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  • First Grand Theft Auto 5 footage

  • DarkTimes 03/11/2011

    url=http://gta.wikia.com/Tommy_Vercetti]Tommy Vercetti is too old[/link] to be the main GTA character, he was 35 in Vice City, so he'd be in his early sixties now. Reply 0
  • EVE Online to drop "classic" graphics

  • DarkTimes 20/01/2009

    I'd like to run premium, but my machine just crashes when I enable it. I hope they fix bugs like this before they stop supporting it. Reply 0
  • WOW to get mounts at level 30?

  • DarkTimes 21/06/2008

    It's actually quite a sensible move by Blizzard, they're simultaneously pushing people towards the expansion, easing the frustrations of the notorious 30-40 lull, and removing a lot of the pain of levelling an alt (you really, really miss your epic mount). Really, there will be few players that will find fault with this new development. Reply 0
  • World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King

  • DarkTimes 17/05/2008

    Having lead a reasonably successful raiding guild, I've trialled enough new members to know the gap between a good and bad raider can be very large. Yes, the skills of a good raider can be more cerebral than reflex based, but given how few average players are able to perform to the sorts of standards that serious raiding requires, I think it's unfair to say that raiding is easy, or requires little skill. In my opinion, knowledge, strategy, communication and team-working are probably harder skills to source than fast reflexes and a good trigger finger, and people who excel in all areas are very hard to come by. Reply 0
  • World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King

  • DarkTimes 09/05/2008

    I'm most looking forward to the return to the old Gothic-style fantasy. I've enjoyed TBC a lot, but I miss the style of the original game. Also the change to focus more on 10-man raids is a good one, they have always been more enjoyable to me than the 25-man, or heaven-forbid, the 40-man. I can't wait for this to come out! :) Reply 0
  • Tabula Rasa

  • DarkTimes 09/08/2007

    I think the key is 'by MMO standards', which it is if you compare it to something like WoW. Reply 0
  • Blizzard unveils WoW expansion

  • DarkTimes 05/08/2007

    The trick is to roll on a new realm when it first opens, then you'll have people levelling up at the same time as you. Reply 0
  • DarkTimes 03/08/2007

    60-70 was pretty easy, it took me about a month, and I'm a 'read every headstone in the graveyard' sort of gamer. I escaped from WoW earlier in the year, but I have no problem with an expansion to pull me back in. It is the best game ever made. Reply 0
  • Win a Wii and the latest Potter game!

  • DarkTimes 09/07/2007

    Crap, the first EG competition I've not known the answer to. Also the first time I've regretted never reading Harry Potter... Reply 0
  • WoW: Black Temple - Trailer

  • DarkTimes 20/05/2007

    In my day I was a high end raider, in fact I ran the most successful Alliance raiding guild on my realm. But yeah, I shall resist... Mainly just because I can't face the grind again. Reply 0
  • DarkTimes 19/05/2007

    Damn you Blizzard! Just when I think I'm out, you pull me back in! No no no... I must resist. Arrrgghh! Reply 0
  • WoW hits 8 million mark

  • DarkTimes 12/01/2007

    But how much of that cash turns into pure profit? Blizzard have got, like, thousands of people working for them and a huge world-wide infrastructure, plus the game took a lot of money to make in the first place, I'm sure. I'm not saying they're not raking it in, they are, but you cannot compare it to the business model of a normal publisher. Blizzard are in the service industry now, so you'd be better comparing them to a cable TV company or something...

    Also they'd be absolutely insane if they weren't pumping that money into making new games, they're bound to have a few big projects on the boil at the moment, even if they pretend that they don't.
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  • GSC on S.T.A.L.K.E.R. rumours

  • DarkTimes 09/06/2006

    I remember reading a PC Gamer preview of this years ago and thinking that it sounded completely over-ambitious and pretty impossible to pull off, especially for a developer who's never even shipped a game before... I'm sorta glad they've pulled back the reigns a little and made the game more focused, and that they've taken the time to get things right. I have high hopes that the game will still be a good one, even if it's maybe not the game everyone was lead to believe it was... I hope people don't get too hung up on their preconceptions and judge it on its own merits, it still sounds like a very cool game to play.

    In game development there's a general consensus that it's not a failure to throw a broken design away, far worse is sticking to your guns and seeing a broken design through to the end and making a broken game.
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  • Character Study

  • DarkTimes 08/04/2006

    That was an interesting and well written piece, good stuff all round. Reply 0
  • EA renews System Shock TM

  • DarkTimes 10/01/2006

    Maybe they were afraid that Irrational would try to buy the System Shock liscense, now they've got a bit of weight behind them. Reply 0
  • Take-Two acquires Irrational

  • DarkTimes 10/01/2006

    Well Take 2 have done great guns with Civilization 4 so far, so good luck to them. Can't wait for BioShock, hopefully we'll get a bit more info about the game soon. Reply 0
  • Top 50 Games of 2005: 30 to 21

  • DarkTimes 28/12/2005

    I think that's because the rating is just one persons opinion, whereas this list was voted for by all the staff...

    Anyway... there have been some excellent games out this year, WoW RE4, GoW, FEAR, CoH/CoV, Forza, Jade Empire, Battlefield 2, Civ 4, GT Legends, GTR, Fahrenheit, Guild Wars, SotC, The Movies, SWAT 4, Psychonauts... and that's off the top of my head... haha... I think if you missed those then you only have yourself to blame.

    I personally think this year has been very strong for the PC imparticular... some very good games indeed, with some great original titles and some deserved sequels.
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  • Top 50 Games of 2005: 40 to 31

  • DarkTimes 26/12/2005

    I bought WoW on day of release in the UK, which was some time in February.

    Edit: Just checked, it came out on Feb 11th. It deserves to be in the top ten anyway... :)
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  • DarkTimes 26/12/2005

    I'm playing through Kong at the moment on Xbox, I'm really loving it. It's my pick-up-and-play casual game for when Civilization 4 is giving me a brain-hemorrhage. You just want to take other game developers, lock them in a room with this, and make them learn how to pace an action game properly.

    I love how you feel so powerless in the face of all these monsters, I love how you need to use your environment as a weapon, I love how every scene just feels like it was directed, even when you are controlling the camera.

    However it does start to get a bit repetitive after a while, at some points you feel too much like you are being trailed around on a leash. Also the graphics are too grey. All in all a top game though, well recommended by me.
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  • Operation Flashpoint Elite

  • DarkTimes 22/12/2005

    I actually think your being a bit harsh on the graphics, yeah they lack a few bells 'n' whistles, but they're atmospheric and sprawling. I dunno maybe I'm just saying that because I loved the PC version and this one looks better.

    But anyway, it was top game back in the day and the Xbox port is wholly superior to the original, I still love it to pieces. I'd have liked to have seen the Red Hammer expansion included as well, but there is plenty of content to be getting on with.

    Roll on Armed Assault. :)
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  • Spector using Steam for game?

  • DarkTimes 23/11/2005

    I believe Randy Smith quit Thief 3 a few months before the game went gold and that other guy took over.

    Very good news about Spector, glad to see him back in the driving seat where he belongs. :)

    Oh yeah, BioShock is still in development at Irrational, although no new info has been released since it was announced last year.
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  • Arnie signs violent games law

  • DarkTimes 10/10/2005

    I dunno, the bill sounds pretty reasonable to me. At least Arnie is not being anti-games, and I think that we can all agree that stopping violent videogames falling into the hands of minors is a good thing.

    In the UK we just use exactly the same rating system as movies. It works perfectly well and I'm sure that practically everyone in the country is aware of what a little red circle with the numbers 18 in the middle means in terms of content and suitability.
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  • GT Legends

  • DarkTimes 27/09/2005

    You can get a refund within three days if you're not happy with it... There really should be a demo though, I agree. Reply 0
  • DarkTimes 26/09/2005

    Games like rFactor and the equally brilliant Live for Speed (http://www.liveforspeed.net/) fall under the radar because they're wholly independent games made by small self-funded teams. Without the financial backing for licenses and marketing the games remain unknown at large, and there is little incentive to review and hype an unknown title, especially in a genre as over-saturated as racing games.

    Tellingly Simbin themselves were unknown outside of their hardcore audience until they were picked up by 10-ticle, even though the community had been slavering over every screenshot and tipbit for over a year. Suddenly they had a bit of cash behind them, not to mention the distribution might of EA, and my local shop had lines of copies on the shelves and PC Gamer were giving it 90%.

    These small devs rely entirely on community portals like RaceSimCentral and Blackhole Motorsport to speak to their communities, and almost entirely on word-of-mouth for sales.

    Edit: But given the quality of these games, the dedication and freedom of their developers, I wouldn't change it for the world.
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  • DarkTimes 26/09/2005

    Good review. Although I'd disagree that modern motorsport is a tedious parade... ;)

    The Motor2 engine is very impressive and ISI did a great job with it, although the lack of damage and rain effects are disappointing. The real-time dynamic shadows and lighting do make up for it though - when the sun moves across the sky, the shadows get longer, the track lights start coming on, headlights in the distance... it's very atmospheric and beautiful.

    Things are looking very good for GTL's multiplayer as the Motor 2 engine is a league ahead of the old one in terms of its netcode. It's very smooth with very little lag or warping, even with a full field of cars. The lobby and matchmaking systems are also much improved, and despite a few early hickups-ups it seems to be very solid and reliable.

    I'm really looking forward to this game, it's an easier game to pick up and play but still feels wonderfully authentic and detailed. You still get that brilliant rush of GTR but without the constant hair-pulling frustration.

    May I just point everyone in the direction of ISI's own new racing sim, rFactor. The full game came out a few weeks ago and it's really superb. http://www.rfactor.net.
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  • Half-Life 2: Lost Coast found

  • DarkTimes 15/09/2005

    It says in that article that HDR will run on a Radeon 9600. It's Lost Coast which needs a high-end card, not HDR. That's because Lost Coast has very high quality textures and very high polygon models, apparently around twice of what was included in Half-Life 2.

    Also the HDR used in Far Cry is not true HDR, with the multiple exposures, but actually just a really nice bloom effect.

    For the past year Valve have been working on Lost Coast, Aftermath, Day of Defeat, Team Fortress 2 and Steam 3. What are Crytek working on?
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  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R in April 06 or later

  • DarkTimes 04/08/2005

    THQ should be applauded really for having the guts to delay the game until it's actually finished. If STALKER is as clever and complex as everyone seems to think then I'd much rather a long wait and a great game, than a unfinished mess shipped early to appease quarterly sales figures. Reply 0
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. gets delayed

  • DarkTimes 12/07/2005

    Do not dare dis a game publisher/developer for trying to actually finish a game before releasing it. If only all devs took these steps before pushing a half-finished good game concept out the door to meet the xmas rush. Took five years to make Half Life 2... time well spent. Reply 0
  • Rehab clinic for gamers opened

  • DarkTimes 06/07/2005

    "intravenously fed a clear liquid"


    Oh wait, that's my other other addiction...
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  • WOW: Two million subs

  • DarkTimes 15/06/2005

    Roughly Ł10, bit less if you buy three-month or six-months subscription. To be honest it is not that expensive, equates to around Ł2.50 a week, which in Glasgow town centre would just about buy you a pint in most pubs. I've been playing since the beta, just about to buy another six-months subscription. Brilliant! Reply 0