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  • Game of Thrones' Natalie Dormer voices Mass Effect Andromeda's doctor

  • Dondiggler 23/02/2017

    Done Deal..... Reply +1
  • Cards Against Humanity gets official Mass Effect expansion

  • Dondiggler 23/02/2017

    It's a dinner party staple for me. Don't get me wrong some cards are a bit over the line so just remove an equal number from the deck. Always good fun tho Reply 0
  • Devolver Digital offers GDC demo space to those affected by immigration ban

  • Dondiggler 03/02/2017

    Goon_E_Beardman wrote:It's funny because the vast majority of Muslims are completely unaffected by this so called ban.It's even funnier that the bill was drafted by the Obama administration.Don't see how any of this is funny?.... Reply 0
  • Namco founder Masaya Nakamura dies aged 91

  • Dondiggler 01/02/2017

    ianwalker1 wrote:@Dondiggler I completely agree. I spent many hours in there when I really should have been studying at college! RIP Nakamura san.Touch'e sir! Reply 0
  • Dondiggler 30/01/2017

    RIP - Namco Arcade in Nottingham salutes.... Even if it has been closed for ages now! Reply +3
  • When Assassin's Creed does modern day London slang

  • Dondiggler 24/01/2017

    Eraysor wrote:I'm off to watch The Pengest Munch+10... Nuff said innit! Reply +1
  • Resident Evil 7: Biohazard review

  • Dondiggler 23/01/2017

    SpaceMonkey77 wrote:@Hellotherenow The Order 1888 says hi, from the trade in bin. Not all Naughty Dog touches is immediate gold, friend, while I agree they are very talented after the amazing Uncharted series and Last of Us, which is their own survival horror style game, with its own voice. The Order 1888 still has great game universe & further potential, but if it gets a sequel, I hope they get it right next time.I'm sure that was studio San Diego that were particularly involved with The Order and not ND? Reply -12
  • Amazon's Echo gadget has a Mass Effect Easter egg

  • Dondiggler 11/01/2017

    The level of dope-ness if off the scale!! Bravo!! Reply 0
  • GTA 5's endless tapestry

  • Dondiggler 09/01/2017

    Pound for pound..  Best game ever! Reply +24
  • Mass Effect 2 free to download on PC right now

  • Dondiggler 06/01/2017

    DrStrangelove wrote:@DondigglerProbably the deluxe version though? The free one on Origin seems to be only the base game.Ahh I see! Tbh I've not touched it yet, I think I just bought it to add the backlog!! Luckily it got rinsed back in the day! Reply 0
  • Dondiggler 06/01/2017

    Mayne!!!!  I just bought it on steam over crimbo!! Reply 0
  • Time Commanders is back on the telly, tonight at 9pm

  • Dondiggler 13/12/2016

    One of the few bits of joy to save 2016!!! Reply +1
  • F1 goes 8-bit in the amazing official season review

  • Dondiggler 12/12/2016

    That was priceless!! Needed to stop myself from lol on the tram home from work. More of this please FoM Reply +3
  • Advertising Standards rules No Man's Sky Steam page did not mislead consumers

  • Dondiggler 30/11/2016

    Wahhh!!! Tantrums inbound! Reply -6
  • GAME charges people to try PlayStation VR in its shops

  • Dondiggler 24/10/2016

    Are these fools in the crack GAME or something, cos those type of extortion tactics I've not seen since The Wire..... "Got that PSVR right chere, right chere" Reply 0
  • Red Dead Redemption will finally be playable on PC, via PlayStation Now

  • Dondiggler 21/10/2016

    Baddamobs wrote:"Top ten pranks that went way too far"Fire.... Straight fire!!! +1 Reply +1
  • PES 2017 to get Liverpool stadium's new stand in November

  • Dondiggler 19/10/2016

    Rpt81 wrote:Wesley, I normally take your Liverpool bashing in good jest but this time you've crossed the line. Just like Luis Garcia's shot.You win the Internet for today Sir!! +50 Reply 0
  • Dondiggler 19/10/2016

    Rpt81 wrote:Wesley, I normally take your Liverpool bashing in good jest but this time you've crossed the line. Just like Luis Garcia's shot.+50 ���� Reply +2
  • Mafia 3's in-game statement on its depiction of racism

  • Dondiggler 07/10/2016

    up_the_ante wrote:A bit rediculous apologising for racism in a game full of torture and murderSays who???? Reply -2
  • Dondiggler 07/10/2016

    AgentDaleCooper wrote:@fabio78 That, or I'm just massively cynical about media journalism nowadays.And anyway, who is this "we" you mentioned? Are you taking offence on behalf of somebody else already?That's "we" as in the general population. But anyway I found your earlier comment quite offensive in that it was so aloof and dismissive. That's what was meant by "white privilege" statement. Blaming it on being cynical about games journalism is a lazy, really lazy attempt to try and slide out the side door. Reply -2
  • Dondiggler 07/10/2016

    AgentDaleCooper wrote:I bet EG are dying to laugh this one out of the fucking universe, I can almost see them tugging wildly at the leash down there, like dogs at a hunt. The white knights are hungry, it's been a while after all since anything 'controversial' happened in gaming. I can already sense the usual commentators, waiting patiently in the wings to be outrageously offended on other people's behalf. I'll have to give it all a miss, reading that stuff always makes me cringe I'm afraid.Umm??? Right ok?? Reply +2
  • Dondiggler 07/10/2016

    Dave797 wrote:Is this worthy of an article EG? A game maker re-creating an accurate depiction of race relations during the game's narrative time period is hardly a big deal is it? Or is it? Just seems like exactly what they should of done. As their statement rightly covers, it would almost be bigger news for them to have censored the racist themes. When the opposite of the story is more controversial, it's probably worth skipping.What are you on about??? More developers should be doing this and I applaud them for their approach. Reply 0
  • PlayStation Meeting 2016 live report

  • Dondiggler 07/09/2016

    Fully upgradable Neo.. PlayStation 4vr edition Reply -1
  • Gran Turismo Sport delayed until 2017

  • Dondiggler 30/08/2016

    Fourfoldroot wrote:@rep- This generation? Try every generation. Sony are, some would say, far too forgiving. If a game isn't finished they'll give the Dev more time it seems, and always have, leading to perhaps a more laid back attitude than many gamers would desire.Whether this is ultimately good or bad is a matter of opinion. The easy way to stop frustrating people though is just to stop giving release dates.I hear that. I think Polyphony get a pass as they (GT) transcend the industry. They do need to pull their finger out somewhat. I'll be happy with F1 2016 and Driveclub until then Reply 0
  • Dondiggler 30/08/2016

    visionary wrote:Can't even get a demo out on time. F##ks sake.I welcome the delay if they get it right. Also GTSport isn't a demo it's GT7 Reply +1
  • Virginia, one of 2016's most promising games, is coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC next month

  • Dondiggler 25/08/2016

    nerdherder wrote:Regardless of what you may think of NMS now, are you disputing the E3 claim? It quite obviously did steal the show, which is why people are annoyed at its release, surely?THIS... Reply +1
  • The PS4 Slim is real - confirmed

  • Dondiggler 22/08/2016

    Yo them Manchester man are going in hard!! Console nabbed before its even announced!! Reply +7
  • No Man's Sky review

  • Dondiggler 12/08/2016

    almondo wrote:@Dondiggler yes I've played it. It's shite.Really?? And you formed that opinion in such a short time....must've been putting the work in!! Reply -1
  • Dondiggler 12/08/2016

    almondo wrote:@Oli it isn't great Oli, it's very very average. At best. Enough with the paid for reviews.Neg away, you've wasted your money.Hang on a second dude..... Have you played it to give such an opinionated reference? Average at best? Well in my opinion it's very accomplished for a game developed by a small indie team. Certainly don't feel I've wasted my money Reply +5
  • Dondiggler 12/08/2016

    Yes!! Mission Accomplished... Not Fission Mailed! Seriously though this game is awesome. Like a really big cake.... Small bites little and often! Reply +6
  • No Man's Sky finishers have advice about Atlas Stones

  • Dondiggler 11/08/2016

    UKPlay wrote:Stop with the complaints about the number of articles. It's one of, if not the, biggest release(s) of the year. Here's a nice gardening website you can go and look at instead. ���� Reply -3
  • Our No Man's Sky review will be late, and here's why

  • Dondiggler 08/08/2016

    Well only a few more hours/days to wait. Getting in the mood by listening to the NMS soundtrack....  It's Stellar!!I'll get my coat.... Reply +3
  • PlayStation Plus' July Instant Game Collection revealed

  • Dondiggler 29/06/2016

    HappyGator wrote:Better than last month's limp offering by far!I'm still playing nba 2k16.... Great game.Horses for courses I suppose Reply +6
  • Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered is coming to PS4 in July

  • Dondiggler 18/06/2016

    Looking forward to this. It has its faults, but is a PS2 gem imo. Looking forward to Detriot too. It'll be interesting to see how this mechanic I've been a fan of has developed over the years Reply +1
  • How PlayStation 4K Neo and the original PS4 will co-exist

  • Dondiggler 10/06/2016

    Fourfoldroot wrote:@IronSoldier You do realise that console gamers in numbers WANT eight year lifespans right? We want devs to have to push development boundaries to give us the best bang for our Buck on fixed specs. Those who want to chase top performance with no thought to price are already PC gamers.If this happens it's a big mistake by Sony.Wrong!! I don't want the situation we had last gen whereby by years 5/6 the system felt like it needed an upgrade. That's not to say it's for everyone. I think what I take from this thinking rationally which a lot of people seem not to be doing, is that this is a system for those who WANT the upgrade. If you're happy like myself and many other people with Sony still supporting the OG PS4... What's the problem.I really don't understand and cannot understand the ire of people suggesting a company can't /shouldn't release an upgraded version whilst still fully supporting the original. To me that sounds idiotic in the extreme. Certainly not directing that at you, more at the response from a lot of people on here. Reply +2
  • Dondiggler 21/04/2016

    justerthought wrote:Sony has a perfect plan here. Yet another great game changing vision. It will succeed as a positive force if they strictly enforce it to keep things fair across the PS4 gen. Perfect transparency from the gamers perspective is required.MS will clearly follow suit once they see how well it works out. Right now they lack the courage and have cold feet, as seen with the u-turn last week. They saw the angry PS4 gamers who did not understand it properly and announced there will be no XB1.5.The PS4 Neo is going to be a huge seller so Sony are going to need another factory or we may struggle to get our hands on one lol.The priority right now is 1080p gaming. 4k gaming is not an issue. We all have 1080p screens and they will last until the PS5 before we upgrade them to 4K, so PS5 will be the native 4K gaming console. The Neo is a halfway house offering a high quality upscale to the small amount of 4K TV early adopters.Said it better than I could. I think a lot of the sentiment comes from people living inside the console gaming bubble. Not many pieces of tech are expected to stay at the top for 8-10 years without a refresh. Reply -4
  • PlayStation Plus' June freebies include Gone Home and NBA 2K16

  • Dondiggler 31/05/2016

    AgentDaleCooper wrote:I don't like basketball games (or sports games in general) and Gone Home I had on PC 12+ months ago. A completely useless month for me again, then, and another poor showing from Sony on PS4 PS+. Meanwhile Microsoft's offerings continue to blow this crappy 'freebies' service away.Are you a child of like 7 or something? Seriously there's more people than just YOU that use PS+ Reply +8
  • Dear Donald: How video games could help you trump Hillary

  • Dondiggler 30/05/2016

    Having read the article clearly, some of the readers here need to stop taking themselves and by extension their hobby (gaming) so seriously. Seriously before posting ask yourself "you mad Bro?" Well done Ellie, Reply +4
  • No Man's Sky delayed, no longer releasing in June - reports

  • Dondiggler 26/05/2016

    mega-gazz wrote:@IronTark and so is over hyping something for 2 years. A bit of restraint I think would have helped the marketing quite a bit.Umm when have Hello Games EVER hyped this game??? A mass of people being intrigued by a game's premise has nothing to do with the development team "hyping" the game.The fact that people are still asking what you do in the Game, kinda suggests they've been doing the opposite of hype.What is clear, is that evidently the community is hyped for it. Reply +4
  • Microsoft cuts 1850 jobs as it guts phone business

  • Dondiggler 25/05/2016

    Interesting how those tables have turned for MS and Sony in their phone and gaming divisions. Kaz deserves a knighthood!  XD Reply +4
  • Elite Dangerous: Horizons hits Xbox One 3rd June

  • Dondiggler 20/05/2016

    All the drama in here!! Wow! Got this on my laptop but will buy again when it drops on PS4. In the meantime NMS. But can we all just settle down and remember when neither console had any space exploration games. Don't spend your time arguing, spend it gaming.YOLO! Reply -4
  • TimeSplitters Rewind project soldiers on

  • Dondiggler 19/05/2016

    Really hope these guys and gals can pull it out the bag and make this a success. I think Sony should maybe help them out? Reply 0
  • Blizzard, Twitch plan to act on abuse in livestream chat

  • Dondiggler 18/05/2016

    MrTomFTW wrote:@Zomeguy I don't even know where to start with this one. Twitch chat is filled with bored asshole children, not racists.Start here: What's the difference between a racist spewing racist shite at a person, and a bored asshole (child or not) spewing racist shite at a person?Trick question of course - there is no difference. If someone is the type of person to say or write racist nonsense to be "edgy" or because "it's ironic" then they are a racist. No matter what that person tells themselves so they can feel better about what they do.Agreed.... Some people need an AA from John Cena! It's the duplicity that gets me. Reply 0
  • Dondiggler 18/05/2016

    zezyan wrote:It is what it is. Just like any sports, people get very emotional when the stakes are high. At that point you'll throw anything out there, racist, sexist, anything. It's the same reason as why supporters keep on fighting each other during or after a football game.No.This suggests that this type of behaviour is a bye product of the sport. It's not. This is a bye product of a lack of education, empathy and in a lot of cases environment. It's also a reminder of how powerful anonymity can be. Reply 0
  • Nioh on PS4: 1080p30 or 720p60 - you decide

  • Dondiggler 29/04/2016

    About bloody time!! Reply 0
  • Sony's PSN is making more money than all of Nintendo

  • Dondiggler 28/04/2016

    Grimlock1 wrote:@mega-gazz spot on...I bought my ps4 on the first day for the fact that my 360 had past its best about 3 years earlier despite a lack of games. The fact that Sony are introducing a more powerful console that will have better performance is a slap in the face to the 40m people who have bought their console and made it so successful. I would have accepted if the new console maybe had 4k, a redesign, larger hard drive etc but with having better performance added in it is a piss take.I bought mine on day a consumer!! They don't owe me anything!! I'm not going to be butt hurt because of a hardware refresh that takes into account current TV displays.... That would make me foolish!! Reply -1
  • Revealed: Sony's plan for PlayStation 4K - codename Neo

  • Dondiggler 20/04/2016

    I'm a PS4 day one early adopter and I can only see this as good news. This does not split the user base. PS5 will still be out on its normal trajectory. This is for people who will buy a 4k TV in the next 18 months or already have one. For people like me in 2011 would have loved a bit more power in my PS3 to push those great games that little bit further. I could take the attitude that Sony owe me not to future proof the PS4 by taking this step. I could even try to convince myself that using Pc architecture my PS4 won't be left behind over a 7-10 yr lifespan....but that wouldn't be true. I'd rather take the attitude that I have a nice option to upgrade to when I'm ready. As the lonely island once said "you can't stand on the way of a rolling stone" Onwards and upwards!!! Reply +4
  • Dondiggler 19/04/2016

    Excellent news if true. I understand some (most) people don't want to upgrade yet, however in 18 months o think picking up a 4k capable console is a totally different proposition. This is just Sony positioning itself in line with the displays that consumers now have. Don't want or need one now but 18 months could work. My Bravia still has a while in it yet Reply +2
  • Codemasters picks up Driveclub developer Evolution Studios

  • Dondiggler 11/04/2016

    My assessment of this whole situation is that Sony whilst they liked the studio found themselves supporting a Dev that realistically only had niche appeal. I've had Driveclub since day 1 and motorstorm was a launch day purchase on PS3. However given the way the genre is at the moment it'd be difficult to justify having 2 large studios working on racing games. One of which being the Gran Daddy Turismo. O think if Driveclub had launched as intended they'd still be in a difficult situation. Glad such a talented studio still survives because Driveclub is a stellar game. Best Of Luck Evolution! Reply +1
  • Dondiggler 11/04/2016

    Zoinks!!!!! Reply 0