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  • Angry Gameseek customers call aggressive discount promotion a "scam"

  • Doomspoon 18/08/2017

    The notify me when the deal is live thing is bollocks too. I set an alert on Destiny 2 yesterday after missing it, knowing it would be around again in 23 or so hours. I sat at the PC this morning ready for it, half hour early, clicked the deal as soon as it went live, got a notification telling me they were out of stock and then the site died. No email notifying me of anything. Nothing on their site when it was alive again.

    I had to go to hospital this afternoon for a pre-surgery assessment, the same deal went live again. No notification, I got a text from my girlfriend telling me the deal was up again but had to switch my phone off as I got called in for the assessment. I'll save myself the annoyance and just keep my Amazon pre-order. Chances are if I did get lucky on the Gameseek one and cancelled my Amazon order I'd be one of the select few that gets the email telling me there's a problem with the order/they're out of stock and have to wait another week anyway.
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  • Crackdown 3 delayed until spring 2018

  • Doomspoon 17/08/2017

    I still don't know or care who the smeg Terry Crews is. Reply -2
  • Gearbox announces new game, but it's not Borderlands 3

  • Doomspoon 10/08/2017

    Well, they did something different from Borderlands with Battleborn. That did well didn't it? I personally feel it's a shame Battleborn didn't do well, I liked the campaign and the characters were pretty well thought out but the adversarial mode was crap, that side of it deserved to fail against Overwatch. TF2 and Overwatch don't lock you into character selection and they aren't first person MOBAs.

    Also, one of the things that stopped me playing Borderlands in the first place was because Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway was so bad in comparison to the first excellent games I was reluctant to touch another Gearbox game. Turns out the Borderlands games are great, my loss.

    Every so often they take a gamble and do something excellent that really deserves attention, other times they screw up royally. What's it to be?
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  • The Last of Us fans think they've sleuthed out Part 2's location

  • Doomspoon 04/08/2017

    Well, that's made me look forward to the game more. I really enjoyed visiting Seattle a couple of times many years ago and I always like seeing it in other media. Reply +3
  • Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition now Xbox One backwards compatible

  • Doomspoon 14/07/2017

    This wasn't showing in my 'Ready to Install' list. I just had to re 'buy' this via the website. I went through the purchase process right up until the point where I was going to cancel when payment was requested but it seemed to jump ahead and recognised that I did own it after all. Just in case anyone else has a similar problem. Reply +3
  • Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 coming to EA Access this month

  • Doomspoon 13/07/2017

    @Pete207 I bought BF1 on PC when it was in a sale with the view to getting it on console if it was cheap or friends were getting it. Turned out I couldn't get into it on PC and wasn't enjoying it as much as BF3 and 4 across various platforms. I just can't score kills on BF1 yet seem to get killed in one shot from others so I've not touched it in months. I will be trying again on Xbox though.

    I don't have access on PC but do on Xbox. Price is the defining factor for games rather than them appearing at a later date on access. I could similarly view whether games will be much cheaper in a sale, appear in a Humble Bundle or be offered as a Games With Gold or PS+ monthly library addition. I don't specifically choose not to buy EA games because of the eventual appearance in the vault.

    I even bought Battlefront on PS4 with all of the DLC in the sale a few weeks back despite having the base game via Access on Xbox and now the DLC's been added. Part of the incentive here was local split screen and owning two PS4 controllers but only one XB1 pad.
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  • Mercy me: in praise of gaming's greatest healer

  • Doomspoon 10/07/2017

    @dirigiblebill I've just skimmed the linked article on Mercy hate with a view to reading it later.

    It's been interesting to see that when I've been in party chat with my girlfriend who has a very obviously female username on PSN, she can get player cards for playing a multitude of roles, she often tanks, heals or defends objectives. She will rarely get votes.

    Sure, plenty of times as Lucio I've got top heals/most golds/most objective time and missed out on votes because people vote for most kills but I do get votes for those actions more than I don't. She rarely does, even when it could be clearly argued she played a key role in the game. It's hard not to see it as anything other than traditional sexism.

    The other night we both were on a team that saw us get credit for top heals and top damage blocked, in a game our team won, we feel we played a major role in that outcome. The other four ask us to team up, myself and girlfriend are already paired so we do. I get kicked immediately after and she gets spammed with party chat requests, again hard not to see it as "oooh a girl". She quit the game and rejoined me and got seriously spammed with invites, like it was through a bot. I sent a chat message to one of them "stop spamming invites", his mate started doing the same instead. Result was her PS4 went off for the night.
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  • Doomspoon 10/07/2017

    "Thug" always conjures up a mental image for me, a stereotype if you will. A white bloke with a shaved head, St George or Union Flag tattoos and/or t-shirt, a fat neck and possibly swigging a can of Stella. Or at times I think of some traditional criminal hired muscle, lacking in brains but handy for intimidating people.

    Very occasionally I think of it from its etymology, a thief, from Hindi 'thag' at which point I have some Temple of Doom dubious turban imagery going on.

    Oddly a stereotype that never comes to mind is that of a black youth. I was never a Tupac fan so the 'Thug life' labeling was something I was only reminded of through reading this. Ho hum.

    Still though, negs for mentioning that Mercy is just a tweaked version of the TF2 medic for my previous post and ones that followed? A lot of what Overwatch gets right is because of how well TF2 did it. I largely play Soldier and Medic in TF2. In Overwatch I main Lucio but I started out as a Mercy player because she played pretty much exactly how I played Medic in TF2 with the bonus that I could quickly travel to my target. Her gun plays like the Medic's syringe gun, the damage boost is comparable to the Kritzkrieg. So Mercy doesn't get the invulnerability Uber that Medic has and the cooldowns are quicker. Medic doesn't get to res the team, so they didn't make it exactly the same but it is kind of a TF2 remix.

    Play demo? here, try Junkrat. Engi? go with Torbjorn or maybe Bastion. Soldier? Pharah's rockets can be used similarly, she has her boost instead of the rocket jump. Sniper? Hanzo or Widowmaker. Ok, not quite as copy and paste for the rest. Heavy? you'll probably like Roadhog or Reinhardt, maybe give Zarya a try? Play Scout? Genji or Tracer should work for you, Lucio at a push. Spy I think is the only one with nothing directly comparable, Reaper can serve a similar role but doesn't play in an immediately similar way.

    I love that Overwatch's roster is so varied and there's some genuine innovation there but without Team Fortress 2 it's hard to imagine there would have been an Overwatch.
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  • Doomspoon 10/07/2017

    In praise of Team Fortress 2's medic Mk II, now with wings. Shaped for confidence, shaped for comfort, shaped for you. Reply +12
  • Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy biggest single-platform launch of the year

  • Doomspoon 03/07/2017

    @Spiggy "Absolutely loving Elite Dangerous, put a good few hours in happy in the knowledge that I've barely scratched the surface (of the surface),"

    Yet simultaneously you have played it all. I was a Kickstarter backer and played solidly for months, especially that Xmas when both PSN and XBL were hit by the DoS attacks.

    It's thoroughly absorbing and looks beautiful at times too. Once you've traded/mined/bounty hunted a bit and done some missions to afford a new ship, improve the cargo capacity/firepower/jump distance etc then that's all there is to it, just rinse and repeat with a bigger ship each time. Part of the hook is to get the next bigger ship and/or go 'there' on the galaxy map or indeed make it to Elite rank in one or all of the three categories.

    Again, absorbing while you're at it but leave it for a week, come back and you sort of wonder if you can be bothered anymore.

    However, even I was considering buying it again on PS4, or even buying the season pass in the Steam sale as I only have the vanilla game on PC.
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  • StarCraft Remastered has a release date and price

  • Doomspoon 30/06/2017

    @spamdangled Quick, someone tell Nintendo before they release it for N64. Oh, too late.

    I think they've done a reasonable job with the Halo Wars games.

    I agree though, Starcraft needs a keyboard at least even if you forego the mouse.
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  • Destiny's Mercury Lighthouse goes dark for good in August

  • Doomspoon 26/06/2017

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  • We asked a landscape designer to analyse The Witcher 3, Mass Effect and Dishonored

  • Doomspoon 09/06/2017

    I'm with those that want more articles like this. Earlier in the week I read an article on a non-gaming site about running the current party manifestos through Democracy 3 link here.

    I'd like to see more articles that cover real world aspects and their representation in games.
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  • Watch: 7 games to play now Dark Souls is done (for now)

  • Doomspoon 29/04/2017

    @AzureBonds76 Did you miss it as a PS+ game on PS3? Reply +2
  • Doomspoon 29/04/2017

    Damn, that's made me add a few games to my wishlist and potentially to my existing backlog. Thanks. Reply +1
  • de Blob arrives on PC, nine years after its original release

  • Doomspoon 28/04/2017

    @VirtuaIceMan Thanks for posting this. I was about to make a similar comment about having previously played De Blob on PC. Reply +1
  • Android owners catch a break in this amazing Humble Bundle

  • Doomspoon 18/04/2017

    @Murton Not forgetting the Jelly Deals round up that covers US bargains. Reply 0
  • How DICE's Star Wars Battlefront struck back

  • Doomspoon 11/04/2017

    @tennocyte Download only would stop the trading in. The last disc based PC game I bought was Diablo 3 at launch. Most of my console stuff has been download also, that said I refuse to pay dashboard prices for games, instead buy from key sellers or wait for sales. I doubt they'll ever sort the inflated prices on console though. Reply 0
  • Microsoft on why Xbox One doesn't need a No Man's Sky equivalent

  • Doomspoon 04/04/2017

    Although the article mentions the game by name, it doesn't say anything about it. I've been enjoying Aaero on Steam and am hoping the console audience enjoys it too. Reply 0
  • April PlayStation Plus games detailed

  • Doomspoon 29/03/2017

    @Rogueywon I got a PS3 in August 13 after my girlfriend got one two or three months before then. I think I did the free month of PS+ on hers and got some games in my library ahead of time.

    It was the PS+ service that had me buying a PS3 and a Vita in the first place. The lottery of older titles and platform exclusives was more cost effective than hunting down used copies on 360 or waiting for Steam sales. It also meant less game boxes cluttering up the place.

    We'd get quite excited about what games we might get and used to take our guesses at what was due to appear. Now we can rarely muster enthusiasm. We have a running joke about one of us buying something in a sale or in a Humble bundle on PC guarantees it as a PS+ game.

    edit: Don't get me wrong, there's been some good indie stuff in there that I may not have discovered of my own volition, just oft times there's little motivation to try another pixel art roguelike or whatever when Steam's already saturated with hundres of games that look very similar.
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  • Jelly Deals: Halo Wars 2 down to 24.99 with 3 months Xbox Live Gold free

  • Doomspoon 21/03/2017

    @Barelyhomosapien cdkeys are doing the digital version for 31.99, not as nice a price and no XBL code but it gives you PC and Xbox one for cheaper than dash/store price. I bought it for similar from them on the Sunday after it launched and am pleased I did. Reply 0
  • Street Fighter IV gets Xbox One backwards compatibility

  • Doomspoon 16/03/2017

    Damn, turns out I have Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition as download on 360. Ah well, I have Ultra on Steam and my MadCatz PS3 pad works with that. Reply +1
  • Two years later, Destiny player glitches all the way into Atheon's throne room in the Vault of Glass

  • Doomspoon 14/03/2017

    @Bambot Calm down dear! Christ on a bike. A simple throwaway comment about how different stuff appeals to different people.

    Seems people have interpreted my comment to suit their own meaning. I skimmed through the video as I found watching most of it dull, more so because although I've played plenty of Destiny, I've never played VoG. I was merely curious to see what was going on as it's an environment I've not visited and am unlikely to do so. The methods to the glitching didn't interest me so I skipped on through various parts. Hence my disclaimer "to each their own". But sure, you lot read it as me slagging him off if it makes you happier.

    Also my comment regarding PC games; pressing "~" will in oft cases open the console and if you look about online you can likely find commands for noclip, thus can freely explore the environment until your heart's content. Some people enjoy that sort of thing and there's no right or wrong in it.

    "Although to many there would be no point in doing this, for us, this is our way of playing the game. To see this game that we've cherished..." his words. According to the Oxford English dictionary:



    1.1 Be a good reason for.

    Maybe you struggle with some aspects of the English language?


    "slag it off is the sign of a very dissatisfied ego. What's wrong, sweety?"

    You choose to condescend with this tone, maybe consider your own actions before getting preachy.
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  • Doomspoon 14/03/2017

    @Mola_Ram I didn't put it like that but got a somewhat different response. Ah well. Reply 0
  • Doomspoon 14/03/2017

    @theholyghost well done. Have a biscuit. Reply -20
  • Doomspoon 14/03/2017

    To each their own. He justifies the need to do so on the basis of it being how he enjoys games. To me it would seem a massive waste of time spending an afternoon doing that, let alone two years. Perhaps he'd have more fun playing PC games and using the '~' key more often?

    I couldn't even be bothered to watch more than a minute of the video.
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  • Alert: Do not apply a vinyl skin or wrap to your Nintendo Switch

  • Doomspoon 04/03/2017

    This report on blue screens of death when running Zelda is a concern:

    eTeknix post
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  • Konami tries to explain the R in Super Bomberman R

  • Doomspoon 07/02/2017

    Their explanation is a load of Rs. Reply +5
  • Nintendo announces huge Zelda eShop sale

  • Doomspoon 26/01/2017

    See, despite owning a couple of the GameCube discs with the remasters and a Raspberry Pi with emulators and ROMs, as well as the original N64 cartridges I thought I'd still buy the NES games, Link's Awakening DX (I still have the standard version cartridge for the original Gameboy) and the 3DS version of Ocarina. I'm glad I opted for the most expensive game first as I've decided I'd rather carry on with the emulators on my Pi than pay them any more money. Nuts to them, I already bought some of the games several times over so I'll keep my money. I was so close to paying them again. Well done Nintendo. Reply 0
  • Xbox Games with Gold for February detailed

  • Doomspoon 24/01/2017

    I'm one of the many that's already played through the 360 offerings too. Monkey Island 2's a great game but I still prefer playing it with a mouse, Force Unleashed had its moments but was quite broken in places. I've been considering getting Project Cars on one of the consoles for a while so I'm pleased about that. Reply +1
  • Come and work at Gamer Network!

  • Doomspoon 18/01/2017

    Also, the office is quite near BrewDog if that's your kind of thing. Reply 0
  • Ubisoft picks up DJ Hero, Guitar Hero Live dev FreeStyle Games

  • Doomspoon 18/01/2017

    A couple of my friends used to work for FreeStyle. One of which went on to found Mad Fellows. They're responsible for Aaero which is due soon, it's a bit of a spiritual successor to Rez.

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  • Let's remember GamesMaster's most infamous incident, broadcast 20 years ago

  • Doomspoon 21/12/2016

    @andyhutchinson That's great :) I occasionally have a drink with him from time to time. We sometimes discuss boardgames and he's recently started playing video games again after not touching them for years. In a strange turn of events, a former games reviewer asks me about PC game choices occasionally ;)

    A while back some friends were discussing games journalism and sexism on Facebook, Mean Machines and C&VG were mentioned. I'd said I enjoyed them as a kid but found them a bit too puerile at times, my preference being for the likes of Commodore Format, Zzap (Newsfield, I know), Amiga Format and Amiga Power. It seemed that the Future computer magazines were more progressive than alternatives, even the gaming centric ones. I'd said I recalled at least one female staff writer on Amiga Power and he'd said that they were indeed quite a progressive publisher and had quite a few female editors and writers at the time. I just happened to really like Future's computer/gaming magazines at the time.
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  • Doomspoon 20/12/2016

    @andyhutchinson When you were at Future, did you know a guy that used to write for Amstrad Action, Adam Peters? Reply +2
  • Doomspoon 20/12/2016

    @andyhutchinson Just watching that episode now, first of series 4. Reply +1
  • Doomspoon 20/12/2016

    When Tekken 3 launched, the Virgin Megastore in Churchill Square, Brighton had a tournament to win a copy of the game that had just released that day in the UK. Dominik was compere to the event and it was being broadcast over the speakers in the store.

    There were quite a few of us participating, mostly just for a laugh. Most of us were crap but a couple of people knew what they were doing. I was just mashing buttons as Law, may have won a couple of bouts but never made it to the final. After the winner was decided a load of us asked for a chance to have a go against Diamond, golden opportunity and all that.

    He expressed that because he'd been playing the import version for a while he only plays as one of the characters that hadn't been unlocked on the machine we were using (no memory card inserted). One of the staff said it's be no problem for him to nip into the staff room and grab his memory card as he'd been playing it most of the night before and had unlocked everyone. Diamond quickly piped up that "no, no, no, that won't be necessary". The Virgin employee was very keen to oblige and did so. I can't recall which chaacter Diamond was using but we all proceeded to kick his arse.
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  • Win one of 10 free PC games including Doom, Dishonored 2, Civ 6 and Mafia 3

  • Doomspoon 13/12/2016

    @Brainflowers You missed the link where I get to find out in your post. Unless Adblock or Disconnect hid it? Reply +1
  • PlayStation Plus December freebies includes Invisible, Inc.

  • Doomspoon 01/12/2016

    I'm happy with these. I think Invisible, Inc is on my Steam wishlist and I played a little of Stories when my girlfriend bought it at launch. VVVVVV seems well suited to Vita. I quite enjoyed the Tiny Troopers games on mobile, they're the nearest I can get to a current gen Cannon Fodder. Not so sure about Hyper Void, I like shmups and it looks like the tunnel sections of the original Amiga Super Stardust but it seems to lack something in the video I just watched. I'm not so keen on endless runners but I enjoyed Bit.Trip Runner and Canabalt. Reply 0
  • Assassin's Creed 3 will be free on PC in December

  • Doomspoon 01/12/2016

    For the most part I enjoyed it on PS3. It had its problems and was bogged down with all the collectibles and side quest stuff but when it actually came to the gameplay, I enjoyed much of that. It's likely I'll add it to my Uplay library and not play it again. I've had Rogue on there since it was in a bundle of some description (Humble?) and only played about 20% in the last year or so. I also received Unity (after all the patches) on One for free due to an ebay seller cock up and haven't even installed that in the months that I've had it. Reply +1
  • Battleborn players are coming together to help save the game

  • Doomspoon 11/11/2016

    @jabberwocky Also doesn't help that Iron Banner is on in Destiny. Reply 0
  • Overwatch will be free to play during next weekend

  • Doomspoon 10/11/2016

    @MrDurandPierre as Nitrobat mentioned, you say it runs to 22nd September, that's a good run for a free trial ;) Reply 0
  • Xbox Live Games With Gold for November announced

  • Doomspoon 24/10/2016

    Damn, I own both of the 360 games already and completed the 360 version of Murdered: Soul Suspect some while back.

    Great, I own both of the 360 games already and completed the 360 version of Murdered: Soul Suspect some while back. Three games that won't sit on my hard drive making me feel guilty about not playing them.
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  • Video game voice actors strike has officially begun

  • Doomspoon 21/10/2016

    To think, I skip through most of their work and just read the subtitles.

    Also, why couldn't Nolan North have gone on strike when he was due to voice The Penguin in the Batman games and saved us all some pain?

    "Cor blimey! Tie me kangaroo down Mary Poppins. Chuck another bat on the barbie, I'm a cheeky Cockerney sport"
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  • Destiny bug denies top streamers Hard Mode raid world first

  • Doomspoon 19/10/2016

    Reply +12
  • Lewis Hamilton is making an appearance in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

  • Doomspoon 19/10/2016

    @FrostedSloth Reply +1
  • DriveClub VR review

  • Doomspoon 13/10/2016

    Do the cars go around corners now? Reply +3
  • There's a new sound for rare Xbox achievements

  • Doomspoon 04/10/2016

    @I_Am_CatButler I've slightly edited my post. I'd somehow got it into my head that PSN trophies were ranked against overall PSN population regardless of having played the game or not. Clearly this was incorrect. Reply +2
  • Doomspoon 04/10/2016

    Regarding the PlayStation vs Xbox rarity discussion, them "working the same" as people say.

    Are the PlayStation trophies based on population of PSN users that have/don't have the trophy regardless of playing the game or not whereas the Xbox ones are based on those that have/don't have the achievement but have *actually played* the game?

    edit: Or perhaps as it indicates, by the ratio of those with the achievement already as opposed to the general population of Xbox users and achievements they have on the whole across all games.

    As an example, suppose there's a game that's so dire hardly anybody buys it. Let's say in the first week only 100 people buy it worldwide on Xbox. They all get an achievement for just watching the opening sequence and pressing start. Maybe the first person to get it might have it marked as a rare achievement, perhaps the next few as well, depending on what percentage have to gain it before it's considered uncommon. After that it just becomes a normal achievement. Whereas how I'd assumed PSN worked, because such a small minority have the game in the first place, all 100 would, if they'd bought said game on PlayStation, get that same trophy marked as rare because the rest of the population don't have it. I don't know if I'm making much sense, I need coffee.
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  • Life after console generations has one big upside

  • Doomspoon 07/09/2016

    @retr0gamer I'm very frustrated with the UI issues on PS4.

    Lastnight when PSN went down I decided not to play some Destiny PVP but carry on with Fallout 4 instead. I pressed the eject button on the console, it beeped and did nothing. I then selected the on screen eject disc option, I got the eject icon in the top right but nothing happened. Decided I'd shut it down, held the PS button down and got no options on screen. Pressed circle to go back and selected the on screen power options icon, no dice. In the end I had to hold my finger over the power button on the console.

    All because the PS4 couldn't re-establish a connection with PSN. There's something seriously wrong with the machine if it won't perform basic functions under these circumstances.
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  • This is what really happens when swords hit armour

  • Doomspoon 07/09/2016

    @OliverH I'm quite aware of the differences between a falchion and longsword, cheers ;)

    Fair enough I hadn't considered much method to falchion fighting as opposed to longsword and buckler as an example.

    I did used to do a fair bit of living history some years back but gave it up.

    Me again, back towards the camera:
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