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  • Here are your Battlefield 1 PC system requirements

  • Derblington 20/09/2016


    You'll be good on one map at least then.
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  • Verdun review

  • Derblington 02/09/2016

    Unexpected, yes, but not unexplained or unpreventable. The event still needs to be conveyed so that it can be learnt from.

    "Run around like a headless chicken COD style" is "peeking your head out of a trench and immediately dropping dead", is it?

    You took the comment the wrong way, it's ok to admit it.
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  • Derblington 02/09/2016

    There's no specific complaint about the cam being missing or that the game actually requires one.
    However, if you're going to remove the tools to enable the player to understand how and why they die you better make it clear through the death experience itself - that's the complaint around frustrating, almost unexplained deaths.
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  • Abzu review

  • Derblington 02/08/2016

    Absolutely kid friendly.
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  • Xbox avatars will get wheelchair option

  • Derblington 05/07/2016

    Yeah, the faces are terribad.
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  • Inside review

  • Derblington 29/06/2016

    Sure, and I'd agree that it is the way the games are received - indies generally aren't given the same weight as a AAA title and are more of an enthusiast interest.
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  • Derblington 29/06/2016

    Well, you agree to an exclusivity period when the deal is made, so time passing doesn't affect anything.
    MSFT just seem to be going for very short term exclusivity on some 3rd party titles, which cause people to question them on all of their 2nd party deals.
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  • Derblington 29/06/2016

    I don't argue that I prefer my PS4 to my Xbox One. I preferred my Xbox to PS2 and X360 to PS3. I'll swap around each "generation" depending on what user experience I prefer. I play all the games that interest me, regardless. You can pick the bias that you want to label me with - I've made it pretty easy so you can go whichever way takes your fancy.

    Outside of the studios that MSFT own, we really don't know to what level of exclusivity the titles will hold (which in terms of AAA releases is literally 3 franchises). It largely works the same way for Sony too, though they don't seem to be chasing these 1 year deals which serve to confuse the audience (to the point that MSFT are being queried about exclusivity deals when they announce titles).

    I'd certainly be willing to bet that Inside will land on the PS4 at some point. Most of the indie stuff does eventually - look at Shadow Complex for another recent example.
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  • Derblington 29/06/2016

    If you say so... I've got a Gamerscore over 100k so it's not like I haven't spent a fuck ton of time with my Xboxes. Since MSFT entered the console space, my PS time pales in comparison.

    To the point though, is the comment wrong? No-one knows how long Xbox exclusivity is/will be from title to title, outside of the studios that MSFT actually own.
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  • Derblington 29/06/2016


    Chances are that this will come to PS4 in time (Limbo did, though took years), like a couple of other Xbox exclusives - Rise of the Tomb Raider and Dead Rising 4.

    The 'Xbox exclusive' tag is fluffy at this point and the only absolutely guaranteed titles that won't hit PS4 are Halo, Forza and Gears.
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  • Derblington 28/06/2016

    It tells you the available platforms above the title and in the 'Games featured in the article' box on the left, as well as the tile on the front page.
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  • Sony has nearly 21m PlayStation Plus subscribers

  • Derblington 29/06/2016

    "You'd think they'd spend some of that money making PSN more reliable, wouldn't you?"

    Don't perpetuate the myth that PSN is unreliable. It's been no worse than Live for years, and had less downtime most recently.
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  • Sony announces Spider-Man game

  • Derblington 14/06/2016

    Really? You think Sony/Marvel spent millions of dollars introducing Spider-man into the MCU because there was a videogame in development?
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  • Everything we know about Watch Dogs 2

  • Derblington 08/06/2016

    Private video... Reply +2
  • The Warcraft movie is too faithful by half

  • Derblington 30/05/2016

    Critical reception has nothing to do with it, it;s all down to how much money it'll make. I do think it'll make money once all is said and done (disc sales with help, once it gets a home release) but I don't think the movie studios will be in a hurry to fund a sequel. It may get one but I'm of the same opinion as Oli; chances are we'll never see where it could go (and get really good).
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  • Derblington 30/05/2016


    The sequel will be more Orcs versus Alliance. The Lich King would be in film 6 or later - Warcraft: The Begining only deals with the very first skirmish battles when the Orcs enter Azeroth. This is one of it's issues; it feels both rushed and empty, spending too much time doing nothing particularly interesting when it's only actually dealing with a very small amount of time in a world rich with interesting lore. Sometimes things do need to be changed to make them more cinematic or even filmable in the first place, but the choices made here actually make it a worse film than the original history suggests it should be.
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  • Derblington 30/05/2016

    "To release a review on the day it comes out in a country before 90% of people have seen it is a truly shocking move too as no one can compare or put forward their thoughts."
    What? A review is there to inform so that you may make a better judgement about how you spend your time, but you think it should be released AFTER most people have seen the film? What would be the point in that?
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  • Derblington 30/05/2016


    Metzen is one of the creators of Overwatch. There is a whole backstory to everything in the game - the game just doesn't tell you it yet.
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  • Derblington 30/05/2016


    Warcraft may be lore ritch but they've changed a lot of things for the film and they don't work.

    Garona should be a badass assassin but instead she's a slave that all the Orcs hate who then becomes the love interest for Lothar. Not only does that kill her character but the romance angle is rushed and really just springs from nowhere, and none of the actors are strong enough to carry the film (though they all do very well in TV and secondary roles in other movies, none are lead material).

    It's not a good film. I'd give it 5/10. The best part of the film are the CG Orcs - the tech used to capture them in film is another step-up for believable creatures and they look fantastic. Again though, specific characters are not who they should be, have poor motivations and actions, and it's all wrapped up too neatly. It'd be a stronger story if it followed the actual lore more closely.
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  • Mirror's Edge TV show is in the works

  • Derblington 26/05/2016

    Catalyst is a reboot of the original. The story is similar, especially in it's themes, but with some new twists. As such, there isn't really a distinction between the original game and the new.

    edit: Just actually read the article and I see what you're referring to.
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  • Combat fatigues: How Uncharted is a walking simulator in action game's clothing

  • Derblington 13/05/2016

    But you wouldn't label the same criticism at the same mechanical sections in Gears of War, or Mario 3D Land. They both containi areas where you're on a linear path with full navigational control.

    I understand that Uncharted's cinematic approach does remove certain control from the player for sequences of forced walking or player focus but plenty of games do these things. Labeling these sequences or moments as cinematic, linear, on-rails, fine. Likening them to a walking simulator is just a bit odd.
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  • Derblington 13/05/2016

    "But on a purely mechanical level, leading Drake up through a boxcar dangling off a cliff is no more interactive than selecting Henry's potentially flirtatious dialogue in Firewatch or guiding Kaitlin Greenbriar through her family's new abode in Gone Home."

    I don't understand this. Climbing through a boxcar uses all of the traversal mechanics - that is the movement stick, the jump button (to jump up), the cover button (to drop down) and the camera control. These same mechanics are used to navigate the traversal sections of the five games in the series. That's the same with any 3D platformer/action adventure.

    How does that make Uncharted a walking simulator?
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  • Rime could be going multiplatform

  • Derblington 17/03/2016

    It's likely never going to release:
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  • Sony adds 22 games to PlayStation Now, including Uncharted trilogy

  • Derblington 09/03/2016

    Even 5 per month is too high, imo, for a secondary priority games service on the console. For 60 a year I'd want to be able to download PS4 games (like iTunes Rentals, but without the time restriction).

    50 or 60 per year for a PSPlus/Now combo and I'd think about it.
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  • Metal Gear Solid 5 half-price as another PlayStation Store sale begins

  • Derblington 01/12/2015

    Whereas I value digital and it's never been cheaper.
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  • Star Wars Battlefront review

  • Derblington 20/11/2015


    Because that's nothing to do with the game, that's just how the PS4 system works. Xbox's require Live too. These are system feature designs.
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  • My favourite thing about about Star Wars Battlefront? The death animations

  • Derblington 13/11/2015


    No, and it's not listed under news. It's a bite-size opinion piece article. Should EG only report news and not publish any creative writing?

    With a title of "My favourite thing about Star Wars Battlefront?", it's clearly indicating that it's not a news piece but a thought of and explanation by the writer.

    Why would you click on it if you were only looking for a news piece? It's super easy to ignore when it's obviously not what you were looking to read. There's even a little check-box over on the left, under 'Type', so that you can filter exactly the type of content you'd like to digest.

    And yet you clicked on this article (clearly labelled and filed under article), possibly read it, and still spent the time to comment your own thoughts on something completely unrelated to the actual content of the article.
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  • Here's the official, Halo lore explanation for why Cortana is naked

  • Derblington 30/10/2015


    Did you not read the actual quote?

    Well, we have other AIs. We have one who dresses like a wizard. We have one who dresses like a World War 2 pilot. They do it because they feel like it's a part of their personality.
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  • Voice actors strike has been authorised

  • Derblington 08/10/2015


    "If they don't get paid enough, then fix that, but not with royalties."

    Why? So far the only argument you've put forth is because you didn't/couldn't do that' and so it's somehow not fair.

    Worry less about how they're going about their work and more about yours if you think life's not fair.
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  • Derblington 08/10/2015

    "I'm not begrudging anyone their income, but if it ain't enough then perhaps it's time to look at the actual contracts rather than always demanding royalties from sales."
    You realize that's exactly what they're doing? They're taking a stand to change the terms of their contracts forever more.
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  • Derblington 08/10/2015

    The residuals are for every 2 million sold up to a total of 8 million sales, it's not for every copy sold ever. In that sense, depending on the actual sum they're requesting, it's not that unlike the bonuses dev may receive (depending on company).

    I'm not sure where my stance on it is.
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  • Guitar Hero Live developer explains its track DLC model yet again

  • Derblington 06/10/2015

    The difference, and issue, is that with Rock Band you pay x for #y songs, and you can play them whenever, as much as you like.
    With GHLive you pay x for #y songs and can play them until the time limit expires. Then you pay x all over again...

    If there are 100 songs on disc and 100 songs DLC (all example numbers), how much will it cost to play the stuff you want when you want?

    Long term, once I've played the game a lot, and especially in social situations, I choose to play by what I want to listen to. This is potentially going to make that pricey, if you don't have the tokens through regular play (and long term, I'll be grinding the setlists less). It might be fine, who knows? Right now it poses questions.
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  • Here's the Call of Duty Black Ops 3 1TB PS4

  • Derblington 23/09/2015

    None of the game-themed consoles will be "for everyone". Reply +7
  • ZombiU is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC in August

  • Derblington 30/07/2015

    I seriously doubt it, considering ZombiU was essentially a modern remake of Ubisoft's first game - Zombi.
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  • New PS4 hardware is more efficient with less fan noise

  • Derblington 06/07/2015


    Of course it's going to be available worldwide. It allows them to make more profit from every unit sold.

    And I have played the Witcher3 with a near silent unit. Keep it dust-free and lay it flat and it's far quieter than upright with the stand.
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  • To the Batmobile? The trouble with Arkham Knight's biggest addition

  • Derblington 01/07/2015

    The Tumbler is the best batmobile, and taking from that for the Rocksteady version makes perfect sense. Batman, and his tools, in these versions are fit for purpose - tough, armoured and effective. He is as much soldier as emo-broody man-child. Reply -6
  • Video: Mirror's Edge Catalyst has a dark secret

  • Derblington 23/06/2015

    This video is a bit misplaced, imo.
    The game isn't out for another 8 months and you're speculating spoilers based on information that none of your readers are privy too. If you're right and if it's a big plot point, you're effectively ruining the game for users before they even understand it.
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  • Batman: Arkham Knight's Season Pass includes all retailer-exclusive content

  • Derblington 18/06/2015

    So, what *new* content will the season pass provide? Reply +2
  • Battlefield Hardline Xbox One EA Access trial live now

  • Derblington 12/03/2015

    ^ see Reply +1
  • Derblington 12/03/2015

    Pretty sure this article isn't accurate. You sure the entire SP is available? Reply -2
  • Live from 4pm: Q&A with Eurogamer's editor

  • Derblington 10/02/2015

    Regarding review content - I read the reviews here because of the language, it's typically very high quality work. That said, often the content of the reviews can focus on a few aspects that the reviewer enjoyed and forget to explain what the game is and does objectively. Monster Hunter 4 has a nice side column going into a little detail to address this for newer players. Any chance that could become a staple with a bit more detail? It'd be nice. Reply 0
  • Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate review

  • Derblington 10/02/2015

    Good review. I especially like the side box talking about what the game is objectively. This should really be a staple feature in all of the reviews, preferably with a little more detail than is given here even - as much as I enjoy reading EG reviews, a lot of the time there's not enough information on the design or mechanics of any given title. Reply +5
  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection's latest update detailed

  • Derblington 22/01/2015

    Beta testing a patch is exactly the same as CTE servers on other popular titles, which are universally heralded as a good thing. Everyone seems to be up in arms purely over the use of the word 'beta'. Reply -2
  • Ori and the Blind Forest gets PC, Xbox One release date

  • Derblington 20/01/2015

    It's not a gravity-based platformer. It's a metroidvania-style platformer.

    It plays great. I played through the demo last year during E3. I'll be having this on release.
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  • Halo 3: ODST campaign coming to Halo: The Master Chief Collection as DLC

  • Derblington 22/12/2014

    Well, I brought the MCC but haven't bothered trying to play it because all I've read, and I've been following it, is that it was horribly broken. So I won't get anything free, despite giving them money for a game I've been unable to play, purely because i didn't waste my time actually trying to. Reply -11
  • Destiny: The Dark Below review

  • Derblington 15/12/2014


    Currency conversion is rarely taken into account. Prices are informed by the amount players are willing to spend, nothing else.

    This isn't something to take up with one specific publisher/developer, it's common practice across the board in multiple markets. Look at the prices of electronics, etc, in the US vs EU/UK.
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  • Square Enix confirms Microsoft will publish Rise of the Tomb Raider

  • Derblington 09/12/2014

    I regret buying TR on PS4. Firstly, I didn't think it was that great but I also wanted to keep the franchise collection in one place. If I knew I couldn't do that, I wouldn't have even looked at it in the first place. Reply -5
  • Assassin's Creed Unity's Dead Kings DLC will now be free

  • Derblington 26/11/2014

    That would all be true if it wasn't garbage.

    Publishers don't think that way, no matter what gets put onto shelves. Bad games hurt reputations and you simply can't get away with it - it will always bite them in the arse eventually. Yes, the game was always coming out pre-christmas. It's ridiculously expensive to miss your ship date and they had already delayed by 2 weeks (so they clearly were fixing issues and not just trying to force out a turd). It's more cost effective, to a point, to fix issues post release, providing you can fix it fast enough to offset the bad reception. They're doing that pretty well, imo. Patches are coming thick and fast and this offer of a free title, however you want to strip it down, is decent. They are giving away free product and while it's really nothing more than a nice gesture, it's still a nice gesture. It's a free game, and it's a good selection of choices. The framerate may well be improved, providing it's just a result of bad optimisation. I haven't bought Unity but I will do when I have less to play (from the Ubi stable, FarCry was more important for me).

    Then there's Halo. A game that is a collection of rereleases. Of MS's flagship franchise! How the hell did they let this slip? Why the hell isn't it fixed already? MS need this, they're scrabbling to build back up to their former glory. People were starting to get back on board, claiming that they had THE games this christmas, and then, arguably, the biggest one is a mess. It's not just MP issues either, the SP games don't save progress properly, forcing replays if you save mid-level. They're also starting to refuse refunds now, it's seems random if you'll get one or not. This one I did buy, but I'll wait until the new year before I tackle it.
    It also stands to hurt 343i. While they didn't even do much of the work on the collection it's still their name on the box, and they need that to be untarnished for H5: Guardians next year.

    One of these isn't much worse than the other though, games should achieve stability/playability on release - it's their basic function. Both are a mess in different ways, for different reasons. One company seems to be doing a lot more to apologise though, and fair play to them for that because, according to Microsoft, you clearly don't need to to be forgiven.
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  • Sunset Overdrive free for all Xbox Live subscribers tomorrow

  • Derblington 22/11/2014

    It's all well and good coming up with all these wonderful ides on how they "should" handle demos, but you're only thinking about it from the perspective of *you* having all the time that *you* want to play it at *your* own convenience.
    They might have some other goals in mind that you're unaware of, and this might be the way they've chosen to go about attaining them while still giving people the benefit of playing the game for a day. Considering that this isn't the first time they've done this, maybe they've seen some positive results in their methods even though the experts here disagree.
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  • Gamescom 2014 guide - conference times and games from Sony, EA, Microsoft and more

  • Derblington 11/08/2014

    Someone didn't proofread...
    MS is mentioned under Sony's start time and Sony is mentioned under EA's.
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