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  • The case for 30fps PC gaming

  • DiamondIce 30/11/2014


    This might be of help for you regarding cut scene fps.

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  • Far Cry 4's PC system requirements revealed

  • DiamondIce 07/11/2014


    Are you speaking of in the UK? There are a lot in stock on many websites (with this game offer) at the same price as when the card first launched.
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  • Sunset Overdrive review

  • DiamondIce 27/10/2014

    Buying an Xbox One is getting more-and-more tempting as these new games are released. Also:

    Why would nectaris' innocuous comment about buying the game and supporting new projects be negged? What is even remotely wrong with the comment? Why bother negging it; just leave it be.

    This comes to mind:

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  • Assassin's Creed: Unity's PC system requirements revealed

  • DiamondIce 24/10/2014

    The current gen consoles might be pushing system requirements forwards but it should not be having this effect seen with the Unity requirements (especially as the consoles are only 900p/30 in this instance). The consoles are not that powerful even if they are a closed system.


    But, but, but the PS4 has a full 8GB of GDDR5 VRAM (not even a Titan has that). System RAM and OS RAM is then downloaded from the internet.
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  • DiamondIce 24/10/2014

    How many sales are they losing with these specs? Or is it a case of people complaining about performance and taking it up with Ubisoft, only for them to ask you your specs and then dismiss your complaint as you do not match them. Put a stupidly high minimum requirement so it 'covers' their ass when performance is woeful.


    Like the picture size, the gameplay also looks reduced.
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  • Spec Analysis: Alienware Alpha

  • DiamondIce 22/10/2014

    I know the comments have descended into the usual war so I thought I would just state:


    Regarding Shadow of Mordor: I am running on high textures on a 2GB card without any stuttering issues at 60fps. All other settings are set to high and mesh on ultra. I believe this is better than a PS4 is managing. It does drop frames a little on the second area but is still 55fps to 60fps. And without stuttering.

    The VRAM requirements have been overblown in recent times unless my card is somehow magical and is downloading more VRAM when I need it...
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  • Ubisoft hits back at Assassin's Creed: Unity downgrade claims

  • DiamondIce 10/10/2014


    To quote: "id ram that keyboard down your throat."

    I bet you wouldn't, though.

    I agree that people trying to get 'one over' on somebody based on their gaming platform of choice is idiotic.
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  • Face-Off: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

  • DiamondIce 04/10/2014


    I have a 2GB 670 and I am running on high textures without any performance issues; no stuttering certainly not to the extent that DF have stated which is strange. I have put over 3 hours into the game and I am getting 60fps for the most part on high/ultra. Ambient occlusion is the setting I have taken the biggest hit on as that is on medium.

    Edit: Why neg me for stating fact? Dribbling console fanboys?
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  • Eyes-on with PC Shadow of Mordor's 6GB ultra-HD textures

  • DiamondIce 02/10/2014


    Being able to customise settings to, for example, attain higher frame rates if that is what you prefer in a game like this. Or just make tweaks that are preferable to you.

    And hopefully a FOV mod.
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  • DiamondIce 02/10/2014

    I am tired of reading comments that seem to allude to 8GB being available as VRAM. The super-duper PS4 does not have 8GB of GDDR5 RAM solely for VRAM.

    This 8GB is shared between everything: RAM, VRAM and OS.

    That is not to say that you shouldn't invest in a GPU with a decent amount of VRAM on it but some people seem to think that "not even a Titan" has that amount of VRAM...

    I am getting 60fps for a good percentage of the time on my GTX670 2GB. There are drops in intensive scenes but I have been able to put a lot of settings on high and ultra. With a bit of tinkering I think I have found a happy medium. Textures are obviously something I have taken a hit on but that was to be expected. All the other effects are near the top of the scale.
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  • Grand Theft Auto 5 gets November PS4 and Xbox One release date

  • DiamondIce 12/09/2014

    Can't wait to play this again on the PC. I have been wanting to replay GTA V but I have been hanging on knowing it was getting a release date in the not-too-distant future.

    Also, I am sure that if the dates were the other way round then PS4/Xbox One owners would also have a few comments to make about the delay.Edit: I don't mean the piracy comments; just the p*ssed off at the delay comments.
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  • Watch Dogs performance analysis

  • DiamondIce 28/05/2014

    I don't know about console and PC performance but the performance of Uplay, or lack of, is frustrating to say the least. Trying to log in to the service is an 'experience'. As of 5:10pm it is not logging me in. Reply +1
  • DiamondIce 28/05/2014


    Not hiding anything. I cannot stand PC spec dick waving that is all.
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  • DiamondIce 28/05/2014

    On my PC (I won't say specs but it certainly isn't a stupid-expensive machine) I can play at 1080p, HBAO+High, temporal SMAA, ultra apart from textures, at 40-50fps. A few things have been done in the XML config document and applying -disablepagefilecheck in the shortcut. I am not sure how much difference this has made but the game is fully playable for me.

    And higher than 900p / 30fps that a lot of the PS4 crowd are gloating over the PC about.
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  • Titanfall PC removes CTF and Pilot Hunter from public playlists

  • DiamondIce 21/05/2014

    CTF has recently been patched so that you cannot carry a flag whilst in your titan. Being able to carry the flag like this was always a stupid idea and probably helped put players off the mode. Contests could be awfully one-sided if you got your titan before the other team.

    Why not wait to see if the patch brings players back to CTF rather than cutting it out of the standard play mode options?
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  • Mario Kart 8 review

  • DiamondIce 16/05/2014


    Did you manage to get one at that price? Good timing if you did!

    I pre-ordered a Wii U Mario Kart bundle from Tesco a few weeks ago. It was too good an opportunity to pass up and in view of MK getting such good reviews (plus the free game choice) it would have been a bit mad to not.
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  • UK retailer John Lewis sells Wii U cheap as chips

  • DiamondIce 16/05/2014

    It won't add to the basket for me.

    Edit: Damn out of stock.
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  • Respawn locks Titanfall cheaters into "the Wimbledon of aimbot contests"

  • DiamondIce 27/03/2014

    I would love to see a stream of these matches.

    "Hopefully the aimbot cheat you paid for really is the best, or these all-cheater matches could be frustrating for you. Good luck."

    So, so good.
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  • Titanfall game modes tweaked in new patch

  • DiamondIce 24/03/2014


    All modes, no matter what, seem to be treated as glorified team death match by a lot of players. They completely miss the point of objective modes.

    In regards to the tweaks:

    I don't like the lower defense points on hardpoint. I know that some players could camp out at a location and make a lot of points but sometimes you work your ass off to defend a point and now you do not get the same rewards.

    They should link the points to the amount of work you have undertaken at a location e.g. players killed to defend the hardpoint.

    Edit: And the matchmaking system needs sorting. One team can be full of generation-ranked players and the other team with rank 20 and lower. Plus teams do not mix after each match.
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  • Video: inFamous: Second Son live stream

  • DiamondIce 21/03/2014


    It seems that if you are not a Prime customer you have to wait an age. I recently ordered a hard disk drive that took 9 days and a motherboard that also took almost as long.
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  • Titanfall review

  • DiamondIce 17/03/2014

    TF is a very fun game but 8/10 seems fair enough to me.

    I am enjoying my time with the game but I wonder what depth it will have over many weeks and months of play.
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  • DiamondIce 10/03/2014

    The beta was great fun. I cannot wait to play on Friday; why-oh-why the UK has to wait until then. It is going to be a slow few days.

    For me GameCentral's reviews are always one of the biggest guides as to how good a game is. 9/10 was a pleasant surprise. EG's read like a good score.
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  • Titanfall runs into problems on PC with error 503

  • DiamondIce 12/03/2014


    No it is really easy to use. PC gamer.com had a guide to it.

    As for whether it isn't the way the product should be used: I paid for the game; it is an online-only game that for some reason has a staggered release; I am inpatient; no stories of bans; so why not?

    The only problem for me now is I spare 10 minutes to have my first go and the servers are down. Good timing...
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  • DiamondIce 12/03/2014


    Using a VPN and selecting, say, US servers gives you access to the game.

    You then disconnect from the VPN when in the game and choose the region you want to play e.g. Europe.
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  • Titanfall ships at 792p on Xbox One

  • DiamondIce 10/03/2014


    My monitor is 27". I can most definitely see the difference between 720p and 1080p.

    I have changed the resolution on PC games to see the difference and it is quite obvious.

    There are also people out there that think it is impossible to tell between 30fps and 60fps.

    Now whether you care about these two factors is one thing. But to say you cannot see the difference seems disingenuous.
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  • The next-gen Digital Foundry PC: chasing the 1080p60 dream

  • DiamondIce 08/03/2014


    PCs do not blow up the TV if you connect them to it. At least mine didn't.

    And you can use pads to play.
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  • Be advised: I was wrong about Titanfall

  • DiamondIce 20/02/2014

    This may be terribly old fashioned but I played it and I quite liked it. Reply +6
  • Titanfall beta sign-up opens for PC and Xbox One

  • DiamondIce 12/02/2014

    I have signed up for the PC beta so fingers crossed. Titanfall is getting a lot of flak from some quarters but I am reserving judgement until I can hopefully get a go on the game. How very old fashioned to approach judgement this way. Reply 0
  • No multiplayer in PS4 exclusive The Order: 1886

  • DiamondIce 06/02/2014

    Other developers, or should I say publishers, please take note. Stop shoehorning online into games. Reply +3
  • Is this Dark Souls?

  • DiamondIce 05/02/2014


    The Capra Demon became my nemesis. I almost beat him on my 2nd go, the first caught me by surprise as you get attacked pretty much straight away. Having failed, I thought I would just go up and beat him. I failed again. It then became a snow ball-like effect where the burden of beating him got to the point where I was worse at fighting him than my early attempts.

    But when I did beat him...

    ...That was enjoyment. I have had some of my most satisfying gaming moments on this game.

    And now. I am stuck on those **** bags Ornstein and Smough (not played for a while admittedly). And so the pattern repeats.
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  • DiamondIce 05/02/2014


    Not having a go but why would you prefer to play DS2 on a console? Once I load the game up and connect a controller I forget the system I am using.
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  • Battlefield 4: disaster report

  • DiamondIce 03/02/2014

    I didn't have quite the number of issues some people did (PC version); it was more annoying little issues that game breaking ones. Siege of Shanghai and Dawnbreaker were the two most problematic maps for crashing, though. I haven't played them all that much. I don't think I have put the time in to see these problems, perhaps.

    However, I have simply stopped playing as I haven't enjoyed the game to the extent of BF3. Perhaps it is burnout but the game just hasn't done it for me.
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  • "We still believe the Vita has a role"

  • DiamondIce 30/01/2014

    I would dearly love a follow up to MotorStorm RC; It sums up handheld gaming for me.

    I can hammer it for hours to beat times, or play for 5 minutes and send the system into sleep mode for quick access the next time round.
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  • Next-Gen Face-Off: Tomb Raider Definitive Edition

  • DiamondIce 29/01/2014



    I cannot imagine spending any where near 40 on a game since getting a PC. Over the course of a year I must have saved a lot of money what with Steam sales / Humble Bundle. Plus there is no paywall to play online (broadband connection obviously needed for all systems).

    Something for PC gamers who have this game. A registry entry that might help you eke out some more FPS gains:

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  • Performance analysis: Tomb Raider Definitive Edition

  • DiamondIce 28/01/2014


    Having suffered Blight Town of Dark Souls on the 360 I think I would rather have had 15fps throughout the entire game (I would hazard a guess that this section dropped to around 15fps). At least I would have become used to it by the time of reaching the wretched place.

    I am joking of course. I think.
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  • DiamondIce 28/01/2014


    The PC version was sent out at the same time as the previous generation.

    I can assure you that this 'next-gen' version of TR is not running anything that a capable PC could not manage. It has just had more love and attention spent on it for this release.

    May be they will patch it into the PC version, who knows.
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  • Can a 100 PC graphics card match next-gen console?

  • DiamondIce 28/01/2014

    Sorry not generally. Were and are... Reply 0
  • DiamondIce 28/01/2014


    What is wrong with glasses? I go the contact lenses route myself.

    Oh and even the worst ports were generally better than the 360/PS3 console equivalent.
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  • DiamondIce 28/01/2014

    Not sure if I am walking into a **** storm here, anyway...

    I found the comment at the very bottom of the link to be very interesting: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=758486&page=3

    It seems a very good take on console optimisation / PC optimisation.
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  • Saints Row 4 PC and Company of Heroes 2 are free to play this weekend

  • DiamondIce 17/01/2014

    These free weekends are great. At least if you have a decent internet speed. By the time my carrier pigeon arrives with the data the weekend will be over.

    I am looking forward to playing Company of Heroes. It isn't a game I would ordinarily think of buying but, like X Com, it could be a game that ends up taking away a lot of my time.

    Like the big Steam Sales, it can get you into buying games you would never consider.
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  • Next-Gen Face-Off: Need for Speed: Rivals

  • DiamondIce 05/12/2013


    Yes, in the console realm I guess...

    Edit: Didn't see your other post.

    PC will always be better if you want to throw money. My PC is a business and games machine so the cost was invested in both sides.
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  • DiamondIce 05/12/2013

    Just a question to anyone with the PC version using the 60FPS console command fix.

    Is it stable?

    If the frame rate does drop by a couple of FPS does it have an adverse effect upon the gameplay - I think I read that it can (slowing down the game engine?), or is it nothing much to worry about?
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  • Ashes Cricket 2013 cancelled "following negative consumer feedback"

  • DiamondIce 28/11/2013


    One reason to own a Kinect right there. But a mansion-sized room would be required for the bowling run up. And high ceilings.
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  • DiamondIce 28/11/2013

    Having watched the England batting fiasco from the 1st Test Match of the 2013/14 Ashes can I also ask for the real Ashes to be cancelled :( Reply +7
  • DICE struggles against DDOS attacks and severe crashes in Battlefield 4

  • DiamondIce 18/11/2013


    Aren't all the versions, in their own way, up the creek though?
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  • DiamondIce 18/11/2013

    This is my first time with a Battlefield on the PC and also with the game at launch. Have all previous versions been as bad as this one in terms of crashes, bugs and net coding?

    I made myself play through the campaign this weekend and that was freezing up all the time.

    Tanks would also appear out of nowhere, the game would not progress due to doors not opening, or in some cases, move forwards too quickly. One time I was in a jeep and the next I was suddenly out of it, the HUD had vanished and a headless third person version of myself was stood in front of me.

    My advice is for DICE to never include a single player element again and put ALL resources into the online. Whether that solves the problem is another question, though.
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  • Naughty Dog unveils Uncharted for PS4 with teaser trailer

  • DiamondIce 15/11/2013

    I hope more than just graphics are brought to the table.

    Uncharted 2 is one of my favourite games of this generation but UC3 left me feeling quite cold in comparison even though I wouldn't say it did anything terribly wrong.

    More power should equal more gameplay opportunities and not just how many pixels and at what frame rate they can be displayed.
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  • PlayStation 4 Reviewed: Games and Hardware

  • DiamondIce 13/11/2013

    As a predominantly PC-based gamer, reading the arguments about the two next-gen consoles is an entertaining way to pass a few minutes of my time.

    I will get a PS4 at some point in the future, of that I have no doubt.

    Going on today's reviews: Killzone 2 didn't do it for me but I quite liked 3 apart from the awful issues I had getting it to load. I am sure KZ4 is a solid enough game that I would buy down the line.

    Knack never appealed to me so I am not fussed about the reviews.

    The news that the Dual Shock controller is much improved is a HUGE plus to me also. I also look forward to the Vita integration.

    I haven't bought a console on launch since the N64 as I would rather wait for a good catalogue of first-party games to arrive (multi-plats will be bought for my PC), prices to drop and potential hardware issues to come to light.
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  • DICE acknowledges Battlefield 4 "issues affecting large number of players"

  • DiamondIce 04/11/2013

    @slammers: What a snobby comment about something (being good at games) that doesn't really matter...

    On the topic of the server issues: I have experienced more crashed matches than completed at the moment. And it always seems to be the ones I am doing quite well in. My luck I guess.
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  • Face-Off: Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag

  • DiamondIce 31/10/2013

    What on earth is a Honda Ridge line Crew Cab? And a green one at that. Reply 0