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  • Peter Moore: "Future couldn't be brighter for FIFA"

  • Dixons 12/06/2008

    "I think PES09 is going to shit on Fifa09 from a great height ;) "

    GLOL! You so crazy!
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  • UK Gov should celebrate GTA - Kingsley

  • Dixons 30/04/2008


    The reason for GTA's approach is that it's meant to be satire, not deadpan serious in tone. It pokes fun at societal issues using humour, but it still addresses them in a deep and meaningful way, unlike 99.99% of games out there.

    Incidentally, I'd like to see this BRITISH company make a BRITISH game next. Returning to Liberty City was exactly the right thing for IV, with its immigrant, American Dream story, but next game, enough already. There's a world outside America that's worth exploring ya know, and for starters the British psyche and quirks would make a wonderful playground for Rockstar's unique brand of social commentary. DO EET!
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  • Wii Roundup

  • Dixons 09/03/2008

    smelly, your point about Halo 3 and its supposed lack of originality is so mind-numbingly stupid, it brings tears to my eyes.

    In case you hadn't noticed, its the third part of an over-arching three-part trilogy saga. It's SUPPOSED to be similar to the other two games, because as a whole they represent one story, one game. If you, or anyone else for that matter are looking for a new shooting experience, then by all means go and play Bioshock because Halo 3 is just that - Halo 3. I mean, did you walk into The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King and complain "why is this film so god damned similar to the first two?!"

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  • Oasis tracks released for Rock Band

  • Dixons 22/01/2008

    I feel like Marty McFly in here. o_O

    Ah, the mid-90's. 'Britpop', dance music, good times! :)
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  • Eurogamer's Top 50 Games of 2007: 20-11

  • Dixons 27/12/2007

    "I prefer Sony exclusives... altough i must admit that in 2007 both machines (x360 and Ps3) were balanced"


    Oh dear. Won't somebody tell him?
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  • Eurogamer's Top 50 Games of 2007: 40-31

  • Dixons 25/12/2007

    Is there a reason so many of you are cacking it at the prospect of Halo 3 being number 1? I mean, it is only a game after all, um, do you really hate it that much?! o_O

    Fwiw I don't think Halo 3 will get it as it doesn't have the wow factor some of the others had imo. It's a highly polished, virtually flawless piece of fan service but nothing more than that really. Will be top 10 though, no question.
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  • Top Spin 3

  • Dixons 15/12/2007

    "Both TS2 and VT3 were crap compared to TP1. I hope they go back this road."


    For me TS is to VT what Fifa is to PES now. A more realistic, slow paced and tactical representation of its sport
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  • Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway

  • Dixons 13/12/2007

    I love the BiA games' small-scall, town-by-town, hamlet-by-hamlet approach to WWII, as opposed to CoD/MoH's loud, bombastic depiction.

    The former seems more authentic to me, more tactical. The latter are just Hollywood crap shoots imo.
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  • The Golden Compass

  • Dixons 10/12/2007

    I was in GAME at the weekend and witnessed a mother pick this up (360 version) mull it over and obviouslt decide that since she'd seen ads for the film on the telly the game *must* be good and would make an excellent pressie for her young son or daughter.

    Worst thing was Viva Pinata was right beside Golden Compass. How thoroughly depressing.
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  • Flight Simulator X: Acceleration

  • Dixons 18/11/2007

    Had ACES been generous enough to include an A380 or a 787 then just about every element of their customer base would have been catered for

    SO true. Missed oppurtunity that... :(
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  • Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare review

  • Dixons 06/11/2007

    MoGamer2006 said: "Is anyone else getting bored of FPSs?"

    Dixons said: "That's why I basically ignored BioShock"

    moggsy said: "That's a mistake of quite massive proportions"

    I know I've basically committed gamer sacrilege with what I just said and I know Bioshock is meant to be all art deco and stuff but at heart it's still a shooter and over the last year or two I've simply had my fill. That said I do love the Halo games. In fact, they're about the only shooter I can really abide by these days. But the rest generally leave me cold, irrespective of how good they are.

    Like I said, I've basically given the likes of Bioshock and The Orange Box a wide berth, in favour of saving my monies for more adventure-tastic games like the upcoming Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, Tomb Raider Annie, etc.
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  • Dixons 06/11/2007

    Is anyone else getting bored of FPSs?

    Kind of. That's why I basically ignored BioShock and Half Life 2, and got my fill with Halo 3 (and what a fill it was too, awesome game!). I'll also be giving CoD4 a wide berth. Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect and Tomb Raider Anniversary are what's on my menu over the next while. Shooters can wait.
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  • Dixons 06/11/2007


    Blimey! Tbh, I'm all shootered out after the awesome Halo 3, and next on my agenda is Mass Effect (which isn't a shooter per se obviously but it does feature a lot of shooty action) so not a lot of CoD4 love to be had from me sadly. Maybe in the future I'll give it a shot.

    No pun intended!
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  • Eye of Judgement

  • Dixons 06/11/2007


    Original and innovative don't automatically mean brilliant.
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  • Microsoft announces Xtival 07

  • Dixons 31/10/2007

    Hopefully my 360 will have returned from the black hole that is the MS repair centre by then. Sounds interesting anyway. Reply 0
  • Games are not stories - Wright

  • Dixons 25/10/2007


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  • Dixons 25/10/2007

    "Games are not stories"

    Try telling that to the millions of people who became genuinely engrossed in the Halo trilogy, myself included.

    Just because 99.999% of games are rubbish at creating a compelling world and character set, doesn't mean it can't be done. If Bungie can do it, anyone can
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  • Bungie explains Halo resolution

  • Dixons 01/10/2007

    "Do you know the meaning of a perfect score??"

    If you're going to come on a website and dispute one of its scores, the least you could do would be to familiarise yourself with said website's scoring policy. Then you might be taken seriously.
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  • Dixons 01/10/2007

    "How can a game be possibly rated max while not excelling in every category?"

    Because the whole is greater than the sum of its parts perhaps?

    Show us where on your body the Master Chief touched you..
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  • Dixons 01/10/2007

    Simple equation. The more somebody cares about 'missing' resolution, the less likely they are to have had sex. Ever. Reply 0
  • FIFA 08

  • Dixons 30/09/2007

    "its a parallel universe. PES was the sim and FIFA was arcade!, when did they bloody swap."

    Maybe PES was never much a sim? It was just more simmy than Fifa so benefited for the comparison. And now that Fifa has become a genuine sim, people are seeing PES for what it really and always was.
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  • Dixons 29/09/2007

    Great review. Game sounds awesome. Reply 0
  • Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts

  • Dixons 27/09/2007

    This has me motivated to go back to the first one and finish it. It's not that I didn't like it because I did. A lot. But so many games, so little time. Reply 0
  • Halo 3

  • Dixons 27/09/2007

    layleeloo have you ever thought of throwing this much energy and passion into fighting a more worthy cause, like saving the world Master Chief style? Reply 0
  • Dixons 26/09/2007

    A worthless victory. What a complete, total and utter loser. Reply 0
  • Dixons 26/09/2007

    And we're supposed to trust his belief that most of the high scores that Halo 3 has been receiving are somehow wrong. The guy can't even make his own mind up! Reply 0
  • Dixons 24/09/2007

    Such a sad comments thread. Why are so many so-called gamers upset at the fact that a videogame scored highly? Surely we should all be popping the champers and looking forward to some high quality indulgence of our favourite hobby? Good grief. Reply 0
  • Halo 3 breaking sales records

  • Dixons 26/09/2007

    I wonder would smelly proudly tell all his friends and family that he spends this amount of time on a gaming website complaining because a game he doesn't like has been a rip-roaring success on all fronts? Reply 0
  • Skate

  • Dixons 25/09/2007

    Well said richardiox. Is he honestly suggesting that high scores should be rationed out? Maybe some sort of Bell Curve applied?? Reply 0
  • Dixons 25/09/2007

    Nature of the beast though isn't it? It's not real life, it's a videogame. There are bound to be some anomalies here and there. Like in Forza where you can't total a car or get much height even if you hit the crest of a hill at high speed. I think it's a case of Skate feeling far more real than the TH games even if it's not actually 100% real itself. Reply 0
  • Dixons 25/09/2007

    Really enjoyed the demo. It's a far more realistic skateboarding experience than the TH games will ever hope to be. More about chilling out, practising your lines and immersing yourself in skate culture than flying about the place like Superman. Reply 0
  • Games leading online market

  • Dixons 12/09/2007

    It's because it's super easy to illegally download music and video to your PC. But when it comes to console gaming, not so easy. Reply 0
  • Far Cry, Sands of Time free

  • Dixons 03/09/2007

    Interesting. I gave up on SoT the first time because the combat was crap. Tempted to give it another shot now Reply 0
  • GC: FIFA 08 gets 5v5 online

  • Dixons 22/08/2007

    I can't see why this couldn't work though. The principal is no different to team based FPS'. Teams that play together will win and those that play as individuals will lose. Reply 0
  • Wii: 2007's Most Wanted

  • Dixons 10/08/2007

    Surprisingly good list. Some decent games there. Reply 0
  • US Halo 3 breaks 1m pre-orders

  • Dixons 10/08/2007

    Let's just say that throughout my life I've always tried to see the best in people. But web 2.0 has well and truly shattered that illusion. Arguing over sales numbers ugh. Some people need a life a woman and a clue Reply 0
  • Dixons 10/08/2007

    If the internet is anything to go by, there are a lot of very sad people in the world. Reply 0