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  • Spotify headed to PS3 and PS4

  • Dondiggler 28/01/2015

    Dolly wrote:I'm a long-term music unlimited subscriber and welcome this for a few reasons, mainly that some big bands like Metallica have been missing on Sony service. A quick Google search shows that Spotify premium allows offline play on multiple devices too, which is my most used feature, as can share my account with the missus that way.Just a ball ache to recreate all my playlist now, but hey ho! :)Ditto looking forward to this just hope my existing library will be transferred? Reply +1
  • Professional Lumberjack 2015 headed to PC and consoles

  • Dondiggler 27/01/2015

    SBfistfun wrote:Lumberjack or hipster? Can't tell the difference nowadays.Pro Hipster Simulator 2015.....Available at all Starbucks while stocks last! Reply 0
  • Borderlands Handsome Collection and 270 special edition announced for PS4, Xbox One

  • Dondiggler 20/01/2015

    BobbyDeNiro wrote:Just wish Konami would release a radio controlled Metal Gear Rex/Ray model. Id buy that, sad as I am!HOLY MOLY!! I second this motion!! Reply 0
  • Driveclub's free Japan DLC available now via 3.33GB update

  • Dondiggler 19/01/2015

    Original_Wolsta wrote:The support from Evolution for this game just gets better and better. They should be commended for the turn-around with Drive Club. I was a day 1 purchaser, so suffered the early teething issues and was frustrated with it. However, it is now by far and away my favourite PS4 game.This.. Dunno if it's my favourite game, but I was there from day 1 saying that as a racer... It's some of the best I've experienced. Give em time and it'll come good......and whaddya know....Driveclub in good game is good shocker!!! Reply +3
  • PlayStation 4 has sold 18.5m worldwide

  • Dondiggler 07/01/2015

    Mr-Writer wrote:@Gamblix Plus offers you two games a month for your PS4.In fact yesterday I was telling my friend about playstation plus as her husband just bought a PSvita.Half an hour later she phoned me and told me she has just bought a PS4 as even tho you have to pay to play online they would be getting full use out of Plus (they have a PS3) so their son can have the PS3, Her husband has the Vita and they all share the PS4.The power of either 24, 48 or 72 games a year for 40 a year is a big pull. She said herself even if they only end up liking 10 of those games that's 4 a why I pay for and enjoy PSN. But haters gonna hate!! Reply +4
  • PlayStation Plus reveals full January lineup

  • Dondiggler 02/01/2015

    eddiehitler wrote:Worth it for Duke 3d on vita alone.This! Will be picking up first light too! Reply +5
  • CVG to close

  • Dondiggler 19/12/2014

    Wtf!!! No more GTAV O CLOCK!!!! Reply +12
  • Judge allows lawsuit over Killzone Shadow Fall's 1080p graphics to proceed

  • Dondiggler 18/12/2014

    WGPlutonium wrote:Well I hope you're proud of yourself digital foundry. No one would have ever been the wiser (it looked like a crisp native image, and at the end of the day that's what matters) but you couldn't just leave it alone. They even invited you to their studio for an exclusive indepth tech interview and this is how you repay them? With flame bait? Now this idiot, who would have continued in his ignorance, is now going to go through with a frivolous lawsuit which could destroy the studio and cause hundreds of people to lose their jobs.Edit: Neg me if you want, but digital foundry took a cheap shot, and gave this Douglas fool a weapon.+1 Reply -4
  • Dondiggler 18/12/2014

    I'm sooooo entitled to my 1080peeeees!! FFS!!! Reply -2
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt delayed again, now due May 2015

  • Dondiggler 08/12/2014

    Gotta pay the cost to the boss I guess! Reply 0
  • Xbox boss points to Killer Instinct in response to Sony's Street Fighter 5 deal

  • Dondiggler 08/12/2014

    It's not like Sony just walked on with a huge sack of money and said make it for us! Let's look at the situation from capcoms point of view. They need to transition the game to new gen...but they're broke! So it makes sense for them to find a partner to help on development of the new engine. This Way they get to mitigate risk and bring out the new game. They can't use another big publisher like ea so I can see why they would lean on ms or sony. As Phil Spencer said ms already have killer instinct so again it made sense to partner with Sony. It'd be easy to say "oh it's just money hitting" honestly I think this partnership is more about survival than anything! Reply +1
  • PlayStation Experience conference live report

  • Dondiggler 06/12/2014

    no shu? Reply 0
  • Dondiggler 06/12/2014

    thats awesome!! Reply 0
  • Dondiggler 06/12/2014

    they be trolling.... Reply 0
  • Dondiggler 06/12/2014

    so.much.awesome! Reply 0
  • Dondiggler 06/12/2014

    HOLY MOLY!!!! Reply 0
  • Dondiggler 06/12/2014

    Is a hell of a drug... Reply 0
  • Dondiggler 06/12/2014

    As my daddy would say.... BLOODCLART!!! Reply 0
  • Dondiggler 06/12/2014

    CHOOOON!!!! Reply 0
  • For the first time, Metal Gear Solid 4 will be available as a download

  • Dondiggler 03/12/2014

    Nikanoru wrote:@Big-Boss I never played the game, I heard the cutscene to gameplay ratio was bad but I didn't know it was THIS bad. Thanks for the info, I'll continue to avoid "playing" it. Maybe I'll watch it one day as Kojima intended: as a Youtube movie.Maybe you should play it and form your own opinion? Reply +1
  • 2D skate-'em-up OlliOlli headed to 3DS, Wii U, Xbox One

  • Dondiggler 03/12/2014

    Useful_Idiot wrote:No excuse now for anyone - this game is phenomenal.Play I most days on the way to work.....3.00 well spent I reckon, well underrated game! Reply +2
  • Sony releases free PS1 theme for PS4, PS3 and Vita

  • Dondiggler 03/12/2014

    So much win with this!! Reply -1
  • "The reality is we're not really interesting"

  • Dondiggler 26/11/2014

    vanDevious wrote:My pants weren't ready for shenmue talk at 8.30am now I gotta hope this train has a toilet...My thoughts exactly!!! Reply 0
  • Which PS4 games block Share Play?

  • Dondiggler 07/11/2014

    TheLastPixel wrote:@man.the.king I can't be an xbot because I own both consoles......If this was a feature on Xbox One I'd say the same. Sony can continue with these gimmicks all they want. Are they ever going to get around to an important feature like suspend/resume?The xbox one O/S wipes the floor with the PS4s and this will never change.Sorry but I have to chime in here. How on earth is this a silly gimmick!? If you've actually tried it, you'll know it works. If it was on xbox I'd want sony to do it too. Don't understand the negativity these days.....seriously!! Reply +6
  • Resogun is heading to PlayStation Vita

  • Dondiggler 31/10/2014

    Sold!! Reply +1
  • Sony postpones Driveclub PS Plus Edition "until further notice"

  • Dondiggler 30/10/2014

    ApokNyneWheel wrote:@Drakos Finally. Someone being reasonable. And being negged for it.Gamers are increasingly self-entitled. It's just getting too much now.Can only agree......probably still get negged though! Reply -5
  • National Video Game Arcade cultural centre announced for Nottingham

  • Dondiggler 30/10/2014

    vast wrote:@Dondiggler I always preferred the Namco arcade! :)@MkwoneI want to give you a hug :DAhh Namco....was... Awesome!!! Miss Qlounge too!! Reply +1
  • Dondiggler 30/10/2014

    ianwalker wrote:@Dondiggler Being from Nottingham also I remember a Cascades arcade which had Scud Race and GTI Club inside - is it the same one?It was great for passing the time during lunch breaks when at college.Yep same one! ;) Reply +1
  • Dondiggler 29/10/2014

    OldK1ngCole wrote:The photo was taken at the top of Carlton Street / Hockley. If that's where this place is going to be that's kinda cool. Nottingham's best Arcade was about 5 doors up when I was a teenager (about 20 years ago), shame they can't use the same building.I look forward to having a walk around when it opens :)OMG!! Cascade Arcade at the top of Hockley (now a sainsburys) good times indeed!! :) Reply +1
  • Dondiggler 29/10/2014

    vast wrote:Hooray! I'm from Nottingham originally so very proud we are hosting such a great thing :)Gamecity has been excellent over the years and I think young people definitely need more guidance to get in to the industry, as I don't think the "Game Design" degree's are the golden ticket they are made out to be....Proud!...... First word that came into my head when I read this! Go Notts! Reply +3
  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas getting Xbox 360 re-release, leaked Achievements suggest

  • Dondiggler 24/10/2014

    Din_mamma wrote:@SavageEvil "Hip hop isn't black culture"?Yeah, keep telling yourself that, dumbass. :)Don't want to get into a debate but actually you're both correct.On!! Where's the PS3 version?? I've got the PSN one but I craved a proper 720p one all last gen... :( Reply +1
  • Dondiggler 22/10/2014

    So if this comes to ps3 it would be the 4th time I've bought this..... And I'm gonna double dip on GTA V my wallet thanks you Rockstar!!! Reply 0
  • We cannot let this become gaming culture

  • Dondiggler 17/10/2014

    It's bad that as a Black man I feel I can't speak out about how under represented or misrepresented "minorities" are for fear of the gg backlash. It'd just be nice to see some authenticity for once. Lost count of the amount of times character creation boils down to 1 hair cut choice and skin colour! You're shit out of luck if you're mixed race! Publishers ad well as Devs need to wake up and smell the coffee! Generic stereotypes of women and minorities exist.....all people want is a debate! The cretins that "claim" they're doing this type of stuff for the integrity of the industry are full of crap and their agenda only seeks to continue the current equilibrium. Integrity I'm the gaming press.....what theirs now a problem because a review score isn't as expected!? Reviews are just opinion. The sooner we go back to just having a write up and no score the better!Oh yeah the sense of entitlement from some so called gamers is beyond depressing now!Rant over! ;) Reply 0
  • Pre-order Ultimate NES Remix and get a snazzy NES cap

  • Dondiggler 16/10/2014

    scawp wrote:I'm gunna get one and bend the peak like I did with my Los Santos one.YOU DID WHAT!!!!??? Reply 0
  • Dondiggler 16/10/2014

    PinktotheLast wrote:I love Nintendo but that hat screams 'beat me up please!'Why??? I wear a cap all the time.. Doesn't make me a chav, thug or anything!..... Pigeon holing nowadays is ridiculous!! Anyway not really a Nintendo fan but that cap is sick! Reply -1
  • Anita Sarkeesian cancels university speech following school shooting threat

  • Dondiggler 15/10/2014

    Absolutely disgusting!!!! Reply +3
  • DriveClub dev "had confidence" servers would work

  • Dondiggler 13/10/2014

    Seriously... People need to lay off them a bit. Had a bit of a glimpse of online over the weekend and what they're trying to do is ambitious. Should all be sorted in the coming weeks. Ideally this wouldn't have happened but from what I've heard there are 3 server os behind the dynamic menu we see and it looks like this I causing the issues. As for the offline game I'm enjoying it.... Just finished work and it's all I've been thinking about getting home and playing. Ideally Eurogamer should re review this once it's all sorted. Reply -12
  • Lindsay Lohan steps up Rockstar legal battle over GTA5 character

  • Dondiggler 11/10/2014

    AgentDaleCooper wrote:Everyone in this comments section will slag her off, but still would.I can't even front....... I know I would!!! Reply 0
  • Sony confirms wheels that work with PS4 racer DriveClub

  • Dondiggler 03/10/2014

    X201 wrote:Of course, it could all be linked to Logitech closing their console peripherals business and not wanting to bother supporting hardware that they don't see future sales loyalty coming from. I find this whole "Fuck sony" business silly. It's not Sony's fault Logitech are pulling out of the console business?? Reply 0
  • Project Cars shooting for 1080p 60fps on both Xbox One and PS4

  • Dondiggler 29/09/2014

    George-Roper wrote:@kangarootoo So when they say they are aiming for 108060, I believe they are simply letting us know their honest development strategy. Some other devs might waffle about their goals, which later turn out to be baseless... but I don't think that is the case here.Based on what?These are professionals at their job expecting customers to pay for their product. So why can't they say the game will be unequivocally 1080p/60 and then make sure it is by reducing every other aspect of fidelity to make sure?I'm sick of hearing what amounts to hype from developers. If only 10% of the potential buyers end up preordering based on this, that's 10% more sales than they'd originally have, with zero guarantee that 1080p/60 will be hit.Enough is enough.Wow.....Touchy!!?? All the dev said was "we're trying".... In response to being asked. Would you rather they lied, just to give you their unequivocal assurance? I'd much rather they be honest and wait and see what they come up with, then stump up the cash if needed. Anyone who read that and thought "yep that's all I need, pre order confirmed" was already gonna get the game. I don't think there's anything wrong in the dev stating their goals and shouldn't be chastised for it. Reply +6
  • Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain reveals adorable pet dog

  • Dondiggler 26/09/2014

    Not a dog person in the slightest, but I like this dog :) Reply +2
  • Xbox One price cut by 20 in the UK, now 329

  • Dondiggler 24/09/2014

    Fur_Cough wrote:"We are always looking at ways to offer the best value for our customers" :rolleyes:Except first adoptersAnyone who bought it at a higher price than the superior Ps4 hardware.And anyone who ever bought the PoS that is kinect.Not forgetting the whole 'always online' / 'won't play secondhand games' debacle. Or charging to play online games. etc. etc. Or the RRoD. Or the overpriced PoS that is Surface. Or Zune. Down by 100quid in one year suggests that 'customer value' was not originally on M$ mind. In fact, if I'm not very much mistaken, M$ have tried to screw as much money out of people as possible on every single occasion, if you'll let them.I'm glad, finally, they are being forced into a price point that fits with the quality of their products. Low.This.... For me Microsoft seriously screwed themselves this gen. Cast your mind back 18 months and I remember the fear microsoft struck through the industry before the console announcements came through. Always online 24hr check in etc they basically said buy our stuff but we'll treat you like a criminal!! I'm sorry but my momma didn't raise no fool! They may have done a 180 but if anyone thinks that's down to the consumer then they're mistaken. The XBone would have bombed big time. All credit to them for making changes.... They needed to survive, but don't slap me in me face, cuss me out and then say it was a joke! Reply +5
  • Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Snake and Quiet gameplay revealed

  • Dondiggler 18/09/2014

    lone_wolf_uk wrote:@Dondiggler misogynist?Who invented special forces....a woman.Who is maybe the leading scientist for nanomachines...a woman.Genius tech inventor....two women.Leader of freedom fighters again two women.Misogyny is a hatred if women, sometimes characterised by viewing them as only sex objects and not as able as men. Hideo sees women as strong, intelligent generally kick ass.He also attempts to show how even if women are not combatants they suffer in war (the beasts).Hi mate, was that supposed to be directed at me? I agree with everything you've said there.... Reply +2
  • Dondiggler 18/09/2014

    moroboshi wrote:Ground Zeros was an absurdly short and highly mediocre Splinter Cell clone with last gen graphics at best. I hope the full game will be better, but it's still cross gen, Kojima is still a misogynist who belongs in the 1960s, and the game looks depressingly stale and lacking that usual Metal Gear flair.Last gen graphics...? Maybe you should have played it in HD?? Reply +19
  • Sony quadruples forecast loss for financial year

  • Dondiggler 17/09/2014

    UKPlay wrote:Sony's answer is to focus on its premium lineup and reduce the number of mid-range modelsThat doesn't sound like a great idea, but what do I know?Agreed.... No idea why they don't get more coverage in the us? They're good phones Reply -1
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 gets November PS4 and Xbox One release date

  • Dondiggler 12/09/2014

    George-Roper wrote:Damn, that video was totally uninteresting. Why does everything lack depth and substance?After Watch_Dogs, which I consider to have out-GTA'd GTA, this looks flat, lifeless and outright bland.Ummm seriously Watch_dogs??? Seriously man???? Reply +11
  • Dondiggler 12/09/2014

    drhickman1983 wrote:OH NOES AN EXTRA COUPLE OF MONTHS.Fuck's sake, it's not that much extra.Preach!!!! Reply +4
  • Destiny launch day live report

  • Dondiggler 09/09/2014

    Skinja wrote:I can't wait for PSN to crash.Is that because you get paid double overtime to fix it? Reply +1
  • Teens react to the NES

  • Dondiggler 08/09/2014

    tidy-spidey wrote:I love some people's reactions in these comments - calling the teens "fuckwitts" and all manner of other things. Seriously, go ask your own parents/grandparents to bring you an object that they own, which was 30 years old when you were but a teenager... and then realise your own reaction is the same as the teens in this vid.Indeed.... This is the irony of comments nowadays. Seriously reading it makes some of you sound quite sour!..... And like hipsters the more think about it! ;)Anyways..... Maybe some of you should check out the Elders react to Oculus Rift. Really good vid. Reply +3
  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with DriveClub

  • Dondiggler 08/09/2014

    NYKilla80 wrote:@Dondiggler Did you just say " a bit of a storm in a teacup?" LOLLol......just a little one! ;) Reply 0