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  • Editor's blog: I'm leaving Eurogamer later this year

  • Discalceaterabbit 09/09/2014

    Good luck in your future endeavours. Hopefully your replacement won't insist that all men are sexist and mistake criticism for misogyny. Reply -3
  • Editor's blog: A brief note about "GamerGate"

  • Discalceaterabbit 04/09/2014

    @Bremenacht Because there is no campaign against women. Never has been. Never will be.
    Campaign against frauds and nepotists, yes. Women, no.
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  • Discalceaterabbit 04/09/2014

    @dirtysteve Indeed. Isn't it odd how Sarkesian and Quinns "nobles goals" seem to excuse them from scrutiny. Reply -1
  • Discalceaterabbit 02/09/2014

    But then, after a single guy smashes up a starbucks, the entire company doesn't put out a press release calling all guys violent thugs and claiming they would rather they shopped somewhere else.
    When Zanita Quinesian makes a blog claiming that because Starbucks white coffee sells more than their black coffee, its an indication that Starbucks is inherantly racist, anyone who says "thats just stupid" isn't immediately branded a racist by "Online Coffee lovers" or patted on the head and told they just need to understand.
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  • Discalceaterabbit 02/09/2014


    So much of this argument boils down to a misunderstanding - the games media arenít calling you misogynists. They donít think you hate women. But youíve decided that your distrust of the media is so strong that youíd rather side with dangerous bigots than believe that the media might not be corrupt, thatís a hell of a statement to be making.

    Stepping aside from the fact that this basically states that any criticism of Quinn or Sarkesian makes you a bigot, why isn't gaming journalism doing at least the pretence of some naval gazing as to why the readership are so ready to see you all as corrupt?
    Nick Clegg is currently the most ridiculed party leader in politics, four years ago he was the most lauded.
    Is the general public just fickle? Or did Nick do something to cause this fall from grace?
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  • Discalceaterabbit 02/09/2014

    @dogmanstaruk Because misandry is still bigotry. And RPS is unapologetically full of it. Reply +4
  • Discalceaterabbit 02/09/2014

    I completely agree with this letter. Whenever anyone sees bigotry it should be fought against.
    Unfortunately, the last time I pointed out bigotry, the "Rock Paper Shotgun" site banned me. Because clearly its only SOME bigotry they have a problem with, and its an attitude that has bled onto most other gaming websites.
    Clearly people should not be sending vile abuse and threats, but the sites where this is happening are only shutting down one side of the debate, allowing a particular type of bigotry to thrive.
    Now if you will excuse me, I've received some threats that have terrified me so much that I am about to flee my home, but I thought I would tweet about how scared I was on social media before alerting the proper authorities.
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  • Why we need more developers like Zoe Quinn

  • Discalceaterabbit 31/08/2014

    @MrTomFTW Except, no-body is "dismissing" Anita Sarkesian, what they are doing is pointing out the really quite obvious and apparent flaws in her work. You know, the sort of thing that the gaming press SHOULD be doing.
    And if your defence of the gaming press revolves around "well its not as bad as youtube" its not surprising there is a perception of something rotten at the heart of it.
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  • Discalceaterabbit 31/08/2014

    Out of interest (because this has long since stopped being about the actual (poor) article), why is it that so many gamers are adamant that violent videogames will not make them violent, yet insist that innaccurate representations of women will make everyone sexist? Reply +14
  • Discalceaterabbit 31/08/2014

    @DaveDavis Well, considering the right wing believes in controlling behaviour and suppressing free thought, feminism is a right wing ideology. Reply +6
  • Discalceaterabbit 30/08/2014

    @bobomb Its the same thing. the whole purpose of a free press is that if one of them does something that might be construed as "a bit iffy", the others would investigate it and expose that shit.
    What we are seeing here is gaming journalism closing ranks, and maybe they are jutified in doing so, but it looks suspicious, as smells of coverup.
    If you don't think gaming journalists should be reporting on gaming scandals, I wonder what you are doing frequenting a gaming site?
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  • Discalceaterabbit 30/08/2014

    If a rumour got out that notorious homophobic hate peddler and daily mail columnist John Bigrichard was having an affair with a male teacher, and the daily mail put out an article saying "This is no-ones buisness but theirs, and Mr BigRichard will continue to ensure that your daily dose of homophobic bile will be published", do you think the Guardian, or the Sun would say "Oh, well thats alright then"?
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  • Discalceaterabbit 30/08/2014

    OK so I understand that the gaming press is going to extend the same sort of free ride to Zoe Quinn that it extends to Anita Sarkeesian, but why not talk about the men invovled in this controvery?
    After all its not Zoe who has, alledgedly, bowed to corruption (rightly or not, she has simply done what she can to promote her work. Yay free market capitalism) Zoe may well be the fulcrum upon which the whole scandal rests, but its the men involved who have sold their credibility up the river, or not as the case may be.
    They could have said no.
    Where is the investigation into the conduct of Kotaku journalists, or members of judging panels?
    Why is it being left to the bloggosphere? Which really does nothing constructive as it degenerates into "You are all mysogynistic pigs, get with the 21st century" against "Pfft, you white knights really don't have a clue".
    Meanwhile anyone asking the important questions on the apparent lack of journalistic integrity can be safely ignored in the noise.
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  • Discalceaterabbit 30/08/2014

    @Nikanoru If Zoe Quinn released a form of art about the importance of trust and fidelity in relationships then you would have a point.
    Until she does, its no-ones buisness but hers and anyone she is involved with.
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  • Discalceaterabbit 30/08/2014

    @Pasco_ And the bomb threats that cause mens rights conferences to relocate justify the need for mens rights conferences. Reply +3
  • Discalceaterabbit 30/08/2014

    We need more developers that throw the concept of journalistic integrity under a bus?
    If you say so.
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  • Leading creators back latest Tropes vs Women video

  • Discalceaterabbit 29/08/2014

    My whole problem with Ms Sarkesians work is the utter lack of proper critical analysis from the gaming media.
    If Ms Sarkesians claims are so clear and apparent, how come she has to use misleading data and outright lie to make them? If discrimination and sexism are so pervasive in gaming, surely she should be spoilt for choice?
    But the gaming press simply point at it and say "This is brilliant, you should all watch this", when anyone with an ounce of critical thinking and any knowledge of gaming can clearly see that it isn't
    Any good points made should be highlighted, errors, lies and distortions should also be highlighted, and its this lack of honesty surrounding her work which, I think, leads to so much hostility.
    Does this excuse the death and rape threats?
    Clearly anyone acting in such a vile way highlights a problem that needs to be looked at.
    But the very real fact that she is getting this abuse does not mean her work should get a free pass.
    And I, personally, cannot help but think that the reason she is getting this free pass (from the gaming media, clearly she is not getting one from gamers themselves)is because she is a woman.
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  • Discalceaterabbit 29/08/2014

    @DeLoftie On Drunk sex.
    As the law stands, if a drunk man and a drunk woman have sex, and the next morning the woman regrets it, she has been raped.
    This in itself is sexist as it insinuates that whilst a drunk woman is incapable of making rational decisions, a drunk man can be held responsible not only for his own conduct, but also for the conduct of someone else.
    You have also shown up your own prejudice in your claim of "a known person forcing themselves onto a woman who does not consent". I've certainly had women throw themselves onto me when I did not consent, and have had sex with ex girlfreinds simply so they would leave me alone to get some sleep.
    By some definitions, I was raped, though I doubt I would get much sypmapthy for it.
    No means no. But that should go both ways.
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  • Discalceaterabbit 29/08/2014

    Is it the reading, or the comprehension that you have a problem with.
    I in no way "defended rapists", though like most feminists its, again, a simple insult that you can throw around.
    I pointed out that rape is one of the most reviled crimes out there.
    It is.
    All studies show this
    Convicted rapists get a harder time in prison that all other convicts bar paedophiles, and once they get out no-one in their right mind would want to know them
    NOTE (because you will certainly twist this in the way you do everything else)
    THIS IS NOT A DEFENCE OF RAPE, its an illustration showing how reviled the act is.
    YOU are the one claiming that rape is ignored, or brushed over, and as you're throwing around "this shows more about you than it does anyone else" accusations you might want to turn that level of perspective on why you think this is.
    When was the last time you saw a film where the "poor rapist" was treated badly by the "vicious townsfolk".
    The only game, and I have no idea how it ever got greenlighted, that showed rape as an activity to be encouraged (the horendous "Rapelay") was quite rightly denounced as depraved.
    So IF rape is such a bang up thing to do, why does western society UNIVERSALLY, denounce the act? How come the universally sexist and discriminatory gaming industry didn't release a slew of rape simulators, because all us mysogynist bastards think its our right?
    I mean, we clearly like other crimes, speeding, murder, theft, where are all the rape simulators?
    OR maybe, just maybe, you havn't got a drokking clue what you are talking about.
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  • Discalceaterabbit 29/08/2014

    Rape is one of the most refiled crimes anyone can commit, so bad is the stigma attatched to it that the lives of people simply accused of it are ruined. Innocent men (because, lets face it, its men) have killed themselves, EVEN AFTER BEING EXHONERATED, because they couldn't live with the stigma attatched to the accusation.
    And people like you claim that rape is pushed aside as unimportnt.
    You clearly havn't read a damn thing anyone else has said.
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  • Discalceaterabbit 28/08/2014

    I recently read something online I just couldn't figure out. I was looking at reviews for the dual shock 4 because mine had their rubber nubbin wear out in a week. So I go on Ebay or Amazon and the first review I see, some person is describing the exact same experience I had with my controller. The person had worn it out in a matter of days and therefore was quite disappointed with the quality of said item.

    Well, beneath the review you could see that people had commented on it and the first one had something written which just blew me away. That guy, Jimmy26 or something similar, wrote that he had spent entire week playing his PS4, with awesome games such as BF4, Killzone, COD, Need for speed and a couple of other games he proudly held in his collection, and that his rubber nubbins were perfectly fine. He tried to convince the person that there can't be anything wrong with the quality of the rubber on the sticks, because his were fine. So he basically took the "if a tree in a forest falls and nobody is there to see it, does it still make sound?"-thing to the next level. The question he asks and answers no to is this:

    If a tree falls in the middle of a popular park on a sunday afternoon during perfect conditions, does it still make a sound even if I'm not there to witness it?

    I couldn't believe that somebody could be that stupid yet still put a coherent sentence together, even on the internet. A lot of people in this thread ask a similar question and get the answer horribly wrong. You are one of them.

    The irony, chuck, is that YOU are the person you are describing. A claim was made that if you were to make an AAA game, you would have to go through a strip club, he is claiming that ALL AAA games have this. I pointed out that his claim is false.
    You are the one claiming that because your games are sexist, then no-body else could possibly be playing games that are not.
    You are the one claiming that ALL controllers have faulty nubbins. The gaming media dare not critise your claim that ALL controllers have faulty nubbins, and as soon as someone says "Hang on a minute, what about the huge amount of controllers that don't have faulty nubbins, maybe we should be encouraging those manufacturers" people like you, having to actually counter some evidence contrary to your view, and being unable to do this, simply resort to name calling.
    Do sexist games exist?
    Are they all derogatory to women?
    Absolutely not
    Are any derogatory to men?
    Absolutely. MORESO than are derogatory to women. But no-body cares about men.
    Are all games sexist?
    Not by a long shot
    In fact In my experience, I think gaming may be the most progressive form of entertainment media on the planet, I certainly encounter more sexist tropes (of both men AND women) in print and film than I do gaming.
    So if all the games you are encountering ARE sexist, then maybe YOU need to be looking at the sort of games that YOU chose to play.

    And if a tree falls over and there is no-one around to hear it, it makes a sound wave. But a sound requires reception, and cannot exist without it. So if no-one is around to hear it, the falling tree does not make a sound.
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  • Discalceaterabbit 28/08/2014

    @hal_inc "If I play a AAA game this holiday season, I will be going to a strip club".

    Find the strip club in Dark Souls II.
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  • Discalceaterabbit 28/08/2014

    @Retroid "If geek girls acted like geek guys".

    And I bet you don't even understand WHY thats offensive.
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  • Discalceaterabbit 28/08/2014

    @Retroid Romance for men?


    That'll be porn.


    /FLIPPANT:- So the only section of romantic literature is the bit that feminists are campaigning to have outlawed #equalityYAY FLIPPANT/
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  • Discalceaterabbit 28/08/2014

    @Retroid Given the overlap between MRAs and people who doxx, hack or make threats against women doing videos about feminism, I don't think I agree.

    Are you suggesting that women do not make death threats (yay, equality), if thats the case, then I have a bridge to sell you.
    A recent MRA conferance in Canada (Toronto I believe), you know Canada, thats the country famous for its nice people, had to change its venue due to the number of bomb threats it received, and had to hire extra security due to the number of death threats.
    Are you suggesting that MRA's targetted their own conferance?
    Not convinced?
    Then look up "Erin Pizzey" the very courages lady who set up the first shelter for domestic violence, and hten was chased out of England because she had the audacity to claim that women can perpetrate domestic violence.
    Although I can understand WHY you believe what you do, because the very real and common occurences of female on male aggression rarely, if EVER, gets to the mainstream media.
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  • Discalceaterabbit 28/08/2014

    @Retroid MRAs are *not* the male equivalent. If they were, they'd be feminists.

    Every MRA I've ever spoken to believes women are getting 'too much' power and men are downtrodden in society.

    Whilst the comments accompanying any article on feminism justify the need for feminism, the death and bomb threads accompanying MRA conferences justify the need for MRA conferences.
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  • Discalceaterabbit 28/08/2014

    @Guy.J. "Just to be clear, by "the reality" you mean the half-naked women, right?"

    Half naked or half clothed?
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  • Discalceaterabbit 28/08/2014

    @KnickKnack Men are portrayed in a sexist and cliched way.
    I'm not sure how old you are, but in the late 1990's early 2000s there was a very vocal criticiser of video game violence. This person received annonymous death threats and was villified by gamers. The gaming media, far from defendign this persons right to his opinion, whilst not sending death threats, villified this person in every way possible. There were games created where you could beat them. I believe an avatar even got into a Mortal Kombat game.
    But this was a man. So no-body cared. His name was Jack Thompson.
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  • Discalceaterabbit 28/08/2014

    @RinuCZ Those games you describe already exist.
    You simply choose not to play them. Instead of blaming the game for its representation of any particular demographic, maybe you should question why you are choosing that game.
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  • Discalceaterabbit 28/08/2014

    @StingingVelvet I would imagine the reasons for the lack of a female focused marvel film would be similar as to the reasons why Mills and Boone do not release romance novels for men, or Hollywood does not target romantic comedies at them.
    Strangely though, no-one has ever managed to obtain $160 000 to talk about the unrealistic representations of men in romantic literature.
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  • Discalceaterabbit 27/08/2014

    @Gibbet_Street_Slashr I'm no fan of Anita Sarkesian, and find the slavish worshipping at the alter of "feminist frequency" journalistically bankrupt. But you would have to be the most obtuse sort of moron to ignore the very real and disgusting abuse the woman received, and did NOT deserve. By all means attack her arguments, point out the HUGE amount of cherry picking, the willfull disregard for the very clear evidence that runs counter to the points that she makes, but to send her rape and death threats is inexcusable. Reply +4
  • Discalceaterabbit 27/08/2014

    The only thing uncomfortable about "Feminist Frequency" is the lack of any proper critical analysis of her material by leading gaming webstes. Reply +10
  • Video: Claptrap is your new favourite vault hunter in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

  • Discalceaterabbit 23/08/2014

    @Fiddle-sticks I know, its such a pisser when you remove the "cherry picking" aspect from the act of social justice warrioring. But yes, the game looks awesome. Reply -1
  • Discalceaterabbit 23/08/2014

    So Borerlands The PreSequal has four new vaulthunters, two women, one man and one robot, and Eurogamer, bastion of equality that it is, is not writing an article either praising gearbox for its dedication to equality for having female playable charcters or deriding it for its blatent sexism in having more playable characters of one gender than another.
    Come on EG, are all gamers sexist bastards worshipping at the altar of mysogyny or not?
    Or is one of the many mainstream games that embraces diversity not worthy of a clickbait article?
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  • PlayStation 4's Share Play feature limited to 60-minute sessions

  • Discalceaterabbit 15/08/2014

    We can only hope there will be a 50:50 ratio of female to male uploads. Reply -1
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider exclusive to Xbox One

  • Discalceaterabbit 12/08/2014

    But will we be able to play as a woman? Reply +6
  • Dungeons 2 announced for PC and Mac next year

  • Discalceaterabbit 09/08/2014

    I quite liked the first, once I had gotten past the fact that it was, thematically aside, nothing like dungeon keeper. Reply 0
  • "The transformation was painful. We paid the price"

  • Discalceaterabbit 08/08/2014

    Im sure that Crytek won't mind if I "delay" payment on their products in future then. Reply +10
  • Activision notes industry-wide downturn in pre-orders

  • Discalceaterabbit 07/08/2014

    So, nothing to do with games being released in a broken state requiring a major patch within a month, when the retail price has already been halved then? Reply 0
  • Thailand military junta bans Tropico 5

  • Discalceaterabbit 05/08/2014

    Seems rather odd that whenever Greece, Germany, Australia, Britain or that bastion of 'freedom' the untied states ban something, no-one ever links it to the government being a democracy. Reply 0
  • The Walking Dead: Amid the Ruins review

  • Discalceaterabbit 24/07/2014

    Criticises gaming naratives for lack of diversity.
    Feels adherance to realism and accuracy is hampering diversity.
    Criticises game that has 8 year old girl giving orders to adults as unrealistic.
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  • You've got male

  • Discalceaterabbit 21/07/2014

    @bobomb Gaming is the most diverse form of entertainment media there is. Pretty much everything is catered to, from raising cute little animals, to building a theme park, to managing a logistics warehouse, TO BEING A LUMBERJACK!!!!, to running around shooting things, right up to the so sick that really we wish they should not exist rape simulators (leading to the question, why does everyone denounce rape games as disgusting, but murder simulators regularly top the charts with no-one batting an eyelid?).
    To claim that gaming is not diverse is, at best, misleading, at worst downright deceitful.
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  • Discalceaterabbit 20/07/2014

    @SpaceMidget75 Thanks. Of course anotehr factor that Vorlon is entirely ignoring is that, even if I were lying "to prove a point", that still would not detract from the fact that the list I made was a list of real games, that anyone can play right now, in the really real world.
    That people would or would not choose not to play that particular list of games to play doesn't stop that list being a viable option that someone could chose, should they so desire.
    As it stands, Vorlon has gone quiet on the point.
    Which I take it means they realise they are talking bollocks.
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  • Discalceaterabbit 19/07/2014

    @Vorlan Really? The only "real old games" on the list would be BloodRayne 2 and I have no mouth, clearly you missed the GoG sale last month. Tell you what, swap those out with any of these five which I have also played this year. Europa Universalis IV, Crusader Kings II, Dark Souls 2, The Walking Dead II, Dead Island (Yes, the first one)
    I'm not the one complaining that gaming "lacks diversity" wereas you (and Eurogamer) are painting a picture that doesn't exist.
    As far as I am aware, the two most profitable franchises in gaming are World of Warcraft, and the Sims. Both games allowing the user to play as who or what they want, both incredibly profitable, both notable by their lack of mention in articles such as this one.
    Doesn't seem to bad for a media that apparently suffers from a terrible lack of diversity.

    Did it ever occur to you (or Eurogamer for that matter) the reason that I don't think gaming has a diversity problem is because I am aware of the huge freedom of choice that I have when selecting my games, a choice that is reflected in the list of games that I chose to play, and I don't restrict it to what is currently popular in the charts?
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  • Discalceaterabbit 19/07/2014

    So in order to maintain your delusion of a lack of diversity, you are going to ignore anyone who doesn't match your criteria.
    Hell, most strategy games have an indeterminant gender (Starcraft, Total War, Europa Universalis), most RPG games allow you to create your own (Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age, Neverwinter) Are you going to pretend that they don't exist as well?
    I'm well aware that the mainstream doesn't appeal to me, but these articles about gaming all annnounce a lack of diversity, when that is demonstrably a lie.
    Blaming the gaming industry for a lack of choice because more people bought CoD than bought Mirrors Edge is laying the blame at the feet of the wrong people.
    And if there is this great untapped market of people desperately waiting for a female protagonist (because THATS whats important), then why wasn't Mirrors Edge a commercial blockbuster?
    Or are you going to demand that the general public buy only the games that YOU deem appealing? Are you going to fight for your own belief that you have a lack of choice in the games you play, by restricting the choice that other people make for themselves?
    (edit:- Oh and Borderlands 2, Civ V and Tomb Raider are very much mainstream)
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  • Discalceaterabbit 19/07/2014

    @SpaceMidget75 Cinders, Tomb Raider, Civilisation V, Fallen Enchantress, Thief, Eets Munchies, Bloodrayne 2, I have no mouth and I must scream, Borderlands 2, Democracy 3.
    So thats 1 game with a male protagonist, two with an indeterminant gender, three with a selective gender and one with both genders and three where you play as a female.
    Seems pretty diverse to me.
    That said, you could spin it in a way that insinuates that of those ten games, only one of them doesn't let you play "as a woman" whereas three times as many do not let you play "as a man".
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  • Discalceaterabbit 19/07/2014

    @erp Your girlfreind watches Thor to oogle Chris Hemsworth!! OBJECTIFICATION! Have her report to the nearest sexual entitlement re-education centre forthwith. Reply +16
  • Discalceaterabbit 19/07/2014

    @MattEvansC3 Not true. Loki had his gender swapped. The punisher became black. Although, as with all such comic book changes, both were transitory. Reply +2
  • Discalceaterabbit 19/07/2014

    Odd that you never mentioned that Loki once became a woman, or that Frank Castle became black. But then, both of those happened before you pretended to care about diversity.
    Not even a mention of Nick Fury now being black?
    I can only imagine the uproar that would result in T'Challa suddenly being white, or Lara Croft becoming Laurel Croft.
    Still, now that you have extended your crusade beyond the restriction of gaming can we expect to see articles on why the romance novel industry is exclusively targetted at women? That so long as teaching remains a predominently female profesion education, will it be as detrimental to males as you claim a predominently male gaming industry is to females?
    Or is this crusade of yours going to solely concentrate on one gender?
    How very egalitarian.
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  • Video: The flattest performances by Hollywood actors in games

  • Discalceaterabbit 10/07/2014

    No female performances? SEXISM!!!!! Reply +17