickstarter projects. Don't get me wrong, I think it's good that there's a revival of the bedroom coder type of indie dev and there's been some fantastic output from one and two man teams across PC and console.

    Strike Suit Zero deserves the spotlight, they've been at the forefront of a high production value space shooter renaissance, soon followed by Star Citizen and the new Elite.

    There's any number of indie platform puzzlers and RPGs on Steam and Desura, some are good, some not so. If the guys making them have the audience for it and get the funding then all power to them.
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  • Medal of Honor: Warfighter review

  • Doomspoon 24/10/2012

    @SFD Mine did ;) Reply +1
  • Hawken goes into closed beta in a fortnight

  • Doomspoon 14/10/2012

    @xAx They're entirely different games with a common theme. I prefer Hawken for its more accessible nature and faster pace but I like Mechwarrior a lot too.

    MWO needs more co-ordination and better management of weapon usage and everything's at a more slow and deliberate pace.

    It's a bit like comparing the original Ghost Recon or Rainbow Six games to Counterstrike in some ways.

    Both are definitely worth playing though.
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  • War of the Roses review

  • Doomspoon 05/10/2012

    @gordonvandyke I noticed one in a more recent video, some time after I'd made that post. I see you also had it fitted to the soldier's belt when not in use, that looks excellent.

    Part of the reason the sizes came down - bearing in mind the previous comments about swords of the period being more thrusting than cutting weapons - is that the armour was so effective against cutting actions. A larger shield was unnecessary weight.

    A buckler is just as much a weapon as defensive item, it's an ideal size and weight for punching someone in the face with too. Here's another excellent source for Hans Talhoffer's work, it's of the same period but German. There's some nice sword and buckler techniques illustrated from page 238. As it happens sword and buckler fighting is closer to foil fencing than the hack and slash most associate with mediaeval combat, I appreciate that this in itself doesn't translate as well to your game's system and it's necessary for in game sword combat to have more hacking alongside thrusting. Talhoffer's work covers judicial combat and tournaments so some of the equipment used is a bit outlandish and isn't a reflection of military lifestyles.

    One thing to consider with looking at 15th century resources is that the English were quite set in their ways in comparison to the continent. In oft cases when looking for source material, if English resources are lacking it's generally better to look towards Flemish art and artifacts as they were the nearest to the English in terms of clothing and armour when compared with the rest of Europe.

    Thanks for the compliment Gordon, it's great that you're taking the time to discuss the game with the site users here, it's definitely good to see developers taking more of an interest in what gamers think of their products outside of official channels.

    Truth be told, I'm still in two minds about the game but it's definitely grown on me. A friend's son pre-ordered so next time I visit I'm going to try and play the game myself.
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  • Doomspoon 01/10/2012

    @gordonvandyke Regarding shields, theoretically speaking, how possible would it be to scale them down to buckler size, reskin them and have them attach to a belt rather than the back when not in use?

    Would it be possible to keep gameplay mechanics but also provide a more historically accurate representation?
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  • Doomspoon 01/10/2012


    I've been at the odd show with Regia members some years back but I couldn't tell you off hand which. Maybe the likes of the multi period Kirby Hall shows in the late 90s?

    I can't vouch for the standard of the armour you wore or the guy that made it, and it's certainly not my intent to be elitist or a snob (I concede that I can't avoid reading as one) but there's a lot of mediocre at best armourers out there. Again I can't comment on what I've not seen.

    I do know people that made it to a high standard and charged the high prices to match said standard. I never opted for harness myself, I didn't have the money, resources or standing to carry it off. This is another issue with re-enactment in general, many wearing full plate aren't carrying off the wealthy, well educated act at all. Again, I'm not commenting on what I haven't seen, only that which I have witnessed. A lot of the guys I did living history with have residential museum jobs or spend half the year doing shows in Europe. I did a few invite only shows in the south of France in the mid to late 90s. These guys were of a very high standard, that I barely approached. Not just in the clothes they wore but their knowledge, enthusiasm and pursuit of educating and informing as well as having a good scrap. Graham Turner that illustrates the Osprey series books used to use photos of myself, my brother, our group and the groups we did events with in his paintings and book illustrations. I was pleasantly surprised to see myself painted on the wall of the Bosworth vistor's centre a couple of years ago.

    I understand fully that it's knackering fighting in or out of plate, as I mentioned about the jack and sallet, the jack soaks up all the sweat and feels like it's near doubling in weight as things progress.

    I'm no stranger to a pint or five, that's fair enough. There are however a hell of a lot of unfit blokes doing re-enactment. Hell, fighting's knackering because it's knackering, it's not necessarily down to the armour itself. I do kung fu and feel more drained from ten minutes of perpetual bagwork than say an hour long battle such as Tewkesbury, what with the breaks and all.

    I concede that often guys in plate at these events do a lot of choreographed displays which are tiring too, I got into re-enactment and then living history via a theatrical combat display group. I'm really not a fan of the over the top, two blokes in plate displays, they're crowd pleasers but hardly illustrative of the combat of the era. This in itself is another associated problem for comparison, guys doing one on one displays for the crowd are doing over the top moves and techniques to look good for the crowd, there's less focus on economy of movement and conserving energy, but I digress.

    Really, I'm not wanting to come into this as an elitist or be arrogant but I guess I may well have gone beyond that point. I find a lot of fault with re-enactment and representation of history in various media. I would pretty much say I've given up re-enactment and living history these days because there was too much pissing in the wind. People don't necessarily want to be educated by it, they just want to see guys in shiny armour belting each other. For me that's wrong but for thousands that's right.

    I used to do shows at Eastnor castle with the Berkeley household and our group the Pastons. We weren't about beer and bash or over the top fights, although we liked a good scrap as much as the next guy but we tried to demonstrate both domestic and military lifestyles, servantry and social etiquette, hunting parties etc. As I said previously a lot of these people were doing residential museum work. Horses for courses I guess.

    This is all going very off topic, but yeah, I never thought I'd come on to Eurogamer and have this sort of discussion ;)
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  • Doomspoon 01/10/2012

    @gordonvandyke It's great that there's a heavy archer focus, ideally it'd be about the same volume of billmen too but I appreciate what you're saying that liberties are being taken. I guess in my idealised view things would be absolutely accurate. Perhaps that's why it's you who has a job making games and not me ;)

    As it stands I'm undecided whether this appeals to me or not, I certainly feel elements of it appeal but as has been made rather obvious by my posts I do take some of this stuff seriously and it's hard to say how frustrated I'd get. I can't sit through most history themed TV programmes or films without getting worked up over it ;)
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  • Doomspoon 01/10/2012

    @Krakatoa Odd perhaps you call them "suits" given that this is a later used term, the correct name being "harness".

    I can only question the fitness of those wearing the armour and how well it was made. The chap I referred to previously was ex army, quite sturdy build and very fit and active. His armour was very good quality Roger Stirling Brown and Nigel Clough pedigree. My brother's actually got a Clough one piece open face sallet from the mid 90s. You don't see many people making one piece helmets these days, most opting to weld two halves together, this should illustrate to some extent the build quality of the armour he was wearing.

    Regarding the general fitness of re-enactors, from my experience over the last 20 years, their liking of beer, pies and chips stands in the way of them doing anything vigorous for too long without the risk of collapsing.

    I don't disagree that wearing period armour is tiring. It's tiring fighting for an hour or so in jack and sallet, what I disagree with more is the misconception that it's hard to move in at all.

    I admit I was eager to jump on the Excalibur link but the armour worn there is a bad example. It appears to be fibreglass or a lightweight metal or alloy at best.

    Ah, I don't know this guy and it's low res, I also can't see clearly the build quality but looks reasonable but there is actually someone doing cartwheels in plate on Youtube as it happens. I also *think* some of the guys at the Royal Armouries in Leeds do acrobatics to help dispel the myth too.
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  • Doomspoon 01/10/2012


    I've not worn full harness, I've worn half harness. Even worn some genuine 15th C pieces. A friend of mine, Roger Sterling Brown has some pieces in his private collection that he occasionally sells on to the Wallace Collection

    He made some of my brother's armour as it happens. I don't have any footage of Phil Allen doing cartwheels in his harness, sadly the best I've got is some old blown up photos of him doing some mounted combat displays.

    I don't care whether you've worn a full harness or not, nor whether it was well made or not. If you have then good for you, well done. The point I'm trying to make is that it's a misconception that it's cumbersome to wear. If it's made properly, to your dimensions then it articulates with you and doesn't impede movement. Sure, after continued activity in it it's going to weight you down. I mainly wear a jack and sallet, the jack gets soaked with sweat and weighs a good deal more than it does when it's initially put on.

    Here's me in said jack and sallet with mail standard:

    Really chap, ease up on the hostility, is it really necessary?
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  • Doomspoon 01/10/2012

    @Arsecake_Baker Tsk, this is what I meant about drawing inspiration from Hollywood rather than fact.

    I know guys that do cartwheels and other acrobatics in full harness. Yes it gets tiring after a long time in it but there's too many misconceptions about the weight of armour. Well made and fitted armour articulates with the body, it weighs less than the pack a WW I soldier carried on his back alone.

    Regarding the swords of the period, and cleaving people in two, generally only the top third of the blade is sharp. The whole cleaving thing, armour negates the cutting effect of the blade. Swords were used more for thrusting into the voiders that the armour didn't cover. Armpits, gonads, throat etc. Here's a period German manual on various combat techniques:
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  • Doomspoon 01/10/2012

    @gordonvandyke Hey Gordon, great that you're reading over this stuff. Great you'll be adding guns, will this include field guns too? I'm well aware that they used simple handguns at the time ;)

    In the pre-release videos they showed people on foot wearing jousting armour. Why was this? Are these still in the game. The point of jousting armour was that it kept the mounted wearer in a more or less stationary position, limiting mobility but providing a more rigid defense. As such no use for combat on foot. Specifically I'm talking about a helmet of this style:

    Regarding the archers, visored sallets were less common for English archers as they drew to the cheek or ear, the preference was for open face sallets as the visor catches the string. That's not to say that visored sallets and kettle hats weren't used, there's plenty of period art showing people wearing them just that they are less common. Also, it was fairly common for archers to stick the arrows in their belt, faster to nock from there, carrying on the back was generally for times out of combat.

    On the subject of sallets and armour, there should be more blacked armour. Here's a contemporary painting of the battle of Crecy: Accounts from the time specify "white armour" being the higher status stuff. Paret of the reason being armour is incredibly high maintenance to keep a nice shine on.

    Where did you get the source for the shields? Aside from bucklers and pavises for crossbowmen they were more or less obsolete for English soldiers during the period.

    The English didn't do particoloured clothes, aside from liveries.

    In fairness I haven't played the game. I was put off by some of this stuff. I haven't seen what array of weapons and armour are featured in game. I'd hope there's a heavy emphasis on bills and glaives.

    This is me in the red livery

    An Edward livery:

    And on the cover of a book on Towton:,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA300_SH20_OU02_.jpg
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  • Doomspoon 01/10/2012


    That said, there's no reason not to have guns in this.

    Voted down? Those doing it do realise the English had guns then right?

    50 to 20 years later than the period in the game but similar to those used:
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  • Doomspoon 01/10/2012

    I was initially quite enthusiastic about a game based on the Wars of the Roses, that'd be a cool idea. Sadly this seems to have very little to do with said period of English history other than the name.

    Fair play on doing a medieval themed multiplayer battle game though. Seems fair enough if you like that sort of thing.

    My preference would have been for more historical accuracy but nevermind. Seems more people look to Hollywood for historical reference rather than books, contemporary art and literature and museum pieces.

    Don't get me wrong, from all accounts what they've accomplished with the gameplay and it's mechanics seem quite well done. Just if you're going to go with the historical theme for inspiration and naming, why not try and maintain historical accuracy throughout?
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  • US official killed in Libya was a senior Eve Online player

  • Doomspoon 12/09/2012

    @Makkuro I'm steering more towards LHH's way of thinking. Seeing some clown on ITN news jeering into the camera "Make our people angry and we will kill you!". Who are the "we" in his statement there? His family? His block? His religion? His country?

    That comment made me angry. Does that mean I'm justified in killing him for that reason? But what about my asking that? Has that made someone else angry who's now justified in killing me?

    Like LHH says, seems there's enough with that mentality that are eager to plod, knuckles dragging right back to the stone age. Is it not people like that who "make this world a worse place"?
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  • Doomspoon 12/09/2012

    @wayn3h Eddie or Adolf? Reply +3
  • Doomspoon 12/09/2012

    So, I wonder if those negative votes actually listened to any of that or just saw it as "someone's speaking out about my religion, this is bad" and went straight for the "-" button?

    That'd be quite ironic.
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  • Steam Greenlight now live, hundreds of games awaiting your votes

  • Doomspoon 31/08/2012

    I'm really hoping that Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land appeals to more people. I'd love to get it through Steam as I don't have a tablet and not so sure about the interface on my phone so PC would be the ideal platform for me and I'd prefer not to sign up to yet another digital distributor. Reply +3
  • Photos from Rezzed: The PC and Indie Games Show

  • Doomspoon 06/07/2012

    Doh, this is as near enough on my doorstep as I could get for a games show and I'm busy tomorrow. Reply 0
  • Mass Effect 3 patch out on PS3 and Xbox 360 today

  • Doomspoon 10/04/2012

    @ozthegweat I remembered I cleared the cache the other day, it may well have been the day one being applied. It would seem somewhat unusual to have new DLC available without a live patch though surely?

    I've had this as a pre-order and played about an hour of it just waiting for the import issue to be fixed, I'm sick of waiting now. I'll see if there's any change tomorrow, if not I'll just have to resign myself to the fact it's broken. I think this is my last ever Bioware purchase, really not impressed.
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