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  • Face-Off: Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes on PC

  • DjFlex52 20/12/2014


    But you knew were going to get negged (you should be used to it by now anyway, GR) and now 150 comments later you are here still on the defensive.

    I guess as FMV said...this is fun for you?
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  • DjFlex52 20/12/2014


    But it's not a hidden cost. Its out in the open when you buy a console. If you don't want it like any other product, don't buy it.

    BTW, most people upgrade their computers more than once in a 8 year console cycle.

    Lastly, I agree about console fanatics causing trouble in PC threads. But I see pointless bickering in EVERY article in EG because there are pricks all over the internet world :D
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  • DjFlex52 20/12/2014


    Meaningless, because why do you care who's negging you especially since you don't know who's doing it?

    And because of a few negs we also got this in your "first" comment --

    "--Oh, they'll be from the salty console gamers who were bickering amongst themselves about which version 'looks better', which is apparently fine, but when a version comes out that blitzes both of them its 'PC Elitism'. Roll on Phantom, we all know the definitive platform to buy that for now--"
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  • DjFlex52 20/12/2014


    Yours is a fair comment until you said that online fees double the price of the consoles....not true. I assume you are paying for online to talk to me now :)
    And who doesn't know about the value of PC gaming? It's the taunting and gloating like a schoolboy that is so unbecoming.
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  • DjFlex52 20/12/2014


    Because I own a PC...duh! And a One and PS4.
    Also, I'm an adult who doesn't go on game sites to gloat to "bitter" console fanboys & gamers about my PC having better graphics than theirs. How childish?
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  • DjFlex52 20/12/2014


    And can I assume your PC cost the same price as a PS4 or Xbox One? If not, then, STFU because you paid more than twice for the hardware compared to consoles to wait 9 months later for better graphics and a half priced game. I don't see what the gloating is for? Unless you got your PC for free.
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  • GAME selling Xbox One and four games for £299

  • DjFlex52 28/11/2014


    They only had 10 copies, bone-man
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  • Who needs games: PlayStation 4's first year

  • DjFlex52 17/11/2014


    you're truly ludicrous, bone-man.

    First, FH2 on xbox360 is a different game made by a different developer without dlc and updates.

    Secondly, you add games for ps4 that probably wont come out till 2016 while not even adding the Xbone exclusives for 2015.

    You are trying too hard....

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  • Digging deeper into Halo 5: Guardians' new Smart Scope and Spartan Abilities

  • DjFlex52 12/11/2014


    No, you're bored with it but you're still in here posting. And we'll probably see at least 4 or 5 more troll posts out of you in here while your boredom escalates.

    EG, please write any article about a Sony or PC game so the Iron-box twins (Iron Soldier, his twin brother) can be happy.
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  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection review

  • DjFlex52 10/11/2014


    So with that dumb logic, I guess...

    Mario Kart 8 is a 10 if you're a fanboy
    7/10 if you not bothered with racing anymore

    Last of Us is a 10 if you're a fanboy
    7/10 if you're not bothered with Naughty Dog cinematic games anymore.

    Yep, that makes sense. Hey bone-head..why are you even here?
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  • Watch this Grand Theft Auto 5 PS3-to-PS4 comparison video

  • DjFlex52 06/11/2014


    Sorry but it was the other way around...360 had a better performance than PS3 for GTA IV & GTA V

    Btw, it's hard to trust Rockstar with PC ports. PC versions have never been a priority with Rockstar... I'm sorry to say.
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  • Dragon Age: Inquisition's EA Access trial detailed

  • DjFlex52 04/11/2014


    You were right about there being a DA2 demo, UL, but I disagree that there are lots of demos that let you keep your progress.

    Most RPG demos don't start at the beginning anyway so you can't save your progress.
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  • DjFlex52 04/11/2014

    I don't remember demos for DA: Origins or what are people bitching about?

    Secondly, Most demos for RPGs really aren't received too well.
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  • Sunset Overdrive review

  • DjFlex52 28/10/2014


    ----- You want something negative about Sony? They have been doing a very bad job at keeping momentum. Their DriveClub launch was a disaster (but I still think it is a great game <- see what I did?!). -----

    Like most in here, you take what you want from a post without reading it clearly. I never said you didn't say negative comments about Sony. And what you did say was exactly my point about you. You said a negative about Sony and then added that Driveclub is a great game. How can a social driving game be great if you can't launch its social aspects?
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  • DjFlex52 28/10/2014


    Because you answered my facts about yourself by doing the opposite doesn't erase your past, my friend. Are you turning over a new leaf? I doubt it.

    And so because you have disdain for MS, this site was picked as your voice of negativity towards anything MS. And your justification that you only resort to name calling if someone does it first is really mature of you.

    :rolleyes: (something I learned from reading your posts)

    Edit: I just have a hard time understanding why people come here to be negative ad nauseum...What do you get out of it?
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  • DjFlex52 27/10/2014


    Fact: I've never read a comment by you saying a positive thing about MS without a negative dig in between.
    Fact: I've read a lot of positive comments by you about Sony without a negative dig in between.
    Fact: You have done a lot of name calling to people who disagree with you.
    So you can make believe you are an objective commenter but history tells us different.
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  • DjFlex52 27/10/2014


    And as you've noticed, no one cares about your sense (cents). Who did you think you were going to influence with your biased comments?
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  • DjFlex52 27/10/2014


    Like most kids on this site, you pick and choose what you want to debate while conveniently blinding yourself on the whole comment.

    Are you denying that this site is full of fanboys squabbling and defending the preferred console in the comments section EVERY DAY? Just scroll this page for proof!
    The first commenter liked the game...Fine!..but there was no reason whatsoever to say that this game wouldn't make him buy a Xbox One. Who cares? And why would one game make ANYONE buy a console? Which means he said it to add a negative spin on a positive statement about the game. It's par for the course on this site. I'm not harsh...just being real.
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  • DjFlex52 27/10/2014

    So 3 out of the first 4 comments don't even own a Xbox One. This site is overrun with fanboys. I thought it was bad 5 years ago. No wonder there are murmurs of gamers being dead. It's true. You can't just game HAVE to pick sides now...ugh!

    Fanboys FTL!
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  • Goat Simulator gallops onto iOS and Android

  • DjFlex52 18/09/2014

    I goat-ta tell you...enough is enough! Reply 0
  • Destiny public events to occur more frequently

  • DjFlex52 12/09/2014

    I wish people would stop saying "this game gets repetitive". ALL games are repetitive, but if you enjoy its specific gameplay, it doesn't matter.

    BTW, if you don't like the game, why are you in its comments section? This is a main reason the world thinks gamers are juvenile and don't take this industry as a viable adult recreational it does movies, music and tv.
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  • Ubisoft: only "vocal minority" complains about number of Assassin's Creed games

  • DjFlex52 14/08/2014

    Assassin's Creed IV sold 10 million units, so all you whiners ARE the vocal minority and are gladly ignored while Ubi gets richer. Few games last year sold more than AC IV.

    It always befuddles me how some game companies pay attention to the vocal internet whiners who complain about anything popular while their games sell millions.
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  • Titanfall sold 925K retail copies in the US during March

  • DjFlex52 07/05/2014

    Also not counting in digital sales on Xbox One...which would give these sales numbers an extra boost.

    I haven't bought a retail game yet and I have 10 games on my One.
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  • 2013 Steam Holiday Sale offers wicked bargains

  • DjFlex52 20/12/2013

    @OneClassyBloke mean like Sony's PS+ ?
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  • Video: Remixing Diablo 3 in Reaper of Souls' Adventure mode

  • DjFlex52 02/12/2013


    Hmm...I guess his first sentence doesn't count. Why am I the only person to read it?
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  • DjFlex52 02/12/2013

    oh God...a positive article but, of course, the first comment is someone with a snarky bitch comment. And the rest of the complaining twits will soon follow.

    Not smart or qualified enough to develop a game but cranky enough to bitch about one, huh? That's why I frequent here less and less.
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  • All the Xbox One launch games and their install sizes

  • DjFlex52 21/11/2013


    so true :)
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  • DjFlex52 20/11/2013


    no, you're replying to a gamer. Because I like Xbox doesn't mean I don't like Sony and Nintendo. Why do you even think so cynically? I like to game. I play on PC, mobile, Nintendo and Sony. Why do I have to pick sides?

    Why is it on lately this site that if you say something positive about any console, it means you have to dislike other consoles?

    edit: my first comment didn't pick a side...It was just an observation.
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  • DjFlex52 20/11/2013


    Why are you (a gamer?)defending a company that has less games at launch than its competition? Forza and Dead Rising are 2 exclusive choices the PS4 doesn't have. Isn't that what its all
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  • DjFlex52 20/11/2013


    It says alot. Many have complained loudly that MS concentrates too much on features while Sony concentrated only on gaming. Lo and behold, MS have more game choices to play at launch than Sony.
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  • DjFlex52 20/11/2013

    The Xbone has more games than the PS4, at launch, and more variety. Reply -26
  • Xbox One is launching with a YouTube App

  • DjFlex52 21/11/2013

    wow...and you haven't been negged into oblivion yet. Wonders never cease ;)
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  • DjFlex52 21/11/2013

    As usual, the abundance of snide remarks regarding the One invades EG without a peep from all those who get in such an uproar if the same is uttered about the PS4...Utter hypocrisy in EG! Reply 0
  • EA talks multiplatform Titanfall sequels

  • DjFlex52 20/11/2013


    They didnt milk it. Acti is the culprit by making Treyarch develop a COD game on Infinity Ward's off year...thus, a COD game every year.
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  • Eurogamer's Games of the Generation: The top 50

  • DjFlex52 04/11/2013


    By the criteria you just described, they should have just called it a "personal favorites" games of the generation list.

    They should not have used the title "Games of the Generation" because that's not what this is.
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  • Halo: Spartan Assault confirmed for Xbox One and Xbox 360

  • DjFlex52 29/10/2013

    Higher price for inferior performance isn't great, and sadly neither are the exclusives

    Isn't that what the PS3 was, at launch? And it didn't turn out so bad for the PS3 in the long run.
    To the fanboy, the WiiU isn't next gen and now so is the XB1.
    To normal gamers, it's all about the games they enjoy playing.
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  • Xbox One will function without Kinect plugged in

  • DjFlex52 13/08/2013


    I surmise that you cannot spell, think or piss without help.
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  • DjFlex52 13/08/2013

    This is fun watching so many gamers talk out of their ass. I wonder how many of you we're hating on Sony when they SUPER botched their PS3 launch. And Sony did it not only before but even after the release of the PS3.

    PS3 before release
    1. Remember the boomerang controller...gone
    2. 3 Ethernet ports and 8 USBs - where are they?
    3. Rumble is passť and doesn't work with Sixaxis...Oh yeah?
    4. 2 HDMI outputs - a no show
    5. Games will look like the Killzone CGI at E3...ermmm okay?

    PS3 after release
    1. Backwards compatibility - took it out of the next model!
    2. Linux - took that out too!
    3. GT5 will be released soon after launch - HA HA!
    4. Rumble is back in style - quick 180 turn.
    5. Sony boasted that gamers would get 2 jobs to buy a PS3 which they knew was overpriced.
    6. PSN Home - nuff said!

    And then to top it all, Sony said the Cell would outperform the Xbox 360 with ALL games playing at 1080p.
    MS will have to do much more than they have done so far to match Sony's ineptitude of last gen launch.
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  • DjFlex52 13/08/2013

    Unpopular gaming opinion - I'm buying Xbox One because it DOES have Kinect and PS4 doesn't :) Reply -55
  • Sony's E3 victory was a PR stunt, but PlayStation 4 is still the one to watch

  • DjFlex52 13/06/2013


    No, you're incorrect.
    If most weren't so obsessed with DRM and used games they would see the innovation that's in Xbox One (online, game dvr, and cloud AI gaming) compared to PS4.
    Sony courting the indies is not innovative...360 already did that last generation. BTW, because it's indie doesn't mean it's innovative...just different. Innovation usually comes from the mid-tier developers.
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  • DjFlex52 13/06/2013


    And some people really don't understand how can you have an opinion before you have the facts.
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  • DjFlex52 13/06/2013

    "...already laid into Microsoft's hoary old Xbox One line-up"

    WOW! It's these kind of articles that show why game journalism is at an all-time low. The two next-gen consoles don't come out for 5 months and some journalistic minds are derogatory and biased already. We should ALL be joyous of 2 new electronic toys to play with (3, really) but every site I've been to lately are promoting fanboyism and dividing gamers into sides. It's really a shame and detrimental to the industry and gamers alike.
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  • Xbox One's Kinect will talk back to users ala Siri or Knight Rider - rumour

  • DjFlex52 24/05/2013

    SDF in full force this week! Brutal! Reply -12
  • Alan Wake developer announces Xbox One game Quantum Break

  • DjFlex52 21/05/2013

    Day One! Reply -1
  • Demon's Souls, ICO & SOTC, and Kingdoms of Amalur free on PlayStation Plus in June

  • DjFlex52 15/05/2013

    So Sony is great because you get free games while the developers get nothing for it.
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  • Watch Dogs includes 60 minutes of PS3-exclusive content

  • DjFlex52 30/04/2013


    I was wondering where this invasion of EG from Sony knucklehead fans migrated from in the past year (where any positive comment of Nintendo or MS gets negged). It's N4G...that's the ticket ;)
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  • Respawn registers trademark for Titan

  • DjFlex52 17/04/2013


    I'm in the other camp. I'm glad we haven't been inundated with screenshot after screenshot from Respawn. I watched only a few previews of Bioshock Infinite or Tomb Raider and I'm happy I did. Also, I'm glad Rockstar only gives us a few screenshots every 6 months. When the game comes out it adds to the excitement :)
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  • Tomb Raider has sold 3.4 million copies, failed to hit expectations

  • DjFlex52 26/03/2013

    Irrational has stated that Bioshock Infinite spent $100 million to produce and $100 million to market. I can't fathom SE spending more than that....probably less. Reply -1
  • UK chart: Xbox 360-exclusive Gears of War: Judgment storms top

  • DjFlex52 26/03/2013


    Does n't gears sell more than god of war anyway? Why put a positive spin on one set of sales and a negative on the other when both have sold less than previous iterations?

    You guys always think there's a bias. The reason the headlines for each game was different is because God of War didn't top the charts its first week while Gears did. If Gears Judgment had launched in 2nd place like God Of War: Ascension, I think we would have seen the headline say it sold 1/4 of Gears 3.
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  • DjFlex52 25/03/2013


    That's because Gears 3 initially sold alot more than God of War 3.

    edit: negged, huh....I guess truth telling is frowned upon in here....PS3FTW ok?
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