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  • Star Wars Battlefront 2 loot boxes investigated by Belgian Gaming Commission

  • Der_tolle_Emil 17/11/2017

    Nice UI design in a phone does not require you to pay an amount to go through random number generator in order to achieve it. The fact you try to equate the two as the same is the kind of corporate apologism that we need to see less of.
    I didn't say that it required luck, just that people are willing to spend money on features of a product that are not essential for it's intended purpose; And that consulting external professionals like psychologists to gauge how much non-essential extras can be sold is extremely common. The practice of fleecing customers is the issue, not HOW they figured out to do it (which is why I discredited the "they even used psychology!" argument). I don't think we need to proof intent. They are a business, their sole intention is to make money.

    EA could simply offer any card to purchase directly. They don't. They hide it behind RNG with very deliberate psychological triggers (the slight pause that occurs before the loot are revealed) ripped straight from gambling mechanics to ensure as much money as possible is spent to get any one particular item of meaning.
    Playing devil's advocate for a second: What's illegal about that? Is it the deliberate psychological trigger, like the pause? I hope not because I want my fanfare in Zelda when I open a chest instead of the item appearing immediately. Now you might say I didn't pay for the ability to open the chest, but that isn't necessarily true. I did spend in-game rupees to get to play the chest game. And I had to spend time in the game to get those rupees. If I don't get the heart piece by opening the correct chest out of three I have to spend more rupees and for those I have to spend more time. Why is that acceptable? Broken down it's the exact same game mechanic; And the same enticement by the developer to play the game. If I had to spend 100 rupees and a simple prompt would come up immediately saying "yes, you win" that would be completely underwhelming. The suspension random chance generates is essential.

    And that's what I mean. The intentions of Nintendo and EA are completely different, so is the moral point of view. But the mechanics per-se are identical - and if you want to ban loot boxes you have to come up with such a wide ranging definition of what gambling in video games is that it will ultimately affect lots of other things that are perfectly fine, I'm afraid.

    (Also on a sidenote, since I didn't mention it at all: I have yet to read up on the Complete Gacha story you mentioned, to be honest I don't know enough about it yet to comment. I'm not trying to dodge something :) ).

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  • Der_tolle_Emil 17/11/2017

    You make this sound like EA stumbled onto BF2's way of monetisation. They hired lawyers, psychologists and mathematicians to design that platform. Go look at games company hires nowadays and you will see positions for psychologists in R&D. Why would a games company need a psychologist to make a game? To make sure their skinner box is as effective as possible and then the lawyers can give it multiple passes to make sure it all sits in the grey, legally speaking.
    I am absolutely aware that the system was designed to make money. I am also aware that DICE made the game to make money. Published by EA to make money. Who are part of the industry, which is there to make money.

    Of course there is a line that can be crossed where the balance of delivering a solid product and making profit simply doesn't add up anymore. And that's not something that is unique in the gaming industry, it's a part of every industry. Do you think Apple didn't consult psychologists to get an opinion on what emotions/reactions certain designs evoke when designing the next iPhone? With the sole purpose to judge how much they can charge to get the reaction "It's nice to look at" instead of "This is too expensive"?

    We are talking luxury items here. We are not depending on games. Look, I don't want it to go away or down the drain, of course not. But we do have our own free will and already have the power to stick it to EA by simply not buying the game.

    Of course it's a shitty game and practice, we all know that. But let's not fool ourselves into thinking that EA is all of a sudden the new mad scientist in town who came up with new, never before seen ways to make money. No, I'm not a huge fan of EA either, but this loot box topic has quickly turned into a witch hunt where reason and sensible arguments (and especially thinking about the consequences should they get banned) are simply forgotten. I have a problem with knee-jerk reactions and this is turning into one. I totally understand why people are upset and they should be, but I think the big picture already got lost on the way.
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  • Der_tolle_Emil 17/11/2017

    I think there's a healthy dose of kids who this stunt is clearly aimed at, and who aren't likely to make an informed decision.

    Which makes EA's decision all the more cynical. As much as I appreciate EA and Dice's output and spectacle, this practice will set the industry back if allowed to persist.
    I'll give you that - and I have a strong opinion about games aimed at kids. But in a mature rated game it's something a little bit different. I certainly wouldn't mind a bump in age ratings to mature if a game contains a strong element of luck; I just don't know how you would judge that. The roguelike genre for example would vanish in an instant if luck was banned outright or even just toned down. That's the crux of the situation, on a case to case basis it seems obvious most of the time whether the method to unlock items is just there to fleece customers or not, but I can't think of a way to come up with a general rule.
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  • Der_tolle_Emil 16/11/2017

    Gamers should be VERY careful what they wish for here. Its a very slippery slope where laws are concerned, as pretty much every game outside of Chess and Go has RNG elements and its going to be a struggle to write laws that aren't going to be a piece of piss for games designers to circumvent without broad strokes laws that could be hugely damaging for the whole industry.
    Totally agree, exactly my point as well. I think we're all on the same page here that locking essential content away with no guaranteed (or feasible) way to access it is a lousy business practice. But what it boils down to essentially is that in this case EA published a game that is a weak product. This is a question of value for money, not legality.

    Luck is not just a byproduct in game design, it's essential. Getting it right is hard though, and Battlefront 2 certainly failed spectacularly. What's next? Banning RNG in RPGs because it took someone longer to finish a boss because the weapon didn't hit three critical strikes like the weapon of a friend that an enemy randomly dropped in a room earlier? That's ridiculous.

    Just because EA got it so completely wrong doesn't make it gambling or even illegal. Of course it's horrible game design and ultimately it might even be fair to simply say EA are assholes, and if you think your money is better spent elsewhere then go ahead and spend it somewhere else. We're grown ups, we should be able to make our own informed decisions, not throw a tantrum just because we didn't get what we hoped for and outlaw everything we don't like.

    I mean don't get me wrong, the discussion about this topic is 100% necessary and healthy but it needs to be a sensible one.
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  • Der_tolle_Emil 16/11/2017

    I really, really don't like loot boxes but to be honest I don't think they classify as gambling. As has been mentioned several times, you (the gamer) can't lose anything. You might not get what you want, but you don't outright come back empty handed.

    There's really no difference to tons of other mechanics in games that depend on luck. Since I'm playing Stardew Valley right now, if I buy Qi coins in the casino for another in-game currency and then lose, isn't this even worse? There are items on sale there that cannot be gotten otherwise - and not winning them means my coins are gone forever, there's no consolation prize or anything.

    What about spinning the wheel in Forza Horizon when you level up? Where a paid for by real money VIP membership doubles my winnings? I've put tons of hours into the game, do in fact have a VIP membership and didn't win a single Forza edition car yet.

    If you don't like loot boxes or the monetization scheme in a game in general, then don't buy/play the game. If that means missing out on a title you really wanted, then this sucks, obviously.

    It's great to have a discussion about this topic outside of gaming forums, but I'd much rather have people think for themselves rather than various government bodies stepping in; Even though, as mentioned, I'm not a fan of loot boxes.
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  • Jelly Deals: Humble Store's Fall Sale live now with free copy of Killer is Dead

  • Der_tolle_Emil 17/11/2017

    Killer is Dead is quite brilliant. The setting and weirdness of it might not be for everyone but as far as gameplay is concerned it's probably the best game we've seen that has Suda's name on it. Very satisfying combat. Reply +1
  • Stardew Valley is getting new single-player content after all

  • Der_tolle_Emil 16/11/2017

    This is such great news. The game has me absolutely hooked. In over 25 years of gaming there hasn't been a single game where I racked up 100+ hours in just a single month. The best part is that I can't even properly describe what makes this game so special. It's the whole package that just works, which in my eyes is something special. Reply +2
  • Capcom shows off Resident Evil Revelations' Switch-exclusive features

  • Der_tolle_Emil 16/11/2017

    That's not a bad price. I bought the first one of the 3DS but only played it for an hour or so, then got distracted by something else (though I can't remember what). Could very well be one of my next purchases then. Reply -1
  • Super Bomberman R on Nintendo Switch gets another generous free update

  • Der_tolle_Emil 15/11/2017

    Not too shabby I guess, especially since it's not just new characters; They look nice but the amount of grinding required to unlock them was just too much for me. I'm definitely down for tackling the campaign again and checking out the new world. Should fit right into my Saturday morning schedule before having to take care of chores. Reply +4
  • Hollow Knight on Switch has been delayed until early next year

  • Der_tolle_Emil 15/11/2017

    Aww that's too bad, I'm really looking forward to this. But at least we now have a rough estimate of when it will come, I haven't seen any release date updates after it was announced that it will come to the Switch.

    Also, looking at my 100+ hours I've put into Stardew Valley already with no intention to quit anytime soon (not even for Mario) I guess that's at least one game I don't feel bad about ignoring for now.
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  • Project Hospital is a "fresh" indie take on Bullfrog's Theme Hospital, minus the Bloaty Head

  • Der_tolle_Emil 13/11/2017

    I adored Theme Hospital even though a few missions in it got quite repetitive - yet I still play it every now and then even these days. The formula worked, the humor, the music and of course the entire presentation of it all. Anyone interested in the original should check out to get it to work properly on modern systems.

    As far as project hospital is concerned: I like the idea but to be frank, the art direction is horrible. It has no charm at all. It's neither cartoonish enough to make it look light hearted like the original nor does it look "professional" for lack of a better word as a traditional simulation should look like. I'll still keep an eye on it as I like sim games, but something really irks me about the way it looks.
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  • Awesome Games Done Quick is speed-running for charity again in January

  • Der_tolle_Emil 03/11/2017

    I'm really looking forward to this. Thanks EG for finally announcing this before it actually starts, not just when it has just ended. Reply +2
  • De Blob is coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in November

  • Der_tolle_Emil 25/10/2017

    I'm definitely part of the "the first one was better" camp, too. Not that the sequel was bad, far from it, but it expanded on so many things that the simple charm of the original got a bit lost and just didn't feel that coherent. Not sure if I will get again, I already have the Wii and PC verion. It will depend on the price, I'm sure it's much nice to look at and listen to on the living room setup compared to the PC. Reply +2
  • Switch gets its first proper seasonal eShop sale for Halloween

  • Der_tolle_Emil 25/10/2017

    Well, looking at those hefty discounts I'm at least not feeling too bad about buying a couple of games just last week. Reply 0
  • VVVVVV coming to Nintendo Switch next month

  • Der_tolle_Emil 24/10/2017

    God knows how much Nintendo will ask for it!
    30% of whatever Nicalis is deciding on.
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  • Hollow Knight's spooky free expansion Grimm Troupe has a release date

  • Der_tolle_Emil 19/10/2017

    Yeah I really hope this will come to Switch this year. Another Axiom Verge playthrough will easily tide me over (and I also have Ori and the blind Forest sitting unplayed in my library just in case) but I'm really looking forward to finally play this. Reply +4
  • Fire Emblem Warriors review

  • Der_tolle_Emil 18/10/2017

    Does this review count for people who donít normally like these brain dead hack and slash games? Or was this review aimed at people that already do?
    I never cared enough about these games to actually buy one - until Hyrule Warriors and that had me hooked for ages. Obviously I'm a Zelda fan but the characters and the setting don't have that much of a Zelda vibe like I imagined it would have. Ultimately it was the gameplay that got me hooked. The strategy aspect of these games make it far less brain dead as it would appear. If I were you I'd give it a try - although it does take some time to really click, but when it does, it's quite rewarding.
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  • Sony to release indie game on Nintendo Switch

  • Der_tolle_Emil 17/10/2017

    Does it just look like Advance Wars or is in also close in terms of gameplay? Because then I'm in! Reply +16
  • Capcom shows off a bit more of Resident Evil 7's free Chris Redfield DLC

  • Der_tolle_Emil 17/10/2017

    I'm kind of glad it got delayed. Played through the main game three times to get the various endings and unlockables, which is something I rarely do, but given that it can be completed easily in under 4 hours it was a nice way to spend a lazy weekend afternoon. However, that also means I've pretty much had enough. But now that so much time has passed I'm more than happy to get back to it for this. Reply 0
  • Unofficial SNES cartridge-playing Super Nt unveiled

  • Der_tolle_Emil 17/10/2017

    I'd be interested to throw some machine learning at it. Take some pictures and video of some games playing on a real CRT, and then use that as training data for a neural net.
    The thing is, which many people seem to forget or at least not be fully aware of: CRTs are vastly different from each other. Even if they were the same model/tube; The reason why so many CRT filters don't look right isn't because they don't simulate a CRT properly - they do, but they don't simulate the CRT you remember from home. They can't simulate the same barely noticeable distortion because your speakers were too close to the CRT, or the slight flickering just because the light was on in the room next to yours; And let's not forget the massive signal distortion due to subpar composite cabling, which added a lot of fuzzy softness that had absolutely nothing to do with the CRT.

    All these things can be simulated and there are very, very well done filters for each single one of those factors - but none of them add up to what you remember from home. Unfortunately, because I do love a good CRT.

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  • Der_tolle_Emil 16/10/2017

    Ordered! I've yet to receive my Analogue NT so I don't have any experience yet but the whole FPGA aspect of it (and the very reasonable price for the SNES One) is fascinating.

    It'll be interesting if there will be a new firmware for this one too, which will allow it to run ROMs - given all the SNES special chips this will be interesting to follow.
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  • Jelly Deals: The Binding of Isaac on Switch finally gets a price drop

  • Der_tolle_Emil 12/10/2017

    While this price drop is very much welcome, at least for me it comes at a very unfortunate time. Stardew Valley has kept me up until midnight every single day so far, and I have Golf Story plus the absolutely fantastic Axiom Verge also downloaded already. And if that wasn't enough: Super Mario Odyssey drops in two weeks. Plus I also have to admit that I still haven't even unwrapped my boxed copies of Arms, Splatoon 2 or Pokken Tournament; Or Forza 7 come to think of it. On one hand it's really hard to complain about being a gamer right now, but the flipside is that buying even more games is just absurd right now. Reply 0
  • Stardew Valley review

  • Der_tolle_Emil 11/10/2017

    Really? Blows my mind how many games still use XNA.

    It can be really bad for things like that if you don't know what you're doing.
    I think he started working on the game 5 years ago (maybe even 6) and it was his first game, so "still using" it is a relative term.

    The Switch Port uses monogame, which is indeed a implementation to get XNA games to run on other platforms. I have no experience with monogame but I do know mono itself (an opensource implementation of .net in general). It works, but performance is hit and miss. Some functionality is more than fine, while others are magnitudes slower. XML is in fact one of those. I've seen programmers having code run up to 50 times slower when using mono when using XML serializers (a serializer is when you take a programming object and convert it to text, in this case XML, so you are able to reuse it at some point; simply put). Since the save game is in fact just a huge XML file I'm pretty sure this is what happens here.
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  • Der_tolle_Emil 11/10/2017

    I think it's locked to disk access rate and I think it's writing every change atomically to avoid memory use. It's a horrible approach.

    The apparent fact that it saves everything every time instead of the things that changed is indictment enough IMO. This can clearly be improved.
    Given HOW much can change in the world it's easier to just save everything instead of changes from the original (or previous) layout. Especially since there is no original layout, besides terrain/buildings. A delta save would amount to pretty much the same amount of data that has to be saved.

    As far as the disk access is concerned, I downloaded a save game from the PC version yesterday and it's a huge XML file. It is HIGHLY unlikely that this file gets written sequentially and not all at once, because you have to have all the data in memory before you know how the final file layout will look like. Unless it loops through various stages, writes the file, then loads it again to insert a few more tags for various items, then write everything again completely. But: That would be relatively easy to fix, so probably not the cause.
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  • Der_tolle_Emil 10/10/2017

    How does it work, then? Because that is not normal. For a game like this, the Switch's hardware is absolutely massive overkill. We had sims like this 20 years ago, a time when power like the Switch's was something unimaginable... and those games didn't take that long to save. In fact I don't know how you could manage save times that long even if you were just winging it with highly unoptimized code. What on earth is the game doing?
    Difficult to say without taking a look at the code. It's not just the Switch version though; Mine takes roughly 20 seconds per night, I just checked a video from the PS4 version: 14 seconds (very first night of the game). The Xbox One version took about 6 seconds. It's not really fast on other systems either. I know it's built using Microsoft's XNA framework and programmed in C#, I don't know though how well these things can be ported to other systems. It's definitely not the most efficent code in the first place and by the looks of it also something that relies heavily on XNA/.net functionality, which would explain why there's such a discrepancy in performance on other platforms.

    Ultimately though without really knowing the code it's all just guessing, but it's not hard to imagine that suboptimal code that can't be natively ported suffers quite a bit on other platforms.
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  • Der_tolle_Emil 10/10/2017

    It doesn't annoy me that people like the game it annoys me that indie games seem to be graded on a different scale than AAA games. 90% of gamers would enjoy Horizon Zero Dawn more than this game I guarantee it.
    Sales say otherwise.
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  • Der_tolle_Emil 10/10/2017

    @Vixremento No mod support here, and also very unlikely to ever appear, unfortunately. Reply +1
  • Der_tolle_Emil 10/10/2017

    only dampener on the Switch version for me is the horrible save times each night. Hopefully that can be fixed in a future update.
    They are indeed quite insane. But I quickly got used to it, perfect time to light up another smoke.

    On a more serious note, in his recent (yesterday's?) AMA on reddit the developer noted that this the save times is something they are looking at but he admitted it is probably not going to change significantly due to the way the save code works; The only thing that makes this one fast is raw CPU power, and that's not something the Switch has to offer.
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  • Der_tolle_Emil 10/10/2017

    Is there any co-op or multiplayer in Stardew Valley?
    Not yet (in any of the versions). But it is planned for beta early next year if I remember correctly.
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  • Der_tolle_Emil 10/10/2017

    I never played this before it arrived on the Switch even though it was sitting in my Steam library for quite some time. It was worth the wait, what an absolutely charming game.

    I'm a big fan of the original SNES Harvest Moon but the sequels (and Rune Factory) never really did it for me. This is exactly what I have been waiting for.

    Hopefully the numerous bugs in the Switch version will be fixed soon, even though fortunately all of those I have encountered are just annoying and not gamebreaking. However, how they slipped through QA is a bit weird, some of them are glaringly obvious.
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  • Dead Rising 4 update will bring back original, proper Frank West

  • Der_tolle_Emil 09/10/2017

    This is ridiculous, and not in the good way. But then again there isn't really anything left to salvage from this game so they might just embrace the sillyness of it all. Reply +11
  • Here's our first look at Q.U.B.E. 2 gameplay

  • Der_tolle_Emil 05/10/2017

    Ugh, I hope you can somehow hide those hands. I've played my fair share of 1st person games and even some weapons that cover 75% of the screen were less irritating. Don't know what it is, but they bother me. Reply +2
  • Forza Motorsport 7 review

  • Der_tolle_Emil 04/10/2017

    @Sol76 I'm the complete opposite - never bothered with tuning and was more than happy to keep lower class cars just that; I never found the correct balance, either your stock car was obviously too slow or the (suggested auto) upgrades pushed it to the top. Even though I played all of the Forza games so far I'm glad this isn't the case anymore. To me it simply limited the car selection way too much, out of 10 cars per class only two were properly useable if you wanted a chance to win.

    But I totally understand that this is (at least on paper, I have yet to play it) a significant change of what is surely a staple of the series that might not be welcome. Hopefully there'll be something like new modes down the line to give players a bit more freedom to do what they want with their car park.
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  • Microsoft kills off Groove Music subscription service

  • Der_tolle_Emil 03/10/2017

    I'm annoyed with Microsoft, first the band, then the phone, now groove, go on boys just get rid of office, the cloud and Xbox, cause I really don't know as a consumer if I should purchase any more of your products
    I'm in the same boat, but as someone who gets excited about new tech I'm not too bothered by constant change, even if that means abandoning certain devices or services way earlier than planned.

    Personally I'd give up on Movies & TV as soon as possible as I have very little doubt that this will be the next thing Microsoft will let go; Understandably now that every content provider thinks he can get away with creating their own platform. Of the existing platforms only the biggest will survive and Microsoft certainly isn't one of those.

    Office, cloud and Xbox are pretty safe though. Everything that also serves a business need won't go away anytime soon and even though Xbox is a consumer product it's here to stay at least as a service. I know people like to think Nintendo and Sony are their competitors, but in reality it's probably Valve/Steam. The Xbox isn't much more than a store front and Windows isn't going away either.
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  • Der_tolle_Emil 03/10/2017

    Yeah, offline playback available on Spotify too.
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  • Der_tolle_Emil 03/10/2017

    That is too bad. I really liked the service. The integration with your own music on OneDrive was very well done - in fact it's probably the only app where the term "seamless" actually fits.

    That integration plus the fact that the Groove apps in general worked way better on all of my devices than Spotify was the reason why I ditched Spotify rather quickly. I haven't tried the Win10 app yet, that whole Electron-browser-as-an-app was a total abomination though (as is almost every Electron based app).

    Also for my taste in music Groove simply had the better selection of music available. But, here's hoping, with Groove gone those artists will move to Spotify. The gap between the two platforms has always been annoying, so maybe there's an upside to it.

    We'll see, but it's definitely too bad that Groove has to shut down. I'll miss it.

    Edit: Anyone know if Spotify has the option now to download music to play offline like Groove has? That feature was a godsend for flights.
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  • Forza Motorsport 7's VIP membership has changed - for the worse

  • Der_tolle_Emil 02/10/2017

    Now I'm kind of glad that the ultimate edition was sold out when I was ordering the game last week. Still not a good move considering that the VIP membership has been available in the series for quite some time now. Reply -1
  • Cuphead review

  • Der_tolle_Emil 02/10/2017

    It really is too bad that I never liked this early years cartoon style because they really nailed it. Even as a young kid I tried to watch something else when early Mickey Mouse cartoons were on. I don't know why, but I find it unsettling. Reply -1
  • Forza Motorsport 7 is delivering something few other driving games offer anymore

  • Der_tolle_Emil 29/09/2017

    In Forza Motorsport 7, it's still perfectly possible to take a regular sedan and trick it out until it's an ungodly beast, and it's all the better for it.
    Glad to head that. I think I'm a bit odd when it comes to the Forza series as I rarely ever touch the high end car classes. There's just something incredibly satisfying in Forza when you take a "regular" car, turn off the assists and just push it around racing tracks where it doesn't belong and the car behaving like it will break down any second now. Unfortunately the Alfa Romeo Brera is yet again missing from the car list :/
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  • SNES mini teardown confirms recycled NES mini tech

  • Der_tolle_Emil 29/09/2017

    @drxym I guess I missed your point, sorry about that. I didn't mean to unneccessarily offend you. Reply 0
  • Der_tolle_Emil 27/09/2017

    The point I am making is not that people should use a Pi (although they should) but the hardware required to emulate an old console is minimal. The board they used for the NES is probably some off the shelf SoC costing barely $1-2, some flash and IOs
    If you seriously think that hardware costs alone should dictate the price you are seriously deluded. Your whole argument is so incredibly flawed I don't even know where to start. Why can't Nintendo use cheap off the shelf components when your Raspberry recommendation is the exact same thing? Do you think that they developed the CPU, RAM etc. on their own? Do you think the RPI's price is ok because it took some assembly to get it all on one board? As if the case, the controllers and the corresponding ports just appeared magically in Nintendo's warehouses over night?

    Don't get me wrong, the RPI is a fantastic product and bless everyone who is happy with using one as a dedicated emulation device, but even when you disregard the question of legality the whole "this is bad because I've seen cheaper things that remotely are the same thing" just makes no sense.

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  • Jelly Deals: 8Bitdo's latest wireless SNES pads are designed for Switch, available to order now

  • Der_tolle_Emil 25/09/2017

    I have a SNES one and I really like it. Didn't quite use it with my Switch just yet because it had absolutely horrible input lag when it was used for multiplayer and an official pro controller was connected to the Switch as well, but that has apparently been fixed with the recent firmware, which I have yet to try.

    A friend of mine doesn't quite like the feel of the buttons but to me they feel absolutely fine (and I have 30 years of input devices on my back). For that price you really can't go wrong. Just make sure to update the firmware when you get them.
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  • PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds developer slams Fornite for "replicating" gameplay

  • Der_tolle_Emil 22/09/2017

    Idiots. I really like PUBG, even though I spend 99% of my time with it watching streams instead of playing it, and they are only just at the beginning. Neither is there a need to be worried nor is there one to lash out at others. With such a gigantic head start and enormous support of the community they should embrace the competition and not tarnish their image with that nonsense. Every genre, even niche ones, has a handful of successful games catering to the players and it has never been a problem. I mean seriously, they are the biggest game on Steam by a wide variety of measures, which is an incredibly feat considering that every. single. pc. game. in. existence is on there.

    There is nothing to worry about, the only ones who can screw up PUBG's success are they themselves.
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  • A tactical shooter with 400 concurrent players on a massive map

  • Der_tolle_Emil 19/09/2017

    @warsh88 As pisky said: The more game logic on the server, the better, in theory. Basically you try to have input and rendering on the client (there really is no other way of doing that anyway) but you do process the input on the server. If a client takes care of processing the game data you are faced with a myriad of challenges that are detrimental to gameplay. Not only will you have desynchronized game states (as every client will be slightly off compared to another client) plus you also have no way of telling whether a client is "lying". If the server has to trust the client there really is no way of forbidding a client to tell the server "I just shot the guy in front of me". So in the end you have the server which has the position of two players and one of them sends the input "I'm now shooting in that general direction". The server will than calculate if you hit or not. There really is no other way to get consistency both in a technical sense and gameplay sense if you don't have a single, central processing unit.

    Before online servers were a thing this was handled exactly the same, but one of the several clients took over the role of "game master" so to speak.

    So yeah, the "cloud" doing stuff really isn't anything new. It has always been this way because you can't really do it any other way.

    Either way, it'll be interesting to see how this does. The screenshots do look very nice, but I'm not convinced that the current look servers the purpose of being very playable. As soon as (competitive) multiplayer comes into play I like a clean look which allows everyone easily to know exactly what they are looking at. Ultimately I'm not quite sure how this will play out. PUBG's shrinking circle is a great solution to making sure that a few remaining players don't just get lost on the giant map and with even bigger maps this becomes even more of a necessity. However, using the exact same circle mechanic just screams copycat. I wonder what their take on this issue is.
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  • Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain announced for PS4

  • Der_tolle_Emil 19/09/2017

    I hope to see this on the xbox too at some point. I always enjoyed the EDF games, and yes, the slowdown is a big part of the gameplay. You are completely insignificant but nothing screams "yeah that'll show them" more than a huge explosion making ants fly all over the place with the game slowing down to a crawl. It adds so much feedback and heft to your actions that simply can't be replicated otherwise. Reply +9
  • Doom on Switch won't have SnapMap level editor

  • Der_tolle_Emil 15/09/2017

    Wish they would dump the two boss fights. Boring as hell and so frustrating when the rest of the game is pure pleasure.
    Boring? Maybe. Frustrating? If anything they were frustratingly easy. No challenge at all compared to some areas in the rest of the game.

    As far as snapmap is concerned: I won't miss it. Neither will I miss the multiplayer. It wasn't bad but after two or three hours it's like: Meh, I've seen it.
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  • New Xbox One tech can save hard drive space and cut download times

  • Der_tolle_Emil 14/09/2017

    While it's certainly a nice addition this isn't exactly new. Blizzard has been doing this for ages, even when they released titles on CD-Roms. If anyone is familiar with modding or just generally extracting data files from Blizzard games they have definitely heard of the MoPaQ or .mpq files. This format is over 20 years old and does exactly that. It also allowed for delta patches by simply changing the order in which the MPQ files are read.

    Either way, I'm not complaining. Hopefully this will also mean smaller patches because the game has been split up into chunks from the very beginning and a small change doesn't mean you need to download the complete archive again.

    I somehow wish Microsoft would force 3rd party developers to take this approach again. Again because they had to on the 360. Remember where downloading and installing a patch only took a couple of seconds? That's because developers had to adhere to strict limits and simply weren't allow to just shove down the entire game down gamers' throats but really just patch what's necessary. It's a lost art really, delta patches have been the standard for ages due to bandwidth being expensive way before console patches were even a thing. I know it's more work for the devs but the benefits for consumers are huge when patching is done right.
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  • Doom and Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus are coming to Switch

  • Der_tolle_Emil 13/09/2017

    I would have never expected that one. 3rd party support is picking up for the Switch but id shooters? I really didn't see this coming. The engine used in Doom is phenomenal, it's incredibly well optimized, I hope this stays true for the Switch version (and Wolfenstein of course, but I'm not sure if it uses the same engine). Interesting announcements, I hope both games do well enough and won't end up as a failed experiment. Reply +34
  • Axiom Verge to launch early on Switch eShop following retail release delay

  • Der_tolle_Emil 13/09/2017

    Played this on the WiiU and will definitely get it again. Not quite sure if digital only or not; The documentary sounds intriguing, the art stuff is also nice to look at, but let's be honest, I'll look at it once and then don't know where to put it. Shelf space is unfortunately limited - and I already have the soundtrack from bandcamp. Difficult decisions :) Great game though. Reply +2
  • Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap sold better on Switch than all other platforms combined

  • Der_tolle_Emil 12/09/2017

    For me it's not just the lack of competition but games like these simply feel more at home on a Nintendo console for me. I do have a (more than capable) PC, a 360, and a XBO. But for games like this, or Rayman, Yooka-Laylee and especially Shovel Knight; I all got them for Nintendo consoles. I'm sure it's more nostalgia of growing up with Nintendo consoles but either way, I just like playing these games on Nintendo machines. Reply +1