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  • New cheaper Xbox One model this year - report

  • Dangerous_Dan 31/01/2014

    This new model looks cheap.
    Very cheap.
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  • Microsoft ad asks you to "ditch your PS3"

  • Dangerous_Dan 31/01/2014

    @funkateer In truth, he bought a PS3 long before the Xbox360 got released. Reply 0
  • How War of the Vikings respects historical fidelity, brutality and women warriors

  • Dangerous_Dan 30/01/2014

    I think there were female warriors in ancient societies. For a very masculine woman it would have been natural to pursue a masculine way of life, for example becoming a warrior of sorts. More likely in the supporting ranks due to a physical strength deficit on average. Whether that was allowed or not is depending on the specific customs of said culture.

    The thing is, that in our times those exceptions to the rule are glorified and blown out of proportion to give weight to the ideal of gender equality. Which is from a historical point of view a subset of the philosophy of dualism which was propagated by Socrates, essentially the core of most western civilizations.
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  • Dangerous_Dan 30/01/2014

    The shieldmaiden is mentioned in historical documents. She's something extra-ordinary though. Grammaticus in his tale of the Battle of Bravellir writes about 200.000 men, 300 shieldmaidens and 3000 long ships. It can be estimated that the numbers were exaggerated 10 fold, so it was more likely about 20.000 men, 30 shieldmaidens and 300 long ships.
    Either way, that's 0.15% of the fighting force, who were women.
    But 'historical realism' is not what the reference to female warriors in this video game is about.
    It's about the value of 'gender equality' which is portrayed in the popular media and so too, in this particular one.
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  • Valve plays the long game again

  • Dangerous_Dan 12/01/2014

    With the PS4 looking to surpass the XboxOne in market share - the DirectX API will probably take a hit as well. This should create a more even playing field where games will be programmed in a way which makes them easier to port among various platforms.

    SteamOS ports (Linux ports) will probably become more common, with PS4 - Xbox/PC - being in a more even state. If you have 5% market share and the only major competitor has more than 90% then it's difficult to make a good case for porting. If the world is divided into a bit of Xbox/PC, a bit PS4, a bit non-x86 architecture, a bit MAC,... then it's more easy to convince people to port for an increase in market share.

    Valve getting behind Linux could very well now tip the odds in favor of making APIs more open and universal. Because, if there are 5 competitors and one of them uses a standard which is open, which can be adopted by the rest at little cost, then game developers could gradually come to the conclusion to aim mostly for the shared open standards, to make their own life easier when it comes to porting.
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  • Titanfall maximum player count is 6v6

  • Dangerous_Dan 08/01/2014


    I take it they allow for 4v4 as well or is the game optimized for 6v6?
    Because if people are free to choose from a range and 6v6 is the maximum then it's likely not a deliberate design decision but a technical limitation.

    Which would be fine, nobody says that 6v6 is bad or that it won't be great fun in Titanfall.
    But IF there is 4v4 or 3v3... and so on, as well, then their talk about 6v6 being a design decision and not a technical limitation is defensive bullshit.
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  • NSA, GCHQ can listen to Xbox Live chat communications

  • Dangerous_Dan 09/12/2013

    @PlugMonkey That's the thing though - Are they going through the proper channels. And more so, are those proper channels not getting wider and wider?

    And 'terrorist' is a double-edged sword. Didn't many people recently call Mandela a terrorist? The government in SA definitely defined him that way, at the time. Maybe that movement wouldn't have succeeded if they'd have had better technology and intentended to keep tabs on communication because of terrorism.

    This news, and all the other news bits show one thing for sure and that is, that they allow one to test the response of the people. This is the way how you slowly make such intrusions a new normalcy.
    You go 2 steps forward and when there is enough resistance then take one step back. Do this again and again and you move slowly against initial resistance.

    To paraphrase Ben Franklin - Those who are willing to sacrifice their freedom for security will end up with having neither.

    The increasing intrusion and destruction of civil liberty is nothing new. There are many examples in history where this has happened. A book like 1984, written in 1948 isn't just a shot in the dark. It's an extrapolation of trends and past experiences - human history.
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  • Dangerous_Dan 09/12/2013

    @PlugMonkey Of course, they spy, that's their trade. The question is if they have to break the law for doing so. Has it become acceptable for a government agency to spy on its citizens? Reply 0
  • Eurogamer Readers' Top 50 Games of 2013 voting

  • Dangerous_Dan 06/12/2013

    @dannyboi3459 Why no Ryse? Because it's a list of games, not movies with optional button pressing. tehehe Reply +15
  • Taking games seriously

  • Dangerous_Dan 01/12/2013

    The new academia?
    It's the same established academia, mindset and popular narrative which critiques, directs and influences most modern books and movies and deconstructs the old ones.

    Who determines thoughts in a society, who channels the emotional responses of the people and directs the mind patterns is an important figure in modern society.
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  • Fighter Within review

  • Dangerous_Dan 29/11/2013

    If it would contain a transvestite and a hermaphrodite then it would at least have gotten a 4/10.

    Edit - Only if scantily clad, of course.
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  • Digital Foundry vs. Ryse: Son of Rome

  • Dangerous_Dan 26/11/2013

    The xbox 720 just isn't cut out for proper 900p. Reply +17
  • Assassin's Creed 4 PS4 update will upgrade resolution from 900p to 1080p

  • Dangerous_Dan 15/11/2013

    @arcam I notice the difference between non-native and native resolution but I also notice the difference between bad upscaling and good upscaling and that quality gap can be massive.

    But the story about your mum could explain it. Perception is probably a hereditary thing. : P
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  • Dangerous_Dan 15/11/2013

    @arcam It depends which hardware does the upscaling. There are different qualities. Monitors usually do a bad job at upscaling or downscaling. In this case, the frame is scaled by the hardware in the console.

    But of course native would be best.
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  • Day one patch makes Call of Duty: Ghosts single-player 1080p on PS4

  • Dangerous_Dan 13/11/2013

    Your avatar pic looks very blurry. Is that the Xbone?
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  • Ex-Microsoft director Adam Orth discusses Xbox One #dealwithit controversy

  • Dangerous_Dan 07/11/2013

    Can you be really angry at that guy or by proxy MS?
    Sad puppy stories make me always more sympathetic, even towards a calculating company...
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  • Xbox One Resolutiongate: the 720p fallout

  • Dangerous_Dan 01/11/2013

    Now I know why the marketing department avoided naming it xbox 720. Reply +9
  • Face-Off Preview: Battlefield 4 next-gen vs. PC

  • Dangerous_Dan 29/10/2013

    @Gradius Brilliant summary!

    P.S. The gamma level on the Xbox720 seems to be way off, probably some post-effect filter, to make it look on par with the PS4.
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  • Dangerous_Dan 29/10/2013

    @Suarez07 Sarcastic people have a hard time recognizing sarcasm in other people. They are probably a bit cynical too and so they are half expexting a lot of daftness in the world. Reply 0
  • Dangerous_Dan 29/10/2013

    @Suarez07 I'm sure that daft people don't realize the sarcasm in my comment.

    But don't despair. There are even more daft people in this comments section who equate contrast with image quality.
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  • Dangerous_Dan 29/10/2013

    The XboxOne images look even better than the PC version.
    It's like in real life - you shouldn't have unflattering ligtsources in the bedroom. Darkness is your friend - at least for most.

    I have some filters to enhance the image on my TV-screen. They are called brightness, contrast and sharpness. No, I'm joking, you can do an even more professional job with some dynamic filters to tip the BALANCE back towards your favour if you want to sell an inferiour product to a gullible buyer.
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  • The Secret Developers: what next-gen hardware balance means for gaming

  • Dangerous_Dan 27/10/2013

    @Daniel_Spencer Hahaha :) Reply -3
  • Dangerous_Dan 27/10/2013

    @cloudskipa Yes, the Xbots are getting destroyed by the SDF. They are retreating without putting up much of a fight. The FACTS are overwhelming them. Poor form. Reply -3
  • Dangerous_Dan 27/10/2013

    @coolbritannia But you are a xbox fanboy. Reply +12
  • Dangerous_Dan 27/10/2013

    @mega-gazz Or they buy the cheaper console. Reply +4
  • Godus 1.3.1 alpha review

  • Dangerous_Dan 16/10/2013

    nothing/10 Reply -1
  • Is Dark Souls 2 going soft?

  • Dangerous_Dan 15/10/2013

    @yukushi If you want to talk business then 2 million copies sold is only one half of the profit equation - the other half is how much money it cost to develop the product. And Demon's and Dark Souls made a lot of return on investment.

    Furthermore there are niches and there is money which can be earned in those niches - If nobody caters to that segment then those people won't buy Call of Duty but either work less or buy something completely different with their money, not necessarily a game. And they'll happily replay the old games in that niche while keeping an eye open for something interesting.
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  • How to Play Video Games: A Women's Guide

  • Dangerous_Dan 11/10/2013


    Self-questioning can be a very bad thing.
    Don't you think that it's a common tactic to make someone question his/her own needs, drives and motivations - to gain an advantage?

    How about that - how about an individual has to choose whether or not it should question itself.

    I like that quote from Voltaire -
    “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

    Do you think there is something to that quote? Anwer that for yourself.

    Now, I don't think men or masculinity is something which is exempt from critizism - on the contrary.

    So next time you hear someone talk about male privilege, or any kind of privilege. Think for yourself, question your self ; )

    ...but also then make up your own mind - maybe there is a problem with those privileged groups. Your mind.
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  • Female soldiers in Warface are unrealistic and sexualised because community wanted it

  • Dangerous_Dan 09/10/2013

    @Deionarra Very good form. You are wrestling with a multi-headed Hydra here. Reply +1
  • Dangerous_Dan 09/10/2013

    Asexuality for the win!
    Reproduction is not for everyone.
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  • Zelda producer "fired up" by changing the formula

  • Dangerous_Dan 04/10/2013

    Well, Dark Souls has shown that people can be guided back towards a more challenging, ultimately more rewarding kind of gameplay.

    It would also reduce the costs of content creation, or at least contain them. If the 'fun' comes from things like mastering the game and genuine exploration then it doesn't rely on a visually impressive rollercoaster ride to such an extent.

    I only played Zelda 1, A Link to the Past, Twilight Princess and Phantom Hourglass. And among those, Zelda 1 is still the one with the most interesting gameplay, in my views.
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  • Dangerous_Dan 03/10/2013


    I'm saying that Dark Souls has a very old school kind of gameplay. It reminds me of Zelda 1.

    Another similarity is the combat style. In Zelda 1 it's about timing the attacks and positioning, evading. Very similar to DarkS.
    If you die in Zelda 1 then you are reset to the beginning of the dungeon with all enemies respawning - like in DarkS.

    A link to the past is similar to Zelda 1 but the areas are designed more straight-forward and the progression is more linear. The hints are more obvious. It's less demanding.

    A modern Zelda 1 would have a lot of commonalities with Dark Souls.

    People would say it's like the Souls games when actually it's just a reimagining of Zelda 1.
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  • Dangerous_Dan 03/10/2013

    @Mr.Spo There are many similarities between Zelda 1 and Dark Souls.

    - A sense of exploration
    - no Auto-map
    - challenging gameplay
    - secret breakable walls
    - NPCs only give hints
    - little instructions
    - learn as you go

    I don't think they'll make it anything close to Zelda 1 - that would turn off 80% of the established player base.

    But it would most likely be an exceptional game.
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  • Total War: Rome 2 review

  • Dangerous_Dan 02/09/2013

    Do freelancers get paid for the number of hours they have to spend playing a game?

    That would explain the criticism on the length of the game.
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  • Fan-harassed writer Jennifer Hepler leaves BioWare

  • Dangerous_Dan 17/08/2013

    @Rufus2k2 'Sorry, but doesn't that require actually having talent in the first place?'

    I have no idea who she is but hilarious first comment. +1
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  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Active review

  • Dangerous_Dan 04/08/2013

    @vman363 Don't upgrade your phone but your friends. Reply +46
  • PlayStation 4 party chat, online apps won't require Plus subscription

  • Dangerous_Dan 29/07/2013

    Hey Vasquez, have you ever been mistaken for a man?
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  • Fez 2 cancelled, Fish swims away from the game industry

  • Dangerous_Dan 28/07/2013


    "Yes, undoubted talent, Fez great game, but he needs to tone down his attitude. Back in the real world if you act like that, unless you're surrounded by assholes, you won't have many friends for very long."

    Well, workplace comes with different considerations. There, it's probably best to be cunning and manipulative, dishonest. I'm not saying that's a good thing but I haven't made the rules.

    I have no idea how he's in person but if he keeps up his 'attitude' then he'll end up being surrounded by 'assholes'. Maybe he actually likes those 'assholes'.

    I can tell you though that there are a lot of people with a 'nice attitude' who are surrounded by 'nice' people who they secretly despise.

    Everybody has to work that out for themselves.
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  • Dangerous_Dan 28/07/2013

    Readin' through some of the comments, I'll say that Mr. Fish, emotional as he seems to be, is still more mature than those who attack him.

    The whole panel in that clip was critical about modern game design in general, Western and Japanese design. He was just a part of the consensus of the group.

    And, have to agree, a lot of that hand-holding does suck. Some idiots seem to be unable to live with a perspective which doesn't agree with their own around them.
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  • Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded review

  • Dangerous_Dan 19/07/2013


    darky wrote:
    "The thing is, YOU'RE the one that's been shouting against progress."

    'Progress' isn't about any form of evolution or change.
    It's about deconstruction and self-destruction.

    They called it 'Progress' so that superficial people like you, who don't know what anything means but only know what it's called, hop on board.

    Calling a poison, orange juice doesn't make it to be orange juice.
    Is that simple enough?
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  • Dangerous_Dan 19/07/2013

    "And I'm the one scared of change? Ha!"

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  • Dangerous_Dan 19/07/2013


    Oh is it?
    Did that happen yesterday?

    That's established since quite a long time by the establishment.

    The reason why you are so hysterical about it is not just because you have a very feminine mind, for a man - No.
    It's also because you are scared of change.

    It's inevitable, the staleness of 'Progress' is imploding.

    How fascist will you become to try and stop it? I imagine you fancy yourself in a nice pair of black leather boots and a nice long-coat.
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  • Dangerous_Dan 19/07/2013

    @GOWAp It's not about him. I write this for people with a mind of their own.

    darkmorgado won't change his opinions until they are mainstream.
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  • Dangerous_Dan 19/07/2013


    Morgana said:
    Please do, I'd love to see you attempt to justify why you think all women are too stupid to write.

    Such feminine tactics, Morgana.
    Now you know why I called you Morgana.

    I know, I know, you don't value women, you don't value what makes them distinct from men.

    Sexist is just another word for accepting women for their distinctiveness. Some even value that.
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  • Dangerous_Dan 19/07/2013


    darkster wrote:
    While you're at it, can you explain why you think that accepting gay people and giving them equal rights will be responsible for the decay of society?

    No, no, you do the work!
    Find my posts and quote them!
    Only whole posts.
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  • Dangerous_Dan 19/07/2013


    First of all, it wasn't me who stated this, it was another gentleman.

    I do agree with that observation though.

    I won't reason it out though.

    The way to do it would be to find many reviews from women and on average compare them with reviews from men. Then argue why their reviews are more emotional and opinionated, off the topic, and so on.

    That would take quite some time. Don't flatter yourself - I am not here to convince you about anything.
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  • Dangerous_Dan 19/07/2013


    Oh, no!!! Please don't quote what I wrote!!!

    Not everybody is a scared bitch.
    Do quote me.

    Edit - A whole post though. Just in case your forgot.
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  • Dangerous_Dan 19/07/2013


    Morgana, a reasonable opinion is being argued not just a stating of facts.

    To reason is to draw conclusions - nothing magical, no universal TRUTH.

    You'll be fine, no matter, in which world we live in, there is always room for people who don't draw their own conclusions and just regurgitate stuff they heard somewhere.
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  • Dangerous_Dan 19/07/2013

    @darkmorgado Please feel free to quote me but only whole posts, please and don't just make up random stuff.

    That's just childish.
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  • Dangerous_Dan 19/07/2013


    Reasonable opinions are slowly but surely on the rise again. I am optimistic!
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