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  • Ken Kutaragi's PS3 keynote

  • Dazrimm 22/09/2006

    Thanks to the EG staff.

    Not much for you all to work with there really, was there?
    nm still appreciated.

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  • Dazrimm 22/09/2006

    Morning,all.. Reply 0
  • Editorial: Reaction, Not Bias

  • Dazrimm 18/05/2005

    Please continue to speak your minds. You're at E3, we're
    To think that some readers believe you're not entitled
    to your own opinions as journalists is so wrong imho. Say what it is and,
    how it is. please.

    Keep going with the great coverage.

    Xbox 360,PS3, and revolution with the GB micro. (aw aint it cute my missus wants one) :-)
    All new stuff nobody knew about before the 12th of May, and the all nighter I did along side some of you.
    (need more of this imho EG) ( it was a blast wasn't it?) :-)
    Bias? I dont think so not even close to, you can tell a mile off it's written by excited people imo.
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  • Xbox 360 launch night commentary

  • Dazrimm 13/05/2005

    Well quick round up for me so far

    Best our colony quote (Fom the video) J Allard

    "We Goosed it,We Tweaked it,and we spun it. :)"
    // thinks this should be used in answer to all these kind of questions,..
    Reviewer: So what new things have you brought to this RTS xbox 360 game then Mr Dev.?

    Well........We Goosed it,We Tweaked it,and we spun it. etc.. :)

    then the water cooling totally not known about or expected by me.. :-)
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  • Dazrimm 13/05/2005

    //Sees a few "High Fives" going on down at MS headquarters this night/Day ;)

    Anyone going to throw me a bone with my Backwards Compatibility Question yet please.?

    //needs help to stay with it all now :)
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  • Dazrimm 13/05/2005

    Anyone been able to find anything on backwards compatibility yet?

    not sure if it's a biggie for me but would be nice to know either way.
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  • Dazrimm 13/05/2005

    "More Truth where the music is watched.."

    This is good stuff Microsoft and good advertising = Big understatement imho ;)

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  • Dazrimm 13/05/2005

    "This is fucking great :-)"

    33 year old Eurogamer,Reg visitor/lurker :)
    Love this site you lot cheers.

    //f5 f5 f5

    Def want one :)
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  • Dazrimm 13/05/2005

    Did he say water cooled?
    In the linked video.
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  • Dazrimm 13/05/2005

    nice post .. thanks ..

    We Goosed it,We Tweaked it,and we spun it. :)

    Worth the price of no sleep tonight,Right there for me..
    ROFL :)
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  • Dazrimm 13/05/2005

    yup,still here.
    keep this stuff coming. :)
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  • Dazrimm 12/05/2005

    It's gone quiet but i'm sure you have an audience Mugwum.
    Know i'm going to be a round until the death anyway. ;-)

    Many thanks for taking the time to do this and i'm sure it's appreciated,
    by all.

    2 posts in aweek eek! i'm slowly being converted.. ;-)
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  • Eurogamer's changed! Here's how and why...

  • Dazrimm 09/05/2005

    Excellent, WD eurogamer.
    Looks and works great..

    //runs back to safety of lurking...
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