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  • Dirt Rally console review

  • Dodgymat 30/03/2016

    *Obligatory we need Rallisport Challenge 2 post* Reply +10
  • Trackmania Turbo review

  • Dodgymat 24/03/2016

    Royal Mail a no-show with this today, meaning I won't get to play it until Saturday afternoon at the earliest. Swines! Reply +15
  • The Division guide

  • Dodgymat 07/03/2016

    There's only one Ubisoft release I'm waiting for this month, and it isn't The Division...

    Hopefully Trackmania Turbo will get some coverage now this game is finally out!
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  • Trackmania Turbo finally has a release date

  • Dodgymat 06/02/2016

    @Womble9 The devs cited exactly that golden era of Arcade Racers as their main infuence for.this game. Some good interviews with them post E3 revealed the culture and atmosphere of those days as very special to them.

    From what I understand this is more "Trials HD" with cars. Most tracks are short, intense time attack focused affairs with only some being "multilap". The trackbuilder / random track generator also looks very meaty.
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  • XCOM 2 guide

  • Dodgymat 05/02/2016

    *Obligatory port-begging post* Reply -1
  • Xbox 360 at 10: How XBLA changed the industry forever

  • Dodgymat 26/11/2015

    The only reason I still own a 360 is the thought of not being able to play some of the XBLA games again. Another bonus was being very well supported by SEGA - so the missus got her JetSetRadio fix (again) and I could play Outrun, Daytona etc infinitum (again) Reply +1
  • Cliff Bleszinski reveals gravity-defying FPS LawBreakers

  • Dodgymat 27/08/2015

    In 2105 they flooded the US streets with narcotics & war says the trailer. So, just like 2015 then. Reply +1
  • The PlayBox is a PS4 and Xbox One combined in a single laptop

  • Dodgymat 14/01/2015

    "The creation is based off of the Xbook Duo"

    You mean "based on" surely? The Americanisation / Bastardisation of the English language continues....
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  • Need for Speed: Rivals is cruising onto EA Access

  • Dodgymat 03/09/2014


    I've already spent 14 on Peggle 2 + DLC. So, if I hadn't spent that 14 already, then I'd essentially be getting BF4 & NFS for 6. Can't argue with that value, even if nothing else comes out in the next year that I like!
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  • Titanfall Season Pass announced, priced at 19.99

  • Dodgymat 06/03/2014

    Paying upfront before they announce what you get for the money isn't worth the 3 saving. Could save way more than that just by buying it seperately from the US Store... Reply +8
  • Editor's blog: New mobile site, guide content and more

  • Dodgymat 14/02/2014

    Not sure what you've done to the background image that you use on Youtube (when watching via Xbox One app) but it comes up with a small exclamation mark then crashes my console to a hard reset - every time guaranteed.

    Quite like the mobile site redesign, although personally I think 'popular now' should go underneath 'todays news' and not above it.
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  • What happened to Black Tusk's "highly ambitious" new IP?

  • Dodgymat 28/01/2014

    Road Maps are so outdated. Haven't these people heard of Sat Nav? Reply +7
  • It looks like there's going to be a pre-release Titanfall test

  • Dodgymat 16/01/2014

    I don't see this as a beta test as such, considering it uses Microsoft's servers they would have had ample opportunity to test it during development.

    My guess is it's more to do with marketing. Only yesterday the producer was quoted as saying it's a tough game to market as it's online-only.

    So what's a good way to get people talking about your game these days?

    Let people play it early and they go off and make hundreds of gameplay videos and whack them on Youtube. That gets the exposure you need & the people that aren't aware what it's all about get educated in the process!
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  • XCOM: Enemy Within review

  • Dodgymat 11/11/2013

    Pre-ordered the 360 version of this for 25 on Amazon ages ago. Sold EU last week on Ebay for 11 (mainly as this release makes it redundant, but also to make EW cheaper)

    Quite happy with the pricing as apparently it's too big to be DLC, yet not a full blown new release. Roll on Friday :)
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  • Warner apologises for Batman: Arkham Origins technical problems

  • Dodgymat 01/11/2013

    Good to hear. Stopped playing it earlier today after losing my patience with it and went back to Blacklist. At least Perfectionist difficulty will keep me occupied until the Batman patch arrives.

    Thanks for the heads up darkmorgado!
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  • Nintendo adds paid DLC games and hats to 3DS StreetPass app

  • Dodgymat 18/06/2013

    I've had 120 Streetpasses since I got my XL in Feb. Not bad, but I do drive a bus so come into contact with more people than the average person.

    Best place is Victoria Station in London - got 5 just walking through it last month (Denmark, Wales, 2 Brits and one from Madrid)

    Sadly I haven't been prompted to update yet, buggy or not!
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  • Project Gotham Racing 3 retrospective

  • Dodgymat 09/06/2013

    Nice read. Still one of my greatest memories this gen is telling a non-gaming mate all about GothamTV and how amazing it was, then he asked me to show him what online play was like and I reluctantly replied
    "Ummm OK but I've never played any game online before ao don't expect too much"

    Selected Multiplayer
    Nurburgring came up
    "This game is being broadcast live on Gotham TV" flashed along the bottom
    Palms sweated before the countdown ended
    Mass pile up halfway round and I sped past the melee and onto a famous and unforgettable victory!

    Still have the replay saved on my HD but sadly not PGR3.

    Still own PGR4 of course, as any self respecting Bizarre fan would!!
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  • Hands-on with Xbox One

  • Dodgymat 22/05/2013


    Same here. Any TV Shows or Films me and the missus watch are either :

    A. Recorded on V and watched at our convenience (I love skipping ads)

    B. Downloaded on PC and streamed to my 360 (as they're not shown in the UK for months - or in some cases not at all.)

    Now I do pay for SkySports to watch footy and F1, but why would I continue to pay MS a monthly/yearly fee just to be able to do the same thing but through the new xbox? So I can clap my hands and look like Tom Cruise from Minority Report when some random tosser Skype's me to ask if I wanna play a game as I'm watching the climax of a great film? Not bloody likely.

    I can't believe they slated the remote control as being out of date (oh no, remembering channel numbers is such hard work he said - it's not mate - there's a feature called FAVOURITES) and having to reach an arms length for the remote instead of speaking is such a chore apparently (no it's not unless you're a fat, lazy yank - there's a feature called not being a fat, lazy yank...)

    With all the negatives surrounding pre-owned, lack of current XBLA Library support and force feeding Kinect down every consumer's throat it's a non-starter for me - even if it ends up with a plethora of killer games the rest of it makes my skin crawl.
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  • Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed review

  • Dodgymat 16/11/2012


    S0L is such a forum whore!

    (If you're reading this Mr Lycett - get on Xbox Live soon and show me yer skillz!!)
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  • Dodgymat 16/11/2012


    That's not surprising is it? I hardly think the "Official Nintendo Magazine" review is going to heap praise on a genuine rival to one of Ninty's much loved, big selling franchises. Especially a SEGA one!
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  • Dodgymat 16/11/2012

    Better than that 'cultural event' CODzzzzBLOPSzzzz2 then? Nice

    ...and only 30 quid to boot. Hurry up postie!
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  • Man mods Wind Waker's pronouns to make Link a female role model

  • Dodgymat 09/11/2012

    I've got a replacement for 'swordsman' that's infinitely much better than 'swordmain' and still fits byte for byte. Wait for it.....

    ... swordgirl. How did he NOT think of that?
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  • SSX demo coming next week

  • Dodgymat 18/02/2012


    JT2 is a race event in the Rockies. Bulldog is a trick event set in New Zealand I believe.
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  • Full SSX soundtrack track list revealed

  • Dodgymat 08/02/2012

    There's only 1 song I'll be listening to whilst playing this game - The Ceasers "Jerk it out"

    All these years later and as soon as I hear it I immediately think of those golden SSX days.
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  • Bungie sets a date for final Halo handover

  • Dodgymat 31/01/2012

    They're handing over full control on 31/3? I thought it was 8/10 Reply +2
  • SSX Preview

  • Dodgymat 28/10/2011

    Finally a decent preview. Sounds like it's shaping up well. My missus will be well pleased, she's an SSX Godess! Reply +1
  • What's in the $300 edition of DiRT 3?

  • Dodgymat 07/04/2011

    So to address the previously acknowledged "over Americanisation" of the series they decided to add a load of overpriced tat that yanks lap up like thirsty cats & cream, and also slap the name of Ken "did you see me fail miserably at being able to drive a proper rally car in the official WRC last season" Block to the package. Laughable.

    Codemasters : You're a joke and DiRT as a racing / rally game is a joke.
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  • Martyn Brown quits Worms dev Team17

  • Dodgymat 04/02/2011

    Wow, I've never imagined Team17 without Spadge.

    All the best to Martyn & the crew in Ossett with whatever they have lined up for the future.
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  • Activision finalises Bizarre closure

  • Dodgymat 19/01/2011

    Very sad news.

    I'll never forget playing MSR on DC until dawn with it's ahead-of-its-time realtime day/night cycle.

    I'll never forget the feeling I got the first time I was featured in a live "Gotham TV" race on PGR3.

    I'll never forget the frustration which ultimately turned to joy when I finally got all Platinums in PGR3 & 4.

    I'll never forget the day I got the "Smile" achievement in Geo Wars 2 for a very satisfying 200/200.

    I'll never forget Bizarre Creations, they have easily been my favourite developer of all time.

    Good luck to everyone from the studio in finding re-employment, I'm sure you'll all do fine.
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  • Shooting up Brighton Promenade in Blur

  • Dodgymat 26/05/2010

    They should've had an event where you go up North St and then along Western Road shooting idiotic fucking cyclists. Reply 0
  • Alan Wake live-action prequel on Sun

  • Dodgymat 27/04/2010

    Neither of the first 2 episodes are on the UK Marketplace yet. Gave up waiting and used a US based account.

    Oi MS, the game comes out over here first, so give UK the fucking trailers as well !!!!!!
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  • Bible Navigator X costs on Xbox Live

  • Dodgymat 12/11/2009

    3.40? You can get it free in any hotel room or old building with a fucked roof! Reply +5
  • May made LEGO: RB hair demands

  • Dodgymat 05/11/2009

    Wonder how long it will be before we get a news article saying he's suing Travellers Tales as they're using his perm in other songs without his permission... Reply +6
  • COD4 map pack price cut on Xbox Live

  • Dodgymat 03/11/2009

    I stand corrected then, sorry. Assumed it worked that way as when I joined friends' lobbies before I got the map pack a warning came up in red saying 'Variety map pack disabled' Reply 0
  • Dodgymat 03/11/2009


    Surely if players don't have the maps then they can't be put into the same lobbies where people that do have them are playing?

    Pretty sure people just leave because they don't like snipers on Creek, the random crazyness of Killhouse or the layout of Chinatown. Obviously they're too thick to realise that if they just deleted the map pack from their HD then those maps wouldn't even show up for them...
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  • Dead Rising 2 Multiplayer

  • Dodgymat 02/10/2009

    I hope they keep the save system from Dead Rising. Autosave would kill the intensity and lower the difficulty considerably. Reply +2
  • Halo 3: ODST

  • Dodgymat 20/09/2009

    Overpriced Dlc Sold Today

    Halo has never done anything for me, didn't even finish the first one.

    Finish the fight? I didn't - because I thought it was shit :)
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  • Xbox 360 summer dashboard update

  • Dodgymat 03/08/2009

    miiiguel "You have a way to do disk maintnance which does clear the cache globaly by performing a shady button sequence, I suspect it does a disk defrag - though not sure."

    There's no defrag, it just does what it says on the tin - empties the cache. Since this recent update the 'shady button sequence' has gone. Now replaced by the option to press Y on the drive, where you can then conveniently select 'Rename' , 'Format' or 'Clear System Cache'

    Saved 1.4G today by re-installing 4 games. Not desperate for space on my 120G, but it all helps. Installs took no more than 10 minutes either whereas before they easily took 15-20.
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  • Turtles in Time remake price dropped

  • Dodgymat 31/07/2009

    MS was offering the yanks 800 back if they bought all 5 titles. It was only yesterday EG reported on it, seems like the ol' memory is going :) Reply +2
  • 29 years of BF1943 gameplay on Weds

  • Dodgymat 13/07/2009

    Haha, marked down 2 points just for stating a fact. Too many oversensitive PS3 pricks around here... Reply -7
  • Dodgymat 13/07/2009

    "Let's all gloss over the fact that it came out later on the PS3.

    That doesn't matter, as the counter didn't actually start until Friday night @ 19.43
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  • Worms 2 for XBLA this Wednesday

  • Dodgymat 29/06/2009

    Dr_Wadd, it's been well documented that the first version on XBLA was petty much designed to test the water on the relatively new idea of download-only casual games. It was meant to introduce the game to a new audience, and appeal to the casual market. It succeeded massively and is the #2 game on the service behind UNO (which from the off only cost half as much)

    Combine that with the 50MB limit Team17 had to work with and I'm not sure what you were expecting to be honest.

    This is the game Worms fans like you & I have been waiting for on XBLA. Like you, I've played every version since the Amiga except portable versions, and to be honest if this is even half as good as W:A on PC I'll be more than happy to spend 6.80 and countless days playing it.
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  • Dodgymat 29/06/2009

    OK that's fair enough, appreciate the reply. I've been doing my bit to spread the word here and on GameFAQs, am so keen to get playing W:A again I even went on WormNET over the weekend!

    (Won 2 games by a country mile btw, still got the skills apparently)

    Hope all goes well for the launch and you don't get trouble with the DLC when it hits, like that nightmare first time.
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  • Dodgymat 29/06/2009

    Hey Spadge, nice to see you. I was going to register on facebook just to ask this, but I'm too old and untrendy for such a website.

    On, Worms2 is listed as supporting 1080i, whereas the first one was only 720p. Does that mean the resolution is higher this time around, and as such are the landscapes generally bigger and the view more zoomed out like we're used to from PC W:A?

    Also, is there low grav this time around?
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  • A month of Xbox Live Gold for a quid

  • Dodgymat 19/06/2009

    So many horror stories, so much untruth.

    You're not allowed to cancel a payment option (remove your credit card details) for an active Xbox Live subscription, but if you put on a prepaid code for a year of Live before the month is up they don't bill you whatsoever. Then you can delete the cc details yourself anytime. Alternatively if you don't want to carry on past the month for 1, you can call their freephone number, tell them you don't want to renew and have them remove the cc details on the 30th day.

    Easy when you know how.
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  • Dodgymat 19/06/2009

    3.49 X 12 = 41.88, even MS only charge 40. Eurogamer needs a new calculator!

    I agree with mattigan, anyone that pays more than 30 for a year of Live is a mug. I bought 12 months earlier this week for 28, then noticed this deal on the dashboard just as I was going to enter my 1 year code.

    13 months for 29? Yes please :)
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  • E3: Bungie working on Halo: Reach?

  • Dodgymat 01/06/2009

    Bungie "After Halo ODST we're done with Halo"

    Source :
    Person quoted : Al Murray (comedian, obviously)

    I guarantee the next Bungie quote from E3 will be something like "We're not one trick ponies"

    ........yeah right.
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  • Space Invaders Extreme

  • Dodgymat 08/05/2009

    Good review, but like everyone else seems to think, it reads like an 8 then plonks a 7 at the end solely due to the price.

    I paid 800 MSP for Pac Man CE in June 2007 and still play it regularly to this day. SIE has the same ''come back and play me for a bit'' attraction so I have no problem spending 6.80 on it, which would last me approximately 1 hour if I was in my local pub watching the footy....
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  • Arkanoid XBLA wants extra money

  • Dodgymat 07/05/2009

    Why is it only fair to assume they are going to charge for it?

    Did you not read that "Taito did the very same thing with EXIT and the withheld content was completely FREE, all 120 levels of it"

    There's nothing in the demo to say it will cost money, just that it can be downloaded later if you unlock the full game. Conclusion : not worthy of an article on Eurogamer until proven that it will actually cost money, as the headline suggests. This story is 2-bob blog fodder and nothing more.

    Fucking 300k ers....
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  • Dodgymat 07/05/2009

    Unreal on the part of Eurogamer to even consider posting this.

    With the statement of fact headline "Arkanoid XBLA wants extra money" then in the very first sentence saying "This week's Xbox Live Arcade offering Arkanoid Live! may include a hidden charge that users must pay in order to finish the game." is a complete contradiction. No better than the guy who posted a link to his 2-bob blog in the XBLA thread last night, citing comments from and forums as his source!

    Certainly a new low for Eurogamer, tabloid at best. Wouldn't surprise me if "Chris L" is the same guy that posted the blog post to be honest. Taito did the very same thing with EXIT and the withheld content was completely FREE, all 120 levels of it.

    At the very least Eurogamer should've waited until they had confirmation from Taito / MS that it would cost money for episode 3 & 4 before posting this. Rob Purchese - you should be ashamed and I hope you're made to eat your [inflammatory] words.
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