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  • PlayStation Plus price hike announced for Europe

  • Discalceaterabbit 29/07/2017

    And they announce it the month they put two AAA games in the program, after months of filler. Reply 0
  • Civilization 6 introduces Nubia as next civ

  • Discalceaterabbit 27/07/2017

    What's a Nubian? Reply 0
  • Remembering G-Police, the best Blade Runner game ever

  • Discalceaterabbit 23/07/2017

    The best Bladerunner game ever.
    Well, except Bladerunner.
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  • Paradox offers free game or two DLCs after price hike kerfuffle

  • Discalceaterabbit 07/07/2017

    I bought Tyranny, but I bought it on sale, does that still count? Reply 0
  • UK shops get SNES mini in stock

  • Discalceaterabbit 29/06/2017

    I wonder how many people read the description to learn it comes with a USB power cable, but no USB adaptor! Reply 0
  • Jelly Deals: Tesco vouchers with up to 20 off gaming and electronics this week

  • Discalceaterabbit 23/05/2017

    I'd rather Tesco paid their tax. Reply 0
  • BioWare apologises for Mass Effect: Andromeda's poor transgender representation

  • Discalceaterabbit 06/04/2017

    @Pasco_ Indeed. It attracts you. Reply 0
  • Discalceaterabbit 06/04/2017

    @krayzkrok Sadly, it does mean that media has to incorporate all types of diversity. Which is insane, because we are infinitely diverse, and someone will always feel excluded. Unless every form of media ever manages to include the amazonian tribe member who moved to the city and discovered they were actually really supposed to be a man, and found Budhism?
    And there will always be a gender studies graduate ready to highlight the oppression they face.
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  • Discalceaterabbit 06/04/2017

    There better be an accurate representation of green eyed people. Reply 0
  • Discalceaterabbit 05/04/2017

    @chrisf 0.1% of the population do. But they care A LOT! Reply 0
  • Google Maps April Fools' gag lets you play Ms. Pac-Man

  • Discalceaterabbit 02/04/2017

    @Haar You think the women are being trafficked for the "civilised" men?
    Incidentally, 96% of civilised workplace fatalities are men, the majority of the homeless are men. Four out of five suicides are male. Men will receive a 66% harsher prison sentence than women for exactly the same crime (and really the same crime, not the apples and oranges "gender pay gap" bullshit).
    How do these statistics factor into your "the only place men are oppressed is in porn" theory?
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  • Total War: Warhammer's getting a new playable race, for free, next week

  • Discalceaterabbit 21/02/2017

    So not Scaven then.
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  • Don't expect another big Deus Ex game anytime soon

  • Discalceaterabbit 30/01/2017

    Shouldn't they finish the last one before starting the next? Hell shouldn't they have finished it before releasing it? Reply 0
  • Punching Nazis

  • Discalceaterabbit 28/01/2017

    I'm guessing the irony of condoning actual violence when you have spent the last few years condemning threats of violence is lost on you. Reply 0
  • Developer admits "we screwed it" after game website exposes review blacklist threat

  • Discalceaterabbit 18/01/2017

    If only you had been quite so forth coming about the big publishers threats we might have avoided the entire "gamergate" debacle.
    And why shouldn't you pay for the game?
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  • Making a game out of running

  • Discalceaterabbit 15/01/2017

    If you want a good opportunity to beat your half marathon time try the Peterborough Half marathon in October. It's well organised, but most importantly FLAT course!
    Sure the scenery is terrible, but did I mention that it was FLAT!
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  • Today, Sony is selling PS4 20th Anniversary Edition consoles for just 19.94 each

  • Discalceaterabbit 10/12/2014

    Sometimes I hate having a job. Reply 0
  • Square Enix confirms Microsoft will publish Rise of the Tomb Raider

  • Discalceaterabbit 10/12/2014

    A videogame with a strong independent female protagonist? Don't be ridiculous, everyone knows they don't exist. Gamers hate women. Reply 0
  • Target pulls Grand Theft Auto 5 from sale in Australia

  • Discalceaterabbit 05/12/2014

    @zegerman1942 So, because parents don't parent, you would restrict what adults can do?
    Would you also ban steak because infants can't chew?
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  • Discalceaterabbit 05/12/2014

    Of course you can "harm and kill" men as well, but no-one cares about that. Reply 0
  • The Eurogamer.net Podcast Tom Bramwell testimonial special!

  • Discalceaterabbit 28/11/2014

    @MrTomFTW So Rock Paper Shotgun isn't an independant outlet that gives freelance writers their own voice? Well thats good to know, and I am sure will have no impact on the perception of them as a shill for vested media interests. Reply -1
  • Discalceaterabbit 28/11/2014

    Isn't it odd how many sites are recording the departure of "Tom Bramwell", its almost like there is some sort of editorial link between them. Reply -5
  • Brianna Wu's next game aims to "replace Twine"

  • Discalceaterabbit 26/11/2014

    Sorry? Is this game targetted at women? Thats a bit sexist isn't it, arn't games supposed to be inclusive and target everyone now? Reply -5
  • Pigeon-dating sim Hatoful Boyfriend is coming to PS4 and Vita

  • Discalceaterabbit 24/11/2014

    Imagine if a videogame was released that replaced all the girls with birds. Sarkesian would have an anneurism. Reply +12
  • BioWare's brilliant Dragon Age: Inquisition sex scene

  • Discalceaterabbit 21/11/2014

    Is he taking advantage of his subordinate? Is EA now encouraging people to abuse their positions of power? Where are all the social justice warriors when you need them? Reply +1
  • Dev who threatened Gabe Newell has returned to Code Avarice

  • Discalceaterabbit 15/11/2014

    So he never really left, and internet death threasts, so completely inexcusable in some cases, are suddenly forgiven in others.
    Lets open that can of worms.
    The vast majority of gamergaters condemn internet abuse, death-threats and misogyny, will you stop reporting on them as a hate group?
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  • SingStar Ultimate Party review

  • Discalceaterabbit 13/11/2014

    Fuck those white people, how dare they enjoy themselves. Reply +2
  • GTA: San Andreas Steam update removes songs, breaks some save files

  • Discalceaterabbit 10/11/2014

    So they can remove content, but still cant fix the controller issue. Reply +1
  • Dragon Age Inquisition: the first five hours

  • Discalceaterabbit 04/11/2014

    Considering the fawning that the gaming press did over DA II, this one is firmly on the "wait till its on sale" list. No matter how good it is claimed to be. Reply +2
  • We cannot let this become gaming culture

  • Discalceaterabbit 23/10/2014

    @PlugMonkey Exactly.
    Women have the option of absolving themselves of parental responsibility.
    Men don't.
    Glad you see it.
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  • Discalceaterabbit 23/10/2014

    @frazzl Insults so quickly. How very "feminist " of you. Let me explain it thusly.
    Emma Watson indulges in mutually consensual sex which results in an unwanted pregnancy. She wishes to absolve herself of unwanted parental responsibilities.
    Whilst she may not have the choice to abort the pregnancy in ALL countries, she has the choice in some.
    Daniel Radcliffe indulges in mutually consensual sex which results in an unwanted pregnancy. How can he absolve himself of his parental responsibilities?
    Pregnancy may well be an exclusively female area, but childcare sure as fuck isn't, and whilst women currently can choose to absolve themself of it, men cannot.
    So yes, when it comes to pregnancy, in the third world, women have THE SAME rights as men (i.e:- you made your bed, lie in it), in the western world, women have MORE rights than men.
    Open your fucking eyes.
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  • Discalceaterabbit 22/10/2014

    Interesting. Could you dig up the map which shows where men can demand an abortion so I can compare?
    Oh, and that map claims that in the UK abortion is illegal, excepting certain circumstances. Which is wrong.
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  • Discalceaterabbit 21/10/2014

    Yup. Models are one of the "few" careers where women earn more. So that makes it OK.
    Of course you would also have to ignore the fact that if you compare single women and single men under the age of 40 (you know, when the equalities legislation was enacted) you find that women earn MORE money than men.
    Odd how there has been no media campaign on this little dollop of inequality.
    And indeed, the sort of rampant sexism that occurs throughout the second and third world, is not the same as that which happens in the first world. But its a bit rich that female genital mutilation is banned throughout the western world, whilst male genital mutilation is still endemic. But Emma Watson was once called bossy, so we had best sort that out first.

    Finally something we can completely agree on. Neither of us are going to change our minds. Espcially with your willfull double standards and excusing of feminist misandry, you are also part of the problem.
    Although I won't leave the debate throwing an insult, and whilst you can continue to argue for womens rights, I'l continue to argue for equality.
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  • Discalceaterabbit 21/10/2014

    Would that be the same Daniel Radcliffe who's first job after Harry Potter involved him stripping off on stage, and the papers writing stories on "how he had grown"?
    And, of course, the likes of Justin Beiber and One Direction are so successfull because they are amazingly talented musicians?
    And lets not forget that female supermodels make ten times what their male counterparts do.
    But I don't see any media campoaign demanding equal work for equal pay there.
    And its interesting that One perverted troll makes a website and this makes it acceptable to generalise most men as sexist/misogynist, but when teenage girls start bullying nerdy teenage boys over facebook, resulting in suicide, thats not misandry?
    Its obvious that there are plenty of places in the world where women are disadvantaged.
    But this is not applicable in the Western world, and it hasn't been for a very long time.
    As I said earlier, Boku Haram kidnapped 240 girls and create an international outcry of disgust. That they executed just as many boys did not even get reported.
    And yes, I did see her speech. And even the part about issues men face she claims should be fought for because "if we solve them it will make womens lives better", not because those problems were particularly unfair or sexist in and of themselves.
    Its kind of like me claiming "Hey, we need to help Black people who live in poverty, so they stop abusing whites!"
    And if it were truly about equality it would have been called "All for All", requesting EVERYONE to look out for EVERYONE, irrespective of gender.
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  • Discalceaterabbit 21/10/2014

    @Fakenameagain Well the #Killallmen that feminist groups spread around, but then claimed was "just a bit of harmless fun" would give some credence to the view that feminist groups encourage violence against men. Hell, an MRA conference in Canada had to change venue due to the number of death and bomb threats leveled at it.
    Not that any mainstream media outlet reported on it.
    And whilst Britain has been historically run by a group of smug privilidged elites, they do not act to keep women down, more to keep EVERYONE down. Well, apart from other Smug etonians.
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  • Discalceaterabbit 20/10/2014


    You will be telling me that Sunspot activity is irrelivent next.

    Oh, and any paper with the headline "is Britain really the most sexist country", in a world where the middle east exists, is clearly worth reading!
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  • Discalceaterabbit 20/10/2014

    On Abstracts. Sorry, you are illustrating a fundamental misunderstanding about what an absract IS. And even if it did include the conclusion, without being able to assess the scientific method practiced, it renders the abstract irrelevant (I.E An abstract on whether God exists concludes that she does. The evidence listed is "it says so in the bible". The conclusion is invalid).

    So (again)men dying in work is because of male choice, women not going into gaming is sexism.
    There are laws that specifically prevent women being refused the sorts of dangerous work that routinely kill men, women simply chose not to do those jobs.
    As is their right.
    Women not going into gaming because they chose not to. Not because some patriarchal boys club is actively preventing them (look to the Fine Young Captalists Indie GoGo that the entire gaming media failed to cover)

    Single men do adopt. But in the UK, single men are FORBIDDEN from adopting girls.
    The "reasoning" for this is to prevent men from adopting girls to look after tham in their old age.
    A reciprocal law does not exist for women.
    This is clearly active legal sexism going on right now in the UK. So one right that Emma Watson has that you do not.

    On domestic violence, the vast majority of data is collected in domestic abuse shelters which forbid men from entering them (admittedly for good reason).
    Its kind of like walking around a village in Somerset and concluding that black people don't suffer from racism.
    When men abuse women it IS more dangerous than the other way around. But the next time you see a news report that 100 women are killed a year in the UK by their partners, just remember that 50 men will have been.
    Both figures are disgusting, but only one of them gets any kind of assistance.

    You simply claiming "its a strawman question" does not make it so, and your utter failure to answer it is telling.

    Climate science is, itself, rife with controversy. Probably another subject that you might want to research a bit more thoroughly. Pay particular attention to the actions of the University of East Anglia, and that we still do not factor the effects of cloud formations into climate models.
    Still, I suppose if you are simply going to dismiss my links out of hand, I can do the same to yours.

    Not that I would defend it, but I think if a man walked into a gay bar in crotchless chaps, accepted every drink that a gay man bought him, went home with that gay man and had sex with him, then felt disgused with himself the next day, I would imagine a rather large number of people would think he should accept a least a certain amount of responsibility for what he had done.

    Sexism happens.
    But it happens to BOTH sexes.
    There are issues that women face, and there are issues that men face.
    One of which being that should any man dare criticise a woman, he couldn't possibly be doing it for any reason other than misogyny.
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  • Discalceaterabbit 20/10/2014

    @frazzl She has a darn sight more control over her reproductive rights than any man does.
    Still, I congratulate you on being the ONLY PERSON who has even attempted to answer the question "What rights do men have, that Emma Watson doesn't". Even if you did answer with an area where Emma Watson has MORE rights than any man.
    Have a cookie.
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  • Discalceaterabbit 19/10/2014

    Abstracts do indeed set out to illustrate what an article AIMS to do. It does not illustrate whether it was succesfull.
    I never claimed women were not second class citizens in Saudi, but feel free to make more claims about what I am saying.
    The ROI case was stil la single case that was littered with fuckups. It did not, nor does it, indicate a widespread misogyny directed at women. Or, to put it anotehr way, if you think that one incidence indicates that foetuses are considered more valuble than women, why do you go on to completely ignore the fact that 95% of workplace deaths involve men is a sexism issue.
    On adoption laws, would those be the same laws that prevent single men from adopting daughters, but allow single women to adopt sons?
    Nope. No evidence of sexist misandry there.
    On domestic abuse
    But Womens aid, a pro feminist mouthpiece says its not true so who knows.
    I suggest you do a bit of basic research of Erin Pizzey, the woman who opened the first domestic abuse shelter, and see how her "feminist sisters" treated her.
    If workplace deaths are not a sexism issue, but are down to the choices that men make, then the lack of women in gaming/politics/whatever you care to mention are also down to the individial choices that people make.
    You havn't debunked anything I have said, simply deliberately misinterpreted or ignored it.
    Still if claiming that you have makes you feel big and clever about yourself, sure, go knock yourself out.

    And the question "what right does Emma Watson not have that men do?" is not a strawman, and you have utterly failed to answer it, several times.
    Let me answer it for you, she cannot serve either on the frontline in military service, or on a military submarine.
    Gosh darn it she's oppressed.


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  • Discalceaterabbit 19/10/2014

    On gender gap
    Source 1: Compares full time male pay with full time women pay, ignores job preference.
    Source 2: Compares full time pay ignoring job preference.

    Who knew, chosing to take lower paid work would lead to lower pay.
    Again, this is not sexist. Its akin to demanding that someone who works as a cleaner should be paid the same as someone who works on an oil rig. Ignoring specific requirements or dangers that each job requires.
    Either way, thanks for proving why the gender pay gap is a myth that will not die.

    On the "glass ceiling". Congratulation on posting to abstracts, but without access to the study itself, these prove nothing. I would ask if you actually read any of them yourself? The third link seems to simply be an explaination of what the glass ceiling "is".
    And yes, men are expected to sacrifice their family time to go to work and provide for that family.
    Again an example of "equality" that feminism is uniterested in. Instead of pushing for drives to allow men to spend more time with their families, it continues to push for more rights that enable women to enjoy the best of both worlds.

    The US may not have maternity leave. But as this is EUROgamer, and I (and I am guessing you) live in EUROPE, thats irrelevant. Or are you next going to point to Saudi Arabia and use that to "prove" that women are not allowed to drive (though ignore that men are conscripted to risk their lives in military service?)

    The ROI did not "let that woman die" that specific case is an example of a series of fuck ups that lead to a media outcry. Odd how the 95% of work reated deaths being male do not raise any kind of equal outcry. Oscar Pistorius blew his girlfreinds brains out, that does not mean that there is a systemic and institutionalised desire among men to blow their girlfreinds brains out.

    States want to give foetuses rights. Just ignoring the EUROgamer thing again, this would mean that regarding reproductive rights issue, it the level of rights would be Foetus > Women > Men. Surely an agism or development issue rather than sexism?

    So its now sexist to say that a woman and a mans rights regarding reproduction should be equal? Really?
    Did you even read that one back to yourself?

    Yes if a father has custody, a mother is expected to pay child support. However a mother can decide to give a child up for adoption, and a father CANNOT PREVENT THIS FROM HAPPENING.
    Also 90% of custody battles result in the mother gaining custody. Hardly equal.

    Yes women suffer terrible mistreatment. But NOT IN THE WESTERN WORLD.
    Hell even when Boku Haram kidnapped over 200 girls in Nigeria there was an outcry in the west. I dare say you have no idea that they executed over 200 boys whilst they were doing it.
    In the western world men are five times more likely to commit suicide.
    More likely to become homeless.
    70% of domestic abuse is initiated by women against their male partner. 5% of domestic abuse shelters accept men.
    90% of workplace fatalities are male.
    More university graduates are women.
    So tell me again how men get it easy.
    Now for the third time.
    Tell me ONE right that Emma Watson does not have, that you do?
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  • Discalceaterabbit 19/10/2014

    @mattshark Not true. Feminism is about rights for women. It has nothing to do with equality.
    The pay gap has been debunked many, many times over.
    Women in certain age groups may well be overlooked for jobs (its not clear that they are) but increasing maternity rights will only make this worse. You want to see this theory dissapear, it will not involve giving women of reproductive age more rights, but giving men the same reproductive rights as women. Look at it this way, as an employer you have two 28 year old people of equal ability. neither of them have children.
    Now in the event that one of them has a child, one who will be entitled to a year off work, the other two weeks.You not only have to pay the parent for their time off, but pay the replacement.
    Now which one do you pick?
    So is the "childbearing issue" caused because women have fewer rights than men, or more?
    There is no glass ceiling. There is nothing stopping women climbing to the top, provided they are willing to sacrifice their right to family life. Something expected of men.
    The Republic of Ireland allows abortion in the event that the pregnancy harms the health of the mother. And even if it didn't, one nation amoung the many western nations that allow women free choice, does not a sexism issue make.
    You want a sexism issue, how about that fathers have no say if the motehr decideds to have an abortion. How about a woman can chose to give an unplanned child up for adoption and the father can do nothing to stop it. How about women can chose to absolve themselves of any responsibility for a child that they do not want, but a man will always be required to pay up?
    Childcare laws are heavily in favour of women. Feminism does nothing to stop this, despite its shallow claim to be "about equality".
    But I would agree that sexism is prevalent throughout western society. But I disagree who the majority target of it is.
    But to get back to my initial point.
    Name ONE right that Emma Watson does not have, that is extended to men.
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  • Discalceaterabbit 19/10/2014

    @Uncompetative Name one right that Emma Watson does not have that a man has.
    I too was once a feminist. But then I learnt about equality.
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  • Discalceaterabbit 17/10/2014

    Peter Molyneux, Jack Thompson, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, all have been on the receiving end of death threats for years.
    But suddenly something needs to be done about it.
    Still, credit where its due, this is the first time I've read a mainstream gaming site admit that Ms Sarkesians claims are not beyond reproach.
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  • Valve pulls game from Steam following dev's tweet threatening Gabe Newell

  • Discalceaterabbit 21/10/2014

    So are some types of death threat forgivable? Reply 0
  • Civilian massacring game Hatred courts controversy, gets it

  • Discalceaterabbit 18/10/2014

    And the only thing stopping women from writing and creating their own games is that, on the whole, very few of them want to.
    Men are not "keeping their boys club to themselves", there are active programs to get women into gaming, indeed the Indie Gogo organised by the Fine Young Capitalist successfully achieved its funding to do exactly that, despite a widespread media blackout on its activities after sabotage by a controversial feminist games developer.
    Should we actively force women to do something they don't want to do? Indeed by pro-actively telling women, "Hey, you don't want to go and follow a career path of your own choosing, we need you to make gaming more inclusive" are we not actively condoning a misogynistic mindset that we, as men, know better than women do about what they should want?
    AS for this game, its being panned for its sick and twisted condoning of violence, NOT that its using an unrealistic represenation of a man to do it.
    And before you return to your "but men do this!" defence, there are women who choose to dress in very revealing clothes to seek out male attention, indeed far far more women who chose to do this than men who chose to go on killing sprees, yet we criticise gaming when it includes scantily clad women in games, but not when it portrays men as sociopaths.
    And one of those stereotypes is doing something illegal!
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  • Discalceaterabbit 18/10/2014

    Way to misread my post.
    RE:- Borderlands...Not if SOME raiders were female (which would be rather cool) but if ALL raiders were female. "Look" , the feminist press whould decry "PROOF that the gaming industry acts to misreapresent and decry women as objects that exist for the (male) gamer to abuse and destroy for their own amusement"
    But strangely, no-one (well other than me) seemed to notice that they are all men. And there is a distinct LACK of outcry about this.
    By the magical laws of feminism, its a clear example of discrimination.
    And Eileen Wurnos is not the only example of a sociopathic female, there are plenty of them, from Elisabeth Bathory to Ma Baker. As many as men, no (or maybe they are just better at not getting caught) but your belief that they don't exist really does show your own complete and utter lack of knowledge on the subject, and your own internalised bigotry.
    Yes there are sexualised female characters in gaming. But all of them?
    If I were to take the gaming versions of "magic mike" or "300", decry those films for their unrealistic and sexualised representations of men, then claimed that this proved the entire film industry was institutionally misandrist ,do you think the film press would stand up behind me to shout "you go boy! Its about time someone said it"
    Or do you think I would be universally derided for cherry picking my examples and demonstrating an astounding lack of knowledge of the media I was claiming to be an expert in?
    And pointing to two articles that back up the "feminist" view is highlighting my point.
    Unrealistic representations of women are a problem that need to be fought against, unrealistic representations of men are at best ignored and at worst overlooked.
    For the third time now, if you have never played a game with a realistic representation of a strong female character, then you are clearly choosing the wrong games to play.
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  • Discalceaterabbit 18/10/2014

    About 3 billion men on the -planet. A handfull go on a rampage.
    You think that shows that portraying men as rampaging sociopathsis realistic.
    And I'l bet you think its me thats the sexist.
    Gaming includes sexist portrayals of women. But it is not overriding, and strong independant female characters are endemic throughout the gaming industry, from Samus Aran and Faith through to Elaine Marley and Venus Jones. If you really have never encountered them, then you should really start reconsidering the games you are playing.
    But you know who is really unreasilstically represented? Men. Who make up the vast majority of "baddies" that can be mindlessly blown away without a second thought, Look at Borderlands, ALL the raiders are men. Could you imagine the shitstorm that would explode if they were all women?
    Hell even in halflife, the female enemy soldiers are the "elites"
    Do I think this shows institutionalised and endemic misadndry throughout the industry?
    Of course not. Because I am not a moron.
    But anyone who looked at the gaming industry through the eyes of people like Anita Sarkesian, could quite easily paint that picture and make it believeable.
    Only no-one would care. Because pfft, fuck men right.
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  • Discalceaterabbit 18/10/2014

    The point is, whilst unrealistic representations of women are being given plenty of coverage by mainstream gaming sites in the hopes of improving representation, representations of men in gaming continue to portray them as sadistic sociopaths with no interpersonal skills, but this unrealistic representation is, apparently, perfectly acceptable.
    Hitman, apparently, contains some dubious examples of women. But those are nothin compared to the way in which it represents men.
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  • Discalceaterabbit 17/10/2014

    A: - Eileen Wurnos.
    B:- If you have never seen a strong female character in a videogame, then you are clearly playing the wrong games.
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  • E3 organiser and trade group ESA speaks out against GamerGate

  • Discalceaterabbit 17/10/2014

    @MrTomFTW So you don't think that this "storm" is a PR Stunt by journalists still bitter about having their integrity questioned? Some lone internet fuckwit sends a deaththreat to a school, and suddenly everyone who holds an opinion that that one person may or may not have held has to abandon that view?
    Phew, its a good job no-one ever attempted a movement to #killallmen or feminism would have to be dismantled overnight.
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