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  • June Games with Gold includes Massive Chalice and Just Cause 2

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    Oh, that's nice, I can take Massive Chalice off my Steam wishlist now. Finally, a game I actually wanted. :) Hope they keep doing more unreleased indie games on GWG, just as they do on PS+. Reply 0
  • Capcom pulls PS4 Ultra Street Fighter 4 from its own tournament

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    How the heck could they fuck this up so utterly. Reply +6
  • PS Plus June Instant Collection includes MGS: Ground Zeroes

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    Oh, that's nice, I was wondering when they would do something like that, as the price of the game has plummeted lately and Phantom Pain is almost around the corner. Didn't get GZ when it came out, as I'm not the greatest MGS fan and I was pretty sure they'd eventually bundle it with the retail version of PP or give it on Plus.

    Furthermore, Skulls of the Shogun is a rather excellent Advance Wars tribute, even though most people will already have it on some mobile platform or other.
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  • The Mad Max game takes a different path to Fury Road

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    Come on, they pay for travel and accomodation and they scrimp on the food? Reply -8
  • Destiny: House of Wolves review

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    I still think it's a great game, albeit one that is inelegantly monetised while missing a lot of opportunities. Really, now that Borderlands Collection is out, they should rethink the pricing of those expansions. It's still impressive, still fun to play, the gun mechanics are pretty much unrivalled, but it's still severely lacking in content and now that there's some competition it shows more than ever.

    Roll on Destiny 2. With some actual narrative this time.
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  • Beneath Assassin's Creed Unity's bugs lurks a surprisingly human game

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    Yes, the sense of place is amazing, perhaps even more so than previous entries in the series. Enough to make me return to the game now that the sequel has been announced. Just imagine how great this would be if it had decent performance and, I don't know, if wall eject actually worked? Reply +8
  • Performance Analysis: Borderlands: The Handsome Collection revisited

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    So, ERM, the ability to transfer saves is more important than split screen? Or did they add this to the PC version as well? Reply +1
  • Face-Off: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

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    Personally, I'm just glad I can enjoy the game with good enough image quality and performance without having to upgrade anything. Win. Reply -1
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    @Antropie Dude, please don't have a heart attack over this, it's not worth it. Reply -1
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    So, it's 980 > 970 >> "PC" >> PS4 > X1 then. Makes sense. Reply -4
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    @kieran12 Dude, please don't have a heart attack over this, it's not worth it. Reply +17
  • CD Projekt tackles The Witcher 3 downgrade issue head on

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    Took a break from work to look if there were any new comments and what do I see? Hugs and pats on the back all around. F that. Reply +1
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    @Gemini42 Or perhaps they couldn't, not without taking a couple more years to release and/or making it Titan X exclusive. Reply +2
  • Dismiss 21/05/2015

    @mega-gazz Misrepresentation of the final product is indeed a valid concern. I do wonder, however, where the line should be drawn between misrepresentation and entitlement.

    Over the course of the last couple of months, I remember seeing official gameplay videos (one of them famously being PC footage presented as Xbox One footage) which were truly representative of the game's current state. Sure, CDPR didn't actually come out and say "gee guys, we're sorry, we had to downgrade that original gameplay reveal we did two years ago". Perhaps they should, I'm not disputing that. On the other hand, experienced gamers that frequent this site should be aware that games that are under development change dramatically over the course of two years. It's one thing achieving a target on a vertical level and quite another when optimising a whole open world, ready for prime time. We, as experienced gamers with a bit of knowledge about what it actually takes to make a game, should be expecting stuff like that.

    Instead of a measured sense of disappointment, which would be very reasonable, we're seeing a rather disproportionate amount of backlash for footage revealed so long ago along with rampant cries of "consolization", from people who are not in any position to know if that original level of quality would be achievable on a large scale even on top-end equipment, let alone their actual computer or whatever.
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  • Dismiss 21/05/2015

    Well, look at all that bitching. Having played the first two games on PC, I can safely say that this is the biggest, prettiest and most ambitious game in the series by a country mile, despite also being on console. People tend to forget the total fuckup of a combat system that the first game had (not to mention the attrocious dialogue/localization), or the rather linear and restricted locations in the second game (except for that hugely repetitive valley at some point). W3 is the game they wanted to make from the start, and it shows.

    Sure, it would look better if it was a PC exclusive. Even better if it was an Nvidia exclusive, I suppose. Definitely better if it was Titan exclusive. See where I'm going with this? The truth is, games with this kind of ambition and size need to be profitable, as well. Even if this was a PC exclusive, it would need to be equally scalable towards the lower end in order to make sense financially. Apart from that, who says that even the best hardware available today would be able to extend that kind of quality over such a huge world? In the current economic climate, it doesn't really make sense to pour money into future-proofing. That original demo was a vertical slice designed to give an impression of the gameplay and show off what the engine could do.
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  • Performance Analysis: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

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    @nocny007 Actually, this is good advice on every format. Default sensitivity is a bit too fast for me on PS4 as well. Much better once I took it down a notch. Reply +2
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    @harryshaw Ι think some dynamic scaling (perhaps 30-40% of the time) might be enough to get a solid 30 fps. Still, it all depends on your viewing circumstances. If you're playing on a reasonably large FHD TV at a comparatively close distance, as I suspect is rather common nowadays, then native resolution matters. Same goes for computer monitors without built-in scalers. On relatively small TVs and/or greater distances, I suppose it wouldn't make an important difference. Reply 0
  • Dismiss 20/05/2015

    The results don't seem all that "mixed" to me. Clearly, the Xbox One has some performance headroom because it renders at a lower resolution most of the time, but they neglected to cap the frame rate (or it bugged out, I don't know). On the other hand, the PS4 version sticks to 1080p, but it strains a bit harder, as is natural, given the significantly more demanding resolution. I did notice some judder on PS4 while panning the camera, but I did get that "flawless victory" trophy on my first battle on Blood and broken bones difficulty level, so it seems that gameplay doesn't really suffer. Reply +2
  • Should you install The Witcher 3's day one patch?

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    So, on a technical level, it's a solid start for CDPR on current gen. Hope it gets better from here. Reply 0
  • Dismiss 18/05/2015

    Optimisation by any other name. Reply +2
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt review

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    @WorldScaper The first Witcher was designed and released only on PC. The second one was designed for PC and ported (much, much) later to an abacus. Yet, you don't seem to like them, which is mystifying. Perhaps those games are just not for you? Just a thought. Reply +10
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    @kangarootoo Well, Witcher 2 was also much better with a controller, and I played it on PC. Reply +7
  • Rich Stanton on: The Koj delusion

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    Started reading with a groan, replaced half-way through with a rather surprised "oh". Well done. Reply +13
  • Divinity: Original Sin overhauled for PS4 and Xbox One

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    Perhaps now it will play nice with mobile GPUs. Couch co-op should be nice, as well. Reply -9
  • Assassin's Creed: Syndicate launches 23rd October on PS4, Xbox One

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    Guess I'll have to grit my teeth and start hacking away at Unity, then. Reply 0
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    Slightly optimistic that this will be properly finished before release, given that it will benefit from development time that should have been allocated on Unity. Reply +3
  • The Witcher 3 is a masterpiece of world-building

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    @ikehouserock I'm guessing it won't be required, but I have to say that I found even Witcher 2 to be a bit confusing without playing the first one to the end. Reply +2
  • Witcher 3 on Xbox One uses dynamic scaling to boost resolution

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    Well, I wouldn't mind it one bit if developers started experimenting on dynamic IQ scaling to a greater extent for all platforms out there. Downgrades are indeed very low on your priority list when you're fighting for your life, and incidentally that's when most games tend to get more demanding, with more actions, effects and whatnot. It just makes sense, rather than trying to stick to specs that will lead to frame rate drops, even on powerful hardware. Reply 0
  • MGS5's seedy Quiet figure has squeezable boobs

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    Watch what happens when she is revealed to be transgender. Or a Robogeisha style robot. Or whatever. Reply +5
  • Abyss Odyssey: Extended Dream Edition announced for PS4

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    Well, this didn't really take off on PC by most accounts, so I'm guessing it's a prime PS plus candidate. Still intrigued by the design and the visuals, but not enough to get it at full price.

    Edit: Oh, forgot this had a publisher, so I'm guessing it'll be some time.
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  • Project Cars review

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    Nice to see an alternative to the big names out there. Now can we finally have a decent arcade racer? Reply +5
  • "Almost certain failure": How Monolith saved Mordor

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    @George-Roper Yeah, 'cause otherwise this would have been X-Com wrapped up in Total War wrapped up in, er... Batman? Yeah, sure.

    Pesky console peasants holding back Monolith from adding more tactical menus which would probably require immense processing power to implement. Because variables are so demanding once the base system is in play.

    Sure, it could have been more in-depth. However, this is an action game first and foremost in the vein of Batman and Assassin's Creed and the Nemesis system is designed to shake up this formula, it's not a game by itself. Especially as it's the first iteration.
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  • Dismiss 06/05/2015

    Even more than the Nemesis system, which indeed managed to create small, extremely personalised vendettas and lots of emergent little moments, I think that this game's biggest strength was the sense of empowerment it gave the player. I just couldn't leave side missions alone, because I really wanted to unlock and experiment with all those cool powers in massive brawls. Another nice thing was that technique really mattered, at least in the first ten or so hours. Oh, and the sense of feedback when stabbing orcs through the face was amazing. Shame the battles against non-humanoids weren't really all that well thought-out.

    Still, one of the true sleeper hits of last year for me.
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  • The ace hunter: Bloodborne vs Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate

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    WTF did I just read? Comparing an action game with some RPG elements to a (more or less) MMO game based on longevity and team tactics? Why not add Diablo III into the mix? Or Guild Wars 2/WoW? Now THOSE are some real time sinks. Sometimes I wonder, really. Reply +7
  • The best PC hardware for Grand Theft Auto 5

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    The insecurity is strong in this thread. Reply 0
  • PlayStation Plus in May adds Ether One and Guacamelee! STCE

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    @IronSoldier I'd love a car rental service where you could pay for a car and get access to all cars you had previously rented!

    Oh, and "renting access for a fixed time period" is the essential definition of a "subscription".

    Sure, it's a matter of semantics, but also of accuracy.
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  • Dismiss 29/04/2015

    @IronSoldier Or, you're paying for online multiplayer (which frankly sucks) and you're getting a games library to use as long as you're a subscriber in order to sweeten the deal (which is very nice indeed). See? Now it's "added value". Semantics, as you said.

    Actual worth fluctuates and depends on whether you spend a lot on games every month, or if you own all platforms and whatnot, but it's not really a games rental service. If it were, you'd be able to choose what to rent and you'd have to stop using it once expired.

    At the end of the day, it's nice for small teams to be able to get an upfront cash injection from the platform holders. It keeps the games coming despite the licensing costs.
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  • Dismiss 29/04/2015

    @IronSoldier That is an actual rental service, because once the rental period is over, you have to rent said content again in order to use it. There's no subscription in play here. On the other hand, services with subscriptions offer continuous access (especially if the content on offer does not have an availability limit) and thus are better labelled as "subscription services". Makes sense, after all, it's a service offered for a subscription. Not that complicated. Reply +17
  • Dismiss 29/04/2015

    @Ajent Furthermore, a rental service allows you to choose specific content and once returned you no longer have access to said content. There is no content library, so to speak, while PS+ does offer you a library, with ALL content being accessible as long as you pay the subscription. I have to say that the term "subscription service" or perhaps "added value content" for the PS+ games is much more accurate and to the point than "rental service", which is somewhat outdated and not really representative of the actual offering. Reply +3
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    Don't have any of those, so it's a good month I suppose. Especially Ether One and Murasaki Baby. Reply +1
  • Watch over an hour of Xenoblade Chronicles X gameplay

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    Finally, something worth charging my Wii U pad for. Can't wait for this. Really hope both Xenoblade X and Persona 5 make it this year. I'd happily give up The Witcher 3 to make this happen, even though that's looking amazing also and much improved from the rather limited second game. Reply 0
  • Gears of War remaster set for Xbox One - report

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    That's good, I'd like to own all games in the series in a semi-preserved state. Hope they include the entire series, and I also hope Sony does the same thing with Uncharted, as rumoured. Oh, and people having nothing to play: I really envy your unlimited free time. Reply +12
  • Bloodborne's 1.03 patch tested

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    @Mr-V Well, passing negative judgment on very well-received games you haven't actually played for who-knows-what mysterious reasons sounds very fanboyish to me. There's no reason to do it, if you don't have an agenda, no matter how childish.

    Didn't really want to phrase it so aggressively, so I went for subjectivity, which is much more moderate.
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  • Dismiss 23/04/2015

    @KanevilPS I like his snark on occasion, but, man, people need to be more aware of the subjectivity of their opinion. Reply 0
  • Dismiss 23/04/2015

    @KanevilPS @IronSoldier Actually, there ARE WiiU news today, so on second thought, today's news is not very symbolic at all.

    Really didn't like MK8, anyway, just as I didn't like MK7 very much. It's not the game's fault, of course, I just don't like racers lacking in single player content. Then again, I've actually bought and played it, so that lends my opinion a little more weight than IronSoldier's opinion of BB.
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  • Dismiss 23/04/2015

    @IronSoldier ...Valve scalping PC gamers for mods, a symbolic day indeed. Reply +4
  • Dismiss 23/04/2015

    Can't wait for the MK8 DLC review. Perhaps we'll be able to actually talk about Bloodborne there. Reply +15
  • Infinite Crisis review

  • Dismiss 23/04/2015

    This doesn't look like a bad game, and the license is very appealing. However, it makes no sense for me to shoehorn this license in a format that's so limited, unless you choose to dedicate a lot of time into playing competitively. It's really not a hardcore license, and hardcore players rarely care about the license. Why not offer something like Fable Legends instead? Reply +2
  • Face-Off: Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC

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    @nfxcr3w Thanks, it's not really a frame rate issue, though. Frame rate just hangs, as expected, when the HDD is working overtime. When it's not working, things are going pretty well. Reply 0
  • Dismiss 22/04/2015

    @Suarez07 Yeah, you probably have the page file on the SSD. Thing is, the stutter occurs even at 30 fps with half vsync, so I doubt it's a particular performance setting. Perhaps it's those extended sliders at 30%. Other than that, everything seems pretty normal, settings-wise.

    It's a shame, because apart from that, the game seems to be very well optimised. I've already played it to death on PS3 and PS4, I'll just keep the portable version for now :)
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