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  • Games of the Generation: Fallout 3

  • Demiath 27/10/2013

    Skyrim is a game of the generation, for sure, but none of the previous Bethesda RPGs can claim to be. Contrary to what Porter claims, the developer's pre-TES5 worlds are just too dull to be genuinely fun to explore. There are moments of brilliance in there (stepping out of the Vault for the first time, for example), but that's all. Reply -1
  • Diablo 3 console review

  • Demiath 29/08/2013

    A good review, if only for the "casual" Diablo players (I really don't like using terms like that but I don't know what else to call it). How Diablo III on consoles holds up in terms of long-term play for all the Paragon pursuers and serious loot runners out there remains to be seen, even though the overwhelmingly PC-centric attitudes of high-level D3 players admittedly makes this a rather academic question. Reply +2
  • Nintendo announces Nintendo 2DS handheld console

  • Demiath 28/08/2013

    Come again? Reply +2
  • Live: Blizzard Gamescom conference

  • Demiath 21/08/2013

    Short but sweet dungeons, rather. Endless Dungeons are off the table, which they've stated in interviews before. Reply 0
  • Demiath 21/08/2013

    Randomised dungeons? YES! Reply 0
  • Demiath 21/08/2013

    @timdriessen Nope, this is the last time anyone will ever see the D3 expansion! ;) Seriously, though, the lack of cameras is so...1994. Reply 0
  • Demiath 21/08/2013

    @Qjvt That's not how D2's expansion worked (indeed, that's not how "expansions" usually work in case they're not, y'know, *sequels*). Reply 0
  • Demiath 21/08/2013

    Hoping for some solid info on that Diablo III expansion. Have played 120 hours and barely scratched the surface of what the game has to offer in its current state, but even aside from the Auction House/always online controversy there are many big improvements D3 desperately needs to approach and surpass the replayability of its predecessor. Reply 0
  • Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded review

  • Demiath 19/07/2013

    Larry is a pretty pathetic guy, true, but I honestly believe that the ways in which the game itself clearly recognizes this basic fact allows it to eat the cake and keep it for as much as is humanly possible. The equation doesn't entirely work, but compared with most casual sexism in video games this is not as bad as the review makes it out to be. Returning to the game for the first time in 20 years, I was surprised to find the dialogue (narrator's punch lines, more like) a lot more fun and well-written than I had expected, and I'd say the only truly outdated part is the cumbersome interface. Reply +3
  • Diablo 3's new game director wants to "reduce the impact of the Auction House"

  • Demiath 06/06/2013

    @Stevonymo If you've been playing all the way to Paragon level 48 (i.e. the max normal level 60 + 48 additional semi-levels), then I'd say Blizzard has achieved all the replayability and longevity they could reasonably expect to get out of a stand-alone, expansion-less, non-MMO kind of game released over a year ago... Reply +5
  • Resident Evil: Revelations review

  • Demiath 20/05/2013

    I really liked (the PC version of) Resident Evil 6 - at least more than other high-profile releases such as Bioshock Infinite, Metro: Last Light and the infinitely more frustrating predecessor Resident Evil 5 - so I'm hoping Revelations offers me more of what I enjoyed recently (minus the pointless QTEs, perhaps) rather than less of it.... Reply -3
  • Hitman Absolution, Catherine free for PlayStation Plus subscribers

  • Demiath 01/05/2013

    @Vanmunt Well, in all fairness you can get a retail copy of the game for a lot cheaper than the price of PS Plus at most online shops like Amazon or Zavvi. I still agree that it's pretty awesome to see such a new title (not to mention a bloody brilliant stealth game, if you ask me) on Sony's subscription service. Reply +2
  • Wheelchair-bound gamer banned from after accusations he faked disability

  • Demiath 15/04/2013

    "As with any Twitch account, Hamilton used the service to earn money via donations."

    Eh, what? That's like saying that all YouTube accounts exist to provide income to uploaders. While the possibilities exist, the people who can and will make money are obviously in the minority.
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  • Metro 2033 retrospective

  • Demiath 10/03/2013

    Metro 2033 was atmospheric and graphically impressive but suffered from flimsy shooter controls, frustrating stealth (...and I say that as someone who had a lot of fun playing through Hitman: Absolution on Purist difficulty), cringe-worthy writing and uneven voice acting. Reply +1
  • Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons shows off gameplay, unique control scheme

  • Demiath 09/03/2013

    Worth mentioning is that Josef Fares (i.e. the guy in the video) is one of Sweden's most prominent film directors. Him working with Starbreeze is pretty much the Nordic equivalent of J.J Abrams+Gabe Newell, although it of course remains to be seen whether this is actually a good idea or not... Reply +1
  • Tomb Raider: Underworld retrospective

  • Demiath 03/03/2013

    Played this a few years ago and it felt like a relic (in the "shitty old thing with no obvious real world application" sense of the word) even back then. Am currently playing through Legend which feels more fun and modern, for some reason. It also helps that Legend has a much more consistent quality in the level design than Underworld (just compare the flat snow environments later in the game with the lush jungles earlier on and you know what I'm referring to). Reply -6
  • DmC PC - the definitive Devil May Cry experience?

  • Demiath 27/01/2013

    In stereoscopic 3D news, the game has a lot of the common problems of non-3D Vision-optimized titles (such as 2D shadow effects and "frontloaded" visual effects, especially in cutscenes), but in the thick of the third-person hack'n slash action the S3D definitely adds to the experience. Reply +7
  • Alpha Protocol retrospective

  • Demiath 07/01/2013

    I didn't have too many outright frustrating moments with the game; the action bits were simply bland and not necessarily "failed" as such (although, entirely depending on your stats and playing style, I understand things could get really messy).

    In my view, Alpha Protocol's biggest problem was not the gameplay or mechanics; it's rather that the story and characters are so completely forgettable that they make the whole choices & consequences dimension feel empty and, well, inconsequential. Thus, AP's somewhat surprising lesson is that storytelling in games need to be good in a conventional sense before you even think about adding the interactivity part.

    Alternatively, just skip the story and make those stats really satisfying to tinker with (which is arguably the best approach for a game, but try telling that to a legion of game journalists who have sold their souls to The Walking Dead).
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  • Games of 2012: The Walking Dead

  • Demiath 29/12/2012

    The Walking Dead is very interesting and memorable on a lot of levels, but I'm not entirely sure that showing horrible things happening to reasonably sympathetic characters (which is what TWD does for the most part) necessarily qualifies as good writing/storytelling. Some of the supposedly gut-wrenching plot twists came across as excessive and unintentionally comic (the big dinner reveal of Episode 2 comes to mind), and individual dialogue scenes and voice acting performances often felt kind of flat. Add to that some really rudimentary gameplay elements (sorry, the story cannot be everything that matters in a game) and what we have is not really Game of the Year material as far as I'm concerned. Reply +1
  • Are the rich old men ruining Kickstarter?

  • Demiath 15/12/2012

    Without rich old men, Kickstarter would be long gone by now. After all, Double Fine's "let's make one of those old school games we used to make" was what made Kickstarter huge in the first place, so methinks this article is all about an alternative universe where KS is only about small indie teams. The indie community on its own would never have been able to garner this much enthusiasm about giving money to strangers; that's just empirical reality and not something to be debated by some completely counter-factual speculation about what crowdfunding ought to be all about. Reply +8
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 PC disc 2 is, for some, Mass Effect 2

  • Demiath 13/11/2012

    @jamyskis Well, there's always the option of buying Steam codes from a third party, such as an online retailer (reputable ones, of course, not the shady Russian digital sweatshops). That way you get a non-inflated price and a completely Mass Effect 2-free product at the same time... Reply +1
  • Assassin's Creed 3 sales estimated at over 3.5 million units

  • Demiath 06/11/2012

    @Eoin Uniqueness alone doesn't make a game. More importantly, the core AC gameplay remains rather superficial and weak (especially in the area of mission design but also basic controls etc.) and the story in most installments have been mediocre. Assassin's Creed III is at least another incremental step in the right direction, so by 2025 it might actually have become as special as you make it out to be... Reply +4
  • Assassin's Creed retrospective

  • Demiath 28/10/2012

    Assassin's Creed is the FOX News of video games; i.e. the more we play the less we actually know about the world and our shared history. The whole schtick about existentialism and individual responsibility (as is pointed out in the games themselves, the phrase "nothing is true, everything is permitted" should be seen not a maxim but as an observation) is a deeply anachronistic 20th century idea with zero relevance for the thoroughly collectivist and fervently religious cultures and time periods in which these games (mostly) take place.

    Having just finished Revelations I'd say Manuel Palailogos, the scheming leader of the Byzantine insurrection, is a particularly good example of what I'm talking about. Before he dies he basically relegates his entire Greek/Roman/Christian identity to a mere footnote and proclaims that, really, there was never anything else to his evil plans than the eternal struggle between (totalitarian) Templars and (liberal) Assassins. Now, it's in the nature of conspiracy theory-based sci-fi narratives to reduce every story beat to a one-dimensional piece of a larger puzzle, but there's just something deeply disturbing about framing everything in such a reductionist fashion as to render actual history completely irrelevant.
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  • EA says stereoscopic 3D "isn't a major factor" as tech fails to turn up at Sony press conferences

  • Demiath 21/08/2012

    NVIDIA 3D Vision on PC works fine without the "obvious compromises" which an earlier (presumably console-centric?) comment mentioned. It's not exactly cheap, though, as multiple GPUs are highly recommended (at least for good frame rates with S3D in games that are less than 2 years old). Reply 0
  • Irrational Games job ad lists 85+ Metacritic score as a requirement

  • Demiath 27/07/2012

    Seems like a very lazy and maddeningly imprecise way to have high demands which could be expressed much better in just a few well-thought out sentences. With the right wording, the ad could essentially require the exact same AAA expertise without necessarily trying to quantify it with something as crudely heuristic as Metacritic (i.e. you need to be so good at X that it's practically guaranteed that you've worked on at least one 85+ game). Reply +1
  • FPS games like Quake 3 died because consoles competed with movies

  • Demiath 17/07/2012

    @darc Presumably more focus on stats and (turn-based?/party-based?) combat rather than cinematic fluff á la Mass Effect? In that context the "getting back to basics" approach makes perfect sense, and it would certainly not be about reducing the mechanical RPGness of the experience or increasing the action element, if that's what you're implying... Reply 0
  • Gears of War: Judgment release date confirmed for March

  • Demiath 14/07/2012

    I kinda like the in-character narration... Reply +2
  • Borderlands 2 Badass system has infinite levels of progression

  • Demiath 13/07/2012

    @Lunaticorc Well, the original Borderlands already nailed the "piles and piles of unique, interesting and fun items" part (i.e. the famous randomly generated "70 gazillion guns" and all that), so this new character-related progression is just an added feature based on the same basic principle. I think Gearbox realized exactly what you're talking about when they originally designed the Borderlands formula in 2007-2009, so whether Blizzard "gets" it anymore or not is their problem... Reply 0
  • Limbo Special Edition out now

  • Demiath 02/07/2012

    @Sharzam Didn't even know you could play it in 3D Vision. Gonna have to try that out... Reply 0
  • Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines lead writer gets Kickstarter funding

  • Demiath 25/06/2012

    As carma said, the campaign is still on-going and there are lots of cool things which can be added if various stretch goals are reached, so now has never been a better time to be fashionably late to a party! ;) Reply +5
  • BBC News mistakes Halo UNSC logo for UN

  • Demiath 28/05/2012

    Finish the fight, indeed... Reply +3
  • Retrospective: Dragon Age 2

  • Demiath 27/05/2012

    @Master09 Well, I played the game on my old and now discarded PC so, yeah, I'd say that qualifies as "lastgen"... ;) Reply -20
  • Demiath 27/05/2012

    I completely agree about the characters. Despite many questionable design decisions I found DA2 to be a more worthwile experience overall than The Witcher 2 because - unlike CD Projekt's murky medievalism and lore-obsessed intrigue - I actually found myself caring about the people and the world (limited though it was) created for Bioware's troubled second entry in the Dragon Age series. Aveline, Merrill, Varric and even the infuriating Anders and Fenris were genuinely memorable personalities.

    Also, the constant rehashing of dungeons bothered me far less in DA2 than it did in Mass Effect 1, since DA2's undeniably flawed combat was at least engaging enough (on the higher difficulty settings) that each new battle scenario could feel like a unique challenge regardless of what particular rooms and corridors it happened to be placed in. It's a bit like chess (or traditional turn-based RPG combat) in that regard; you don't complain about being on the same damn checkered board each time as long as the gameplay is at least decent.
    Reply -4
  • Prototype 2 pips Kinect Star Wars to top April US chart

  • Demiath 11/05/2012

    @HotCoffee There's this thing called a PC, y'know. It's kind of like next-gen, except today. Reply -6
  • US student makes working Portal turret replica

  • Demiath 11/05/2012

    @no_way! So your mind was blown by "US student makes", eh? Reply +2
  • Metal Gear's David Hayter recruited for République Kickstarter

  • Demiath 04/05/2012

    @sybixsus That's very far from the truth; just because they've worked their butts off to produce a "vertical slice" of gameplay to show on their Kickstarter page (precisely in order to boost donations) doesn't mean that they got a finished game. It's a small team working with perhaps the most ambitious iOS game project ever, so rest assured the game is far from done and needs every bit of support it can get... Reply +4
  • Game of the Week: Lone Survivor

  • Demiath 30/04/2012

    Binary Domain came out on PC during the week in question. That's the game you should be playing on the new computer of yours... Reply +1
  • Prototype 2 Review

  • Demiath 25/04/2012

    Am currently playing Prototype 1 for the first time and it's got something unique to offer the genre, but there's no question in my mind that inFamous is the superior open world super hero game. Reply +5
  • Stalker 2 "frozen", developers start new studio

  • Demiath 25/04/2012

    This is sad. Like, really sad. Reply +24
  • Gabe Newell: Origin still has "a lot of work to do"

  • Demiath 23/04/2012

    Origin works reasonably well and provides some much-needed competition to Steam. Also, Newell was not being nice in this interview, and he damn well knew it. Reply +3
  • Dead Space story producer says Gears of War has "literally the worst writing in games"

  • Demiath 20/04/2012

    Although Dead Space 2's final confrontation was just as predictable as it was bad, I found the overall storytelling in that game to be unexpectedly solid. The dead girlfriend motif was put to much better and more poignant use than in the first DS (where the poor girl was just a weak, mechanistic and wildly implausible story twist), and the inclusion of a talking protagonist as well as a new central female character really increased the player's emotional investment in the plot. As far as sequels go, DS2 is a good example of how to get things right. Reply +1
  • Fez Review

  • Demiath 12/04/2012

    @Frybird I feel the same way, except not about the "retro graphics" part but "the puzzle-platformer" aspect. I have yet to play Limbo - let alone finish Braid - because I've been sick and tired of the artistic and brainy platformer as a concept for quite a while now. Doesn't mean I won't buy Fez (as well), but it does mean that the commercial indie scene has lost much of its appeal to me; especially in comparison with the recent bout of Kickstarter projects which promise other kinds of gameplay experiences (whether it be old school adventures or hardcore RPGs etc.). Reply 0
  • Metal Gear, Halo veterans announce Republique Kickstarter

  • Demiath 11/04/2012

    @GameOverYeah They've already spent a lot of their own money on this project, and those high production values (same polygon count as MGS4's character models, for example) don't come cheap. This isn't Angry Birds we're talking about here... Reply +5
  • Gabriel Knight creator Jane Jensen opens new adventure game studio

  • Demiath 05/04/2012

    @KDR_11k I don't know what "shelves" you're talking about, but Double Fine got $3,3 million and started the whole Kickstarter phenomena precisely because adventure game fans want more games that appeal to them than is currently being produced... Reply +10
  • Will GAME's Woes Kill Off AA Titles?

  • Demiath 31/03/2012

    If AA is interpreted as including games like Binary Domain, Singularity and possibly even The Darkness 2 then that's a real shame, indeed... Reply 0
  • Retrospective: Wasteland

  • Demiath 25/03/2012

    I never played the original Wasteland but donated $200 specifically for the promise of getting the kind of party-based/turn-based combat which this writer apparently can't stand. It's weird how we can look for different things in our gaming experiences; I just wish the "menu-based" Western RPG will survive a generation of Cobbetts (it sure doesn't seem that way at the moment) and return in full strength sometime in the future. If not, I'll just have to bring even more money to the table when it's time to support Kickstarter for Wasteland 3: The Post-Post-Apocalypse... Reply +5
  • Ms. Effect: The Rise of FemShep

  • Demiath 21/03/2012

    I must be the only one in the galaxy who think Mass Effect 3's default FemShep is butch enough for the job and a good fit for Jennifer Hale's voice work. Like all ME characters she looks odd from certain angles and in certain situations, but for the most part I'm extremely happy with how she turned out and I ditched my custom face from ME1-2 as soon as I could. Reply +1
  • Binary Domain gets PC release

  • Demiath 20/03/2012

    That's bloody awesome, will definitely support this unlikely PC release. Reply +4
  • Braben: Used sales are killing single player games

  • Demiath 19/03/2012

    Buying a game new supports the publisher and the developer. Buying a game used supports only Gamestop and similar shady business models. Simple as that, really. I for one would never buy a game used. Reply -5
  • Retrospective: Daikatana

  • Demiath 18/03/2012

    Most absurdly, NPCs exchange lengthy, dramatic streams of dialogue, gesticulating wildly, their heads flailing to and fro while their lips, hilariously, remain zipped shut.
    Eh, so? The ability of some players to be inexplicably amused by something as perfectly legitimate as old tech continues to amaze me. Remember, this is not a question of what was outdated in 2000 or not; my issue is the whole mindset which makes it OK to make fun of the Quake 2 engine merely for its lack of more flexible character models. To me that's a separate and more dangerous "presentist" bias which arbitrarily restricts our enjoyment of old games. Daikatana may be the least meaningful example to bring up in this context, but in general I wish people would just accept the technical limitations for what they are and have fun with old games on their own terms...
    Reply +4