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  • Sniper Elite 3 review

  • DocX 26/06/2014

    @azic Well in this case (on Steam) the 'thieving publishers' as you put it, are the developers. Reply +1
  • Rebellion makes Sniper Elite V2 free on Steam

  • DocX 05/06/2014

    @Mar27w Rebellion own the rights to the pc version so they can release what they want. 505 publish it on consoles so it's up to them. Reply +1
  • Aquaria

  • DocX 18/12/2007

    Agree its awesome. I bought it after spending an hour on the demo. Very nice indeed & the atmosphere is great. Reply 0
  • Bruno Bonnell leaves Atari

  • DocX 10/04/2007

    Another ex-Ocean/Infogrames here. To be honest Ocean was bankrupt by the time Bonnell took over - it wouldn't have lasted much longer on its own & the same goes for Gremlin. Bonnell did grind what was left into the dirt though. Firing everyone & installing incompetent Frenchies in all positions certainly didn't help. I remember on a jolly to Sicily, the whole company had to watch him do a piss poor high wire trapeze routine. Cue cheering French and muttering Brits giving 2 finger salutes. Reply 0
  • Reader Reviews

  • DocX 28/06/2004

    Ah, Dragontorc! Nice review of one of my all time favourite games. I played it through on an emulator a couple of years ago & it's still great. Reply 0
  • Mojib Ribbon

  • DocX 25/03/2004

    Is this that rapping calligraphy game, or did I imagine that one? Reply 0
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

  • DocX 18/12/2003

    No review of the new Philosopher's Stone yet then? Reply 0
  • Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon

  • DocX 26/11/2003

    eh? Reply 0
  • DocX 26/11/2003

    I'm only about 5-6 hours into the PC version but I'm really enjoying it so far. I don't have a problem with the dialogue, as has been said before, the first 2 BS games all had stereotypical characters & they don't grate with me anyway.

    Totally agree with Kristian about the doors. As you can listen at doors too before you open them, it's usually 2 stages of annoyance before you find it's inevitably locked.

    It's the crate 'puzzles' that let it down. Whoever thought that would be a good idea should be shot. Such crappy, unoriginal gameplay is unforgiveable. Pushing crates in any game should be a mandatory point deduction from review scores.

    Not sure what FeZZ is on about with the controls, as when the camera switches you continue moving in the direction you had pressed before the change, so you don't end up walking back out the door you just went through. Which is cool I reckon.
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  • Space Colony

  • DocX 23/10/2003

    Meh, sounds like tosh. Someone oughta remake Millenium 2.2 instead. Is that the one you meant pb64_uk? Or the one based on an asteroid, K240 I think it was called. That wasn't bad either. Reply 0
  • Syberia ported to Xbox

  • DocX 21/07/2003

    Amazon are still stocking it on pc. I started playing a few weeks ago & it's quite enjoyable in an old school hunt-the-pixel sort of way. Reply 0
  • Warthog confirms Philosopher's Stone

  • DocX 06/07/2003

    This is a completely new game based on the first Potter book - the one you are refering to was for PSX, while this is for PS2/Xbox etc. Reply 0
  • DocX 04/07/2003


    /catches bouncing Jaffas that have also regained their factory freshness.
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  • Starsky & Hutch

  • DocX 03/07/2003

    Spot on review; I played the first few levels last night. Good but a bit limited in the gameplay. The cartoon cut scenes & the music are tres cool. Reply 0
  • InfogramesNotAtari courts Firaxis

  • DocX 21/05/2003

    Pirates is one of my all time favourites so wow, this is great news (even with the spectre of Infogrames hanging over it). I really hope they do give it some multiplayer options. It's a game like Civ2 that I can just come back to again & again. Get Pirates Gold! on an Amiga emulator (there a few fan sites still knocking around on the web iirc) ya won't regret it. Reply 0
  • Freelancer

  • DocX 11/04/2003

    Nice review, it's restored my faith somewhat. I enjoyed the demo but the full game got quite a slagging on the forum iirc, which put me off a bit. I think I'll get it now after reading the review.

    I never played X: BTF, but I've been on the look out for it - does anyone know where it's available?
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  • Eidos classics for a fiver

  • DocX 04/04/2003

    There are some cracking games on that list. I've always been a fan of the Sold Out range cos my aged PC could only run the older titles. Now I've replaced my computer, the games they're releasing are ones I've always wanted to play for ages. & they're a fiver! Game on for Commandos2, Startopia & Anachronox. It's a pity there isn't an equivalent label on consoles (the platinum type ranges are always pretty limited). Reply 0
  • Vietcong The Musical

  • DocX 04/04/2003

    Don't forget Ride of the Valkyries, that'll be dirt cheap to get. This is a cool idea & will shift a few copies I reckon. Reply 0
  • Master of Orion 3

  • DocX 31/03/2003

    The Infogrames reverse-Midas effect. All they touch turns to shite. Reply 0
  • Indiana Jones and The Emperor's Tomb

  • DocX 26/03/2003

    I always wonder about these reviewers who say they complete games in a weekend ;) They always take me bloody ages, even the short ones. Reply 0
  • DocX 26/03/2003

    Shame it's short, but I'll be getting it anyway. Reply 0
  • Ex-GOD and Ritual folk form Skylab

  • DocX 06/03/2003

    Well, at least it's a developer opening its doors rather than shutting them. Reply 0
  • Def Jam Gold

  • DocX 26/02/2003

    "Vendettahell are we getting it?"

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  • GBA gets Elite

  • DocX 26/02/2003

    Is this out yet? With the SP coming along I'd love to get a copy of this. Reply 0
  • Port Royale

  • DocX 19/02/2003

    Not joining us in the HA HAAAARs Alastair?

    edit: Bah, back to the Amiga version of Pirates for me, till someone makes a decent go of a new game.
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  • Classic games for download

  • DocX 13/02/2003

    Well I had a quick shufty (bit of gruesome site that) but couldn't find any links for the actual games. Anyone got a better link than the home page? Reply 0
  • No more Army Men on GBA

  • DocX 12/02/2003

    Dammit I thought that read 'No more Army Men ever'. Reply 0
  • Take-Two buys another Rockstar

  • DocX 17/01/2003

    Goodnight Vienna ;) Reply 0
  • DocX 17/01/2003

    AAhhhh, Vienna! Reply 0
  • Activision buys more Marvel rights

  • DocX 10/01/2003

    Probably got it til 2009 because all these properties have film projects attached to them. Other than Xmen, the others are stuck in development hell, so Activision are probably hoping that by 2009 they will all have come out & they can ride the marketting. Reply 0
  • Greyhawk coming to the PC

  • DocX 09/01/2003

    This could be good. I always thought Realms was really dull compared to the old Greyhawk stuff. The original & the best - Temple is one of the earliest campaigns iirc. I've been looking around for NWN conversions of old modules but the ones I've seen are pretty crappy. I'd like to see them do the Giants/Drow series or the Slavers modules. They were proper hack & slash back then & light on the role playing, but the setting & storyline etc always made up for it. Superb! Reply 0
  • Indiana Jones And The Emperor's Tomb

  • DocX 06/01/2003

    Hope it's good. It's on my wish list, but then I liked the last one too. Reply 0
  • Codemasters launches career advice resource

  • DocX 04/01/2003

    Keep at it mate, dedication's all you need *trumpet solo* Reply 0
  • DocX 16/12/2002

    Good luck Kylun - I think you're lucky getting an interview by cold calling. QA is the easiest way for the inexperienced to get into the industry. Testing is a thankless & low paid job, but it can get you noticed around the company - & if any junior designer or assistant producer positions come up, a company will look internally, & usually in the test dept first. That's how it worked for me. Reply 0
  • Jolt to host Planetarion

  • DocX 17/12/2002

    I played the first three rounds & enjoyed it quite a lot. There were some smart wars between really huge alliances. Being realtime it's a bit of a life-drainer though - to play seriously you have to log in regularly day & night as someone would attack you at 1 o'clock in the bloody morning to catch you asleep. Fun while it lasted but I dropped it as soon as they starting charging - it's just not worth money. Reply 0
  • Impossible public test

  • DocX 10/12/2002

    It sounded pretty good - til I saw it was an RTS. Shame. Reply 0
  • Defender

  • DocX 06/12/2002

    "I am just praying that the original is hidden in this version somewhere."

    It's not - I remember reading somewhere that that was their original plan, but they decided against it. God knows why.
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  • Splinter Cell chat tonight

  • DocX 22/11/2002

    Looks cool, I'll have to look into getting some back issues. Reply 0
  • DocX 22/11/2002

    "Bendatti Vendetta, that steam-punk War of the Worlds thing"

    Damn damn damn that also sounds like my cup of char, & I really wanted to avoid buying the mag as well :(

    Otto: did you really the think the Red Menace one was worse than the rhyming Cromwell & the tanks story, or the Red House one (that made no sense at all)?

    PJ: Rebellion seem, to me anyway, to be doing a pretty good job. 2000AD is certainly better now than it has been for many a year.
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  • DocX 22/11/2002

    Crimson Seas

    I like it. A lot. I'm interested in anything Piratey, & I love the voodoo magic & mystical stuff. I've been waiting for ages for a game or story that covers that Monkey Island type of setting. So it's my cup of tea all round.

    I agree Past Imperfect is a bit lame. The Red Menace one was OK but the others were stinkers.
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  • DocX 22/11/2002

    A pirate rpg? Yo ho ho & cheers for the link UncleLou! Reply 0
  • DocX 21/11/2002

    The problem with these things is its always the producer who gets interviewed rather than the dev team itself. So rather than anything insightful from the people who actually made the game, you get the bloke who does the holiday sheets spouting PR bollocks. Personally I'd rather hear what the lead designer, coder & artist have to say. Reply 0
  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

  • DocX 14/11/2002

    "The lawyer reminds me of Sean Penn in Carlittos Way."

    Yep that's who I thought it was, I expect that's what they intended. Definately one of his best screen performances in that role.
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  • Enter The Matrix next May

  • DocX 14/11/2002

    You made it up :) At E3 they said it would be coming to all 3 consoles & PC. Reply 0
  • DocX 14/11/2002

    Infogrames bought em last year (or earlier this year, can't remember). Reply 0
  • Vice City rips up the record books

  • DocX 13/11/2002

    The Forum thread is riddled with spoilers though, as I learnt to my cost :( Reply 0
  • Ratchet & Clank

  • DocX 11/11/2002

    Me neither, but I'm not sorry about it ;) Reply 0