Dunno really.... I'm a bit boring.

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DodgyPast (aka dodgypast) has most recently played DARK SOULS, Batman: Arkham Asylum, GTA IV PC, and FlatOut UC (PC) on Xbox Live.

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  • A / V Aristocrats Anonymous

    TV's, sound systems, all that good stuff 36 Members

  • All New Bargains Group

    Like the 'All New Bargains Thread' but split into multiple
    threads for ease of navigation. It's the future! 566 Members

  • AllAboutTheGames

    All About The 144 Members

  • Amiga Oldies

    For those that own or used to own an Amiga. 72 Members

  • Animal Crossing

    For those who can't resist this quirky game. 119 Members

  • Anime Lovers

    A group for all you anime lovers out there! 294 Members

  • Atheists

    Come and be touched by my noodly appendage 105 Members

  • Audi Owners Group

    For all Audi car owners (particularly TT, A3) or wannabe Audi
    owners 6 Members

  • Battlestar Galactica Frakker Foundation

    All Frakkers Welcome! 49 Members

  • Boardgame Geeks

    Not only for visitors of, but for everybody
    who loves boardgames in their many forms and styles. 11 Members

  • Bob Marley Group

    Chat about Bob Marley and his many hobbies 28 Members

  • Boobies

    We love 'em! 600 Members

  • Book Club

    Looks like we got ourselves a reader 214 Members

  • Booze

    Anything alcohol related 153 Members

  • Browncoats and Whedophiles

    For fans of Firefly and Serenity, or other Whedon creations such
    as Angel or Buffy. 44 Members

  • Chelsea FC Supporter Group

    Fans of the mighty blues can chat here. 7 Members

  • Chop Sockey Fanatics

    Martial Arts movies > * 31 Members

  • Civilisation

    We shall bring civilisation to the forum and the world as a
    whole through the studied clicking of a mouse button and by
    forgoing sleeping when the sun is set. 85 Members

  • Communist Gamers

    In Soviet Russia, pointless group join YOU!! 17 Members

  • Cube Collective

    For Gamecube lovers, or Wii owners looking for classic games. 28 Members

  • Developer's Corner

    From Casual to Professional Developers. Whether it be in Fortran
    77 or ASP .Net this is the place to for you. 56 Members

  • Dreamcast Fanboys

    For those who wish to reminisce about the glory days of Shenmue,
    Chu Chu Rocket, Jet Set Radio, MSR, Phantasy Star Online, Rez,
    Sega Bass Fishing, and so on. Th… 61 Members

  • DS Homebrew

    Homebrew games and apps for the DS 24 Members

  • DS Owners

    One stop place to share friend codes, talk about your DS or
    upcoming games. 195 Members

  • EG oldtimers

    It was all fine until they launched the forum 53 Members

  • Emulation

    Discuss emulation of any kind, on any machine. 80 Members

  • Endless Ocean Pootlers

    For those who pootle through the waters of the Manaurai Sea... 79 Members

  • Eve-Online

    People who give up too much of their life to Eve Online 217 Members

  • Fight Club

    Got beef? Settle like a man! 12 Members

  • Futurama Group

    A group for people who voted for Lrrr of Omicron Persei 8, who
    like snu snu, who have experienced time dilation after 100 cups
    of coffee and generally think Ben… 37 Members

  • Gaming in Japan

    Importing, searching for a classic and discussing you're
    favourites from the land of the Rising Sun 30 Members

  • Geekmeets

    Arrange all your local Geekmeets here 79 Members

  • Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

    131 Members

  • Ghost in the Shell Universe (GITSU)

    General discussion area on this Complex Manga/Anime Series 10 Members

  • Gig Goers

    Chat about who you've seen recently, who you plan to see, who
    you recommend seeing and any tours you think people should know
    about...and anything else gig rela… 39 Members

  • Independent Gaming

    A group for people who are into indie games. Free, shareware,
    PC, Mac, Linux, even console stuff. If it's indie, it is *in*.
    Being emo not a requirement for ent… 134 Members

  • Industry Discussion

    Something in your blurb field and profile picture are membership
    application requirements. 114 Members

  • JRPG Otaku

    222 Members

  • League of Civilized Gamers

    Join now and aid our cause to rid humanity from the parasites
    that prey on it! \o/ Open for all online platforms. 240 Members

  • Let's count to a million!

    we like to count, and somethimes with some odd lines behind the
    number 34 Members

  • Lollipops for Rancors (EG Corp)

    A private group for in-corp bewilderment and cosmic banter. 44 Members

  • Lord of the Rings Online

    Adventuring in Eriador, bumping into the Fellowship. 7742 Members

  • Mario Kart Wii

    63 Members

  • Online Gaming Clique

    Because Elitism is our only hope. 39 Members

  • Orange Biscuits

    No Chevy Chase, no Dan Akroyd. 21 Members

  • OutRun Racers Club

    For all things OutRun related! 147 Members

  • Overclockers

    For people looking to get a bit of extra bang for their buck. 6 Members

  • Petrol Heads

    You don't have to have owned an Alfa Romeo to join, but it
    helps. 13 Members

  • Philosophy and Religion

    1) Disagree respectfully 2) Do not attempt to convert 3) Do
    not attempt to destroy people's faith 72 Members

  • Pro Evo

    Because its better than generic football game 0x. 21 Members

  • PS3, I Choose You!

    The Only PS3 Group You'll Ever Need! 453 Members


    Don't hate the PSP? Get on in here! 155 Members

  • Red Dwarf Appreciation Society

    Trouble with your groinal attachment? Want to Holly-hop?
    Power-up your lightbee and jump on in. 59 Members

  • Retro Fusion

    The group to 'fuse' together all those gamers who pang for the
    games of yesteryear. 63 Members

  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R.(s)

    Official Appreciation Society of the Ukraine's Best Game Ever 77 Members

  • Sega Fans Never Say Die!

    For the company that does what Nintendon't. 187 Members

  • Sega Rally racers club

    All things Sega Rally related... 74 Members

  • Shock Group - System Shock & Bioshock

    For fans of System Shock 1 & 2 and for everybody who is
    inpatiently and eagerly waiting for Bioshock to be released. 26 Members

  • Style

    Everyone has style. Casual dressers and fashionistas alike
    welcome. Fashion snipers keep out. 28 Members

  • Team Fortress 2 - PC version

    For online gamers with skill, taste and tight buns. 56 Members

  • Team ICO Gamers

    Team ICO fan message board 1227 Members

  • TEFL

    For anyone teaching or thinking about teaching English abroad. 1 Members

  • Test Drive Unlimited 2

    63 Members

  • The "Heroes" Appreciation Group (HAG)

    102 Members

  • The Age of Reason

    Bringing back the Enlightenment, one thread at a time. It's
    an amazing world we live in, discuss it here... 29 Members

  • The EG Kitchen

    No Master Chiefs, just Master Chefs! (Do you see what I did
    there?) A group to discuss cooking, favourite recipes, and the
    culinary arts. 95 Members

  • The Gardening Club

    79 Members

  • The Great Outdoors

    Get out! 57 Members

  • The Jets

    The top clique. The EIN crowd. When we dance, Sharks die. 54 Members

  • The Megaten Franchise

    Discussing the Megami Tensei games, including the Persona and
    Digital Devil Saga series. 32 Members

  • The naughty step

    Dodgy stuff. P2P and that kind of thing. 87 Members

  • The Other Side of the Line

    If your posts repeatedly cross the line, then you belong with
    us. Don't be offended if invited, it's purely because we know
    you that you're not as squeamish… 12 Members

  • The over 30's club

    For those of us on the wrong side of 30 who wish to reminisce
    about the good 'ol days when games were real games and . . .
    stuff. 77 Members

  • The Rising Suns - The Japan Group

    For anyone who lives in, fancies visiting, or is interested in
    Japan. Soon to be the home of lists of region-free software,
    Japanese tips, things to see and do,… 47 Members

  • The Sci Fi Group

    A group for people interested in time-travelling aardvarks,
    laser-babies, cloning, zombie jesus and sexy blue women (or men)
    - thank you brother (or sister) - e… 15 Members

  • The Society of Sensation

    "Know the universe by experiencing it fully." - A group for fans
    of the Infinity Engine games - some of the finest CRPGs to ever
    grace the multiverse : Planesca… 7 Members

  • The Studio Ghibli Collection

    A place to discuss the joys and wonders that is Studio Ghibli 118 Members

  • The Travian League

    45 Members

  • The Wii JRPG group

    Are there any? 47 Members

  • Torchlight

    The official unofficial Torchlight group. Discuss loot, modding,
    loot and your favorite pet. Did I mention loot? 15 Members

  • TrackMania

    For anyone who plays TrackMania Original, Sunrise, Nations or
    United! 1542 Members

  • Utter Scumm(VM)

    Play Monkey Island and more for free- see the "New Members"
    thread inside 874 Members

  • Warhammer World.

    54 Members

  • Web & Print Designers

    Need some work doing? Need some questions answered? Pitch it to
    those who know. 74 Members

  • Wii Discussion Group

    Discussion of everything about Wii, posting of news. 54 Members

  • Wii Online

    Share game-specific friend codes with other EG members for a
    rollicking good old laugh on the Nintendo Wii. 108 Members

  • World in Conflict

    25 Members

  • Worms Players

    Oi Nutter! Speak Worms here! 8 Members