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  • Halo 3: ODST campaign coming to Halo: The Master Chief Collection as DLC

  • Der_tolle_Emil 22/12/2014

    I haven't played ODST (not a big Halo fan) but I've heard numerous times that it might be the best Halo campaign so far. A really nice surprise for fans of the series. Reply +1
  • Castlevania's Vampire Killer beats

  • Der_tolle_Emil 21/12/2014

    @tootbrush Well, you're right. I meant games like Forza or GT, those kind of racers. You are absolutely right that there are racing games where the music plays a huge role, Wangan and Ridge Racer for example would be nothing without their music, it's part of their identity. Reply +1
  • Der_tolle_Emil 21/12/2014

    I was quite excited when I saw this article's title but not mentioning Michiru Yamane even once was quite disappointing.

    Nevertheless I'm glad to see an article praising music the music of the series. Music in general is often severaly underrated, unfortunately. For me music is easily the most important aspect of a game, regardless of genre (well, except racing games). I think it was already mentioned at some point here on EG but in case anyone missed it, check out . Quite interesting.
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  • Don't call it DRM: what's Denuvo Anti-Tamper?

  • Der_tolle_Emil 20/12/2014

    I'd love to know how this works. I guess it's just a convoluted mess of obfuscation and tons of individual checks of chunks of code, I can't imagine too many other things that could possibly interfere with debuggers. Quite impressive that they managed to delay successful cracks for such a long time. Reply +3
  • New Steam controller design leaked

  • Der_tolle_Emil 17/12/2014

    I know it's not a popular opinion around here, but I think Valve should give up on the hardware. Current joypads work fine
    I don't necessarily agree although I think it is definitely a bit funny that every new revision of their design looks more and more like a 360 controller.

    The thing is, I really like the 360 controller but the XBO controller managed to improve it even further so I wouldn't mind if there are companies still trying to improve controllers. I'm sure there are more than enough things that can be bettered with time although it looks like the analog sticks aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

    It would be sad, however, if noone at least tried to reinvent the wheel. Controller changes weren't as revolutionary in recent years compared to ~15 years ago when analog sticks, rumble packs and push sensitive triggers came along but who knows, there might be another revolution along the way anyway.
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  • Video game producer Tak Fujii leaves Konami

  • Der_tolle_Emil 17/12/2014

    Hopefully this is not health related. Good luck! Reply +8
  • Forza Horizon 2's first expansion introduces new cars, new area

  • Der_tolle_Emil 16/12/2014

    @mushi_mush I personally wouldn't call it disappointing, I still spend several hours a week with the game (and that's with Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors and Smash Bros lying right next to my WiiU waiting to get unwrapped). I am really enjoying it and it can be a great racing game but, at least for me, only as long as it stays on proper roads. There's nothing wrong with a few offroad trips on gravel/dirt roads but just plowing through fields just isn't any fun for me. I guess it also doesn't help that there's only very, very few races that do that which makes it feel like an afterthought even more.

    Other than that it's a fantastic game, you really need to up the AI difficulty though, otherwise their behavior can be a bit... well, erratic. Even though I ultimately prefer the first one (as I said, I find the scenery of the first one far more compelling) in terms of actual racing FH2 does trump the first one.
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  • Der_tolle_Emil 16/12/2014

    Personally I think that the offroad parts are the weakest of the entire game, unfortunately - especially the races where you just crash through one vineyard after another. It just doesn't feel right to me. Maybe because the rest of the game is so brilliant even though I kind of prefer the location of the first one. Somehow FH2's landscape feels a bit bland, which is ironic given that FH1 was just rock, but at least it wasn't almost completely flat land all the time. Reply -17
  • Digital Foundry vs Super Smash Bros. on Wii U and 3DS

  • Der_tolle_Emil 10/12/2014

    @Ghost-Shepard The N64 ones were horrible in terms of framerate (brilliant games though, especially the first one). The Cube version (XG3) targeted 60fps but had quite a lot of drops, but I guess they were more noticeable because as far as I can remember it ran vsynced so when the game wasn't able to catch up it would drop all the way down to 30. Reply 0
  • Der_tolle_Emil 07/12/2014

    can't think of any N64 games which got anywhere near 60fps
    F-Zero X ran at a locked 60fps.
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  • Der_tolle_Emil 07/12/2014

    On a side note, given these handhelds have custom screens, wouldn't it be better for them to have more custom refresh rates? That way they could set the refresh rate at say 50 hz, and target the graphics to a constant 50 fps, which most people can't differentiate from 60 fps. Win-win.
    It would be technically possible but not very feasible in practice.

    If there's one thing that makes sense it would be to adopt some sort of G-Sync technology which would solve the display refresh rate problem completely. Having a fixed refresh rate will always be a problem regardless of what the actual rate really is. That's probably even easier to implement than having a panel which supports different fixed refresh rates.
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  • Der_tolle_Emil 07/12/2014

    I played the WiiU version for an hour or so yesterday and it's very impressive on a technical level. It doesn't feel like there were any compromises in terms of visual fidelity. I don't know how the guys at Nintendo do it, but their attention to detail is simply unmatched. I wonder how much time the programmers spent with artists to get models and textures to a level that still delivers the fantastic visual presentation without making the engine crumble to its knees; Which, in an unpredictable game like Smash, must be incredibly difficult. Reply +5
  • Xbox boss points to Killer Instinct in response to Sony's Street Fighter 5 deal

  • Der_tolle_Emil 08/12/2014

    Well, it's up for everyone by themselves to decide if they would rather have Killer Instinct or Street Fighter. I know which one I'd pick but I really can't argue with Phil's responses. No unnecessary Sony bashing or Xbox embellishment, just straight to the point honest answers. Reply +40
  • Street Fighter 5 exclusive to PC and PS4

  • Der_tolle_Emil 07/12/2014

    I don't have a PS4 but to be honest I'm not that bothered it's not releasing on the XBO because I know I would have to buy a new stick anyway. I made a custom one for myself and I'd hate to throw it out. With no XBO version around at least I'm not tempted to buy/build a new stick. Reply +1
  • Zelda Wii U detailed with new developer walkthrough video

  • Der_tolle_Emil 06/12/2014

    That looked quite nice, really excited about it. I also really like Nintendo's subtelty when announcing things, like hinting at StarFox's release next year.

    Another thing is how the gameplay sequence opened; It might be a coincidence but I get the feeling that the scene was chosen deliberately beause it is extremely similar to one of the early Legend of Zelda artworks released when the NES title was announced/released:
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  • Shovel Knight has sold over 300K copies

  • Der_tolle_Emil 05/12/2014

    That reminds me, I think I still haven't received my key. I need to check that, I backed the Kickstarter because I was really looking forward to it. Glad to hear it's doing well, always nice when a work of passion pays off eventually. Reply 0
  • New 3DS has a Mario Easter egg in its web browser

  • Der_tolle_Emil 04/12/2014

    Cool easter egg. I always, always tap away on the touch screen or buttons to the game's music during loading etc., unfortunately it never unlocked anything :( Reply 0
  • Resident Evil HD release date announced

  • Der_tolle_Emil 04/12/2014

    This one is really difficult to judge. On one hand it is a bit disappointing that the backgrounds are just upscaled but on the other hand the game will look as I remember it - and even though the backgrounds were originally all "just" SD they still look absolutely fantastic.

    Any by original I obviously mean the GC remake. Pretty sure I'll get this, it might seem lazy but if Capcom doesn't have access to the original resources I'd rather have them upscale the beautiful GC assets instead of coming up with new ones.
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  • 20 years of PlayStation: the Ridge Racer revolution

  • Der_tolle_Emil 03/12/2014

    @IronSoldier Yeah, I meant Outrun 2 / Arcade. Speaking of the original though, that was the very first arcade game I have played in my life. Great memories. Reply +1
  • Der_tolle_Emil 03/12/2014

    @IronSoldier OutRun is a special. The feeling you get when you nail a corner is pretty much unmatched and the lack of AI opponents makes it an incredible relaxing experience. I often sit down for a quick play because the ~15 minutes it takes for a route calms me down like nothing else. I've been gaming for 25 years now and nothing comes close in that regard. Reply +3
  • Der_tolle_Emil 03/12/2014

    @travnail I only played RR64, RR6 on the 360 and RR on the 3DS. The cars were definitely glued to the track in RR6 as well. You just needed to start a drift and the car would go around the corner by itself - not in an ideal way, without correcting the path you would likely crash into a wall, but it allowed you to almost go in reverse as well. It was even less pronounced on the 3DS.

    I can't speak for the other RR titles but I'm quite sure that it was the most extreme in RR64.
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  • Der_tolle_Emil 03/12/2014

    RR64 is still one of my favorite racing games. It was brutally difficult at the end, I really enjoyed the challenge. It was also quite a lot of fun to take left corners by actually doing a clockwise 360, basically going around the corner in reverse. Once you wrapped your head around the drifting model it would really give you tons of room to play around with it just to show off. Good times. Reply 0
  • Survival racer Distance boosts to PS4 in 2015

  • Der_tolle_Emil 02/12/2014

    WipeOut/F-Zero mixed with TrackMania? Whatever it is, it looks quite nice. Reply 0
  • Nintendo and Philips sort out their Wii U patent dispute

  • Der_tolle_Emil 02/12/2014

    @Resurrected-X460 Also don't forget their works in the medical field where they used motion controlled devices for quite a while now (and as far as I can remember their work in the medical field was also the reason for this lawsuit).

    Patent lawsuits are annoying but at least in this case there is a genuine interest of both parties to get this sorted. This is certainly not a cry for attention because someone patented something years ago without ever producing anything based on that technology; Even though the gaming and medicine don't have much in common this is probably one of the more legit lawsuits of recent years.
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  • The case for 30fps PC gaming

  • Der_tolle_Emil 01/12/2014

    You people need to realise that its not the frame rate but the fluctuation that you see. Get an absolute rock solid 30 and 60 put them side by side and 90% of people couldn't tell the difference until frames start being dropped. A higher frame rate isn't any smoother than a lower one, it merely helps to hide the inevitable drops.

    The *only* advantage to a higher frame rate is latency.
    Personal preferences aside, that's just not true.

    Almost everyone will notice the difference between 30 and 60fps. Obviously not everyone will know why the footage they are looking at feels different but they do. People already notice a clear difference between a movie production and a camcorder recording; Not just due to picture quality but the slight difference in frame rate is something that a lot of people also notice even though the difference is, on paper, negligible.

    There are also other benefits than just input latency. The reason why movies still look smooth even though they are running at a relatively low frame rate is due to motion blur - which happens when an object moves during the capture of a single frame. The fewer frames you record the longer you need to expose a frame thus increasing the chances of an object moving. While motion blur looks natural and helps a lot in making feel low FPS footage look smooth it always comes with loss of detail. A fast moving object might appear as a bright blurry ball with noone being able to make out what it actually resembles. The only way to reduce motion blur is to keep exposure as short as possible; However, without increasing the frame rate at the same time you might miss a significant part of the object's movement. It won't be blurred but it will jump around when you look at the recorded footage. The only way to overcome this is to use a higher frame rate.

    There's quite an easy example: Ever notice how much more detailed slow motion footage looks like compared to regular footage (even when slowed down)? That's the result you get when you record with a higher frame rate.

    This is just as true for games as it is for traditional film. The overall look of any footage will (or rather can) simply be cleaner if you use a higher frame rate - even for slow moving footage.
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  • Der_tolle_Emil 30/11/2014

    While I am mostly a console gamer these days I welcome the option of having 30fps locks in games. Depending on the genre I have no problem with a game running at 30 instead of 60fps, there are more than enough games where I clearly prefer a little extra shiny over a higher framerate.

    The biggest plus about the locked framerate is not that graphics can be prettier but that my inputs feels consistent. Even if I could reach 40 to 50fps most of the time I'd still rather have a solid, stable framerate than fluctuating input latency when the frames drop down to 30.

    I just hope that the lock doesn't mean that 60fps gaming will turn into something 'experimental' that has to be enabled by using custom patches or weird config changes - that would be a huge step backwards even with all the benefits a proper FPS lock can achieve on some configurations.
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  • It seems Samus Amiibo interfere with Moscow's metro barriers

  • Der_tolle_Emil 28/11/2014

    Those will make for a nice collector's item one day. Reply +1
  • WWE 2K15 review

  • Der_tolle_Emil 28/11/2014

    No, no, k only means kilo as a prefix or suffix. Shoving it in the middle of a number makes no sense at all so it can't be that.
    Technically you are right but using the k in the wrong places is quite common these days, even in businesses where everyone is clearly aware of how the k works, ie. the IT industry where finding "Windows Server 2k12" on some paper isn't uncommon.

    Then again it is really early and I have no idea if you were being sarcastic :)
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  • Der_tolle_Emil 27/11/2014

    I have never really been interested in Wrestling, I knew about the big names in the early 90s but that's it. One day shopping with a friend I picked up WWF No Mercy on the N64 though because we were really bored and wanted something to waste the evening on. It still ranks as one of the best impulse purchases ever, what a great game that was - even for us who weren't really into wrestling.

    Guess I'm not the only one with fond memories of the title - this is yet another comment thread about a wrestling game where someone brings up the No Mercy title.
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  • Wolfenstein, The Evil Within reduced in GMG's Black Friday sale

  • Der_tolle_Emil 27/11/2014

    Wolfenstein was a great game, much better than I expected. I am also currently playing through The Evil Within and even though I still constantly confuse the inventory/crouch button I am quite enjoying it. Finally one of those survival horror games where running away is the best course of action and anything else, even using firearms, is the last resort. I am also quite digging the setting, I still have no clue what's real and what not.

    I'd definitely recommend getting both games.
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  • "I don't want to be a part of piracy"

  • Der_tolle_Emil 21/11/2014

    "Cubic Ninja has a level editor, which is the vulnerable part of the game," Rabet explains. "And it has a way of sharing levels, which is through QR codes"

    So Nintendo's archaic online is what led to their own downfall. Awesome.
    Had they went with a proper system of hosting content online, they wouldn't be in this mess.
    Where the content is hosted is irrelevant. It's not difficult to redirect traffic from a game to your own server to get it to download bogus data, Nintendo's online infrastructure has nothing to do with this exploit.
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  • Der_tolle_Emil 21/11/2014

    Am I missing something? There's already R4 flash cartridges available for the 3DS. Why would this hack make Nintendo sweat more than the R4?
    The R4 only works in DS mode, ie. the code has no way to access any of the 3DS' hardware used by real 3DS games.

    Until now there was no way to run code targeting the 3DS' hardware because you could not get any unsigned code to run. That's why this is big news.
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  • How Smash Bros. owners can redeem Mewtwo DLC, soundtrack

  • Der_tolle_Emil 20/11/2014

    Also, I can't wait for the soundtrack. Brawl was one of the biggest and best executed fan services in the entire history of gaming and in-game music has always been the most important thing for me (besides gameplay obviously) in games. Brawl had an absolutely fantastic soundtrack and I can't wait to hear what they came up with this time around. Reply +1
  • Der_tolle_Emil 20/11/2014

    @.Wolfie-kun. No, you're not. You will get the download code if you register both version before the 20th January but the download code itself can only be redeemed between November and January, after that it will expire (and before that it won't work yet). Reply 0
  • The Crew open beta goes live next week

  • Der_tolle_Emil 20/11/2014

    I also played the closed beta and I'm not sure what to think of it. I ignored the story for now because I knew I wouldn't spend enough time with it to make any sense of it anyway and just did a few races. Since I only played Forza Horizon 2 the last few weeks the handling felt, well, odd - but I knew this was going to happen, I just can't wrap my head around playing two racing games at the same time. The handling wasn't bad, just different. (Admittedly I didn't realize the handling could be adjusted as well)

    It sure looked nice though and the map looks massive. That's about as much as I can say about the game. I have to wait for reviews because I think the story, setting etc. just won't appeal to me. I love racing games but I can't stand if they try to be cool or gritty.

    At any rate, not really sure why so many people think this will fail, it might not have what I am looking for in a racing game but it still felt quite solid overall.
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  • Nintendo isn't working on any paid DLC for Super Smash Bros.

  • Der_tolle_Emil 20/11/2014

    @ol (or however I have to quote your name with that fancy sql escaping going on): You are completely right about amiibos. I came here to say the same thing; The principle is pretty much exactly the same. Not that I am saying it's a stupid idea, far from it. DLC isn't a bad idea either if you ask me but the concept has been poorly executed most of the time and has been downright exploited in recent years (see some F2P games).

    However, amiibos kind of re-invent the whole DLC idea. They address a lot of issues that "traditional" DLC has. DLC doesn't feel like anything valuable or worthy of possession since it's all just digital. It's why people still buy physical media (regardless of whether it's games, movies, music, books etc.). Even though it's just a small, inexpensive figurine it automatically feels valuable. Then there's the obvious advantage of being able to use them with more than just a single game; And unlocking something in another game by owning the right amiibo feels far more like an "achievement" than entering your credit card details.

    Basically, it makes DLC (and in a wider sense all digital content) far more personal than it has ever been.

    As much as I love to be cynical I just can't find anything bad to say about amiibos.
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  • Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Director's Cut is heading to PS4 and Xbox One

  • Der_tolle_Emil 19/11/2014

    I enjoyed it but didn't finish it. You really need to be someone who likes to hunt for highscores to get the most out of the title which is something that does appeal to me but I simply don't have enough time for right now (only started playing recently, bought the WiiU version but the no-audio/music-on-gamepad-bug meant I never started to play it when it came out).

    Still nice to see this come to other platforms as it is definitely one of the best platformers that were released in recent years.
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  • Far Cry 4 PC users accidentally reveal they pirated the game

  • Der_tolle_Emil 19/11/2014

    Time to offer all the games in full but require unlocking the full version once gameplay time exceeds a certain amount. Reply +1
  • Maniac Mansion creators launch Kickstarter for spiritual successor Thimbleweed Park

  • Der_tolle_Emil 18/11/2014

    Happy to see this - but wasn't Day of the Tentacle the successor to Maniac Mansion?
    Well, if we are being pedantic then I'd say Day of the Tentacle was the sequel, not the successor :P

    On topic though: I kind of wished they would have gone for a DOTT style look instead of the original Maniac Mansion - or any other LucasArts game. Maniac Mansion was great but I never found the art style appealing. Compared to other LucasArts games it just had no charme to it.
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  • Shelter and Pid dev releases stop-motion shmup The Blue Flamingo

  • Der_tolle_Emil 18/11/2014

    Looks interesting, pretty sure I'll get it - even though once you are accustomed to bullet hell shmups it's hard to go back. It probably won't glue to me to the screen for weeks but then again I didn't think Shelter would either. They are definitely talented guys. Reply +1
  • Get Witcher 2 free in the GOG autumn sale

  • Der_tolle_Emil 13/11/2014

    Ooooh, another sale. Will check this one out, I always get giddy when there's a Steam sale but the last ones have been quite disappointing because they always have the exact same games discounted and I already own all the ones I really want. There's a ton on GOG though that I don't yet own so that should make for a nice distraction for once.

    Edit: Speaking of GOG, is the Galaxy Beta live already? I think I signed up ages ago but I don't have the client yet. Maybe I missed an email. I'd love to have a proper GOG client, I admit I am incredibly lazy and the luxury of having a central library is the reason I still mostly buy on Steam instead from other platforms.
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  • The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth review

  • Der_tolle_Emil 13/11/2014

    I need to try this again at some point. The first time around it really didn't appeal to me at all but I don't know why. Then again I found Spelunky massively overrated as well. Maybe it's because I grew up with Nintendo games and miss the tight controls. I remember both this and Spelunky having quite floaty controls for a lack of better words and I guess I just can't wrap my head around them.

    However, I also feel like I gave up on this way too soon and haven't given it a proper chance. I guess now is the time to do so.
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  • GTA: San Andreas Steam update removes songs, breaks some save files

  • Der_tolle_Emil 10/11/2014

    apprently they did this with Vice City. If you were to buy that game now, you'd have a stripped soundtrack, but exisiting users weren't affected when they removed tracks.
    I didn't know that, thanks! Maybe I blamed Steam a bit too early :)
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  • Der_tolle_Emil 10/11/2014

    I was just thinking about this, am I right in thinking if we start up Steam with no connection and flip SA not to update we should be good, it will still play won't it?
    You can't skip updates anymore. If you are online and you start the game it will get patched. However, if you set the game not to update automatically and then always launch Steam in offline mode before launching San Andreas you should be fine.

    Also some games can be launched without having Steam running - although beware that a lot of games also start the Steam service once you launch the executable, but if my memory serves correctly having a game start the Steam service will skip the patching process. I haven't tried this in quite a while though so I'd say launching Steam in offline mode is the safest way to go.
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  • Der_tolle_Emil 10/11/2014

    Steam should really come up with some sort of system to allow different revisions of the same game like they do with country-specific releases.

    It's one thing to remove a game from the store because it cannot be sold (in its current state) due to expired licenses; It's not pretty but I understand that this is something that needs to be done and will always happen with licensed content (after all, this isn't something that's specific to digital media, newer prints of certain DVDs have missing soundtracks etc. as well, unfortunately).

    However, it's something else to "backport" the cuts to games already sold. Personally I'd blame Steam more than I blame Rockstar in this case. I guess releasing a new, "cut" version wasn't possible so the only thing they were able to do was patch the original release.
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  • The games that have defined PS4 and Xbox One

  • Der_tolle_Emil 09/11/2014

    While I do enjoy my XBO I really can't help but feel like my WiiU is still the only console that feels next-gen to me. The XBO is just... shinier. Great games nonetheless but definitely the most "unimpressive" generational leap ever. Reply +23
  • Which PS4 games block Share Play?

  • Der_tolle_Emil 07/11/2014

    @Frybird I wouldn't be surprised if some games have had this feature disabled rather early in development because they couldn't be bothered to put their game through Q&A while also testing Share Play. It's not unreasonable to disable the feature instead of keeping it enabled only to find out that once the patch goes live your game stops working or acts up when using Share Play.

    There's probably less pressure to create a patch to re-enable Share Play than having to patch a game because Share Play doesn't work. Even if the system takes care of all the Share Play features there are bound to be some edge cases where it just doesn't work.

    Completely disabling it just in case isn't an elegant solution but I can understand that devs/publishers are more comfortable with that compared to having their game break.
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  • Der_tolle_Emil 07/11/2014

    Anyone here with some knowledge about the PS4 SDK? Reading recent articles about games supplying their own drivers for older controllers/wheels it seems like devs are able to implement their own ways of polling controller input? That could be one of the reasons why some games don't work at the moment, although I somehow doubt any dev would come up with their own controller interface for the official controller (if that is even allowed). Reply +1
  • Majora's Mask is getting remade on 3DS... finally

  • Der_tolle_Emil 05/11/2014

    At this point I would have been far more surprised if they hadn't announced it... and also far more disappointed. Absolutely brilliant game, day 1 purchase for sure. Reply 0
  • After Burner 2, Fantasy Zone, OutRun and more remastered for Nintendo 3DS

  • Der_tolle_Emil 04/11/2014

    Wait, OutRun still isn't out? Hasn't it been released in Japan on April or something like that? Oh well, I am really looking forward to it. Reply +2