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  • Gaming mags suffering

  • Divebomb 14/02/2003

    Arcade was an absolutely cracking read, I was very disappointed when it stopped.

    GamesTM seems to be going for an Arcade-style mag, with it's retro content & being very well-written.
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  • Free Vice City goodies

  • Divebomb 18/11/2002

    Great stuff.

    I wanted a GTA ringtone after hearing the C64-style rendition of it on the loading screen on VC :)
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  • Sold Out’s magnificent seven

  • Divebomb 16/10/2002

    Kingpin was a truly great MP experience - there's never been anything quite like Bagman... Pure class :) Reply 0
  • Aggressive Inline

  • Divebomb 28/09/2002

    But it IS a cracking game, otto.

    You just gotta get used to it.
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  • Rare deal for Microsoft

  • Divebomb 10/09/2002

    Makes sense ;)

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  • Divebomb 10/09/2002

    Sorry to appear a bit of a thinkie but what's IP stand for in this context?

    "Image something or other"?
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  • Aggressive Inline

  • Divebomb 08/09/2002

    The Cube version takes a ridiculous 57 slots on a Memory card...

    I've got the game but can't play it properly cos I ain't buying a small memory card so close to the 251 card's release.
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  • More Nemesis movie details

  • Divebomb 03/08/2002

    I really liked it too.

    Had a good atmosphere and soundtrack and ended billiantly.
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  • Buffy belated

  • Divebomb 02/08/2002

    So Buffy (Xbox) and Res Evil (Cube) out on Friday 13th - a PR machine's wet dream, surely? Reply 0
  • Dark Angel resurrected

  • Divebomb 07/07/2002

    Enterprise is complete tosh - Star Trek's been going downhill since DS9 ended, unfortunately, what with Voyager's "reset button" every episode and Enterprise being duller than a very dull thing that doesn't reflect light on a cold and cloudy day.

    Andromeda on the other hand, rocks serious bells. It's funny, got a great cast, has episodes that get referred to afterwards and plenty of both ship to ship and hand to hand combat scenes. Plus Tyr is the best character on a TV show ever.
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  • Xbox advert "shocking"

  • Divebomb 05/06/2002

    I know Xbox takes a bit of a bashing but does ANYONE agree with the ad getting banned? Thought not ;) Reply 0
  • Lara Croft II?

  • Divebomb 03/06/2002

    Tomb Raider was one of those films that, although it looked pretty, had no SOUL to it whatsoever. In fact, 4 of us watching it on DVD decided to turn it off after 40 minutes because we wre all bored shitless. Reply 0
  • Activision goes straight up

  • Divebomb 03/06/2002

    hah, pervy gaming really is in :) Reply 0
  • NBA Courtside 2002

  • Divebomb 31/05/2002

    FWB -
    I hope we see Senegal pull something out of the bag this afternoon.

    Blimey mate, got the Lotto numbers too ;)
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  • Divebomb 28/05/2002

    Sounds pretty good - might have to get this! Reply 0
  • PlayStation Sims

  • Divebomb 27/05/2002

    Monkeyball kept me off Rogue Leader, then I got THPS which kept me off Monkeyball, and now I have Super Smash Bros which keeps me off THPS :)

    I tend to play one game a lot at once.
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  • Nintendo announces Cube and GBA releases

  • Divebomb 22/05/2002

    So that's Super Smash Brothers Melee and Pikmin in the next month, then Resident Evil in September, Mario Sunshine & Eternal Darkness in October, Starfox Adventures in November and Metroid Prime in December.

    Not bad at all :)
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  • Pre-E3: Xbox delivers

  • Divebomb 22/05/2002

    LOL - now EG are Xbox fanboys...

    Someone remind them of the Halo score, quick!
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  • The Empire's Counter-Strike

  • Divebomb 21/05/2002

    C'mon EG peeps we need MORE on that Dead or Alive Volleyball game!

    Between that and Beach Spikers being announced for GC pervy gaming is back IN ;)
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  • Attack Of The Consoles

  • Divebomb 20/05/2002

    This is a battle I do not think that we can win Reply 0
  • Tony Homer's Pro Skater?

  • Divebomb 18/05/2002

    Oh... my... God...

    It's the end of the world as we know it.

    The Genre-hopping Simpsons will destroy the world...
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  • Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader

  • Divebomb 10/05/2002

    When I first went to New York a few years ago I thought I'd do the tourist-y thing and head to Times Square. I get there and it is empty. Absolutely no-one or nothing about. Not one person. It was about 8, 9pm. Bet you five quid you can't guess why...

    Was this when they shut Times Square to shoot a sequence for the god-awful Bruce Willis vehicle called "The Siege"?
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  • Divebomb 09/05/2002

    Whilst pulling an all-nighter to get some pesky coursework in, my and my mate watched the entire 3rd season of Deep Space 9 in one go to keep us entertained. Reply 0
  • Divebomb 09/05/2002

    Spiras - best chocolate bar ever :) Reply 0
  • Divebomb 09/05/2002

    [Blerk] - 09-May-2002
    Tea, anyone? Seeing as otto's away... ;-)

    Milk no sugar, plz :D
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  • Divebomb 09/05/2002


    /me waits for the XBox fanboys to wade in...

    [Stampax] - 09-May-2002
    9 out of 10...... surely you cant give a game that crashes and is a bit short that high? considering the poor scores that virtually all xbox games have received here, i'm sensing some bias here........

    didn't have to wait long ;)
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  • Games Stars In Their Eyes

  • Divebomb 10/05/2002

    One of the Games Editors on Cube magazine is Martin Mathers - he used to be one of the Videators from Gamesworld :)

    Just thought that was quite cool, heh
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  • Capcom confirms dates for Resi, Onimusha 2

  • Divebomb 09/05/2002

    1399. Homer J Simpson:

    They should rename it 'The Two Doughnuts'. Mmmmmm doughnuts.

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  • Divebomb 09/05/2002

    One of them says "How about renaming it 'The Twin Towers', is that better?"

    Yes, the internet sure was a great invention...
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  • 3DO to announce Cube plans

  • Divebomb 09/05/2002

    3DO had great versions of Road Rash, Need For Speed, FIFA and Star Control 2.

    It's well worth a tenner, then pick those games up cheap...
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  • NBA Street canned, says EA

  • Divebomb 09/05/2002

    It did get some good reviews, too...

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  • 2002 FIFA World Cup

  • Divebomb 07/05/2002

    Electric batteries, light bulbs, transformers and motors were all invented by Europeans.

    Transformers are a US invention, although Japan thought up robots that change into cars and guns and stuff :P

    Sorry guys, thought this thread could do with a little frigging humour...
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  • Divebomb 06/05/2002

    This 'game' is absolutely terrible.

    It features slowdown WHILE YOU ARE PLAYING - not just on replays or highlights. During this slowdown you can't kick or pass, it's just awful.

    It also crashed twice in 2 days, the first XBox game I've seen crash.

    Added to the above, annoying touches like on the team select screen, player 2 not being able to select his own team, needing player 1 to do it for him.

    Also, there isn't the option to have a multiplayer WC tournament - you can only pick one team to play as.

    I had such high hopes for this game but after 2 days it got taken back.
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  • Paul Fox of Microsoft Europe

  • Divebomb 06/05/2002

    Otto: "Here's another one: for YEARS I thought there was a verb "to misle" someone (pronounced 'my-zal'), meaning bamboozle, fool, cheat them, until one day someone asked me what the hell I was talking about when I said that I'd been my-zald (spelt 'misled')... cue ridicule and laughter at my expense. "Awry" was the other one, I always thought it was 'awe-ree' - this is what comes of reading too much and speaking too little when young."

    I thought the exact same thing about misled, and for the same reasons...

    I thought I was the only one *sniff*
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  • Cube launch in pictures

  • Divebomb 06/05/2002

    I'm currently stuck on Adv level 15, the one in which the whole level slopes one way then the other. Reply 0
  • Cube sales estimates

  • Divebomb 03/05/2002

    I got mine this morning.

    Apparently Game in Swindon had 80 preorders - not bad at all.
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  • Wave Race: Blue Storm

  • Divebomb 02/05/2002

    Yay Transformers - love 'em to death, me.

    The cartoon is REALLY cheesy and doesn't stand the test of time - there are some nice comic TPBs from Titan, though, and of course the new Dreamwave comic.

    Er... back on topic - Wave Race Blue Storm, not really my cup of tea.

    And all you sad Xbox fanboys? WE DON'T CARE WHAT YOU THINK mwahahahahahaha
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  • Rogue Leader is UK's top pre-order

  • Divebomb 02/05/2002

    lol most impressive console game you've ever seen? Just upgraded your NES to GameCube, huh? There are dozens of Xbox and PS2 games (and other GameCube games) that are more impressive than this one

    Actually, I've used most consoles in my time, including PS2 and Xbox, so I ain't no 'fanboy'.

    For me, being a shameless Star Wars fan who has been very disappointed with recent SW gaming output, no other game - not Halo, not JSRF, not GTA3, not Devil May Cry - has impressed me more than Rogue Leader.

    It creates an atmosphere akin to the films, with such spot-on graphics and sound.

    Admittedly, it's "only" an update, but that doesn't make it any less impressive.
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  • Divebomb 01/05/2002

    In light of those recent comments, I'd like to amend my previous view of "Most impressive console game I've ever seen" to "shitty"

    Or, or not.
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  • Divebomb 01/05/2002

    Also, for people checking out Nem's fab link, go here for more Rogue Leader goodness:


    there's a bit at the bottom called Media Page - click that to get more screenies and some movies, it's ALL good!
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  • Sega Soccer Slam

  • Divebomb 01/05/2002

    This is one I've had my eye on for a while - nice preview! Reply 0
  • £129 isn't £129

  • Divebomb 27/04/2002

    Me and my bro share a house.

    He had a PS2 - we both thought the games, for the most part, were pap, with one or two exceptions. Very disappointed with the quality of the games.

    He chopped his PS2 in to get an Xbox at launch.

    I've preordered a GameCube.
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  • Divebomb 24/04/2002

    According to reports, the standalone price in Game/EB will be £129.99.

    And, as Whizzo said above, the Luigi's Mansion pack (GC, LM game, unofficial mem card) is £180 so that'd be £130 plus £40 plus £10? for the memory card.

    Looks like the price will be £130 after all :)
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  • Divebomb 23/04/2002

    "I am sure many were excited by the news yesterday, and will now blame us on the frontline for putting the price up by £10."

    Yeah, like we didn't blame you for putting the price up by £20 the first time, you greedy so-and-sos!
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  • Halo review

  • Divebomb 24/04/2002

    I agree with most of Gestalt's points on Halo.

    It was being hyped as 'the best thing ever ever ever!!!11' but... it's not. It's a console FPS that does some things (graphics, storyline, co-op mode) very well, and other things (basically the entire second part of the game) badly.

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  • Nintendo fills the Cube

  • Divebomb 24/04/2002

    Didn't Allstars do "The Land of Make Believe"? How ironic for them to be approached by Nintendo ;) Reply 0
  • Shiny Happy Gamers

  • Divebomb 23/04/2002

    This is Football had a lot of criticism but it was the only footy game me and my bro played on the PS2... Much better than PES I reckon. Reply 0
  • Cube fans: £129 is £129

  • Divebomb 23/04/2002

    Sorry to add to the rumours, but I heard that Amazon wouldn't be getting any GameCubes delivered to customers for launch day, rather that the earliest Amazon orders would be fulfilled was the Tuesday (7th May) due to the Monday being a Bank Holiday. Reply 0
  • GameCube €199 / £129

  • Divebomb 22/04/2002

    This is amazing news!

    I didn't think the price would drop cos of the rumpus that the retailers pulled off when it was announced at £150.

    I preordered at Game on Saturday - hope they drop the price!
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  • Dead or Alive 3

  • Divebomb 18/04/2002

    It does have some of the best graphics I've seen on a console... but for me the playability was lacking. Reply 0