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  • SSX slides into your Xbox One's backwards compatibility

  • Der_tolle_Emil 27/05/2016

    This one didn't click with me. I spent more times falling down bottomless pits than anything else. I don't know, the game got frustrating really fast even though (or rather because?) it was really enjoyable when everything came together. It just didn't happen often enough for me. Reply +1
  • Overwatch fan with cerebral palsy thanks Blizzard for custom controls

  • Der_tolle_Emil 25/05/2016

    This article made me happy. It is really unfortunate that custom keybindings are rarely supported anymore even though it was quite common even on consoles during the 16bit era - especially considering the much higher awareness of customization options not being just a luxury but a necessity for some. I'm also still amazed how many games for example have no option for color blind gamers even though this is often incredibly easy to implement. Take any rts game for example, is it really that hard to swap the enemy's health bar color from red to blue? Should be a 15 minute job.

    Anyway, great job by Blizzard tackling their new game with the right mindset and having it polished at launch.
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  • Shadow Warrior 2 is a surprising sequel

  • Der_tolle_Emil 17/05/2016

    I should give the 2013 version a try. Bought it but it ran like sh*t on my machine, it would barely scratch the 20fps mark. No idea why, the hardware was certainly capable enough. Now that I have a new GPU it should run rather well, although I'm sure that updating drivers would have helped back then as well but I was too lazy to do that :( Reply 0
  • Footage leaks of unreleased Star Wars strategy game

  • Der_tolle_Emil 12/05/2016

    Has some kind of Tower Defense vibe to it if you ask me. Could have been fun if done right but I haven't played a mobile game in years. A mix of Tower Defense with light RTS mechanics, why not? Reply 0
  • NX won't be sold at a loss

  • Der_tolle_Emil 04/05/2016

    What worries me more, is that fact that they don't want to show or give any details on NX at E3, when its due to be on sale in March 2017. That's nine months out from June/E3 time.

    Just how are fans supposed to get excited for a system they know nothing about, and if not at/around E3 then when will they throw us a bone? Be prepared to buy on blindfolded.
    I wanted to mention this in my earlier post but to be honest I am actually more excited about NX if it is kept shrouded in mystery for a bit longer - especially because E3 would be the perfect time to reveal the console.

    Somehow it gives me this "it's so revolutionary we don't want to give competitors any clues about what we are doing" vibe. Then again it could also be a simple case of "we are nowhere close where we want to be, please understand."

    It's difficult to judge, really. I still give them the benefit of the doubt even though they probably should give at least a few hints to reassure that they are on track.
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  • Der_tolle_Emil 03/05/2016

    Some of the E3 schedule is now coming out. MS are first up on Sunday, but no sign of Nintendo. Perhaps they'll do another Nintendo Direct and show off NX that way, then its not actually at E3 at all. If they don't show it, its going to be very weird, with it going on sale in 8-9 months.
    Nintendo already confirmed that they will not show NX at E3 and that Zelda will be the main focus this year (and also the only playable title on the floor). I don't know if they even have a keynote this year, personally I have no idea what they could present. The WiiU is dead in terms of new games and I think it's also quite unlikely that they have some huge 3DS games lined up that they kept a secret until now. Personally I'm still hoping to see an Advance Wars game for 3DS but I doubt Nintendo will even hold a press conference this time.
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  • Der_tolle_Emil 03/05/2016

    I'm not surprised that Nintendo want to make money with every console sold. We all know that their consoles don't sell as much as the others and are, in a way, way more niche than MS/Sony's offerings and ultimately I think cementing that position is a smart move.

    My personal enjoyment when playing Nintendo titles isn't in any way influenced by how many consoles Nintendo sold. I want them to survive as long as possible. Obviously it would be fantastic for Nintendo if they would be a real competitor again, raking in cash and having fantastic 3rd party support, but I'm not sure if the risk it takes to become #1 again (so to speak) is worth it.

    I think having multiple consoles is really not an issue anymore these days, the old days of having either Nintendo or Sega are over, all have their strengths and weaknesses and every dedicated gamer will happily get two (if not more) consoles to keep doing what they enjoy the most.
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  • Nintendo fans can cheer themselves with an excellent Wii U, 3DS Humble Bundle

  • Der_tolle_Emil 27/04/2016

    Brilliant bundle.

    And Affordable Space Adventures is one of my favorites titles in recent years, it's fantastic.
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  • Nintendo's NX console launches March 2017 globally

  • Der_tolle_Emil 27/04/2016

    I'm not that surprised although I'm sure it would have helped Nintendo if the console was ready for Christmas.

    It's a bit sad that the WiiU is officially dead until the NX but personally I don't really mind; I have quite the backlog (there's one or two Wii games on there, too) so at least I should have enough time to tackle that without getting distracted by new releases.

    Not showing the console at E3 is a bit disappointing as I am quite excited about it I think Nintendo really needs to get it right, showing an unfinished product at E3 might cause more problems than necessary. Everyone is watching closely and the slightest mishap will be used to tear them a new one.
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  • Blizzard responds to WOW Nostalrius pirate/private server closure

  • Der_tolle_Emil 26/04/2016

    Blizzard should have specified what exactly they mean when they say it's difficult to do - because the technical side isn't difficult at all, obviously, otherwise Nostalrius wouldn't have had so many people playing.

    However, I understand that that is far from all that comes with this. Ideally Blizzard wants to make some money and I don't think anyone has a problem with that. But, we all know how people are: Even if Blizzard charged far less and there's even the slightest server outage people will rant - a lot. The community just won't be the same. It's amazing what a difference a pounds can make. With Nostalrius gamers won't complain at all if it goes down or acts weird, after all the players and the server admins are on the same boat and the admins do it for fun in their free time. If people are being charged a few pounds and the servers are run by Blizzard then players will be far less forgiving; It just doesn't work, the community will be different.

    Even if it was completely free; Being part of a niche/outsider community is what made the Nostalrius community what it was - at least if I had to guess, I have never been on that server, but that has always been the case with other games and "outlaw" servers. I just can't imagine the whole thing working and being as fun as it was if it was something official. The mentality changes, even if it doesn't make too much sense, but it does.

    It would be great if Blizzard could work something out. Let the servers be run independently but find a way to make it "legal", but if there's no money involved I doubt they have much interest, unfortunately (which I completely understand)
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  • John Romero and Adrian Carmack go to Kickstarter with new FPS Blackroom

  • Der_tolle_Emil 25/04/2016

    That was a rather awkward video, and the trailer at the beginning was especially bad - but probably on purpose. I'm a huge fan of Doom and John Romero really knows his stuff when it comes to designing levels. I might just back this, not only because I'm worried the upcoming Doom simply won't be what I want it to be (I doubt it will be even close to what Doom 1 and 2 were) but mostly because I'm really interested in following the development. I was too young (and without internet) when Doom was being developed and I am absolutely sure that there won't be as much hype for this as there was for Doom back in the day but I still want to be some part of it, for some reason. Reply 0
  • YouPorn-sponsored esports team banned from ESL

  • Der_tolle_Emil 25/04/2016

    This is a tough one. I understand that having the YouPorn logo on your shirts is a bad thing in countries where ads for porn aren't allowed or frowned upon, even if legal. That's fine; But banning the team even though YouPorn is a silent sponsor takes it too far if you ask me.

    There are several other sports where legality isn't much of an issue, most prominently probably Formula 1. There isn't a single Marlboro logo on current Ferraris because tobacco ads are banned. Williams changes their livery whenever they are in Abu Dhabi to respect local laws by removing all Martini logos. That makes total sense if you ask me, why should this be different in eSports?

    It's easy to argue that a porn company is a different calibre compared to tobacco and/or alcohol but respecting local laws is still possible, especially if they even offered to remove all references (which is more than F1 does for example, even though there is no Marlboro logo on the cars the team is still listed as Ferrari Marlboro). Citing legal issues is just a lame excuse.

    I understand there are people who don't want porn sponsoring esports - that's fine. But if that is the problem then they should stand by their opinions and not try to wiggle their way out of the discussion with irrelevant arguments.
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  • Doom 3 BFG Edition and Monaco playable on Xbox One

  • Der_tolle_Emil 15/04/2016

    Monaco is brilliant, more people should play it.
    I really wanted to like it but it didn't click. Something about the implementation of line of sight bothered me, it just felt incredibly confusing. Maybe I just need new glasses but I had a really hard time with it :(
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  • Suda 51's PS4-exclusive brawler Let it Die is coming this year

  • Der_tolle_Emil 12/04/2016

    @Old_Books The tearing can be annoying, fortunately the game rarely slows down which would absolutely ruin the fluidity of the gameplay. Even though there are barely any moments where the screen doesn't tear it didn't bother me as much as in other games. It's fast and visually almost overwhelming that I didn't notice it that much; But it's definitely one of the worst offenders when it comes to tearing, it's almost everywhere. Reply +1
  • Der_tolle_Emil 12/04/2016

    Too bad it's on PS4 only, I don't have one yet but I played pretty much every Suda51 game out there (well, except the SNES ones). I really love his games, they are far from perfect but kind of different and thoroughly enjoyable. I even liked Killer is Dead even though that wasn't that well received but the combat mechanics are really, really good, in that way it has far more depth than any other Suda game. I'll see how this turns out, I don't necessarily want yet another console under the TV but if there's one game that could make me get one it's this. Reply +2
  • Punch-Out!! player discovers cool Easter egg

  • Der_tolle_Emil 11/04/2016

    I'm not sure if this hasn't been known until now, I somehow remember someone talking about this in the recent AGDQ. I could very well be wrong though. Reply 0
  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Star Fox Zero

  • Der_tolle_Emil 11/04/2016

    I love that control method, if not for your entire aim, but more to fine tune it.
    It's funny how many people dismiss this control method. I have yet to try Splatoon or Star Fox (obviously) so I don't have any (recent) experience with this but the interesting thing is: I clearly remember the days when the NES was new and people came over to play it for the first time.

    EVERY single one tilted the gamepad to the right if Mario didn't jump far enough. It's odd as noone has ever used a controller before but still tilting the gamepad was like this hardwired behavior.

    I find it interesting that this is apparently something that people do without realizing it but over the years we trained our selves to get rid of that. Of course I can't really tell if it's a good control scheme or not for this game but I'm sure that lots of people tilted their controllers when they started playing but are now completely against that idea.
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  • A Game Boy fused with a Raspberry Pi

  • Der_tolle_Emil 08/04/2016

    That's pretty cool. I started to work on a similar project because I wanted to turn my old gameboy into a mp3 player. However, I was way too ambitious and wanted to get the original display to work and I never managed to get it to work properly so I gave up.

    Also, I'm way too clumsy to fit everything into the original case so the prototype looked like a weird thing with metal hair sticking out everywhere.
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  • Samsung Galaxy S7 review

  • Der_tolle_Emil 04/04/2016

    I noticed that about the battery as well mate. I have an S6 edge and when in work (in the semiconductor sector), I get zero signal but the phone eats battery life trying to gain one.

    I have to put the thing on flight mode all the time. I wonder if all the handsets are the same?
    I guess most of them behave that way. When I am at work the reception is rather bad, it does work but I get 2 out of 5 bars at the most. My battery is at 20% when I get home compared to at least 50% on weekends where I am either out or staying at home because the signal is just so much better.

    Keeping wifi on helps quite a bit and has for pretty much every phone I have used in recent years. It may sound counterproductive at first but not keeping the phone satisfied with "regular gsm" since data goes out using wifi actually uses less battery even though two antennas are getting used.

    Mileage varies of course but I only had one phone where it made no difference - the battery was at the same level with wifi on when I left so at least it didn't make things worse. If you have wifi it's definitely worth a try.
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  • Trackmania Turbo review

  • Der_tolle_Emil 24/03/2016

    Really interested to see how murderous this is with a steering wheel
    I tried every iteration so far, just for fun. It wasn't necessarily fun but it was hilarious - a wheel is so bad for a game like this it's unbelievable. The only one that worked (surprisingly well) was TrackMania Sunrise Coast. Not too many corners, especially in quick succession, but mostly going in a straight line as far as possible to gain speed. For that the wheel worked. Every other setting ended in a horrible crash after the first corner :)
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  • Der_tolle_Emil 24/03/2016

    I have always been a big fan of the series, I actually still have the original from 2003 as a physical copy lying around somewhere at home. Back then it wasn't really well known but everyone of my friends of tried it had a blast.

    It's one of the few games that really appeals to all skill levels. It can get infuriatingly difficult (especially when you go for platinum medals) if you want it to but the levels are usually not hard to beat. It's just that getting a good time is absolutely brutal. Really glad the series is back!
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  • Star Fox 64 launches on Wii U Virtual Console this week

  • Der_tolle_Emil 22/03/2016

    can't say I noticed any inaccuracies with fx chip games. I had physical copies of starwing, Yoshi's island, doom and street fighter alpha 2. Never noticed any errors with the performance of the roms.
    I'm sure you haven't, but you'll notice them once you have the real console running next to an emulator. Here's quite an informative article about why accuracy matters, even if you don't notice it:

    Granted, a lot of the things written there are probably of no interest to the average gamer. Why would someone wanting to play a game care if it runs because someone hacked together a few patches to make the emulator run the game properly or if the emulator was solid enough so it doesn't need any alterations in the first place? The majority won't care, that's for sure, and that's perfectly fine.

    However, accuracy is quickly becoming a question of raw CPU power and not just efficient code. Nintendo are perfectly capable of writing an emulator that will run Star Fox; The real question though is: Is the Wii U powerful enough to get it running accurate enough to satisfy Nintendo's standards? Probably not, otherwise we would have already seen it released.

    If Nintendo's accuracy requirements are too high... that's of course an entirely different question. Personally, since getting the original games to run is quite a hassle these days (unless you already have all the hardware at home) I see Virtual Console more like a digital archive than a retro gaming service; And I'd rather have a properly working (ie. authentic) release than something that's "good enough". But I also know that I am very likely in the minority :)
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  • Der_tolle_Emil 21/03/2016

    The idea that Nintendo can't emulate the fx chip in 2016, but zsnes and snes 9x could on my old
    Pentium III 16 years ago doesn't make any sense to me.
    It's a basic question of accuracy. zsnes was a brilliant emulator but it was far from accurate. It was enough to get almost all of the games running but they did behave quite differently to the real machine. Of course, without having a direct comparison most things would go unnoticed, unless you knew the game in question really well, but zsnes was inaccurate to make up for incapable hardware.

    Take a look at the bsnes emulator; The CPU requirements are insane. However, it is accurate. The game will behave exactly as it did on real hardware. Every single CPU cycle (including other CPUs used by the SNES) gets emulated with exact timing, that's over 100x more accuracy than zsnes delivers. If that is a requirement for most gamers is questionable, but it's not easy to get the right tradeoff between accuracy and doability, because you'll never know how much a slight inaccuracy has on the game running.
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  • Der_tolle_Emil 21/03/2016

    Worth a purchase?
    Absolutely. Although you could also get the 3DS remake/re-release.

    Star Fox 64 is indeed brilliant, I must have played through the campaign at least a hundred times - which isn't that impressive considering that it won't take you much longer than an hour, but there's just enough variation in the different routes and tons of ways to squeeze out a few more kills to increase your score that it just doesn't get boring. It also helps that there isn't a single mission that isn't fun.

    I'm sure the novelty of the rumble pack and voice acting helped a lot when the game came out but the game still aged well if you ask me. It's arcadey but without the typical frustration that comes with those type of games.
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  • Day of the Tentacle Remastered review

  • Der_tolle_Emil 21/03/2016

    @DreadedWalrus Ah, that's good to know. I wonder why I didn't bother to check, I mean the Monkey Island titles allowed that, too. Reply +1
  • Der_tolle_Emil 21/03/2016

    The screenshots in this review look quite a bit cleaner and don't have that "Upscaler-HD-look" to them like the first few I saw back when this announced - which is a good thing, because I really hate upscaled graphics. Maybe it's my imagination but it looks better than last time.

    The real question is: Will I still get it? I have the original and getting it up and running is thanks to ScummVM trivial, regardless of platform. Plus I am a huge fan of the original art style (and everything pixel based in general), so even though I do commend the time they took to update it, I'd probably stick with the original. Oh well, I might still get it to show my support. Besides, the original had rather weird audio compression if I remember correctly, cleaner voices are always a plus. Maybe someone will find a way to inject them into the original :)
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  • Microsoft GDC party criticised for exotic dancers, Phil Spencer apologises

  • Der_tolle_Emil 19/03/2016

    There's always a time and place for dancers. I would never go as far and say that the girls there were strippers but that's another topic.

    The thing is: It IS inappropriate at an event like this. This is a public event where the focus should be games, not the current demographic. I absolutely hate when everything has to be politically correct; If games like GTA feature barely clothed women on posters so be it - it's about the game and heck I'd be lying if I was to say that this isn't part of the culture as well.

    However, it shouldn't be the focus. It's a complete misjudgment of what the event was about and thus inappropriate. Calling them strippers and accusing Microsoft of being sexist is in my opinion blown out of proportion, but I'm not surprised to see such reactions as well.

    MS should have known better. It's not really hard to do the math. This is a trade show, even if the target demographic is mostly male it shouldn't be that difficult to keep some level of professionalism.
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  • Hyrule Warriors to get Link's Awakening, Phantom Hourglass DLC

  • Der_tolle_Emil 18/03/2016

    I would probably buy this if the game didn't already have so much content that I haven't been able to touch due to the sheer amount of it. It's just ridiculous. Reply +1
  • Frozen Synapse 2 debuts gameplay in new trailer

  • Der_tolle_Emil 12/03/2016

    I adored the first one but really, all I needed were the few words "music my nervous_testpilot" at the end of the video to make me put this on the top of my wishlist. Reply 0
  • Hotel Dusk director announces 3DS detective adventure

  • Der_tolle_Emil 12/03/2016

    I honestly don't know what made Hotel Dusk so special but it will definitely be on my list of the most memorable games I have ever played; And I grew up with a C64/NES, so it's not like this was my first text-heavy / adventure game either. I guess it's because this is the first game that honestly deserves the title "interactive novel". The pacing was just spot on, never did it feel like I was just clicking around, trying to make trial-and-error work and neither did it feel too easy or like it was on rails. For me, it just worked - on every level imaginable. Absolutely brilliant game! Reply +12
  • Nintendo Account sign-ups live, Miitomo pre-registration open

  • Der_tolle_Emil 17/02/2016

    This Nintendo Network ID cannot currently
    be used due to its country setting.
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  • Chrono Trigger fans release five-disc tribute album for charity

  • Der_tolle_Emil 16/02/2016

    @Binba442 What would a proper re-release be? It's available on a ton of platforms and as far as I know most ports are rather well done (and based on the enhanced DS release) Reply +1
  • Binary Domain, Condemned, and Streets of Rage 2 are free on Steam

  • Der_tolle_Emil 16/02/2016

    That's an awesome promotion! Unfortunately Company of Heroes 2 didn't do it for me even though I really enjoyed the first one; But there's always Dawn of War 2 which I was planning on playing again anyway. Reply +2
  • Why Nintendo fans are excited about a just-revealed Pokémon

  • Der_tolle_Emil 10/02/2016

    Tip: If you can't think of an interesting headline just stating the facts will do. Reply +16
  • Frozen Synapse 2 is on the way

  • Der_tolle_Emil 10/02/2016

    This is great news. I really enjoyed Frozen Synapse but nevertheless skipped Cortex; I just didn't think it would work for me.

    I hope Nervous Testpilot does the soundtrack again because it was brilliant in Frozen Synapse.
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  • Someone made a working calculator in Super Mario Maker

  • Der_tolle_Emil 09/02/2016

    That's pretty insane. Coming up with a working design for something like this is one thing but to make it work within the game's constraints is even harder I guess, like the game despawning sprites when they are too far away from the screen (although to be honest I'm not sure if Mario Maker does this) Reply +2
  • New Doom campaign footage revealed on Conan O'Brien

  • Der_tolle_Emil 06/02/2016

    I get the feeling that Doom 4 will be rather controversial when it's finally out. It looks much better than Doom 3, there's far more enemies in the same room and there are actually more colors than just a few shades of grey and brown in there. So far so good, however, all I see is melee kills. Yes, we get it, the game is gory. There isn't too much gameplay footage out there but I am already getting tired of them. They are nice to look at but where's all the frantic running around and blasting your way through a room to the next medkit?

    It looks even more weird when it seems like the Marine is even going for a melee kill while there are still 4 monsters in the same room. This, however, has nothing to do with the Doom series. Stand around for more than a second in Doom 1 or 2 and you will get hurt, badly.

    I don't know, it just looks like some guy with a personal vendetta, not someone who is actually trying to survive. It just doesn't... fit.

    If I see as many melee kills in the final game as I do in these trailers then I probably won't make it past level 3 because I honestly don't think it's going to be any fun.
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  • Trackmania Turbo finally has a release date

  • Der_tolle_Emil 05/02/2016

    That looks brilliant. TrackMania 2 has lost a bit of the magic that the original(s?) had because for me personally the complete split was a bit too much. If Turbo packs all the various classes into the same game again then I'll be all over it.

    On a slightly related note for all TM players: Use a completely different and random password when you create an account. The passwords are stored in either cleartext or some form of encryption instead of being hashed which is an absolute catastrophy as far as security is concerned. You can confirm by using the "forgot password" function which will not generate a new password but will send you your original password in cleartext. That's really bad.
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  • Mother 3 will finally get Western release - report

  • Der_tolle_Emil 05/02/2016

    On topic: Woohoo! I'm currently playing Earthbound (first time), I picked it up when it was released but completely forgot about it. My save had like 20 minutes on it and was over two years old... incredible how fast the last two years went by, I would have guessed that I bought Earthbound roughly 6 months ago. It's weird and charming, a rather unusual combination, at least you don't see it balanced in such a brilliant way too often. Also, I'd like to give an award to the person who came up with the idea to map the A button to L as well so the game can basically be played with one hand most of the time. I never knew that this could make sense and now I'm asking myself why this isn't a thing in other games, too. Reply +1
  • Tech Analysis: The Division on PC

  • Der_tolle_Emil 04/02/2016

    @_LarZen_ I agree. There's no doubt that keyboard/mouse offers more flexibility (amount of buttons) and especially more precision. However, that doesn't mean that they are as comfortable. With a controller I can just lean back and everything is fine; While I can do that on my PC as well the whole precision thing goes out of the window though, at least for me (I guess this is down to practice).

    Either way, if the game doesn't require ultimate precision I'd choose the comfort of a controller over the precision of keyboard/mouse almost every time. For example, as much hate as the Wii controller got and even though you only had one stick (nunchuk) and far fewer buttons I actually quite liked it because the detached design allowed me to lie on the couch while still being comfortable. At least for a handful of games where motion/pointer controls weren't really necessary.

    As for your color question: Intel and nVidia drivers to have an option to adjust the saturation, that's the first thing that comes to my mind although I guess you already checked that. I remember having to deal with a laptop here in the office (Intel GPU) where the saturation was at +15% without anyone ever changing it (was right after installing the driver).
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  • "It was tempting to retire…"

  • Der_tolle_Emil 04/02/2016

    While I do remember Bullfrog (fondly!) I have to admit it's mostly for Syndicate, Theme Park and Theme Hospital. I never played Dungeon Keeper and I didn't understand Populus (probably because I was 7 or so when it came out). I also skipped Black & White and never had any interest in Fable. So, as far as Peter is concerned, to me he is pretty much like any other guy working in the gaming industry; There is no "personal connection" or anything like that, which brings me to the point I'm trying to make:

    I really don't get the hate, not at all. I have no doubts that he constantly promises way more than the games ended up delivering but I rarely see a game that actually comes close to what they were originally designed to be. Yes, he is clearly far more vocal than other designers but I don't think that he is vastly different in character; We just don't know enough about the others, I think. I am absolutely convinced that there are tons of designers that dream up things like a child - I also think that this is incredibly important if not necessary.

    Anyway, this article was a really interesting read, even though I usually don't care about "drama".
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  • Hearthstone shake-up set to remove older cards for new Standard mode

  • Der_tolle_Emil 03/02/2016

    You can play a Ranked form of both modes
    Thanks, that clears it up. Seems like a good decision then, especially because I think the game will be really difficult to balance if Blizzard has to take every single card into account.

    It probably sucks if one of your favorite card drops out of the standard deck but ultimately I'd rather have a balanced card pool that is smaller than a bigger pool where cards aren't balanced (either too strong or too weak, which is probably far more often the case).

    This could also solve the problem of how much "catching up" newer players have to do until they have a handful of useful cards if they can skip over the ones that aren't used in Standard anyway (if that is possible)
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  • Der_tolle_Emil 03/02/2016

    Will Standard mode be the only one that is ranked? If so I can imagine some people being a bit upset if their bought cards can't be used anymore in ladder play. Reply +7
  • Codex is a "card-time strategy" game inspired by Warcraft and StarCraft

  • Der_tolle_Emil 02/02/2016

    @Jimjamyaha I was thinking more like Castlevania but you're not wrong. Reply +1
  • Peek at the cancelled Batman The Dark Knight game

  • Der_tolle_Emil 02/02/2016

    This could have been interesting but I guess we can't complain too much since we got the Arkham series in return. Too bad that Pandemic can't say the same thing, it's frustrating enough if one of your projects gets cancelled but having the whole studio shut down - on Christmas even - must suck even harder. Reply +4
  • Splatoon sells 4m copies, bought by a third of all Wii U owners

  • Der_tolle_Emil 02/02/2016

    What? 12.6m after three years, don't forget it had a 12 month head start on PS4/XB1, is pretty dismal whichever way you look at it.
    I'm not saying that the sales are necessarily good but I expected them to be even lower, at least compared to XB1 and PS4.
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  • Der_tolle_Emil 02/02/2016

    12.6m Wii U isn't too bad either. Didn't EA say just recently that around 55m consoles (PS4/XB1) were sold to households with roughly 30m of them being PS4s? That would mean that the XB1 is outselling the Wii U "only" 2:1. I thought it would be more. Reply -5
  • Does The Witness make you feel sick?

  • Der_tolle_Emil 01/02/2016

    @monkie_king I just watched a video on YouTube. In addition to the low FOV it felt like you were paperthin and way too small. That didn't help either. Reply 0
  • Der_tolle_Emil 01/02/2016

    I haven't played the game and never really suffered from any motion sickness when playing a 3D game although Marathon (the Bungie one) always felt really uncomfortable when I played it.

    The video in this article looks a bit weird too. It might just be personal preference but the FOV definitely feels too low, especially coupled with the rather high turning speed (compared to the walking speed). This exaggerates the zoomed in effect even more, at least it does that for me. It just doesn't feel very well balanced.

    Fortunately it sounds like this could (and will be) fixed.

    Edit: Marathon Durandal on XBLA actually, never played the original.
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  • Smash Bros. Wii U, 3DS DLC concludes this week with Bayonetta, Corrin

  • Der_tolle_Emil 01/02/2016

    Yeah, I thought Galaxy was already out as well because I saw Galaxy 2 last time I went to check out the shop.

    As specialgamer said, the amount of ideas in the game is incredible, just like Super Mario 3D World. So many levels have unique mechanics to them that are easily good enough to build an entire game around them. It's almost wasteful how many ideas are used just once or twice; It just doesn't get boring, there's always something new to play around with in each level.
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