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  • Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition review

  • Dismiss 19/01/2018

    @1Million_Tons_of_TNT The free version is donwloaded automatically, just like any other update (actually, then it updates itself once more through the UI, you don't need to do anything, though). If your screen is all golden-like and the arcade mode is available, then you're good to go.

    The store is selling the standalone version (the one that is also being sold physically, in stores, and includes the 2 character passes as well)
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    @grassyknoll Indeed, the model itself is much friendlier and more honest, IMO. It is an ongoing fighting platform, no more getting the latest release or being left out. The original release was a bit of a shambles, though. Too few modes, lots of staple characters missing and problematic online (which is par for thw course in any new online game, but considering it was supposed to be the main event, it didn't go down very well). Reply -3
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    Α whole paragraph about Sakura's story and character development (which is like 5 lines and literally a couple of fights)? My, someone's invested in the SF universe. :)

    The game is top-notch, though. Finally.
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  • Looks like Microsoft's pricey Xbox Elite controller is getting an upgrade

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    To anyone who's tried it: is the dpad on the Elite controller any better than the vanilla one for fighting games? Or is the whole thing too heavy to even consider using it for this kind of game? I really don't want to buy another arcade stick. At least this can be used for all kinds of games. Oh, and yeah, please include play and charge functionality with all new controllers from now on, this was getting ridiculous. Reply 0
  • Sources: Microsoft plots Fable return

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    @GreyBeard Well, at this point, they don't really need to win back anything. The series was about to go f2p and then it was shut down altogether. Existing fans will be happy that the franchise will be coming back from the dead. Just making a good game will suffice for points 1 and 2. New directions is not a strict requirement for adding successful games to existing franchises, but it's not hard to think of a few possibilities, such as a character-based story, or an Amalur-like approach to loot and modularity.

    In theory, your points would also be valid for Zelda and AC, but do you really think they would be more successful if they went for a new IP instead of making BOTW or Origins? I'm not so sure. I'd love to see them making a new IP, but using an existing one makes sense if you already have one that fits your idea thematically.
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    @GreyBeard Because it's easier. They already have a more or less respected fantasy RPG IP, and they can probably reuse some of the assets they've already created for Fable Legends so that they don't start completely from scratch.

    And anyway, it's not like Fable is tied to any sort of hero or character, it's mainly about the world. They could change that if they wanted and do a character-based thing, Witcher-style. They don't really need a new IP to make it feel like a new IP, that's all I'm saying. Not that I'm too optimistic about it.
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  • Dismiss 17/01/2018

    @davidesalvadori LOL, still over the moon this is happening, but yeah, this is pretty much how it looks. Reply 0
  • PUBG becomes Xbox One sensation surpassing 3 million players in a month

  • Dismiss 12/01/2018

    See? Games. Reply +2
  • Nintendo fans spent all of last night waiting on a Direct announcement

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    Didn't even notice until now Reply +1
  • Sea of Thieves is getting a beautiful Xbox One controller

  • Dismiss 08/01/2018

    I blame Nintendo for this /s Reply 0
  • Publisher blames PUBG for Lawbreakers flopping

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    Well, he's not wrong. In this kind of environment, the first one that makes it big excludes all the rest. It's WoW and LoL all over again. The popular game usually conquers all. Perhaps they should have done a Fortnite. Surprised they didn't mention Overwatch, but that's probably because they knew they'd be going against that. Reply +10
  • Deus Ex and Telltale's Batman headline PlayStation Plus in January

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    Definitely worth 5 euros, even if I already have Deus Ex. Reply +3
  • Eurogamer's Top 50 Games of 2017: 30-21

  • Dismiss 28/12/2017

    If you look at my comments history, you'll see that I have some serious problems with EG's mentality/methodology when ranking or assessing games. However, I definitely don't agree with people saying EG should be "in sync" with the majority of users or other publications. Agreeing or disagreeing is completely irrelevant, I don't need critique to reflect or reaffirm my own opinions or expectations. I just need a convincing argument, a well-written text and a more or less consistent standard in order to take a review seriously. By "consistent" I don't mean "rigid", of course, every game is different and a game could be so good in some respects that it transcends those standards.

    I have to say that these lists are a bit wobbly, however, as evidenced (again) by ME:A. Reading through the team's comments, absolutely no one seems to really love it, yet it finds itself in the middle of the list. I really don't get it. Couldn't the team find 50 games they really loved this year?
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  • Eurogamer's Top 50 Games of 2017: 40-31

  • Dismiss 27/12/2017

    So, Martin didn't really love Horizon, yet he still liked it "more than most members of the team", which implies that most members of the team wouldn't vote for it, and there was another member of the team that more or less panned Frozen Wilds (which is fair enough, it's their opinion), yet it still manages to get 31st place over lots of recommended, even essential games? How does this work, exactly? It's getting increasingly tough to follow EG's ranking/valuing systems. Not that it matters so much, but maybe just abandon rankings altogether? There's not much point in them, if they're not based on a consistent systemic approach. Reply +11
  • Eurogamer's Top 50 Games of 2017: 50-41

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    LoL, come on, EG. Reply -6
  • The Witcher 3 Xbox One X patch released, has two graphics modes

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    Yep, took it for a spin and it's 4k mode for me. Mind you, hovering around the 40+ mark in the city isn't that bad, my i7 + 970 combo does drop noticeably in the same spots at locked 1440p, with higher IQ, I suppose. However, I think that you're missing quite a bit of tasty detail on a 4k panel when going with performance mode, and given that 4k30 seems completely stable, I think I'll go with that. Great job, overall, apart from hdr implementation, which is really hit and miss and you can't really adjust brightness very accurately. A far cry from Origins and GT, but I'm still grateful they did it. Reply -1
  • Dismiss 21/12/2017

    @kirankara Had a bit of a chuckle with that post, -however- considering that the game did drop below 30 (down to 25, even 20 in some extreme cases due to double buffering) on the base models, doesn't 39-40+ fps in the same areas mean more or less a 100% improvement? Reply 0
  • Dismiss 20/12/2017

    @mega-gazz For the time being, I think this is going to be the exception, rather than the rule. Let's see what DF has to say about the stability of the performance mode. Once low-voltage APUs get some decent CPU components, though, I expect it will become the norm. Reply -5
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    As I had hoped, this looks like a decent compromise, nestled snugly between PC (which isn't convenient for me) and console (which isn't completely stable even at 30 fps). Reply -1
  • Soulcalibur 6 is a blast from the past with an accessible twist

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    @Pasco Look mate, I'm a Tekken fan, just like you. I just know how to appreciate other franchises that happen to compete with my favourite series. Can't and won't go down the fanboy route, sorry. Ż\_(ツ)_/Ż Reply +1
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    @Pasco OK, I'll try once more: in VF4, if your opponent uses a command throw, you have to match the direction they input, along with the correct button press. or at the very least buffer a couple of throw escapes and hope to match them. Some characters have even special throw escapes. In Tekken, you only need to press lp+lk or rp+rk at the right time, or lp+rp in tackles. Perhaps you didn't play enough? You can look it up here: https://virtuafighter.com/wiki/throw-escapes/ Reply +1
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    @Pasco You have to match direction as well as input. And the Dodge button was used in tandem with other buttons as well for extra moves. And timing was much more forgiving in Tekken for a time, VF had just frames long before Tekken. Reply +1
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    @Pasco You obviously haven't played VF3 with the dedicated move button or tried to break a throw in VF4. Reply +2
  • Dismiss 18/12/2017

    @Nikanoru Provided the Switch didn't hold the other versions back, it would be nice to have a portable version of this, if it's technically feasible. Reply +2
  • Dismiss 18/12/2017

    Some people may not realise this, but it was accessibility that made Namco fighting games what they are today. Sure, they have deep systems, and they have accrued dense layers of complexity over time, but once upon a time Tekken was Virtua Fighter's simpler, friendlier (and more spectacular/unrealistic) little brother. Soul Edge, on the other hand was much more accessible than hectic 6-button stuff like Marvel vs Capcom or even Bushido Blade. Reply +13
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    @joehalas I get what you're saying, but once you nail flow and technique, there is nowhere else to go if you want to add some strategic depth. Reply 0
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    Can't wait, this is my all-round fave fighter. Yeah, the series used to have a grand tradition in single player modes and it would be nice to see the return of an extensive campaign, but ultimately it's all about smoothness and technique. Reply +10
  • Why Zelda's Champions' Ballad add-on doesn't really work

  • Dismiss 19/12/2017

    Loved the base game, definitely one of the best titles of 2017, even though, once AGAIN for a Zelda game, I thought it was a bit overappreciated. What's really maddening, however, is that I succumbed to hype and got the Expansion Pass, even though I didn't want to support Ninty's decision not to sell DLC separately. Oh, well, I suppose this will have its moments once I finally find the time for it. Reply +5
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2's December update will aim to fix its awful map

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    Don't think I'll get this if they don't improve the portable mode. Unless I find myself in dire need of an RPG to go. Reply 0
  • PUBG performs badly on Xbox One - and X

  • Dismiss 13/12/2017

    Well, haven't tried it yet, and I doubt that I ever will, as I have tons of AAA things to play, but it must be an IMMENSE amount of fun if people are willing to put up with this. Reply 0
  • Sakura and Sagat headline Street Fighter 5 season three DLC characters

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    Here's hoping the standalone Arcade Edition includes all characters so far, as I frankly have lost count. And interest, somewhat. Reply +1
  • Eurogamer readers' top 50 games of 2017 voting

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    Persona 5
    Super Mario Odyssey
    Zelda BOTW
    Tekken 7

    Very hard to pick out only 5, it was a very good year for me

    EDIT: Wow, only Japanese games in my Top 5, it's been so long since that happened. I should probably replace Nioh or T7 with Horizon, just for diversity.
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  • Destiny 2 locks one of its most-prized exotic guns behind Curse of Osiris expansion

  • Dismiss 07/12/2017

    Is that the case for the PC version, as well, which just came out a month or so ago? Bloody hell. At this point, they might just as well sell the game only with the Expansion Pass attached, just bite the bullet and sell the whole thing for 75 quid or so. Or, I dunno, try offering a complete game at a reasonable price? This time, the base game was much more satisfying, but it's utterly pointless getting just the base game if it's going to be shut down so quickly.

    The least they could do is release new low-power level content once in a blue moon.
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  • Super Mario Galaxy, Zelda: Twilight Princess to launch on Android in 1080p

  • Dismiss 05/12/2017

    @abeeken Looks like it. We'll probably have to pay through the nose on the VC, but I'll take it. Reply +2
  • Dismiss 05/12/2017

    @Bill_P Indeed. Reply +1
  • Dismiss 05/12/2017

    Oh, man, two out of the three games I actually enjoyed playing on the Wii. Really hope they bring them to the Switch, as well. Reply +26
  • Is Xenoblade Chronicles 2 too ambitious for Switch's mobile mode?

  • Dismiss 04/12/2017

    This is why I've been going on about the Switch's inability to use the docked mode power profile when plugged in. Portable mode users should be able to enjoy a prettier game while traveling, for example. Especially when the game can only go as high as portable mode native resolution.

    And I find it a bit worrying that a Nintendo game offers such a dismal performance so early in the system's lifetime. Unless this was designed for the WiiU, as well.
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  • Detroit: Become Human under fire for controversial domestic abuse scene

  • Dismiss 04/12/2017

    Oh, FFS, videogames are not for children get with the times already. If the game trivialises the act or makes the actual perpetration of the act interactive in some way, then it could be cause for concern due to the nature of the medium. Just depicting or alluding to the act is not endorsing it. What's next, banning "Matilda"? Come on. Reply +7
  • Fallout 4 on Xbox One X delivers a detail-rich 4K experience

  • Dismiss 01/12/2017

    I swear, people in here are arguing as if they don't know the limitations of the current gen of consoles. They're the same off-the-shelf architecture, with the same kind of APU. They're good for the money, and we're seeing some stellar AAA games reach a wider audience on a reasonable budget, (which is kind of the WHOLE POINT), but no amount of optimisation can power past the gimped CPU. Especially on multiformat games. The Xbox One X might be the optimal form of this architecture, but don't expect wonders, especially when the game is not made from the ground up for a particular variation of the hardware.

    So, no, a 2-3 fps advantage on the PS Pro doesn't mean anything else than a lighter processing load, and, no, the Xbox One X can't power through a hard bottleneck.
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  • Dismiss 01/12/2017

    @BobbyDeNiro Nah, their sales are puny compared to the vanilla models. The only time this could conceivably happen is while transitioning to the next gen, whatever form it may take. Reply +4
  • Dismiss 01/12/2017

    I really don't get this, why don't they adjust their dynamic scaler to be more aggressive so that you don't get dips to 25? Don't they see it in their metrics? I know it's not possible to have a free-roaming, largely CPU-bound game run absolutely locked ALL of the time, no matter what the target frame rate is, but it's one thing to have slight dips to 28 fps when loading new areas and quite another to have random drops to 25 fps. Just fix it, already, it doesn't really matter if you lose some pixels/alphas/deity rays in the heat of battle. Then again, it's not really a modern engine, is it. Reply 0
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2 review

  • Dismiss 30/11/2017

    Great, then, as expected, but with some serious reservations. This seems to be the consensus, so far. Almost glad this isn't another 90+ essential title, I really don't have time for it. Top of my list next time I go on vacation, though. Reply -8
  • Hitman on Xbox One X piles on the upgrades

  • Dismiss 23/11/2017

    Ι really wish that Bethesda's Prey would get the same treatment, as well. Such a pretty game, it's a shame that it looks so blurry on a UHD TV. Talking about the OG Xbox One version, ofc, I think there's some sort of support for the PS Pro. Reply +3
  • A brief history of 2000AD's 8-bit games

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    @Devox Sure, but he was featured in the first issues of 200AD in a comic strip form and then he had a mini series on Virgin Comics as well. The games were published by Virgin, as well. EDIT: Rathbone beat me to it. Reply 0
  • Dismiss 19/11/2017

    @---___--- Yes! The theme was incredible. Great rendition by Press Play on Tape, as well. Reply 0
  • Dismiss 19/11/2017

    No Dan Dare? Why? I remember both (or was it three) games reviewing rather well, back in the day. Reply +1
  • How to fix Star Wars Battlefront 2

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    @-Volatile- You mean something like Knights of the Old Republic? There were good RPGs out there before CDPR, you know. Reply +2
  • On the secret smallness of Skyrim

  • Dismiss 17/11/2017

    Yes, thank you, always thought that the scale was off. Especially in the "cities". Reply +1
  • How well does Skyrim on Switch compare to PS4?

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    @Samael_Blackwing The resolution won't be improved, that's a given. They could do a bit of supersampling and/or stabilise the frame rate a bit when it falters, but that's irrelevant, anyway. Heat dissipation is even more optimal when not constrained by a physical shell. You hold it in your hands, you're not cradling it. And what about desktop mode?

    The fan activates in portable mode as well (it's definitely audible when playing Zelda. It doesn't happen very often, but I've heard it once or twice and there was cold air coming out of the grille).
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  • Dismiss 16/11/2017

    Still don't understand why you can't have docked quality settings when playing on portable mode with the console plugged in. Reply +31