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  • Assassin's Creed: Revelations announced

  • Dead_Man_Typing 05/05/2011

    Is Brotherhood £10 on Amazon yet? Reply -1
  • Gorgeous Dead Island screenshots

  • Dead_Man_Typing 08/03/2011

    "Revenge of the Surf Boarding Killer Bikini Vampire Girls"

    Thanks Eurogamer for making me think of Red Dwarf.
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  • Pilotwings Resort

  • Dead_Man_Typing 02/03/2011

    Stopped reading at the word "magical". Reply -1
  • European 3DS release date

  • Dead_Man_Typing 19/01/2011

    $250 is the same price the Wii launched at.

    So £180 for the UK? Unless retailers are scum bags and inflate it to £200. Ah crap...
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  • Queen DLC for Rock Band 3

  • Dead_Man_Typing 03/12/2010

    The "Enhanced pack" is a £1/€1/100 Wii Points cheaper than the Extravaganza pack, but both are listed at 800 MS points.

    A Eurogamer mistake, or are 360 owners being punished?
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  • Download Games Roundup

  • Dead_Man_Typing 26/11/2010

    Crazy Taxi plays as well today as it did in 1999(arcade) or 2000(Dreamcast).

    If you wish the Dreamcast version had online leaderboards, then that's what you get with this. It plays exactly the same, I'm having a blast with the 360 version.

    Using the custom soundtrack to play the original music is a MUST, though. Once you do that you get a widescreen, HD rendered version of a true classic. Missing in game adverts like KFC and Pizza Hut aren't here either, replaced with generic "Pizza Parlour" and Fried Chicken Shack", but that doesn't affect my enjoyment of the game at all.

    You get the 2 cities, each with leaderboards for Arcade Rules, 3, 5 or 10 minute runs and leaderboard for each of the 16 Crazy Box modes. I love the original and this is a great way to play it without having to set up the Dreamcast. It isn't a remake, it's a port and the actual game plays perfectly.

    As for whether you'll enjoy the actual game, well, that depends if you're willing to put in a bit of time to learn the techniques via the Crazy Box mode. If you are then you'll find a very rewarding, frantic, thrilling, arcade, score-attack experience that has no equal, in my opinion.

    I'd like one of the staff at Eurogamer to spend one evening really trying to play this game, and then try to tell me it's a below average product. The only things this version is missing is the soundtrack, high res menus and in game advertising.

    EDIT: Oh my God, I've become one of "those" Sega fans. But I really do love Crazy Taxi...
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  • Why I hate… Halo

  • Dead_Man_Typing 25/11/2010

    Sensationalist title aside, I kind of agree.

    I love the Halo games, and Halo 1 had a pretty perfect story, where the player knew what was basically going on, first time through. Then with subsequent play-throughs the finer details that Bungie had woven into the game via non cutscene dialogue and other details in the environments was truly amazing. Setting up this extended universe in Halo 2.

    Halo 2 lost me when you started playing as the Arbiter. Not because of Raiden MGS2 syndrome, but because as the Arbiter you were fighting other Elites and Grunts. Which introduced an entirely pointless side story then you had the Brute betrayal organised by the Prophets and then no ending.

    But compared to Halo 3, Halo 2 was brilliant story telling. I've played through Halo 3 several times and I still don't quite understand everyone's motivations or why Cortana's solution works or any of that. The game's cutscenes are terribly directed and performed compared to Halo 2 that I just don't understand what's happening.

    ODST and Reach tell easy to follow stories, but the characters aren't very endearing as they are just the standard Special Ops character archetypes. But at least I could understand why they were doing what they were.
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  • Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

  • Dead_Man_Typing 16/11/2010

    I'll buy the Game of The Year version from Zavvi, next year for a tenner. Reply +17
  • Xbox Live Arcade "past tipping point"

  • Dead_Man_Typing 18/10/2010

    Foundation 9 owns Sumo Digital? I did not know that. Reply +4
  • New Shenmue game coming to mobiles

  • Dead_Man_Typing 07/10/2010

    Shenmue II was released at the end of 2001 on the Dreamcast in the UK.

    So that's now 9 years I've been waiting for a third game to appear. This isn't what I was hoping for.
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  • Your Move

  • Dead_Man_Typing 19/09/2010

    Bringing back bad memories of Eurogamer's RE4 Wii Edition review, as others have mentioned.

    The Wii Remote/PS move controllers are ideally suited to Resident Evil 4/5 because you can't move and shoot at the same time. It's one of the very few shooters (that aren't on rails) where pointer controls actually work consistently.

    I've played plenty of "point at the edge of the screen to turn" shooters on Wii, and having a game designed to not be like that seems like a very good thing to me. All I wanted, Eurogamer, was a direct comparison between RE5: Move and RE4: Wii and you have failed to deliver. Bad Eurogamer!
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  • Hackers may have cracked PS3

  • Dead_Man_Typing 19/08/2010

    Why is Eurogamer giving this piracy publicity!?

    This is news that should remain out of the official realms, and remain in the seedy underbelly of the internet and in discussion forums. This is practically advertising by having it as sticky'd front page news.

    Bad form Eurogamer.
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  • Molyneux responds to Milo release fuss

  • Dead_Man_Typing 30/06/2010

    "Kate wasn't shown in the demo - I think you're thinking of "Claire". Kate will be a girl version of Milo (and about his age too)"

    Wrong, Kate is Milo's dog. Molyneux said so in a previous interview here on Eurogamer.
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  • BBC iPlayer 3 for PS3 this year

  • Dead_Man_Typing 23/06/2010

    I wish Microsoft would stop getting in the way of this coming to the 360. It's a great feature and if people start watching free content on iPlayer on their Xbox, then maybe they'll get used to the idea of using the 360 as more than a gaming platform and start renting more movies off of the On Demand service.

    I can understand that Sky would be a bit annoyed that their Sky Player service requires a gold account, if the iPlayer didn't, but I really want the iPlayer on 360. Especially if it works like the HD Netflix streaming in the US, instead of the comparably crappy Sky Player video quality.
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  • LEGO Indiana Jones 2 co-op due soon

  • Dead_Man_Typing 25/05/2010

    This patch is actually up now, at least on 360. Only a little later than the "few weeks" mentioned in the article. Reply 0
  • Alan Wake

  • Dead_Man_Typing 05/05/2010

    Hmm... on the face of it, this seems like another Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition review. I look forward to playing the game for myself and finding out if it lives up my expectations. Reply +1
  • Halo 2 E3 demo was "smoke and mirrors"

  • Dead_Man_Typing 12/04/2010

    Mingster: "Why has this Not-News come back from the past seven years into the future to the present day?"

    Well, this is the first time that Bungie has officially admitted that Halo 2 had to be restarted. We all knew it, there were clues everywhere and most people who were interested enough to care, could tell that the real time E3 demo in 2003 was almost nothing like the finished product. A real shame that they couldn't make it work. The Halo 2 seen in that demo is something everyone wanted to play.

    I always think about the part of the Making of Halo 2 where Joe Staten says "we aren't going to see the sun for about 5 or 6 months", and the game didn't ship for another 18.
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  • Tiger 11 won't support Natal

  • Dead_Man_Typing 13/03/2010

    Microsoft removed the processor from Natal, so EA would have to re-work the game to accommodate the change.

    And since EA release the same basic game every year with only minor tweaks, their engine by this point is pretty dependant on the entire 360 processor being available to them. You can't just patch Natal controls into existing games any more, which doesn't fit with EA's yearly update philosophy.

    If all the processing was handled by Natal, like it was originally going to be, then Tiger 2011 would almost certainly be compatible. Decisions, decisions Microsoft. I hope you made the right one.

    As it stands, Tiger will be out around June anyway and Natal can get a specific golf game made for it when it releases in October. EA likes money.
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  • Halo 2 DLC issues resolved

  • Dead_Man_Typing 12/02/2010

    You need a hard drive for the 360 to be able to emulate Xbox 1 games. In case anyone wasn't aware.

    There will be a lot of people who want to say goodbye to Halo 2, who went online and couldn't download the DLC, which means they couldn't play matchmaking and say goodbye to Halo 2 properly. Now they can, which is great. I wonder if the other Xbox 1 DLC has been restored, or if it's just Halo 2...
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  • MS working to restore Xbox 1 DLC

  • Dead_Man_Typing 11/02/2010

    I still think they should make the PGR2 DLC free for the last 2 months and any other paid DLC too.

    This issue with taking down the DLC prematurely really screwed over a lot of people who want to play Halo 2 one last time, because without the maps (which are all free now) you can't get into matchmaking. Luckily I did download all the Halo 2 updates and DLC back in December. I like playing Xbox 1 games on Live and would have played a lot more on my 360 is the lousy title update and content downloader ran in 60hz. The VGA cable doesn't support 50hz so I have to dig out my old component cables any time I wanted to download a title update or DLC for a game that does run in 60hz.

    Sorry, just a left over gripe with the Xbox Backwards compatibility on 360. Truly a shame that it's turned out like this.
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  • Third LEGO Star Wars game revealed

  • Dead_Man_Typing 08/02/2010

    Well, would you rather they stopped making LEGO games and went back to making other classics like Transformers The Movie? Reply 0
  • PEGI becomes UK standard for games

  • Dead_Man_Typing 16/06/2009

    I've always prefered the BBFC.

    From my experience, customers who look at the PEGI rating think that it's a recommended age for skill and not for content, because it starts at 3+. When they see the BBFC 18, they know exactly what it means, and if the parents choose to ignore it then they are taking that responsibility.

    Having the same system for games and movies makes a lot of sense, moving to the crazy PEGI symbol system is a huge step backwards, in my opinion. I am also aware of several instances where PEGI has given games entirely wrong ratings that contradict their previous works.

    XIII being rated 12+ is the most blatant example of a PEGI screw up I'm aware of. It's a pretty violent game with blood and bad language, but it looks like a cartoon so it must be okay for kids to play. I don't trust PEGI, I do trust the BBFC.
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  • Heather Mills nearly in Bionic Commando

  • Dead_Man_Typing 21/05/2009

    We're re-printing bad jokes from The Sun now, are we?

    I feel bad that I clicked on the article.
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  • Assassin's Creed 2 team is 450-strong

  • Dead_Man_Typing 19/05/2009

    I very much enjoyed Assassin's Creed. It's flaws didn't bother me, neither did the repetitiveness as I finished it for the second time last night. Great game and I can't wait to see where they take the sequel.

    3 times as many people hopefully means that you've got 3 very different cities to run around in, this time.
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  • MGS4 coming to 360, claims Twitterer

  • Dead_Man_Typing 14/05/2009

    I really hope that Eurogamer knows this information is true, and that's why they have printed it.

    Otherwise it means they are genuinely posting unfounded rumours from a random Twitter poster, which is about the same level as printing rumours from this comments section.

    Shenmue III is coming this year.
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  • PSN OutRun is exclusive to Europe

  • Dead_Man_Typing 14/04/2009

    Only 800 points!?

    Sega be praised! I heard that the game only has the Outrun Coast to Coast levels, which would be pretty lame since even Outrun 2 Coast to Coast had the original Outrun 2 levels. That would've made a 1200 point price very hard to swallow, 800 points is a no brainer for an HD version of one of my favourite arcade experiences.

    Why it's exclusive to Europe on PSN isn't too hard to understand, the guys at SUMO Digital are based in the UK. So we get it first, because they like us. It's about time the Euro PSN got something before the American store.
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  • EA apologises for FIFA anthem gaffe

  • Dead_Man_Typing 07/07/2008

    England was defeated by Northern Ireland in that qualifier, if I remember correctly. Good day for all involved, especially because it greatly upset Ian Wright. And I hate Ian Wright.

    Fifa 2008 came out in late 2007, why has this taken almost a year to be noticed?
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  • Ninja Gaiden 2

  • Dead_Man_Typing 26/05/2008

    I thought that there was no force on earth which could stop me from buying this game day 1. I'm a spectacularly huge fan of the first game (and Black) putting around 200 hours it it. But frame rate issues? Balancing issues? These worry me, and are easily the sort of thing we could expect to see fixed in a Ninja Gaiden Black style update. So now I'll consider holding off on the purchase until such times as I see it for cheap.

    Of course if the demo is as good as I thought the game was going to be, then I'll be buying the full game, day 1.
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  • No gun metal grey PS3 for UK

  • Dead_Man_Typing 20/05/2008

    Where is the love Konami/Sony? The love, where is it!!!????

    I will be buying MGS4 when it comes out, the standard edition, with a 10% discount and playing it on a friend's PS3 that I'll borrow for a weekend. If the GUN METAL GREY PS3 80GB(60GB,even) and Dual Shock bundle had been released the I'd most likely have pre-ordered one by now.

    The fact that it's not even budled with the Dual Shock 3 is the worst insult of them all. Sony should be ashamed, as should anyone who buys their overpriced Metal Gear Solid 4 player.
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  • GT5 Prologue in April

  • Dead_Man_Typing 29/01/2008

    60 cars?

    Your first impressions link says there are 37 in the Japanese version. More cars in the US version, or has Eurogamer made a mistake. I know which I believe.
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  • Lair delayed

  • Dead_Man_Typing 08/11/2007

    Ah, this happened with MGS Portable Ops too. No BBFC logo, we had to send our copies back.

    Makes sense, I'm suprised Euro gamer's expert journalism was unable to uncover this fact and present it in the main article.
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  • Dead_Man_Typing 08/11/2007

    Release it on the same day as Guitar Hero 3, Mass Effect and Assassin's Creed, then they'll have an excuse for it's poor sales.

    Other than it's crap.
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  • SmackDown demo on Live

  • Dead_Man_Typing 16/10/2007

    Eurogamer lied to me...... Reply 0
  • No PS3 price drop for Australia

  • Dead_Man_Typing 09/10/2007

    Wow, because Australia actually buys PS3's they aren't getting a price drop. Nice reward for being loyal customers. Reply 0