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  • What does Brexit mean for the UK video games industry?

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    @BlackFlower Yep, that's the thing with simplifying complex matters with far-reaching consequences for the lowest common denominator. It IS the ultimate expression of democracy, but people always tend to vote according to what they feel like RIGHT NOW. Not the best mindset, especially not with ageing populations. Reply +9
  • Microsoft's mixed messages at E3 aren't pretty for Xbox One owners

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    Oh, and please, marketing people: stop using catchphrases for everything. It's not a 4K console, it's a (much) more powerful console. Really hope they don't lock down the performance profiles of the games. Reply +3
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    I'll always be after a discreet box I can put under the telly with minimum fuss, so I think that the small form factor gaming PC at a decent price is a very interesting sector of the market, a sector that MS is uniquely positioned to take advantage of, as witnessed by the utter failure of the Steambox to make a dent. On the other hand, I just sold off my Xbox One because I already have a very similar console that I'm using much, much more frequently, which additionally offers me exclusive stuff that justifies the purchase over just upgrading my PC. All the future releases I wanted on the One, I can now get on PC. I will definitely upgrade my current console when the time comes and I'm definitely interested in the Scorpio as another possible upgrade in a year and a a half (even though that will have to go against a possible GPU upgrade in the meantime).

    So, to cut a long story short, I do like the direction MS is heading, but I also do feel that they killed off the Xbox One and kind of left current owners in the lurch, at least in the current climate.
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  • Microsoft E3 2016 conference live report

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    Well, they seem pretty confident that the competition won't reach 6 tflops Reply +1
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    I'll be lucky if I can get 100 euros for my Xbox One. Reply 0
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    Obsession with pistons, amirite Reply 0
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    So, scratch another exclusivity Reply 0
  • Sony confirms PlayStation 4K

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    Guess they'll want to update the clockspeeds and whatnot, now that they still can and there's rumblings of an even faster Xbox. It's not like they're under pressure or anything. It's a shame that we'll have to play The Last Guardian at 30 fps, though.

    Edit: Scratch that, looks like it's coming this autumn, after all.
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    You might want to check with Financial Times, I think they ripped off your homepage, EG Reply +25
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 review

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    Good stuff, but I'll still wait it out till 480X-490 makes an appearance. No need to rush things right now. Reply +5
  • Edge of Nowhere review

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    I just hate this. So, all PC VR platforms are based on an open operating system, but each one of them is pursuing a "walled garden" agenda? I get why this is happening, but this fragmentation can't help overall adoption rates, which are all-important for a new technology. Even if I wanted to get a headset tomorrow, this kind of stuff makes it hard to choose. Reply +1
  • Five years on, Nintendo 3DS passes 60m sales milestone

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    Generally speaking, I can understand why the handheld market is heading towards an inevitable crash. Well, outside of Japan, anyway.

    Mobile devices are always with you, and they can keep you entertained during an everyday commute quite nicely. This means that the only ideal usage scenario for a dedicated handheld is a trip away from home, be it for business or pleasure. Even then, a relatively modern laptop (which most people who travel for business already have) can offer people a more meaningful/less compromised gaming experience.

    I do love my Vita and I did buy a 3DS when it came out, but I quickly realised that I didn't have enough room in my life for both of them. Any of them, actually, despite some pretty wild and steamy nights with Persona 4G in bed.
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    @Swooper_D I'm pretty sure dedicated handholds have a golden future ahead of them, especially in rock climbing. Sorry about that, but that typo was fantastic! Reply 0
  • Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator review

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    @Simatron3000 Thanks, I'll definitely be adding you, it's just that my time is so limited and I know I won't be playing as much as I'd like once I'm finished with my review. Will definitely check out the forums as well. Reply 0
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    Skipped the first Xrd, so I was totally blown away by this one. Looks spectacular, offers you all kind of practice and training modes, separate stories for each character as well as an overarching narrative which frankly makes no sense (at least if you've missed a couple of episodes, like me). Even when you've finished the basic tutorials it keeps unlocking new minigames to try, it's just... opulent compared to SFV. At its core, SFV might be a bit more balanced/refined, as it doesn't really offer characters that shake up the basic formula. On the other hand, GG isn't afraid to go overboard and offer more imagination without sacrificing overall balance. I know it's been that way for years, it's just that I had forgotten how refreshing it is to learn a new character in GG. As it is now, it really deserves first place among next gen fighters. But we all know it's not going to be very popular outside the hardcore community. Reply +2
  • Persona 5 finally has a western release date

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    Still no european release date or even time frame. No problem with the delay, but the rift between Atlus and parent company SEGA concerning european releases is bordering on ridiculous. Reply +16
  • Diablo 3 director retires from games industry after 17 years

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    Oh, dear. Young adult vampire goth lit ahoy, just like that other fellow that left Naughty Dog to become a writer and food blogger (the latter was much more interesting). Reply 0
  • GOG now connects to Steam accounts and duplicates games you own

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    @Fergal1982 Didn't work (perhaps because it was a review code), but thanks for taking the time. Reply 0
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    No Witcher 3, though. Which is really inconvenient, as I just received a GOG code for Blood and Wine :P Reply 0
  • PlayStation Plus' June freebies include Gone Home and NBA 2K16

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    @AgentDaleCooper So, which other similar service is using a voting system? Humble Bundle Monthly? Games with Gold? These services are based on procuring bulk licences that make paying upfront for online multiplayer or whatever else more palatable. Even with a completely democratic voting system that doesn't take a cost ceiling into account, how are you going to guarantee that everyone will be getting stuff they like or don't already have? Furthermore, I'm pretty sure that the people who like sports games (even sports that are not popular in Britain) are a much wider demographic than people who don't, going by sales numbers. Reply +1
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    @AgentDaleCooper A poor showing for YOU, 'cause you already have them or don't like them, which is fair enough. Already had Sunset Overdrive when MS gave it away, didn't make that line-up a poor showing. Reply +36
  • The Last Guardian re-emerges, on track for 2016 release

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    @Rogueywon Well, that was the case for both previous games, as well. That didn't stop them from being great, overall. Reply +8
  • The Legacy of Kain game that was cancelled three years in

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    So... thanks, Metacritic? *More stuff like this, EG, please. Reply +11
  • Overwatch Review

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    Looks very appealing, but I know I won't be playing this in a month's time. Too many games to really commit to this sort of thing. And if you don't commit, then what's the point of a full price online-only game? Reply +9
  • June's free Xbox Games with Gold titles include XCOM, The Crew

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    Not bad at all. Reply +13
  • Doom review

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    @ahrmon Yeah, it seems to also be "as good as" Firewatch, Ratchet & Clank, Alienation, That Cancer, Dragon, Galak-Z and Amplitude. Reply 0
  • Nine ways the the 8-bit era made gaming what it is today

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    @SuperShinobi Yeah, that's why I specified the "early" Cinemaware games. SOTB 1-2 was jaw dropping at the time, but apart from the difficulty it had some very serious bugs that forced you to start over. SOTB 3 was definitely a good game, the other two not so much. Sodan was terrific-looking and the action was spectacular for the time, but it was extremely repetitive and button-mashy. I don't remember it being challenging in the least, as we used to play it from start to finish just to show it off to our non-Amiga-owning friends. Nah, style over substance is almost as old as videogaming itself, at least since we started paying attention to graphics. Reply +1
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    @SuperShinobi I was referring to those games as examples of style over substance that sold mainly due to their graphics. Of course they were hits at the time. Reply 0
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    @Yautja_Warrior I can relate to that, but it's a well-known fact that the first time you experience something, it is far more memorable. I do have more vivid memories of Way of the Exploding Fist and IK+ than I do of SFII Turbo, for example. That doesn't mean it isn't better.

    The thing is, back in the 8-bit and particularily in the 16-bit era, people were touting graphics even more than they do today. How quickly we have forgotten stuff like Dragon's Lair, Sword of Sodan, Shadow of the Beast and the early Cinemaware games or the droves of cheap coin-op cash-ins. I even recall a SNES magazine ad that screamed about "gold and 255 other colours".
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  • Tech Analysis: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

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    Oh, and regarding other developers not polishing their games as much as Naughty Dog, we should have in mind that premium 1st party developers are enjoying unprecedented funding and are usually able to skip a couple of deadlines as well. This is not the case with most independent teams. I wouldn't be surprised if the Uncharted series is much less profitable per title than, say, Assassin's Creed. Reply +2
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    Skimmed the comments again. One thing comes to mind: people who pride themselves on their snarkiness and do not hesitate to comment on other peoples' character traits, despite touching on personal issues, should learn to take it, as well as dish it out. Reply +6
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    @Simatron3000 Yeah, that could be it. Got a promo copy on Xbox One myself, so I didn't get to try this on PC. Reply +1
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    @Simatron3000 Yeah, yeah, I totally get that. It's just that I don't really agree about ROTR fights being any better (well, they ARE better in some areas, worse in others imo), so I tried to think of a reason why it would seem that way. Reply -3
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    @Simatron3000 Yeah, well, headshots are still lethal on non-armoured guys. Can't play it on normal myself, I find it way too easy and you can get away with most fights without moving much, which kind of misses the point, imo. To each his own, of course. Reply 0
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    @Simatron3000 Have you tried it on Hard? I played both this and ROTR on Hard, and even though the gunfight mechanics are deeper in ROTR, I thought that the actual fights were smoother and more exciting in U4. Apart from the usual chokepoint evident in both games, where you're just getting swamped with heavily armoured goons. Reply +3
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    Welp, haven't played a prettier game in quite a while. It's not about the rendering features and whatnot, it's about the sheer grandeur of the final image that reaches your eyes. Oh, and big kudos to Naughty Dog for actually caring about people with decent soundstages. Not all of us are using tv or desktop speakers. Reply +30
  • Don't care about VR? Neither did I

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    I do care about it, I just think it needs to mature a bit and become more affordable. It's not only about my wallet, it's that higher adoption rates will lead to more and hopefully better games. Reply +8
  • Nvidia unveils GTX 1080 and GTX 1070: a new level in GPU power

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    Yep, this is why I never save for the top shelf components or upgrade stuff within the same generation. You invariably end up paying more for (eventually) less. When I built my system a year or so ago, I knew that for the cost of a 980ti, I would be able to more or less get a 970 now and a 1070 later (well, cashflow was another reason as well, I won't lie).

    On the other hand, I'll probably wait and see what AMD comes up with, as my new monitor has Freesync, and recent benchmarks have been very tempting.
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  • Those annoying Windows 10 upgrade notifications will finally go away for good

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    @DeekyFun Lol, no, I've moved to Studio since 2009, but there's lots of big (and I mean BIG) companies out there that are still using Idiom and other custom .NET based tools, which are no longer supported. What's more, most of these tools used to work quite well with Windows 8, it was 8.1 that broke them. Reply 0
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    @Lolatron Yeah, updates are a pain, but other than that I think no other functionality has been tampered with. Reply -1
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    I'm pretty sure it was $119. And anyway, people who haven't updated so far probably need an older version for compatibility purposes. I know I need a Win7 machine for legacy CAT tools. That said, I can't think of a reason not to upgrade if you've already installed 8.1. Reply +15
  • Nioh on PS4: 1080p30 or 720p60 - you decide

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    Yeah, well, didn't have anything better to do so I just skimmed this comments section. IronSoldier and the rest of the platform wars brigade must be driving more traffic to Eurogamer than Digital Foundry itself. Reply +2
  • Alienation review

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    Here it is, a decent string of strong (console) exclusives, three years in the making. Time to bust out the NEO. :P Reply -41
  • Lichdom is the worst-performing game Digital Foundry has ever tested

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    Let me guess, Unity? EDIT: Oh, it's Cryengine. Go figure. Reply -37
  • Performance Analysis: Battleborn beta on PS4 and Xbox One

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    @fantasy-okyrn I'm referring to the MOBA-as-a-shooter bandwagon, obviously. Reply +1
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    Can't help but feel that Gearbox jumped on the wrong bandwagon. At the very least, the timing is appalling, as a new, more MMO-ish Borderlands would have the potential to steal the thunder from both Destiny and Division. Reply +25
  • Bastion and Transistor dev announces RPG Pyre

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    Yes. Reply +1
  • The Banner Saga 2 Review

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    OK, time to play the first one, methinks. It's sitting in my library after a bundle purchase and I've been holding onto it "for a vacation" that's never going to come. Reply 0
  • Revealed: Sony's plan for PlayStation 4K - codename Neo

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    Well, I know it's not good news for the traditional console model, but it's not an unreasonable amount to ask for a SIGNIFICANT performance upgrade to your go-to gaming system. And you're getting a second console to boot. Reply +1
  • Ratchet & Clank review

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    @bosseye Well, IS may have his little obsessions, and you know he's not going to miss a single oportunity to put down a console release. On the other hand, did all those people have to resort to instant damage control? After all, purely as an observation it was correct, no matter how unfair it would be to judge this particular release by it. If people left it at that and chuckled it off or tried to explain to him the major change that Insomniac underwent as a developer (like I did), this would still be a nice little comments section. Now it's indistinguishable from every other flamebait topic out there. Reply +2