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  • Game Group's share price nose dives

  • David_Richardson 23/11/2011

    @bobdebob @Toothball

    How does one find a hidden gem at a game store? Presumably this would involve being ignorant to a title's existence in the first place and then judging its quality solely on the cover art and blurb, a terrible way to judge the quality of a product. It's not like a record store, which provides the opportunity to stumble across something limited or valuable - everything in Game can be bought online at a cheaper price and likely with a great deal more information with which you can judge quality.

    We really shouldn’t be romanticising a shop that has never done anything particularly valuable or memorable.
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  • Welcome to the new Eurogamer

  • David_Richardson 24/10/2011

    People moaning in the Eurogamer comments? Surely not.

    Good job, guys. I'm sure this took a lot of time and effort and it's looking great.
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  • 18 million Black Ops map packs sold

  • David_Richardson 01/09/2011

    @Lamb @ajaxpliskin

    We don't need your sort around here, with your thinking and reasoning. Either grab a pitchfork or begone.
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  • Xbox app announcements "very soon"

  • David_Richardson 22/08/2011


    Is that an order?
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  • David_Richardson 22/08/2011

    Come on LoveFilm streaming! Reply 0
  • New Xbox 360 dash has Twist Control

  • David_Richardson 19/08/2011

    Gamers in whiney response shocker... Reply +5
  • Eve Online in Crisis

  • David_Richardson 27/06/2011


    And does the outrage therefore come from the idea that micro transactions will upset the balance and make that part of the game redundant?
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  • David_Richardson 27/06/2011

    To play Devil's Advocate for a moment, could it not be said that players who are cash rich and time poor should be afforded the same in-game opportunities than those that are time rich and cash poor? Reply +7
  • Huge Call of Duty: Elite beta sign-ups

  • David_Richardson 14/06/2011


    This all comes down to perception of value. If others think this is a product worth paying for then that will support the model. The fact that you love gaming is an irrelevance, and it still smacks of arrogance that you believe you can spread the knowledge and make people see the light. The gaming industry is developing to cater for people other than just you. People who may only want to play one game a year and pay extra to squeeze every ounce of enjoyment from it.

    You've made your choice and point by opting not to buy the product, so why can't you let others make theirs without having your condescending tone in their ear? Do you also take this lofty position with people you think are watching films or listening to music in the wrong way?
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  • David_Richardson 14/06/2011


    I understand the other side of the argument. If you feel that is the way things are going then don’t buy into it. However, you can’t control the actions of millions of others to suit your own agenda. The people that have been gaming for decades are now in the small minority, and the collective opinion of those that have been there from the start is no more important than those that only play FarmVille on their phones. We do not own gaming. This is a free market. If the product succeeds then so be it. If it fails then so be it. But don’t pretend that these are ignorant people that need educating in order to restore order. That sounds controlling and not a little scary.

    And using terms like ‘the rest of us’ illustrates my point perfectly. There is no them and us. You are not special. You are just somebody that happens to play games.


    That is an absolutely absurd comparison.
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  • David_Richardson 14/06/2011


    I’ll bite. You only have to look at Will Porter’s reviews of the map packs to see how CoD gamers are perceived these days – nothing more than mindless drones willing to pay any amount of money to drip feed their addiction to a single franchise. They’re casuals and not ‘proper’ gamers like those that argue on forums over the difference in AA and framerate between PS3 and 360 versions of releases.

    Gamers can have such a superiority complex sometimes. This hobby doesn’t belong to any one group and should be completely inclusive, catering to different people with different types of product. If people want to sign up for Elite, believe they are getting value for money and enjoy what they are provided with then I am pleased for them. It seems most people are only getting sniffy about the situation in a bid to be accepted by the fellow ‘hardcore gamer’ hive mind.
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  • David_Richardson 14/06/2011


    Why is it that anybody that doesn't share your idea of value is a chump? If these two million people are happy to be a part of this project and are satisfied with what they have paid for then who are you to judge them? 'Hardcore' gamers seem to be spitting more and more vitriol towards the casual market at the moment, as if somehow because their opinions don't conform they are worthy of being mocked.

    I'm not a fan of this idea but it clearly has its supporters. So how about you choose to not be part of it and stop insulting those that will derive enjoyment from it?
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  • Live Microsoft E3 Xbox conference

  • David_Richardson 06/06/2011

    @chub"Here's Crystal Dynamics to show Tomb Raider." Reply 0
  • David_Richardson 06/06/2011

    It would be amusing if Sony started their conference the exact same way. Reply 0
  • David_Richardson 06/06/2011

    @BravestinsaneEngadget seems to be a good choice for live streaming. Reply 0
  • Fallout: NV 360 patch goes live

  • David_Richardson 16/12/2010

    So what part of 'brilliant but glitch-heavy' sounds inaccurate to you? Reply +6
  • MVC3: Capcom defends DLC chars

  • David_Richardson 24/11/2010

    Whine more, people, it's a great look. Reply -1
  • THQ: Games need to be cheaper

  • David_Richardson 12/11/2010


    Then why are you worried about what THQ are doing when you have a healthy back catalogue of cheap systems and games to choose from?

    And I'm interested in the last game you bought that lasted just five minutes - care to enlighten me? I want to make sure I avoid it.
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  • David_Richardson 12/11/2010

    I'm so glad there are people out there fighting the good fight for me with their rose-tinted spectacles on. Don't let these bastard companies ruin our lives any more! Get your pitchforks, privileged opinions and conspiracy theories and meet me at THQ HQ! Use common sense, as always, and don't purchase a game you don't consider value for money!Oh, wait, that last one doesn't belong there...Seriously, you guys really love a moan. Maybe go and play your Acorn or DC games, everything was so much better back then. Reply -11
  • Microsoft E3 Conference

  • David_Richardson 14/06/2010

    I can deal with grey skies in games. I can deal with hammy acting during demonstrations. I can deal with being shown things that will never be available here. I can't deal with people wearing sunglasses indoors. Reply -1
  • David_Richardson 14/06/2010

    "A tie is sometimes more than just a tie".

    Hmmmm, no.
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  • David_Richardson 14/06/2010

    So Apple and Microsoft have both tried to claim video conferencing as their own innovation in the last week? Reply 0
  • David_Richardson 14/06/2010

    It looks like UK:R's blue skies campaign still hasn't had any effect. Reply 0
  • David_Richardson 14/06/2010

    Especially when they effectively say the same thing three times in a row with slightly different wording. Reply 0
  • Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

  • David_Richardson 18/05/2010

    "What we get here feels like a place-holder, a nostalgic diversion that exists so there's product on the shelves to coincide with the movie, rather than something driven by a flash of inspiration as to where the series could go next."

    Exactly the problem with most media releases these days.
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  • Mass Effect 2

  • David_Richardson 26/01/2010

    @nixc9 / @f00b_inc

    I'm in exactly the same position - I loved the KOTOR games but got stuck at a certain point on ME and realised I had no desire or motivation to carry on. I may go back and try it again. If I find it more alluring second time around the sequel should have dropped in price by the time I get through it comprehensively.
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  • 10 Moments That Made World of Warcraft

  • David_Richardson 30/11/2009

    Every time I see that video it makes me more keen to track down the guy yelling just to tell him what a fucking idiot he is. Reply -4
  • Aion level cap reached in 17 days

  • David_Richardson 09/10/2009

    "Well I have one reason, THE FACT THAT THEY PLAYED A VIDEO GAME FOR 20 HOURS A DAY FOR 17 DAYS STRAIGHT. You might well be "normal" in your perspective, but to me you are not. I think the majority of people would use two weeks holiday to do something constructive, spend time with loved ones or go on a holiday."

    What an incredibly arrogant and sanctimonious person you come across as. He is absolutely 'normal' because he chooses to use his leisure time in the exact way he wishes while still taking care of his responsibilities. Perhaps you can list your usual schedule for me so I can pick apart anything I don't believe to be worthwhile and insult you over it? After all, your holiday destination choices may be shit compared to what I consider to be normal.

    And don't assume you can lump yourself in with the 'majority'. Or was that just because you need reassurance that your bizarre opinions are correct?
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  • Activision reveals all DJ Hero tracks

  • David_Richardson 06/10/2009

    "djing is about mixing YOURSELF on the FLY, expressing your unique style. you know... the way djs do - not interacting with premixed tracks when prompted. bollocks!"

    Driving a car is about feeling YOURSELF behind the WHEEL, understanding the road. You know...the way racing drivers do - not moving the analogue stick when prompted. Bollocks!

    Shooting a gun is about putting YOURSELF on the BATTLEFIELD, fearing death. You know...the way soldiers do - not pushing the trigger when prompted. Bollocks!

    This argument has always been terrible.
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  • World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

  • David_Richardson 23/08/2009

    When they start reporting on shit like who wins some pointless tournament that no-one cares about, then I agree, but this is pretty major news so I think it's fair enough with the barrage of coverage.

    I think you missed the point of his comment. :)
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  • Eurogamer's Top 50 Games of 2008: 30-21

  • David_Richardson 29/12/2008

    What I don't get is WHY review scores mean so much to people. I loved Steel Batallion on the xbox, it gets an 11/10 from me. All other reviews that did not score 11/10 be damned. However, I did not feel the need to launch an assaults on the internets, i was too busy enjoying the game....

    Because insecure people need confirmation from others that the choices they make are the correct ones. I spend a lot of time on this site, and enjoy that time greatly, yet if I stopped enjoying it I would leave for pastures new. But some people just like to have something to bitch and moan about.

    Anybody who has become even the slightest bit irate about this list in any way needs to get a grip. And MGS fanboys, if it makes you feel any better go and write your own list, putting your very favourite game of the year at the top. Or how about I do it for you?:

    1. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
    2. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
    3. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
    4. Jumper

    I've never played it but I've taken a hit for you, do you feel better now?
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  • Microsoft E3 Conference

  • David_Richardson 14/07/2008

    "Home was at least a genuine attempt at something new for the industry."

    Home is Second Life in everything but name.
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  • David_Richardson 14/07/2008

    Wow, you really are a bunch of miserable, cynical bastards. Reply 0
  • Rez HD

  • David_Richardson 30/01/2008


    Just leave then, and stop threatening to.

    The review is spot on in my mind.
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  • Eurogamer's Top 50 Games of 2007: 30-21

  • David_Richardson 26/12/2007

    "I hate the majority of people who post here. I'm not sure why I even read these things...well other than to smirk at the moronic comments."

    +1. There seems to be a huge gulf in class between the posters who frequent the forums and those that lurk in the comment sections.

    Some people seem to forget they are free to point their browser elsewhere.
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